Jane the Virgin (2014) s05e07 Episode Script

Chapter Eighty-Eight

1 NARRATOR: Friends, what a journey our Jane has been on.
See, she and her baby daddy, Rafael, were about to be engaged.
But then her husband Michael came back from the dead.
See, it turns out he wasn't dead.
He'd been in Montana.
And he had amnesia.
Actually, I go by Jason now.
And then, OMG, his memories came back.
Come on, I know you, Jane.
You're gonna have to explore it.
That's not true.
But, friends, Rafael was right.
I can't just dismiss how I feel about Michael.
And then Michael made a proposal of his own.
We'll never know what could be as long as we're here.
In Miami.
Surrounded by the ghosts of our past.
Come with me to Montana.
Let's go.
Which is where we left off.
When Jane Gloriana Villanueva was 30 years old, she called an emergency family meeting And the reason for this emergency family meeting is I'm going to Montana with Michael tomorrow.
- Montana? - Tomorrow? I know.
It's crazy.
Totally crazy.
But Rafael has Mateo for three days, and we found cheap flights, and Michael and I need to get away from the memories of our past, just to see where we are now.
I think it's a great idea, hon.
- Yeah? - ABUELA: Yeah.
Yay! Oh.
Our flight leaves early, so, uh, I'd better start working on my packing list.
Ooh, I'm excited! (GIGGLES) Which brings us here.
What was I thinking? I can't go to Montana.
Because it's in Montana.
And what are you doing here so early, Ma? I knew you'd be freaking out.
Don't freak out.
You're going.
But where will it even lead? And-and where do I even want it to lead? You don't know.
That's the point of the trip.
Just go with the flow.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
- But - No buts.
It's happening.
End of story.
- But - Mateo will be fine.
I'll check in on him.
Will you check in on, uh, Rafael? Just to make sure that he's doing okay? Yes.
Of course.
(SIGHS) Okay.
I'm going.
Did you pack? (SIGHS) Turns out, I don't have a very ranch-friendly wardrobe.
I mean, I don't think.
My ranch references are limited.
- NARRATOR: Brokeback Mountain - Little House on the Prairie - And that other telenovela - Cavalgando El Amor.
Oh my God, Yes! I wanted Victor to lasso me.
(LAUGHS) So, what do I bring? Uh, some yoga pants and some tennis shoes, and ROGELIO: All the fringe! I cleaned out the wardrobe storeroom of my production El Rancho de mi Corazon and I have everything you need.
Suede fringe vest, chaps, and several hat options.
Isn't that a little, uh Masculine? Yes.
Which is why I also brought this.
I can't wear that.
But it's what all the women in my telenovela wore.
(WESTERN MUSIC PLAYING) NARRATOR: And so, friends, following in the footsteps of the telenovela ranchera let's meet our heroine.
Wow, so they really do say that in Montana? No, I was just reading your hat.
NARRATOR: And of course, her love interest.
MICHAEL: Ready to go? Yeah, I think so.
It's just three days.
W I didn't have time to To make a color-coded packing list? Anything you can leave here? Possibly, but I don't know what.
Never mind.
We'll take it all.
Now, come on, let's go.
NARRATOR: And so it was that these two began their journey west.
To Miami International Airport.
(SIGHS) Don't worry.
There are no expectations here.
Plenty of hope.
But no expectations.
We'll just go with the flow.
See how we fit.
With no distractions.
Sounds good.
Open mind.
Wide open.
(CHUCKLES) (WIND WHISTLING) I'm really sorry we had to wait for my luggage and we missed our bus.
You don't have to apologize again.
I do because you're still mad.
I'm not still mad.
I just thought that maybe if you'd consolidated the bags - before we left - Okay, so how is that not mad? Okay.
It's fine.
It's a bump in the road.
We'll just buy another ticket.
Y'all need a ride? Hop on in.
(QUIETLY): We cannot hitchhike.
