Is Love Sustainable? (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Let's end this now.
I'm sorry
I thought about a lot of things after that.
After all someday
I want to be a good wife to Seita.
I want to do my best to be your mother.
You don't have to do that!
Then Kyoka won't be Kyoka anymore.
It's impossible for you.
It won't last. It's impossible.
"I want a wife who changes my clothes"
Didn't you once say that?
You didn't even want to get married in the first place.
And with me, it's too much
It won't last.
It's my fault.
I knew it wouldn't work out.
I had a great time.
Thank you so much.
I'm really sorry.
What's wrong?
I decline your request for companionship.
Please accept my apologies.
You're someone who is looking for a "normal happiness".
I want to
thank you for all you've done for me.
Welcome back.
You're back late.
Not that I mind at all.
With Higashimura-san?
I see.
Higashimura-san's a nice guy.
I think so too.
I see.
Good night.
Sawada-san turned you down?
Yes. I must be seriously lacking in charm.
I'm giving up on marriage.
You don't have to give up.
For the time being, marriage, right now, isn't
If that person declined a relationship
It's not because he is unhappy with you,
It's because he's thinking about the other person who is not keen to get married.
I understand that.
I think Sawada-san is probably thinking about my age,
my first marriage, getting remarried,
I'm sure he has many of these considerations about me.
Still, I wanted that kindness.
I wanted something stronger.
He is the kind of person I would consider marrying.
What is "normal happiness"?
I'm sorry, that's all for now.
Hello, I'm sorry to bother you.
Thank you for finding a consultation slot for me on such short notice.
So, the results of the tumor biopsy
It'll probably take a week.
Then can I make an appointment accordingly?
Yes. Thank you.
Okay. Bye.
Lace your fingers behind your back.
Those who can actually do it, turn your hands up.
Ha ha ha
Your chest, which is usually hunched over at your desk,
let's pull it up!
Turtle family.
Oh, that cloud looks like a turtle.
Hayate: Shall we meet today?
Yum! Try it.
- Hmm, it's true!
- Right?
Thanks so much for the other day.
I'm glad Nijiro is feeling much better.
He had a blast at school today too.
I see.
How's it going with Higashimura-san?
Huh? Oh
He dumped me.
But I'm totally fine now.
I have to work hard on my business now,
and not worry about relationships anymore.
Every time I do, I get thrown off.
It's bad for work.
Sigh. I'm going to live for work.
Office yoga is going well.
One of my students introduced me to another company.
They even asked me to open a studio.
My followers on Instagram are growing.
If one tenth of them became my students.
I'd be able to maintain a studio.
Although, I'm not sure about online yoga right now.
Excuse me, two more of these, please.
Yes, coming right up.
Today, let's just drink!
Oh, it's beautiful! Oh!
In Japan, another way of saying "I love you" is to say "The moon is beautiful".
Ah, picture, picture.
I want to upload it to Instagram.
Oh no good.
I can't get a good shot.
Huh can I put something else?
I'm obligated to do it.
Well, it's for the sake of sales, isn't it?
Oh, this is super convenient. Thank you.
You don't have to smile all the time.
Even if you're a little cranky or sloppy.
Even if you lose your phone again,
I could never hate someone like you, Kyoka.
Kyoka, you were good when you were a little girl,
and now, I know you're still relatively nice.
I'm glad we got to know each other since childhood.
Well, good night.
See you later.
You got the OK to shorten your working hours?
Thank you.
But are you sure you're okay with that?
Didn't they also say you can't go back to headquarters?
Oh, I'll be fine.
As long as I can get childcare,
you can go to Osaka without worrying any more.
Okay. I'll keep my promise.
Dad, can I have an ice cream?
No. You already brushed your teeth.
Nijiro he said he was OK for me to go to Osaka
But I'm not sure what he really thinks.
I'll talk to him again one more time.
By the way
What about you and Kyoka?
I've already made my decision.
Hey! Hey Niji!
That's fine. I'll just brush my teeth one more time.
Let's thank ourselves.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
And that concludes today's lesson.
I'm sorry to bother you all of a sudden.
It's fine.
I heard about the incident with the yoga panels,
Inukai-san said you turned him down.
The day you missed the meeting,
was the day Nijiro got a fever, right?
I'm sorry, really.
It was my decision.
Also, I won't be seeing Nijiro anymore.
I'm sorry for the trouble I caused.
But Kyoka, are you really.
In the end, work comes first.
If I do it my own way, I'm sure I'll succeed at being independent.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
No, you've taught me a lot. You've been a great help.
About missing the meeting
can you not tell Seita about it?
But that's
- Take care.
- Thank you.
