Jane the Virgin (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

Chapter Eighty-Six

1 LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: All righty, you'll recall Jane was in love with her baby daddy Rafael and they even moved in together.
And while Jane was moving out, Alba's pretend husband Jorge was moving in.
So, yes, the Villanuevas were making strides.
But then, Jane's ex-husband Michael returned from the dead.
And he wanted her back.
- Do you still love him? - I don't know.
NARRATOR: Straight out of a telenovela, right? Well, imagine this.
Rogelio's baby mama Darci was dating his archrival, Esteban.
And Petra? Well, you'll recall her crazy ex-husband Milos was out to get her.
But J.
came to the rescue.
And then Petra did the right thing for once.
Are you sure you want to call police on man that owns two-thirds of Marbella Hotel? - (YELPING) - NARRATOR: Because she loved J.
And friends, they finally got back together.
, I mean it.
I will never lie to you again, ever.
I love you.
NARRATOR: I know, romantic, right? So what could go wrong? When Jane Gloriana Villanueva was 29 years, eleven months and seven days old, she was exactly three weeks away from turning 30? O-M-G, that is so old.
(LAUGHS) Whoa.
(LAUGHS) Well, I don't feel old, Mateo.
I feel great.
Like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
ROGELIO: Agreed.
And, by the way, is there anything in particular you were thinking of doing to mark the occasion? What? That was just a casual question.
JANE: Actually I thought it might be fun to have a party this year.
A party? (LAUGHS) Yeah.
There's so much to celebrate, you know? Raf and I are moving in soon.
I'm about to start writing full-time.
You filled up your punch card at the coffee shop this morning and got a free latte.
JANE: You know? Life is good.
I really think we need to blow it up.
Yes, exactly! Blow it up! Let's blow it out, let's blow the roof off this joint! - JANE (LAUGHING): Oh.
- RAFAEL: Wow.
What about two signature cocktails? "Jane-a-colada" and "Jane and Tonic"? - And two choices of cake? - Yes, Matelio! And an ice sculpture in the shape of Jane's head.
I think it should be a unicorn party.
Yes, Matelio, because Jane is like a unicorn.
There's no one else like her.
- And could we get a real unicorn? - What? Can we, Mom? Please? You know, you only turn 30 once.
Let's get a real unicorn.
- Yes! - (SHOUTING) Yay.
(LAUGHING) NARRATOR: But alas that was all before this: I need you to leave.
MATEO: I don't want to leave.
I want to stay here with Daddy.
NARRATOR: Which led to this: - (SCREAMS) - What? Who's there? - Oh, my God! No! No, no, no, no.
- Jane.
I didn't know you were coming home.
No, no, no Please don't get up! (SHUDDERING EXHALE) Rafael told me to leave.
(SOBS) (GASPS, WHIMPERS) NARRATOR: Which brings us here, now.
Rafael, I love you.
I-I I just need to hear your voice.
I I don't know what to do.
Please, call me back.
I love you.
She's been doing that a lot lately.
I don't want a party anymore.
What am I celebrating? My relationship is in crisis, I got kicked out of my apartment, my son hates me.
(GROANS) Oh, my God.
Is that a gray hair? (GASPS) Where's my phone? No, I'm gonna call Marlene and cancel that meeting.
(GASPS) Uhp.
(SIGHS) I can't.
I don't have pages to discuss, I haven't written a word since Michael came back.
(FRIDGE CREAKS) (SIGHS) NARRATOR: He couldn't have gone for oatmeal? Hmm.
I don't know, it was pretty awkward.
I saw his (GROANS) XIOMARA: Mm incredible.
I can finally eat desert without feeling instantly nauseous.
And I definitely like the banana the best.
Then it should be yours.
What do you mean? We're tasting cakes for Jane.
Yes, but I've been thinking you should have a cake as well.
To celebrate being done with chemo.
You're out of the woods now.
(GASPS) The cake could be you literally coming out of the woods.
I'm not out of the woods yet.
Until after the PET scan.
