Jamestown (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 I love you.
I'll be back.
Hasn't Silas chosen his brother over you? Silver! - Woo! - I knew it! So Sharrow got nothing from you? He never asked about no map, sir.
[GRUNTS] I've been preoccupied with what might have happened to the map.
You must tell me you did not look inside of the box.
You'll be returning to Jamestown? Just as soon as he was well enough Henry set out for the uplands.
You owe me a debt, James Read.
Make me a dagger.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] I knew you wouldn't leave us.
[SIGHS] A lot of work being done.
Silas did it.
And I did.
- And Alice.
- [SCOFFS] She married Silas.
That's what I thought.
We'll all work together, though.
Won't we, Henry? The Sharrows will have the best farm in all of Virginia.
Won't we? Everything's about to change, Pepper.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Plenty more where I found that.
This colony is taken in the name of our monarch.
What riches are found here belong to the Crown.
Well, then let the King go to the far off mountains and dig it up for himself, if he can discover it.
[LAUGHTER] If he can discover it? I always said Henry Sharrow had balls of iron! Rutter! Henry, just remember that we are all here as servants of the Virginia Company.
We can, I'm sure, find a fair reward for your dauntless endeavour, but you must recognise that this find comes under the determination MARSHAL: Of the law, Sharrow.
The law, gentlemen, as you know as well as I do, bends to the will of the man with the riches.
MAN: Aye.
Let us ask our Governor what he will have us do.
We will confirm what the sack contains first.
We will send it to England on the first ship for confirmation.
This sack isn't going on no ship.
Nuts of iron.
Nuts of fire.
Then how do you propose to refine the silver, Sharrow? I held rocks in my hand, flecked, cut, shot with silver.
More rocks than I could dig up in a month, six months.
I've witnessed what is out there and I know what it's worth to Jamestown, Virginia you gentlemen, - all of us.
- [CROWD AGREEING] - All of us.
- All of us, yeah! I alone can say where the treasure is, so I will decide what is right and what is wrong.
- Well said, Henry Sharrow! - Yeah! Will we drink to your good fortune, Henry? Your throat must be as dry as a dead dog's bones.
Uh, no.
There'll be no drinking, Meredith.
[LAUGHING] [TENSE MUSIC] [SPITS] You're not worth the blood that runs in your veins.
Pay no heed to my wife, Henry.
She's a beetle-headed flax wench! Have a drink with me, my true penny friend.
I can't bear that he is free to terrify me.
We will see that he is locked up for his crimes.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] It must have been a terrible fire - that you could not save your brother.
- I didn't kill Henry.
But you fear him.
I can see it.
Why do you look for him if you dread finding him? He saved me many times.
I want to know if he needs my help.
Do you love your brother, Silas? He's my brother.
The Saxons called it siolfor.
The Spanish discovered great veins rich in silver high in the uplands.
It is said that there were a thousand mines.
RUTTER: I heard the same, sir.
Whole mountains made of silver.
[DOOR OPENS] What of my precious dirt, sir? Since there is no trier of minerals here.
[SIGHS] You will require a fierce heat to burn off the impurities.
You might borrow my own crucible.
You know the man to do it.
There ain't a better man for 100 mile at taming fire than James Read himself.
Fine man.
Friend of mine.
I'll ask him, Henry, on your behalf.
- I'll speak with Read.
- Well, we'll request him together.
You must have him crush the ore into smaller pieces to make the material porous.
Use lead as a flux to bind the metal in the ore and then reduce the ore to slag.
How intriguing it all is.
I have medicines, Henry, that might help heal your face.
I'm grateful for your consideration, Dr Priestley, but my face is cured enough.
Let me at least apply some yarrow to calm the pain.
Thank you, sir.
But the pain is mine to bear.
[GASPS] Are you the devil? Will you devour me? Up you get, lass.
JOCELYN: Master Sharrow, may I speak with you? Your name will, before too long, be renowned.
All of London will know that Henry Sharrow delivered the greatest riches ever known to a settler.
To an Englishman.
You will doubtless be plagued with false friends and companions.
Perhaps you might be in need of wise counsel.
Your husband is known as an honest fellow.
- He is.
- Yeah.
I slaved for eight years with these hands.
Every day of it I belonged to another man.
I called him "sir" when I addressed him.
I insisted upon it.
Because I knew the day would come when it would be my turn.
