Jane the Virgin (2014) s05e12 Episode Script

Chapter Ninety-Three

1 LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Here we go, friends.
As you know, Jane still loved Rafael, but she was trying to move on, so they could focus on being good co-parents, which was important because Mateo was recently diagnosed with ADHD.
And they had to figure out how to best help him.
Medication is a lifelong decision and he is so young, and I just Jane, I agree.
We should try other options first.
NARRATOR: Yeah, not an easy decision.
And speaking of decisions, Jane had decided to move in to her own apartment.
I just think it's time for the next phase of my life.
NARRATOR: Also entering the next phase Poor Petra.
See, J.
broke up with her and moved to Houston, but at least Petra got her other ex back.
What will it take for you to come back to me? Triple my salary.
Her old assistant Krishna.
And I want a lunch hour every day.
NARRATOR: And in other great news, Xo found out she was cancer-free.
Thank God.
I'm so happy.
NARRATOR: But he was less happy about this: Finally.
We can be together.
NARRATOR: So Rogelio set River straight.
Let me make this perfectly clear, I love my wife.
I don't want to have sex with you, I have never wanted to have sex with you.
NARRATOR: Unfortunately, hell hath no fury like River Fields scorned.
He loves me not he will pay.
NARRATOR: So let's see what happens next.
When Jane Gloriana Villanueva was six years old, she was in her first musical.
We're gonna dance and sing all night We love to laugh Here comes her solo.
I like to sing 'cause singing is fun Oof.
Yeah, turns out, it was also her last.
Because that voice was a deal-breaker.
Today's my first rehearsal for the musical.
But, hey, maybe musical talent skips a generation? I know, it's so exciting.
And take it from me, Mateo, your first school musical is an experience you'll never forget.
And can never un-hear.
I'm gonna be a tree, and I'm in the forest.
My costume needs to be brown and green, so can you make me a costume that's brown and green? On it.
You are gonna be brown and green from head to toe.
Huh? I also have to learn lines and a dance.
Then we will practice until you got it cold.
And on opening night, I will be in the front row cheering on the best tree in Miami.
Now come on, let's see those branches.
Go get the rest of your things for school, my little star.
"Laundry in unit.
" You hate the way I fold.
Rafael told me to make a list of all the things I absolutely need for an apartment.
I'm meeting with him later today to go over his available listings.
You know how the old saying goes.
First comes love, then almost-marriage, then platonic friendship and then he's your real estate agent.
Carpet is a deal-breaker.
I hope Raf can find me something with all these must-haves.
XIOMARA: I must have biked 20 miles today.
After three weeks of daily spin classes, I was finally able to get through every set of jumps again.
I'm so happy for you, Xiomara.
Just don't overdo it.
You've hardly sat still.
I'm just soaking up life, now that I can.
Now, me and my heavyweight hamstrings are gonna take a shower, then I've got lunch with some girlfriends I haven't seen in a while.
Sounds great.
Are you okay, babe? - You tossed and turned all night.
- It's River.
- She's driving me crazy.
- Wha I thought you said - she was being really nice lately? - Exactly.
It's been weeks since I rejected her, and she has yet to retaliate.
Maybe that means she's over it? Xiomara, my-my sweet, naive wife.
Of course she's not over it.
She is biding her time, plotting her revenge.
Is there any chance you're being paranoid? Not at all.
Just ask Rudy.
Cupcake? Why, thank you.
Taste this, see if it's poisoned.
Rudy was sick for a week.
Doesn't he have a gluten allergy? - So he says.
- NARRATOR: He does.
Rogelio, I obviously don't like River.
But I don't think she's poisoning you for rejecting her.
Well, then, you're playing right into her unusually large hands.
It's just that you have a tendency to get carried away.
Oh, do I? Do I? Maybe that's a quality you should mention when you give my eulogy right after River poisons me to death.
I'm taking a shower.
Try to relax.
NARRATOR: He looks relaxed.
Everything needs love to grow It's love, love, love The world is love, love EVERETTE: Okay, hold up one second.
Mateo, you are a tree, you are not a rock.
Would you please stand up and join the rest of the forest? Okay, from the top.
Five, six, seven, eight.
(IMITATES FARTING) (LAUGHTER) And we're singing.
Let me hear my trees! I'm not a tree, I'm a helicopter.
