Jo (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Les Invalides

You have CAOC clearance.
Your call.
Target Zone looks good.
You're lit up! Go, go, go! That Libyan AA was one nano-second away from launching a SAM, but making sure the target was clear of civilian settlements was worth the extra time.
Preventing civilian casualties was our top priority.
All the intel in the world didn't change the basic fact that once you're in the killbox, it's all on you.
You have to live with the decision you make.
OK, that's it for today, gentlemen.
That was outstanding.
C for Charlotte.
Does your crew get to call you Charlie? They get to call me Commander.
You know, I'm very interested in how you became a pilot.
Maybe we can discuss it over a glass of wine or something.
Lieutenant, what makes you think you have any kind of chance with me? Your new ring, of course.
Diamond, emerald and ruby.
Green, white and red - il tricolore of the Italian flag.
Is just for me, no? Nice try, Lieutenant.
See you tomorrow.
(PHONE BLEEPS) I know what you want me to do.
I'll do it.
I'll make their life better.
I won't let you down.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Commander Charlotte Dumas, Air Force.
She's got an ID from the military school down the street, and her car keys are here too.
The wound isn't deep, probably a box cutter.
There's a security camera on the building but it's facing the wrong way.
No luck with witnesses - nobody saw or heard anything.
Right across the street from Napoleon's tomb, the place should be surrounded by tourists.
It happened very quick.
No defensive wounds, no struggle.
She bled out in less than 30 seconds.
She was trained to defend herself but she didn't - the attack was unexpected.
From someone she allowed to get close enough to slice her throat.
Maybe this guy.
Here, look.
"Even hotter from behind.
Great tail.
" Sender unknown.
It's the last text she received.
Maybe she was meeting him here.
Help me.
Her finger.
He took a trophy Her finger, with a ring mark on it.
The guy chopped off the finger to get to the ring? Maybe it's the ring he gave her and he wanted to take it back.
Cheap and homicidal - what a dream boat(!) Commander Dumas taught tactics and operations here three days a week.
She was an outstanding individual, one of our best pilots.
She'd flown missions in Afghanistan and Libya.
Did she live here, in the school? No, she was quartered at base 107 in Velizy.
She drove in.
Her car is still in the faculty lot.
Did she have a husband or boyfriend? No, she was single.
She never mentioned a boyfriend.
But, you know, she was an attractive woman, so I assume there was someone.
Or maybe someone who wanted to be her boyfriend.
Tell us about her students.
There were nine of them.
Trainee pilots from other NATO countries.
Men? Yeah.
I want to talk to them.
Tell Angel I need to see her.
She always came down to the canteen after class for coffee, but not today.
Anybody see her outside, after the class? No, Sir.
(DOOR OPENS) Ah, Dr Alassane, thanks for coming.
I wanted to ask you when you'd have the autopsy done.
It'll be done when it's done.
Thank you.
Next time, use your phone.
Thank you.
You can go.
You like my colleague's tail, Lieutenant Zavaglia? How does she compare to Commander Dumas? That's a very offensive question.
"Even hotter from behind, great tail.
" I think we know who sent that, don't we? Come on, it was a joke, OK? She received that message at 6.
She was already out the gates and on her way to Les Invalides, which meant you were outside clocking her ass.
Why didn't you speak up when I asked if someone saw her? Because hitting on your instructor is a good way to get yourself grounded.
Look, I was in class when she was killed - you ask the others.
We will.
Anyway, I was just having fun.
I know I have no chance with her.
She has a new boyfriend who takes very good care of her.
OK? This week, she showed up to work with a new ring - emerald, diamond and ruby - prime quality.
This boyfriend, he has a lot of money.
Charlotte didn't say anything about his money.
She just said he was top brass at NATO HQ in Brussels.
His name? She didn't tell me his name.
You won't find any pictures of him.
Why all the secrecy? He was married, with kids.
He had some oh-so sensitive job.
A scandal would have torpedoed his brilliant career - the usual excuses when a guy isn't serious about you.
We heard he gave her a pretty serious ring.
It impressed Charlotte.
It didn't look that new to me.
He probably got it from some pawn shop.
Any chance Charlotte would give him an ultimatum? No, she had no experience.
Handling a jet in a dogfight no problem, but a relationship Is there anywhere else she would have kept personal belongings? Her locker at the base.
The guy who did this better hope you find him before we do.
If you find him first, just make sure you give him to us alive.
