Jamaica Inn (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Part Three

You want me, don't you? I do.
He made sure I'd have him, then he left.
Marry me, Mary.
Ned? He your sweetheart, is he? He would be, if I'd have him.
You can tell Joss Merlyn that I won't rest until I see him hang.
You wreck ships on purpose? Murder all the sailors.
I can tell you what time we'll be along the coast.
I'll put the barrels over the side.
We'll split it 50/50.
Will's off today.
To France.
My aunt says there's someone else who works above my uncle.
Don't do it.
Want me to say no to him? Is that it? I know my uncle is a wrecker.
So the landlord talks when he's drunk.
Get in! You want to dress like a man? Then come and do some man's work.
Some memories are best buried deep.
It was dawn when we reached the shore.
And my uncle told me, if I ran, they'd hunt me down.
When I saw the men luring the ship towards the rock with their false light, I knew this was to be a wrecking.
But I did not know there was another who had come to watch.
As the horror of my uncle's words became real before my eyes, I never imagined I would have to make a choice between life and death.
Both on this day Stand up! .
and in the days to come.
CRASHING DISTANT SHOUTS SHOUTING AND SCREAMING Get up! Come on! What are you doing? It's your turn next.
I'm not You'll kill the next one, or I swear I'll drown you myself.
You're mad! I will show you who's mad, girl! Come on! No! Now you watch how Eli does it.
No! Don't touch him! We have to do it, Mary! A dead man tell no tales.
Do you understand me? Here! There's an easy one for you to start with.
Come on! No! Oh, we all think we can't do it at first.
You have to shut your eyes, and you force yourself, girl! You understand me? No? You won't do it, eh? God damn you! Argh! I'll never do it! No matter what you do to me, I'll never murder! Die! Die! Help! Help me! Will! It's Will! You spare him! He told you about the ship himself! I know you have a conscience! Come on, Mary! Come on! I know there's good in you! There must be! I'm sorry! I tried to get it over the side.
I couldn't get the barrels over.
No, please, Mr Merlyn, please! Aargh! Come on, Legassik.
All this for a stolen horse? A stolen horse might be what got you in here but ten dead bodies on a beach is what you'll hang for! What? Oh, you know nothing of it.
Course you don't.
Last night a ship was wrecked and all the sailors murdered.
Six seamen dead, a woman too.
You know I didn't do it, cos I've been locked up here since six last evening! We believe it to be the work of your brother and we know that you're involved.
Seems to me you got no proof.
But we have you.
So you have a choice to make.
Turn King's evidence against your brother.
Or you can pay the price for both of you, and hang alone.
DOOR SLAMS So you're with us, then.
You had me worried for a while.
Where is he? You know what he did? You know what happened? While you sat here, wishing him well, wishing him back here, your husband held men down while they drowned.
He betrayed a man he made a deal with.
And they killed him! You hear something? No.
Did you? Yeah.
I hope it's the law come for you.
They will not find nothing here to charge me with if they do.
Both of you.
SHE SOBS Got to make a run for it, Joss.
And what if he's out there waiting for us? He'll want to make sure there is no-one left alive who can name him.
Well, we can't just sit here, can we? Like rats in a trap! I'm not goin' on no bloody moors! I am not! I can't protect you out there.
We can get across to Devon.
Put the Tamar 'tween us.
If we wait, the Magistrate'll come! He won't want to know the truth.
He just wants to see you hang.
CREAKING (You bloody fool!) You want a bullet in your guts, is that it? Missus.
I just come to tell you, the law ain't coming for you, Joss.
But this man Bassatt's by the book.
He's waiting on his evidence.
So we could get away, then! It's one chance in a million, Joss, but we've got it.
So, if you just tell me where you've hid the stuff, I'll take my share and just be off.
With a bite of bread, if you've got it for me, Missus.
I haven't touched food since yesterday.
If my finger slips, you'll lose your windpipe, like Abe did.
What are you doing, Joss? I come this way to tell you we've got a chance! Then why didn't you come and knock on my door, eh? Why did you come scratching at the window like you are some robber in the night? I just Thought you might be sleeping.
Sleeping, is it? Or is it a trick? Hmm? You got someone waiting outside, waiting for you to let him in so they can put a bullet in my heart, is that it, old man? No! You'd do that to me? No, Joss.
I'd never do that to you.
Get this old man his bread.
And check those kitchen windows.
Make sure we got no company.
Come on, both of you.
Aunt Patience, you and I must fetch the law.
Whatever my uncle may have been to you, he is inhuman now.
He is my husband! And you won't talk of him like that.
Then you will hang with him because your loyalty won't save him from the noose! So be it, then.
You wouldn't understand it, would you? With your highfalutin' judgments.
Love isn't something that you choose.
Maybe when you've got a man yourself, you'll know that.
And Mary? You needn't think he'll let you leave.
He'll kill you if you try to.
I'm not afraid of him.
Well, Merlyn? Have you thought about it? I didn't need to.
Whatever else Joss might have done, he is still my blood.
