Is Love Sustainable? (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Today is the last day.
It's the last day.
I'm glad I met you, Seita.
Me too.
Sorry, it's just
a goodbye hug, for the last time.
Nijiro goes to an English school, I might have been influenced by him.
Ah, Hayate's also come back from abroad, some of that's rubbed off on me too.
I see.
Well, goodbye then.
Okay, maybe next time
Being independent, I wish you all the best.
Eh, being independent? Who is?
I am.
How is this the first I'm hearing about it?
What? Didn't I tell your earlier, dad?
No, you didn't. How are you going to get the funds to do that?
Ahh! I've saved up most of it.
The whole reason I'm living here was to save up money to start my own business.
You mean you didn't do it for me?
Well, that's part of it.
Hey, have you told Hayate about this?
- What? Why?
- Well, because you two
I'll do anything to help Kyoka achieve her dreams.
- Hayate, welcome back.
- I'm home.
For nowI'll check with my friends for places where you can offer free lessons.
Really? Thanks!
Hayate, are you okay with this?
Hey, Dad.
You keep misunderstanding, but we're not like that at all.
Unfortunately, not yet.
That's why, if you put it that way, dad's going to keep taking you seriously.
What? Thenthe person that you're in love with
Well, anyway It's not about whether I like him or not.
I have more important things to do.
Right now, I'm just focused on becoming independent.
From now on, I'll do my best to live up to your expectations.
Good night.
What about Kyoka's happiness?
Yoko, what do I say to her?
What's important to me.
What's important to me: Yoga!! Independence
My Studio
Funds, Time, Attracting Customers, Beer with friends,
The South Islands and Hawaii, Chocolate, Sweet things, Okonomiyaki, Freedom from Father
What's Important To Me: Nijiro,
Working hard for the family, Time,
Compatibility, Money, Health, Rest, Curry
I wonder if I'll ever see you again.
"Away from the Internet
having a real and full life."
What do you think? Beautiful, isn't it?
Yes, flowers.
These flowers are called Gladiolus.
Oh, these are Gladiolus.
What a nice smell.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What are you doing?
Oh, Gladiolus.
Oh, you like flowers?
Uh, no
My wife taught me.
- Your wife?
- Yes.
To me, flowers were just
white, red, big or small flowers.
But one daywhen I saw the flowers in my wife's room,
I understood for the first time how soothing flowers can be.
I've learned to appreciate flowers a little more.
That's a beautiful story.
What was your wife like?
Ah, I'm sorry if I'm too blunt.
No It's just, how do I explain
To meshe was somewhat of a unique person.
I guess you could say she taught me the true meaning of words.
When you write the expression "The Sky Above" (Uenosora)
"Uwanosora" means inattentiveness or absent-mindedness
it's written as "Uwanosora", isn't it?
I was thinking about that expression
Ahh!! No!!
It's okay, Rintaro-san.
No, no, Yoko-san, no!
No, no, no! Yoko-san! Yoko-san!
Because "Uwanosora"
- Don't you want to see it?
- No, no, no, no.
No, no.
- Okay, let's go.
- I can't, I can't.
It's okay!
No, I can't!
In the end, I wasn't just "Uwanosora", I passed out.
- It was a terrible experience.
- Hahaha.
And from then on, she took me to different places,
and halfway through, forced me to see the real world in the flesh,
and got to see a world that I had never seen in books.
She sounds like a wonderful person, your wife.
Well, I had to stay positive.
She left me a letter,
telling me to remarry.
I'll support you, in your marriage hunting, Sawada-san.
Let's work hard together.
Oh, so my hands
- Swing them wide.
- Okay.
Oh, Dad. Where have you been?
- Walking.
- This early in the morning?
Dressed like that, all alone?
- Why do you care who I walk with?
- Who were you with?
Oh. Maybe you were walking for your marriage hunting?
No, I wasn't I have back pain.
Kyoka's friend's doctor at the hospital,
she said she wanted to prevent back pain and suggested I walk.
The doctor at the Suzu Clinic?
I heard she's a very beautiful woman.
Well, you know, standards of beauty vary from person to person.
- Eh? How was she?
- I'm going to take a shower.
- I'm closing the door
- How was the doctor?
- Now I'm super curious.
- Right?
