iZombie (2015) s05e09 Episode Script

The Fresh Princess

1 [Liv.]
Previously on iZombie You're a hero, you know that.
You show 'em what one good human can do.
You're gonna die like any second.
Just means I gotta get through my bucket list faster than you.
Does the name "Beanpole Bob" mean anything to you? Uh, I can ask Clive.
He may know a Beanpole from his Vice days.
Your dad wants to see you.
First, you kidnap me and turn me into a zombie.
And now you want me to do Fillmore Graves a favor? [screaming.]
You wanna know who your father really is? You're just dying to know? He was a junkie.
I can't believe you're doing this for me.
Against my better judgment.
How are you feeling? You're smiling.
That's a good sign.
I think my face is just doing this.
But I'm okay.
Just like I was okay when you checked an hour ago.
Well, I'm proud of you.
That sounded weird, I just I know that you're really trying, and that means a lot to me.
I just wish it meant anything to my head.
You're doing great.
I'll check in after work.
Asiago jalapeño.
Yes! Thanks for bringing these over.
I take it Ravi hasn't been feeding you? You know, when we first met, he'd cook for me, he'd buy me pretty things, but now that he knows he has my heart, it's like the bromance is gone.
When you kicked Utopium, what was the hardest part? - Why? - It's just my - Martin - Your dad? That word still does not come naturally to me.
It's like calling a pine cone Your Majesty.
Anyway he's three days in on this whole detox thing, and I know he'll survive, but I just hate to see him suffer.
He should be past the worst part.
It can be done.
Look at me now.
Yeah, some who "grams" their breakfast.
Sorry, I'm just checking Sloane Mills' Instagram.
She hasn't returned our calls, so I'm trying to figure out what she's up to.
Well, wherever she is, she's certainly keepin' it classy.
Let's see here, what kind of day should our girl be having? How about a nice boozy brunch? [chuckles.]
#hairofthedog #yum #eggsbenny.
Just another day in the life of our favorite general's daughter.
[muffled screaming.]
Good morning, Sloane.
Let's see how your boyfriend's doing.
[continues screaming.]
I say they're almost ready.
[muffled screaming.]
[opening theme music playing.]
Such a shame, so young, so full of promise.
And then, what happened? [Clive.]
Uh, prank gone wrong, it seems.
It's a weird case.
Laurie-Beth Spano.
Twenty years back, she's in the Miss Future Seattle Pageant, collapses on stage, anaphylactic shock, goes into a coma.
Investigation found that the makeup in her bag had been spiked with rose hip extract.
Usually, it would just give you a rash, but she was allergic.
So Twenty-year coma? God, poor girl.
They arrested another girl at the pageant, Velma Charlet.
Real rough looking customer.
Her prints were on the tanning compact, Public Defender pressed her to take a plea deal, so she signed a statement saying she spiked Laurie-Beth's face powder as a prank.
Did three years.
Now the victim died, it's a whole new charge.
But Velma, now says she's innocent.
Well, then Looks like we're going back to the '90s.
[saw whirring.]
Yes! My hero.
Your pal at Vice finally got a hit on our Utopium chemist.
Found a reference to a "Feenpole Bub" in an old arrest report.
Gotta be Beanpole Bob.
Cool beans, Ravi.
It's like I always say, "If you work hard and believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.
" Uh, so, the report was for a dealer from Mr.
Boss's crew, busted a day after the boat party with Utopium in his possession.
Possibly cooked by Beanpole himself.
That's great.
I think drugs is one of the biggest issues facing young people today.
Or any people.
It's true.
Albeit unrelated.
The best part is, the dealer made bail then vanished.
Likely meaning Mr.
Boss had him murdered.
Well, um, murder is almost always bad.
But, uh I don't know.
Brilliant It means the case is still open, and the Utopium, perhaps tainted Utopium, needed to produce a cure has been in the evidence room the entire time.
Oh, then, dope! Snaps for Ravi! [stammers.]
So, what is this? She the cast of Clueless or something? '90s Teen Pageant Girl brain.
Uh That was more '80s.
