Jamestown (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

CRABTREE: I've seen how you look upon her.
It is not enough to desire such a beauty, she must be tamed.
JOCELYN: If you give me boys to work on my farm, they will teach them magic such as this.
JAMES: When Governor Yeardley stepped out of his house, carrying Secretary Farlow's head, Wilmus Crabtree slipped into Yeardley's house quiet as a mouse.
Do you know who took the Secretary's head to Master Read? It was our Governor himself.
PEDRO: Everyday the Governor's face grows darker.
I will cut the life out of him.
Little Tamlin, before you can do battle with monsters, you must learn how to defeat a man.
- Hey.
Hey, I'll teach you how to conquer your foes, huh? You're the bravest and strongest warrior in all of Virginia.
Ugh! So, do you want to fight like Pedro? - I do.
- How fast? [GRUNTS.]
You must always be ready.
Tomorrow I will teach you how to make your enemies believe you have no pity.
Maria, did you speak to your ancestors - as I instructed you to? - Governor, this woman has confessed to me that she has let childish dreams take hold of her.
So she imagines she can see what is to come.
It is nothing but weeds in her mind's eyes Pedro, is this how you love your master, hm? That you would peddle me such ripe fables? I am done with your insolence.
I have gained more land by the river to farm.
And you will go there, without Maria, to live and work.
YEARDLEY: The deer always come to this place.
I will cook plenty for the festivities.
Dear Christopher, does Letty write to you often? I have only the one letter, which she gave to me on my parting.
Oh, how pitiful.
I'm sure it quickens your blood - with the most amorous sense.
- It is a most affectionate note.
Henry Sharrow must have dropped it here as his child lay.
I will have to face him.
Cannot live my life avoiding his condemnation.
Why do you seek forgiveness from a brute such as him? He is a father cut open with grief.
Christopher, you've travelled across the ocean with Master Crabtree.
What did you conceive of him? Hm.
Master Crabtree is the name on every tongue.
You're the second person to ask about him this very morning.
- Who else sought information? - Marshall Redwick.
And what did he want to know? "Could Crabtree name any company memories allies? He pry about the Governor and his riches.
" And what did you tell him? [SIGHS.]
This, I did not confide in the Marshall.
There was an incident before we departed England.
A man boarded the ship to sail with us.
He recognised Crabtree.
This did not please the factor.
Before we pulled anchor, this man returned to shore.
Abandoned his intention to travel.
- Why so? - I do not know.
Only the Crabtree showed a ring to him.
A ring? Marshall Redwick, sir, if you're playing St George in the upcoming pageant, who'll play the maid? - I only know it will not be you.
- JOCELYN: Come along, child.
You might return the babe's toy to Henry Sharrow.
What have you there, sir? A gentleman who knows God better than we two.
And no one in Jamestown has yet named to me the wrongs that Secretary did to deserve the Governor's rage.
Well, perhaps you already know.
I saw you stealing through the Governor's door the night that his axe severed this head from its neck.
A man lies headless, and beside his body is this.
Do you suppose it might spell the reason for the Governor's rage? - My reading's not best in daylight.
- It is a promissory note.
A payment of a generous sum from the widow to Secretary Farlow.
Were these two known to have profitable dealings? - If they did, it was secret.
- But uncovered by Yeardley.
And what might a respected factor and venerated imparter of fine furnishings be so intrigued by such matters? You have fathomed me for more than a merchant, Master Read.
Why is that? Consider that it might be because I allowed you to.
I believe that Maria is truly trying to aid you.
Do not send Pedro away.
It will silence Maria more.
Redwick claims that the hook-backed fiend is a company agent, send here to spy on us.
I will be damned if my own Negro denies me vital perception at this hour.
Let's see if life without Maria teaches Pedro obedience.
He wishes, sir, for your permission to sharpen his axe.
My dagger needs an edge.
Do it for me.
Master Sharrow, sir, I brought Virginia's toy.
I thought perhaps you might wish for it to remember the babe by.
Virginia loved the dirt.
That's what made her a true Sharrow.
The earth is what will keep that child in my heart.
Keep it.
For your For your own babes.
You do look handsome with your hat on, Pepper.
I want a woman I can marry.
