Jett (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


1 - - [MUSIC PLAYS.]
CHARLIE BAUDELAIRE: No heroin shipment ever came in.
Who knew about it? You, me, and Jett.
HENRY: Vicky.
You in some kind of trouble in here, Henry? - [GUN SHOTS.]
- MAN: What are you doing? - [GRUNTS.]
- EVANS: Mr.
Bestic is very pleased with the way you handle obstacles.
There's another duffel in my car with the same amount if you agree to handle Nolan and his nurse.
Tell your boss I'm a thief.
That's what I'm good at.
I really need to discuss something with you.
Fuck off.
Leave my family alone.
JACKIE DILLON: Junior and Silas have been spending time together.
Why don't you bust Junior already? - [PHONE VIBRATES.]
- Hello? EVANS: Before you go in there, there's something you oughta know.
WOMAN: You've got that look in your eyes tonight.
Like you're mad at God.
I know you? If you've got any sense of self-preservation, I recommend you pick up your clothes and hurry inside.
What'll you do if I come over there? - Really lousy - [GUNSHOTS.]
PHOENIX: I dropped Alice off early for her field trip.
When did they start remodeling? - Huh? - The garage, next door.
What the fuck did I miss? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- Distract them.
- What? Keep them out here.
- How? - Improvise! - Uh, excuse me.
- Hi.
You guys like nipples? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
PHOENIX: What's nipples in Spanish? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
No, no, no.
WORKERS: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on? What? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
What? You're not homos, are you? [MEN SPEAKING SPANISH.]
MAN: Oh! What are you doing? Mandy! What the hell is wrong with you? Come on! [HUFFS.]
I'm so sorry.
She is in therapy for this, you know? Well, you got to keep her away from my workers.
They'll never finish.
- Oh, pfft! Don't be racist - Get! Get in the house! Sorry.
You're in so much trouble, young lady! [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
So, how much is in there? What do you know about it? Jett told me.
Best place to hide money is other people's houses.
- She told you that? - Mm-hmm.
It's the only important detail she ever actually told me, and it took me a year to get it out of her.
Everybody else spent all day, in the yard, telling stories about what they did and how they fucked up.
I'd listen because some of the stories were really funny, even if you'd heard them before.
Some of those girls could've done stand-up.
- Not her.
- No.
- She doesn't joke much.
- Why is that? Nothing's usually that funny.
Speak of the devil.
Hey! - I already missed her? - MARIA: Yeah.
She has a field trip today.
How'd your thing go? What thing? The thing you went out of town for.
Everything work out? Phoenix says you told her hiding money in other people's houses is a good idea.
I don't remember saying that.
Yes! Yes, you did.
Do you remember Rochelle? - Big girl? - Three hundred pounds.
Hornier than What's something super horny? An Andalusian goat with two cocks.
Hornier than an Andalusian goat with two cocks.
Had to keep reminding her she was a girl every time she looked my way.
This seems to be a running problem you have.
Rochelle robbed a bank, high on crack, made 500 bucks.
That's her.
Okay, so she was telling us that story for the fourth time, and then you told me about hiding money in other people's houses.
Maybe I did.
So? What's in the bag? Here.
Sixty-two thousand.
What am I supposed to do with it? Rent us a house for the year, put it under Maria's name.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
But don't be tacky about it.
I'm not tacky.
Do you think I'm tacky? I meant ostentatious.
Just pick something functional, with good light, off the street, but near the hospital and Alice's school.
Okay, well, there's decisions to be made.
Yard, no yard, pool, Spanish tile, - modern, what do you like? - I got to take a shower.
We trust you.
Oh Did I wake you? No.
What what brings you here? I knew I should've called ahead, but, uh, I was out and about, and I wondered if you'd come for a ride with me.
If you're not too busy? Well, I was just making coffee.
I haven't even put my makeup on yet.
Oh, well, you look terrific.
Indulge me.
It shouldn't take too long.
Let me get my purse.
: Fuck.
My old Army buddy, Jacques McCabe, I think I told you about him.
- Mm-hmm.
- Tour guide down in the Keys.
Yeah, he once told me that he's convinced that women have no honor.
What do you think about that? I think he probably got fucked over by more than one woman, and he had enough, quit trying to figure them out.