Whatever! The cure awaits.
To the evidence room! Where is the evidence room? So, case number 334585? 334585.
Come here, you sexy thing.
- You signed for it? - Just signed.
- Got your ID? - You have a copy right here.
They're sticklers for this stuff.
You don't like it? Change the incentives.
There's nothing in there.
Yeah, that was Sergeant Paul.
Not a stickler.
Now fired.
See how it works? Who checked this out last? Sergeant Henry Mosher.
Four years ago.
- Mosher.
- That tone doesn't sound good.
A bad cop.
Was pretty much in the pocket of the Blue Cobras.
I investigated his murder myself.
We thought the Cobras had him killed, but couldn't prove it.
So any evidence he took likely vanished along with him.
Anyone's guess.
You know, who'd probably know is A.
Head of the Blue Cobras.
Doing life, courtesy of former deputy DA, Peyton Charles.
Martin? Hello? Just checking in.
I brought brain broth, and even more importantly, according to medical professionals, my emotional support through this.
Martin, are you okay? Martin? Oh, my God.
I wasn't aware that the head of Fillmore Graves made house calls.
- Thanks.
- No sweat.
Liv's done the same for me.
If we can get him to my house, I can look after him.
God, my head.
Hang in there.
I'll pack a bag for him.
Open up.
I need to fix my make up.
Open up.
Wassup? Clive, it's me again.
I have got to give you the 411 on my vision.
This case has like totally changed.
Okay, call me back.
Really wanna zigazig, ah If you want my future Forget my past [audience gasp.]
[Teen Velma.]
I dream of one day attending the Juilliard School of Drama.
Everything is coming up, Velma.
and hard work, you can accomplish anything.
- [audience applauding.]
- You go, girl.
What's this? You said you had a vision, not a vision board? Okay, get this.
In my vision, Laurie-Beth was totally freaking.
She needed to fix her makeup, but her dressing room was locked.
So, she went to Velma's room and grabbed this poison face powder.
Velma's room? So, what? You think Velma was the intended target? Well, I mapped out a timeline.
The song "Camptown Races" was playing during Carly's ribbon dance.
That was the song in my vision when Laurie-Beth was locked out of her dressing room.
Thirty minutes later, she collapsed on stage.
So, now we know when Laurie-Beth put on Velma's makeup, and once we get the raw footage of the whole pageant, hopefully, I can figure out when someone spiked it.
And booyah! - [slurping.]
- How much sugar have you had? Lots.
We've got to tell Velma the good news.
She's totally innocent.
Cool your jets, kid.
- Velma's still out only - [man.]
Knock knock? Ah.
Someone asked us to drop these tapes off.
Oh, yes, that was me.
I'm Clive Babineaux, this my partner, - Liv Moore.
- Liv Moore.
You must be Laurie-Beth's parents.
So nice to meet you.
I'm Alex Spano.
- My wife, Gayle.
- Hello.
Thanks for bringing the footage by.
It's gonna be super helpful.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
You shot this video yourself? Former Pageant Girl.
You couldn't keep her away.
I was behind the camera the whole time for Miss Future Seattle.
- I remember everything.
- It's okay, honey.
Anything else we can do to help, you let us know.
You must be swamped at the office.
You didn't have to join.
No, babe, I had free time, and me and A.
go way back, so I figured I'd help.
and I have crossed paths before, and I'm a veteran law enforcement professional.
- I don't need my hand held, yeah? - Yeah.
He'll be cuffed though, right? They're cuffed? - Oh [clears throat.]
- [door opens.]
Long time no see.
[cuffs locking.]
Who's this guy? [door closes.]
Ravi Chakrabarti, Chief Medical Examiner.
Why? I'm alive.
He wants to ask you some questions, strictly off the record.
Is this necessary? - Just ask him.
- Oh.
So, in 2014, Sergeant Henry Mosher stole a dozen bars of Utopium from an evidence box, and word on the street, as it were, is you were the one who ordered it.
Maybe no, or maybe yes? Okay, come on, we know Mosher was on your payroll.