Firmly press the soles of your feet. Pull in your stomach. Are you breathing?
Sorry. Regarding the request for me to move into management.
Thank you for the privilege, but I decline.
I see. That's too bad.
Unfortunately, management won't work for you if you're not motivated.
I'm so sorry for not taking you up on such a good offer.
Well, then.
Can I leave you to organize this, Kyoka?
Oh, so we're doing it again this year?
Sustainability Festival
Yes, I'll take full responsibility.
I'll leave it up to you.
Kyoka, what's wrong?
I was in the neighborhood.
I thought we could have lunch.
Oh, that sounds nice.
The last patient is being examined right now.
- Why don't you sit there first.
- Okay.
- You forgot your jacket.
- I'm sorry. Thank you.
- Take care.
- Eh?
I didn't think you were the doctor at Suzu's Clinic.
You really took care of my father.
And the walking. To prevent his back pain?
Oh, no.
While that's a part of it,
He's been helping me with my marriage hunting.
What? My father?
Yes, he knows a lot
about marriage and married couples.
- My father?
- The other day.
He told me a lot about your mother who passed away.
She's a wonderful woman.
I suppose he can talk about her normally now.
Ahh, when she passed away,
it felt like he was half dead.
Ah, it was a really hard time, for me.
Well, my father didn't have the ability to make a living in the first place.
I didn't know that. He seemed happy talking about it.
Well, if he's also started marriage hunting I'm sure he's fine.
That's why, I want him to get married as soon as possible
So that I'll be able to focus on my work.
Kyoka's planning to start her own business. Unlike me, she's a hard worker.
Uhm, Hinata-san
When did you open your own clinic?
I opened my own clinic when I was 37.
I worked at a university hospital until I was over 30.
Why did you decide to start your own clinic?
Well, I didn't want to become a grumpy old lady.
- Grumpy?
- When I become an old lady
I don't want to complain and say "Oh, I should have started my own business!"
I'd rather start a business that didn't work out, than complain about never starting one at all.
I mean, as an old lady, you're supposed to complain.
Well, I think it's nicer when people don't complain, myself included.
But people who live normal lives and never complain or have no regrets
I don't trust such people.
If you're going to complain, it's better to regret than to complain.
Then why did you choose work over marriage?
As you were getting older
I didn't choose that.
That's just the way it happened.
I think I'm gonna start complaining about something.
So, what are your requirements for a match?
Let's be a little more specific.
Conditions for a matching woman?
If you do that, then you should be able to visualize the future married life that you desire.
Things like preferences in food and clothing, whatever you like.
Thank you.
I'm tired of outliving people,
who I don't want to let go.
No, it's terrible to make them feel this way.
Sawada-san, if you could think about what you want in a wife
No, I just don't want to be a burden to my daughter.
The truth is I want Kyoka to get married.
Just a normal happy life.
Yes, a normal life for my daughter.
If I told her this, she'd get mad at me for being annoying.
Yes, yes, office yoga.
Would your company be interested in it? It's all the rage right now.
Really? I'll talk to my company.
I would appreciate that very much. She's an amazing instructor.
- Is that so?
- Mommy~!
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- See you, Kana-chan.
See you soon, Niji-kun
I miss you.
- Bye bye.
- Bye bye
- See you.
- See you.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Nijiro, let's pack up!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
The other day what are your intentions?
I'm sorry, aah
You're apologizing.
If you're prepared to commit, then please don't do that sort of thing.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Tamagawa Sustainability Festival?
We're doing free yoga lessons outdoors.
We open our studio to the public and have a bazaar.
It's a lot of work.
Wow. "Live in the moment".
To live for the moment, that's the spirit of yoga, isn't it?
Ah, maybe you should invite Hinata-san along?
- H-Hinata-san?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Dad.
I've been wondering who's the person you're on those walking dates with.
I went to Suzu's clinic.
- They're not dates
- They're not?
A lovely lady like that, I didn't think she'd go for you, dad.
Hey, don't you remember?
The doctor from the marriage party.
- Oh, that beautiful woman?
- Yeah, yeah.
Walking with her sounds fun!
I told you it's not like that.
I'm meeting with someone else soon.
What's she like?
I don't know the details.
Higashimura-san's going to introduce me to her, she must be nice, right?