- (QUIETLY): What do you mean? - What do you mean? Well, it would save us 60 bucks in bus tickets.
This trip is costing a lot.
Well, if we get in that truck, it could cost us our lives! Okay.
Can you just give us a min MICHAEL: Bye.
Thank you.
Well, might as well just get comfy.
Be waiting here for a while.
(EXHALES LOUDLY) How much longer? About an hour.
But you can sleep in tomorrow.
No, I have to call Mateo before school.
That's gonna be tough.
Cell service on the ranch is pretty spotty.
What? Pretty much a dead zone.
So how do I call Mateo? I thought when you said you were okay with leaving for a few days That I wouldn't need to call my son? I guess I'm just used to being off the grid for so long.
I-I'll think of something.
Don't get mad again.
I'm not mad.
I It's fine.
It's just an-another bump in the (LOUD BUMP) Ooh.
Whoa, what? What was that? I'd say a possum.
W-What should we do? Well, we could swing back around and pick it up.
To help it? No, to eat it.
They make a mean pot pie.
(CHUCKLES): I'm kidding.
Just kidding.
I have a feeling he wasn't kidding.
The point is that finally, finally, they arrived.
Here it is.
My humble abode.
I'll say.
It's This is, uh, cozy.
Come on.
What do you really think of life off the grid? We're here to learn about each other.
There's no point in any of this if we're not gonna be honest.
I'm trying to go with the flow and not get ahead of myself, but I can't imagine living in the middle of nowhere, and eating roadkill and picking up hitchhikers.
I'm sorry.
No, I asked.
Look we've had a long day.
Let's just go to bed.
NARRATOR: Well, they learned one thing about each other they're not great travel companions.
(FIRE CRACKLING) NARRATOR: And so our heroine went to bed troubled.
As heroines often do.
(ROOSTER CROWS) NARRATOR: And the next morning (SQUEAKING) (COUNTRY MUSIC) it was no better.
And so Jane wondered if she should just cut her losses and tell Michael she had made a big mistake.
Morning, Bo.
(GRAPHIC MUSIC) Welcome to Montana.
JANE: Wow.
Coffee never tasted so good.
I haven't been up this early since the other night, when I was out this late.
So, there's a landline in the main house.
And I asked the owner, and he said you can use it to call Mateo.
I also called your grandma and gave her this number.
And she's gonna make sure that Rafael has it.
Thank you.
Of course.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
Long trip, short nerves.
Me, too.
But you know what? - It's a new day.
- It is.
And a beautiful one at that.
I'm glad you think so.
Thought we'd go for a walk.
Maybe have a picnic? Sounds perfect.
Thanks for the shirt.
- Looks good on you.
- Hmm.
Just wish I had a pair of boots in your size.
The sooner you get those things caked in mud, the better.
NARRATOR: But they're so sparkly.
- Heh, nice.
There you go.
- (LAUGHS): Yeah.
Where's the picnic? I want to hit all the mud.
Just at the foot of those hills.
If we're trying to get over there, why are we walking this way? Got to bypass the neighboring ranch.
Because? Charlie lives there.
Not a fan.
(CHUCKLING): Wait a second.
Rival ranchers? Ooh-hoo-hoo.
This is like Cavalgando El Amor.
Did your fight start over a beautiful ranch owner's daughter who actually might be your twin sister? Oh, nothing that dramatic.
- Aw - Just some bad blood.
But enough about Charlie.
I want to focus on our day together.
Me, too.
NARRATOR: And so, friends (SIGHS) Jane let herself enjoy the wind in her hair and the sun on her face.
MAN: What the hell? Jason, you didn't tell me you were back.
Actually, I go by Michael now, sir.
I don't care if you go by Tammy Wynette.
As long as you're back and ready to work.
See, I was actually just wondering if I could take a couple days.
I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you ask for more time off.
You're living in that cabin, you're earning your keep.
Catch up on your chores today, then get on out to that east border fence, which needs fixing.
And don't let her get in the way.
JANE: Wow.
