Invincible (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Not That!

Bring Invincible here.
He is the key to turning
the tide of this war.
[William] I'm kind of still screwed up
about what happened to Rick.
[Debbie] I didn't even
know if Norman was alive.
Now he's left another planet
in ruins
and his new kid
is sitting in my kitchen.
[Cecil] They possessed
the real Rus Livingston,
and they're capable of
possessing a million more of us.
[Mark] A lot of people
could get hurt.
[Amber] Just come back safe.
[Nolan] Read my books, Mark.
[Rex] Die fast, assholes!
- [yelling]
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
- [screaming]
- [grunting]
- There's too many!
- Get close!
- [Mark] No, no, no, no!
[sequids screeching]
[pants] Fuck!
[panting, groaning]
So brave.
But is it the brave man
who survives?
Or is it the one who waits
until his opponent
is too injured to fight?
Just do it, you prick.
[Immortal] Guardians!
Protect them!
[sequids screeching]
- Come on, Eve. Get up!
- Rudy! [grunts]
[grunts, yells]
Almost done.
Whatever you are planning,
it will fail.
You could have been
useful servants.
We will grant you death instead.
There's too many of 'em!
We can't give up!
[gasps] Oh, no.
Look out below!
I'm not as strong as Eve,
but I can keep them away
for a few minutes.
A few minutes is all I need.
[chuckling] It tickles.
What are you gonna do?
Ow, ow, ow. Ow!
Ow! [whimpers]
- [Shapesmith moaning]
- Oh.
- Shapesmith?
- Please hurry!
- Rudy?
- Done!
Tell them someone has to
Get this close to Rus
and then press the button!
Please hurry! Someone.
- Anyone!
- [Immortal] Give it to me!
- [Mark] I'll do it.
- How dare you!
Stop it!
I'm stronger and faster
than you, and you know it!
- Don't fail.
- Cover me.
- Oh, no, no! Don't!
- [Monster] Hold on!
We're almost there!
[Shapesmith groaning]
No, no. No. [groans]
- No, no, no, no, no!
- Shapesmith?!
[Shapesmith] I can't
keep them
- [grunts]
- [cackling]
- [groaning]
- Got you!
Yes! Hell yes! We did it!
[Eve] [distorted] Did you?
[both] We told you
we were too powerful.
They're waking up!
Maybe there's some juice left
in this thing?
[Bulletproof] That's a big maybe.
[Immortal] Invincible!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Just happy to be me again.
Yes, hooray. Ten out of ten.
We need to go now. [panting]
- [panting]
- Where
- where am I?
- We'll explain later.
- [panting]
- [yelps]
[King Lizard] Oh.
The Guardians are dead.
They're so dead
they've made quite the mess
of your precious little missile base.
I'm not sure you'll ever
get the floors clean again.
Agree to my demands
and I will consider not destroying
half of the nation.
[Rex groaning]
- [groans]
- Well, look at this brave little soldier.
[groaning, coughing]
Seems like the loss
of your brain
hasn't hurt you
as much as one would expect.
- Oh, my.
- Huh?
- How sad.
- Shut up. Shut up.
- Shut up.
- [muffled] Perhaps you're too stupid to realize this,
- but you're supposed to be dead.
- [groans] I said
shut up!
[both grunting]
[chokes] Oh, please!
can't believe
you shot me
in the fucking head!
[trooper] Sir?
- [grunting]
- Are you all right?
Why would you
That's a weird question.
I'm fine.
Totally good.
Never better?
You know me!
I'm practically

[med tech] We need to get
this guy to an O.R. now.
Get a stretcher over here!
[squelching sounds]
[muffled grunting]
[grunting continues]
[labored breathing]
[groaning softly]
Ugh. Never gonna
eat sushi again.
Uh, uh, the hangar's
through there!
[Martian leader] Halt!
You saved us from the sequids,
and for that we are grateful.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Uh, look, we got to go.
But we cannot permit you to
leave with the great betrayer.
Uh, uh
- Me?
- This is all your doing.
You must remain here
for punishment.
