iZombie (2015) s04e10 Episode Script

Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher

1 [Liv] Previously on iZombie We're going to auction off ten zombie cures to the highest bidders on the dark web.
We're going to cure a zombie on-camera for all the world to see.
I'm human again! We've heard rumors that our own men are skimming brains and selling them on the black market.
There's one name I know.
Russ Roche.
I want you to buddy up to him.
- Who's that? - [Clive] Oh, a new uni.
Renegade's operation turns more humans into zombies than all other coyote outfits combined.
Liv has taken over Mama Leone's organization.
Isobel is immune.
Maybe she's the key to finding a vaccine.
I'm staying in Seattle.
I wanna go out knowing that my life had meaning.
[Ravi] Zombie Killer Cain.
Convicted murderer of nine.
Why was I the one in prison, Chase? You're the mass murderer.
[Joey] Look at him, Tommy.
Look at the way he buttons those buttons.
Such dexterity.
Such panache.
[Laughs] He looked at me.
He looked at me.
Oh, be careful, Joey.
He might've just gotten you pregnant.
He can do that, you know.
Hey, this man saved the Commander from certain death.
What're you known for? - Playing grab-ass, sir! - Binge drinking, sir! That man's got a portfolio you could only dream about.
He's training cadets.
He's capturing Zombie Killer Cain.
He's saving the Commander's life.
And in about 20 minutes, he'll be tucking Chase Graves into bed.
[Laughs] Does Chase like a kiss on the forehead? Does he have a favorite story, or Damn straight, he has a favorite story.
It's Goodnight Moon.
And he likes his kiss on the mouth, lots of tongue.
And I mean this You guys are all dicks.
Ooh, you were hoping for some hoopla? Find the new Renegade for me.
Then you'll get your Star Wars ending.
You and Chewie and Han collecting your medals.
Holy hell, Lillywhite, you can get away with murder around here.
Already have.
More than once.
[sighs] Times are good, my friend.
Our product is selling like hotcakes.
Our product? I don't even know who I'm working for.
You work for me.
You get paid, don't you? Barely.
In case you haven't noticed, I am tremendously popular around here.
I have the Commander's ear.
When am I gonna move up a tax bracket or two? - Well, aren't you the ambitious one? - Uh-huh.
[Isobel] Ravi like wrote the book on Her mom's not gonna like it.
She's not.
"Hey, Mom.
I'm the only person in the world who can't turn into a zombie.
" "I'm going to die in a strange city, surrounded by people you don't know, poking around my body, then poking around my corpse to see if they can make a vaccine.
" Isobel could be the key to creating a vaccine that could prevent every human on the planet from catching the zombie virus.
As difficult as this is for her, it's the responsible thing to do.
It's the adult thing to do.
Ravi? My mom wants to speak to you.
[whispers] Oh, God.
No, not me.
Liv, you do it.
I believe taking that phone call is the adult thing to do.
[sighs] Give it to me.
[clears throat] Hi, Mrs.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, I will absolutely look after her.
To the To the very best of my abilities.
Thank you.
Good night, ma'am.
[Ravi sighs] I can't help noticing that you have all six seasons of Zombie High on a shelf in there.
- Is it any good? - Is it any good? It's only the best Zom-Com-Rom-Dram on TV.
I went in thinking I wasn't going to like it.
- He's a snob.
- But there's always a great plot twist around the corner.
I find the characters so winning.
- So self-aware.
- Exactly.
They react to absurd situations almost exactly like we would.
- You up for binging it? - Sign me up.
Peyton's been basically living at the mayor's office since the Baracus murder.
I'm so in.
Hot guys taking off their shirts for seemingly no reason at all.
How could that be bad? - I'm sorry, I love Shane LeBeau.
- [groans] The way he gobbles scenery.
I know he's supposed to be the Big Bad, but I end up rooting for him, even though he's doing truly vile things.
[laughs hysterically] A cure? For zombie-ism? I can't even imagine such a thing.
Spare me.
We know you've seen the Baracus video.
Which video? The one where he's shot dead.
Through the heart.
Which is how humans die.
Not how a zombies die.
I'm surprised I missed that one.
The mayor's dead, you say? You really buried the lead.
How is there a meeting in my office that didn't make it onto my calendar app? Yeah, speaking of calendars, the mayor's indicated that he'd be at The Scratching Post the night he was murdered.
Plus, after eating the mayor's brain, I've had so many disgusting visions of the back of this place, I'm considering a lobotomy.
