Jaguar (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


325,000 inhabitants.
Does anyone know how we're gonna find
these Nazis among all these people?
Do you know the expression
"a needle in a haystack"?
[Castro] Yeah, it means
it'll be impossible.
[Lucena] No, but it is going
to be very difficult.
But with patience and hard work,
we'll find him.
Deaf Man, the address
in Bachmann's locker,
- did you find anything?
- Nothing.
Do you think
you'll be able to recognize Heim?
It's been a really long time, Isabel.
[Isabel] Some things you never forget.
I didn't go to
the commander of the camp's house often.
His breath smelled like coffee.
After lunch, he would have
one of those brown candies.
I never understood how he could
do all those things to those people.
We'll stay in the windmill.
If there's any trouble,
we have a place to hide.
"Those are not giants, my Lord."
- "Those are not giants."
- [Castro] What are you talking about?
[Marsé laughs] Nothing.
- [Castro] You said something.
- [Deaf Man] It's from Don Quixote.
[Marsé] "Change the world, Sancho,
change the world,
which is neither madness nor utopia,
but justice."
- [Castro] Whatever you say.
- [Lucena] Any problem, I'll meet you here.
In the meantime,
let's find out where Bachmann is.
Marsé, find out
where they could be staying.
Castro and Deaf Man, check
if they have any property in the area.
Isabel and I will try to find out what
that code we found in the locker meant.
["Vientos del Pueblo"
by Ebri Knight plays]
- Did you find anything?
- Nothing.
No one at this post office or any other
knows about the address Santa Tecla.
- Not an address or a PO box?
- No.
[Marsé] Hotels, motels,
boarding houses, and nothing.
There's nobody under Bachmann's name.
What about the registry?
Maybe he owns some property.
[Marsé] Already checked. Nothing.
- Did you also look for Ilse?
- Of course. But there's nothing.
- They're like ghosts.
- Tell me you have something.
- [Deaf Man] Nothing.
- [Castro] We checked offices,
company directories, hospitals,
residential areas, bungalows, doghouses
He's nowhere to be found.
It seems nobody here has seen
a German giant with a scar on his face.
We're doing something wrong.
- Maybe he's not here.
- No. He's here. We have to keep looking.
We're going to check out every bar,
nightclub and restaurant here.
Bachmann likes women too much
to stay underground.
[Ilse] The doctor told me I have to swim,
and I do it every day.
But what I really like
is swimming in the sea, you know?
Any day I don't go swimming, I go to bed
feeling like something's missing.
How many beaches are here?
[laughs] A lot.
Tomorrow morning,
we will need to watch them all.
Why's that?
Because if Ilse is here,
she'll be at one of them.
We'll do six-hour shifts.
If we see anyone who might be Heim,
we'll take a picture
so Isabel can identify him.
- All right?
- [Deaf Man] Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay. Go get some rest.
I'll take the first watch.
What are you drawing?
I started writing a diary, you know?
But them words alone were no longer
enough to describe
all the horror I witnessed in there.
The cruelty was always present.
But at night, it became
impossible to bear.
We'd hear the dogs barking
and we knew new prisoners had arrived.
Poles, Italians, Turks, didn't matter.
The dogs barked and barked and barked.
From my barracks window,
I could see the Appellplatz.
And the new arrivals were so close
that I could see their faces,
I could smell their scent.
I remember one night
a father and his son came.
I don't know where they were from.
Lithuanians, I think.
The commander separated them
from the group
and told the boy
that if he hit his father with a stick,
the commander would let him live.
The boy couldn't have been
more than 15 years old.
- He was so scared that
- [dog snarling]
in his terror, he hit
his father on the head with a stick
and killed him right there,
in front of everybody.
It took him a while
to realize what he'd done,
and when he did, he knelt down crying,
hugging his father's corpse,
screaming in a language no one knew.
At the same time, we all understood
what he was saying.
Then the commander unleashed the dogs,
which tore the boy apart.
After that, the commander ordered
the rest of the prisoners
to drag their corpses to the crematorium.
It wasn't enough to kill us.
They had to torture us.
Cruelty reigned in Dachau.
When they liberated the camp,
I went directly to the dog cages.
The officers had already gone,
they'd left their dogs there.
Even though I had no strength,
I used a stone to crush their heads
one by one.
Until they finally stopped barking.
That way, they would never do it again.
Until very recently
I didn't know if I'd be able
to do the same thing
to their humans who kept them.
[man sobbing]
But I could.
[gunshot echoes]
I did it.