- [sighs] What kind of punishment?
- Death.
I understand.
[Bad Nerves: "Baby Drummer"]
Go, go, go, go! Faster! Faster!
This is as fast as it goes.
Aah! Aah!
- Which button fires back?!
- I don't know!
I've only been inside one
of these once!
When I was a kid!
It was a school trip!
Give us a new beat for my stereo ♪
Open the airlock.
Baby, you've got the rhythm ♪
Baby, I'm all yours ♪
You got the rhythm ♪
- And that god you love ♪
- Sorry!
Is not mine, yeah ♪
I'm all yours ♪
You got the rhythm ♪
Got to get me a new drummer, whoo ♪
She was an angel,
your mother ♪
Come on, give me a new chord ♪
Give me a new strummer, uh ♪
Baby, you got the rhythm ♪
- That was amazing!
- [chuckles] Uh
Thanks. Yeah, well,
you know, I
I trained with the best.
- Right? [chuckles]
- I Good work.
[Mark] Thanks. You too.
You okay?
- You seem a little shook.
- It was
unpleasant having my mind
under sequid control.
And being out of my armor
was extremely stressful.
No shit.
That whole thing was insane.
Thankfully, I was able to control
my fear response this time.
I changed myself.
Fixed a problem.
- I can do the same for
- Don't.
- But it just makes sense to
- I said don't.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
[birds chirping]
[dog barking in distance]
[baby coos]
[Debbie] All right.
Let's see if we can do this
without you peeing on me again.
Thank you for the update, Cecil.
I'm glad Mark
and the others are safe.
But let's be honest
that's not the only reason you're here.
The GDA has an entire department
dedicated to superhero children.
Right. Because a top
secret government lab
is the perfect place to
raise a child. [baby chuckles]
We paint clouds on the ceiling.
Look, after everything
Nolan put you through,
no one expects you to raise his kid.
Let us help.
- Mama!
- [chuckles] Oh, sweetie.
- Mm.
- Your mom is far, far away.
And your dad
The truth is, Cecil,
this isn't about Nolan or me.
It's about Mark.
[baby chuckles]
This child is Mark's brother.
His only brother.
Which makes him family to me, too.
- Debbie
- And let me remind you
that I raised Mark,
who just saved the world.
[baby chuckles]
I am more than qualified to do this.
Isn't that right?
- Hmm? [chuckles]
- All right. You win.
But we're here if you need us.
- And I expect to be kept in the loop.
- Mm. It's naptime.
[nurse] Welcome back,
Captain Livingston.
Can I go home?
I just want to go home.
Sequids don't sleep.
They never let me sleep.
I'm gonna need
an entire box of Q-tips
to get all that sequid slime
out of my ears.
[laughs] You're lucky you
only got some in your ears.
[Aidan Knight: "Dream Team"]
I've seen you in the world ♪
Seen you in my mind ♪
Would you put it all at ease ♪
Or make me feel uneasy? ♪
'Cause I feel 25 ♪
And it never was that way ♪
Something changed
inside my heart ♪
Now I'm unsure of everything ♪

Good job, Oliver.
- Oliver?
- Mark.
- Brah-brah.
- [chuckles] You named him after Grandpa?
Well, he needed an actual name
besides Nolan's Alien Baby.
That's good. I like it.
[thunder rumbles]
Kate Cha was a fearless warrior.
Though her powers
came from a family curse,
she believed they were a gift
to help those around her.
That was Kate's real power.
Her unwavering belief
that this world is good,
even when it killed her
over and over and over again.
Kate never stopped believing that.
And encouraged me to do the same.
Kate Cha was
a kindred soul.
[quiet, indistinct conversation]
[Black Samson] It was a
it was a beautiful service.
I'm glad it didn't rain.
Kate hated the rain.
Why do I
feel this way, Markus?
Because you loved her, man.
I loved many others before Kate.
All of them died as well.
But this
this is different.
I thought
we had more time together.
[pop music plays indistinctly]
- How's your mom?
- How are classes? Uh
- Sorry, you go.
- No, no, you go. Please.