Friendly guy.
Sorry about that.
That's just how he is.
Why don't you head back to the cabin and write or relax, and I'll finish up my work.
We can have our picnic later.
No way.
I came here to get to know your world.
Put me to work, partner.
Okay, then.
Come on.
I'll introduce you to Shelby.
NARRATOR: Huh? Who's this Shelby? So you're Shelby.
Hope you've been taking good care of Michael these last few years.
Yeah, she did.
Right, old girl? I think they miss you, Michael.
Are they smiling? What are their names? Oh, this is Ginger.
She's stubborn as a mule, but don't let her know that.
She'll get offended.
(LAUGHS) Banjo over here is lazy as all get-out.
He doesn't care who knows it.
But Shelby is my best friend on the ranch.
After Bo, of course.
(HORSE NEIGHING) Did you miss it in Miami, hanging out with the horses? Yeah, I did a little bit.
Except I didn't just hang out with horses.
I worked.
You ready? Yeah.
What are we doing? Brushing them, feeding them, training them? We're mucking stalls.
NARRATOR: Oh, crap.
You scoop the soiled straw, throw it in the wheelbarrow.
You sure you wanna do this? (SIGHS) Yep.
It's like a giant litter box, right? NARRATOR: And so our heroine scooped poop.
And, lo and behold, her boots were broken in.
How you doing? Getting my cardio in.
Ah, six down, six more to go.
You sure you don't want to take a break, - and I'll finish up? - (SCOFFS) You kidding? I'm mucking circles around these stalls.
Hey! (LAUGHING) What was that for? You threw it first.
I didn't mean to.
Oh, I thought you were starting a hay fight.
NARRATOR: Ha! Please.
That only happens in a telenovela.
I wasn't.
NARRATOR: Then again But I am now! (SCREAMS) (LAUGHING, SHRIEKING) Whoa! (LAUGHING) All right, now I even smell like a ranch hand.
Come on, I'll show you a spot where you can get cleaned up.
(PHONE CHIMES) Oh, uh NARRATOR: Well, that's about eight hours too late.
(PHONE CHIMES) Think of it as a low-flow shower.
All you gotta do is pull this rope, but pull it gently, or you'll end up dumping the whole bucket on your head.
Got it.
I'll wait over there for you.
NARRATOR: To be fair, it's hard to go with the flow, if the flow won't go.
Michael! Michael, are you there? What's up? Uh, I'm having trouble working this.
Do you want me to hold the rope for you? As long as you don't look.
I won't.
I promise.
You can look now.
Thanks for that.
You're welcome.
Okay, I'm I'm gonna change.
NARRATOR: Well (EXHALES) that was hot.
- Look who's back.
- Hey - Where you been, man? - We missed you, man.
Jane, this is Keith, my right-hand man.
NARRATOR: Well, hello, Keith.
Don't believe that.
He's my right-hand man.
- And you are? - Jane.
Well, right this way, Jane.
Have yourself a seat.
Someone get this little lady a beer.
Now, tell us how in the hell did old Jason here talk you into a date? You are finer than a frog's hair split four ways.
(LAUGHTER) Thank you? Actually, Jane's not my date.
(CHUCKLES) She's my wife.
(SPITS) You're kidding.
No way.
Come on, how much is he paying you? Oh, it's it is true.
I'm his wife.
But it's a little more complicated than that.
Uh, my name's actually not Jason.
It's Michael Cordero.
And I was a cop in Miami.
A detective, actually.
A great one.
- NARRATOR: Well, that's debatable.
- It's a pretty wild story I'll tell you guys when we have more time.
Hey, come on, we got nothing but time.
You guys want a campfire story? KEITH: Yeah.
I got a crazy one for you.
Holy hell.
I know, it's it's really a crazy story.
The craziest part wasn't the story, it's the fact that Jason here I mean Michael told it.
No one's ever heard him string more than two sentences together at one time.
