Joe Pickett (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Joey, Get Your Gun

- Stay.
Wacey Hedeman?
Don't worry.
It's just me, Joe Pickett.
- Jesus, Joe Pickett,
you scared the hell out of me.
I thought you might be
the man of the house.
- He wouldn't knock.
- Well, what's going on?
I'm right in the middle
of something.
- Mm.
Yeah, I figured this would be
the place to find you.
- Hey,
I'm on the campaign trail.
She's financing
my bid for sheriff.
- With her husband's money?
- She earned
every cent of that, Joe.
Don't take that away
from the woman.
- Who's there?
- It's my colleague,
Joe Pickett
from the Saddlestring district.
Don't worry. We go back a ways.
You can keep our secret,
can't you, Joe?
Although, it's easier to keep
a secret if you're in on it.
Why don't you take your pants
off and come on inside?
She's got a thing
for cowboy types in uniform.
And when it comes to sex,
she is a freak.
- Wacey,
this is about Ote Keely.
I meant to reach out to you.
- Right.
- I was sorry to hear
about all that.
- Well, Ote was last seen
with two other men
that were headed up
to an elk camp
at Crazy Woman Creek.
- Mm-hmm?
- Those two men,
whoever they were,
had something to do with this.
So I'm going to go up there,
and I'm gonna check it out.
- Didn't Barnum already
make an arrest?
- I think he has the wrong guy.
- Based on what?
- A hunch.
- Mm.
- The trail up
to Crazy Woman Creek
is one of the worst rides
in all of Wyoming.
That's a lot of effort
for a hunch.
- I know.
That's why I need you
to come with me.
You know the way, don't you?
- I do.
Think about it, Joe.
Whoever killed Ote,
if they were up there,
they'd have to be
three states away by now.
- Well, or they're just laying
low in the middle of nowhere
waiting for it all to blow over.
- You're not gonna shoot
whoever comes up looking.
- Right now, my wife and kids
are hiding out in a motel.
I can't look them in the eyes
and tell them
that it's safe to come home.
Not until I understand
why Ote died there.
It's important, Wacey.
I need your help.
I wouldn't ask if I didn't.
- I'm not sure how much safer
they're gonna feel
if you go out there
and get yourself killed.
I know this Ote thing's
got you all shaken up, but
This is a bad idea.
Bad idea.
- All right, all right.
If you won't join me, well,
I guess
I'll just head up there solo.
If you find anything,
I'll, uh
I'll let Barnum know.
I'm sure
he'd love to take credit
for solving
something like this.
- Wait.
God damn it.
You can't leave
well enough alone.
I just took a Viagra.
What a waste.
I guess being
on the search team
will earn me some points
in my run against Barnum.
Assuming we don't die.
It's an all-day ride
up and back.
So let's meet at the base
of the trail at sunrise.
And bring a horse.
- Hello, Warden. Quick visit?
- Forget it, babe.
He's married.
- That's okay. I don't mind.
- No.
Joe's not like that.
- Hmm.
Good for you.
- Get in there.
You better run.
Give me back my hat.
- That's your baby's heartbeat.
- Always sounds like
a galloping horse to me.
140 beats per minute.
Completely normal
for little ones at this stage.
- Oh, I forgot to remind you
we're not finding out--
- You're not
learning the gender.
I know.
You reminded me last time.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Hi.
I thought you couldn't make it.
- Found a way.
- Come here. Can he listen?
Hear that?
That's her in there--or him.
- Hey.
- Hmm.
Everything all right
at the motel?
- Yeah.
- Girls okay?
- They seem fine.
My mom, on the other hand
my mom can be a lot.
- I have no comment.
- Smart.
- Listen, I feel bad about
what happened to Ote Keeley
at home.
I want to make sure nothing
like that happens again.
- You didn't kill him.
- I know, it just--
it feels like
it could be related.
That incident
between him and I.