(LAUGHTER) CLASSMATE: You killed the trees.
Mateo ruins everything.
PETRA: He made a complete mess of everything.
I mean, all the temps were bad, but the last one took the cake.
I had a birthday cake on my desk, and he took it.
That does seem gratuitous.
Anyway, here.
I need you to take care of this list.
Are you forgetting something? Please.
I don't do dry cleaning anymore.
I'll take that off the list.
But can you get started, um, on the other things? Please? Happy to.
Also, I have something to tell you.
It's bad news.
But before I tell you, remember what we discussed.
I am just the messenger.
Yes, of course.
Whatever it is, I will remember my manners and I won't take it out on you.
Milos called.
He wants to sell the hotel.
What?! Sorry.
Can you elaborate? He said he owns two-thirds of the hotel and can sell at any time without your approval.
Well, that's ridiculous.
I need you to schedule a visitation at the prison.
Already done.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'll get started on that list.
JANE: Here's the list.
All my must-haves for the apartment.
And, if you look on the back, you'll find a list of all the deal-breakers.
Which, judging by your face, is possibly a bit extensive.
I can revise it.
No, no, it's it's not that.
The list, it's a good list.
So what's wrong? (SIGHS) Mateo got kicked out of the musical for disrupting rehearsal.
Kicked out? What did he do? What didn't he do? He's lying down, he's getting up, he's screaming.
(SIGHS) He's really struggling, Jane.
I saw him.
I think we should consider medication.
We have been trying and trying, and holistic isn't helping.
And it's starting to affect things in a big way.
We said we'd give it another month.
I don't need another month to see that it's not working.
We can't just put him on meds because of one bad day.
It's not one bad day.
There's a pattern here.
We're getting ahead of ourselves.
- Jane - Medication is a serious decision.
- I know that it's serious.
- There can be side effects.
Which we'll monitor, but it could also be really good for him.
Can we please just give it a little more time? I'll talk to his teacher, I'll get him back in the play.
Uh, we can reevaluate in a couple weeks? Please? All right.
(EXHALES) He was so excited about the play.
Ugh, I know.
I was, too.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Mm Ah, I just hate to see him struggle.
I know.
JULIE: Am I interrupting? (CHUCKLES): Hey.
Um, uh Jane, this is Julie.
Julie, this is Jane.
Oh, Jane.
Hi, I've heard a lot about you.
Oh? Uh, do you work in the office? Wha no.
Rafa and I are dating.
NARRATOR: Rafa? And I just came by because I thought I'd surprise you for lunch.
Well, she certainly surprised someone.
Perfect timing.
I was just leaving.
You two enjoy your lunch date.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES) NARRATOR: We last left Jane upset that her real estate agent is seeing someone.
Do you have time for a single ladies chat? Only if you stop calling it that.
(LAUGHING MOAN) I met the new girl that Raf is seeing.
But he didn't warn me that he was dating someone specific, so I was just really thrown off.
I'm sure it's nothing serious.
- He hasn't mentioned anyone to me.
- Yeah? Okay, good.
(CHUCKLES) Well, if you meet Julie Oh, Julie? I've heard about Julie.
What? I assumed she was a coworker.
Well, so then, it must be serious.
Is she pretty? So pretty.
- Let me see.
- (GROANS) Oh, yeah, wow.
No, don't click on her Instagram story.
She'll see you watched it.
Ugh, been there done that.
So awkward.
I knew Rafael would start dating someone eventually, but it's just hard to be around.
Oh, you're lucky you live so far away from J.
so you're spared this torture.
You think J.
's seeing someone else already? I mean, she's a beautiful single woman who moved to a new city.
She's probably gotten asked out by now.
- What are you doing? - Checking her Instagram.
(MOANS) - Oh, my God.
She made it private.
- Ooh Oh, my God, she's seeing someone else and she doesn't want me to know.
Who's that woman in her new profile picture with her? (GRUNTS) It's the 21st century.
Why haven't we figured out how to zoom in on a thumbnail? Okay, phone time is over.
I can't handle this.
Maybe we should go out tonight.
Meet people, see what's out there? - That sounds terrible.
- It really does.
I am not a big fan of wearing pants after 9:00 p.
(SIGHS) Well, thanks for listening.
I feel better having talked it out.
I feel so much worse.
I feel about the same.
Oh, and now you're leaving.