So you can snap my neck but I won't rat on him.
But what I can give you is someone else.
Above my brother.
Joss Merlyn is the leader of this racket.
So where's his stash, then? Cos every time you turn up at his inn, you can't lay your hands on it.
So what's his name, then, this king of smugglers? You let me out, I'll get you the name.
Joss'll tell me, if he knows it's that or hang.
But the deal is, when you got him me and Joss get jail time.
Not the noose.
If you'd any proof you'd be down there, smashing in his doors.
Weren't you sent down here to clean this up? So do it right.
A loaded pistol will be on your tail the whole way there and back.
So much as blink, and you're a dead man.
Poor souls.
Where's Harry gone? He came to take the lot for himself.
So he's gone, then? Made a run for it? I've changed my mind.
We'll leave for Devon.
Go tonight.
SHE SOBS: Aye! Thank you, Joss! Thank you.
I'll see him in hell before I'm beaten.
You'll drive your own carriage there, you'll see.
And big feathers in your bonnet.
And I'll go to church on Sundays.
If we're travelling tonight then my aunt and I should rest.
Your aunt here needs to pack.
RATTLING Aunt Patience?! Just to see no harm comes to you.
Aunt Patience! I remember when you gave me this.
Before he had his hooks in us.
You need to stay here.
It's me, Jem.
What d'you want, Jem? You need to tell me who it is.
Whoever's got you by the balls.
They're coming for you if you don't! Christ's sake, Joss.
Just give me the name! This is a chance to save yourself.
There's no-one else I'm working for, you understand me, Jem? It's me.
Always been me.
No-one else.
You say any different, you're a dead man.
I need you to let me in.
I can't.
Even if I wanted to, I'm locked inside my room.
Who did this to you? Who do you think? You were with them? On the beach? So where were you? I've been in jail.
Legassik caught me when I went downstairs to pay.
Iwish I could have spared you this.
They let you go soon enough though, didn't they? They wanted me to turn King's evidence against my brother.
I told them that I never would.
But if I can give them the man Joss answers to then they might at least spare me and him from swinging.
So? Who is he? It was you who told me there's someone else.
You must know who he is! I don't know any more than you do.
I saw his feet in a storeroom once.
And your brother thinks he's coming here to kill him.
Why are you caught up in this? Don't waste your sympathies on me.
I can look after myself.
All I know is that your brother has to hang for what he's done.
And all I know is I have to save him.
We have to go to the beach.
SHE SNIFFS He went for me.
So we could marry.
It's my fault he's dead! I am the first and last, the beginning and the end.
I hold the keys of hell and death.
I am Alpha and Omega.
The Almighty.
SHE SOBS Lift him onto the wagon.
I need to talk to you.
Who does Joss take his orders from? Don't make me ask in front of them.
I know you're in it with my brother.
For God's sake, I'm a schoolteacher! Come to see your handiwork, have you? What? I didn't do this! Everybody's known for years what you Merlyns have been up to.
It's a play for time.
But we'll see him hang him nice and slow for this.
Joss says he's going to the inn to kill him.
At least think of the women.
SHE KNOCKS Mr Davey? Hannah? Mr Davey? Mr Davey? Mr Davey? Joss? Aunt Patience? They're dead.
It's too late.
Have you found the villain? I ain't done nothing.
I've been locked in.
Door was locked from the outside.
The landlord put me there, Joss Merlyn.
Ask him, he'll tell ye.
You're not aware the landlord's dead, and so is his wife? Both stabbed to death.
We're told that there's a man that Joss Merlyn took his orders from.
Do you know his name? I don't know nothing about no other man.
This is no place for a girl to be.
Is there somewhere we can take you? I am sorry to impose on you.
We are sorry for your loss.
We are glad you came here, Mary.
Please, sit.
You've had a terrible shock.
It will help you to sleep.
What will happen to my aunt? They will both be brought here to be buried.
You've no idea who the murderer may be? The magistrate believes he is a local man.
He intends to question every man within ten miles, so the net will close around the murderer and if he tarries long, he will be caught.
Mr Davey? MUFFLED SHOUTING Mr Davey, why must you for ever flaunt yourself to her? Whatever happens, there is a course of anguish.
The girl has brought herself to us and shown her trust.
She needs to sleep - she needs to sleep and not think any more.
Mary? There's no longer any need for pretence between us, Mary.
We can be frank now.
It was I who killed your uncle and your aunt.
That's right.
You sleep now.
He's gone.
He's stabbed.
He's dead, Jem.
Mrs Merlyn, too.
And Mary? She's safe.
She's with the vicar.
We're done for if they take us to London.
The King will have us swinging at Newgate.
I wouldn't care.
As long as I could take him with me.
Whoever killed my brother.
I would've saved him if I could, Jem.
He was my friend, all's said and done.
There must have been something you heard? Or saw.
He'd have had to come right past you in that storeroom.
I didn't like to say before, in case he thought me daft.
But there's this tiny crack.
I put my eye to it.
And? I sees this person dressed in black.
And there's this smell Ain't perfume.