Certainly part of it.
Feels like they say one thing to your face, and they'll keep saying it as long as it provides them with the comforts they feel they deserve, but as soon as you're not looking, they find somebody else, upgrade.
This, he claims, is their nature.
They're practical creatures.
There you go.
But honor is an abstract concept.
It's not a practical thing, is it? No, it isn't.
But women are practical beings.
I mean, we must admit.
I mean, they have to be to keep the species going.
What are we talking about, Charlie? It's like in chess.
You can figure out as many moves ahead as you like, because none of the pieces are moving, they're all frozen in place.
But in the real world, you can figure out maybe two, three moves ahead, tops, because everything is in constant motion.
- You follow what I'm saying? - Sure, like driving in traffic.
You're watching two, three cars ahead of you, but if you were to analyze and anticipate what everybody might do, I mean All the different combinations, I mean, phew! Confusion ensues, and you end up crashing.
It's chaos.
How'd we get to traffic? - Honor.
- Ah, yeah.
I think you're someone who understands honor because it doesn't embarrass you to talk about it.
You're someone who gives your word, and you keep it.
And yet something is worrying you.
You and I, we spent a lot of time together throughout the years getting sweaty and serious.
Or am I wrong? Have we or have we not been getting serious? This isn't where you tell me you and your wife are married in name only, sleep in separate beds, is it? 'Cause I already knew that.
This is where I tell you I used to know what you were up to, but lately, not so much.
For instance, you don't work at the bar anymore.
And you tell me that Quinn's in Mexico, but I can't get anybody to find him.
Wasn't aware you were looking for him.
That's not the point.
Jett, your main asset is you do your job without calling a lot of attention to yourself.
That's your style.
In that sense, we're two peas in a pod.
Of course, you have other, more specialized assets.
The way you move in bed, you could be a pro.
Why are you trying to provoke me? Did I touch a nerve? It was meant as a compliment.
It just didn't come out right.
Get to the point or drop me off.
- I'm getting carsick.
- BENNIE: Boss.
- Not now.
I'm so sorry, it's your wife.
Can she hear me? No, it's on mute.
Bennie, why would I wanna talk to my wife? She sounds frantic.
CHARLIE: What, she miss a sample sale? It's about Junior.
Vivian? Yes.
I'm on my way.
I said I'm on my way.
- Bennie, take us home.
- You got it.
This won't take but a minute.
He's locked himself in your study.
I'm pretty sure he's blowing rails in there.
He shoved a gun in Billy's face.
Nearly scared the poor soul to death.
- Who's Billy? - It's Wednesday.
Billy my yoga instructor.
He's probably never coming back.
Who are you? What is my rule about you bringing your women into my home? - She's my lawyer.
Your lawyer.
I understand lawyers can be disbarred for lying.
Isn't that right? So, tell me.
Are you fucking him? No.
Are you? Get your degenerate fuckwit son out of my house! [SNORTS.]
Did you see the two guys in the Seville out there? - No, I didn't.
- You didn't? - I saw them.
- JUNIOR: Okay.
They're mine.
It's all good.
Wh-What are you doing here? I'm regrouping is what.
I mean, you always say come to you.
First, come to you, so I'm here.
- Somebody's following me.
- Who's following you? Well, Dad, if I knew, I'd hit 'em, right? Hey, Jett.
- Why don't I wait outside? - No, stay.
They got Wesley.
- Taggart? - Mm.
That's why I got the reinforcements.
But, you know, these guys come recommended.
Hopper did time with one of them in Jackson, right, Hop? - The spic? - Who popped Wesley? Some hitter, right outside my house.
When was this? Last night, early this morning.
I kept calling him and kept hearing the ringer on his phone, like he was somewhere in the house, but, you know, like real sublevel, like, underneath human hearing.
Driving me fucking nuts.
And finally, I go out to the driveway, and he's sprawled there, face gone.
You know, and at first, I think, shit, a raccoon or some wild animal ate his fucking face off.
He's lying there with my dry cleaning, which is splattered with blood.
Smelled like a goddamn sewer, he shit himself so bad.
And nobody heard nothing not a single neighbor in this quiet residential block came out.
No neighborhood watch, nothing.
- Where is my lighter? - Can't smoke in here.
