JAG s03e06 Episode Script


How are you holding up back there, Bubba? Bubba? Sorry, Yankee.
This thunder bumper is rocking me to sleep.
Well, try and stay awake for the rest of the tour.
Monk, this is Yankee.
How do you read, over? This is Monk, loud and clear.
Go ahead, Yankee.
We're gonna climb to angels 40, see if we can't top out of this mess.
Roger that, Yankee.
We're tucked in close.
You heard the man, Hobo.
Let's get on top.
Roger that.
Yankee flight, burners now.
Yankee one from two.
Lost visual contact.
Coming right 30 degrees.
Yankee, we have lost contact.
Say position, over.
Where'd he go, Hobo? I don't know, Monk.
He just vanished.
Following in his father's footsteps as a Naval aviator, Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb Jr.
Suffered a crash while landing his Tomcat on a storm-tossed carrier at sea.
Diagnosed with night blindness, Harm transferred to the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps, which investigates, defends and prosecutes the law of the sea.
There, with fellow JAG lawyer Major Sarah MacKenzie, he now fights in and out of the courtroom with the same daring and tenacity that made him a top gun in the air.
- Doughnut? - Power-nut.
Excuse me? Not you, sir, the doughnut.
It's a power-nut.
No fat, 100 percent pure whole wheat.
What about the powdered sugar? Well, it's a sugar substitute packed with including ginkgo biloba.
Ginkgo boblobla? Ginkgo biloba, sir.
It's a brain food.
Oh, yeah? What's JAG Manual, Chapter 2, Section B, Sub-section 0235? Zero-two-three-five, sir, that is Accidental or intentional flooding of a ship.
Better have another brain-nut, Bud.
- Power-nut, sir.
- Power-nut.
Yes, sir? Who's that in Mac's office? Well, that's Dalton Lowne, sir, of Lowell, Hanson and Lowne.
One of the biggest law firms in Virginia.
Oh, yeah? Who's he representing? I don't think he's representing anyone, sir.
I think he's recruiting.
Any word on the missing F-14? No, sir.
It just vanished inside the Bermuda Triangle.
The plane went off radar at 0530 Zulu.
They were flying through bad weather, but the pilot and his RIO were experienced crew.
We don't know much more than that.
The search team still hasn't found any signs of the aircraft or her crew, sir.
Have the families been notified? They're trying to reach them now.
The Tomcat had live missiles on it.
I want you two to report to USS Coral Sea.
Find out what happened and wrap it up before I have to watch it as a Movie of the Week.
So, what's up with Dalton Lowne? Why do you ask about Dalton? Just curious.
We went out a few times, had dinner.
He's a nice guy.
Oh, yeah? We're just friends.
Are you jealous? - Please.
- He drives a Porsche.
- I fly Tomcats.
- You are jealous.
Sir? Ma'am? I just pulled some information off the Internet.
Do you realise how many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in the last 50 years? Do you realise how many haven't? Not off hand, ma'am.
Bud, there's no such thing as the Bermuda Triangle.
It's a myth.
You'd better hope so.
- Why's that, sir? - We're joining the search.
You're going into the Bermuda Triangle? You're coming too, Bud.
Relax, Bud.
Dozens of ships and planes fly through that area every day.
It's one of the most beautiful parts of the Atlantic.
Are you okay, Bud? If this is the most beautiful part of the Atlantic, major, I don't wanna see the worst.
Welcome aboard the Coral Sea, sirs, ma'am.
Nice weather you're having.
Actually, it was nice, sir.
- Until we entered the Black Water.
- Black Water? Well, that's what some of the old-timers call this place, commander.
I think it's a bunch of bunk myself.
And don't mind that.
The engineers have been having problems with the electrical systems all morning.
Captain, Lieutenant Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzie are here to see you.
At ease.
Well, I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.
So do we, sir.
Have you had any luck locating the plane or her crew, sir? No, we have found neither the plane nor the crew.
But we are not leaving this part of the ocean until we do.
I'm counting on you, Commander Rabb, to provide me with answers.
We'll do our best, captain.
We knew we were flying through bad weather, we just didn't expect it to be that bad.
Any chance of a lightning strike? Definitely.
It was pretty nasty.
That's why Yankee, Commander Douglas, decided to take the high road and fly out of the storm.