Sharrows, we need family.
Their farms need children, this whole new world, it needs to grow and prosper and And I will seek a wife from England.
Perhaps we might speak about our love tomorrow.
- Or another day.
- I'm speaking about it today.
So, I won't see you no more? That's what I want.
Master Crabtree, what more flattering gift might a man give a woman than a looking glass? How might I thank you? Oh, but let my eyes feast upon this wonder of beauty.
Forgive my intrusion, please.
But were you now in England, every man breathing would fall at your feet.
Wilmus Crabtree, respected and venerated factor.
Do blackamoors walk free in England, sir? Is that our Governor's brand upon your fine face? I ran away.
Now there can be no mistaking who owns you.
Your heart seems to fly, sir.
It is no cause for your dander, madam, every man's eyes in Jamestown are fixed upon you for their feasting.
Every man except one.
You know mariners, Verity.
Ships' captains come here to drink before their ships sail to England.
What is it you're saying, Maria? She wishes to stow away in the hold and she wishes you to help her do it.
MARIA: I might be a woman same as others there.
Do you suppose you could just walk onto a ship and hide, hm? They will catch you.
They will catch you and everything would be worse.
The Governor says Pedro must go to work on a farm up the river.
I will never see him more.
If we stay here, Pedro will kill Yeardley.
It is coming as surely as sundown.
- Will you help me? - No.
I won't.
Do you miss Alice plenty, my pet? Wouldn't it be hardship if another friend took to the ocean? Do you suppose I would prevent Maria from escaping for the sake of my own feelings, huh? She ain't got the means to pay no mariners.
Then answer me this.
If it were you, would you go? Yes, I would go.
Of course, I would go.
Take all the risks.
Damn you, Rutter.
You only find your goodness when you would steal mine.
I will speak to the captain of the Golden Lion.
Rogue even in his snores.
He'll take a runaway if there is benefit in it for him.
Mercy just kicked a pig.
Dear Governor, I have the most beneficial news.
As I took my horse out for air in Blackwood, I stumbled upon the strangest sight and the happiest coincidence.
Pamunkey boys in some painted ritual.
- Pamunkey? - That man, Chacrow.
Since we had stumbled upon the opportunity, I broached with him the possibility of our offering learning to the naturals - in exchange for farm labour.
- [SIGHS.]
You do not even hope that I would believe this happenstance, - do you, Jocelyn? - [JOCELYN CHUCKLES.]
No chain can contain you.
No logic can stop you.
And no threat can thwart you.
Sir, I do it only to regain your favour after I so sorely betrayed your trust.
I obeyed your instruction to the letter.
I did not approach the king.
There can only be benefit.
What matters most is the conversion of the naturals.
Sir? My mistress has declared you are to dine with her tonight.
Ain't there lots of ships keep coming? - And so many ships going.
- Always bringing more people.
Ain't there enough now? There's too many.
And them that come is fat or toady, and bent or raggled or smells.
Mercy, what has become of you? Likes of her coming here.
Don't she look the lazy sort to you, Maria? And her feet don't walk right neither.
I used to curse the ships.
They brought me here.
Now, I love to see them.
I watch them sail away, and my eyes follow them until they are no more.
And I whisper to them, [WHISPERING.]
"Come back.
Come back.
" And they always come back.
Another ship, - another ship.
- Another ship.
Another ship.
Maria, come away now.
Maria, I know that you owe no love to my husband.
When I met him, he was a young soldier made of modest courage, and the truest aspirations.
My dearest hope, Maria, is that these visions of yours might teach his better self to him again.
Please, I implore you.
Seek again the voices that spoke to you.
If I please the Governor, you will not send Pedro to work along the river? We might try.
Are you here to face me? - That was my intention, yes.
- Then, face me.
I decided to bring my child to you for English medicine.
That is why she died.
I'll bear the blame.
And that is why I will not harm you.
Yet you were quick to inform Yeardley of tales of my brother's dealing with the Pamunkey.
You'll never be a friend of the Sharrows, Doctor.
I wish to serve the colony, not the governor.
Hup! Hup! Hello.
Winganuske will come back to you.
If that is what she wishes.
She will give you another child.
Please, tell her Tell her I will make the house ready for her.