I am sorry, I have to go talk to Mateo's teacher.
Hopefully, Raf isn't dating her, too.
I spoke to Mateo, and he fully understands what he did wrong and he's really sorry.
He just wants to get back in the play.
Is there anything that we can do? I'm happy to rebuild the sets myself.
I know I don't look it, but I know my way around a power drill.
I'm not worried about the set.
When all the kids were learning the dance number, Mateo was being very disruptive.
And he was distracting the other kids.
I know, but he was probably only acting that way because the kids were distracting him because of his ADHD.
Which isn't an excuse.
NARRATOR: Sure sounds like one.
It's just an explanation.
He has learned dance routines before, but only one-on-one, so what if I learn the songs and choreography? Then I can teach Mateo at the house, on our own time.
- I don't know.
- Please, this means so much to him; you should have seen his face when he told me he was in the play.
And-and I don't want him to feel rejected or left out.
And I promise you, he can do this.
JANE: You can do it.
Okay, you step and step and oh.
Use your right foot.
Well, the other right.
And don't forget, you have to be singing the song, too.
This is worse than homework.
I don't want to learn everything by myself at home, I want to learn with my friends.
We talked about this.
This is the new plan.
So, let's go.
Try it again, come on.
(OFF-KEY): Everything needs Love to grow NARRATOR: Try again.
And maybe Auto-Tune.
(OFF-KEY): Love to grow.
NARRATOR: I don't think that's the note, either.
Why do I have to sing anyway? It doesn't make any sense that trees sing.
Well, in musicals, anyone and anything can sing.
In fact, they must.
Why? Because sometimes, when you're so full of emotion you feel like you might burst, you just have to let it out and Sing! (GIGGLES) Exactly.
So, Mateo, let's remember: you're the happiest tree in the forest and you just have to sing and dance about it.
- Okay? - Maybe later.
Could we take a break? Fine, but only five minutes.
Okay, Mama Rose.
Thanks for letting us rehearse here.
Jorge's BarcaLounger doesn't leave much room for dancing in the living room.
Of course.
And hey, if you're getting tired, I'd be happy to teach Mateo the dance.
I mean, we did nail our Grandparents' Day routine.
People are still talking about it.
(CHUCKLES) Are you sure? Yes.
I'm cancer-free, remember? Totally up for it.
So? Should I teach him? That would be amazing.
(SQUEALS) Done and done.
(CHUCKLES) Mateo, do you know what the most important thing about performing is? - Glitter? - NARRATOR: Yes! No.
It's singing with feeling.
When you're on stage, you're not just singing words.
You're singing what you're feeling.
Whether you're happy, or sad Can't believe I see you here After so long, my love NARRATOR: Or creepy.
What the hell are you doing? I am in prison choir.
Turns out, I am a gifted baritone.
What's this about? I know you don't want to sell the hotel.
My trial is coming up.
Right now, things are not looking so good for poor me.
Of course, if you told truth at trial That break-in was accident Maybe I wouldn't want to sell hotel.
I am going to tell the truth.
It was no accident and you are a psychotic and dangerous criminal who should never see the light of day again.
Then I have no choice but to sell beautiful hotel.
You'll never sell the Marbella.
It's your last link to me and we both know I'm all you have.
- Watch me.
This guy really does creep me out.
Let's go back to cute kids singing.
Everything needs love to grow It's love, love - Love, love.
That's better.
Yes, that's it, Mateo! - Whoo-hoo.
- Right! Now let's work on that grapevine.
Big smile.
Ready? And a five, six, seven, eight.
Now Jane's being creepy.
Now I got to go pee.
Okay, let's take five.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing? (SCOFFS) Admiring your app organization.
- Stalking Raf's new girlfriend.
- Why on my phone? So that she doesn't see that I'm creeping on her Instagram story.
MATEO: Abuela, there's no toilet paper! (EXHALES) (KOALA GRUNTING) (SCOFFS) (PHONE RINGING) Xo? No, it's me.
I hate Julie.
- Raf's Julie? - Can we not call her that? - What happened? - She posted a gif that's totally aimed at me.
She called me a stage 5 clinger.
Honestly, what is she, 13? Maybe I should say something to Raf - and warn him - Jane, no.
Look, you and Raf are in a good place right now.
Shut up and be supportive.
If you act crazy, you're just proving Julie right; that you're a clingy koala bear.