I said off the record.
And I'll look into getting you a TV in your cell.
So, what like, 52 inch? - 20.
- Okay.
Yeah, Mosher took the stuff.
Utopium was the hot new thing.
Boss's guys had it, we didn't.
When I heard one of Boss's corner boys got busted with the stuff, I saw an opportunity.
So, you had Mosher take the evidence from the station? And copy their recipe, take care of their hot shot cook, and take over the game in one move.
Take care as in murder him? Did I say murder? - I didn't say - [Peyton.]
Off the record.
And I'll get you up to 28 inch.
Yeah, as in murder.
My boys rang his bell, blasted him on his doorstep.
Beanbag Bill or whatever.
Great plan.
Till we got boned on the Utopium.
- So Mosher never delivered? - He did.
The vials were filled with water.
Someone must have got to it first.
Hey, Sloat.
We were hoping to see who the second to last person to check out case number 334585 was? Sure, Ms.
Acting Mayor.
I'll have that for you in a jiff.
Wow, look who's suddenly Peppy McGee.
Big fan of the show, Mayor.
Wife and I binged the whole shebang.
I'm such an Ed.
That's great.
Uh, thanks for Thanks for watching.
I cured zombie-ism, no biggie.
Looks like that evidence was signed out by, uh Dr.
Barkley Schexnayder, from Pecanole Labs.
Here's his ID.
- [Peyton.]
Is that Don E? - [Ravi.]
Are you kidding me? [Liv.]
I think you're innocent, Velma.
And I've always believed that what makes America great, is that we are a nation of laws, and you are innocent until proven guilty.
I used to believe that too.
Until I got railroaded into signing a false confession 'cause I didn't have the money for a decent lawyer.
Okay, but another thing that makes America great is that, well, what we're doing now.
Velma, is there anyone who might have wanted to sabotage you? Oh, at Miss Olympia, Elise Falcon put oil on my tap shoes.
I ate it pretty hard on stage.
Elise Falcon, the witness who claimed you complained about Laurie-Beth and her scholarship stuff? Maybe she was doing that to keep the scent off of herself.
No, no, I said that stuff.
It was just me and my mom on a chicken farm.
I wanted to go to Juilliard, be an actress, go on Broadway.
Can you do that thing where you cry on cue? What did any of that have to do with Laurie-Beth? 'Cause she was so perfect, smart, talented, rich parents, perfect life.
For me, that scholarship was my only hope.
So, yeah, I bitched to Elise about it.
But not like I would ever do anything.
I might have dreamed of being an actress and going to Broadway, but now, all I want is to just get back to the farm with my chickens.
Velma, you will.
I swear, we are gonna work so hard Shut up! That's amazing! Clive? Right? [sniffles.]
Yeah, it was impressive.
[Don E.]
Oh, God, Sloane Mills.
Should have left her in that trunk.
Why are you even showing me that? I've been trying to find her.
She posted this the other night on her Instagram.
I just noticed this.
When did you change the sign? Two or three weeks ago.
Right around when she dropped off the radar.
You have security cameras? It was Reggae night, I remember because she kept yelling, "Jamaican me horny!" Well, she and her boyfriend flirted with some hipster zombie girl.
Heavy pre-threeway vibe.
Wonder if that should be on the bucket list? - [giggling.]
- Can we focus here? [Don E.]
There's Sloane.
Happy? Looks like they left together.
Does that look like a wig? Why would a zombie wear a zombie wig? Hold on.
When those Dead Enders guys were scaring away the clientele, we installed some infrared cameras outside.
It's alive! Why the hell would a human pick up two drunk zombies at a night club? You think Sloane got kidnapped again? I mean once, shame on us, but twice You think it was the Dead Enders? - We could help you find her.
- Not a good idea.
Just send me that footage.
I mean it.
Stay out of it.
But I bet it'll be fun.
- [chuckling.]
- You're so hot.
[flute playing on video.]
- [applause.]
- [announcer.]
Laurie-Beth Spano.
So, this is interesting.
Velma took the lead after Laurie-Beth screwed up her flute solo.