Dad, special circumstance.
- Vivian doesn't like it.
Now, you have any idea who it was who did this? Who? I don't know, I mean, shit, I thought you'd tell me.
This was on my windshield.
Letting me know that he's watching me, taunting me.
Wanting me to panic.
Yeah, he's got you panicked all right.
But this is not what a professional does.
This, this feels personal.
You think it was Salas? JUNIOR: [SIGHS.]
I mean, it could be.
It's There's a lot of moving parts right now.
It's all unclear Just think.
- [SIGHS.]
- You know, when these things happen, you have a feeling in your gut.
The last few days, what's been going on? [SIGHS, STAMMERS.]
Who the fuck knows? It's Albert Einstein wondered if the moon would exist if we weren't looking at it, and that Albert fucking Einstein, Dad.
Let me ask you something.
You two, Jett.
Anyone approach you in the last couple weeks, anything out of the ordinary, Bennie? - No.
- Carl? No.
Nobody who might be a plant for Salas, asking questions, Jett? Not a soul.
You sure about that? I-I'm not angry, I I just wanna know if anyone's been harassing you.
I don't know Jacinto Salas.
I have never spoken to anyone who works for him or who might be a plant, nor do I intend to, ever.
But the person you really ought to be asking is Junior.
Excuse me? You suffered a loss.
Your dad ought to be asking how you're doing.
You know what? - It is Charles Junior, you stupid cunt.
- No, no! Junior! - How many times do I have to tell you that? - Come on, stop! My mistake.
I'll never get used to that.
- AGENT 2: Never seen him before.
Is he showing them a badge? - [GUNFIRE.]
- Holy shit.
Call it in.
The balls on this guy! Carl.
: Carl.
What's happening? [WHISPERING.]
: Go back.
It's okay.
- [GASPS.]
- Stay behind the desk.
Deep breaths.
HOPPER: I got him! Then come on in, motherfucker! Who's this asshole? Fuck are you? He's a cop.
Well, haven't you strayed a long, fucking way from your reservation, Detective Dillon? Who put you up to this? Man, look at me when I'm talking to you! Who sent you? You did.
You believe this dipshit? Shouldn't have killed Josie.
Who's Josie? [GRUNTING.]
You motherfucking bitch! No, no! This is my house.
Nobody else gets shot unless I say so.
- Who's Josie? - Some cunt cop we busted, looking into our business.
My partner, Josie, - ran into you at church - [JUNIOR GRUNTS.]
Junior! Junior, stop! DILLON [LAUGHING.]
: Is that all you got, champ? [BOTH GRUNTING.]
CHARLIE: Junior, stop! Junior, enough.
Enough! You and Salas Junior! [GROANS.]
Junior JETT: Junior Junior.
My name is Charles Jun [GUNSHOT.]
No! Charlie I'm sorry.
We got to go.
Come on.
- SWAT: Go, go, go! Move! - [GAS HISSING.]
Hey, get down.
Stay down.
Stay with me.
Don't fall asleep.
Come on.
- I'm good, I'm good.
- Okay.
: Hey, this is Phoenix.
Leave your name and number, slowly, - and I'll call you back.
- [BEEPS.]
Where are you? Call me as soon as you get this.
Don't move and don't fall asleep.
- Jackie! - [GRUNTS.]
Where are you? PHOENIX [OVER PHONE.]
: With Maria, at her appointment.
Okay, leave her there.
She'll be fine.
I need you to run by the house and grab stuff for you and Alice clothes and things to hold you for a few days.
Where's the money? - Um, at home.
- Grab it.
Pull Alice out of school, tell them something came up, and then stay away from the house.
- Do you understand? - She's on her field trip.
Phoenix, track her down.
- Are you okay? - Go somewhere for a few days.
Road trip.
Use cash only, okay? Okay.
Um Could I say something? Uh, a question? What? Will you be careful? Yes.
Call me when you have Alice.
Let's go.
Hey! - Am I dead? - Not yet.
Come on.
There you go.
MAN: Hey.
- Shh, it's just me.
It's just me.
Easy now.
Easy, easy, easy.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- What? How'd you know I live here? I told you I needed to see you bad.
- You fucking dickwad! - I'm sorry.