Um, so,
classes are going okay?
I mean, I'm at the point
where I just roll out of bed
and go to lectures in my pajamas.
It's very freeing. [chuckles]
Well, how's your new brother?
Is he adjusting?
Is your mom losing her mind yet?
Uh, O-Oliver's doing great,
and they really get along,
which is awesome.
My mom's still getting used to
chewing his food for him, though.
Um, she chews his food?
Yeah. It-it turns out
Thraxan babies
don't have enzymes
to break down solid food.
We're hoping his Viltrumite
- half will kick in soon.
- Oh.
Okay, can I just say
this feels like a first date?
Yeah, a bad first date.
[weak chuckle]
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
[sighs] I really thought
college would be different.
You know, like,
late night study sessions,
secret dorm parties,
spending time with my girlfriend.
Instead, we hang out
less than we did
before we went to college.
Whenever my friends here
ask where you are,
I'm always like,
"Oh, Mark's studying for an exam"
or "He went home for the weekend."
I hate lying to them, Mark.
And I have no one
to talk to about it. I mean,
sure, there's William,
but he's more your friend than mine.
- Yeah, I know.
- It's our first year of college,
our first time
living on our own,
and it feels like we're missing it.
Yeah, sometimes I wish
I never got powers.
Then I could just be with you
and forget about everything else.
But you do have powers.
And that means
you have an obligation
to make the world a better place.
And if you didn't feel that way,
we wouldn't be dating
to begin with.
what do we do now?
Mark, look who's back!
- Whoa, Rick. How are you feeling?
- Hi, Mark.
- Um, I-I guess I'm fine.
- He's doing great.
Doctors gave him
a clean bill of health.
Donald says he can
come back to Upstate, right?
I'm here to help facilitate
his transition.
If there's anything I can do,
just call me.
That is so kind. Thank you.
Come on, Rick,
I guilted the college into
giving you a private room
in the dorm next door.
I already decorated it.
Wow, Rick looks exactly the same.
It's like nothing happened.
[Donald] But something did happen.
He went through intensive
body reconstruction.
That kind of trauma can
- resurface.
- Donald, are you okay?
Tell William I'll check in later
- to see how Rick's doing.
- Uh, okay. Bye.
[Rex] Well, you look like shit.
And that's coming from a guy
that looks like this.
[chuckles] Heard you're getting
a new hand, too.
[laughs] Yeah. Lucky me.
- How's Ray?
- Holding in there.
You know, when that bullet
went through my head,
I saw my life flash before my eyes.
Yeah, that's always sounded
like bullshit to me, too,
but it's not.
And I didn't like what I saw.
I was such a dick to Kate.
To Eve, too.
To every woman I've ever dated.
None of them deserved it.
I don't know why I had to get
my brains blown out to see that.
What is it about
being a superhero
where we go around saving lives
while ruining them
at the same time?
Aw, Jesus.
- All right, let's hear it.
- Hear what?
Eh. The reason your face
looks all like that.
[sighs] I don't know.
You know, sad and shit.
- [gasps] Uh, Mark.
- Oh, hey, Eve.
- You here to see Rex?
- Yeah. I try to stop in when I can.
Oh, these? Uh, um,
turns out Rex really likes
home decorating magazines.
I think it's because he's never
really had a home.
Hey, I haven't seen you
since Kate's funeral.
- Are you okay, Mark?
- Yeah. No, um, I'm fine. [chuckles]
Anyway, I-I got to run,
so I'll see you around.
Okay. Bye.
[door opens] Eve!
The bearer of spring colors
and waterfall countertops.
You're the only person I know
who still reads magazines.
Whoa, ho, ho, ho!
I'm cultured like that.
And plus, the Internet sucks.
- So, I just ran into Mark, and
- Ugh. I know, right?
He and Amber are
[blows raspberry]
Wait, what does that mean?
Oh, oh, oh! [grunts]
Ten best bedroom makeovers?
[chuckles] Yes, please.
[Debbie] So, Helga, you've
been a nanny for 30 years.
Children are my life.