(LAUGHTER) And you got a sense of humor? - Who knew? - RANCH HAND: I gotta say, that's damn near the most romantic thing I've heard since Luke Bryan's new album.
(CHUCKLES) KEITH: So, what's the ending to this fairy tale? Jane, you gonna move out here and become a ranch wife? MICHAEL: Uh, we're gonna take it slow.
One step at a time.
So, what'd I miss around here? KEITH: Ooh, where do I start? Well, Steve broke his leg Okay, so, Mateo and I are going to Montana to live with Michael, and I was hoping that you can move there, too, so we can co-parent.
Maybe you could open up a boutique hotel there.
Serve up some possum pie.
MICHAEL: Jane? You okay? Mm.
I, uh, just have to go to the bathroom.
Oh, thank God.
We keep missing each other.
I know I said things were getting better, but now I'm panicking again.
Somebody just asked us about our future together, and I need you to talk me down.
Ma? (PHONE CHIMES) Ugh! Ah! (PHONE CHIMES) RICK: So staying or leaving? - What do you mean? - Well, I hear that girl's your wife.
She is clearly not staying here.
Now, AJ's been doing a real good job taking over for you.
You leave, I want to hold on to him.
So, what's it gonna be? Well, I don't know, sir.
It all just happened.
You got 48 hours to decide.
NARRATOR: So, here we are, with these two at a crossroad.
You okay? You been out there for a while.
NARRATOR: Remember, Jane, honesty Yeah, great.
Just looking for the right bush, for peeing.
Everything okay? NARRATOR: All right, Michael, here's your chance: honesty.
Just wanted to remind you about the fence we have to fix tomorrow.
Honestly? Speaking of, we got to wake up early.
Should we hit the hay? Good idea.
I am wiped out.
NARRATOR: There comes a time in every relationship and in every telenovela ranchera when fences must be mended.
Literally, in this case.
Okay, here's the plan.
We ride out to the fence, fix any spots that are worn out, close up potential escape routes.
Sounds good.
Why do you look so nervous? I've only ridden a horse once, and it-it wasn't pretty.
Aw, don't worry.
You'll ride Shelby.
She knows the fence line better than me.
- I'll get her.
Be right back.
- Okay.
KEITH: Hey there, little lady.
Sleep well? - Still like that guy? - (CHUCKLES) I did sleep well.
And yes, I do.
So, did you guys make a decision about Rick's deadline? What deadline? Uh-oh.
Did I just step in it? I'll assume "it" refers to the stuff Jane scooped yesterday.
- What are we deciding? - Dinner.
Chicken or ribs.
Keith, don't make this little lady angry.
Rick gave him 48 hours to decide if he's staying on the ranch or leaving.
Got it.
Good to know.
You doing okay, Jane? Yup, I'm great! No way.
Horses pick up on the rider's anxiety.
You're making Shelby skittish.
NARRATOR: Shelby, you traitor! Keith told me about Rick's ultimatum.
NARRATOR: Keith, you traitor! I thought we were gonna be honest with each other.
Why didn't you tell me? I guess I saw your reaction to Keith's question about our future, and I knew this deadline would add even more pressure.
Yeah, you're right, it does.
I mean (SIGHS) I-I-I can't live here.
I know that.
And I'm not ready to ask you to move, or-or lose a job that you like with people that you like.
I know that, too, but here's the thing, I've been thinking and there's more than only two options.
We could decide to date, do the whole long distance thing, visit each other, see where things go.
- I didn't think about that.
- See? It's not all or nothing.
I could keep my job now, you could head home, I could figure out that whole FaceTime thing, and we could take our time to decide.
I like that option.
I want my own horse, a stallion! This is 100% your fault.
MICHAEL: Let's maybe learn how to ride first, Mateo.
Next time you come out here, I'll teach you.
- Yeah! - Hey, bud, you ready to go? MICHAEL: Uh-oh, what happened? Huh? You were feeling better, now Shelby's jumpy.
Geez, I didn't realize horses doubled as lie detectors.