- Yeah, we all
tend to think life's
like this big chess game,
and we just make
all the right moves,
win every match.
But life's not like chess.
It's poker.
And all we can do
is just do the best you can
with the hand you're dealt.
And I have to pee.
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Where's Mom?
- Ah.
Nice, healthy baby boy.
- Noel, noel ♪
- Merry Christmas, buddy.
- Look what I found.
Hey, open that up.
- Born is the King ♪
Of Israel ♪
- We said next year.
- Well, he's practically
a man already.
Thought he deserved it sooner.
Hey, don't worry.
I'll show him how to use it.
- Hey, come on.
My dad gave me one at his age.
Look how I turned out.
Come on. Come here.
- You'd better teach him.
- I will.
You like it, Joe?
- Thank you.
- Hey.
If I somehow found out
the baby's gender,
would you want me to tell you?
- Did you find out?
- No, I'm just asking
if you'd want to know if I did.
- No, I don't want to know.
I don't even want to know
if you know.
You know. Do you know?
- No.
- All right, you pass the test.
- I'm going to
be away tomorrow.
Probably out of cell service.
- Where are you going?
- Nate said
he saw Ote with two other men
the night he died.
So I'm going looking for them.
- You're that sure
Nate didn't kill him?
- Well, it's hard to say.
I mean, he seems capable
of killing someone,
but it's just
not sitting right.
- And Barnum agrees?
- No, no,
nobody agrees with me.
- Joe, is there a chance
this guy's playing you?
- Nobody's playing anybody.
I'm just looking into
what he said.
- Okay, then,
I'd really like
to talk to Nate myself.
- Why?
- 'Cause let's face it,
I have a better
bullshit detector than you do.
- But that's not--
you're not even
law enforcement.
- I'm a lawyer.
- Yeah,
but not for murder-type stuff.
- Okay, well, you're not
a murder-type stuff
investigator, either, sir.
- All right.
I'll chat to Barnum.
- Sounds good.
Love you.
- Mm.
- Pull.
- Good shot.
- Nice.
- Oh.
Mom, it's Vern.
- Some nice horses
you've got out there.
- Yeah, no shit.
- Sweetheart.
Go get some lemonade
for us, okay?
- Yes, Grandma.
- The trap thrower's
not working.
Do you mind?
- Sure, Opal.
- Pull.
- Ooh.
Made a mess all over you.
Don't you just hate that?
Tell me,
why is the new game warden
heading up
to Crazy Woman Creek?
- Don't worry.
He's not going to be a problem.
- Pull.
How are you so sure?
- He's looking
into Ote Keeley's death.
Ote died at the house.
That's all he's focused on.
- And what does he know
about that?
- Nothing.
- Keeley didn't say anything?
- All Ote did was die.
I talked to Joe about it.
If he knew something,
he would have told me.
Remember, this is the same guy
that ticketed Governor Budd
for fishing without a license.
Not the brightest light.
Ote Keeley
stole his gun from him.
He probably thinks it's got
something to do with that.
Don't worry.
This is nothing.
- I never worry,
but I do hate a mess.
Boys, what do we do
with our messes?
Clean them up ourselves.
- That's right.
Anything else
would be bad manners.
You've got manners,
don't you, Vern?
- There's no mess to clean up.
No mess at all.
Vern Dunnegan
has it all under control.
- Sheriff,
you wanted to see me?
- Yeah.
The computer
cannot read Nate Romanowski's
Redo it.
- All right.
- Really should take more pride
in your work.
- Cricket?
- What?
- You call those prints?
- I don't know. Yeah.
- So you think that someone can
actually read these then, huh?
Hey, redo them.
And have some more pride
in your work.
Look what I found.
A day-old sandwich.
- It's too hard.
My teeth are still loose.
- Yeah, well, the law says
that I need to feed you.
It doesn't say you get
to order room service.
- It's true.