I wish you the best of luck.
Oh, that's right.
Some of Yoko-san's clothes, I'd like you to get rid of them.
- You sure?
- Yes.
I'm sure Yoko would like that too.
Yeah, "It's fine, just throw them away."
Mom would say, right?
I see. You're right.
If that's the case, why not bring them to the bazaar? Auntie's clothes.
Ah! It's better than throwing them away.
I'm sure Mom would appreciate it.
It's sustainable, isn't it?
Good evening! We're having an event at the Yoga studio.
Good evening! We're having an event at the Yoga studio.
If you are interested, why don't you come and visit?
Therefore, look. You see that one right there?
Hey, hey, hey, are you listening to me?
Is that your friend?
Just do it. Just do it.
Super Deal! Sign up now and save on your first delivery!-50%OFF♪
Hey, wake up! You're not done.
- I'll do it in the morning.
- You're not going to do it. Come.
Is that for the bazaar?
I'll carry it when we leave.
Really? Thanks for the help.
If you ask me, Dad, you'd look younger with the scarf.
Is that so?
Hayate. That's good. I'll take care of it. Go get ready.
Thank you.
what about your auntie's clothes? I'll get them.
Oh, yeah. Thanks. It's in the cardboard box in the closet.
- Oh, it looks better after all.
- Yes.
Okay, after your meeting,
- make sure you show your face, Dad.
- Yes.
- Everything's OK
- Great.
Let's go.
We're off!
- That looks heavy.
- It is heavy.
Wait for me!
- Please take care of it.
- Yes, I got it.
Thank you very much.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
Wow! Hayate?
- Huh?
- It's you, isn't it?
Oh, hi, hi.
I missed you!
I missed you!
What? Why?
I missed you.
There's no reason other than I wanted to see you.
- Kyoka-sensei.
- Yeah?
My positive body yoga class, I need more people.
Can I borrow him for a minute?
What, me?
Yes, here is fine.
Let's go.
Kyoka! Wait a minute!
Have fun!
Kyoka, wait a minute!
Wait, wait! Kyoka-chan
There were enough people.
If Mikako-sensei's in a good mood This event will go well.
Feel those butt muscles~
Tighten your buttocks~
One, two, three, four.
Positive, positive, positive.
Positive, positive, positive.
Positive, positive, positive.
Live for the moment~
Positive Positive
Positive and sustainable
Positive and Sustainable
Positive and sustainable
Positive and sustainable
Positive and sustainable
- Oh, it's selling well, isn't it?
- Yes.
Then replenish, please.
Excuse me.
How much are these?
They're all 300 yen.
That's so cheap!
Hinata-san! You really came!
I've been wanting to take a lesson with you.
Thank you very much.
It'll start in about 30 minutes.
Kyoka-sensei. Please get ready.
- I'll take over here.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
- Later.
- Take your time.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- It's nice and feels sustainable.
- Really? Sustainable?
- Very much so.
- Excuse me!
- I'll take this.
- Yes.
- Oh, hello.
- Your match is here.
Ah, yes
This year, did you have a chance to see cherry blossoms?
Cherry blossom viewing?
- Yes, cherry blossom viewing.
- Yes I did.
Lift your hands from your sides and interlace your fingers.
Extend your index finger.
Inhale, extending up from the sides.
Exhale and move your body to the right.
Feel the stretch from your left armpit to your side.
Eyes to the sky. Take another breath.
Put your right foot back.
Tuck your heel inward.
Left foot turn 90 degrees outward
Now extend your right arm through the sky to the side of your ear.
Raise the corners of your mouth slightly.
And relax your face.
This is called the Shavasana Pose.
Lean your body on the ground.
Empty the thoughts in your head.
Busy with the job and housework,
everybody is always thinking about something.
You need to take time to not think about it.
You will see the depths of your heart that you have been keeping covered.
Sadness, frustration
I know there are negative feelings that come to mind.
But that's just part of who you are.
Don't cover up these painful feelings
Just feel them.
Let it out
Lose your form and turn into something else.
Now, sit up.
Hands in front of your chest
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Let us also thank all those around us who have shared this time with us
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
Good work everybody.
- Thank you very much!
- Thank you for your hard work.
- Thank you very much.
- How was it?