Eye of the beholder, lady.
What was the mayor doing here the night he was murdered? - Eating.
- Being merry.
[Baracus] I'm human again! I'm human again! [gasps] She's back.
Either of you into weird sex party masks? I'm surprised I don't have mine on.
Which one of you owns a 9mm with a suppressor? Not I, said the fly.
Not me, said the flea.
You boys are heading for a fall.
I hope I'm the one who gets to do the pushing.
[theme music playing] [all cheering] Starting a family at 21 wasn't exactly how I drew it up, but Leah said she was pregnant, and suddenly "how I drew it up" didn't matter anymore.
You gonna make an honest woman of her? A week from today.
Just a courthouse thing, but we're heading to Mickey's Hi-Hat afterwards.
I mean, anyone who isn't offended by a cash bar reception is welcome.
We're so happy for you, Curtis.
And I think we may have a secret slush fund for broke-ass coyotes' wedding receptions.
- [all cheering] - Yes, we do.
You have any names picked out yet? Uh, nothing weird, okay? No "Walnut.
" Or "Cricket.
" Or "Cue Ball"" How 'bout something cool, like, "Levon"? "Levon"? You know, after the kid's father.
Oh, gross.
I mean, what're you? Like, 50? - Ouch.
- [Curtis chuckles] Speaking of adding to the family, are we looking to grow? Always, why do you ask? - I know a guy.
- A guy you trust? If I didn't trust him, I wouldn't tell you about him.
Bring him in.
All right.
Meet our next clients.
[indistinct voices on TV] [squelching] [man groaning on TV] [man coughing on TV] [man 1 on TV] Don't you die! - [man 2 on TV] I'm scared.
- [man 1] Don't you die on me! [girl on TV] The zombie didn't scratch me.
[man on TV] Put the gun away.
- [gunshot on TV] - Oh! I'm right on top of this guy, Lieutenant.
He's sweating.
I can feel it.
Give me a few more days.
Yeah, well, take my badge then, you desk-hugging, kiss-ass.
Yeah? Well, those are the rules I play by.
Father, you in? Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been one week since my last confession.
And I gotta be straight with you, I haven't demonstrated much personal growth since last we spoke.
You know the weird sex stuff we talked about? Yeah, I'm having a tough time giving that up.
Not sure that it's in me.
And I, uh Oh, this one's not great.
[sighs] I super glued this guy's, uh, buttocks to a toilet seat.
To be fair, the guy's a turd.
A real turd, Father.
Lots of Lord's name in vains, and you know me and impure thoughts.
And I might as well confess to this, get it out of the way, I'm working on this score.
I could retire on this, Father.
What do they say in Hamilton? I'm not throwin' away my [gunshot] [Ravi whistles] Gut shot.
Three times.
Detective Benedetto didn't just die, he died hard.
My expert medical opinion is that he died hard, too.
And such beautiful weather today, would you say Yes.
It was a good day to die hard.
You two done? Benedetto was tracking a dangerous felon named Albert Ghansu.
Ghansu used to be partners with our old friend, Anthony Jin.
- Blue Cobra A.
? - The very one.
The one you beat the hell out of.
When you were on Kung Fu brain.
The Boot Party murder.
And then we let the guy out because he provided information about James Weckler's murder.
Turns out AJ and another Cobra member, Bi Li Xiong, AKA "Fleabag", helped Ghansu with a heist that netted a quarter-mil in jewels.
Fleabag? Do you think there was an isolated incident where the man had fleas, or does he always have them and everyone's just accepted it? I assumed that he had a taste for cheap motels.
Benedetto put Ghansu away for the heist three years ago.
Ghansu reportedly stashed the loot before getting locked up.
Last week, Ghansu escaped from county.
Now all three of these guys are on the street, and I'm willing to bet one of these guys killed Benedetto.
Guess it's time I fix myself a little snack.
You gotta ask yourself one question.
Do I feel hungry? Well, do ya, punk? I'll come back down and check in with you in 48 hours.
Oh, come on.
That's too soon.
How about another 48 hours? There it is.
[sighs] Umm.
I didn't feel like cooking.
Unforeseen tidings in regards to the Baracus assassination.
My search for the auspices of the Bitcoin auction for those zombie cures is at an impasse.
You seemed pretty confident you were gonna be able to figure out who was behind it.
Borderline braggy.
Whoever set up this auction is the Cezanne of the Digital Age.