- Nothing.
- Here.
Thank you.
[church bell rings]
There's someone there.
i count four men. They're armed.
Why would a couple who don't hire
security in Madrid use it here?
- Because the security isn't for them.
- [laughs]
Your turn.
Tell me it's him. Tell me it's Heim.
His back is to me. I can't see him.
Come on.
[camera shutter clicking]
Did you see him?
I can't.
Isabel, did you see his face?
What the fuck are they doing?
Damn it.
Hey! Bachmann's leaving.
Go follow him, don't lose him.
The driver's emptying the car's ashtray
in the trash.
[shutter clicking]
[shutter clicking]
Well, now we know
what they had for breakfast,
what they're eating,
drinking, and smoking,
and that
they don't even finish their cigarettes.
Have you found anything?
Just trash and a foul smell.
I'm going to relieve Marsé.
What is it?
And you're positive?
I could never forget this.
It's him. It's Heim.
- We can't make any mistakes.
- I'm sure about this.
- How can you be so sure?
- Look at it!
- What else do you need?
- [sighs]
What else do you need?
Something to convince me
we won't miss our chance.
Anyone could have eaten that candy.
You brought me here because I'm the only
one who's seen that bastard's face.
- Instead I've been pawing through garbage!
- We need more!
That wrapper doesn't mean anything!
- Don't raise your voice at me again!
- Stop thinking this is only about you!
There's a saying where I come from.
"Water doesn't change."
"We do."
It's been a long time since I've been
back there. Not since the war started.
[fires gun]
Do you wanna go back?
No. Why would I?
That place is no longer my home.
There's nothing there for me.
At least you know where you're from.
I don't even remember.
I shouldn't have shouted at you.
I'm sorry.
We need you here.
[Isabel] You know the worst part?
I always thought, when I saw the sea,
it would look bigger.
Yeah, that's the right place.
The boat's called the Santa Tecla.
Get a small boat. If they'll transport
him out like that, we'll need it.
And, Castro? Good job, kiddo.
- What?
- They found what the numbers were.
They correspond to a berth
in a private port.
- They plan to take him out by sea?
- The Santa Tecla's a boat.
A small fishing boat, to be precise.
They can't get very far with it.
And that means?
It might just be a shuttle.
[paper rustling]
The Nazis always planned
several escape routes.
After Eichmann, I don't think they see
South America as a very safe place.
You're thinking Africa.
We can't let them reach the open sea,
or we'll lose him.
[man] Do they have good ones?
- [Castro] Yes, I'll say. Here you are.
- [man] Thanks a lot.
- [Castro] No worries.
Want to take it for a spin?
[engine spluttering]
What, are we out of gas?
Holy shit.
He said it was full.
[grunts] What?
Deaf Man! What are you
- Deaf Man, what are you doing?
- Where did you go at night?
- I saw you were signaling from a window.
- [gasps]
- Where did you go?
- [Castro] Please!
- Who did you meet with there? Huh?
- [gasps]
He's just a friend!
- [Castro gasping]
- [Deaf Man] You put us all in danger!
A friend, I promise you, just a friend!
[Castro gasping]
He's nobody! He's nobody!
I don't know what it was!
I don't know what it was!
Have you ever been with a woman?
Me too.
I've tried being with a girl, but
I don't know, there's just always
something that doesn't
that makes it impossible, I don't
I don't know, I just can't.
I don't know if what happened with him
is what I want either, but
[Castro breathing shakily]
I don't want to die
without knowing who I really am.
Huh. Raise your head.
- [whimpers]
- It's okay.
- Anything?
- [Lucena] Nothing.
What are you doing? Put that away.
I got involved with you
for only one reason.
To kill all those sons of bitches
for what they did to my father.
- Do you know how many we've caught? Zero!
- Hey!
But I've wasted my time my whole
fucking life, and I've had enough!
- [pistol clicks]
- Give me the gun.
- Gonna shoot me?
- If you make me.
- Then pull the trigger.
- Try me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, come on. Hey. The gun.
Where's the gun? Give me the gun.
- Give
- [laughing]
Give it to me. Stop. Stop. Hey.
Hey. Hey! Look at me. Look at me.
Let him go. Let
- Let
- What the fuck's going on here, Castro?
- Leave him.
- [Lucena] We're not like them.
Maybe we should be more like them.
If it's not Heim, it's some other Nazi.
If we go in and it's not Heim,
I assure you, we'll lose him forever.
We won't get him or any other Nazi.
Look at me. Look at me!