Doctor, thank for your hard work.
I know it's late, but what would you like for lunch?
I don't have much of an appetite.
Are you feeling tired?
Sigh, it's hard to get over a broken heart at my age.
What? Heartbreak? With someone from the marriage agency?
Yeah it's been a while since I remembered,
what a broken heart feels like.
Doctor! Are you okay?
Should I call an ambulance?
I'm fine.
Oh no. Things didn't work out with the single dad.
That's tough, isn't it?
Oh well
Are you really able to eat that much?
You should eat too.
So what if you're heartbroken? You still have to live on.
I'm eating. It's fine.
I'm back to my old self.
No desire to get married, chasing the best dreams.
You're never going to fall in love?
Looks like you're not turning back and upgrading to a better version of yourself.
Sorry, got held up.
That must have been tough.
- Is Hinata-san okay?
- Yes.
For now, she's being admitted to the hospital today.
I see. I hope it's nothing.
- What about the clinic?
- It'll be closed for a week.
- Excuse me.
- One more.
Hot, hot, hot
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's this? What's wrong?
I can take care of myself, and you came back so late yesterday.
It was Higashimura-san right?
- What?
- Aren't you guys going out?
For my own breakfast,
I'll be doing it by myself like this.
Once you move out of this house,
I'm going to be living alone, you know.
It's over.
- What?
- I mean
We were just getting started and we didn't really know each other
But you've always loved him, how did this happen?
Anyway, Dad, did you know?
Hinata-san is in the hospital.
Don't change the subject
Yesterday, at the clinic, she collapsed. Suzu told me.
What's wrong with her? How is she?
I don't know. She's been admitted to the hospital for now.
Could it be that,
the one you're in love with
Where's the hospital?
Excuse me for coming so suddenly.
It's okay.
I'm sorry, I heard you collapsed.
So, how are you feeling?
I'm just overworked.
You had to be admitted just because you're overworked?
Actually during my checkup
I found a small tumor in my chest.
And while I was waiting for the results my examination
I felt dizzy.
So I won't be marriage hunting for a while
I know this is very selfish of me, but
I take back what I said before.
If If you still
If you still feel the same way.
Please accept my request for companionship?
I have to decline.
Depending on the test results, I may cause you trouble.
Because of this, Sawada-san.
For now
Don't take pity on me.
No! I can't take it any more.
If you disappeared
I couldn't stand the thought of it.
It seems, I still want to live together with you, Hinata-san.
In a world where Hinata-san lives in,
if I could live there,
then I would
I would be happy.
If I could
I hope you think the same way too, Hinata-san.
If that were to happen
I would be happy too.
a "normal happiness".
Please take care of me.
I'd be happy to.
Uhm Matsuo-sensei wants to see you.
What? Menopause?
As it turns out
the tumor is benign, and everything else is fine.
But look at this, here.
It's true, estrogen levels are low.
Although, it's a little early for you.
Women like us are at that age now.
Well, you should be much better with hormone replacement therapy.
Oh, yeah that's for sure.
Dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations.
The feelings in my chest
Eh? Have I been mistaken?
No no, no, no, no.
Are you OK?
Yeah yeah, I'm happy.
Oh, thank goodness.
Thank goodness.
Yes, I'll be discharged soon.
You have a nice long upper arm bone.
A serious relationship!?
With Hinata-san?
Uhh yeah
That's amazing!
- No
- Congratulations!
Let's celebrate!
Oh, don't we have that expensive wine somewhere?
Forget it, it's nothing!
Why not? This happens once in a lifetime!
- Hey Kyoka.
- Hmm?
About what happened with Higashimura-san
Ah~ everything's fine now.
Ah! Found it!
As for me, don't expect me to have a "normal happiness".
I really want Kyoka to get married.
A "normal happiness" is fine.
Hey Kyoka could it be
Seriously, you had no idea?
You started all this marriage hunting for my sake.
I'm sure mom would say, "Well done".
So, what did you say to Hinata-san?
In marriage hunting, do you still do surprise proposals?
So how are you going to propose?
What kind of words would a lexicographer use?
What? Haha.
So, did you confess your love for her?
I didn't!
You didn't?
I didn't.
"Good evening."
"I'm really glad that Hinata-san is out of the hospital safely."
"I thought I would tell you how I felt today."
"So that we do not get into a "did you say or didn't you
say" situation later, I am sending you this e-mail."
"I love you, Hinata Akari."
"I have always had these feelings for you."
"Every time, in front of you,"
"I was always at a loss of words."
"Even though I'm a lexicographer."
"I couldn't use you the correct words."
"Hence I will put them in writing."
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Is there something wrong?