The hottest
hot peppers can kill you.
People die every year
from hot peppers.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
I know someone who died
from eating a hot pepper.
- No, you don't.
- Hi.
Who were Ote Keeley's friends?
- Um, this is a knitting club.
- Okay, well,
it's been a while,
but mind if I borrow this?
- Go ahead.
- So.
Ote was last seen
with two guys.
Any idea who they were?
'Cause he died at my house,
and now I'm afraid to go home.
And as you are well aware,
I'm new in town.
So unfortunately,
I don't even have any friends
to tell me who to look out for.
All right.
If I was a gambling man,
which I'm not,
I would bet donuts to dollars
it was Kyle Lensegrav
and Calvin
Ote didn't do much of anything
without those two shitheads
attached to his hips.
- How dangerous are they?
- Very.
They're sociopaths--
the whole bunch of them.
You'd be wise to steer clear.
- Thanks.
- Come in.
- There's a call for you,
- Who is it?
- Annie
from Saddlestring Roundup
asking if you're going to go up
to Crazy Woman Creek
with, um, Wacey Hedeman.
- Wacey Hedeman?
Thank you, Pickett.
Tell her I'm--
Tell her I'm going to
send one of my best guys
with the wardens
to keep them safe.
Get in here!
- Yeah, yeah. Coming.
- Dad!
- Daddy!
- Hi.
- Oh, oh.
How was the motel?
- Traumatizing.
- Did you find out why
that guy died in our yard?
- Not yet, honey.
I'm working on it.
- Is--is he still back there?
- No, Lucy.
He's not there anymore.
- Where did he go?
- You mean like heaven?
- No, I mean like,
did they take him
to the morgue or something?
- How do you know
what the morgue is?
- Come on, Lulu.
- Come here, Maxine!
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I thought you said that you
were gonna stay at the motel
until we sorted this?
- I feel safe right here.
- Uh-huh.
I just thought that, you know--
- Look, Joe, there are people
all over the motel.
I don't know who's who.
Here at home, at least
I know who belongs here
and who doesn't.
I can see danger coming.
- Well, I gotta leave
at first light.
Not gonna be here
to protect you.
- Protect me--
Joe, God help
the son of a bitch
who shows up here tonight
looking for trouble, okay?
You're just going to have to
trust my judgment on this one.
- Dad, Buckaroo ate his food!
- Is Sheridan doing all right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- A little shaken, I think,
but yeah, she's all right.
So listen.
- Mm.
Kyle Lensegrav
and Calvin something-or-other,
those are the guys
you're looking for.
- Uh-huh.
- I asked around.
And they're dangerous.
I think you should
stay here with us.
Sit this one out.
Send somebody else after them.
- Do you feel safe?
- What do you mean?
- Right now in our home,
do you feel like we're safe?
- No, I don't.
- I don't, either.
We can't move on until we do.
I need to know
what Ote's death meant,
why he came here.
The answers are up
on that mountain,
and I need to find 'em.
- All right.
Just come back
in one piece, okay?
- I will.
By this time tomorrow,
I'll be home.
- All right.
- Promise.
- Oh hey, I am meeting
with Nate Romanowski tomorrow.
So I'll let you know
what I think when you're back.
- Hey, Vern.
- Joe,
I heard about your plans.
You think that's
such a good idea?
- Don't worry. I'll be fine.
- Well, I'm not
so sure about that.
I can't go losing
two of my best game wardens
over some ill-advised
cowboy bullshit.
Now, if you think
Ote Keeley was bad,
the degenerates
that he ran with
will not hesitate to kill you.
- Yeah, well, they should
assume the same of me
should it come to it.
- There is no more dangerous
man in the world
than a poacher with
his back against the wall.
Protect yourself, Joe.
Hang back.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
When this thing goes screwy--
and I've got a strong
feeling it's gonna--
you make sure the blame
falls on the wardens.
You understand?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Hey, Pickett.