I tallied up the scores and guess who was tied for second place with Laurie-Beth? Elise.
Ironic, right? Well, I think you're using ironic wrong, but Oh, I think I'm using it right.
Define ironic.
Like, you know, just Ironic.
Agree to disagree.
But that second place thing does speak to motive.
And as a singer-songwriter, I hope to use my voice and lyrics to inspire women across the world.
- Girl Power! - [applause.]
My name is Elise Falcon.
You've probably seen my billboards, Made To Rest, LLC.
I specialize in real estate for zombie clientele.
Uh, I think you spelt realty wrong.
Oh, no.
That says reality star.
I'm actually working on a deal with U-Freight-Eze to get my zombie house flipping show on their network.
It's in preliminary stages.
Uh, good luck with that.
I wanna ask you about an incident at Miss Olympia back in 1997.
Velma Charlet claims you applied a lubricant to her tap shoes, causing her to fall on stage.
Okay, I did.
What's that have to do with Velma killing Laurie-Beth? We think Velma's innocent.
So we're working really hard Laurie-Beth apparently used Velma's makeup.
We're exploring the possibility she was the target.
You think I messed with Velma's makeup? No way.
You did just admit to sabotaging her tap shoes.
Uh, exactly? Why would I do something like that again? Any idea why Laurie-Beth would be locked out of her dressing room? There was a rumor that Megan Sowinski was sleeping with the Pageant Director Jake.
Megan Sowinski.
Played Respect on the autoharp.
Wanted to be a vet.
They might have been in there for a little - [clicks tongue.]
You know.
- Ew.
Well, that's what Velma said when she caught them.
When the rumors spread, Megan was pissed at Velma for blabbing about it.
Velma told people about the affair? That's what Megan thought.
I was the one who blabbed actually.
So if Megan was in that locked dressing room when Laurie-Beth used Velma's makeup, she could have dosed it right before.
The real tragedy here is that I totally would have won if all this drama didn't go down.
I would've had a show on the air like forever ago.
Anything is possible.
[rock music playing.]
Hi, excuse me, I'm looking for Don Sorry.
I didn't realize you were in the middle of a production of On the Waterfront.
Yeah, and if I catch any zombies on the waterfront, I'll kick their asses into the surf, bro! All right.
I'm going undercover.
I sound like a Dead Ender? Sure.
I'm looking for that great man of science, Dr.
That ain't me.
Who is it then? I'd never wear such a dumb disguise, that's my twin brother Scott E.
Look at the droopy ear.
These guys sit at full attention, bro.
So, Scott E took the Utopium from the evidence room.
Boss's orders? I'd assume.
He was pretty messed up after the boat party.
He was high all time.
He was living in my mom's basement, until he checked into a loony bin.
[TV playing indistinctly.]
Liv said to make sure you eat.
Hope you like chicken noodle gloop.
My daughter seems to have a lot of friends in high places.
A private military commander, - and the Mayor herself.
- Hmm.
Acting Mayor.
It's not the most glamorous gig, trust me.
Oh, case in point.
Dust off those family recipes and bake what your mama gave you.
'Cause this Friday, it's Pie-day.
Here to tell us more is Mayor Charles.
It's Seattle's annual Pie-esta this weekend in Seward Park.
We're whipping up something quite delicious.
- [sighs.]
- Can't be an easy gig.
With the whole zombies versus humans thing.
Well, I mean, it's a challenge.
- [door opens.]
- [Liv.]
'Sup, Peynizzle! Thanks for taking the dinner shift.
Oh, this case at work.
I am super buggin', but we're gonna crack it.
I can feel it.
- This look is fly.
- Aw, purple means I'm happy.
How's our patient? You look better.
Better than I feel.
But you're doing the work, and staying focused on a better tomorrow.
Just like our Acting Mayor here.
See, we made it work.
I think the city can too.
I mean, it doesn't hurt that I live with the best zombie of them all.
[both chuckling.]
Don't freak out.
Not a good start.
It's 3:00 a.
, Don E.
