Jamaica Inn (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Part One

(MARY) I never thought I'd struggle with telling good from evil.
But there was once a time when I lost that certainty.
And everything I thought I knew was just a lie.
(SHIP'S BELL TOLLS) (BELL TOLLS LOUDER AND LOUDER) One autumn morning in 1821, I set off alone to a place far away from everything I'd ever known.
I had no family left to me, except an aunt I'd met just once.
It was there I was headed to the ends of the earth to Bodmin Moor.
(GOOSE CACKLES) You need to find a husband to take care of you.
You should take Ned, love.
You know he'd see you right.
You always said if I married, I should love the man.
Have you changed your mind? Of course I haven't.
Well, then My mother hid her illness from me.
And her sudden death was more than I could bear.
Marry me, Mary.
When she'd gone, my childhood sweetheart, Ned, did all he could to make me stay.
But I did not love him.
I thought I had no need of love and didn't know its power.
But, as I was soon to learn, there's nothing so dangerous as a headstrong girl who knows her own mind.
(CARRIAGE RATTLES) (INDISTINCT VOICES) Launceston, all out! (HORSES WHINY) - Smuggler, is he? - Ten pounds King's ransom's what he is.
Ten pounds of good ale.
(VOICES CHATTER, LAUGHTER) How long will it take to change the horses? - I'm going to Jamaica Inn.
- Jamaica Inn? If it's work you're after, you won't find it out there.
I'm expected.
It's my uncle's inn.
Well, you can tell your uncle Legassik says hello.
What's your name? - Mary.
- It's rough out at Jamaica, Mary.
Coaches don't stop there any more.
Be that as it may, it's where I'm bound.
- I'm not afraid of hardship.
- It's just the moors for 20 miles.
- Some say there's ghosts.
- I'm not afraid of ghosts either.
You're a bloody cheat! What are you afraid of? Get off me! (SHOUTING AND SCUFFLES) I saw you! I saw you, you (SHOUTING) cheat! (SHOUTING) Come here! (SHOUTING) (BLACKSMITH'S ANVIL CLANGS) It's the law, lads! Come inside! - Come here! - Get off! Get a hold of him, will you? Break it up, lads! Break it up! All right!! Which one of you took my scuddlin' horse? Will you drive me to Jamaica Inn then, or shall I have to walk? (CARRIAGE RATTLES) (THE WIND BLUSTERS) (SHE GASPS) Are you Joshua Merlyn? Is my aunt here? Aunt Patience? I'm Mary Yellan.
PATIENCE!! (RASPS) There's a bunch of petticoats here to see you.
(DOOR CREAKS) (DOOR CLICKS SHUT) What is it, Joss? Only I was just Aunt Patience.
Mary? Oh, it's never you, is it? Ah! (LAUGHS) But is my sister with you? She's dead.
Dead? A month ago.
I wrote to you.
Did you not get my letter? No.
She wanted me to come to you.
I've nowhere else to go.
Oh, no.
- You can't stay here.
- Course she can! She can work for us.
Can't you, Mary? She's a good girl.
You can see it in her face.
She'll be no trouble.
That depends, hm? Is she tame or does she bite? (HEAVY BREATHS) Should have made this one a boy.
- Joss - Shut up! Me and this girl, we understand each other.
You get her something to eat.
She's starved to death.
You mustn't mind your Uncle Joss.
There's none round here don't respect him.
(SIGHS) Brings me flowers, see? Here - sit.
You don't drink, uh? No? I do.
I drink and I drink.
Sometimes when I drink, I talk.
And if you ever get too nosy or open that trap of yours, I'll break you and make you eat out of my hand.
(SNIFFS) (PATIENCE) I didn't mean it! (JOSS) Why did you say it then? (DOOR CREAKS) (PATIENCE) I know you love me! You're hurting me! (SHE SOBS) (SIGHS) (THE WIND RUSTLES) (DOOR CREAKS OPEN) You've seen how castaway we are.
I don't go out there.
Happy with my chicken run.
Aunt Patience, why are there no customers? Your uncle doesn't like folk staying.
Lonely spot like this, we could be murdered in our beds.
How can you live if there's no custom? Well, people come from all around, thank you very much.