And that's when you lost him? Yes, major.
I was following him up when I first lost him.
I veered off to avoid a possible wing strike, as per standard operating procedure, but I lost him when he went off radar.
Did he maintain radio contact? Not after he went off the screen.
I tried to contact him, but he didn't answer.
Do you think he hit the water? It's possible, but we were at 38,000 feet.
It's as if he just Disappeared.
One second, he was on my screen, and the next minute, he wasn't.
Could the storm have interfered with the radar? Maybe, if we'd suffered a lightning strike, but we didn't.
What do you think happened, lieutenant? I don't know, sir.
I've flown with Commander Douglas before and Yankee was one of the best.
Hopefully, he still is.
Yes, ma'am.
I didn't mean it in the past tense.
It's just something like this tends to rattle you a bit.
Some of the other guys are a little spooked too.
Every time an aircraft goes up, there's a chance you're gonna crash.
Crashing is one thing, commander.
Disappearing is another.
Did you know the reports of weird occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle date back to the 15th century? Even Christopher Columbus reported seeing weird lights in this area and problems with his compass.
Christopher Columbus also thought he was in the East Indies when he landed in America.
That might explain the problems with his compass.
Hey, Ripley, have you found anything on his computer yet? No, sir.
Not anything out of the ordinary.
Just letters back to his wife and daughter, Lee and Kim.
Anything in the letters? No.
Just that he misses them a lot.
Well - What is it? - I think it's Honduran.
It's definitely Honduran.
March, maybe April.
It's definitely the spring of '95.
They had a lot of rain that year.
All right, knock it off, Sherlock.
- General quarters, general quarters.
- Changing course.
- All hands man your stations.
- They must have found something.
Ensign, what's going on? Oceanographic anomaly, sir.
All hands, man your stations.
Let's go, let's go.
Well put, lieutenant.
Not many people get to see a waterspout this close.
- Is it any threat to us? - I'd like to think not.
But I prefer to err on the side of caution when dealing with such things.
One of those could tear apart a smaller vessel and suck it right under.
What about a plane? Not at 38,000 feet, Bud.
What if Yankee was lower? What if he dropped below the storm and ran into that? The earliest recorded disappearance of a United States vessel inside the Bermuda Triangle goes way back to March, 1918.
The USS Cyclops vanished without a trace.
Same thing's been known to happen to superstitious lieutenants.
Tiner just faxed me these newspaper headlines from Admiral Chegwidden's office.
"Navy pilot reappears in Black Sea ten years younger.
" "Suicide at 30,000 feet.
" "Missing pilot linked to radical militia groups.
" Where do they come up with this stuff? You know, same place they get stories about Bigfoot babies and Elvis sightings.
Washington, however, is taking it very seriously.
The suicide militia angles anyway.
Every time someone in the military loses a sock, they blame a militia group.
Do you think a storm that's strong enough to create a water spout could've knocked that plane out of the sky? F-14s are designed to fly through hurricanes if they have to.
Mac, you should continue to interview the rest of the crew.
See if you can find any connection between the militia group and the suicide attempt.
Bud, I also wanna speak to Yankee's wife.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna see if I can find this missing aircraft.
As you can see from our tapes, commander, our radar record confirms Monk's report.
The two aircrafts were in a major storm system.
At 0033 hours, we see them alter course slightly and start gaining altitude.
That's when Yankee gave the order to get on top.
Yes, sir.
A few seconds pass, and you see Yankee's plane veer off course.
That's when his wingman lost him.
Yes, sir.
They dropped off the ship's radar as well.
But we received this tape from the PAVE PAWS at Eglin Air Force Base about an hour ago.
Their over-the-horizon back scatter radar has a range of over 3,000 miles.
They tracked them for an additional 12 minutes.
Apparently, he dropped back through the storm and started running north along the coast.
If a lightning strike knocked out all their instruments, the only thing he'd have to navigate by would be land features.
His flight pattern did seem to suggest he was looking for something.
As you can see here, he starts circling.
If he knew he couldn't make it back to the ship, his only hope would be an emergency landing.
Once he located the coast, he'd start searching for a runway.
He didn't land, sir.
At 0043, his flight pattern suddenly went haywire.
It's as if nobody's flying the aircraft.
Our last position is nearly a hundred miles out to sea.
My guess is they hit the water.