Does that come
with a free hamster?
- Hey, Game Warden.
You should take the riot gun
from the arsenal.
You know, a man's gun.
You don't know
what you're gonna find.
Don't wanna take any chances
up there, right?
- I'm more comfortable
with this.
Suit yourself.
- Just like that.
You open the breech
by moving the bolt handle
upwards as far as you can.
Never force it.
It should come easily.
You wrap your right hand
around the grip,
keeping your pointer finger
outside the trigger guard.
Then you cradle the front guard
with your other hand.
And you never touch the barrel.
It's just a .22, Joey.
It ain't a toy, but it won't
belt you in the chops
every time
you pull the trigger.
You want to take her out
for a spin?
Good man.
Let's go.
- Sometimes
I don't know where ♪
This dirty road
is taking me ♪
Sometimes I don't even know
the reason why ♪
But I guess
I keep a-gamblin' ♪
Lots of booze
and lots of ramblin' ♪
Well, it's easier than just
a-waitin' around to die ♪
- Oh, one time, friends ♪
I had a ma, even had a pa ♪
Well, he beat her
with a belt once ♪
'Cause she cried ♪
She told him
to take care of me ♪
Headed down to Tennessee ♪
Well, it's easier than just
a-waitin' around to die ♪
- You know,
I'm not gonna lie
I'm actually kind of excited
to be on this trek
with you boys, huh?
I mean, even though, you know,
we might not be best friends
or anything like that,
I like it.
It's good to give back
to the community
every now and then.
Well, me blessing you boys
with my company
and, you know, showing you
the way of the woods
is, well, kind of a gift to me.
- Ah, his name is Codeine ♪
He's the nicest thing
I've seen ♪
Well, together, we're gonna
wait around and die ♪
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- Do you think a person
can ride a bison?
- Um.
- If you put a saddle on it?
- Probably not.
I mean, you think
with the amount of bison
roaming around here,
someone would have
tried it already.
- Mm.
Yeah, maybe.
Or they figured
horses were easier.
You know,
path of least resistance.
- Or maybe it's
just not possible.
Yeah, maybe.
- Um, do you mind if I
fingerprint you again?
- Something wrong
with the last ones?
- Yeah, the first ones
didn't turn out so good.
- Can we make a deal?
- Uh-huh?
- This bread's
too hard to eat.
You give me some soup
And I'll make those prints
easy for you.
Can I help you?
- Yes, I'm here to see
Nate Romanowski.
I'm Marybeth Pickett.
So you're the man who sent my
husband up Crazy Woman Creek.
- Seems to me it'd be hard
to send that man
anywhere he didn't want to go.
So he is going?
- Your lawyer
should update you.
- Don't have a lawyer
at the moment.
- You need one.
- Not if your husband
proves my innocence.
- Sure, but saving your ass
isn't really part
of his job description, is it?
- So why are you here?
- I have a background in law.
And frankly, a pretty good
bullshit detector.
- Do you think
I'm bullshitting your husband?
- I think
it's a distinct possibility
given the circumstances.
Did you kill Ote Keely?
- No.
But to be honest,
I probably would have,
if given more time.
- Okay.
You really need a lawyer.
And the first thing
they're going to tell you
is to stop
saying things like that.
Or probably just stop
saying anything at all.
Just stop talking.
Look, I don't know who you are
or what your game is,
but if I find out you sent
my husband up that mountain
as part of some con
And he winds up
hurt or dead
I promise you'll regret you
ever heard the name Pickett.
- Hey,
you guys ever get an itch
that just wouldn't go away?
A couple years back,
I had one on my inner thighs--
well, more of a rash.
Doctor asked me where I got
it from, and I told him
Hey, do you guys know
whether or not they make
toothpaste for horses?
You never hear them say,
"You know, dentists recommend
this for the horses."
I was wondering 'cause they
have bigger teeth than we do.