What's all this? Good luck charms, sir.
Pilots are superstitious.
She carried that boomerang cos boomerangs always come back.
Wait, this one looks new.
How long's she had this? I first noticed it a week ago.
" (MAN SHOUTING) Yeah, I recognise that girl.
That's the chick who totally smashed it, like Saturday two weeks ago.
Yeah, she went like non-stop 12 times in a row without puking! Was she by herself? No, there was a guy with her - he kept daring her to do it again.
This guy, what did he look like? Maybe 30, about my height, you know, blue eyes, baseball cap, blond hair.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, he got also that nasty-looking burn on his arm, you know? You catch his name? Maybe she used it when she was talking to him? The only name she used was "asshole".
She was drunk, they were fighting.
Basically, he took her car keys from her, and she didn't like that at all.
If he was in her car, then so are his fingerprints.
I'll meet you at the garage.
(MAN SHOUTING) Your ECG showed no abnormally deep Q waves.
Your blood tests look normal for someone who's five months out of a myocardial infarction.
Have you cut down on your alcohol consumption? And other substances as well? Good.
Let's build on that and get you started on an exercise program - treadmill, weights, some yoga.
OK, the stress test.
These spots here, they're scars from the heart attack.
There's not as much blood flow in there.
There's some improvement but not as much as I'd like to see.
(PHONE RINGS) Yes? I'll be right out.
Be a minute.
The car was cleaned a couple of days ago.
The only prints we're finding belong to her.
He left his gym bag in her car.
He does triathlons.
These shoes you can run, swim, ride a bicycle, and they're not cheap.
Laundry marks.
Oh, this is good.
Commander Dumas has the same marks on her uniform.
Same typeface, same number-and-letter pattern.
Her and her boyfriend used the same laundry.
Yes, these are the marks used by the laundry on the base.
Which means Commander Dumas' boyfriend is stationed right here and not at NATO headquarters in Brussels.
Why would she lie? When I did my bit, I remember rules against fraternisation between soldiers on the same base.
As a matter of policy, we discourage is.
That's why she lied.
How long to trace the laundry mark? A few days - if it can be done.
Excuse me, do you have a triathlon team on base? Yes.
Do you have any photos? They took second place in this year's Inter-Forces Championships.
May I? Be my guest.
Look Yellow running shoes, blond hair - that's the guy.
You're making a mistake.
Commander Dumas would never get involved with him.
Me and Commander Dumas? Sir, tell them.
There's no way a pilot would hook up with a grease monkey like me.
I got better odds of getting lucky with Carla Bruni.
Show us your right arm.
So how was it with Carla Bruni? You're coming with us.
Do as they say, Sergeant.
The guy's lying - I wasn't at the ride with her.
I wasn't anywhere with her.
We found your running shoes in her car.
Yellow triathlon running shoes.
Those aren't my shoes.
My shoes are in my room Sit down.
You're making me nervous.
You know, I wasn't even around that Saturday.
No, you had a two-day leave - we checked.
I went to the Golden Bowl, the motorcycle endurance race, I got pictures.
I go every year.
So that's at the start of the race on Saturday afternoon, then nothing till the big finish on Sunday afternoon.
And in-between? I don't know.
I got drunk.
You go with anyone? Just my baby.
A Ducati MHR! You know, I rebuilt her piece-by-piece.
Is that how you got that scar, working on your bike? No.
Pilot error.
Genius reached into the cockpit to grab his gear, bumped the stick and actuated the flaps while I was bleeding the flight control system.
I got sprayed in burning hydraulic fluid.
You don't like pilots, do you? I didn't kill Dumas.
You left the base at two on Thursday afternoon and didn't come back past five.
I went to meet a guy in Montreuil about a carburettor for my Ducati.
OK well, we're gonna need his name to check that.
The guy didn't show up.
The bar we were supposed to meet in was closed.
Look all I got on him was his eBay handle - Tony243.
You gotta believe me.
I didn't even like Dumas that way.
I like girls.
Dumas acted like she packed a pair under her flight suit.
The web service said that Tony243 was created the day before the murder, using false identification.
And the IP address traces to a web cafe two miles from the air base.
Yeah, so Barron set up his own alibi.
Doesn't he have an alibi for the night he was seen with Dumas? Well, yeah, the motorcycle-race alibi but there's a time gap.
He could've driven back to Paris just to be with her that evening and then gone back to the race the next morning.