How long have you known Yankee? I've been his plane captain since he arrived aboard, ma'am.
I miss him.
He's not like the other pilots.
How so? He talks to the enlisted men.
Although I think that's on account of us having a better poker game.
We play strictly for fun, of course.
Of course.
- So Yankee's a bit of a gambler? - Major, l I don't care about your poker games, Petty Officer Riggs.
I just wanna know more about Commander Douglas.
Listen, let's just say he wasn't afraid to lay down a little wager, or a big one for that matter.
You know these fighter jocks, ma'am, they're not afraid to take a risk.
He ever talk to you about his personal life? Problems at home? Hard to have problems at home, ma'am, when you're never there.
Do you ever hear any rumours about him being a part of a militia group? No, ma'am.
Personally, I think militia groups are more of an Army problem.
I mean, it's easy for a group of redneck Army washouts to grab a bunch of rifles and paint their pick up trucks camouflage, call themselves a militia group.
What are sailors gonna do, mount a 50 cal on their bass boat? I guess you have a point there, Petty Officer Riggs.
Coral Sea, this is Search 1.
Do you copy? Over.
This is Coral Sea.
Go ahead, Search 1.
We've completed search area Delta 7.
Proceeding to Echo 1.
Copy that, Search One.
Coral Sea, out.
Yankee, we have lost contact.
Say position, over.
Where'd he go, Hobo? I don't know.
He just vanished.
Radar records support these radio tapes.
Ship tracked them for another couple of minutes and then: One moment he was there, the next he was gone.
Just like Flight 19.
What's Flight 19? Please, don't encourage him.
In 1945, there was a training squadron with five Navy torpedo bombers leaving Fort Lauderdale on a routine run.
All five planes and 14 crewmen disappeared.
They sent a sea plane out to look for them.
That disappeared too.
Do you see what you've done now? I'm gonna have to listen to conspiracy theories the rest of the evening.
It's not just me, sir.
People are talking on the Internet.
They're speculating that Yankee purposely flew below radar so he could steal the plane and attack the prison where Timothy McVeigh is awaiting execution.
That's ridiculous.
There's also talk that the plane was destroyed by a giant water spout created by a top-secret Navy weapon that can control the weather.
- That's just a rumour.
- Which also happens to be true.
What do you mean, sir? Operation Whirlpool.
It's a top-secret procedure where half a dozen Seawolf Class submarines move in counter-clockwise circles around and around creating a Coriolis vortex.
Suck down a ship or a plane like a rubber duck down a bathtub drain.
Are you mocking me, sir? He's just trying to help, Harm.
Theories are helpful.
Old Twilight Zone episodes are not.
You waiting for the captain to turn on the smoking lamp? How did you find me? Where else would I find a former Tomcat pilot? Flying tourists to Hawaii? Yeah.
That'll be the day.
He may still be out there somewhere, Mac.
Commander Douglas or your father? Commander Douglas.
You think I'm obsessing about my dad since I found that list, don't you? No.
You were obsessing before you found the list.
And you have every right, Harm.
Learning the North Vietnamese sent him to Russia only intensified it.
I just hope you realise that if we find Commander Douglas, it isn't gonna give you closure with your father.
Only finding my dad will do that.
Well, you're not alone, Harm.
In one way or another, we're all searching for something.
Oh, yeah? What are you searching for? What every woman wants.
A great career, a good man and comfortable shoes, lots and lots of them.
Is that where Dalton Lowne comes in? Are you kidding? His shoes are way too big.
I mean, have you see the size of that man's feet? I just hope you're not gonna do something stupid, Mac.
Why, Harm, are you afraid you're gonna lose me? I just hate having to break in new partners, you know? You know, for a second there, I thought we were gonna have a Hallmark moment.
You know, when the admiral first told me he was partnering me with a Marine major, I had these visions of a tattooed jarhead challenging me to arm wrestling at lunch hour.
Well, I do have a tattoo, I'm a pretty good arm wrestler, and although I don't like the term, I am technically a jarhead.
Back up.
You have a tattoo? How come I've never seen it? Now, where would one find this tattoo? I'm afraid that's classified information.
Oh, yeah? You have tattoos? Puddles.
How many times have I told you? No peeing in the tent.
Don't you get sassy with me, young man.
How are you feeling, lieutenant? Like I've been run over by a tank, sir.