Plus, I can see it on your face.
I feel guilty about Rafael and what I'm putting him through, and I can't stop thinking about him.
- You wanted to know.
- I did, and I do.
But what are you supposed to do? I mean, your husband came back from the dead.
It's all Straight out of a telenovela? I know.
NARRATOR: I couldn't have said it better myself.
See that? Shelby's feeling better, which means you are, too.
Better to talk about it.
Now let's make these horses earn their supper.
Come on.
NARRATOR: So with her mind at ease, Jane rode across the countryside.
(KISSING NOISES) Hyah! (LAUGHS) NARRATOR: Sorry, I couldn't resist.
(CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) NARRATOR: Sure looks like they mended their fence.
Then you take the new wire, wrap it around the brace post, but make sure it's really tight.
And then staple.
Okay, got it.
Are you sure? Want me to go over it one more time? Come on, Villanueva women know how to fix stuff.
NARRATOR: True, for the record.
Look at that.
I forgot how good you were with your hands.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
If you don't watch out, I might be working you out of a job.
Like your fancy Miami manicure could hold up here.
- Bull - No, seriously, you don't think No, bull! Right there! Holy crap, that was Rocky! Who's Rocky? MICHAEL: He's the ranch's prize breeding bull.
His semen's worth $2,000 a vial, and he's paid to inseminate thousands of cows a year.
NARRATOR: Wow, does anyone get pregnant the old-fashioned way these days? If we don't get him back, I'll lose my job.
NARRATOR: And they will lose their options.
(GRUNTS) Wait! Wait for me! NARRATOR: Friends, we last left our heroine in pursuit of a stud.
Wait! Oh, Michael, wait for me! (GASPS) Oh, my God, there he is.
Okay, so what do we do? Lasso him? Is that, is that a real thing - or is that a TV thing? - It's a real thing.
NARRATOR: So very real.
Okay, so do it.
Well, hang on.
We can't just waltz on over there.
NARRATOR: Yeah, geez, hold your horses.
MICHAEL: That bull's on Charlie's land.
Ah, your nemesis.
Come on, what's the worst that could happen? Last time I got a sucker punch to the face and a broken nose.
And Charlie will shoot me on the spot if I trespass again.
NARRATOR: Jane, your options are getting away.
Well, Charlie's not gonna sucker punch me.
I'm gonna grab that bull by the horns.
Nope, definitely don't do that.
Lasso, then.
Teach me.
NARRATOR: Whoa! You go, cowgirl.
Oh, spoke too soon.
Okay, try not to throw it so much.
It's more about releasing the rope at the right time, and following through on the swing.
Helps if you hold onto the rope.
Yup, got it, good point.
All right, follow through on the swing.
Follow through on the swing.
Are you even aiming for Bo? Stop it, I'm gonna get this.
This is the one.
- Yup.
- I'm feeling it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Here we go.
(JANE SCREAMS) (WHOOPING) I did it! I did it! I did it! All right, so listen, Rocky's real gentle, but just in case something goes wrong.
I get it, blow the horn and it'll scare him away.
No, it'll stun him, maybe give you enough time to climb up a tree.
Also, try to stand near a tree.
You got this.
NARRATOR: Oh, geez, just throw it already.
I can't watch.
Nice aim.
Oh, I am so sorry.
I I thought you were a bull.
- I'm not from here.
- NARRATOR: Clearly.
A-And I just needed to get the bull back before Charlie finds out that I'm on his property.
I hear he's not the nicest.
Yeah, Charlie's mean as cat meat.
- Who warned you? - Michael, his neighbor.
Or, I guess, Charlie knows him by Jason.
It-It's a whole thing.
(CHUCKLES) I'm Jane, by the way.
I'm Charlie.
(SHOTGUN) Listen, I'm really sorry.
Do you even know why Jason and I don't get along? Uh, not exactly.
'Cause he's a thief, a nibbler, - belongs in the calaboose.