Wait, how do you know what it looks like? (LAUGHS): I'm looking at it now.
(KOALA GRUNTING) It's really funny, actually.
I think this shows - Julie has a good sense of humor.
- Petra, focus.
You're supposed to be talking me down.
Okay, right.
I know it's hard, okay? But you just You got to be cool about it.
Be the bigger person.
Yeah, okay.
You're right.
(KOALA GRUNTING) Are you watching it again? (LAUGHING): It's so funny.
ROGELIO: It's so sad.
I know.
The scientists failed and all of the trees have died.
We only have 72 more hours of breathable oxygen before all known life-forms on Mars go extinct.
(LIGHT SHATTERS) (SCREAMS) Cut! - What the hell? - Oh, my God.
That could have killed you.
Yes, it could have.
That'd be horrible.
I'd have to get a new costar.
Perfume, chocolates? Rogelio, what did you do? Why are you apologizing to me? No, it's actually for River.
Do you think she'll like it? I don't know, did you include her favorite lube? Should I? Rogelio, this basket is gonna give her the wrong idea.
Do you want her trying to kiss you again? Well, it's better than her trying to kill me.
A light fell five inches from my head.
- And she said it was an accident.
- Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.
The point is, this is my passion project.
And it should be the happiest time of my life.
But instead, I'm fearing for my life, I'm a wreck, I'm NARRATOR: A basket case? Please try to understand.
I do a-and I want things to improve between you and River, but I don't want to worry about her trying to kiss you every five minutes.
What am I supposed to do? I can't live like this.
JANE: I can't live there.
To be fair, cockroaches were not - a part of your deal-breaker list.
- I feel like it was implied.
A-And to be clear, no rats.
Well, I have one more place for you to see.
Hopefully, there will be no cockroaches or rats or carpeting or wood paneling Sounds promising.
Should we go now? Oh, it's not available to see till later today.
I will text you the address - and meet you around 4:00? - Perfect.
See you then.
- And bring the list.
(LAUGHS) - And I have the list.
Fancy seeing you here.
Yeah, I-I don't usually hang around Rafael's office like this.
He's just helping me find an apartment.
Which is harder than I thought.
(CHUCKLES) There's more wood paneling in Miami than you know.
(LAUGHS) - Well, good luck.
- Thanks.
A-Actually I have to ask.
Is there something I should know about you and Rafael? What do you mean? Well, I kind of got a vibe from you guys the other day.
Plus, you seem to be around a lot.
And your mom was watching my Instagram stories.
Oh, yeah, my mom is so weird.
I'll talk to her.
Come on.
I think Rafa's great, but if there's still something between the two of you, I-I don't want to waste my time, I don't need drama.
NARRATOR: Come on, Jane.
Remember what Petra said.
Be the bigger person.
You have nothing to worry about.
We're just co-parents.
And for what it's worth, I can tell Raf likes you.
Really? Oh, yeah.
For sure.
I mean, he talks about you a lot.
Thank you for saying that.
Solano? We have a problem.
May I help you? (RUSSIAN ACCENT): We're investors.
Here to look at potential investment.
Will you show us hotel? No, I will not; the hotel is not for sale.
Milos says it is.
He's two-thirds owner.
We look around now.
It's perfect.
Lots of light and charm, big kitchen, not a deal-breaker in sight.
Once I lose the beads and the macramé.
And the (SNIFFS) hippie smell.
- Lots and lots of weed.
- What's wrong? Did you say something to Julie? Okay, I honestly didn't mean to But you did.
You meddled in my personal business.
I wouldn't characterize it as meddling.
We ran into each other and she asked about us so I clarified that we are strictly co-parents - and that you really like her.
- Well, I don't.
(LAUGHS) Oh, no.
(BOTH LAUGHING) I was just hoping that it would fizzle out on its own and I could let her down easy but now she thinks - I'm, like, super into her.
- I am so sorry.
Can I fix this? Oh, I think you've done enough.
Good point.
How about this apartment, though, huh? Let me give you the tour.
I can really imagine living here.
So, should I, uh tell the office to pull it off the market? Yes.
Thanks, Raf.
Well, at-at least we know it's secure.
(PHONE WHOOSHES) It's the office.
They don't have an extra key, and they can't reach the tenants.
So we have no idea when they're coming back? No, but come on.