It's too early to celebrate.
Let's just keep the focus on Jane.
(DOORBELL RINGS) NARRATOR: Ah, saved by the - Baby! - Who wants an adorable baby to breathe germs all over them? (GIGGLES) Me.
The doctor said my immune system can handle the exposure.
Yes, he did.
Yes, he did.
Are you ready to spend quality time with Daddy? (FUSSES, CRIES) (COOS) Ti-Ti-Tickle.
She's really clinging to me these days.
(WEAK CHUCKLE) Just be (RAPID WAILING) She's acting like I'm a stranger.
What did you do to her? Just loved her.
(COOS) Relax.
Esteban's had more face time lately.
She'll warm up after a couple nights with you.
That's right.
She will.
She just needs more face time with her daddy.
Her real daddy.
Not daddy's stand-in.
'Cause you're my baby girl.
My precious baby girl.
You know, let's check in on Rogelio's other baby girl.
NARRATOR: Geez, maybe we should get Esteban to hold her.
(DOORBELL RINGS) I'm sorry I haven't answered your calls, but I need some time; my life's a mess.
- Uh, that's not why I'm here.
- (CAR DOOR SHUTS) - Uh, I just - JANE: Oh, my God, Rafael's here.
He can't see you.
Oh, God.
Oh Go, go.
That could've been bad.
Hey, Mr.
What a nice surprise.
So glad to see you.
We're just here because Mateo forgot his block castle for show and tell.
Hurry up, buddy.
We're gonna be late.
Uh, wait! Mateo, stop.
Where's my hug? I miss you.
I'll get it.
Oh, uh, no, don't.
I, uh It-It's just a mess in there.
That's fine.
You're obviously busy.
(SIGHS) We're going.
I need the dragon, too.
(GRUNTS) - RAFAEL: Mateo, stop! - Mateo! Why is he in my room?! - Yeah, why is he? - It-It's not what it looks like.
Looks like Michael is in our son's bedroom.
- I was just telling him to leave.
- That's true.
- Stay out of this! - I hate you.
This is all your fault! We're leaving.
- You have to go.
- Okay, but can I just tell you Not right now.
I have to talk to Rafael and explain.
I know you want answers from me, but It's not about that.
What is it? My life insurance company wants their money back.
They found out I'm alive.
They think I committed insurance fraud.
What? Yeah, I know.
It's ridiculous.
But people fake deaths for money, so we have to prove we didn't.
We? Well, yeah.
You're the beneficiary, so you're liable, too.
Anyway, the company wants their 40 grand back.
I don't have it.
After you died, I had to take some time off of work.
I used the money to support myself.
MICHAEL: I figured as much.
Which is why we need to provide documentation to prove that you really believed I was dead.
Can you help me with that? Yeah.
Of course.
But later, okay? My family's falling apart.
PETRA (LOUDLY): Hurry up.
You're going to be late for your Mandarin lessons.
Once the girls are gone, maybe I can take this afternoon off so we can spend some time together.
And then, maybe you can spend the night? I'm bar-tending until about 1:00.
Don't make that face every time I mention my job.
I lost my license to practice law.
I have bills.
I just feel bad.
It is what it is.
Come over after? Look, um, I'm actually not ready to spend the night yet.
Let's just take this slow.
Got it.
No-no problem.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, hello, Temp.
There's an emergency at the brunch buffet.
They ran out of shrimp.
How did this happen? The shellfish vendor said Milos canceled the order.
NARRATOR: Ah, good old Milos.
He called and said no shellfish until you talk to him again, and he asked that when you speak to him that you (CHUCKLING): "not be crabby or shellfish".
- You think that's funny? - No.
If you laugh, you're fired.
Go! Call the prison, set up a phone call.
I'm surprised you're still in touch with Milos.
Only because he owns the hotel.
Trust me, he's the last person I want to talk to.
NARRATOR: And the last person Rafael wants to talk to? Thanks for meeting me.
I was gonna go to your office and make another big scene, but (CRICKETS CHIRPING) NARRATOR: I swear, that wasn't me.
