iZombie (2015) s04e13 Episode Script

And He Shall Be A Good Man

Previously on iZombie - Will you marry me? - Yes.
You figured out a way to turn the whole country zombie by sending your dad's followers beyond the wall? Once that happens, all the properties we're going to buy dirt cheap skyrocket in value.
Chase Graves is gonna execute one of Liv's coyotes if she doesn't surrender.
Renegade's here.
Chase let me go.
But if it's not you, then Levon.
I'm Renegade.
Hey, hey.
Now you two can be executed together.
It appears the antigen produced by Isobel's brain isn't a vaccine.
It's a cure.
Good morning, I'm Johnny Frost and you're watching Frost Bites.
According to Pentagon sources, anti-zombie hardliners in our nation's capital have won the day.
All shipment of brains into Seattle have been halted.
A delegation of Seattle luminaries sent to lobby on behalf of the city's undead population received a chilly response from a Congress dominated by a hardline anti-zombie faction.
Though the hearing was closed This is Peyton Charles, leave me a message.
Hey, sweetie, just heard the news.
I imagine you're asleep, exhausted from arguing with morons.
You better not be on a plane back here.
You stay there where it's safe.
There's gonna be a day of reckoning in Seattle once we've run out of brains.
Listen you should know, I love Oh, hello.
Yeah, back at you.
Oh, uh, sorry, come in.
You look like you've already heard the news.
Uh, yeah, it was Johnny Frost, Frost Bite, no more brains to Seattle, they're just gonna No, different news, mine is worse.
Renegade turned herself into Fillmore-Graves.
They've got Levon, too.
They're gonna smash their heads at Fort Winning Park.
- When? - Tomorrow.
I've got to get moving.
What are you gonna go do? Beg Chase Graves to spare Liv's life.
All right.
Good luck with that.
Come in.
Uh, you decent? I'm dressed.
That'll have to do.
It's not much.
So, you know, uh, the government has decided to stop all shipments of brains into Seattle.
I got your message.
Sounds like I'm in big trouble, huh? I mean, I almost didn't stop by, I was so afraid of what you'd do to me, I was like can I even come? It didn't occur to you I might want that news about Liv before we made our way up to the bedroom? Well, I've missed you a lot and, you know, I thought I might never see you again and let's face it, it only set us back - ten minutes? - Not even.
Hey, Ravi? I'm heading home to check on my brothers.
- Yeah, okay.
- You're an animal.
- I would not have guessed.
- Goodbye, Jordan.
Okay, well, who's that? Uh, that's a member of Major's squad.
We need to get a hold of Clive.
Clive? What? Do you want to face Clive if this is the last chance we ever have to see Liv? It was just Ravi.
Maybe it's a sign.
Maybe we should wait.
Ravi's phone call is a sign? Yeah.
Didn't we talk about this all night? Ravi, again.
Waiting until marriage doesn't sound even a little bit sexy? Hello? It's God.
- Hmm.
- He says we should wait.
It's Ravi, isn't it? Uh, let me see that? Ravi, take a hint, this I'll meet you there, bye.
Fillmore-Graves has Liv.
They plan to execute her.
She's awake.
Justin? Next meal's in two hours.
Well, then.
- Major? - Yeah, it's me.
Wait, how you doing? Ravi said you went back home today.
Well, I'd say I'm at about 70%.
Where are you? You remember that terrible horse-themed hotel where we busted the Dead Enders? It wasn't so bad.
Listen, I need you to do something for me.
- Where have you been? - That's it? - No "welcome home"? - Got any tubes on you? Got any more? Levon.
I love you.
- I love you so much.
- I love you.
- What did they do to you? - I'm fine, wait a second.
Wait, wait, wait! Hang tough, Liv.
Don't let them break you! Come in, Ms.
Last month, you sucker-punched me in your precinct house, while all your human buddies looked on, braying like donkeys.
I told you someday you would regret it.
That day has arrived.
Tell me the names of every conspirator of the Underground Railroad.
Mangez Mon short.
This is going to hurt.
Give me those names.
How's the stick working? The stick will work.
Think we'll give the carrot a shot.
Have her slap on some makeup and bring her to my office.
Imagine my surprise when I found out Renegade was Ms.
I suppose all the signs were there.
Here's the deal.
You get one minute to say your goodbyes.