I was just thinking how happy I am to be dating a lexicographer.
Oh, no, no
Shall we go?
Well, to be frank
Even though we're going out, I'm
In many ways.
I'm not sure if you'll be happy.
I'm embarrassed to say, I'm worried
The truth is, the reason I collapsed
I've been feeling ill from menopause.
- Menopause?
- Yes.
Of course, I'd like to stay young.
But after 40, age becomes a personal matter, doesn't it?
That's why I'm going to continue walking to stay healthy.
Well, nowadays, for both men and women, there are various medicines,
and medical approaches.
She only said "I will depend". Since she was talking about medications earlier, it is implied she is referring to those, but she could also mean she will be depending on Rintaro in the future.
I'll be depending on those.
Well, let's start with something to eat.
Wrap your shoulders softly with your fingers.
and move your elbows widely.
- Ahh, feels so refreshing.
- Hahaha
My shoulders are stiff because I've been wearing a suit lately.
Hmm, hmm.
- What?
- Huh?
Your pajamas are in the screen.
What? No way.
In the back.
Uhh, it's so cramped in here.
Be careful when you're teaching other people.
I got it.
Ahh, right
Next Tuesday night,
there's a yoga event on the roof of the building.
If you can make it, would you come?
Even if I can't, I'll be there.
It's a full moon that day.
Yeah The full moon in June is a Strawberry Moon.
A strawberry moon refers the full moon for the month of June (the actual day the episode was broadcast), giving an appearance of an even larger and brighter full moon.
- You're right! Strawberry moon.
- You really know this stuff!
Okay, send me a LINE message later with the location.
Hey, do you want to have dinner at my place tomorrow?
We can celebrate.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
I can't believe you're going out Hinata.
No, it's amazing that you're a hotel manager!
Come on, you two! Help with the dishes!
Okay, okay.
The hotel is in Malaysia, right?
- Yeah, that's right.
- That's amazing!
When it opens, come and visit, Uncle!
Oh yeah! Soon after Hayate left, Kyoka was always asking, "Where'd you put my phone?"
That's because you keep putting the towels on top of it.
That's not true. As you're searching for it, I would place the towels down after I folded them.
Is that so?
I feel so at home here.
But, Uncle, you started folding the laundry.
Little by little, since you're not around to do it.
As for me, I'm thinking of moving out soon.
Because, if I'm here
It's hard for you to invite me out if I'm here after Hinata moves in.
That won't happen.
In any case,
I'm also thinking of getting serious about online yoga.
It's not convenient for me to be here.
Lots of things would be in the screen wouldn't it?
And now that dad's getting a little more independent
You'll be fine.
Well, Kyoka, you can't stay at home forever.
You'd have to leave sooner or later
Uh, no
I've decided to never get married!
Even if I don't get married, it won't be a problem.
I can live on my own.
I'm fine either way.
But you don't have to decide now, right?
Everything about our lives
is about to change.
Why don't you stay the night?
He's busy right now.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you for having me.
Okay. Bye.
- Hayate! Here.
- Thank you.
That's unusual of you, becoming like me.
- I did it on purpose.
- What?
If you're moving out,
why don't we live together?
I mean, it'd be handy to have you around, but
That's not what I meant.
If you live by yourself forever.
I'd be very worried.
Good night.
There's going to be a change in plans.
Is that so? I'm glad.
Congratulations on your serious relationship.
Thank you.
I'm really happy for you.
I heard from Kyoka,
about the two of you.
That's unfortunate.
I'm sorry.
No, I should apologize.
After my wife passed away,
I've been trying to take care of Kyoka,
but my half-baked efforts in making her happy
I wanted a "normal happiness" for my daughter,
something I said unintentionally to you the other day.
I'm sorry.
Not at all.
I've been clinging to the vague notion of this "normal happiness".
It's been a weakness of mine
There is a reason for it.
A reason?
- Nijiro, Nijiro.
- Wait a minute.
Good morning.
I'm going to eat.
It looks like you've broken up.
But don't worry.
Her business is going well. Don't worry.
She's starting to live on her own.
How did you know?
Well, you shouldn't get in the middle of things anymore.
Isn't that being unkind?
- Come on, Nijiro, get ready.
- Yes.
Nijiro, it's time to go home.
- I'm back.
- Welcome home.
What are you looking at?
How nostalgic!
Mom and dad, you were so young!
Remember when I asked you before what marriage meant?
enough with that already.
I'm not interested in marriage.
Dad was the same way.
I wanted to know the meaning of marriage.
So I got married.
What do you mean?
Yoko was a junior at my university.
She was bright and popular.
So we weren't that close.
Of course not. Your character was totally different from hers.