- Get off me, Deaf Man. Fuck off.
- He's right this time.
What if we use a decoy
to force them to come out?
Let's set the house on fire.
- Let's go.
- Yeah?
[Marsé] Well, well, comrades.
I think Castro has a point.
- What?
- Somewhat, Deaf Man, somewhat.
We have to get into that villa,
but we can't fire a bullet, kiddo.
Isabel is the only one
who can tell us if that guy in there is
or isn't Heim.
But you, me and and Isabel
can't go in there
because Bachmann and Ilse
have seen our faces.
You're right, Lucena. Let's see.
Who said we have to go there for him?
What we have to do
is bring that Nazi here. To us.
[Lucena chuckles]
[Marsé] Kiddo. Would you really dare
to shoot one of these?
Good afternoon, sir. We've been notified
that there's been a power outage.
[Ilse] Who is it?
I'm sorry, am I at the wrong house?
No, you're in the right place.
Our power has gone out.
Do you know the reason?
Who knows? My partner
is checking the wiring from the outside.
We need to check
the house's circuitry as well.
We're doing it up and down the street.
Mind if I come in?
Wait here.
You can come in.
- You don't mind
- Mind what?
[Ilse] There have been a lot of robberies
in the area lately, you know?
- Everything all right?
- Excuse him, he doesn't understand.
Where's the fuse box?
[Ilse] Follow me.
Whatever caused the outage, it knocked out
the power to the whole neighborhood.
- This is a real mess.
- Will this take much longer?
Oh, look here
This is scorched.
- And that means?
- Well, I don't know, ma'am.
I'm gonna have to look at
all the outlets in the house
to see how many need to be replaced.
[in German] Go with him.
He's to finish as soon as possible.
There's no voltage.
It sure wasn't from here.
You understand me?
You don't understand.
This is It doesn't work.
[toolbox clattering]
[grunts] Let's go upstairs.
[men speaking German softly]
[conversation in German continues]
[conversation in German continues]
Nothing here.
[in German] Where are you going?
I have to check all the outlets.
- I have to
- No!
Oh. Okay.
Where's the toilet? I gotta pee.
Would you would you like to come in?
Wanna do it with me?
Thank you.
[guard, in German] Idiot.
- Come on.
- [shutter clicks]
Turn around.
- [shutter clicks]
- Come on.
- [knocks]
- [in German] Hello?
Either you come out now or I'll come in.
Do you hear me?
The power's back.
- [Castro] Do you have it?
- Deaf Man's developing it. Find anything?
I've been told that on Sundays,
a freighter passes Almería
At three a.m, it goes
to the nearest point on the coast.
- Your source?
- Maritime traffic authority.
- What's the destination?
- Egypt.
To the port of Suez through the Canal.
Very good. Keep an eye
on the Santa Tecla in case it sets sail.
- And don't get separated from our boat.
- Got it.
How's he doing?
He's working on it.
[Lucena] We know where they're taking him.
Our friend wants to see the pyramids.
Is it Heim?
I don't know. He has a beard and it's
covering the scar. I can't make it out.
I've looked at them
more than a hundred times.
And they're blurry.
I can't see well enough
This picture could be anyone.
They're leaving. Let's go.
[revving engine]
[tires screeching]
- What are you doing, Marsé?
- I know a short cut.
[tires squealing]
[crashing, glass smashing]
[Lucena] Don't shoot Heim!
[Marsé coughing]
- [Marsé] Oh, oh
- [grunting]
Marsé. Marsé, are you all right?
- Yeah. They're getting away. Go on.
- [Deaf Man] Lucena!
[Lucena] Hey! On the ground!
On the ground. Drop the gun! Don't move.
Get up. Get up!
- [Isabel] It's not him.
- What?
It's not him!
- Companions, they fooled us.
- [Lucena] Get in the car! Quick!
[man cackling]
Come on! Come on, come on, hurry up!
[Marsé] Come on, comrades. Go, go, go!
[in German] Bachmann! Lights!
- Bachmann!
- [Isabel] It's him! Heim!
[in German] Take cover! Take cover!
[Marsé] Come on! Go!
Are you all right?
Everybody, get ready!
- Come on!
- [gunfire]
[Marsé] They hit our engine!
We're losing gas!
If the boat stops,
we'll lose them. What do we do?
[Lucena] Do whatever it takes!
But we can't let Heim get away!
[Marsé] Comrades, get ready!
[Lucena] Jump!
["Vientos del Pueblo"
by Ebri Knight plays]
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