He is a virtuoso.
A genius with no peers.
[vocalizing] Are you dumb for doing this? Or am I dumb for watching? I stretched out my shirt.
With the money we're raking in, shirts mean nothing to me now.
We could buy Shirt Island! We could pay scientists to genetically engineer a shirt-tree for us.
- Thanks, Chef.
- [chef] You're welcome, sir.
God's mercy provided and the people were fed.
Look at this place.
[Angus] On the lips of every zombie in Seattle, you've become quite the successful businessman.
If your mother were alive today - Maybe we shouldn't.
- she would have loved this.
The two of us sharing meals.
When will you finally accept my invitation to join us at the church? Soon.
I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news.
News beyond the wall doesn't hold much interest for me anymore.
It should.
Do you want your flock to survive? I want zombies to survive.
I want our faith to survive.
I would love to be there to see all of my prophecies come true, but I fear that's not my fate.
I am merely the Baptist John.
Is that so? And where should we be looking for Zombie Jesus? [laughs] You shouldn't laugh, son.
I hear your voice, and I hear echoes of the voice of God.
Which window? Second story.
You really think Fleabag killed Benedetto? Not really.
Fleabag is a safe cracker, a burglar.
No violence of any kind on his record.
But I figure he knows where Ghansu is.
Why're you chewing that nicotine gum? - I'm trying to quit.
- You don't smoke.
Then why am I dying for a ciggie? I don't know what to do with my hands.
You and Michelle knockin' boots, yet? [coughs] I'm not doing this dance with you, Liv.
Hand stuff? Look, we kissed.
The night of the lock-down.
- I knew it! - It's complicated.
Look, I love Dale, but I've also been thinking about how every future I've imagined for myself had kids in it.
I wanna be a dad, Liv.
With a human like Michelle, that can happen.
They're not letting zombies adopt, so, you know, with Dale, that means no kids ever.
Uh, kids suck.
You don't want them in this line of work.
Oh, I love this song.
[man on radio] Radio 80, all '80s, all the time.
[Liv] Hold down the fort.
I wanna grill up a salmon tonight.
I'm gonna check out their selection.
Don't bring a fish back in this car, Liv! - [music continues on radio] - [cell phone chimes] Ha! [laughs] [laughs] Hey! Dang! Liv! Stop! [Liv] Where's Ghansu? [Fleabag] I don't know what you're talking about! [Liv] Don't lie to me, ya little sewer rat! [Fleabag] Okay! Okay! He's with Rosalie! Rosalie! I just got off the phone with the Chief of Police.
Did he love it? No! "Benedetto brain" or not, what's on that tape is unacceptable.
Dale, it won't happen again.
No, it won't.
Liv's suspended.
Que? You're not to leave this building or participate in field work of any kind - for the foreseeable future.
- What? I'm going to need your suspension paperwork completed by the end of the day.
I've also included the SPD rules of conduct, as the Chief thought you might need a refresher.
You're gonna find that this city needs me more than I need it.
Cavanaugh exclaims in delight] I'm sorry.
Stubbed my toe.
- I'll get those.
- Uh-huh.
[Zombie High actress on TV] No, Parker! Don't do it! Yeah, Parker.
It's a dumb idea.
[Parker on TV] Somebody has to.
It might as well be me.
[Isobel and Ravi] No! [Isobel and Ravi sigh] Good one.
Okay, Liv.
Kill, eat, marry.
Parker, Ben, Henry.
Ooh, good one.
Marry Ben.
Eat Henry for the pilot's license incredibly useful after a zombie apocalypse.
- Of course.
- Naturally.
I'd eat James.
I think you'd have all those memories of sex with Jenna.
- I hadn't considered that.
- [chuckles softly] And kill Parker, I guess.
No! Parker's way too hot to kill.
They're all too hot.
It's like the Kobayashi Maru.
- In Star Trek, when - [groans] Marry Parker.
Eat Ben for the ability to fix small electronic devices alone.
Kill Henry.
But mostly, marry Parker.
[groans] You know what, I met Parker when I was working on that Zombie High case.
Tell me everything.
He burned with the intensity of a thousand suns.
That is so Parker.
Come on, let's go to bed.
You don't have to fake yawn.
You can just choose to go back to the bedroom.
No judgment.
Well, then - To bed! - Okay.
- Another one? - Sure.
Tonal shift.
What's wrong? - I'm gonna die.
- I've heard.
I just thought there might be more to it.