I'll be a good husband.
Chacrow, I owe you my thanks.
Will you take a message to my brother? "Do no harm.
" He'll know what I mean.
I will bring Winganuske to you when she is ready.
It's too late for dinner now.
Master Crabtree ain't coming.
You might as well eat or else go to bed.
Oh, it is you, boy.
- What are you doing here? - That do smell good.
Let me have a piece of that pie, won't you? Get away, child.
Have I not warned you, you're not welcome near me? I'll tell you something worth knowing if you give me a bite.
- What could you know? - The Negroes is going to stow away in a ship when the St George feast is happening, they are.
Give the boy the food, Mercy.
Tell not to a soul what you have told us and there will be more treats for you, Little Tam.
Maria, come.
Do not offend our ancestors by asking them to do - Yeardley's bidding.
- I do not do it for that cruel madman.
I do it for you.
I did not ask them to show me Yeardley in my visions.
I live in fear that I will see you killing him.
- Maria - That is why, Pedro, I have found a way that we can hide on a ship to take us to England.
We will go on the day of the feast.
I will not go to England.
This way we can be together.
Isn't that what you want? You have decided all of this, Maria.
You have arranged all of this without speaking to me to see what I say.
Will your pride let you stay here when you know what will become of us? Ahh Look.
They came here with us.
They suffer as we do.
If we escape, they will be punished for it.
They will be put into chains.
They will be lashed.
These people trust me.
You might have a man on that ship but it will not be Pedro.
I can see the true reason you refuse.
You want it more than you love me.
You want to kill Yeardley.
Pedro, say goodbye to Maria.
We'll travel to the new land where you will live and work.
Hey, we're fine.
Pedro! There'll be farms and plantations that stretch as far as the eye might see.
Whatever England says now, your people will come here to work the land.
Maria sees beyond time.
God speaks to Maria because he wants to offer me protection, but you, Pedro, you refuse me.
I love to hunt here.
Perhaps I might enjoy a kill while we travel.
Oh, no, no.
Governor, step back.
I've never told tales on my mistress before.
Well, only the once and that was a mistake.
Are you about to trot out some gossip, girl? It ain't gossip.
I don't know why I'm telling you, but I am.
Well, you ain't told me nothing yet.
Young Tam, he told my mistress that Pedro and Maria's planning to smuggle themselves on the ship to England.
Tam did that? - Told Mistress Castell? - For a slice of pie, he did.
And now she's wrote a letter.
Tam! Don't you run away.
Don't you run, boy.
Come here! Come here to me! - I know what you did, boy.
- I never done it.
Ain't those people been good to you? Wasn't Pedro? Wasn't Pedro kind to you? - Taught you how to fight.
- All I did was tell a tale.
And those people close to me.
And And does no Does nothing human matter to you? Why should I ever care? What are you weeping for? Ain't no need for weeping.
Stop weeping.
- I don't like it.
- Don't you know you can't just betray folk when it pleases you, huh? I will teach you what is right.
It breaks my heart doing it.
Oh, what are we to do now? - Whoa, whoa.
- Carry him to my apothecary.
- What happened, Pedro? - Was he attacked? The Governor fell into a bear trap.
This brave man saved my life.
Oh, how Pedro loves his master.
- MAN: Yeah, well done, Pedro.
- MAN 2: Well done.
MAN 3: Well done.
MAN 4: Well done, boy.
What have I done? That same man I planned to kill, - I saved him.
- Hush, Pedro.
Such words will earn you the rope.
- Why did I do it? - Oh, it's only your better self - taking pity on a dying man.
- No.
It was like I did not have the freedom to choose.
Perhaps our governor has conquered your spirit to the bone, so that all your instincts seek to serve him.
I am not so weak I would submit to that beast! Pedro! It was only a good heart made you do it.
Oh, what has this place done to me? What has become of Pedro? I am lost.
I'm lost.
Would the naturals dare to set a trap for you, sir? - It was not a Pamunkey trap.
It was English-made.
I was lured to the place that I fell.
Silas Sharrow.
He would not dare commit such a crime and without Opechancanough's authority.
Dear Governor, if ever there was a moment that require politics, it is this.