[Oliver laughs]
- Your résumé's very impressive.
- Yes.
But I don't think
you're the right fit for us.
- No?
- No. I'm not comfortable hiring a spy.
Spy? I I don't understand.
I was married to Nolan for 20 years.
I can spot Cecil's people
a mile away.
So, thank you. Bye-bye.
[scoffs] That man
cannot take a hint.
[knock on door]
Hi. I'm April Howsam,
here for the nanny position.
Before we begin, you should know
that Cecil sent me.
Now, I wasn't
supposed to tell you,
but I think it's unacceptable
to mislead a potential employer.
Especially one looking for someone
to take care of their child.
Please come in.
As you can see,
I have extensive experience
working with gifted children
ranging from newborns
to late teens.
- So, you know that Oliver is
- Half Thraxan, half Viltrumite.
I also know that Nolan Grayson,
or Omni-Man, is Oliver's father.
And that your son Mark,
also Invincible,
is Oliver's half-brother.
You've been thoroughly briefed, I see.
My philosophy
on child rearing is simple.
Encourage a child's natural
curiosity for the world
Here you go, buddy.
While giving him structure
and a safe space to grow and learn.
I also play a mean lullaby
on the ukulele.
I appreciate your honesty, April.
But I don't want
a GDA agent in my house
running interference for Cecil
on how to raise Oliver.
There's only a handful of people
in the world with my skill set.
This allows me job security and
freedom from government oversight.
I work for you, Ms. Grayson,
not Cecil. Period.
You're the boss.
Not him.
- [short chuckle] Mama boss.
- [laughs] See?
- Oliver knows who's in charge.
- [coos] Mama boss.
- Real nice place you made here, Eve.
- Cecil?
[Cecil] Reminds me
of where I grew up.
I wanted to thank you,
personally, for helping out
with the whole sequid business.
And to once again offer you
a spot on the Guardians.
- [sighs] Cecil
- Dupli-Kate's dead.
Rae and Rex are in the hospital,
and Immortal is
well, let's be frank his head
is not in the game right now.
So, what do you say?
Ready to join the team?
You're old friends
with half of 'em anyway.
[sighs] Cecil uh
you know, I'm still figuring out
what kind of hero I want to be.
And that's not the kind of person
you need on the Guardians.
But you know how to find me
if you need my help again.
And you know where to find me
when you change your mind.
Thanks for your time, Eve.
I'll leave you to your guest now.
- What guest?
- [Amber] Eve? You up there?
[panting] Your place really
blends in with the trees.
I walked past it, like, five times.
Can we talk?
[up-tempo jazz playing quietly]
[door opens, closes]
I told you it's gonna be
another four hours.
You want it done fast
or done right?
- [Mark] Hey, Art.
- Mark.
Sorry, I-I thought
you were someone else.
Just leave your suit
and I'll have it fixed by morning.
I actually came to talk.
But if you're busy, I can
- What's on your mind?
- Well, um
Ah, I see. [laughs]
- Girl trouble.
- That obvious, huh?
It's all over your face, kid.
Pull up a chair.
And I, I love Amber and I want
to be with her, but
it-it feels like the universe
is conspiring against us.
Ugh. It doesn't matter if you're
a superhero or an ordinary Joe.
Relationships aren't easy.
I should know.
I've been
in plenty of them in my day.
I-I've only dated one guy.
Rex was my first serious boyfriend.
Which is sad and embarrassing
to admit out loud.
We all got to start somewhere.
You know, we'd known
each other for years,
it just kind of made sense, and
and it was good for a while.
Until I finally had
enough of him cheating on me
every time he left the tower.
It was the lying that hurt more.
He made me feel like I was crazy
when I started figuring it out.
That really sucked.
Yeah, the lying was
the worst part for me, too.
But I thought after we got
over that, it'd work out.
Mark puts himself on the line
for people he doesn't even know,
- and that takes real
- guts to not care what
anyone else thinks, you know?
And Amber always does
the right thing.
It's inspiring.
She makes me a better person.
A real catch.
So what's the problem?
- The problem is, I'm
- Invincible.