Farm cottages and the mines.
It's evenings when the bar's full of 'em.
So tell me, Mary you got a beau back there at home? No.
He'll be along soon enough.
A man to stop you thinking straight.
And you'll be off to church before you know it.
I don't know that I want to marry, unless I really loved the man.
Seems to me too many men just make slaves of women.
You'll change your mind, course you will.
Your uncle says there's silk for sale at Camelford.
Lovely Chinese silk.
Going cheap as well.
Thought we could get down there and make ourselves new dresses.
Is it smuggled silk? Now listen here, missy, your uncle's got another mouth to feed now, - so we can't go paying out for everything.
- I'll starve then if it helps you.
It was smugglers who killed my father.
Surely, you know that? So you can't go putting money in their pockets.
Then I'll just wear this one till it falls off my back then, shall I? Leave me naked to the four winds.
What do I care? I brought this for you.
It isn't new, but it hasn't got any holes in it.
Thank you, love.
I suppose you think me dowdy? No.
Course not.
You need to take care, Mary, love.
You've got to fit in round here.
I'd hate to see any harm come to you.
(HORSE WHINIES) (MEN'S VOICES) Your uncle's out.
There's water to wash.
(GASPS) You should be careful.
A man might help himself to what's on offer if it's so pretty.
Well, it's not on offer.
(CHUCKLES) If he was any kind of gentleman, he'd know that.
Well, that told me.
He wouldn't help himself to the ale either.
- The landlord here is a brutal man.
- I know the landlord.
But take it, if it makes you feel better.
- I only came to check you were all right.
- Horse thief came to check that, did he? Oh, that's all I am, is it, common horse thief? A man who can't find an honest trade is no man at all in my eyes.
(ALE POURS) What the hell do you want, Jem? Is there trouble? What can't I come and see my own brother? Like my new trinket, do you? Mine.
Now what do you want? There's a new magistrate in Launceston.
He sent down He says he'll hunt down every man who's working free trade.
You don't think I know about it? Yeah, well, you should do something about it.
You need to stay quiet awhile.
How do you expect me to do that when someone's squealing? What do you mean? Customs have been turning over half my bloody stash.
Now someone's talking.
You heard anything? No.
- All the more reason to lay low.
- We can't! We've got a haul coming off the coast tonight.
- Need you to get me more horses.
- And I said no! - No? - No, Joss.
I'm your brother! You want to see me hang? (WHISPERS) Mary, get away from there! - Patience - No! You could have told me you were his brother.
I thought you might have guessed it from my manners.
How long you planning on being here, Mary? It seems a waste, maid like you.
You need to find a husband.
Everyone seems very keen to tell me what I need.
What I mean to say is, you shouldn't stay here.
There's things going on here you shouldn't get caught up in.
(SIGHS) What, like smuggling? I worked that one out.
I'm not stupid.
You are if you say it so damned loudly! Well, it's wrong.
I know the lies folk tell themselves to make out it's no crime.
But that doesn't make it right.
If I had somewhere else to go, I would, and I would take my aunt with me.
Mary, whatever it is you think you know you mustn't speak of it.
Not if you want to stay safe.
Says a horse thief.
You might be right there.
Probably be the death of me one day.
Take that nag.
I brought her for you.
I don't want it.
Well, take her anyway.
There might come a time you'd rather not be here and if there is, you'll need her.
MARY!! (MEN'S VOICES) (LOUD CHATTER) (LAUGHTER) Have you settled in, Miss Yellan? Harry.
I'm Harry.
It's a treat to have another pretty face about.
Don't get many all the way out here.
Tried to run off up the hill earlier.
Didn't get nowhere, did you, girl? Bogs out there's dangerous.
Joss's father, Matthew, got hisself caught up in one.
Bog was too deep to get across to pull him out.
Watched him die.
That's why I don't want you to go out there.
Cakey's in the shitter.
Patience rags for Cakey.
Wipe his arse for him! (LAUGHTER) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Stout, Twins, time to go.
Thomas, you as well.
Watch this one, he rears.
You're the criminal, are you? (HORSE WHINIES) (HORSES' HOOVES CLATTER) (KNOCKING) Here.
(GRUNTS) I don't care about the money.