- McLanahan, come on.
- Hey, hey.
Hold up.
Hey, guys, wait up,
all right?
My horse is being
an asshole here.
Hey, I swear I will punch you
right in the face,
you hear me, huh?
- No, you won't.
- Yes, I--
Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, girl.
- Having McLanahan
on the payroll
is like having
two good men gone.
- Hmm.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up.
- When I'm elected sheriff,
first thing I'm going to do
is fire his ass
before I even
order business cards.
- It's--it's all right.
Whoa, okay?
You're extra quiet today, Joe.
I got some news earlier.
- Good news or bad news?
- Turns out I'm having a son.
- Oh, well that's great, Joe.
- Yeah, thanks.
Aren't you happy about that?
- I'm not quite sure
how I feel about that.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I had a--
I had a complicated
relationship with my father.
I just--
I always thought
I'd end up raising girls.
- Well, I'm happy for you.
You could use some testosterone
in that house of yours,
if you ask me.
All right, all right.
- You know, everybody thinks
we're just a bunch of glorified
animal control officers.
All guts and feathers.
- On the slower days, maybe.
- Look at us.
It's like a boyhood dream
come true, isn't it?
We're the good guys
pursuing the bad guys.
Come on.
[clicks teeth
It's exciting.
- It's
Hard to describe.
- I hate these stupid animals.
Come on.
What's wrong
with this horse again?
Do they have adoption
for horses?
- Actually, I think your horse
just let one go there, Pickett.
Shut up, McLanahan.
- Romanowski give you any sense
of who those other
two guys might be?
- No, but I think
I know their names.
Kyle Lensegrav and, uh,
Calvin something.
- Ah, shit.
- You know them?
- Yeah. Wish I didn't.
Mendez, that's his last name.
Calvin Mendez.
Arrested him once
for skinning a live coyote.
Hell, he said it ate his pet
ferret and he wanted revenge.
Yeah, that guy's a real sicko,
- Maybe you're onto something
after all, Joe.
God knows there's no honor
among poachers.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You smell that?
- McLanahan, dead animal smell.
- Uh, something doesn't
smell right.
- That is disgusting
right there.
- Here, I got him.
- Yeah, something's off here.
I'm going to take a sample.
- For crying out loud, Pickett,
we're in a little bit
of a hurry here, huh?
- What?
- They're spooked.
- By what?
- Uh, my guess--whatever
has been eating that elk.
- Oh.
Was that a bear?
- I don't know.
- Oh, I hate me a bear.
Go away.
- Shut up, McLanahan.
- No, if you see a bear you
gotta make noise you hear me?
- No, no, no, no.
- Hey!
- Hey, hey, hey.
- What the hell
is wrong with you?
- God damn it, McLanahan.
What's wrong with you?
- I thought there was a bear,
all right?
- Now we have to chase after
on own horses.
- No, they're spooked.
They'll run all the way back
to base camp.
How much further is it, Wacey?
You think we can make it
on foot before sundown?
- We can try.
- Maybe we should radio
the guys, you know, just--
let them know that, you know,
we're going to be running
a little bit late, yeah?
- Yeah, go ahead. Call it in.
- The horses took the radio.
- Yeah, the horses
took the radio.
Bunch of thieving horses.
Come on.
- Okay, um, deal's a deal.
- Deal's a deal.
I'm afraid that's the best
you're gonna get.
I burned them off
a long time ago.
- Lucy, Emerald
needs a bath.
- No, she doesn't.
- Yes, she does.
She's got gravy on her.
- Feeling okay, Sheridan?
- I'm fine. Can I be excused?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- What's bothering you?
- Oh, it's nothing.
- I've seen her
out there before.
- Yeah, me too.
Too bad you can't afford
a decent therapist,
'cause it really seems
like she might need one.
- There it is.
Thanks, Mom.
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
- Hey, this is for you.
- For me?
- Discovery.