- Okay, um, I I don't even know what some of that means, but I can tell you, he's not a thief.
I know him.
Yeah, so do I, unfortunately.
Okay, uh, l-look, I-I hope you guys can work this out, but right now I need to get that bull back or Michael will lose his job, and my options will disappear and I can't let that happen right now.
- Your options? - Please.
I came 3,000 miles and I took a plane and a bus and a truck and hit a possum and left my son at home, all to see if there's still something between Michael and me, and the only way I can do that without panicking is to know that I have options and he has options and our options depend on getting that freaking bull back.
(AIR HORN BLOWS) NARRATOR: Oh, my God, there she is.
What a heroine! Whoo! - How'd you do it? - Charlie gave me a hand.
You got her to help you? How? Once she understood our situation, she was happy to help.
If I lasso that bull, will you shut your trap and get the hell off my property? Wow.
You really earned your spurs.
We should get back to the cabin, my spurs are tired.
Yeah, about that.
We kind of missed the moment.
It's gonna be dark before we can make it back.
What? We'll have to camp.
But we don't have a tent.
No, but we got snacks and saddle blankets.
(CHUCKLES) NARRATOR: Snacks, saddle blankets, and most importantly, her options.
All right, let's camp.
(JANE SIGHS) The Miami sky ain't got nothing on this.
(CHUCKLES) Right? These are my favorite kind of nights.
Warm breeze, starry skies, nothing but you on Earth.
What did it feel like to be in Miami after calling this place home? Hot, mostly.
(CHUCKLES) Your heart beats faster there, for sure.
- In a good way? - I don't know.
Could you ever see yourself living there again? I don't know that, either.
But I am happy to be here with you now, showing you Montana.
I'm happy, too.
And I can see why you love it here.
I really do.
You can just hear yourself think, you know? Do you ever wonder if this was you underneath it all? The cowboy who likes the quiet.
All the time, but I don't think it is.
I was happy, I know that.
It's just hard to figure out what was me then and what's me now.
You did always did love camping.
Well, you, too.
That's how we first bonded, right? Excuse me? Over our incredible love of camping.
(LAUGHS) - Is my memory off? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, I'm thinking about a different lady.
(CHUCKLES) Can't keep track.
Oh, you were the one who complained the entire time.
Only because you kept me up all night.
I mean, every time I tried to fall asleep, you'd bust out your Yogi Bear impression.
(IMITATING YOGI BEAR): What're you talking about, Boo-Boo? (BOTH LAUGH) Good night, Michael.
Good night, Jane.
NARRATOR: Ah, that fresh Montana air, it helps you sleep so soundly.
(GUNSHOT) OMG! I forgot about those Montana guns! What the hell are you doing on my property? The deal was you shut up, get the bull and beat it.
I-I am so sorry.
We didn't realize this was your property.
This isn't her property.
Your property ends at that tree line over there.
I showed you the land records.
I don't take the word of a thief.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Can we maybe put the gun down and talk about this? W-What do you mean, "thief"? He stole my chickens.
Prize chickens.
I didn't.
Michael, shush I always knew he was shady.
Show up out of nowhere, no history, no family.
I mean, he tells me his name's Jason, tells you it's Michael.
Honestly, I don't even know what you're doing with him, unless you're a thief, too.
You He is not a thief, and neither am I.
What makes you so sure? Because I'm his wife.
And he lost his memory, but he used to be a detective, and he is the best person I've known.
Decent and kind and honest and always looking to protect people from getting hurt, and trying to do the right thing, and taking care of everyone.
And so even though I don't know what happened to your chickens, I can say for a fact that Michael was not responsible.
Right, Michael? - Um Actually, I was.
- What? But I didn't steal them.
Bo ate them.
Why didn't you just say that? I couldn't.
She would have shot my dog.
- I am sure she wouldn't - You got that right.
JANE: Stop pointing that thing at things! Come on, there's got to be a solution to this situation, right? Like, uh, u-uh, uh, what if Michael agrees to replace your chickens? Prize chickens.