Whether it's a tsunami
or some psycho with rocket
launchers for arms,
when bad things happen,
Mark has to drop everything and go.
Yeah. Everything.
Including you.
I don't care when Mark cancels
our date or forgets to text.
I mean, he's saving the world.
It's, it's not that.
It's that it makes me feel like a
jerk, because
I'm doing exactly to her
what my dad did to me and my mom.
But we never complained because
A) it made us feel like assholes,
and B) we didn't want to distract
Dad from saving the world.
[sighs] I-I don't want
that kind of life for Amber.
She deserves better.
Well, if you guys can't
always be together,
then make the times
you are together count.
That doesn't work either.
When we're together, I feel guilty.
Like I'm taking him away
from people who really need him.
- Mark needs someone who
- is there for her.
Who really understands what she's
going through in college and
what it's like dating a superhero.
I can't talk to anyone about it.
Not my friends. Not my family.
So now I'm the liar
instead of him.
I knew dating Mark would be difficult.
I just didn't know
it would be so lonely.
- I feel like I'm failing Amber.
- I feel like I'm failing Mark.
- You're not saving the world right now.
- And Mark's back on Earth.
So I guess the question
you have to ask yourself is
[both] Why are you here talking
to me when you should be talking
- to him?
- to her?
Go home, Mark.
Go home and be with your girlfriend.
Yeah. Thanks for listening, Art.
Hey, your mom told me what
happened with your dad on Thraxa.
That had to be tough.
Seeing him again.
[Mark] Even after everything he did,
I didn't realize
how much I missed him.
I don't know.
Maybe that makes me
a bad person or something.
- It makes you human.
- And then the last thing he told me
before the Viltrumites
took him away wasn't
"I love you" or "I'm sorry."
It was, "Read my books."
- [chuckles] Why did he say that?
- I don't know.
My mom threw out
all his stuff when I was away.
I got his travel books from the
library, but nothing popped out.
Nolan wrote more
than just travel books.
- What?
- He wrote sci-fi novels
under a pen name
when you were a kid.
None of them sold great,
so he gave it up.
Can you believe he gave them
to me as a tip once?
[laughs] A big spender,
your dad was not.
[Mark] Lost Inside
the Chasm to Oblivion?
Hate Tribes on the Planet Wrekk?
I told Nolan they were great.
Real exciting.
Uh I never read 'em.
[William] After the quad
got destroyed,
they just rebuilt it
exactly the same.
A missed opportunity, if you ask me.
I don't remember this.
It, uh, commemorates
D.A. Sinclair's, uh victims.
- Victims?
- You're the only one who, uh recovered.
You hungry? [chuckles]
They did upgrade the waffle
maker in the cafeteria.
I see flashes sometimes.
Sinclair's face, a a scalpel.
But it's like I'm watching
someone else's nightmare.
- Am I me again, William?
- What? Of course you're you.
D.A. Sinclair took
so much of me away.
I don't think they found it all.
Who am I if I can't even
remember what I'm missing?
Rick, I'm so sorry.
It's going to be all right.
I promise.
We'll get through this together.
The Man with the Invincible Gun.
[scoffs] Catchy title, Dad.
"Little was known
about the Space Rider.
He was a mystery.
The stuff of legends.
[Mark and Nolan] Stories
about him stretched across"
[Nolan] the 12 galaxies.
But in all of them,
one detail remained constant.
The Infinity Ray.
It was said to emit
an unstoppable energy wave
that destroyed anything in its path.
But it required a steady hand
and, more importantly, a steady mind.
For it wasn't a weapon
to be used in haste.
No one has ever gotten close enough
to study the Infinity
Ray for themselves.
The Space Rider always
makes sure of that.
If the Infinity Ray is indeed real
and as powerful as the stories
claim, it poses a huge
[Mark] "threat to our mission."
Huh. Okay.
Savage Planet, Savage Beasts.
"Our mission was simple.
[Mark and Nolan] To investigate
this harsh planet"
[Nolan] and report back
to space command headquarters.
The first thing we noticed
was its gravity.