- What?
- It's discovery.
Nate Romanowski said
that you're his new lawyer.
- No, no, I'm not.
Please don't leave this here.
I don't want this.
- Sheriff Barnum told me
to give it to you.
If you don't want it,
you're going to have to
call the office
to tell him to tell me
to come back to pick it up
- That's ridiculous.
- Yeah, uh, I'ma--
I'ma need your signature.
- Sure.
- Sorry, that was
- Here you go.
- Weird.
- How close are we?
- Not close enough.
- That's what
I was worried about.
- Yeah.
There's no shot we make it
to their camp at daylight.
- It's fine.
Let's keep pushing.
- Oh, you want to show up to
their camp in total darkness?
- This whole thing is bullshit,
all right?
They're probably
not even up here.
- Well, if you didn't
scare off the horses,
we'd know and be home by now.
- We should find
a place to camp.
Take off at first light.
I don't like it, either.
- See I-I don't suppose
either you brought a, you know,
energy bar or anything?
my blood sugar is low.
- I brought
a full day's rations
for all three of us,
just in case.
But the horses stole those too.
- Aw, shucks.
- I told you this was
a dumb idea, Joe.
- Yeah.
I think there's a place to camp
just up at the top of this.
A little bit of cover
to start a fire.
- Gonna need it.
- Okay, honey bunny.
You snug as a bug in a rug?
Let me see. Let me see.
Is Emerald snug?
- Dad's not home yet, is he?
- No, he's not,
but don't worry.
You'll see him
in the morning, okay?
- Mom,
can I tell you something?
- Yeah. Yeah, honey. What's up?
- I saw that man--
the one who died--
being mean to dad.
I knew he was bad.
- Okay. Hey.
There's nothing to worry
about anymore, all right?
- I didn't think
it would happen like this.
I wanted that man to die.
I wished for it.
- Okay.
they can't make things
like that happen, okay?
If they could, we'd all have
unicorns and be millionaires.
- But sometimes if you wish
hard enough, they come true.
- Really?
- No.
No, Lucy.
Your sister's just letting
her imagination
get the best of her.
Hey, it's okay.
I promise.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
- Don't listen to her.
Your imagination
can bring you gifts.
I'll make sure Dad comes home.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night, Daddy.
Go get them.
- Well, forgot about this,
but I got something those
damn horses didn't steal.
Some bourbon.
- I'm finally starting to see
your value, Deputy.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mmm.
- Pickett, I gotta know.
What's the deal
with that rifle?
- It was a Christmas present
from my dad.
- You any good with it?
- I was dubbed
worst in my class
at the Game Warden Academy.
- Mm.
I'm not sure
I'd brag about that.
- Yeah, I guess I'll be
sticking close to you, Wacey.
Even though you're,
you know, an asshole.
- I only seem to be able to hit
things that are in motion.
- Mm.
At the academy, they only
tested us on static targets.
Never any good at that.
- Sounds like good old Ote
didn't need to take your gun
from you after all, Pickett.
Hell, you couldn't hit him
in the first place, huh?
- Hey, I heard that Ote had
a cooler with him in your yard.
What was the deal with that?
- Still trying
to figure that out.
- What was in it?
- Wasn't there
some shit pellets?
Yeah, I sent them up
to Cheyenne for analysis.
Should be back soon.
- Well, maybe it's nothing.
Maybe we'll never know.
And the only one who does
is stupid, dead Ote.
- Hey, you ever figure
that maybe Ote was just
bringing you a couple beers?
- You know just pop a couple,
forgive each other.
- Hey, did you hear that Joe's
gonna have baby boy?
- Damn, really?
- Mm-hmm.
Wow, that's some great news,
Having a boy--it's one
of the best things ever.
- You got one?
- Yeah.
You know, it's no different
than raising girls,
except the boys
are more emotional.
- Yeah--whoa.
It sounds funny,
but it's true, all right?