People check their phones constantly.
These people? - Mm.
- Ugh, I just hope they come back soon.
I'm starving.
I was gonna eat after we saw the place.
Have a look in the fridge.
If we eat anything, then we'll take it out of my commission.
(CHUCKLES) Clearly vegan.
Who grow their own sprouts.
NARRATOR: I think you mean "inedible.
" What is a mung bean seedling? No idea, but there is way too much stuff growing on that.
What about this? What's this? Oh.
Cashew string cheese.
Good choice.
Cheese adjacent.
How bad can that be? Mmm.
What do you think? I think it's an insult to cheese.
And string.
My mom sent a video of Mateo's rehearsal.
Everything needs love to grow It's love, love, love Oh, he's actually doing it.
Love, love, love, love I am so glad that you got him back into the play.
Love, love, love Love, love, love You're in love.
Uh, so Julie seems great.
What's the problem? Well, for one, she uses too many emojis.
Come on.
That's a little harsh.
Oh, wow.
What is that? I believe that is a fish cake.
Well, plenty of fish cakes in the sea, right? (CHUCKLES) I'm not even sure what I'm looking for, to be honest.
I guess it was just good to get back out there and test the waters.
You know, my real estate agent recently suggested making a list of qualities you like.
To help narrow down your search.
You have something better to do? I have got much better things to do.
I'm not gonna stand here all day waiting for my costar.
Has anyone seen Rogelio? (WOMAN GASPS) Who the hell is that? My bodyguard.
NARRATOR: Where did he find this guy, a Tolkien novel? ROGELIO: Everyone, this is Laird.
A bodyguard.
What for? In order to do my best work, I need to feel safe in my environment.
Laird is here - for my protection.
- Protection? From what? I don't know.
Lights mysteriously falling from the ceiling? A grip lost his grip.
It happens.
Well, next time, it'll happen to Laird.
(RUDY AND ROGELIO YELP) I have your latte, Mr.
de la Vega.
I will accept the latte.
Let him through.
But keep an eye on her.
I'm River.
(CHUCKLES) Look how teeny my hand is in yours.
(CHUCKLES) NARRATOR: I'd say he's definitely keeping an eye on her JANE: Okay.
Come on, let's see this list.
Organized, good sense of humor, smart, loves kids NARRATOR: Ooh, is he describing Jane? Athletic, non-judgmental, goes with the flow NARRATOR: Guess not.
- Wow.
I feel attacked.
- Uh, look, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Seriously, these are great qualities.
And for what it's worth, I actually think Julie has a lot of them.
So maybe you give her another chance.
Help has arrived.
(CHUCKLES) Ready to escape the patchouli prison? (CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) (SIGHS) Let's go out tonight.
What? What happened? I'm not just a big person, I'm, like, a huge person.
I'm, like, André the freaking giant over here.
Okay, you lost me.
I just spent two hours helping Raf make a list so that he can find the perfect woman, and I basically just begged him to give Julie a second chance.
André, got it.
N The point is, Raf is going to meet someone, and even if Julie is just a dry run, he is going to fall in love again.
And I want him to be happy.
I really do.
But I think I'll be more prepared for that if I'm happy first.
Ooh Or at least at the same time as him.
Which is why we're going out tonight to dip our toes in the water.
Look, I'm sorry, but I told you, - I'm not ready for that yet.
- Remember the picture of J.
and the other woman? Do you really want to wait around until that thumbnail becomes a huge Facebook profile pic? God, you're ruthless.
I respect that.
Okay, fine.
Let's go.
Yes! Put on your party panties, I'm on my way! (EXHALES) Look at us.
Two single ladies out on the town.
Whoo! Whoo.
Hey, we agreed to dip our toe in the water, so take out a toe and dip it, girl.
Okay, can we please stop with the toe metaphor? It's more unappealing than the cheap whiskey stench in here.
Okay, come on guys or girls? I don't know.
Guess the world's my oyster.
NARRATOR: Or sausage! Hey, what about those two guys on the left? Oh, yeah.
Well, they're not - unattractive.
- That's the spirit.
- Here we go, dipping our toes - Oh.
Sorry, forgot.
Okay, well, let's give them some "come hither" looks, - see what happens, hmm? - All right.
Oh, wow, that was easy.
We still got it! BRETT: Hi, there.
- I'm Brett.
This is Nick.