I know you told me and Darcy not to go after Sloane's kidnapper, but we did and we found her, but then she sees us tailing her outta Warmbloods, and she takes off, and we chased her onto her roof.
And then she pulls this move.
Just like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
And she jumps to the next building! She got away? Maybe it wasn't just like Dwayne Johnson.
Five stories down.
I told you to stay out of it.
But we got her.
I mean, can't you just CSI her or something? Did you get anything out of her before you chased her to her death? We yelled stop, she said no.
Did you check for ID? You're pretty good at this.
- [Don E.]
So, what now? - [Major.]
Kristen Cox.
We ID-ed her on security cam kidnapping Sloane Mills.
We searched her apartment and found tape, rope, but no Sloane.
If we don't find her, there is nothing keeping her father, General Mills, from trying to wipe Seattle clean off the map.
So, hopefully, one of us will have a vision that can lead to Sloane.
And fast.
Dig in.
[knocking at door.]
Mom? Sorry to just show up like this, but you wouldn't answer my calls.
Now's not really a good time.
[Evan coughing.]
Evan? - You look - I think I'm gonna yak.
Burn scar carcinoma.
The scar is from the Meat Cute explosion? It's spreading to his lymph nodes.
We've tried skin grafts, chemo, nothing.
Our last resort is an experimental treatment at a facility in Boston.
I need you to get us out of the city.
Have you tried the Fillmore Graves Emergency Exit Program? We didn't make the cut.
Trust me, if I could do this without you, I would.
- So, can you do it? - I don't just snap my fingers.
Every time my coyotes go out, it's lives in danger.
It's not the only way.
- I scratch people all the time.
- No.
Evan deserves a normal life.
I'm not turning him into [Martin.]
A zombie? What's wrong with that? Your daughter turned out okay.
Martin? What are you You contacted him? After everything I told you? Yes, and he needed my help.
She's helping get me clean, Eva.
I see.
So, the only family you're concerned about is a stranger who's never been in your life? At least I know whose side you're on.
I'm not on a side, I am in the middle, trying to hold everyone together.
I helped Martin for the same reason that I'm gonna help Evan.
Because I want everyone to get along and just for the people in my life to be happy.
Okay? So, you will help us then? Who the hell is this guy? And what's with his rug? Evan, this is Martin Roberts Our father.
I think I'm gonna be sick again.
Just one scratch, son.
And you won't be suffering anymore.
- But he won't be Evan, so - All due respect, you haven't earned the fatherly advice thing yet.
Mom, just take Evan home, okay? I'll call my people in the morning.
Thank you, Liv.
And you're right.
We should try to get along.
Just saying, those shoes aren't exactly ideal for sneaking.
Look, do you want my help or not? You shouldn't even be out this late, you've got work in Don't worry about me.
Let's do this breaking and entering.
So, Scott E checked into the asylum pretty soon after he stole the evidence.
So there's a good chance it's still here Oh! That's a tasteful mid-century lamp.
- Well, you've been on a junkie brain.
- Mmm-hmm.
Where does one hide drug paraphernalia? Uh, nooks, holes, things of that nature.
Or a hollowed-out book, à la Shawshank.
Try the letter "U".
- [gasps.]
- [clatters.]
You guys really suck at this.
What the hell are you doing here? Is that any way to speak to a man in his own home? And my, what a home it is.
Hey, I just heard you compliment my lamp.
No takesie-backsies.
So, what's the deal here? [clears throat.]
Kinky, uh, cop and robber role play We're following up on a case.
We think back in the day, Scott E might have hid a stolen box of evidence here that we need, so Huh.
So they put their best corpse doctor and their ex DA on the case.
That's brilliant.
Can we take a look around or not? I don't know, what's in it for me? The Blaine DeBeers' catch phrase.
Well, for instance, when I was arrested, they impounded my lovely automobiles.
- Oh.
- And I don't know, I'm just spitballin' here, but it feels like the Acting Mayor of Seattle could, you know, pull a few strings.
We don't bargain with kid murdering, cure thieving pieces of Done.
Let's get this over with.