The planet was so dense
and its pull so strong,
we could barely move.
After finding no usable resources,
my partner and I were ready
to return home.
But the planet had other plans.
In an instant, I was surrounded,
swarmed, overwhelmed.
I've battled creatures
ten times their size.
But because of the gravity
on this planet,
Ragnarrs had evolved strength
like no other.
[Nolan shouts]
I had grossly underestimated
these creatures,
and I feared this place
[Mark] "would be my grave."
No way.
- [Immortal] What do you want, Cecil?
- [sighs] Bermuda.
- I hear it's lovely this time of year.
- What are you talking about?
You and a long overdue vacation.
- On the house.
- No.
I wasn't asking.
- How dare you?
- Psych's concerned. So am I.
And since you refuse
to see our specialists
I don't need your pinheads
poking around my brain!
Kate's death was difficult
for everyone,
- but I need you to
- I said I'm fine!
[earpiece beeps]
Send it here.
What is that?
Someone's coming in hot
from deep space.
- Omni-Man.
- Immortal, wait.
Immortal! Fuck.
[Allen] Ugh. Where did
Invincible say he lived again?
Crap. This is gonna be tricky.
[Immortal grunts]
[Allen] Whoa, hey. Hi?
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
[Immortal] How can
I hear you speak?
[Allen] Okay, it-it's just
this implant I have.
It lets us communicate telepathically.
It's not a big deal.
[Immortal] Get out of my head!
[Allen] Hey, I am not here to fight.
I'm just looking for Invincible.
[Immortal] Invincible?
Omni-Man sent you!
[Allen] No.
And chill the hell out.
[both grunting]
[Allen] I do not want to hurt you, sir.
Ooh, that hurt.
Ooh, you crossed the line
with that one.
- [Immortal] I'll kill you!
- [Allen] We just met.
- [both grunting]
- [Mark] Stop.
- [Allen] Invincible.
- [Immortal] Invincible.
- [Mark] What the hell is going on?
- [Allen] I don't know.
I came here looking for you,
and then, suddenly,
this douchebag attacked me.
You have those on Earth, right?
[Mark] Allen's my friend.
He's a good guy.
[Allen] Oh, um, my thing only works
between me and someone else,
not between two other
someone elses.
It's a design flaw. I-I'm
told there's an update coming.
[Mark] Right.
Um, can you tell him?
[Allen] Uh, yeah, with pleasure.
Hi, sir.
Mark says I'm a pal.
He also says I'm essentially
the king of space,
uh, so you should be
very nice to me.
Also, he says
he hates your dumb beard
because it's missing all the best
parts of a beard. These parts.
[Immortal] I don't believe you.
[Allen] He doesn't believe me.
- [Mark] Did Allen attack you or threaten you?
- [Allen] Oh, good question.
Mark wants to know
if I attacked you
or threatened you,
which I totally didn't,
because you just charged
up here and attacked me.
Not very heroic of you,
Earth superhero of Earth.
[Immortal] I
I thought you were someone else.
[Allen] What the hell
is that guy's problem?
- [Mark] His girlfriend just died.
- [Allen] Well, now I feel like a giant douchebag.
You do have them, right?
If I'm gonna keep
making that reference.
Look, we need to talk.
Can we go somewhere
that's not, like, in space?
And also, for future reference,
will you just point to where you live?
[That Kid CG: "Wild and Free"]
Spend that money ♪
I ain't judgin' you ♪
But I ain't splittin' nothing
'less I'm blood with you ♪
Just 'cause I cut
don't mean I'm stuck with you ♪
Shit, I'm a rapper, cut it off ♪
Like a Lunchable, sheesh ♪
So, if you wild and you free ♪
Yeah, baby, let's get wild
and get free ♪
So, if you wild and you free ♪
Yeah, baby, let's get wild
and get free ♪
Huh, never been the type ♪
Never paid for it ♪
Huh, but I got some patience
I can wait for it ♪
Huh, ain't finna lie ♪
You got that cake, boy ♪
Shit, I wanna cut and grip it
like a skateboard ♪
Spend that money,
I ain't judgin' you ♪
But I ain't splittin' nothing
'less I'm blood with you ♪
Just 'cause I cut don't mean
I'm stuck with you ♪
[Mark] All right,
we should be good now.