Yeah, well, I'm just thinking of all the stuff I'm gonna miss out on.
You know, going to college.
Winning a Nobel Prize.
Falling in love.
Having sex.
Let me stop you right there.
Sex? Totally overrated.
Is that why you wait up until 2:00 a.
for Peyton to come home? Because sex is "totally overrated"? I wait up for the companionship.
Sex itself? It's a bit of a chore, if you must know.
[Liv laughing indistinctly] [Ravi clears throat] A chore.
Got it.
Oh, no.
It's the crap episode of Zombie High where it's clear, the show ran out of money, so everything cool happens off-screen and the characters just talk about it afterwards.
You should've seen it, Liv! I show up at Rosalie's, and guess who opens the door a crack when I knock? Anthony Jin! And he books it! I kick down the door and chase him up the fire escape to the roof.
's running toward the edge of the roof, and I see someone has laid down these planks over the alley, kind of a makeshift bridge to the next building.
Know what I do? - You shoot the planks.
- Damn straight I do.
I shoot the first one, bang! But A.
decides he's gonna try his luck with the remaining plank, and he takes his first step.
Guess what I say? "One more step, and it'll be planks for the memories?" Really? You think I'd say something like that.
I would.
I said, "Stop!" "I don't want to kill you, and you don't wanna die!" That's not bad, huh? "Derivative," but whatever.
You got our old friend A.
in there? Let's do this.
The lieutenant said you couldn't leave the building.
Interrogations might be a gray area, so be cool in there.
- Cool is my middle - Stop.
- You, again.
- Shut up, scumbag.
What's with the gum? It's a signal.
I'm bad cop.
Let me handle this.
Not sure if you heard that Detective Benedetto is dead.
- Then there is a god.
- [Clive] Liv.
You're old running buddy Albert Ghansu busted out of the county jail.
He has your jewels, doesn't he? What jewels are you referring to? So explain why you were at his girlfriend's place? I heard there was a reward for information leading to his arrest.
I wanted to get in on that.
I've changed, officers.
What does my P.
say? - He says you've been a model ex-con.
- That's right.
The dirtiest person involved in all of this was Benedetto.
He didn't want to arrest anybody.
He wanted the loot.
The loot you don't know about.
Checkmate, butt-wad.
You see, when a parole officer starts talking about a skell changing his ways, all that says to me is that he's on to an even bigger score.
I didn't kill Benedetto! - [grunts] - Why'd you run then? Hard habit to break.
We're not finished.
Sit down.
Super glue? Are you crazy, man? [gasps] Tell us about Benedetto making you sit on a toilet seat covered in super glue.
What? He figured I heard from Ghansu.
But I hadn't.
You want my alibi for Benedetto's murder, check with County Hospital.
They'll have a record of me there.
Trying to get a toilet seat off my ass.
[laughs] If that's true, I'll bet they remember it.
Stay put.
So, how about you stop playin' footsie and tell me where I can find Ghansu.
What are you doing? Well, look here.
Seems like I'm not a cop anymore.
Now we're just two guys having a conversation.
Start talkin' or things could get ugly.
You're a zombie.
I get it.
You were a zombie when we tussled.
That's how you knew Kung Fu.
And that's the only reason you beat me.
I might not know Kung Fu anymore, but I know Brooklyn.
Tick tock, A.
Tick tock.
Oh, no.
Thank you.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Clive, let me mess him up.
We'll say he fell down the stairs.
- His alibi checks out.
- [groans] He was at the hospital when Benedetto was murdered.
And where the hell did you get a gun? My dad died in jail last year.
- Who gives a flying - Liv.
That ain't gonna be me.
It doesn't need to be, A.
I wanna be good.
Hey, Clive.
You're not buying all this, are you? Ghansu'll be at Emerald Downs racetrack this Friday.
He can't stay away from the ponies.
Ravi Shakes.
How's it hangin'? [Ravi on phone] Not so well, actually.
Isobel just sent me a photo of herself and Davis Crawford who you might know better as Zombie High's zombie-slayin' heart breaker, Parker Cole.
That worked out? Good.
What do you mean, "that worked out?" You heard how much she liked him, right? I made a few phone calls.
Tell them a dying girl wants to hang with her TV crush and bada Bing, bada bang.
He's taking her out tonight.
Isobel told me she was sad that she was never going to have sex.
Wouldn't you be? Oh, you don't think she might Isobel's mother told me she trusted me to look out for her.