I just want you.
Oh, you Er, we've, er (COUGHS) We've, er, business business with the landlord.
Well, he's inside.
Will, please let's go.
(CHATTER OF MEN'S VOICES) I'm, er You're Joss Merlyn.
I, er I sail a trading route for East India Company.
They're bringing in some best French brandy.
What's that to do with me? Well Well, it I, er Erm, I mean I I hoped that What did you hope for, boy, hm? Huh? You come here and play a man's game - I can tell you - Is that it? I can tell you what time we'll be along the coast! I'll put the barrels over the side.
We'll split it 50/50.
- Can't say no to that, eh, Joss? - It ain't up to you, old man.
Now get out! Cakey's knocked his ale over.
Needs it cleaning up.
(SINGS) Once there was a barmaid at the Prince George Hotel.
Mistress was a lady, her master was a swell.
They knew she was a simple girl just lately from the farm.
So they watched her carefully to keep her from all harm.
Then there came a miner, an ordinary man.
(MEN JOIN IN) Bulging at the trousers with a cock like Sunday ham.
Down a shaft without a maid for seven years or more Don't want an idiot, eh? How about a real man to break you in? Get off! Get off me! (HEAVY BREATHS) (SILENCE) You all right? (DOOR OPENS) Joss! Joss! We've gone to hell! Stout and his twins have been busted.
Legassik caught them.
We never got to the beach.
The haul's still there.
Say sorry to the girl.
I beg your pardon.
EVERYBODY OUT!!! Harry, get the horses! There's Revenue all up the coast.
They's had a tip-off, sure as hell.
Patience, bring the hooks.
We've got to get the haul off the beach.
I'm not coming! Oh, you'll come or you'll stay with Eli.
Help me! Don't you give me judgment for something you don't understand.
(HORSE WHINIES) Get off! Now! Go to that wall.
Go to the wall! Agh! Ah! (SOUND OF HORSES APPROACHING) That's Merlyn's men we saw! They can't have got far! Stay sharp! (HORSES' GALLOP FADES AWAY) - Zephaniah didn't show? - I told him not to.
I thought it was him who was snitching.
- What about Abe? - Oh, Abe didn't turn up either.
No word, nothing.
When we're done here one of you drag Abe out of bed and bring him to the inn.
Come on! Come on! Mary! Here.
Is it silk? My aunt may have it.
Abe, Abe, Abe, Abe, Abe, Abe! Where you been, Abe? I ain't been nowhere, Joss.
That's why we had to ride all round the countryside looking for you.
(PANTS) I's sick, that's all.
I's sick.
Better go home.
And you.
I'd never betray you.
It wasn't me.
I was sick, I told you.
I swear to thee, on my mother's grave, I ain't no snitch, Joss.
So how did the Revenue know we were coming, hm? Hm? I had to cut Zephaniah out because I thought it was him who was snitching.
I don't have many other choices, ABE!! (ABE WHIMPERS) They've got the Twins.
They're boys.
- They'll talk or they'll hang.
- It wasn't me.
I never did nothing! - Then who was it? - I don't know.
I don't know! - Why would you lie to me? - I didn't lie, Joss.
- I swear I didn't lie.
- Why would you lie to me? I half believe him.
It's up to you.
(MAN) Do it! I have known this man all my life.
He has a wife and child.
No, Joss.
Your aunt's cooked breakfast.
Sit and eat.
We've saved a spot of cream for your bread too.
Joss some more? Mm, good.
- Aunt Patience, please, I need to talk to you.
- That's it.
They brought a man in here last night.
Mary I know one was in here and I saw the rope.
- I think that my uncle kille - Do you need me, Joss? No.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CREAKS SHUT) I was hiding in the storeroom.
A man came and he hid in there.
I think they hung a man called Abe.
You must have had a dream and got confused.
But you were there and you heard them.
I didn't dream your face.
(LAUGHS) Oh, this? I did it to myself.
Tripped up on the cobbles outside and fell down in the water trough.
You saw me do it.
Mary, where you going? Mary! We have to tell someone.
Tell them what? There's nothing to tell 'cept what you dreamt! Don't you come here making trouble for me, girl! I'm trying to save you! Can't you understand that? I don't understand what kind of hold he has on you.