Except the kid at G-Force couldn't pick him out of the photo-array.
And there is another problem.
The laundry marks on the running shorts, they trace back to a pilot who's been overseas for six months.
He said before he left he took a box of clothes to a thrift store next to the base.
Barron shops at a thrift store, so what? I don't see the motive.
They were sneaking around having an affair, he gives her a ring.
All of a sudden, he kills her? Yeah, because she gets over the thrill of tapping her local grease-monkey.
She calls off the party, he loses it and kills her.
Dumas wasn't acting like a woman with second thoughts.
She was wearing the ring, meeting him in public.
She was an inexperienced woman in over her head.
Don't drive yourselves crazy parsing her behaviour.
You say Barron cut off her finger to retrieve his ring - find the ring.
Mark Zuckerberg must love this guy - his whole life's on Facebook.
No pictures of Commander Dumas.
Ah, here we go.
Three pictures deleted the day of the murder.
Can you un-delete them? Of course.
He's been taking the hanging rod out.
He hides his personal belongings.
He doesn't trust his fellow airmen .
but no ring.
Because he's probably stashed it offsite somewhere.
Here they are.
These are the photos he deleted.
That's the Ducati garage on Grande Arme.
Looks like he's a regular there.
Sure, Barron - he comes in every couple of weeks, you know.
It's Ducati this, Ducati that.
This guy gets hard just looking at a Ducati.
Thursday of last week, did he come in? That's my day off.
But hold on.
Hey, you know that guy Barron? The guy with the burn? Was he here Thursday? Yeah, he came in around five.
He went and used the John.
You shouldn't've been so greedy.
You should've just chucked it in the river.
It's not mine.
Those guys at Ducati were wrong, I wasn't there Thursday.
You know this ring.
I want to talk to a lawyer.
I'm not gonna talk to you anymore.
The Ministries of Justice and Defence are pounding on me.
We have to get this right.
Just put the ring in his hand.
Find me a sales receipt, or the person who sold it to him.
Make this case bullet-proofplease.
OK, so let's start by sending a photo of the ring to every jewellery store and pawnshop within a hundred miles of Paris.
And run it through the database of stolen goods - maybe he nicked it from his grandma.
So the skin was all torn up, right? And the doctor asked Adele to clean up the wound.
So there I am, on the table with my leg up, bleeding everywhere, and she's bent over my knee.
And I can tell, this is her first time.
It was my second day in the ER.
She was picking pieces of gravel out of my knee with these tweezers, right? And her hands, they were shaking, and she's using way too much antiseptic.
I mean, it was hurting like hell.
But I was trying to play it cool, you know, talking about the accident, and then I see that she's got tears in her eyes.
She was crying because she was hurting me.
And the tears were falling into my bashed up knee, and that's when I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with this woman.
Here's to motorcycle accidents.
Shouldn't we let you get to sleep? Don't you have an early shift tomorrow? At seven, but you can stay.
I have an early start too.
I'll do this with Adele, you two sit.
I'll pack some leftovers for you.
Thanks again for that job It's great.
Marty's a cool guy.
Don't screw it up.
You know, me and Adele, we were talking about names for the kid.
We want the last name to be a combo, you know, like mine and hers.
And Adele goes by her mother's name but we want to use Saint Clair.
Saint Clair's nothing special.
My mother was in the same work as Adele's mother.
She named me after the street where she gave birth to me - Rue Saint Clair, close to Bastille.
Your kid deserves a better name a clean name.
He's got a good heart.
We'll see.
You are a tough sell.
OK, this is me.
Goodnight, Jo.
(CAT MEOWS) So, what do you think? Are you going to keep me company tonight? I make good breakfast.
So? There are no hits from the jewellery stores.
I'm now onto pawn shops.
Bayard has the stolen good reports.
What you got? Cramp.
I'm taking a walk.
My dad is lucky, he retired before they put everything on computers.
When I started, his office was just like this.
I don't think you've changed anything since you moved in.
Was I supposed to? Where was Barron stationed before Velizy? 125th Air Force Base in Le Tube.
That's near Aix-en-Provence.
The cops down there reported a stolen ring a year ago - diamond, emerald and ruby bracketed with two sapphires.
He could've had the sapphires removed.
If I had a hot ring, I'd like to change its appearance.
Get in touch with Aix-en-Provence, I want to see the full report.
The ring was stolen along with other jewellery in a robbery-homicide.
A family of four was wiped out.