Prize chickens.
And in exchange, you agree to not shoot him or his dog if he accidentally trespasses on your land.
What do you say? We got a deal? (WIND WHOOSHING) NARRATOR: OMG, who's gonna blink first? Fine.
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
But you better get me some quality chickens, not some scrawny old biddies.
And if that mutt ever sets paw on my property again, I'll turn him into an area rug, you hear? (WHOOPS SOFTLY) Well, I don't think I'll be needing coffee this morning.
Thanks for standing up for me, and for saying those nice things.
You really feel that way about me? Of course.
You know that.
Oh, who am I kidding? I don't want to stay here without you.
What? I love you, Jane, and these last two days have only proven that to me, that there's still a connection here.
And if we're being honest Which we said we would be I don't want to do long distance.
I want to be with you.
Move to Miami, and really try to make this work.
I can't ask you to do that.
- You're not.
- You love Montana, being able to hear yourself think.
And and you gave up so much for me before.
Oh, I'd do the same for you now.
I'd do anything for you.
For us.
Now, I'll stay here if this is too much too soon, but I just want you to know, that's where I'm at.
(PHONE CHIMES) Oh, I-I'm just gonna NARRATOR: Ah, finally some good timing.
- (LAUGHS): Hey.
- Wow.
Can't believe I'm shaking hands with the salesman of the month.
Congrats, buddy.
Thank you.
I was thinking we could have a family dinner to celebrate.
- Sounds perfect.
- MATEO: Yeah, come on, Michael! All right.
So you're okay? Yeah.
I really am okay.
NARRATOR: And it was there, standing in the silence, that Jane realized Michael was right.
She really could hear herself think.
And friends, in that moment, our heroine knew exactly what she had to do.
Everything all right? You've been out there for a while.
You were right, Montana is a good place for thinking.
And I've been thinking about how much you've changed and how much I've changed.
I mean, I used to be someone who clung so tightly to a plan, and then life threw me all these crazy curveballs.
Losing you was the biggest, (CRYING): and hardest one of all.
I never thought I'd get through it.
I mean, after that, I I had to learn to let go of the plan a little.
And listen to my heart.
What's it telling you? (SNIFFLES) Mm, this whole t-trip, I've been trying to imagine a life with you.
But every time I did, I felt guilty about Rafael.
And then, I suddenly realized it's not guilt it's love.
The biggest change that happened when you were gone is that I fell in love with Rafael.
And I'm still in love with him, and that's not gonna change.
Michael, what you and I had was It was.
(EXHALES) But I guess our moment's passed.
I am so sorry.
Don't be.
This experience with you on the ranch, and over the last few weeks, you gave me my life back.
I just want you to be happy.
NARRATOR: Michael, you're killing me here.
I wish I knew how to quit you.
(SNIFFLES) (ENGINE STARTS) NARRATOR: And so our heroine began her long journey home.
As hard as it was to leave Michael, Jane knew exactly where she was going, exactly what she had to do, and exactly who she had to talk to.
What are you doing here? I thought you were picking up Mateo tomorrow, he's asleep.
I know.
And I also know that you're not happy with me right now, so this may not be the right time, but I couldn't wait.
I know I put us both through hell because I didn't tell Michael to leave.
You were right.
I had to explore it.
He was my husband.
And I-I think a part of that was the past lingering and part was shock and part was having to say good-bye again.
In a different way, which I did.
I said good-bye to Michael, because I'm sure, more sure than I've ever been about anything, that I want to be with you.
You're my now, you're my tomorrow, you're my always.
I'm sorry.
It's just It's too late.
Please, don't say that.
I just don't trust you anymore, Jane.
And I can't go back.
NARRATOR: And it looks like their moment passed, too.
And then he shut the door, and that was it.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
Wait, how come you actually do seem all right? Because it's not over.
You don't always lasso the bull on the first try.
You got to keep swinging.
I'm gonna fight for him, because Rafael is my destiny.