You know, on my planet,
a sock on the door
means somebody's fucking.
Yeah, it's the same here.
[wood creaks]
Oop. Sorry.
You're a lot bigger
than the last time I saw you.
Apparently, that's what
happens when you almost get
murdered by a bunch of
Viltrumites and you're me.
But get this:
my boss Thaedus is also a Viltrumite.
- What?
- I know, right? It turns out,
he rebelled against the Empire,
like, years ago.
So, that makes two of you.
It's not much, but it is a start.
Now, if we could only
win over your dad.
Yeah, about my dad
And they took him away.
Said they're gonna execute him,
if they haven't already.
Um, that is wow.
That is quite the story.
- Do you think my dad's dead?
- I don't know.
Viltrumites are weird about
killing their own people.
I think because it doesn't
happen much anymore.
So, why are you here exactly?
Oh, yes. Right. Of course.
[clears throat]
On behalf of Thaedus
and the Coalition of Planets,
I am to escort you to Talescria
to discuss our war
against the Viltrum Empire
and how you can help.
- Grab your stuff Mark, we got to boogie.
- What? No.
I-I just got back from space.
I'm not going back
just to talk to your boss.
This could be our chance to end
Viltrumite tyranny for good.
- Isn't that what you want?
- Of course.
But Amber and I
are in a weird place,
and now that my mom's
looking after my half brother,
I can't just ditch her.
- Are we gonna have to fight now?
- Nah. I don't fight friends.
Because I would win
and then I'd feel terrible.
It's a vicious cycle.
But I should get going.
- Thaedus will not be happy with me.
- Maybe I can help with that.
I have a hunch about something,
but I need a second opinion.
Huh, this place
sounds kind of familiar.
- Hey, is that Space Racer?
- It's Space Rider in the book.
It's Space Racer in real life,
and he is legendary,
in that no one is sure
if he's real or not.
Okay, so I think everything
in these books is real.
And it's all stuff
that can hurt Viltrumites.
That's why my dad
wanted me to read his books.
He's telling us
how to defeat the Empire.
Oh, shit.
Can I, uh, can I scan these
to take back to the Coalition?
- Of course.
- Thaedus will be a lot less pissed
when I show him all of this.
All right. Got it.
It was good seeing you again, Mark.
Thank you. And I'm very sorry
about your father's impending
- or already completed execution.
- Uh, thanks.
I-I still don't get why
they took him away
when they could've just
killed him on Thraxa.
I've heard rumors of a Viltrumite prison
somewhere in space.
Maybe they took him there.
- Want me to ask around?
- I'd appreciate that.
Tell Thaedus that
when it's time to attack,
when you need someone
for the actual fight,
- I'll be there.
- Count on it.
[knock on door]
[William] Hey, Mark?
Are you and Amber done yet?
That sock's been
on the door for hours,
and I really need to go to bed.
[Kregg] In order for
a Viltrumite to be executed,
he must be healed and whole.
Worthy to stand and face
the end of his life with honor,
even if his crime was devoid of it.
Yet, for even such a craven betrayal,
there is a path to redemption.
Rejoin your people, Nolan.
Let this not be your legacy.
You conquered hundreds of planets,
brought glory to the Empire.
You were one of our
greatest warriors.
How did a mere moment on Earth
turn you into a weak,
sentimental traitor?
Answer me!
That planet
and its people are toxic
if they could do this to you.
They, too, will pay.
Fucking Martian.
It wasn't enough that you
left me to die on Mars.
You had to trash my place, too?
[sequid squealing]
[Rus shouting]
[door opens, closes]
[bell rings]
[proprietor] Let me help you
with the jacket.
Mm, an excellent fit,
if I do say so myself.
May I ask, sir, what's the
occasion for such a fine suit?
I'm visiting an old friend.
[zombies moaning]
Ah, it is good to be home.

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