A big one.
Have they found Yankee? Not yet, but we're still looking.
This must be pretty serious for an admiral to get involved, sir.
Son, don't let these stars scare you.
Just relax.
You tell me what you can remember.
Anything will help.
We were in a pretty nasty storm, sir.
I was getting bounced around real bad.
I must have blacked out.
The next thing I remember is a bright light, and these people were standing over me.
And my head was pounding like it was about to explode.
One of them sticks me with something like a needle.
I can't even remember what order things happened in it's like my sense of time is all distorted, admiral.
You don't remember how you got to the campground? No, sir.
One minute, I'm at 30,000 feet, and the next, I'm wandering through some swamp.
This woman, she starts to scream, and this dog's barking at me.
It was really weird.
Punching out of an airplane can scramble your noggin pretty good.
You remember seeing Lieutenant Commander Douglas' chute? I'm afraid not, sir.
Notice anything unusual about Commander Douglas' behaviour lately? Now that you mention it, he did seem a little moody, like something was bothering him.
I thought maybe he was just having trouble at home.
The night before the flight, he spent a couple hours in the radio room, said he had to talk to Lee.
His wife.
You have no idea what they talked about? Not offhand.
I know she'd been on him to get out.
She wanted him to trade in his Tomcat for a jumbo jet.
Yankee wanted no part of that.
He was too good a pilot to be flying a bunch of drunken tourists around the friendly skies.
Papers are talking about UFOs and aliens.
You heal yourself up and try not to punch out of any more airplanes.
Will do, sir.
Oh, lieutenant, if you get a visit from any strangers in black suits and sunglasses, don't talk to them.
Aye, aye, sir.
This is AIRCOM.
Stand by to trap Search 1.
Search 3.
We are go for launch.
Yankee's RIO told Admiral Chegwidden that Commander Douglas spent the night before he disappeared in this radio room.
Yes, sir.
He had me call his wife, seven times.
Seven times? Yes, ma'am.
I kept getting her answering machine.
He never reached her? No, sir.
What about after you went off duty? No, I was the only one on duty until he launched, sir.
- Major? Commander? - What's up, Bud? I think you'd better have a look at something.
I accessed Commander Douglas' online software just to see if there was any recent e-mail.
He also bookmarked his favourite websites, so I checked those out as well.
Most of them are news and science except for this one.
The Freedom Brethren? It looks like a hardcore militia group.
Yeah, I downloaded this from Navy Intel.
They're led by a radical named Jack Lambert, a former Army reservist.
They call themselves patriots, but they could be homegrown terrorists.
Well, having visited a website on the Internet is no proof that Commander Douglas was a card-carrying member of some radical militia group.
It's definitely worth a second look.
Bud, did you get a hold of Mrs.
Douglas yet? She's been incommunicado since the Navy informed her of her husband's disappearance.
Well, it's about time she became communicado.
- You and I are taking a trip.
- Yes, sir.
I'll stay aboard until they clear the final search area and contact NCIS, see if they have anything on a militia group within the crew.
Good plan.
Have a safe flight back, Bud.
Forgot we had to fly.
Would you rather we sailed back, Bud? No, sir.
Ships go down just as easily here.
The tanker ship, Marine Sulphur Queen, she disappeared with a crew of 45 men in 1963.
Even the nuclear submarine, the Scorpion, - went down with a crew of 97 in '68.
- This is gonna be a long trip.
The ships just don't have a chance.
Okay, I bite.
Excuse me, sir? The Abductees' Survival Manual? It's a compilation of personal accounts of actual survivors.
Survivors of what? - Alien abductions? - Alien abductions.
Don't you believe in the possibility of life on other planets, sir? A life, maybe.
Flying saucers stealing cows and hillbillies? I don't think so, Bud.
I believe in things you can see, smell, taste, touch.
Sir, there were a rash of UFO sightings all along the Florida coast the night that Commander Douglas disappeared.
So now you think they were abducted by aliens? Well, there is a theory that the Bermuda Triangle contains what's called a blue hole.
It's like a space warp and the aliens use it like a portal.
And sometimes, they'll take humans back with them.
Take them back for what? Experimentation.
Hybrid breeding.
Things I don't even wanna think about, sir.
How many of these brain-nuts are you eating a day, Bud? Power-nuts, sir.