Well, my body's not so great, but your words were very comforting.
But I can't seem to put into practice my own teachings.
It's a common thing for instructors.
Yeah, even orthopedic surgeons get stiff shoulders, we're alike.
You worked hard. Thank you~.
But Mikako-sensei's autograph session has started.
I had to play the role of manager. It was tough.
Oh! You're Dr. Hinata, right?
- Hi, it's been a while.
- Hello, hello.
Kyoka's over there.
Yes, thank you.
How was the meeting?
Not bad. We talked a bit.
- Oh!
- Dad.
- Hi!
- Buy something to help with the sale.
Oh, that's right. Did you sell our stuff?
Yeah, and this is all that's left.
Mom's scarf got sold really quickly.
You know, the orange one.
No, no, no, I didn't throw it out.
But it was in there, wasn't it?
- Didn't you check it?
- I did!
- But it was in there!
- Why?
Sorry, it's my fault.
Oh, um It was on top of the carton this morning, I thought it was okay.
On top? Oh, it fell down!
I'm so sorry, I really am.
It's fine, Hayate, you couldn't have known about that. It can't be helped.
- Sawada?
- Yes, Hinata.
- Is something wrong?
- No, it's just a mistake.
My mother's scarf, got sold in the bazaar.
- A scarf?
- Oh, don't worry about it.
It's just another reminder preventing me from looking forward.
Was it the orange one from here?
- Yes.
- I remember who bought it.
- We did yoga together.
- Are you sure?
- They might still be here.
- What do they look like?
Um Two ladies in their 40s.
Bobbed hair, they were wearing yellow.
Those are the Tamagawa sisters.
Who's that?
You don't know them? I just took a picture with them.
They're famous around here.
They say if you put them on your standby screen, it'll make you happy.
It's all the rage among the JK's in the Nikotama area.
JK is Japanese slang for High School Girls (abbreviated from Joushi Kousei)
Speaking of which, after the yoga session
Well then, the lesson's over.
Thank you for your hard work.
That felt so good. I worked up a sweat.
I'm going to the salon after this.
Maybe I'll get a head massage.
That sounds good.
- Can I join you?
- Sure.
Let's go look for them.
If we go now, they might be at a hair salon nearby.
- Oh, no
- It's important, isn't it?
- Okay!
- I'll come along too.
Good luck.
Bobbed hair and yellow
Are you the Tamagawa sis
Oh, you're not, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much.
- Let's go to the next place.
- Okay.
The lady had bobbed hair and a yellow outfit.
Okay. Thank you very much.
Let's go here next.
That's enough.
It's enough, really.
But it was something special, wasn't it?
I always dreamed of writing dictionaries for a living.
But dictionaries
are published only once every seven or eight years.
The number of scholars involved in compiling dictionaries is naturally limited.
I was just starting out.
I wasn't on the editorial board at the time.
That was disappointing, wasn't it?
The word to describe my feeling may not be "dissapointment",
but rather, "frustration" would be a better word.
Then that was frustrating, wasn't it?
Sad, perhaps.
All the words to express depressed feelings.
Even I know as much.
But it's still frustrating.
It's so frustrating
I'm so miserable
I'm sorry.
To be able to see you like that,
it's a wife's privilege, isn't it?
I'm so miserable
Let's go. We'll find it, for sure.
- Excuse me.
- I'm looking for someone.
Did you happen to see a lady with bobbed hair and yellow clothes
Bobbed hair and yellow clothes
- What?
- Oh, sorry, sorry.
Bobbed hair and yellow clothes
- The Tamagawa sisters?
- Oh, yes!
- They were waving at the trains near the riverbank earlier.
- What? Where?
No, no, no! I saw them feeding pigeons in the park.
What? When? Around here?
By the way, you really look cool!
- He's devilishly cool!
- Can we take a picture with you?
Devilishly cute!
Devilishly cute~
Devilishly cute~
Please put on your glasses.
- Glasses, glasses.
- Glasses?
Glasses, what?
Ah, ah!
- Ah!
- Oh, thank goodness!
Huh? Oh, my
Oh, my
- These are the two
- Ah!
Oh, hello.
- That's it!
- What is this to you?
Excuse me.
I wonder, if I could buy it from you?