Oh, you know what else would be rad? One of those handicap parking placards.
Yeah, that would really come in handy.
I'll take care of it.
You know I always like doing business with you.
In spite of You know, everything.
Come on.
They're all empty.
Well, this was a fun play date, gang.
Drop by again sometime, huh? Your ex is such a pig.
You def traded up.
Rav is the bomb.
Like, part Prince Jr.
part Van Der Beek, but with a beard.
[knocking at door.]
Peyton, I gotta go.
Love ya.
How are you feeling? Actually better than I have in years.
Like, really Clear-headed.
And, probably well enough where I can go back home soon, I'm afraid.
Well, good.
Orange is mixed emotions.
Circumstances could have been better, but it's been nice being here.
You're a real credit to us zombies.
The world is full of all kinds of people.
I just want to make it a better place for all of them.
I mean, that's basically how I feel, even if it comes out sounding a bit corny.
No, no, no, no.
It's It's nice.
I know you and your friends are doing what you can, but I worry sometimes that humans might never come around on us.
Dad, it'll be fine.
Oh, my God, I said it.
[Martin laughs.]
You are just the best daughter that I could imagine, Liv.
I want you to promise me, that if the time should ever come where you and I might have to choose sides, that you'll let me take care of you.
That's why we try our best, so that day will never come.
I hope you're right.
[metallic clicking.]
- Kristen's late.
- Forget her.
Let's get this show on the road before they report the truck missing.
Come on.
[engine starts.]
I had a wonderful dream that we found the tainted Utopium, and saved the galaxy, and got medals.
But, then I woke up and the Utopium's gone, and we're at a dead end.
Hmm, not necessarily.
told us the Cobras took care of Beanpole Bob on the night they tried to get that Utopium evidence.
Took care as in, gun murdered him on his own door step.
I looked at the dates for the reports of shots fired, only one incident that night.
The responding officers showed up at the address, and everything was fine.
- No body - So no murder.
If Beanpole Bob were a zombie, he'd have survived the hit.
If he used the tainted Utopium We could get his address, and pay Beanpole Bob a little visit.
I I love you.
I was ready to throw in the towel, but you kept fighting.
You're a badass superwoman, saving the day over and over.
Seattle, have no fear, Mayor Charles is here.
Actually I'm not anymore.
I got fired.
Wait, what? Ravi, I sold the naming rights to the Space Needle to fund a show.
We knew it was just a matter of time before the City Council caught on.
- [sighs.]
- I officially resigned today.
Why Why didn't you tell me earlier? I was having too much fun with you.
Team Pavi, you know? That's got a good ring.
Wait If you're no longer Mayor, everything you promised Blaine Oh, yeah, he's not getting any of that.
Okay, I really love you.
[both laughing.]
Commander, we got something.
- A vision? - Ames saw it.
With like East Lake Marina.
Unknown male saying something about ditching it here.
East Lake Marina.
Let's go.
So, I tracked down Megan Sowinski, moved to Louisiana 10 years ago.
And is she a veterinarian taking care of little alligators and turtles? Nope.
She's a Louisiana State Correctional Officer on disability, following a human bite sustained during a prison riot.
She said she wanted to be a vet.
Well, I wanted to be a test pilot.
And you can be.
If you work hard and believe in yourself, there's nothing you can't You wanna hear what I got or make another one of these speeches? What you got.
So, Megan did admit she was in Laurie-Beth's dressing room with the Pageant Director Jake, who confirms this.
But she also remembers sharing Velma's makeup with her after the swimsuit competition.
Whoa, did she have a reaction? She said she felt fine.
So, if the face powder was fine after swimsuits, but it was spiked by the time of Carly's ribbon dance, Velma's makeup had to have been spiked somewhere in here.
We can check the footage to see who was accounted for during that time.
I'm pretty sure all the girls were, expect of course for Megan, but [man.]
And in the same way - Wait a second.
- Next up, - Elise Falcon.
- [audience cheering.]
[tape fast-forwarding.]
They're wonderful, aren't they? That guy creeps me out.
Each girl just wonderful in their own way.