You scared the shit out of me! Did you follow me? I'm in real trouble this time, okay? I need money.
I don't have any money, and you can't be here! You don't have any money you can lend me? Even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you.
You don't care your big brother's gonna get whacked? That's not gonna weigh heavy on your conscience down the line, years from now? No! It was bound to happen sooner or later.
And I don't buy your sad-sack act anyway.
So now fucking leave, Neal.
Man, you are cold.
You never heard blood is thicker than water? I wish you luck, with a capital F.
All right.
I'm out of here, all right? See how easy that was? No big deal, right? I just have one question, I'm just curious.
Were you this chick's wife in the joint? Is that what this is? - Goodbye, Neal.
- Bumper-to-bumper sisters? You get your periods together and shit? - [GRUNTS.]
- You think I'm a fucking moron? [GRUNTING.]
You must be one hell of a pussy-licker to get paid all that.
There's got to be 50 grand there.
Get the fuck off me, Neal! It's been a while since we've been like this, huh? - You feel me? - No! - You feel me getting close? - No! [PHOENIX GRUNTING, YELLING.]
NEAL: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the fuck? What the fuck are you doing? Motherfucker [YELLING IN SPANISH.]
Let go of me, you Shit.
- You got to call the police.
- No.
No, no.
No police.
He's my brother.
He's just loco.
Muy loco.
I'm gonna call la migra on you, fuckface, comprendes? - PHOENIX: Shut up, hey! - [YELLING.]
Shut up! Hey, can I borrow that hammer? - [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- Yes.
Wait, I'll buy it.
I'll buy it.
NEAL: The fuck are you doing? Phoenix! Phoenix! Here! $1,000, I'll buy it.
NEAL: What are you doing? Phoenix, what are doing? - Hold him for me.
- NEAL: No, no, no! - [CRACKS.]
- PHOENIX: Thank you.
- Muchas gracias.
: Hold still, big baby.
Hold still.
I feel dizzy.
No shit.
What kind of dumbass plan was that? No plan.
I just wanted to kill him.
Pardon me for interrupting your suicide.
You can quit smoking, red meat, drugs, booze no matter.
Nobody gets out of this alive.
Sooner or later.
Don't be a baby.
- Nobody gets out of this alive, right? - [SIGHS.]
How many jobs have you pulled, Jett? - My whole life? - Yeah.
Fifty, a hundred? Give or take.
I worked too many cases.
Been chasing scumbags for almost 20 years.
Been through five serious breakups.
My fault every time.
Saw two of my partners get killed.
Including the woman I loved.
I don't have any friends.
I make about 50 grand with retirement benefits.
Only one of two people that I know of in my division who won't take payoffs, unless you count pork dumplings.
I'm a fucking alcoholic, just like every other loser I work with.
You think there'd be a turning point, you know? A moment where I deviated from the person that I thought I was something, something.
Fucking joke.
We're in the solar system of a second-rate star, three-quarters of the way out in the spiral arm of an average galaxy.
Only one of billions of galaxies, each of which has billions of stars, so what is the fucking point? Should've known.
What? You're the kind of sap who talks like that.
You say you should've known like you know what you're talking about.
You don't know what you're talking about.
: Okay.
JETT: You're right.
It's really coming down now.
QUINN: Got to admire the workmanship.
Can you get in? One hour? JETT: Guards will be back by then.
What about the wall? It's double-walled concrete.
Let's blow the door.
So much for the element of surprise.
JETT: Where'd Beaumont go? He's checking the other loading dock.
QUINN: Everybody back? Here we go.
Look at it.
That idiot tripped the alarm, didn't he? - Let's go.
- But it's all right there.
- Let's go.
- I'll kill that motherfucker! [ALARM BLARING.]
MCKAY: He's taking the truck! Beaumont! Fuck! - We'll see you when we see you! - QUINN: Daisy! There's a car over here! [SIRENS WAILING.]
JETT: How the fuck did they get here so fast? - Got it? - Yeah.
Can we go any faster? I'm trying.
Fucking wipers don't work.
Hang on.
QUINN: Nice shot.
JETT: Are you all right? QUINN: I'm clamped in pretty good.
Can you move your legs? [GRUNTS.]
I'll be fine.
It'll take two acetylene torches, three hours to cut me out of here.