Those are actual crickets.
I'm so sorry about everything that happened this morning.
I didn't invite Michael over.
He came because of a legal issue with his life insurance.
But then you and Mateo showed up, and I panicked.
I didn't want you to get the wrong impression, which of course ended up happening anyway.
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
Yeah, but you love him, too.
I mean, yes, because he was my husband, so a part of me still loves him, but not the way I love you.
And the point is that I'm choosing you.
I can get over those feelings.
- Get over them? - That's not what I mean.
Come on, I know you, Jane, you're gonna have to explore it.
- That's not true.
- It is true.
Otherwise, he wouldn't still be here.
And I don't want to wait around while that happens 'cause I'll just end up in a bad place.
So what are you saying? You need to move the rest of your stuff out.
That's it? We're just over? I just can't do this again.
I want to pick Mateo up from school today.
I need to smooth things over with him.
ROGELIO: Don't be sad, my sweet, little daughter.
You have a party to go to tomorrow.
Your big sister's turning 30, but don't be jealous.
When you turn 30, you're gonna have (BABY CRYING) a big party, too, with lots of cake and ice cream and balloons.
(CRYING CONTINUES) Shh (CRYING STOPS) Don't take it personally, he just has a way with babies.
You really have a talent, Smush.
Yes, well, we all have talents.
Mine happens to be acting and executive producing.
I just watched a cut of The Passions of Steve and Brenda and it's phenomenal.
Come here, sweet Baby.
(BABY STARTS CRYING) Oh, oh, it's okay.
(CRYING STOPS) You're okay.
(LAUGHING) Oh, boy.
Baby needs a diaper change.
I got it, Mush.
(BABY LAUGHS) Could you please stop gloating about your career to Esteban? Could he please stop gloating about the fact that he's so good with Baby? He wasn't, I was.
Because his whole life is looking after Baby right now.
Sebastian El Gigante tanked, and he's been struggling to get his next role.
I didn't know that.
So cut him a break, okay? Of course.
Barry, I need a favor.
MARLENE: No way.
NARRATOR: Ah, Marlene.
I know I asked you to catch me up on your life, but I was not expecting all of that.
NARRATOR: Jane's former teacher, current mentor, and future golf partner.
Well, once.
Jane shoots a 200, nails an old lady in the back of the head, and gets asked to never come back.
Yeah, so that's why I haven't gotten much writing done.
I am so sorry for you.
That is wow.
You don't look that sorry.
No, no, no, I am, truly.
This is this is just such great material.
The love, the heartbreak, the conflict.
Well, it doesn't feel like great material when you're living it.
It feels horrible.
A-At least when Michael had amnesia, I wasn't breaking up my entire family That! That sentence.
You have to write that down.
I know, I'm sorry, it's a terrible situation, but write it.
I can't write.
I'm too emotional.
Well, at least take notes, so you can remember all the details later.
I don't think I can handle taking notes on some of the most painful moments of my life.
Just pretend you're an observer.
Write in a dispassionate narrative voice.
NARRATOR: Hey! Narrators are not dispassionate.
We have a clear point of view.
NARRATOR: Would you rather have Siri narrate this? Okay.
I'll give dispassionate narrator a try.
NARRATOR: Fine, so will I.
(NARRATOR WITH ROBOTIC VOICE): Here is Jane, taking Marlene's advice while waiting to pick her son up from school.
Oh, look.
Mateo dislikes his mother.
(LIVELY VOICE): See? Boring! Come on, sweetie, let's go.
Hey, I know you're mad at me, but Wait! Mateo, don't you run away from me! Hey! (PANTING) (GRUNTS) You know better than crossing the street without holding my hand! I'm not going with you! Do not touch my body! WOMAN: Is something wrong? Oh, he's, uh I'm his mother.
No, she's not! Stranger danger! Are you really this boy's mother? - Yes, I am.
- No, you're not! Here, I'll show you.
Here's one of us together.
That doesn't look like him at all.