Do me a favor and text me as soon as they get home.
No can do.
I'm staying at Levon's tonight.
Hello? [Angus] I carry no ill will toward humans.
My heart aches for them.
How sad to wake up each morning afraid to die when death is a glorious gift.
[congregation] Glorious gift.
[Angus] Zombies are the liberated ones.
In our great hall, gluttony is no sin.
We shall eat eagerly, and we shall eat as much as we damn well please! - Amen.
- [congregation] Amen! Today is a special day for me, my friends.
Today we're joined by my son.
Hey, that's you.
You're a star.
Blaine, stand up.
Be recognized.
My son has grown up to be a huge success, despite my being an absentee-father-at-best.
More aptly, an ogre.
But I want to make that up to him.
Elder Jones? Better be a pro sports franchise if he wants to make up for all those lost years.
No such luck.
[Angus] Please give Frau Bader a warm welcome.
Isn't that the old hag that made you clean floor with your tongue? Frau Bader has served loyally in my household for the past three decades.
She was always a God-fearing woman who feared for my immortal soul.
Get a load of me now.
Can you believe it? I'm so happy for you.
But Frau Bader was a sinner.
She abused my only son.
I trusted you.
I paid you generously.
I turned a blind eye, even though I knew you were hurting my son.
My son who feeds our fellow zombies out of kindness and decency.
The boy needed to be disciplined.
- He was a child! - He was a monster! And what is so wrong with monsters? [whimpers] [speaking in tongues] [Bader speaking German] [in English] Our hearts ache for the living.
But alas, so do our bellies.
God loves you.
He means it.
Chow! [Bader screams] Probably not even his cat.
Probably not even his mom.
[clears throat] All right, then.
Why don't we wrap this up here? You're 12 minutes past New Seattle curfew.
Seriously, dude You standing there.
It's weird.
I should go inside now.
You shan't be seeing her again.
You mean Because I'm dying? No.
What? I That's not what I Good night.
And he'll get over it.
So, call me.
I'm not dead, yet.
You are the coolest person You had me worried sick! I've been scrolling through that boy's Instagram and I don't like what I've seen.
He's an actor, Isobel.
He's pathological need for validation, for recognition, for fame It makes genuine human interaction nearly impossible.
- Thank you for caring, Ravi.
- Of course.
- So how was it? - Perfection.
- Well, that's nice to - And I checked off a lot of stuff from my bucket list.
- Like what? - You know.
You're joking.
Of course, I am.
[sighs] - Or am I? - Are you? - I am.
- Good.
Or am I? [knocking at door] There is always some sort of foul odor in these human neighborhoods, don't you think? Not really.
[clears throat] You know who I am? [exhales] I was patient, don't you think? I didn't make human smuggling a capital crime until months of warnings did nothing to stem the tide.
Then I set up a guillotine in the middle of the city and I warned human smugglers that this was their fate if they broke the law.
Did that stop them? Did they take me seriously? Nope.
And then I followed through and I executed Renegade One.
That slowed human importation.
For a while.
But here we are, back at an all time high.
Now I know you're not Renegade.
You're human.
You're not scratching anyone.
Just scratch me.
You'll need to help us out a bit first.
You have a choice, here, you know.
You can tell me who this new Renegade is, or I will shoot you through your heart, then my friend and I will eat your brain and wait for a vision to show us what we want to know.
Why don't you just tell us who you're working for? All I wanted was to be a zombie.
Brother Love promised that if I brought ten humans into Seattle, he would scratch me.
I need to be saved.
Why would Brother Love want to bring humans into Seattle? Because when zombies begin to starve, they'll see a light.
They'll see that humans are food put on this earth for zombies to consume.
I need to pee.
Brother Love? That's a new one.
- What've you heard? - Well They say his followers are fanatics.
I don't know anything about what he preaches.
Oh, this is the church Lillywhite told me about.
Why don't you check it out? See what you think.
I think he's lying, anyway.
He gave us this name too easily.
Save your appetite, I suspect we'll be having coyote brain for dinner.
There doesn't seem to be any pattern here.
Isobel's body rejected all the expected pathogens.
These could be the results for any kid.
I was hoping I'd find irregularities, but no.
A month wasted.
You had to start here.
Who knows how much time we'll have.
She's donating her body.
So we'll have time after How old is that actor, Davis? Two years older than Isobel.
He's 18.
That's what it says in his press clippings, but actors lie, about everything.