Uhm, is it like from some great brand?
No, but
It's a very important item.
Feels good~
Sustainable, isn't it?
I'm so sorry,
that you had to go through all this trouble.
No, I'm glad you found it.
I really thought I could handle losing my wife's stuff,
after all, it doesn't really matter any more.
I want to gradually move on.
Actually, I don't want to be reminded of it every single day.
But this one thing
It's pathetic.
It's OK to be pathetic, isn't it?
Your wife is in your heart, Sawada.
And in turn, you helped me too.
That scarf. I hope there's not too much of my snot on it?
- Oh
- Hahaha
It's tiring to keep looking forward
"Don't try to cover up these painful feelings."
"Feel them, let them out."
"Lose your form and turn into something else."
Kyoka-san was saying these in the lesson.
As we get older.
We have so many memories.
We all carry them with us.
But sometimes, if we can look back and walk away
Wouldn't that be enough?
- I'm home.
- Welcome home.
- I'm so tired.
- Good work.
- Hayate, you must be tired too, right?
- I'm sorry for everything.
- Not at all.
- Thank you.
Uncle was apologizing a lot.
Try not to pick a fight this time.
- I know.
- Do you?
- Welcome back.
- I'm home.
- I'm going to take a bath.
- Okay.
I'm sorry about today.
No, it's okay.
I'm sorry. I should have known how you really felt.
No. I'm totally fine now.
Rather it's what people do.
Even if they don't want to forget,
they tend to forget little by little.
At times, I miss her,
and I wonder if she'll show her face out of nowhere
"please keep the mess within your room only."
That's what Mom would say.
I think Yoko's voice sounds a lot cooler than that.
Hey aren't you glorifying mom?
I don't think so. She's got a smooth tongue.
I don't have a bad tongue.
- The way you end the sentance
- End?
Say "Wakatakakage"
Wakatakakage Atsushi is a famous sumo wrestler.
- Watakakatage
- Wakatakakage
Not "Wata".
(They continue using wrestling terms)
Oh not again! Where's my smartphone?
- Oh, where
- Here.
Ah, thanks.
Come back early today.
I'll have a nice dinner waiting for you.
I mean
- the seminar's over, right?
- Oh, okay.
- I'm off then.
- Have a safe trip.
Oh, she's already gone?
Oh, hey
Are you going out?
Yeah, I'm going out for a bit.
- See you later.
- I'm off.
I'm sorry, about the match the other day, I'm afraid I have to decline.
I understand.
Let's move on to the next one.
I'm sorry.
I meant, for the long term.
There is someone I want to see,
so I just wanted to cherish this time.
Someone you want to meet?
It's a wish that may never be reciprocated, but
I still want to see her.
That feeling
understand it well.
- What?
- Hahaha
Deleted. Yes.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you for your hard work.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
- See you next week.
- Thank you very much
- Thank you for your hard work.
- Thanks for your hard work
Live in the moment
Live in the moment?
I thought it'd be better if we just got on the first bus that came along, without deciding where to go.
when the temperature of the sand exceeds 29.5 degrees, a female is born.
If it's less than that, a male is born, you know?
What? Why?
What do you mean "Why"?
You're here too!
Oh, I was thinking of that day of the seminar
What? You come here when you think about the seminar?
Are you any different, Kyoka-san?
I guess not.
- He declined?
- Yes.
My father
is still thinking about her, after all.
But somehow, he seemed perfectly fine.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
When my mother died
My father didn't eat much.
But he still watered the houseplants she left behind.
It was hard for him.
At that time
What did you do?
I was
Dad, what do you want for dinner?
How about fried pork with ginger? You like it, don't you?
Preparation for Cherry Blossom viewing
What do you think?
It's good.
I like it.
I was desperate
for my father
to feel human, and alive again.
I had a lot of procedures to go through,
when a person dies
I was sick and tired of having so many things to do.
If I had been down as well,
the house would have been a dump.
But it must have been hard on you, Kyoka.
For me
More than me
At my father's side
What's this?
That's understandable,
after all, your mother died.
I miss her.
I just want to see her one more time.
If I don't do anything
I'm going to become a grumpy old woman.
I miss her.
All this time,
I've really missed her.
I look terrible.
To see your face like that,
is truly a privilege for me.
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