- You know what to do.
- I'm not leaving you.
- I-I-I'll get help.
- I'm stuck.
We both know it.
They're gonna come down here, and you can't be here when that happens.
I can shoot them.
If you were someone else, the thing to do would be to shoot me.
Now, get out of here.
See you in 10 years.
I'll be back.
Where you going? I got to ditch the car.
Stay upright.
You think maybe, maybe you can pick up some booze? Water.
Drink lots of water.
You keep running, I'm gonna shoot! - Jett! - [PANTING.]
Hands where I can see them! Dennon? That's not my real name.
Well, what is your name? Dillon.
Jack Dillon.
Now, come on, I don't wanna shoot you.
So, don't! Those paintings were set up as bait.
Part of a sting operation for an art theft ring.
I'm sorry you walked into this.
Now, turn around.
You're not taking me in.
Hands on your head! I'm not armed.
Then why are we arguing? Hands on your head.
What are you doing? Don't make me shoot you.
- Stop.
If I run, you're gonna shoot me.
If I walk back to you, you're gonna shoot me.
So, you either wanna shoot me no matter what, or you're not gonna shoot me at all.
You shoot a lot of people? Hardly ever.
Is that a gun on my balls? Thought you weren't armed.
Forgot I had it.
- Now look - [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
I know this is not personal for you.
You're only doing your job, but I'm not going to jail.
I appreciate you not reminding me I owe you my life.
What's your idea? Put our guns down, go somewhere and get a drink, start over.
How long you been up? Who says I slept? You were out cold in the middle of the night when I went down to the lobby.
Was that to call your superiors, report on me? Can neither confirm nor deny.
What were you wearing, a towel? Did you hide my clothes? I can neither confirm nor deny.
This isn't like a bribe, is it? - Who's bribing who? - You know what I'm saying.
People do that, trade information.
Is that what we're trading, information? - Okay, let me ask you something.
- Fire away.
Are we allowed to talk about our work? Is it important we talk at all? Sounds a little forward when you put it like that.
Yes, slippery slope.
But if I was a guy I probably wouldn't be here.
If a guy said, "why don't we quit talking about it and get a room " On a first date, could come off a little insensitive.
- Too fast.
- Too eager.
- Too uncomplicated.
- You're not uncomplicated.
I strike you as a complicated girl? You strike me as no girl I've ever met.
You ask a lot of questions.
Well, I don't know a lot of things.
Is this what you always wanted to do when you grew up? - Yes.
- Come on.
- Ever since I can remember.
- I find that hard to believe.
Scout's honor.
Other little girls wanted to be princesses, get married, become a vet, a teacher.
My best friend in fourth grade was convinced she could study to be a mermaid when she grew up.
Not me.
I always dreamed of breaking into places and stealing things.
Getting a job was never an option? You think I do this as a hobby? Big blocks of cash are hard to come by in a credit economy.
It's a full-time job finding things to steal.
Well, you know what I mean.
Puts food on your table.
- Hmm.
- How about you? You like sending people to jail? - It's what I do.
- Not what I asked.
Well, doesn't bother me.
If it did, I'd do something else.
You always wanted to be a cop? No, but I guess I always liked solving stuff.
I like puzzles.
- Hmm.
- Mysteries.
It's what I do all day long.
Some more perplexing than others.
Last question.
Is that loaded? Sure, why carry it otherwise? Not that.
Might be between your legs, but it belongs to me.
Well done.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Where you headed? Sounds good.
Can you put her on? Hi, monkey.
How was your field trip? Mm-hmm.
No kidding.
You have a good eye for detail.
I thought maybe you took off.
Where's your wife? Threw me out.
This before or after Josie was murdered? [SIGHS.]
When I told her she deserved way better than me.
That's a cowardly thing to say.
Makes it sound like it's her fault she's not doing better.
DILLON: It doesn't matter what it sounded like.
I had to set her free.
Set her free by admitting to the affair after your girlfriend is already dead.
The only reason to do that Is if you're not coming back.
Well, I didn't think I was.
- I can't understand that.
- Of course not.
You always have to have a plan.
A contingency, ways in, ways out.
Isn't the whole point to control events? They're still gonna get away from you if that's what's gonna happen.
Why make things worse? I'm dead, Jett.