I know you're afraid of him.
Course I am.
So should you be.
At least I've got your uncle to protect me.
It's the other man.
The one that hid.
He tells your uncle what to do.
He's the one that hit me.
Who is he? Can't.
He'll kill me.
We have to put an end to this.
I'll tell them you're not involved! Mary, you're not going to the law.
We feed you, don't we? I'll send your uncle after you! I'll send your uncle to fetch you back, Mary! (INDISTINCT VOICES) Excuse me.
- Is there a constable here? - Constable, eh? There he is.
Eli Brown.
(TALKS INDISTINCTLY) (DOOR SLAMS SHUT) (PANTS) I'm Francis Davey, the vicar of Altarnun.
(PANTS) I'm Mary Yellan, sir.
Do you wish to speak with me, Mary? (HANNAH) Mr Davey, you can't make stew inside a church.
(SIGHS) My sister, Hannah.
Mary Yellan.
And Beth - who helps us at the vicarage.
- Pleased to meet you.
Hannah, Mary wishes to speak with me, so perhaps you and Beth might leave us alone.
Oh, no! I I'm just (HANNAH) You're new to our parish, Mary? I'm at Jamaica Inn.
God's house is open to any who would hear His word.
Mr Davey! (SHE PANTS) (WHISPERS) He's gone.
I don't know where he is.
Jamaica Inn Your family, I suppose? Hannah Mrs Trelawn has need of me.
Abe didn't come home last night.
Drunk inside some inn, was he? I hope we'll see you at a service, Mary.
Hear him preach.
He's very good.
You won't regret it.
Thank you for not saying anything.
I mean, it's not like it's so wrong bringing back a few kegs to sell.
(SIGHS) We're getting married! I have to go.
(PANTS) Stop! Stop! Mary! (WATER SLOSHES) Oh! Don't struggle! Just get me out of here, please! If you'd taken that nag I gave you, she'd have kept you out of there.
Will you just Just get me out! Here.
(SHE PANTS) Wooo! Didn't my brother tell you not to walk the moors alone? I'm trying not to listen to a word your brother said.
Well, he'd be right about that one.
Bogs are dangerous.
Like a lot of things around here, including you! Me?! I thought I just saved your skin.
Ran me in, more like.
Skulking round on the moors trying to scare me! I know that you were there last night.
And I think that man was murdered.
- And murder would be wrong then, would it? - Of course it's wrong.
And what if the law tells you to do it? If you're a soldier and you go to fight a war, they tell you to kill plenty then.
So that's your excuse then, is it? You've been at war, so now you can do what you like? No morals and no conscience? Mary there's things going on here you don't understand.
You need to be careful who you talk to.
So where are you going now then? (SHE SIGHS) Launceston, is it, for the magistrate? It's none of your business! Well, you're heading the wrong way.
(SHE SIGHS) - The new magistrate's in Launceston? - Yeah.
But he road past half an hour ago, heading west.
And I'd say he was riding for Jamaica Inn.
Go! You'll see.
When you see I've told you the truth, do me a favour Don't say you've seen me.
Please, Mary.
I'll come and find you soon, Mary! The magistrate's come! Did you call him? You, girl, what's your business here? (LEGASSIK) Says she's Merlyn's niece.
Please, God, no! Damn it! - Who told him I was coming? - I don't know what you mean.
I You, girl.
What do you know of the dealings of this inn? Nothing, sir.
I only came here a few days ago.
What about the landlord's brother, Jem? Do you know where he is? I've never met him.
You can tell Joss Merlyn I won't rest until I see him hang.
He has my word on that.
You're my little lamb.
Cos my Jossie's a good man, see? You're one of us now, Mary.
(DOOR CLOSES) I lied to the magistrate and I can't bear it on my conscience.
(DAVEY) Mary might be our ears and eyes.
She could help us to investigate her uncle.
(HANNAH) She should take care for her own skin.
- Who's there? - Aaaagh! (HANNAH) Who knows what Merlyn's capable of? I know there's another man who gives my uncle orders.
- Is it you? - What do you think? You're a thief who stands for everything I despise.
- And yet, you like me.
- I do not like you.