That's 20 seconds each.
- What? - Chase, be reasonable.
Or Ms.
Moore can earn an extra minute for each name of one of her Underground Railroad employees.
Starting now.
Clive, Levon's documentary.
It's all on a hard drive in a cookie bowl in my apartment.
Release it and see if we can get the crowd behind us.
Try to remember me on this brain, Clive.
This is the one that loves you.
You got it, partner.
I'm not gonna get to eat Isobel's brain.
She'd want you to have it.
We're getting you out of this, Liv.
- But if you don't - We're gonna get you out of this.
- Your face.
- Fifteen seconds.
If they go through with this, they're gonna pay, Liv.
I will make it my mission.
Then they should be very afraid.
We always said we were gonna make big names for ourselves.
I guess we should've been more specific.
Time's up.
Unless you wanna put another quarter in the slot.
I suggest you camp out for seats.
I hear the ones up front are going fast.
Good seats are going fast.
It's safe to say they'll place snipers there.
- There.
- Fillmore-Graves.
Papers, please.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
It's me.
- Major.
- We have a plan yet? Working on it.
Peyton, what'd you find? Okay, I've got some good news.
She's got good news, what is it? So, there's a manhole cover 50 yards from the guillotine, if we can get Levon and Liv that distance, - they can disappear.
- We're in business.
You should ask him.
They're nearly ready to release Levon's documentary.
Liv said to release it.
They wanna know if you want your face blurred.
If it doesn't work, they'll come after you.
Well I love you.
I know.
Oh, no, you didn't.
I'm kidding, I love you, too.
I love you mucho I I love you mucho Grande.
I love you like gangbusters.
To infinity and beyond I was doing Han Solo, I thought it would be charming.
It was a little charming.
I mean, I like the groveling afterwards better.
I can grovel some more.
Okay, I'll call you back in 20 minutes with the electrical grid information.
- Bye, dork.
- Bye.
I love you.
Snipers there, there, there.
They wanna get underground.
Booby trap the manhole covers here and here.
You should take a look at this.
What is it? It appears to be a full-length documentary film about the exploits of our prisoner Renegade.
Liv Moore understood the stakes when she took over Seattle's largest human smuggling organization.
She was there when her predecessor was executed.
She resuscitated the organization when others believed Fillmore-Graves' attempt at intimidation had succeeded.
Is that Paul Rudd narrating? - Yeah, sounds like it.
- Paul Rudd, he's a good get.
I assume we've already begun identifying everyone in this video? - Of course, sir.
- Round them up.
There's an anvil in their future.
Hey! Let go of me! Get off me, dude! Let her go.
I want back in.
I expect you back, you never left.
Yeah, well, I want double tubes this time.
My family's starving.
You get the same tubes as everyone else.
I know where you can find Lillywhite.
I believe we can find some extra tubes for such valuable information.
Clear! The soup is still warm.
The mirror's fogged up.
We just missed him.
Where the hell is he? This guy was one of the Fillmore-Graves guards when Chase Graves was threatening to eat me.
Let's just waste him now.
- They've killed enough of ours.
- Hey, now.
This is the guy Renegade had me bring back.
The floor is yours.
The woman you call Renegade used to be my fiancee.
She's someone I care about deeply.
Look, I know how Fillmore-Graves is going to defend the park.
We don't want to get into a gunfight.
We need to surprise them and use the crowd to our advantage.
At the last execution, at least half the people there were fans of executions.
Well, that won't be the case this time.
You wanna know how many people have watched that documentary? Almost 200,000.
That crowd will be very pro-Renegade.
How many views was that? A quarter million.
We've turned her into a folk hero.
Beloved by the simple people of the village.
We can't execute her tomorrow.
Not in the park, probably not publicly at all.
It has to be public! Commander.
What is the one thing that can't happen? We've talked about this.
A riot.
And why is that? 'Cause we're badly outnumbered.
Why else? - You've made your point, Hobbs.
- Because we do not know how our men will react.
Will they fire indiscriminately into a crowd? That's what it's going to take.
Fine, I'll take care of this right now.
Commander, if I may.
We simply move the execution from noon to 9:00 a.
We can do it at our warehouse by the wharf.
We'll film everything and release it once the city has calmed a bit.
Then it's decided.
Then it is decided.
I am so proud of you, Blaine.