I'm not supposed to be here.
This is A dream? Yeah, it could be.
My imagination is less than stellar.
Could be this is all I came up with.
But, hey, the company couldn't be better.
Let's talk about you.
What's your move? You got to tell Charlie about Junior and Salas.
Timing is a little off now.
Well, it won't be that hard to get him proof.
I mean, I don't know that I could get it, seeing as how I'll get arrested if I step out that door, but we can figure something out.
I killed his son.
Junior was out of control.
Deep down, Charlie knows that, and he likes you.
Charlie will never forgive this.
I wouldn't, would you? [PHONE BUZZING.]
Who is it? [SIGHS.]
My second favorite person in the world.
: We need to sit down and talk.
I'm kind of busy right now.
I just got back into town, as you well know.
I need a little downtime in between these jobs.
Things have changed.
Remember how I informed you that he expected two more jobs from you before erasing your debt? I remember.
Well, he's willing to cut it down to one final job, provided you act quickly.
What changed his mind? He needs you to take care of a problem, make it go away, ASAP.
Charlie Baudelaire, and then you're all done.
I thought I made it very clear, that is not what I do.
If you're in the business of killing people, you should go hire professional killers.
I explained that to my boss.
Well, explain it to him so he understands this time.
- Maybe you should tell him.
- What was that? I said, maybe you should inform him of this yourself.
Let me put him on.
- Bestic is here? - Right beside me.
Hold on.
Everything okay? BESTIC [OVER PHONE.]
: Daisy Kowalski.
I understand you just returned from being away from your daughter.
I just landed in town myself.
Schedule's gone haywire over a delicate matter.
I have limited time, but I can carve out a moment to sit down, face-to-face, so we can discuss your apprehension to this final task.
You've performed so well, Daisy.
I think it would be shameful to now disrespect our agreement.
And I think you have the wrong person for this last job.
Be that as it may let's meet somewhere very public, say tomorrow morning, somewhere you feel safe, and I can have my back to the wall.
Literally, not metaphorically.
The restaurant at Hotel Josephine.
Come alone.
Breakfast, 9:00 a.
Sleep tight, Daisy.
MILAN BESTIC: Charlie? CHARLIE BAUDELAIRE: How'd you get this number? BESTIC: I heard about your son.
I have a proposition for you.
MAN: You've taken a lot of chances walking in here.
JETT: I don't have a lot of options.
You're a girl who's used to calling her own shots, aren't you? JETT: How'd you pick up on that? BESTIC: Did you honestly think that I would walk into a situation with you without taking out insurance? You were too blind to see it.
JETT: I came here to tell you, [ALARM WAILS.]
I will not do what you ask me to do.
We're done.
BESTIC: We are not done.
- AGENT: Who's this? AGENT 2: Never seen him before.
Is he showing them a badge? [GUNSHOT.]
SEBASTIAN GUTIERREZ: I think episode eight is where it's revealed that Charlie really is not in control.
- Dad.
- We have seen that Junior has pretty much hijacked our story.
He is completely unpredictable.
I'm regrouping, is what.
I mean, you always say, come to you first.
Come to you.
So, I'm here.
By turning a blind eye to his son, he has lost basically everything he had.
But this is not what a professional does.
This this feels personal.
You know, there are so many stories that are about the sins of the fathers become the sins of the sons.
And in a strange way, this is the opposite.
'Cause you can't be a cold-blooded ruthless killer if there is somebody that you're really worried about.
And that is both Jett and Charlie's problem, that things are going to come to a head where we're going to have in the same room Charlie, Junior, Jett, and Dylan is gonna walk in.
He's a cop.
Well haven't you strayed a long fucking way from your reservation, Detective Dylan.
Jett knows that she should stay out of this, but she can't sit there and watch.
You know she doesn't make a lot of bad decisions.
And this one is one of those.
My name is Charles - [GUNSHOT.]
CARLA GUGINO: I mean, the moment Jett kills Junior, there's no way Charlie will ever be able to forgive her.
So, at that moment she knows that that relationship is never gonna be what it was.
JETT: Charlie I'm sorry.
GUGINO: Ultimately, her killing Junior to protect Dylan is just a bad idea.
We gotta go.
So, this is the unspooling of the thread, for sure.