Tell your husband, next time you see him, he's to call me "sir".
And he's to bow before me.
Then I'll consider whether him and all those like him will belong to me.
It was then I arrived here.
Henry Sharrow followed me down to the water's edge and he raped me.
Why do you accuse him now? Henry left Jamestown, believed dead.
There was no need for me to report it.
Now that he's returned, I'm asking for justice.
Is it not, perhaps, because Sharrow is now a man of great wealth? I-I don't want his silver.
I want him to face the law for what he did to me.
He bought you.
Yet you married his brother.
Is it possible you bring this case to discredit Henry in order to justify your abandoning him when he so kindly brought you here? Won't you at least question the man? We're questioning Mistress Sharrow.
Shame on your church-kneed, worm-livered, Christian souls! We women were promised the protection of England's own laws if we came here, but in this place it seems blackness is a virtue! Come, Verity, let us go.
Henry Sharrow can come after me again any time that he chooses to.
How can I live here knowing that? This business might serve in our favour.
Gallows might make Sharrow biddable.
Henry Sharrow isn't biddable.
The man's barely human.
give us this day our daily bread [INDISTINCT] and lead us not into temptation.
day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
[CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] It will require an oven built of bricks and clay - to obtain sufficient heat.
- We'll all put our hand to it.
I didn't say I'd take on the task.
Well, of course you will, James Read.
Of course he will, Henry.
Why would you say such a thing? James, let me just utter one word to you.
Mark it well.
Riches and wealth and plenty and treasure.
Ain't them good enough reasons for us all to be companions, eh? Henry knows why I might not want to help him.
Well, you're the only man here who can assist me.
- I promise you great reward.
- [CHUCKLES] Will you trade with me? Name it.
I'll build an oven, I'll I'll smelt your ore.
I'll give you your silver and you will stay away from Alice Kett.
She ain't a Kett no more.
She's a Sharrow.
Build the oven.
He must see that you're not afraid of him.
But I'm sick with fear.
You stay out of Henry's way until Silas returns.
Supposing Silas never comes back? [SIGHS] I might have saved Henry.
But my courage failed me.
I'd asked him to die because he raped a woman.
The woman who was to be his wife.
So it is about the woman.
Yeah, it is.
[SNIFFS] Do you want to kill your brother now? No, I want to find him, I want to help him.
I don't want to kill him.
Why would I want to kill him? Perhaps you do not know yourself well enough.
The man at the Appamattuck village, Davie, - he lied to us.
- Why do you say that? I saw it in the face of his wife.
Why are you telling me this now, Chacrow? Because now I think you are ready to know.
- My brother's gone back to Jamestown? - Yes.
[DRUNKEN SINGING] He cries for poverty Spends what he has heartily He drinks more than he eats For good fellowship is free! [LAUGHTER] Henry I see you have all the fellowship a man could wish for.
And so you should.
Tenured men came here on salted promises of pledges of your own lands and wives.
Henry, will you drink with me to jubilate your wild good fortune? No, you have that drink for me, Meredith.
I surely will! Please Ah.
What do you want, Secretary? The maid Alice has made a complaint against you, Henry.
We have no wish to regard such calumny.
Indeed, we know that you are a man who, in good faith, paid for himself a wife.
But now she knows your brother's bed.
Would you still like to take her for your own, Henry? Can be remedied.
What would you like in return, Secretary Farlow? Let us not be so shallow galled.
When a man ventures into the position of wealth, he enters the universe of politics.
Do you imagine those that rule here and in England will allow you to surpass them? No.
You need a protector.
Someone potent in the wiles of governments.
Every man in here tonight is willing to throw away their senses.
For what? RUTTER: Am I right? Perhaps they have a need to.
I threw my senses away once.
Not on drink.
I am a prisoner of my own deeds.
I would have your answer.
You have my answer.
[SINGING RESUMES] Spends what he has heartily Drinks more than he eats For good fellowship is free! [BREATHING SHAKILY] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [TENSE MUSIC] Silver silver How long until your husband wakes? An hour.
Is this the same place as where Henry Sharrow found the silver? I do not know.
The Governor took this from a dead man's coffin.
What would become of him should that be discovered? And so, dear Lady Yeardley, I will say nothing of what I know if you abide by my instructions.
Samuel tells me that the ship will be with us in a week or so.
When the letter from your cousin arrives, you will pass it to me unopened.