And in the same way Not him.
Lourie-Beth's mom? Gayle.
She said she was filming the whole time.
She lied.
Oh, snap! [Snaps fingers.]
And right during the window of opportunity.
What if Gayle saw Laurie-Beth was losing and got desperate.
Desperate enough to sabotage the one girl threatening her daughter's chance of winning.
U-G-L-Y, Gayle ain't got no alibi.
The evidence is right there, isn't it? I'm not sure.
If we can only get a confession.
So, we're discussing charges with Velma's lawyer.
The question of manslaughter versus second degree murder at this point.
We just need to clear up a few details.
I'm just happy to be here to watch Velma go down.
Well, we only need Gayle present, - since she shot the footage.
- Sure, but I should be with her.
It's fine.
[door closes.]
So, if you could note any instances where Velma's story doesn't match up, it would help us out a lot.
Give it up for Velma everyone.
The evidence points to you, Velma.
So, we're just gonna walk through this step by step.
You know your victim's mother shot this footage? I told you, I'm innocent.
[Laurie-Beth playing the flute.]
So, at this point Laurie-Beth was in the lead and the only was you could win was to put the rose hips in her makeup.
A big rash on her face before the formal wear.
I didn't do it.
She messed up her solo.
She wasn't even in the lead after that.
I swear, I didn't do it.
That's not what you said in your earlier statement.
They forced me to take the deal.
I didn't have a choice.
[voice breaking.]
Why do you want to ruin my life for something I didn't do? When did you tamper with the makeup? It had to have happened around this time and I don't know who else had the opportunity.
[video playing indistinctly.]
It's okay to cry.
Let it out, girl.
It was just one mistake.
She played her flute solo perfectly every time in practice.
She should have won, no problem.
I just wanted to give Velma a rash.
Laurie-Beth deserved to win.
Oh, God! I've lived with this all these years.
I can't [continues sobbing.]
Got it.
That was an amazing performance.
It's a shame.
You really would have been a super great actress.
But I'm a great organic farmer and that's cool too.
I believe in truth, justice and the American way.
And as a lawyer, I will spend my life teaching law breakers that crime doesn't pay.
[audience cheering and applauding.]
Apples, peaches and pears, oh my! Pie-esta is officially under way.
That's right, it's a fiesta of pie.
We have vendors from all over the city who have come to share a piece of Seattle's tastiest tradition.
It seems that everyone out here is hungry for a little taste of sweet, sweet victory.
Did you ditch the truck? Then we're all set.
Stan'll get you on a bus and on your way to Boston safe and sound.
Be strong, okay? - You'll make it through this.
- Yeah.
Hey, I never told you before, but You really rock this look.
Your father Mom, not this again.
What you're doing for him, it's kind of you.
Thank you for your help.
Give me a call when you make it.
I promise I'll pick up this time.
[zombies growling.]
Berths are all in use, no sign of Sloane.
Dustin's Port-a-Potties reported this truck missing today at 10:00 a.
What the hell? Who steals a port-a-potty truck? - [woman screams.]
- Grab the rifles.
[zombies growling.]
[people screaming.]
[zombies growling.]
Oh, my God, this is This is just awful.
[screaming continues.]
[gun shot.]
- Hey.
I brought ramen.
- [TV playing indistinctly.]
- [door closes.]
- I'm talking four chili peppers, melt your face off [reporter on TV.]
Seward Park turned chaotic What's wrong? When feral zombies went on a rampage viciously attacking the crowd attending Seattle's No.
- Annual pie festival.
- Oh, my God! No.
[TV continues playing indistinctly.]
They need me at the morgue.
I'm sorry, Liv.
I just got called into work.
We're here though.
Do we come back later? The chief cook of Mr.
Boss's Utopium empire lives right there.
Think about it.
Utopium first appeared here in Seattle.
This might be the guy who invented it.
And if this Beanpole Bob is the guy who made the batch of tainted Utopium, then he very well might be the father of all zombie kind.
Then since we're here Peyton, wait.
What the The father of all zombie kind Is Liv's dad.