Proud of the man you've become, a businessman and innovator.
And soon a founding father of a zombie republic.
Most of what's good about you comes from your mother.
But, by God, the ability to lead that you got from me.
I have a surprise for you.
- You do? - Donald, bring up my guest.
Son, this is Enzo Lambert, inspector for Fillmore-Graves.
At your service.
I know who he is, why is he here? Because the inspector is on our side.
He's been secretly working on our behalf.
He brought us a peace offering.
Blaine, you wanna see? Sure.
It's Crybaby Carl, out on good behavior.
What's up, boss? A zombie shouldn't serve time for killing a human any more than a human should serve time for ordering a steak.
Monsieur Lambert has been working on my behalf for weeks, Blaine.
He has some thoughts for how best to get our people out of Seattle.
And how's that? There is no safe way.
But there is a thoroughfare that is safer than most.
It is guarded by a unit led by an ineffective lieutenant.
He is so loathed and disrespected by his men that they have completely lost their discipline.
That sounds promising.
Tomorrow morning, the bulk of the Fillmore-Graves fighting force will be attending the execution of the new Renegade.
You should take your people at that point.
You will meet only token resistance at our gates.
What do you say, Pops? Seems the stars have aligned.
- In five, four, three - Two, one.
Drop what you're doing.
Your life as you know it is over.
Come on, pick up, pick up.
Major, change of plans, big change of plans.
I just got word.
You're not gonna believe it.
Curtis is down at the park, he says there's already close to a thousand pro-Renegade supporters.
- We may have a shot.
- Yeah.
What do you suppose is going on there? Let me get everyone's attention.
I just got word from my source that Fillmore-Graves is moving the execution to a warehouse they own on Colorado and Hines.
- What? - It gets worse.
They switched times on us.
They've moved it up three hours.
No, no, this will not happen.
This cannot happen, no.
Absolutely not.
Where are they heading? Now, we're going to make this using whole brains that we've chunked.
Ah, oh! Mmm, I'm getting hints of memories of backyard barbecues and cocoa by the fire.
Something I don't recognize.
I believe that's domesticity.
Hey, you're not allowed to be in here.
I believe we're getting a visit from the acting mayor.
What? Where am I? Where am I looking? The one with the red light, honey.
- Okay.
- This is happening, - we're just letting it? - Zoom in on One.
You got this.
In 58 minutes, Fillmore-Graves will execute two members of the Underground Railroad, including the one known as Renegade.
I know many of you have seen the documentary about the work she does.
If you're serious about living in a city where zombies and humans co-exist peacefully, then head down to Fillmore-Graves' warehouse at At, um Uh, Colorado and Hines.
At Colorado and Hines.
Right now.
Thank you.
My license was taken away, it's a long story, can I ride with you two? Uh, once the chunks have browned It's happening.
Don E.
Posted your video 15 minutes ago.
Your followers? They're headed to gate six.
They're shooting at us.
I can't see what's happening.
That's why we're here.
From this rooftop, we can see the gates and even the road beyond it.
We'll be able to track their progress.
- From the roof? - Yeah.
We're leaders, son, we need to be with our people.
Generals of armies don't command from the front line.
Sorry, buddy, you can't park here.
SWAT's taken over this alley.
Unless you want me stabbing your horse with a ballpoint pen, you need to lay off my car.
Okay, you and you haircut.
Dad, do not risk your life.
Come up to the rooftop.
When zombies inhabit this entire country, they'll need you.
I plan on surviving.
God didn't give me a sign only to let me die.
- Dad.
- This is my flock.
And when I'm gone, they will be your flock.
Who would we be if we didn't join them now in this hour of greatest peril? Alive! We'd be alive, Dad.
We'd be cowards.
Say you aren't going to disappoint me, son.
Those brains falling from the sky? It wasn't a sign, Dad.
That was just Don E.
and Tanner shoving frozen brains into a wood chipper.
I made that happen.
Not God.
I'm glad your mother isn't alive to see what kind of man you've become.
Don't say that.
Dad, wait.
Wear this.
You wear it, coward.
You're already dead to me! To the wall! We are positioned about a mile outside the wall in an alley just off 8th Avenue.
Those explosions you hear are landmines being tripped by zombies who have ventured off the main thoroughfare.
The zombies main path out of Seattle will bring them here where they will meet heavy machine gun fire.