Is that understood? [EXHALES] Ma'am, we must not go about the town without the sign of the Virgin Mary before us.
Ma'am, we might meet the devil on the street! We must fend him off.
Do it.
I will not stop you.
Look at my face.
Fate has scarred me.
So that I never forget the man I am.
I won't ask you for your forgiveness.
How can I? I ask for your mercy.
Then if you can't give me that, then Please.
I [SOBBING] [CLATTERING] I'm a man that keeps my word.
I'll pay you for the dagger.
When will it be ready? Perhaps today.
Perhaps tomorrow.
Anyone travel with you to discover the treasure? No, I went alone.
- No Indian guides? - No one.
De La Warr's map.
Did you have sight of it? I had no need to.
You have one possibility: to return to mine the silver from the ground.
That's too vast an operation for one man, as you know.
I will offer a wondrous plenty to all who follow me.
Any man that betrays me or thieves from me, lies to me.
They'll wish they never set eyes on my wretched face.
Henry! What a day this might be, eh? A day of days.
A day beyond days.
- We should mark it with an ale.
- VERITY: Rutter! You fobbin', mewlin' puke of a man! You'd like the arsehole of a beast like Henry Sharrow in the hope of a taste of some precious dirt! Hold your fat tongue, woman! Is there not a day that passes where you don't mock the wheel with your foul mouth?! I am loyal to my friend.
What are you faithful to, Rutter? Is this the toad that I am shackled to? I see no shackles, woman.
Eh? I'll tell you what I did wrong stayed with a woman a day too long! [LAUGHTER] Sharrow, you stand accused of desertion since keeping company with the Indians.
You'll be charged and tried.
How do you fancy the gallows? You come to Leon.
You turn over the whereabouts of the silver, clemency is yours.
If I die by the rope, then my knowledge goes with me.
Do you suppose men will let that happen here? - MAN: Henry! Good luck, brother.
- Marshal? [PANTING] Has my brother returned to Jamestown? Get back to work, you dogs! You have inspired every man here, Henry.
And inspiration makes a man thirsty.
- So I thank you! [LAUGHS] - Henry Henry.
I'm so grateful to see you alive.
I've been looking for you.
I spoke with the Appamattuck.
They told me they'd taken you in.
I couldn't get to you in that fire.
I couldn't reach you.
My spirit abandoned me.
You needed your brother and for that terrible moment I couldn't move.
I want to repay you.
I want to be a true brother to you.
Will you let me? Will you give me that chance? [INSECTS CHIRPING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] Didn't I plead with you not to go? I was I was overcome with the need to find my brother.
All the while I was alone in the wilderness, you never escaped my mind.
Have you any idea how much fear I've suffered? On our wedding day, you promised you'd protect me.
And you know You know what Henry did to me and still you left me here all alone! - Shh, shh, shh.
- How can I trust you now? - I had to fend for myself.
- Shh, shh.
- Alice, you have to - No! I would ask that you sleep outside.
May I ask how did you come by this document, George? It's best you leave such matters to me, Temperance.
Of course.
[SIGHS] Does your husband not deserve your loyalty and respect? Not solely with your actions and your words.
I mean with your mind.
Your thoughts.
Your beliefs.
- Is it not so? - It is so.
It'll be chaos, Henry, if men abandon their labours for no good reason.
The dolts will run and those same men will die.
Then, the farms will suffer.
We need you to tell them that it is futile to scour the mountains with no more than hope to guide them.
Tell them you had a map.
You did have a map, Henry, didn't you? There is a reason why they should search and perish.
What is it? The more men who die, the more the ones who remain will see that they actually need me.
I'll tell your hands not to search, Master Massinger, if you agree to sell me a farm.
I see you carry a dagger in your belt these days, Sharrow.
Beware that the day don't come when you will need it.
Your spirit will be glad now, James Reade.
The whole town believes as you do Silas Sharrow is not worthy of a dog's respect.
I'll take no pleasure in any man's hardship or ruin.
My brother's the returning hero.
You want to know what a man believes, not what he says, not what he thinks, it's what he does.
[CHUCKLES] I've got no life left for me here now.
Taking your wife away somewhere, then? If she'll come with me.
I knew a silversmith back in England when I was a boy.
When he was refining, he would stare at the fire, like he was possessed.
His eyes fixed.
Never flinching.
And this is what he said to me.