No, it's j-just a weird angle.
Hang on.
Stop it.
Okay, Mateo, it's time to go now.
What are? (GRUNTS) I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! NARRATOR: Write it down, Jane.
Write it down! NARRATOR: You'll recall, we last left Jane I don't want to hear another word! NARRATOR: Geez, okay.
Go to your room, Mateo.
- What's going on? - He ran away from me.
Across the street, with no adult holding his hand, and then he pretended like he didn't know me.
Well, he's had a rough couple of days.
Yes, he has, but even so, he can't run into the street.
I just think we can give him a pass, given the circumstances.
- A pass? - He's upset.
And he won't do it again.
Right, buddy? XIOMARA: So he totally undermined you? Yes, in front of Mateo.
I know he's upset, but we have to co-parent! - Don't yell at me.
- I'm not, I'm yelling at Rafael! I agree.
When it comes to co-parenting, you must do whatever it takes, even get someone a job in Mexico.
I'm not following, Dad.
I had a small co-parenting issue of my own, which I solved by sending "the issue" away.
You got Esteban a job in Mexico? How is that good co-parenting? It's a lead role.
Barry had to pull a lot of strings.
And while Esteban's gone, Baby will bond with me.
That is not good co-parenting! That is you thinking of yourself! What is wrong with you? Are you really yelling at Rafael again? No, Dad, I'm yelling at you! PETRA: I don't get it, why are you angry? Because I went to get my phone and picked up yours and saw this e-mail to Milos.
- I didn't e-mail Milos.
- Unbelievable.
It's right here, Petra, how you said you won't testify against him if he gives you the hotel.
What are you talking about? I didn't write this.
- It's from your account.
- Yes, I know, but I'm being set up.
You have to believe me.
Really? The last time we went down this road, you let me believe that you were innocent for months.
And you honestly think I'd lie to you again? I swear this wasn't me.
I'll-I'll prove it to you.
Lots of proof.
Oh, it's for my birthday party.
Big one coming up, if I remember correctly.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna crash your 30th birthday party.
I found a bunch of receipts, uh, from your funeral arrangements.
You can send that to the insurance company, right? Yes, that's great.
Wow, you went really big on the flowers.
Oh, yeah.
Spared no expense.
Uh, plus medical files and witness testimonies from the LSATs.
That's got to be enough.
If not, I can always take out a loan.
I could split it.
Cut corners.
No vacations.
Have you been taking vacations? No vacations ever.
But I do aspire to be a person who takes vacations.
We were pretty good at planning stay-cations, as I remember.
Um, so we didn't get to go to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon, so this is well, it's not that, but something else.
NARRATOR: Ah, yes.
What to do in such a passionate moment? We actually might need that document for the case.
- Hmm? - You write a dispassionate note.
Okay, that one doesn't look dispassionate.
(PEN SCRATCHING) I see you, Rogelio.
What do you want? You have excellent peripheral vision.
I just came by to bring Baby this adorable lavender tutu.
And see if I could get some more impromptu face time with her before the party.
She's sleeping in the nursery.
You can wait here until she's up.
I notice you have your rage face on.
What are you doing? Filling out a Darci Factor breakup workbook.
I feel calmer already.
Breakup? Esteban took a job shooting a telenovela in Mexico, and he broke up with me.
- Darci.
Look - Be quiet.
I'm fine.
Listen, this is all my fault.
I was jealous of Baby's attachment to Esteban, and I got him that job.
No kidding.
We realized that, you jackass.
And it was a really dumb thing to do.
But the fact that he broke up with me to do this show, well well, you exposed some real problems in my relationship.
Darci Factor rule #83.
"Use the fight to shine a light.
" Better I know now than later.
I'm so sorry this happened.
Well, if you really feel bad, you can meet Esteban and pick up some of Baby's stuff.
I can't see his face right now.
Darci Factor rule #13.
"When it ends, don't be friends.
" Are you okay? No.
(SNIFFLES) But I will be.
Let's get out of this sad place, and head over to our birthday girl.