The door's open, sir.
Hello? Well, it looks like somebody was here this morning.
If they were, they're drinking sour milk.
That's sour, all right.
It looks like they've been gone for a few days.
They left in a hurry.
Lee, are you there? If you're there, please answer the phone.
As soon as you get this message, call me on the ship.
I need to talk to you.
Lee, it's me again.
Please call the ship.
I'll go check in the back.
No one's here, sir.
Better call NCIS, Bud.
Tell them to get a forensics team out here ASAP.
As of now, I want this place treated like a crime scene.
Aye, aye, sir.
Excuse me, major, but you have a shore-to-ship call from Commander Rabb.
I'm having it transferred down here.
- Hello? - Mac, we got a situation.
It looks like Douglas' wife and child left in a hurry, possibly against their wishes.
- An abduction? - Appears that way.
The place has been roughed up, and no one's seen them in days.
And the little girl hasn't been in school all week.
First Commander Douglas disappears and then his family.
Yeah, only he left with a fully armed 40-million-dollar aircraft.
And it has something to do with the Freedom Brethren? Well, it's a strong possibility.
The only way a militia group could get their hands on a F-14 would be to steal one.
- Or force someone to steal it for them.
- What better way than kidnap family? But why wouldn't he say something about it? Well, my guess would be they threatened to kill his family if he didn't cooperate.
I'll alert the admiral to the possibility the F-14 didn't crash.
- You do the same with the skipper.
- Right.
Sir, if Yankee did steal the airplane, where is it? I mean, the F-14's a really big bird.
I mean, he'd need 6000 feet of runway just to land and take off again.
Bud, can you get me a list of the UFO sightings along the Florida coast? Do you mean it, sir? Yeah.
What's wrong? This is where I type in my secret password.
I'm in.
Is there any specific sighting that you had in mind, commander? Did anybody get any photos? Yes, sir.
I'll pull the best one up right now.
There it is.
Bud, we need to find the person who took this photo.
His name is Oppenheimer, sir.
You know him? Not personally.
Just from the Net.
Do you really think that this has something to do with Commander Douglas' disappearance? Bud, I think it has everything to do with Commander Douglas' disappearance.
- Look at the photo.
- Two blue UFOs, yes, sir.
Bud, the two blue spheres are afterburners.
Bud, they said they'd be here at 11.
- They'll be here, sir.
- It's ten to 12.
Ten to 12? Oh, man.
Don't take it so personally.
It's not that, sir.
I promised Harriet that I'd call her tonight and in all the confusion, I totally forgot.
Well, I'm sure she'll forgive you.
I hope so.
You two are getting pretty serious.
I guess so.
I think she took her new job with the inspector general so we could spend more time together.
You're not sure? Well, I mean, that's what she told me.
But I never really know what a woman's thinking.
Probably just as well.
Even when they tell you something, they reserve the right to change their mind at any time.
It's that woman's prerogative thing.
I mean, what's up with that? I hate that.
God, I hate that.
Yeah, it's like, I asked Major MacKenzie if she was gonna be leaving JAG, you know, because I've seen the way she looks at Dalton Lowne.
And she said no.
But she could change her mind at the drop of a hat.
She's not going anywhere, Bud.
You know, I'm sure Lieutenant Pike and Lieutenant Austin told you the exact same thing before they transferred.
I mean, let's face it, commander, you've had lousy luck with women.
The female JAG officers you've been with, in the workplace, sir.
The giant is sleeping.
He dreams of bigger shoes.
Okay, okay.
Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, this is Oppenheimer and Einstein.
I'm Einstein, he's Oppenheimer.
Those aren't our real names.
Really? It's for your own protection.
Protection from what? Bud? Bud, are they taking us there or not? Yes, sir, but they wanna blindfold you.
You've got to be kidding me.
Sir, they wanted to put you in the trunk.
Forget about it.
No way, no blindfolds.
Forget about it.
Turn right here and stop.
I peeked twice.
Why didn't they make you wear a blindfold? I was driving, sir.
This is where we took the photograph.
The UFOs came from the east, and disappeared over those trees.
Those weren't UFOs, guys.
The blue spheres you saw were afterburners from an F-14 Tomcat.
And I got you, Roswell was a weather balloon.
I'm telling you the truth.
No, there were at least from here to Percane Valley.