Mr Barron was initially held as a suspect.
He was dating the family's 17-year-old daughter, Sybil.
It doesn't pay to be his girlfriend.
The case is still open.
Not for long.
They were killed on a Friday night.
The maid found them two days later.
The mother, Mrs Legoff, was found here.
Blood stain overlap shows she died first.
Blunt force trauma to the head from a golf club we found over there.
The girl Sybil we found here, same thing, with the golf club.
The son was killed in here, stabbed in the chest with a knife from a set on the counter.
We found the knife in the kitchen sink, wiped clean, no fingerprints.
What about Mr Legoff? His blood was found at the bottom of the stairs.
We think he was upstairs when the killings occurred.
He came down, he got attacked His body's never been found.
The house has been locked up since.
As long as the case is open, this is an active crime scene.
You're convinced Barron did it? Oh, yeah.
The maid told us that the girl fought with her parents over her relationship with Barron.
Barron and the girl were in a club that night, they were drinking.
They had sex - we found his semen inside her.
He brought her home just after midnight.
There was an argument with the parents, and that's when the train fell off the tracks.
We believe Barron stole the jewellery to make it look like a robbery.
If you thought he was good for it, why did you release him? No direct evidence, and two of his Air Force buddies alibied him.
You don't believe them? Looking out for your buddy, isn't that what being a soldier's all about? Maybe your Commander Dumas got suspicious when he gave her the ring.
She found a connection between him and these murders - maybe that's why he killed her.
And the father, you think Barron kidnapped him? We know he did.
We got a tape.
This was taken just after 3am outside a bank near the airbase.
Now, we think Barron's standing out of frame threatening Legoff.
He used him to get money.
And how did Barron get Legoff to the bank, on the back of his motorcycle? He used Legoff's car - a Mercedes SUV - we found it abandoned about ten miles out of town.
We searched for Legoff's body - nothing.
The Legoffs, what kind of family? Well-off.
Kids in private school Religious? No, not particularly.
Mass at Christmas and Easter, that sort of thing.
Domestic violence calls? No.
And no violence reported by the maid either - we asked her.
Legoff's business? Food supply company.
His biggest contract's with the airbase, probably because he spent four years as a paratrooper.
Now I know where you're going with this, but Legoff does not fit the profile of a family annihilator.
His business was fine, no history of mental illness.
Nothing to send him off the deep end.
And just in case you think we're a bunch of hicks here, we kept a watch on his bank account.
Now, there's 300 grand in there - hasn't been touched since the time of the murders.
And the same deal with his credit cards.
Point being, he's dead.
Barron killed him and threw his body down a hole.
These from Barron's Facebook page? Everything he had on there at the time of the murder.
That's the daughter, Sybil.
Well, he's taken down her photos since then.
How decent of him.
No, he did something else to the photos.
Look, he cropped this picture to get rid of the barn.
A lens from a pair of glasses, stained with blood.
Yeah, and look over here, there's blood spatter on the wall.
I've got some chop marks here with blood and hair.
Looks like Barron chopped the body up.
I can't believe you dragged me back down here.
Believe it.
We found Mr Legoff's blood and hair, and a lens from his glasses, in a barn The same barn you cropped from this picture.
I didn't crop that picture.
I didn't kill the Legoffs.
My buddies told you, I was at the base.
Facts don't lie.
Now you have a decision to make, maybe one of the most important decisions of your miserable existence.
You can go to trial, find out how lenient a judge is towards an unrepentant degenerate murderer.
Or you can be a man and own up to what you did.
No way.
No way! It's a bunch of goddamn lies! Why would I kill these people? Why? They didn't want you to see their daughter.
Now, we've been over this before! I told you, I wasn't in love with Sybil.
It was no big deal.
It's not like I was the only guy she was sleeping with.
How do you know? She had the clap - two weeks before I met her she told me.
I wasn't gonna lose any sleep over this chick, you know? Nice sentiment.
I guess it's a "no" on the confession? Screw you.
Did you look for these other boyfriends? No.
Even if they exist, Barron's the only one that matters.
You can bet Barron's lawyer will look for them - he'll use them to raise doubt about Barron's guilt.
You'd better find them before he does.
It's a waste of time.
If you lose your case against Barron, I lose mine.
I don't like to lose.
She's been dead a year.
She might've even had boyfriends her friends didn't know about.
She got a bug.
Her doctor knows who gave it to her.
Yes, I remember her.