- Hi, Brett and Nick.
Do you have names? Oh, that depends.
Are you buying us drinks? Hey, man.
Let me get four tequila shots.
NARRATOR: Uh, is it just me, or are Brett and Nick too young to grow facial hair? So, uh, how old are you guys? Guess.
PETRA: Ha! Pass.
How old? Strict.
I like it.
Well, I'm 22 and a half.
21 and three-quarters.
(JANE AND PETRA LAUGH) What? She's got socks older than you guys.
Oh, don't worry.
We're really mature.
That is great to know.
So do you like kids? Because we'd love for you to meet our children.
What? Yeah! Between us, we've got three little rug rats.
- Do you want to see pictures? - (GASPS) Ooh! Shoot, uh, you know, I just realized, - we got to get going.
- Yeah, we got to get up early in the morning.
- Finals week.
- Oh.
(LAUGHS) Well, that went well.
Come on.
They were the first people that we talked to.
It'll get better.
Now, mmm, let's do these shots.
Mmm Mm? Bodyguard? (HAMMERING) Uh, excuse me, crew people.
Have you seen my bodyguard? (QUIETLY): Okay.
LAIRD: Oh, really? (CHUCKLES) (GASPS) Ah, you temptress! You stole my bodyguard to punish me, you wicked, conniving snake of a Oh, Rogelio, stop! This has nothing to do with you.
Laird and I began talking during break and well, we just hit it off.
(CHUCKLES) Turns out we both love cooking.
And Tibetan beading, and ayurvedic massage.
Oh, come on! It's obvious you've been plotting against me for weeks now.
And clearly this is part of your master plan.
What's next? Have Laird drown me in Lake Brenda? (LAUGHS) There's no "next," Rogelio.
I've been getting my revenge for weeks.
Watching you go crazy, anxiously waiting for me to do something evil.
Oh, it worked like a charm.
You're not sleeping, you got bags under your eyes, and your worry wrinkles are worse than they've ever been.
I knew that if I just behaved like the professional I am, you would drive yourself crazy.
(CHUCKLES) And you have.
I'm not the kind of woman who's used to getting rejected.
Watching you torture yourself these past few weeks has been delightful.
(CHUCKLES) But I'm ready to call it even.
Okay? Okay.
But you're so fired, Laird.
You were so right.
Asking Darci to send us a man for River was genius.
She's done with me.
Hey, it's Darci's algorithm, not mine.
And now that River has someone else to obsess over, she'll be out of our hair.
And hopefully, mine will start growing back.
I noticed a few bald spots from all the stress.
- I'm sure it will.
- Well, the point is, that joy will return to my job.
So how about you? Did, uh, teaching Mateo give you the bug to get back to teaching? Maybe.
Just weighing my options.
Soaking up life.
Like you said.
(QUIETLY): Mm-hmm.
JANE: I'm just not feeling it.
What about that guy? JANE: A "Hands Off My Gun" hat? Do you know me? Deal-breaker.
My turn.
What about her? That woman hasn't taken her eye off you all night.
(PHONE CHIMES) Everything okay? (SIGHS) My lawyers can't stop Milos from selling the hotel.
Well, you've found ways around that kind of thing before, right? Yes, but that would involve lying, and I can't do that anymore because Because? Because J.
changed me.
Made me want to be a freakin' good person who deserves her, and now Oh, God, what happened to me? (CHUCKLES) Oh, honestly, I think you were always a good person.
It just took J.
to finally bring it out of you.
And you will meet someone else.
That I love as much as I love her? Yeah.
I really believe that.
Well, I think you will, too.
I hope so.
Well, if I will, you will, trust me.
You're way more likeable.
(LAUGHS) Bright side, we're in this together, right? Yeah.
And I'm so glad.
WOMAN: Excuse me.
Can I buy you a drink? For God's sake, can't you see we're talking? NARRATOR: Well, that was rude.
You're just leaving now? I literally always leave at this hour.
Of course you do.
Because you're such a good assistant.
(SIGHS) The way you're always anticipating my needs, and leaving me little reminders on your little Post-its, with your perfect little handwriting.
Whoa, whoa, whoa You're going the wrong way.
I'll walk you, Ms.
Thank you, Ms.
(LAUGHS) Oh, and listen.
I've officially decided not to perjure myself.
Milos can rot in prison till he dies.