Do you pronounce to be an expert of our conflict with the naturals now, widow? Let us take the charge to them that they harbour our enemy.
Dear governor, I can tell you Opechancanough's answer without you having to so much as mount your horse.
It was a trap laid for a bear.
It was an accident.
What else are the naturals going to say? Then let us hear what it is that you propose.
You, sir, are to perform the great feats of the martyred saint.
We will send a message to invite the naturals to witness George slaying the dragon.
Suppose we use this pageant to show the naturals a picture of our greatness.
She's written a letter, James.
Carries Maria and Pedro's secret intentions in it.
I knew that you were fond of trickery.
And that's forgivable in a woman so wronged.
But you forfeit all pity when you desire the life of the sty.
I warned you to turn aside from the infections of Jamestown, but instead you fester in them.
Do not suppose that you know me because you witnessed me laughing with Yeardley.
I've been told that you learned that Maria and Pedro seek to escape on a ship.
Tell me what's in the letter you wrote.
Oh, James Read, George is not the only saint in this town.
Wait here.
I must trust that you will read that to me truly.
I want to know what is the size of your heart.
It is a letter to my sister who lives in England.
"My dearest Elizabeth, you will do me the greatest service if you should give shelter to the bearers of this message.
" Should I read on? Perhaps you could pass it to Pedro and Maria? [SIGHS.]
Wilmus Crabtree has his hands on the promissory note that you wrote for Secretary Farlow.
He considers it proof of your corruption.
Pedro, every man and every woman here, I asked them.
Every voice calls for us to go on the ship.
They love you, Pedro.
They respect you like they respect no other man.
Will you listen to their wishes? They would dream of us, so far away, and they will believe what is possible.
Oh, Maria.
We will go to England.
Hurrah! [CHUCKLES.]
Attack! - Come on.
- Who wear the feathered snake, he will call chaos into your town.
Go on! Master Crabtree, I thought perhaps you must be sick.
You failed to arrive for our dinner appointment.
Why would a woman who is so wondrously beautiful wish to visit intimately with the like of Wilmus Crabtree? Is it because she perceived charms in his pox-eaten face that no other woman has ever witnessed? I wish to know your company better.
That is all.
This is the story of England's greatness! [CROWD CHEERING.]
Take this report to your king.
And if you give shelter to the man who would kill the governor of Virginia, then there will never be peace between us.
You advise Opechancanough that he must banish Silas Sharrow or we will be eternal enemies.
- Come.
- Give it here.
- Hey, where's Pedro? You will see how he treasures his master.
Where's Pedro? I must honour this true servant of mine.
He'll be the one to raise the flag.
Where's Pedro? [GASPS.]
You must return to the feast.
The Governor is seeking Pedro, that he might be the one to raise the flag.
You'll be found if you stay here.
Some mariner will betray you before the ship sails.
- I am truly sorry, Maria.
- [SIGHS.]
I will return to him, but not bend with defeat.
I will speak my thoughts and he will hear them.
Let us see who obeys.
This honour, I give to you, my princely servant.
You will lift the emblem of St George, so that it flies over us, always.
A mark of England's mission here.
Hoist the holy banner, Pedro.
Have I not told you what to do, Pedro? Pedro.
You wish to honour me, Governor? It is only one thing I want.
- Raise the flag, Pedro! - I want to remain here.
With Maria.
Raise the flag.
The man who saved your life only wants one thing.
Will you grant that to me? Raise the flag, and you may stay on my farm with your woman.
I still wish to know your company better.
I will not seek to deceive you.
I suspect, well enough, why you are here in Jamestown.
I fear, well enough, what it is you have discovered about me since you've been here.
We will be friends, sir, you and I.
I wish for you to know me more that you might appreciate my predicament, my motives, my truest nature.
How might I earn your trust, Wilmus? From this day, we will call it what it is.
We are his slaves.
I was wounded at war, sir.
Your wounds are of the womb.
There lies our destinies, too.
My heart's true wish is to utterly unseat Yeardley.
Family comes before everything for us Sharrows.
I want my brother returned to our farm.
My pa was a drunk like this.
And the cruellest tongue of the devil itself.
But he paid for it, and so will you, Meredith Rutter.
I swear.