Okay, just as miserable.
Yeah, yeah, I'm hurrying.
NARRATOR: I didn't want to say it, but I'm just not in the party mood.
(PHONE RINGING) It's Rafael.
Hello? MATEO: Hi, it's me, Mateo.
Oh, hey, Mateo.
I can't wait to see you tonight.
The unicorn can't wait, either.
He told me.
I'm not coming.
And unicorns don't talk.
What do you mean you're not coming? I'm sick.
Are you really sick, or are you just mad because my (PHONE BEEPS) He hung up.
(GASPS) Hi, you've reached Rafael Solano, - please leave - Voice mail.
I'm done.
My son is not missing my unicorn birthday party.
What are you doing here? Look, I know you're unhappy with me, but we are co-parents first.
We have to be on the same team.
Do you think that I want to have a party today? No.
But I'm having one and my son needs to be there.
And no matter how you feel about me, you have to support that.
He says he doesn't feel well.
And he's clearly faking it because he's mad at me.
And you're letting him get away with that.
And letting your feelings get in the way is not good parenting.
Come on, Mateo.
Let's go.
Oh (GASPS) (VOMITS) NARRATOR: Impressive commitment to faking it.
Oh, sweetie.
Here, Mommy will stay, too.
Let me take care of you.
Go away.
It's okay.
I got this.
You can go.
(CRYING SOFTLY) RAFAEL: You know, it's okay to want Mommy right now.
I'm mad until you're not mad.
No, we are separate people.
And no matter what happens with me and Mommy, your mommy loves you.
Do you still love her? Always.
We're just figuring out the way we love each other.
NARRATOR: True, for the record.
PETRA: Please don't cry.
Then stop yelling at me.
I'm not yelling at you, I'm you're just here, - and I'm angry, okay? - No? Shh.
Did you find the security footage from the time the e-mail was sent? Yes.
You were right.
You were firing Travis the busboy.
I knew it.
Where am I? Oh.
T-That's okay.
Travis can vouch for me, say I was there.
I don't think Travis will want to help you since you just fired him.
No one asked you, Temp.
Jane! Look, right there.
You know, I should get to her party a little early.
Gift-wrap this.
ROGELIO: Hey, I'm gonna be a few minutes late.
Esteban isn't here yet.
How does the house look? It's the unicorn party of your dreams.
Okay, good.
Oh, make sure Jane's head is away from the door so it doesn't melt.
Got it.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, thank God.
It's him.
Okay, see you soon.
And don't worry, I look amazing.
Hello, thank you for stopping by.
I'll just take that so we can both be on our way.
Hold on.
I want to show you exactly where everything is so Baby always has what she needs.
I put her favorite paci in the front pocket and her second favorite paci in the back pocket.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I also brought another bag, with some of Darci's things.
Could you give it to her? Yes, of course.
(CRYING) What are you doing? I'm crying, man.
I love Darci, and my heart has broken into a million pieces that my body can no longer contain.
Then why did you break up with her? Because it was the right thing to do, for the family.
W-What is that supposed to mean? I came from a messed up family.
My father and my mother's three lovers hated each other, and the constant fighting really messed me up.
So when I found out the lengths you went through to get me out of Baby's life, I realized that I could not put Baby through that.
Because I know how Baby would feel.
Because I am Baby.
(BABY BABBLES) Anyway, let me get her car seat.
NARRATOR: Ugh, parenting.
It's hard sometimes.
But hey, come on, Jane.
The party.
Focus on the party.
(TIRES SCREECH) Maybe she just went to get ice? NARRATOR: Ah, yes.
You'll recall we last left our Jane fleeing her own unicorn party.
This is bad, people.
Where is she going? I'm coming with you.
You are? Yes, of course.
I care about Jane, too.
And she needs her to corroborate an alibi.
Someone get that little donkey with a horn out of my house.
I don't care how magical it may be, I am not dealing with unicorn poop.
- How will we find her? - XIOMARA: Easy.