But sweet, sickly.
You smelt incense.
Legassik! Wake up.
You needn't fear.
How could you? You knew what he was doing.
Or you helped him! Of course I did.
I'll arrange our passage.
I promised I'd show you God.
It's Davey.
He's the murderer.
Harry saw him through the door.
Mary Yellan's with him now and she's in danger.
Oh, yeah? And he just forgot to mention it before, then, did he? It's London and the gallows for you.
Get the keys.
HE GROANS It was you who said your uncle talks when he is drunk.
You told me I should kill him.
I told you to set the law on him! You can't blame me for what you did! And if the law had come, they would have hung him.
What difference then if I should do it sooner? Because you're the one that made him kill! My aunt was innocent! Your aunt was with your uncle as surely as if she'd smashed those sailors' skulls in on her own.
Come, Mary Yellan, you cannot be naive on that.
You think that you are God and that life and death is yours to give and take! I like that I revolt you.
There is a dash of fire about you that the women of old possessed.
And yet you would have killed me too, if I'd been at the inn.
We would still be here and climbing Roughtor.
FOOTSTEPS Where is Mary Yellan? Peace is very hard to find these days.
I thought to find it in the Christian Church but the dogma sickened me.
It's built on lies, its followers are like sheep.
But the old pagan barbarism is honest and clean.
The Druids understood human sacrifice.
One soul for many.
My ship of fools.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
You hide behind the cross and people trust you, but everything about you is a lie.
Come with me, Mary.
I will teach you how to live.
There is not a thing you can teach me.
But I have already.
I've taught you that you have been wrong in trusting me because I wear the cloth.
And so you've learned that truth cannot be found in trappings but only from within.
You will forget these moors, and Jamaica Inn, and your tears for Jem Merlyn.
If only you will trust in here.
Your brother used to twist his hat in hand to us, like he was a boy.
The terror of the countryside, but to us he was a snivelling child.
You shut up! It was his vanity that kept us safe.
The more notorious we made him, the better pleased he was.
You didn't know him.
You made him suffer.
You'll beg even more than he did at the end.
And that stupid girl can watch you die, if she isn't already in a dozen pieces.
SHE PANTS SHE GROWLS Davey, where are you? Davey? Jem? You should've killed her.
Mary? Are you hurt? No.
I'm not hurt.
Davey, I know you killed my brother.
So now I've got your sister.
He won't shoot me.
He hasn't got the courage.
WHISPERS: He'll kill you.
Davey, I'll make a deal with you.
You send Mary out and I'll let your sister go.
The both of you can leave unharmed.
Jem, he's got a gun.
Davey? I'm going to let your sister go.
But first you send Mary out.
Davey? Do you hear me? You don't think you can beat him, do you? You're vain, just like your brother was.
Davey? I'm letting Hannah go.
Will you send Mary out? Eurgh My sister is dead.
MARY WHIMPERS Davey! Mary is an innocent in this.
I'll take her place, but you let her go.
Davey? Kill me instead.
Would you have me accept his offer? You know you can't escape from here.
They will catch you, and you'll be brought to justice.
You're notspecial.
You're just a man.
I shan't escape.
But one of us must die here first.
Who do you choose? Yourself? Jem Merlyn? Or me? What do you mean? There is no law here with us today.
There is just you, and I, and him.
Will you leave it up to fate? Or will you choose who lives or dies? If I am just a man, it is you who must be God.
Who do you choose? Aargh! You.
You must die.
See, Mary? I was right about you.
GUNSHO Mary? There's someone here to see you.
Hello, Mary.
His brother isn't here, I see.
The man is godless - can you be surprised? Your farm's been taken over by new folks.
But my mother says that you're to come and stop with us.
How much land does your family have? 200 acres.
We've orchards, too.
Go and see him off, dear.
I'll talk to him.
You didn't come to the funeral.
I said goodbye in my own way.
I came to see you.
The Bassatts wouldn't let me up.
There's a rumour you're to move in with them, play nanny to their children.
I'm going home, Jem.
I want to be back in my own fields.
Well, go on, then.
You'll get there by tomorrow if you hurry.
You're harsh today.
I'm harsh to all my horses, too.
It don't mean I love them any less.
What will you do? Roam God's country, same as always.
If you were a man, I'd ask you to come with me.
We could travel the road together.
And if you were a woman, I'd have you run the farm with me.
You'd be grateful for the peace.
God damn it, Mary, that's no life for you! Trapped in some village and if you put a foot wrong there's hell to pay! I can't survive you, Jem.
We speak a different language, you and I.
He'd be in jail now if it weren't for me, but do I get one word of thanks? Butdoes she care for him? Of course she doesn't.
The man's a filthy gypsy.
There has never been a Merlyn come to any good.
Mary's had a terrible ordeal - she is not herself.
Once you're married, she will settle down, you'll see.
I'm sure I've got some ribbons you can take to dress her bonnet.
There you are.
Where are we headed? So do I have your heart, Mary Yellan? I think you do, Jem Merlyn.
I know you do.