She died last year, didn't she, with her family, in Aix-en-Provence? Some robbery? Yes.
But a few weeks before, you treated her for gonorrhoea.
Her National Health records show that you prescribed her Amoxicillin and Probenecid.
I don't see what that has to Did she tell you who infected her? No.
But don't you have a policy of informing sexual partners if someone's infected? The policy is, we strongly recommend that the patient inform her partners.
As I recall, Miss Legoff came in already knowing what she had, which was unusual for someone of her age, but I felt confident she'd do the right thing.
Did she come here alone? Somebody drove her.
I saw her get into an SUV when I went to get something from my car.
The SUV - what make? I don't know, Mercedes.
A man was driving.
Excuse me.
That's her father's car, so he drove her but It's weird.
You'd think her mother would've driven her.
It's not right.
He drove her to a clinic 90 miles from their home.
So no-one would recognise them.
It stinks.
Incest? What the hell are you talking about? According to National Health records, the week before he drove his daughter to the clinic, Legoff was tested by his doctor for gonorrhoea.
It's irrelevant - Legoff is dead.
Why? Because we find a pint of blood and some hair? Your first instinct was to suspect Legoff of killing his family.
But he didn't fit the profile - no financial problems, no depression.
But this This is a motive.
His daughter came home, she smelled of drink and sex.
Yeah, and it made Legoff crazy with jealousy.
Maybe he hit her.
But she was drunk, she hit back.
She dropped the bomb in front of her mother and her brother.
She told them what her father's been doing to her.
Legoff panicked - he killed her.
He killed all of them.
Pure fantasy.
Barron killed them - it fits.
Now, that's my case.
I don't give a damn what you do with yours.
Now just get the hell off my corner.
Labrecque! These two need a ride to the station - make sure they don't miss the Paris train.
He's got a point.
It does all fit the barn, the blood Right, and how did we find the barn? The cropped Facebook pictures.
You were out of your jurisdiction.
You had no business conducting an investigation unrelated to your primary case.
It was evidence of motive in Dumas' murder.
I don't want to hear from you.
You're the low man on this totem pole.
How far up do I have to be to call bullshit on a bunch of red tape crap? We've got four dead bodies there, including two kids.
I mean, if you weren't so worried about You're the boss.
Thank you.
And now I have fences to mend with our friends down south.
If she spent less time sitting behind a desk and more time looking at dead bodies She's seen enough bodies.
Word of advice, Bayard, don't bleed so much for every case.
Save some for your wife and kid.
The photos were deleted on the 9th of February last year - five weeks after the Legoff murders.
By then, Mr Barron was reassigned to the aircraft carrier De Gaulle.
He was on manoeuvres in the Gulf, on complete shutdown.
No communication whatsoever, including no Internet.
So it couldn't have been him that cropped the photos off Facebook.
That's exactly what it means.
So if not him then who? Maybe the same guy who set up the phony account on eBay.
The same guy who's been playing dead for the last year.
So Legoff faked his own death, he put on a performance for the ATM camera then disappeared.
A year later, he disguises himself and has an affair with Charlotte Dumas, he kills her then uses the missing ring to frame Barron for her murder and the murder of his family.
That about sum it up? Yes, pretty much.
I can't wait to explain this to the prosecutors.
They're gonna ask me, "Why now? Why did Legoff wait a year?" He's been living off the jewellery he stole - he's probably running low.
He's got at least 300,000 in the bank, which he can't touch, plus his house.
But if Barron's convicted of the murders, then Legoff'll be declared dead and all of his assets will go to his parents.
He's counting on them to help him and keep their mouth shut.
Let's hope the prosecutors don't laugh me out of their office.
Over here.
I've been tracing the jewellery Mr Legoff took with him, and pieces of a necklace that belonged to his wife turned up in the arrest of a Corsican counterfeiter last month, and he's locked up in La Sant.
No, I've never seen this Legoff guy.
Louis and Maria They're back in Corsica with their mother.
Long way to come for a visit.
If you got transferred to Borgo Prison, that's half an hour by bus.
Give us a reason to be nice to you.
Two months ago.
Wanted a passport.
His new name and passport number.
Henri Laval.
And how do we find him? I don't know.
Kids grow up fast They'll forget you.
Come on.
This guy has Serbian connections - I'm dead if they find out.
I don't care.
I took his new passport to a restaurant - he washes dishes there.
Excuse me, we're looking for Henri, your dishwasher.