Especially age.
I told you I saw them kissing.
Bodies pressed together.
The whole shebang.
You're here.
Is something wrong? Fillmore-Graves captured Curtis.
You know where he's being held? No idea.
- [sighs] - [clears throat] Just before I came in, I heard Major on the phone, talking about emergency guard duty tonight.
Is your hide-a-key still in the same place? Liv.
Are you sure we should You don't think we should do everything we can to save Curtis? Same place.
Come on.
I'm parked by the loading dock.
Be careful.
Can you please make sure the word gets out? The entry point must be compromised.
Will do.
Hey there, Little Fox.
It's Jolly Green.
Donnie Darko is off the board.
No more low road to China.
- Ravi! - Gotta go.
You'll never guess what happened.
Oh, what happened to you? - Liv around? - Just left.
She would've loved to hear this.
You were telling me about why you're wet.
I caught up with Ghansu in his hotel suite.
I wait until he orders up a burger.
Then I cruise in, riding a room service trolley.
He pulls a gun, and we both go shooting over his balcony ass over tea kettle into a pool three stories down.
[sighs] Who's Ghansu? Hmm.
Oh, Clive.
I'm kidding.
Did his gun match the one from the Benedetto murder? Yes.
That's an amazing story, Clive.
[Clive] Don't patronize me.
[organ playing] [indistinct chatter] Humans, humans everywhere, and not a brain to eat? Does that seem fair to you? [congregation] No! Do they understand the sacrifice we make every single day? They spurn us.
They expel their zombie children and their zombie elderly out of their homes because we disgust them, and, yet Do they thank us for that sacrifice we make? Each time one of them passes on the sidewalk, and we don't bash their skulls in and rip that which sates our primal hunger? - [congregation] No! - No.
The well is hell.
[congregation] Hell is the well! [organ playing] Amazing grace How sweet the sound [Liv] Four zombies in there.
And Curtis.
They got him in that room there.
Maybe If I go full-on zombie, I can bend those bars.
If it's a Fillmore-Graves' safe house, don't you think they already thought of that? Besides, they're gonna hear you break the window.
Not if you do what I ask.
- [car alarm wailing] - [honks] - Hit me.
- Sorry? While they're distracted.
Hurry! For the record, I don't like this.
My nonna hits harder than that.
- [groans] - Whoa.
Are you as turned on right now as I am? [groans, panting] [horn honking] It's not working, Liv.
[panting] Come on, Liv.
You know what we need to do.
You can't let them eat my brain.
You're getting married and having a baby.
I knew the risks.
She knew the risks.
I told them Brother Love was Renegade.
Maybe bought us a little time.
You're a smart kid.
Go! [Major] Commander.
[sighs] Yes.
I'm afraid I have bad news.
What is it? Our prisoner was turned into a zombie last night.
How is that possible? Someone knew where he was.
They broke a window to his room and scratched him.
And the sound of a breaking window failed to alert any of you? We assume whoever did it, set off one of our car alarms.
My car alarm.
And used the cover of the alarm to get the job done.
Everyone take out their cell phones right now and unlock them I want to know if any of you might've sent a signal.
Unlock that.
[knocks at door] Who loves ya, baby? - Where's the boss? - This way.
Sorry, I'm late.
Crazy couple of days.
Tell me about it.
[Major] You put a tracker on my pocket? You could have gotten me killed! Did you even consider that? You're too close to Fillmore-Graves, Major.
You're a true believer.
You wouldn't understand.
How the hell are you even involved with a coyote? A coyote who works for the biggest human smuggler in the city, no less.
Look, I know that you smuggled a kid out of the city, - but I had - Hey, buddy.
I think you need to leave.
- Levon - Who are you? He's one of the good guys.
That's who he is.
I've got this.
Okay? I remember you.
From the morgue.
And you were at the execution.
You two huddled up.
And I watched you, and I thought, "What are they doing?" And you know the word that popped into my head? Conspiring.
That's what they're doing.
Isn't that weird? You're her, aren't you? You're Renegade.
[exhales] Of course, you are.
Seattle needed a hero, and guess who volunteered.
The girl who can't find meaning in her life any other way.
This is gonna get you killed, Liv.
But, hey, you were willing to get me killed, too.
And for who? For that guy, Curtis? Huh? Who is he to you? Was he worth risking my life? It's time for you to go, buddy.
[Isobel screams] [grunts] Get out! Just go! Go! [door slams shut]