The tank just rolled in this morning.
Frame up on those two.
The army first received word about the possibility of a zombie exodus from that man in the blue cape.
I haven't been able to get a name but I'm told that he's security chief for Fillmore-Graves.
Fillmore-Graves, it appears, is hoping to resuscitate a sometimes fraught relationship with Washington even at the cost of many of their fellow zombies.
Was Those are Okay, those were the smoke grenades.
We were told that our soldiers would deploy smoke when the zombies were close in an attempt to disorient them.
By now, the zombies will be able to smell human brains.
Our human brains.
- Ready to take a look? - Uh, not really.
Heavy fire! Liv Moore understood the stakes What are you watching? A documentary.
The one about her? Renegade.
It's kind of a tearjerker.
Let me see.
You really haven't seen it? Then you're the last person in Seattle.
Mommy! Sounds like we have company.
Word got out.
We've got a drone up in the air.
A couple hundred or so? And growing by the minute.
At least it's not the thousands gathering at the park.
If the door fails, then the soldiers with machine guns should do the trick.
Men and women of Fillmore-Graves.
If anyone out there not wearing a uniform makes it inside this building, it is your duty to shoot to kill.
This is a lawful execution.
Levon Patch is guilty of murder.
He murdered one of our own.
Jeffrey Copperfield.
Jeffrey Copperfield? Olivia Moore is guilty of human smuggling.
Because of her crimes, zombies starve.
Open the door.
Break it down.
Keep pulling.
Major! Clive, you need to Any brief final words? Fillmore-Graves, you have the power to make humans not fear zombies Clean this up.
Open it.
Let's open it.
Keep pulling.
No! Take him down.
Don't shoot! Where is the commander? Gate six has been overrun.
What do you want to do about gate six? I want someone else to figure it out.
Too bad, it's yours now, like it or not.
Shut every other gate down completely.
Send all available personnel to gate six.
Find us a Humvee and let's get down there.
Yes, sir.
Yergus, find me a Humvee.
Sullivan, get word to all other gates to shut down completely.
Mans and Carter, get your squads armed up and let's go! Over a thousand zombies died today.
They were led outside the wall by this man.
Angus McDonough had been a spiritual leader to the undead in Seattle.
He believed zombies would inherit the Earth and who knows? He may still be right.
But US Army personnel made sure that Angus himself wouldn't be the one to lead them there.
After the battle ended, it was up to soldiers to shoot each zombie in the head.
And when a group of soldiers came across Seattle's self-declared zombie prophet, they made sure he wouldn't cause any more problems.
If you believe Levon is dead.
Isobel is dead.
Lowell, Drake.
I just wanna go away somewhere I won't hurt anyone else, somewhere I can't be hurt.
Well, I've got some good news for you.
I can make you human.
Are you serious? 100% serious.
80% certain it will work.
You won't be Renegade anymore.
What's that look for? You don't think that I've done enough? You're not done yet.
I don't even remember the mission.
It was simple.
Convince humans they could live in peace side-by-side with zombies, that's all.
Yeah, that's all.
I don't want this anymore, Ravi.
Hundreds of people who don't even know you charged straight at armed soldiers.
They did this to save your life.
But guess what? I saved my own life.
Uh Where did you get the new cure? Isobel's brain is the cure.
Well, it is for rats.
Then let's get this over with.
Oh, uh Everyone thought you might sleep until tomorrow.
Everyone? Who else is here? If you can let her know that By her, you mean me? What do I need to know? Liv, Major is the new commander at Fillmore-Graves.
I was just telling Peyton that we've instituted a change in policy.
Smuggle all the humans in you want.
We encourage it.
Your enemy won't be Fillmore-Graves.
It's the US Army that will be standing in your way.
They're still dead-set on stopping you.
Oh, they won't be stopping me, I'm retired.
- Really? - And in a couple hours, I won't even be a zombie.
The same cure I saw you two give Major, I assume? No, something new.
Mass producible? Far from it.
Liv, I am so sorry we didn't get there in time to save your boyfriend.
Me, too.
His name was Levon.
And he'd be alive if you hadn't kidnapped me.
I know.
But you'd be dead.
See ya.
Liv, he risked everything to save you.
I know who he is.
Even if he forgets sometimes.
I'm ready to be human again.