How far is that? Guys, you already let the cat out of the bag.
What the hell difference does it make if we know where we are? You'd understand our hesitation, sir, if you realised how extensive this cover-up really is.
What cover-up? Heck, no, no, no, we've said too much already.
Look, boys, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
You help us and I will give you a personalized tour of the Pentagon.
I'll even take you to Sublevel 2, beyond the purple water cooler.
- Sir? - Bud, this is big.
What do you say? Okay, here's where we are.
Percane Valley is about 38 miles south of the South Carolina-Georgia border.
Any airstrips in this area? Ship-to-shore operator.
This is Commander Rabb.
I wanna make a person-to-person call to Major MacKenzie aboard the USS Coral Sea.
Thank you.
This is Major MacKenzie.
Mac, it's Harm.
I need you to locate an airstrip for me, large enough to land a Tomcat that's within a 50-mile radius of the Percane Valley in Georgia.
Start with the DEA.
They may know some airstrips in this area used by drug dealers.
If no joy there, call Webb.
Have his friends at the CIA pull up some photos of the area.
And if he doesn't wanna help us? Remind him that recovering a 40-million-dollar Tomcat will look great on his résumé.
Bud and I are headed there now.
I drugged Bubba's coffee.
He was out when I landed.
They made it look like he punched out and then Then they set him loose.
He'll be fine.
Murray, how could you do this? I had no choice, Lee.
They had you and Kimmy.
And now what? Now what are you gonna do? I'm gonna fly a hop for them.
But then we all get to go home.
Promise, Daddy? Yeah.
What kind of hop? What are they making you do? It doesn't matter, Lee.
My Navy career is over.
It was over the moment I stole that Tomcat.
All I wanna do now is get you and Kimmy out of here, get you home.
Show time, commander.
Save the hugs and kisses for your return.
- When will he make intercept? - Thirteen minutes.
What do we do about the wife and kid? Bury them in the woods.
Alive? I'm not heartless, Dobbs.
Kill them first.
Use it or lose it.
- I got him.
- All right.
- Get to him.
- Don't shoot.
- No, man, don't shoot.
- You, you, stay down.
Bud, stay with them until the area is secure.
Aye, aye, sir.
Face down! On the ground! On the ground! Sir, corpsmen are checking Mrs.
Douglas and her little girl.
They're all right, but they're worried about the commander.
So am I.
This is a fly route from Jericho to Washington.
Arafat's due in this morning for a peace summit with Israel.
You don't think Commander Douglas is gonna shoot Arafat down, do you? It's exactly what I think he's being forced to do, Bud.
We gotta stop him.
USS Coral Sea is launching right now to do that.
They're gonna shoot him down? If necessary.
Yankee, this is the Coral Sea.
Your family is safe.
Repeat, your family is safe.
You can come home to the nest.
Why isn't he answering, sir? Sir, you may wanna take a look at these.
- Sir - You pulled his radio? Sir, no, don't.
It doesn't matter anyway.
He'll never pull the trigger.
And why's that? Because he's a Naval aviator.
Something you wannabes would never understand.
He stole an F-14 to save his family.
He'll pull the trigger.
I got him.
Are you sure it's him? It's gotta be.
Sixty miles out, bearing 010, two targets.
Commercial airliner squawking at angels 30 and an unidentified bogie climbing on his six.
Give him a call.
They told us he doesn't have a radio.
Give him a call anyway.
Yankee, this is Hobo.
Do you copy? Over.
Yankee, please respond.
Yankee, this is Hobo.
Do you copy? Over.
Yankee, please respond.
They know he doesn't have a radio.
They're hoping for a miracle.
Arm the Phoenix? Negative.
It may lock on the passenger jet.
We'll close and use Fox 1.
We've got a lock, Monk.
Don't do it, Yankee.
I can't do it.
He's breaking off.
He's breaking off.
I repeat, Yankee 1 has broken contact with civilian aircraft.
I'll bring him home.
I think you just got your miracle, sir.
Kim and Lee are safe? Oh, God.
Did he read it? He read it.
Coral Sea, this is Yankee 2.
Yankee 1 has joined to my wing.
We're coming home.
Let Mrs.
Douglas know the good news, Bud.
With pleasure, sir.
- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah.
Never underestimate the integrity of a Naval aviator.