Even then, I met her that day, 7 years after I graduated.
At the time, I was a struggling lecturer at the university.
I went to the hospital to visit my professor.
Sensei how are you feeling?
As you can see, not so good.
I'm sorry
Sawada-kun is honest and diligent.
I'm sure you'll make an excellent scholar in the future.
Thank you, sir.
at the rate you're going, I don't think you'll make it as a lexicographer.
Why is that?
Because you are not living, I suppose.
Words are not only found in books.
but also in the lives of people.
Sawada, how would you explain the word "living"?
How would you define it?
Breathing, surviving.
Sensei, how would you
To keep changing.
How about that?
Live life to the fullest!
I was speechless after that.
All I did was read books and not talk to people.
I never laughed with anyone, never fought with anyone.
I was just going through life day after day.
I saw her on my way home,
Are you all right?
I'm sorry, my stomach
Eh?. Ah!
- I'm Hirose.
- Ahh, Hirose-san.
Are you all right?
Excuse me, can you help me get to the bench?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
I'll get the nurse!
No, it's fine.
If I could just rest
Do you need some water?
No, thank you.
Is there anything I can do?
Will you marry me?
Oh! I'm sorry.
It's okay. You can go now.
I'll marry you.
Eh? Wait a minute
I don't know what you're talking about.
At the time,
if I hadn't met Yoko
I'd still be staring at books,
I wouldn't have been able to fight with you.
That was the moment I decided to live life to the fullest.
Then at the time,
who was the child in mother's womb?
It was you, Kyoka.
No way
Your mother was in a relationship with another man who broke up with her after he found out she pregnant.
She tried to have the baby on her own.
But she wasn't feeling well.
I thought that if something happened to her
the baby in the womb
I didn't know if I could trust anyone else with Kyoka.
Me and you
Yeah, we are not related by blood.
"Rintaro, that day"
"Thank you for accepting my proposal."
The meaning of marriage? You know
I don't know it yet.
I have your real father's contact information.
Father, indeed.
I was going to tell you once you graduated from college.
but the words wouldn't come out.
About Kyoka
I know, I know.
I'll talk to her when she gets married.
Do you think you can you talk to her about it without me?
What are you saying.
I made you some milk tea. Would you like to drink it?
Thank you.
So I promised her I'd tell you when you would get married.
- Smells good.
- That's good.
But you said you weren't getting married.
Disappointing, isn't it?
I'm surprised
You call this a "normal" marriage?
I was happy.
I found a treasure I wouldn't trade for anything.
If someone like me could be a father,
That's why Kyoka,
I want you to live your life to the fullest.
Thank you for marrying mom.
I think I finally understand the meaning of marriage.
Only after all this time?
Kyoka and I are not related by blood.
I'm going to tell Kyoka now.
I don't know how she'll take it.
Why are you telling me such an important thing?
After being a father to her all this time,
I want a "normal happiness" for her.
Kyoka is my daughter.
Please for her
Please believe in her.
Good evening. Good evening.
Please, put your mat wherever you like.
Sorry, my meeting took so long.
I won't be able to make the lesson.
I'll be there as soon as I finish.
Press firmly into the floor, with the back of your foot.
Keep your pelvis facing forward.
Pull the tailbone down and lift the arms out in front of you.
New Moon Pose.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you for your hard work.
Like the waxing and waning of the moon,
nothing is eternal.
everything has form, and is also formless.
And of course, yourself.
Laughing, crying,
and the turmoil in our hearts
Sometimes we can't control it.
If only you would not be moved by anything,
you would be at peace with yourself
Still, to change
is to be alive.
You're not always what you think you are.
And the unexpected happens every "normal" day.
Let's live life to the fullest.
Ma'am, I'll get that.
- It's fine, I've got it.
- Thank you.
Kyoka, good work.
Let's get married.
Let's go to Malaysia together.
Are you serious?
Although, my legs are shaking right now.
You're my miracle, Kyoka.
I met someone I really loved for the first time.
I've loved you since we were kids.
But I love you even more now.
I'll be your "wife", Kyoka.
You said getting married is about being a good wife.
But aren't you restricting yourself the most?
Just be yourself. Be sloppy and messy.
I want to be like Auntie Yoko.
If you don't have to change anything
keep doing yoga with a smile, that's all I want.
The other day, when I came back to your house,
It was sad to say "Sorry to bother you".
Guests usually say "Ojamashimasu" when entering someone's home, which means "Sorry to bother you".
I wanted to say, "I'm home."
And I wanted to hear "Welcome home."
from Kyoka.
Let's be a real family.
Family is harder to break than love.
I will always cherish it.
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