Refining is about purity.
Nothing else.
The fire removes the imperfections.
Do you see what that taught me, Silas? Is that not a man's true work? So Henry's rocks have been washed and crushed.
Now we roast them over the oven's heat.
We must heat the lead shot until it's molten.
Once mixed together, the lead will extract the impurities, so that only the silver remains.
Ain't it beautiful? Ah? Now will you drink to glory? Eh? Come on! [SIGHS] [LAUGHTER] Coward! Shame on you, Sharrow.
If any of you men had half the courage of Silas Sharrow, you'd face him alone, not in your swaggering mob.
Have you forgotten the Silas you've known for so many years or is your fellowship really so fickle? [DOG BARKING] I'm sorry, Silas.
For spurning you.
It was my wounded spirit, it got the better of me.
I love you.
[LAUGHS] There's no place for us here any more, Alice.
The world's turned.
This whole town will be my brother's to do with as he chooses.
[MUSIC PLAYING] See how you'll prosper without a woman, Rutter! RUTTER: Shackled no more! Shackles be damned! [MUSIC AND REVELRY STOPS] You took great risks going so far off into the mountains, Henry.
A man of such courage and will deserves to bask in the acclaim of his fellows.
And the benefits of his riches.
When that day arrives.
You saw the silver, Governor.
I saw silvery metal.
You doubt me? Nature has made fools of better men than you and I, Henry Sharrow.
I urge you to hold fast your celebrations until the metal is truly verified by Dr Priestley.
Try anything you want.
Fortune belated BOTH: is still a fortune.
My purpose here tonight was not to doubt Henry Sharrow, but to delay him.
He has found the true source, so prepare the men.
And when the doctor confirms the discovery, - we'll set out.
- You say you have a map, Governor.
Is it the diagram De La Warr made, and will you pass it to me that I might examine it in advance of my departure? There will be no need for that.
You'll be escorting me.
I will lead this expedition myself.
You are making allies with the Governor.
And you are making confederations with Henry Sharrow.
You are enlisting men for an expedition, - secretly.
- He hardly has a map.
There is no greater affliction than to be deceived by the man you are deceiving.
Then we must decide whose side we're on.
Yeardley or Sharrow.
Will you never learn, Thomas? We are on all sides.
We must be of service to anyone who needs us.
Until the day comes when they rely on us a little too much.
[DOG BARKING] Mm Verity? Verity! What's that? It's the sound of no woman about.
Isn't this the life? [DOG BARKING] Machakaon.
That's what the Powhatan call it.
They use it to decorate themselves.
It has a much lower melting point than silver.
To verify Henry's metal is silver, we must use two crucibles.
Both vessels are to be placed in the fire at the same time, and presented under the same heat.
If this melts before Henry's does, then we can confirm that his is precious.
But, if the furnace makes both metals molten at the same time, then they are the one mineral, not silver, but antimony.
Melt them.
[GATE CREAKS] - [GATE SQUEAKS] - [GASPS] Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] [CREAKING] [GASPS] Help! Help! Help! Fire! Fire! Help! Fire! - Help! - Mercy?! Mercy! [COUGHING] - Help! - Help! Mercy! Mercy! [GRUNTS] Sound the alarm! Bring some water! [COUGHING] Form a line from the well! [COUGHING] Not too close! [WOOD CREAKING] Silas! Silas! Silas! [COUGHING] Water! Water! Sir? I [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Antimony Henry's silver.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'm sorry, Henry.
I must declare these metals be one and the same.
We might take them both to England to be tested, but I promise you sir, this is as good a vouchsafe as any.
- The metal is worthless! - [MASSINGER LAUGHS] - That can't be.
- Fool's riches! Not so proud now, eh, Henry Sharrow? [LAUGHTER] Henry Henry You'll always be my brother.
- [SILAS GROANS] - Silas? Marshal, stand down the men.
There will be no expedition.
The map is worthless.
JOCELYN: The map is worthless.
She has me in her grip.
I am expert at making enemies and now she has mean to destroy me.
A general assembly of representatives from all of Virginia.
What will become of us if we are to answer to hedge-born planters? Is he to stay in our home? How can I sleep with him there? Master Massinger's labourers.
Men intended for company land.
- What do you want from us? - Massinger's bought himself some slaves.
And why was I not offered any of them? Mercy, let us live brightly.
We do not know how much life we have left.