Which means I may lose the hotel, but wherever I end up, don't you worry, - you'll be with me.
- Oh! Ah.
It's bedtime.
NARRATOR: And now, it's showtime.
Thanks so much again for making this happen, Mom.
Of course.
He's a natural once you get him going.
You gave Julie a second chance? I took your advice.
Thank you.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) The Earth loves the Sun The Sun loves the trees The trees love the leaves And the leaves love the breeze The breeze loves the flowers The flowers love to bloom We all get to sing He's crushing it.
There's one thing that we all know Everything needs love to grow It's love, love, love The world is love, love, love (BABY CRYING) (BABY CRYING LOUDLY) Love Stop it! Stop crying! Stop it! Stop it now! Stop it! (CRYING ECHOING) Stop! (INDISTINCT CHATTER, CRYING CONTINUES) Everybody was staring at me.
It's all because of that stupid baby.
It's okay, Mateo.
No one is mad at you.
But it's his fault.
It's no one's fault.
I wanted to do the play good.
I don't want to be this way anymore.
(IN A WHISPER) Hey, come here.
He's asleep.
This is my fault.
I made everything worse by pushing him to do the play.
I should have listened to you.
The situation isn't getting any better, and denying it doesn't change that.
And now it's starting to hurt our son.
And, uh I think it's time to put him on medication.
(SIGHS) Me, too.
And it's not your fault.
We both had to be comfortable.
Now we are.
You're nice.
Of course.
We're a team.
And I'll call the doctor tomorrow.
And call Julie.
Hey, Julie, it's me.
Mateo will be all right, and Jane and Rafael will figure it all out.
I know.
Then, uh, what's wrong? You were sad all the way home.
Are you feeling okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
I just feel like I'm flailing.
I survived the cancer, but I'm just as lost now as I was before I got sick.
(CRYING) And I feel silly and ungrateful.
(LAUGHS) Everything should be joyful now.
Everything doesn't have to feel joyful.
It should.
I survived the worst.
I should be happy and fulfilled.
All the time? In general.
And you're not? No.
I've been trying so hard to fill the time with working out, and dancing with Mateo, even scheming with you, but none of the distractions are helping.
Well, that's because you don't need a distraction.
You need a passion, something you love, like I love telenovelas.
But I don't even know what that is.
You'll figure it out.
The important thing is you have time.
And you don't have to be grateful for everything.
Just that.
And you.
Thank you for coming.
Petra wants me to tell you that you can rot in here.
She won't perjure herself.
But I will.
She'll never suspect that we're working together.
Not after you framed me.
Trust me, I want to bring her down as much as you do.
Okay, I did it.
I made a dating profile.
(GASPS) So did I.
(GASPS) Single ladies! (BOTH LAUGH) You and me, in it together and in it to win it.
(SINGSONGY): Eh, eh.
Ooh, maybe that's your first match.
No, it's just Rafael.
Oh, I hope the apartment didn't fall through.
I got your text.
Everything okay? I don't know.
Maybe it was what you said.
How denying it doesn't change it.
What is it? I was getting the papers ready, but don't rent the apartment.
What? Why? Because I realized that there was one deal-breaker with Julie that I couldn't get past.
It's love.
She's not you, Jane.
I love you.
I've tried to stop, but I can't.
And I don't want to anymore.
Petra's gonna be so mad at me.
(LAUGHS) Well, let's talk about that later, okay? Yeah.
I just feel Oh, I feel NARRATOR: Like you have so much emotion that you might burst? Me, too! TREES: There's one thing That we all know Everything needs love to grow Love, love, love, love I've always known that we were meant to be You're my Sun and Moon, my sky and my sea Mommy and Daddy just needed a chance And I didn't have to teach anyone this dance Well, I am team Raf And my team won Well, I just lost my wing-woman Love is blind, love is pure, love is quite a maze Okay, but really I've been sick for days It's love, love, love I knew there was a vibe Love, love, love I can't believe I'm still alive Love, love, love I think I might be dead inside Love, love, love Enough of these characters They're all on the side Jane and Raf, they're back together I'm smiling oh so wide - And now for my dance solo.
- Dad! NARRATOR: Oh, Rogelio.
It's love, love, love The world is love, love, love Love, love, love Everything's love, love, love It's love, love, love The world is love, love, love Everything's love, love, love It's love, love Love.