Who's coming with me? Do I eat the whole thing? What's the first thing you wanna do once you're human? Escape the city.
Go somewhere where no one knows me.
Never date, get fat.
Yeah, I don't believe you.
Uh, there's something big going on upstairs.
Our presence is required.
Really? It's that pressing? Oh, it is.
What the hell? You two are getting married? No one tells me anything.
It was pretty spur of the moment.
Get up here, you pain in the ass and be my maid of honor.
Ravi, would you mind? Would you mind getting the keys out of my jacket pocket and moving my car? - I'm double-parked.
- Um, where is it parked? I'm kidding, Doc.
Now stand here and be my best man.
I'll remember that.
Shall we proceed? - Good to go.
- Why not? Dearly beloved, we are here to get through this thing called personalized wedding vows.
- They're really short.
- Yay! I, Dallas Anne Bozzio, promise to care for Clive Babineaux only in health because we'll be zombies, so we won't get sick.
And though we can't have kids, I will attempt to bring magic and a sense of wonder into our marriage.
And if you're still missing kids, I'll let you spank me from time to time.
That's beautiful.
I, Clive Babineaux, promise to spank you only until I hear the safe word.
Though for the life of me, I can't remember us having a safe word.
I promise to never make you feel sad that I'll have to eat brains and that I won't be a father.
This is my choice.
I want to be your husband more than some entitled Minecraft-playing brat's dad.
Then by the power vested in me by the Temple of Ms.
com I pronounce you husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
And now if you'll excuse us, I am taking this man home where I'm gonna literally sex him to death.
I didn't get you a wedding gift.
That's okay, Liv, we didn't give people much of a heads-up.
But I know what I wanna give you.
And I think you're gonna like it.
Clive How would you like to be a father? What's going on over there? I think Liv just gave away her cure.
Isn't that just like her? I really hate this game Blaine.
It's $500 a spin.
Come on.
- Blaine, are you in here? - Candy, don't.
What? Candy, out.
Three grand.
In my check.
No withholding.
Blaine, what the hell, man? So the plan didn't work.
So we don't have the money to cover all the payments on the properties we've bought, so The bank will probably foreclose on The Scratching Post, Shady Plots and Romeros.
We've been through worse.
He rode into battle believing that God would protect him.
Your old man was a son of a bitch.
To hell with him.
Excuse me.
Gentlemen? What the hell do you want? What do I do about Hobbs? Head on a spike.
You know he came to me before all this went down, asking if I would take Chase's job.
Deep freeze, then.
Commander, I've retrieved the men you wanted to see.
Commander, huh? Quite a day.
And why have we been summoned, Lord Commander? I'm sure you two have heard that we will no longer be receiving brain shipments from our friends in the United States.
You now possess the most valuable asset in all of New Seattle.
We do? You know how to smuggle brains into the city.
We're gonna need you to increase the flow of brains by a factor of 20.
It'll be dangerous, but you'll have the muscle of Fillmore-Graves working on your behalf.
I could ask you to help us because failure means the destruction of our zombie homeland, but I know that wouldn't count for much with you two.
You can't pay the rent with patriotism.
Instead, what I'll offer you is wealth.
And better than wealth, respectability.
Where you were once pirates, scoundrels, villains Why mince words, a couple of low-life murderers.
A year from now, you'll be patriots.
There'll be statues of you in the town square.
Zombie children will be taught nursery rhymes about your exploits.
Zombie teenagers will go to DeBeers High.
There'll be Donnie's Deep-Fried Brain stands all across the city.
All of our debts, forgiven.
Uh, maybe we should Done.
Clive sent me a GIF of Dale shoveling ice cream in her face.
This was a bad idea, coming here.
Too many memories of Levon.
Well, at least, tell people goodbye, Liv.
Maybe "thank you"? Where is everyone? Are people gonna wanna come to Seattle to get saved now that they know we may not have enough brains to feed every zombie? Applications keep rolling in.
Whoever turns out to be the new Renegade will have plenty of customers.
What are you doing in here? This place is depressing as hell.
We don't have to worry about Fillmore-Graves anymore.
Let's meet out by the pool.
This place has a pool? Yes.
Haven't you seen it? Let's go knock back a few, see if anyone wants to skinny dip.
Still want to run off to someplace where no one knows who you are? Zombies and humans all believing we can work together.
What should we decide Renegade?