- I think it's different
raising girls.
It's pure.
I got the sense from my dad
that he always saw me
as some sort of rival
for my mother's affection,
I guess.
I just hope the same thing
doesn't happen
to me and my son.
Because a mother
should always love her son
more than her husband.
That's the natural
order of things.
I just hope I can adapt
to it better than my dad did.
- Jesus, Pickett.
You dark son of a bitch.
No wonder you don't talk much.
I wouldn't either
if that's the kind of crazy
Dr. Freudian shit
swirling around in my mind.
Well, I think
it's a great thing.
Every man wants to have a boy.
- Yeah.
- Marybeth?
I was just about to call you.
- Vern, I'm glad you--
I'm glad you're there.
I've been trying Joe.
Have you heard from him?
- We lost all radio contact
a few hours ago.
There's nothing
to be concerned about.
The radio signal's
weak up there.
- Okay, but he said
he'd be home by sundown.
- Well,
it's a long journey up.
Wouldn't surprise me if they
had some sort of a hiccup,
had to call it,
get some sleep,
start again at dawn.
We got a helicopter flying in
from Laramie in the morning
for search and rescue
just in case.
I've been doing this a long
time, and I am not worried.
This is nothing.
It'll be fine. I'm sure of it.
- Okay, Vern. Okay.
All right. Thank you.
- Figured they got enough.
- What's the deal
with that rifle?
- It was a Christmas present
from my dad.
- My dad gave me one
at his age.
Look how I turned out.
Now just squeeze the trigger.
Come on. Focus, Joey.
You're not concentrating.
You know what you need?
You need a little motivation.
How about this, huh?
If you miss again,
I pour this beer
all over your head, huh?
Come on.
Come on. It's funny, man.
Come on!
- Who's there?
- Good night.
See you in the morning.
Good night.
- Let's go.
It's right up there.
Here we are.
- Whoever's in the tent,
we're law enforcement agents.
We've got you surrounded.
- Come on out
with your hands up!
- Whoa, oh!
They have rabies!
- They're here, both of them.
- What?
Oh, God.
Oh--oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna--
I'm all right, I'm--
Oh, God.
Oh, yeah, God,
that's definitely
Kyle and Calvin, all right.
Hell, Pickett.
You were right, huh?
- Wait.
There's three horses there.
Should only be two.
Anyone see
where that came from?
- I got nothing.
- Wacey.
- I don't see 'em.
- We're law enforcement agents.
McLanahan, spread out.
- Let's go get 'em.
- You're gonna get us killed,
- Wacey!
- Shit, Joe.
He almost killed me.
You just saved my life.
I thought you couldn't shoot.
- Yeah, well, I didn't have
time to think.
- Joe, you're hit.
- I think it's, uh, buckshot.
- McLanahan, you dumbass.
You didn't clear Joe?
- Someone was shooting at us.
- Holy shit, Joe.
You were right the whole time.
And now you're injured
in the line of duty.
You're a goddamn hero.
They gonna give you
a goddamn medal.
- Okay.
But so who's that?
- Sometimes
I don't know where ♪
This dirty road
is taking me ♪
Sometimes I don't even know
the reason why ♪
But I guess
I keep a-gamblin' ♪
Lots of booze
and lots of ramblin' ♪
Well, it's easier than just
a-waitin' around to die ♪
Oh, one time, friends ♪
I had a ma, even had a pa ♪
Well, he beat her
with a belt once ♪
'Cause she cried ♪
She told him
to take care of me ♪
Headed down to Tennessee ♪
Well, it's easier than just
a-waitin' around to die ♪
I came of age
and I found a girl ♪
In a Tuscaloosa bar ♪
Oh, she cleaned me out
and hit it on the sly ♪
Well, I tried
to kill the pain ♪
I bought some wine
and hopped a train ♪
Seemed easier than just
a-waitin' round to die ♪
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