We're a Find My Friends kind of family.
Where'd you go, Jane? NARRATOR: Found her.
XIOMARA: Jane! What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? - I wanted to be alone.
Yes, I can.
I'm a grown woman and I can run away if I want to.
Oh, no! My notes! (EERIE MUSIC) (SHOUTS) No! DARCI: Oh, no.
What is he doing here? Esteban still loves you, Darci.
He only broke up with you to protect Baby from us.
ESTEBAN: You know how I grew up.
With my father and my mother, and Diego and Matias and Alejandro always fighting.
I can't put Baby through that.
Well, that's a better reason, at least.
I thought you wanted to sleep with some sexy telenovela bombshell.
You are the only sexy telenovela bombshell for me, Darci.
See? Great, so now you can make up.
It's still over.
- Wait, wait.
- Why? Because what happens the next time he does something stupid? He won't.
Will you? - I won't.
- You will.
And I'm stuck with this doofus, Esteban.
Okay, that's true, you are.
But I can do better.
I want to do better, because it's best for Baby to be surrounded by people who love each other.
And you two love each other.
Please, Darci.
Take Esteban back.
Please, Darci.
Take me back.
But if this ever happens again (CLEARS THROAT) Oh.
How about a champagne toast and a foot rub to celebrate the end of this dark time of separation? You don't have to do that.
It was only one day.
Darci Factor rule #355.
"Want to keep your mate? Then take every chance to celebrate.
" That's really good advice.
Now, I should find Jane.
Oh, she's not here.
What? Where is she? NARRATOR: Oh, look.
Found her again.
I'm sorry, hon.
Oh, it's okay.
Celebrating my 30th birthday while sitting in a ditch feels pretty right, honestly.
(NOISEMAKER SOUND EFFECT) PETRA: What happened? Just seeing everyone waiting there, and, uh, having to walk in without Rafael, I couldn't do it.
Because then, it would be all so real that this is happening.
(CRYING, STAMMERS) I know it's just a stupid birthday party, but celebrating without Rafael feels like I'm accepting that I'm moving forward without him.
XIOMARA: Yeah, we're here for you.
- As long as it takes.
- PETRA: Absolutely.
Hey, don't worry.
Rafael will realize he's making a mistake.
Want me to call him and yell at him? (STIFLED LAUGH) No, don't.
I'll figure it out.
Aww, there's that smile.
Can I just grab that napkin? Hmm? Well, the one you're holding.
Do you mind can I just have it? Thank you.
Yes! Great.
"Jane can't pick up her check until Petra is done viciously "firing Travis, but Jane doesn't even feel bad for him "because all she can think about is how lucky he is that his kids are still speaking to him.
" Yay! (GASPS) This plus the video is the proof I need to save my relationship.
Okay, I'm off.
Oh, hey.
You got this, girl.
Okay? Happy birthday.
Oh, it was Marlene's idea.
She told me to write dispassionate observations about my life instead of trying to write.
"Michael still mispronounces 'deficit.
' "And even though he talks slower, his eyes still look the same before he's about to make a joke.
" "He's slower to laugh "than he used to be, but when he does, it's still contagious.
" "As Jane sat there with Michael across the table, "the urge to take his hand was so strong that suddenly, "Jane felt like she was back in their old apartment, "living their old life.
And if she was being honest, she liked that feeling.
" Hon, these don't seem very dispassionate.
NARRATOR: Told you.
Narrators always have a point of view.
It seems like there are feelings there, for Michael.
And if there are, why are you trying so hard to get Rafael back? NARRATOR: Friends, exactly four weeks ago, Rafael's girlfriend was four weeks away from turning 30.
Let's get a real unicorn! (CHEERING) There goes my gift.
(LAUGHTER) But really.
What do you want? Nothing.
We're saving money.
A card telling me how much you love me.
(LAUGHS) Which, for the record, he wrote that very night.
Very not dispassionately.
But alas, that was before Michael got his memories back.
Which led to this I need you to leave.
Leaving him here, at this moment, four weeks later.