Thank you.
Where's the other dishwasher? What's going on here? Your dishwasher Henri - where is he? You just passed him - he's my maitre d' now.
(TYRES SCREECH) You got his address? Sure.
He's got blond hair dye, blue tinted contact lenses, everything he needed to turn himself into Barron.
From the thrift store in Velizy.
This guy really set us up.
These contact lenses were made in Serbia - maybe that's where he's been hiding for the last year.
Legoff's daughter.
He destroyed her before he killed her His little girl.
You hate him and you want to kill him.
I have arrested sick bastards before - never killed one yet.
For months after I got sober, I would fly into these rages.
I was so raw.
Every emotion that I once drowned in a glass of whisky was on fire.
Be careful, Jo.
Jo, I got it.
I found it.
Legoff's Serbian connection.
So when he used to run his food supply business, he used to buy Serbian red peppers off a guy called Milan Plavic.
Now Milan Plavic is a French-Serbian - they served together for four years in the French paratroopers.
I heard Legoff was dead.
Anyway, he's just a guy I knew in the army.
We did a little business together - no big deal.
I have enough problems helping my own family, so The Chinese have a saying - maybe you know it - "There are only three kinds of men you can trust - "the ones you grew up with, the ones you were in prison with, "and the ones you were in the army with.
" I told you - Legoff was nothing to me.
Stop screwing around! Tell them to kiss the floor.
Loyalty is a good thing, except when it makes you blind.
Your friend murdered his family, raped his daughter.
His own daughter, Sybil.
You're lying.
Come to my office and I'll show you the file.
Medical reports, witness accounts.
Your friend is a child-raping murderer - that's who you're protecting.
You don't trust us? Ask him, then you call me.
Or maybe you see nothing wrong with what he did.
Maybe you're like him.
Yannick's a good worker.
Gets here early, stays late.
He's got good hands.
He's the employee of the month, is that what you want to tell me? Yesterday, I saw him at a bar over on Saint Louis, with these three punks.
They were setting up a job - I could smell it.
(PHONE RINGS) Saint Clair.
You must think you're some kind of goddamn genius.
You looked right at me in the restaurant.
Who is this? What did you think? That I'd have my name tattooed on my forehead? Identify yourself.
I'm the guy you've been lying about to his friends.
I didn't lie, Mr Legoff.
You know it and your friend Plavic knows it, too.
No, no, no, you don't know the truth.
Go ahead, tell me the truth.
There was a gang, on the airbase, Barron was part of it, they were extorting money from me, from my company.
I couldn't pay anymore, I told them I was going to go to the police.
They came after me, they killed my family.
They kidnapped me.
I escaped but they came after me again, that's why I've been hiding.
OK, Mr Legoff.
I'll help you.
Where are you? It's not as simple as that.
These people are everywhere, even inside the police.
They killed that pilot.
I'll protect you, you have my word.
I'll stay where I am.
I just called to set the record straight.
It must've been terrible, watching your family die.
Your daughter Sybil.
You have no idea.
She was a very pretty girl.
Almost a woman.
I didn't do these things you're saying.
I'm not judging you, Mr Legoff.
You showed her love in your own way.
Don't say that.
Don't I understand you, Mr Legoff.
Shut up! I never hurt my daughter.
I don't think your friend Plavic approves that kind of love we're talking about.
You should've seen his face when I told him about you and Sybil Now you're lying again.
Plavic wouldn't give a damn about any of that.
Those Serbians, they put their own daughters on the street as prostitutes.
Friendship has its limits, Mr Legoff.
I'm OK.
He owes me big time, Plavic.
Owes you? Why? You saved his life? I saved his skin.
These crimes you're accusing me of? He did far worse things in Africa, in the army, and I covered his ass so You son-of-a-bitch.
Screw you.
Normand? Yeah.
You record it? Every last word.
(RECORDING) Plavic wouldn't give a damn about any of that.
Those Serbians, they put their own daughters on the street as prostitutes.
Friendship has its limits, Mr Legoff.
I'm OK.
He owes me big time, Plavic.
Owes you? Why? You saved his life? I saved his skin.
These crimes you're accusing me of? He did far worse things in Africa, in the army, and I covered his ass.
Let me take care of him - it's better for you.
(PHONE BEEPS) How do you sleep so well? I never laid a hand on her.
I loved I loved her.
It was a conspiracy, please.
I swear.
Please don't hurt me.