RAFAEL: "A card, telling you how much I love you.
"That's what you said.
"Which feels impossible, Jane, "because I love you with everything that I am.
But I guess this sums it up: will you marry me?" (HEART BEATING) - (EXHALES) - (DOORBELL RINGS) Thanks for coming.
Thanks for asking me to.
Uh, you were right.
I wasn't being a good parent.
I should have supported you, and I'm sorry.
And also We should talk about oh.
Uh, go ahead.
I was just about to say you were right.
NARRATOR: And friends, it feels cruel to point out that his heart had opened, briefly.
I can't just dismiss how I feel about Michael.
But alas, that's my job.
I've been running away from my feelings because I'm confused, but it's-it's not fair for me to ask you to stick around while I sort through it.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
What's she doing here? You're spending the night at Mommy's place - like we talked about.
- But Get your stuff.
It's not up for debate.
: He looks devastated.
What did you say to him? (STAMMERS) T-That's not the point.
The-the point is, I was firing the busboy and Jane was writing about it at exactly the same time the e-mail was sent to Milos.
So it couldn't have been me.
Someone was setting me up.
Milos, probably.
Yeah, okay.
I believe you.
Look but wait.
Running around that ditch, trying to find a piece of paper I can't do that.
If we're going to do this Us I need you to trust me.
How am I supposed to? After what happened? How can we be in a relationship if you can't? Look, I get taking things slow.
That's fine.
But you have to believe, deep down, that I would never lie to you again.
And I don't know, deep down, that I do believe that.
It's hard.
You lied for a long time.
And I work at a bar now.
- You said you didn't blame me for that.
- I don't.
But it's a constant reminder, and well, the truth is, it's hard to feel safe with you.
Okay? I'll have to work harder, then.
To make you feel safe.
NARRATOR: Also working hard Do you want me to read you a bedtime story? No.
Do you want a kiss? And maybe it was Mateo's constant rejection or the return of Jane's complicated love triangle or the fact that she spent her 30th birthday in a ditch, but in that moment, Jane couldn't run away from her feelings.
(SNIFFLES) Mommy, are you crying? No, I'm fine.
I promise.
It's okay, Mommy's just going through a lot, but it has nothing to do with you, okay? I'm sorry I ran away.
Yeah, that wasn't okay.
Oh But honestly? I understand why you did it.
Because today, I ran away from my own birthday party.
You did? I didn't even go inside.
I-I just drove up, I saw all the people and then I ran away.
Then what happened? Well, I actually ended up in a ditch.
(CHUCKLES) And then Abuela and Bisa and Auntie Petra, they showed up.
XIOMARA: I hope Jane's feeling better.
She's a strong, capable 30-year-old with impeccable genes.
She'll be fine.
Even if she doesn't feel like celebrating right now.
And speaking of celebrating (CLEARS THROAT) It's a Rocovery basket, for you.
It is filled with everything you've been deprived of during chemo to celebrate that you're on the path to recovery.
Rogelio, I told you, I don't want I-I know, I-I know, we can't celebrate the ultimate victory yet.
But we can celebrate smaller victories along the way.
Thank you, Rogelio.
Of course.
Not just for the basket, but for being my rock through all of this.
NARRATOR: And from one happy couple to, well, Jane and Michael.
So I submitted the evidence, and the company agreed to settle for $10,000, which I can pay in installments, - so we're all good.
- I can help.
I'll take care of it.
I also wanted to bring you your belated birthday gift.
(GASPS) Thanks, but I already own, like, 400 copies.
Well, this one's different, 'cause I really wanted to talk to you while I was reading it, so I wrote down my reactions instead.
And I noted a few places where I thought Martin could have been a little funnier.
(LAUGHS, SNIFFLES) Happy birthday, Jane.
Or Josephine.
Oh (SIGHS) NARRATOR: And so, friends, without knowing where she was going, Jane began to write again.
UNICORN: Happy birthday, Jane.
From one unicorn to another.
Looks like Rafael may be the one running away.