JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

The Pillar Man

1 Queer Quite queer, in fact.
I've felt as if somebody's been watching me since the crack of dawn.
But how in the world could they follow my wheels so deep into this desert without me noticing?! They can't.
Perhaps it's plain paranoia You have superior senses.
Even bats would fail to find any trace of my trail in the night, but you have done so in the day! Who the Hell're you?! Why're you trailing me tail?! I am stalking you! By order of mein Reich, I am to capture and extract any information you retain regarding Straits, Joseph Joestar! R-Regarding Straits?! Mein Reich?! Shijima no soko kara Once, four folks from the fires of Hell mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
Shinku no chishio ga Their ambition for power assembled tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru the blood of a few bombastic braves.
Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku And his memory would live on for all posterity! He's like a bloody storm! Atsuku like a bloody storm Blazing bloody into a storm, ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni but would he be free of the cursed fate of his family? Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna Who can say, but the bonds of these braves nigirishimete will never be buried.
in the Pillar The Man Episode Say Stalker Your military mug and Stormtrooper speech reeks of sauerkraut! What relation do you Jerries have with either Straits or Speedwagon?! Cough it up! Elsewise, I'll beat it outta you! You would dare to duel Donovan, an honorary SS-Sturmmann of the Third Reich, unarmed?! You insult me, you stupid civilian! You can have your ragged carpet back! C-Cactus spines! Hurra! You'll have to become an elite soldier if you ever hope defeat me, kind! Repeat after me! "Herr Donovan speaks the truth!" Herr Donovan speaks the truth You'll have to enunciate more, ja? You're a hard Herr to hit with those fast feet of yours, so I figured it'd be better to strike you when stationary! Exactly, how does immobility alleviate you of your current predicament? Why does this kaktus expand? Have a good gander, Jerry! I wanted you to whack me to that cactus! Y'see, 95% of a cactus is composed of water, meaning that I may manipulate any cactus's composition with the Ripple! Now cough it up, Donovan! I want to know everything you know! He's alive.
I was afraid the location of Great-Uncle's body might've remained a mystery I had a feeling But now, I know he's alive.
He's alive, and that's the best news I could ask for! If I could tell Nanna Erina the news now, she'd be so sunny! But no matter what the Jerries do to him, I'll be there to bail him out.
And we'll be back home to see Nanna Erina's sweet smile again! S-Scheisse! Sturmbannführer Stroheim! Fissures have begun forming across the pillar! We've already injected five adults-worth of blood! Sturmbannführer, we still know nothing of the subject's abilities.
Perhaps we should be cautious with the amount of blood we inject! Ja.
But how does the Man in the Pillar absorb the blood of our prisoners? Wait, don't bother answering! Why listen when I can imagine, instead? Herr Speeeeedwagooon! What's got you shaking? Why do you seem so distressed? Your ignorance and conceit shall cost us all our lives! Listen to me.
That chamber is a shelter of sorts.
The iron plates lining the walls are all 50 centimeters thick.
That chamber is fitted with flamethrowers, machine guns, and even a time-bomb.
You're in the safest zoo in the world, and you still fear the growls of caged Grizzlies! Have no fear! Although he was preserved in a pillar for eons, he is nothing more than a troglodyte in tatters to Sturmbannführer Stroheim! We have a leak! It's blood! The blood we've been injecting into the pillar is being purged! The blood's obstructing our observations! Cleanse the chamber with a shower! The subject has shed his stone-skin, and his body now appears smooth and supple, with a lustrous shine to it! The subject is organic! It bears similar traits to Homo sapiens! He needs a name, ja? The "Man in the Pillar" tires the tongue.
I shall do a godfather's duty and christen the child! And it shall mean "the withering winds of Mexico," Santana! Santana of Mexico! He's rising to his feet! Now, stand for me! Display your talents for our eyes to behold, Santana! Intriguing! Santana's scratching his head and it's very intriguing, ja? This is the "Omnipotent Organism?!" What's so "omnipotent" about him?! Speculate, Herr Speedwagon! He's ascertaining his surroundings through smell! He's like a confounded caveman! I'll bet he doesn't have an ounce of intelligence, ja? Oh, the hilarity.
Nevertheless, we shall designate "Santana" as the creator of the Stone Mask.
Sturmmann, commence the second stage of our experiment.
Release the subject's stimulus from confinement.
Jawohl! Wh-What in God's name is that?! A prisoner.
We forced him to wear the Stone Mask.
S-So he's vampire now! Until a few days ago, he was an ill, toothless elder near Death's Door.
He hasn't had his fill of blood today, so he's eager to quench his thirst! He's a volatile vampire! We'll have to see how Santana reacts to this stimulus! How could he be defeated so quickly?! He's as brittle as a human being! If we lose the subject now, without any data, the experiment will have been for naught! The prisoner had an explosive device transplanted into his head! Sturmbannführer Stroheim, should we detonate it?! Sturmbannführer! Detonate the device! S-Stopp! Don't detonate the bomb! L-Look at what's become of his chin, his mandible! A-And look at his arms They're inside Santana! I was foolish to assume Santana's demise, since Santana was actually absorbing the prisoner's body! Santana's absorbing the prisoner's body as if he's devouring it! What sort of "Omnipotent Organism" is he?! Santana used his entire body to devour the vampire's as his breakfast! A-And now that he's eaten, the vampire's energy shall surge throughout his body! Mein Gott! He's devoured the vampire! With his body! A-And his body's grown substantially! Calm your concerns! The subject remains trapped in an impregnable shelter! Only his body mass has increased from devouring the vampire! Wh-What What of his intelligence? Does he display sapience?! S-Strohe-im! S-Strohe-im! S-Strohe-im! Impossible! He spoke?! H-He spoke my name, too! He shouldn't be able to hear a single decibel from within that chamber, either! According to Donovan the Pincushion, there's a high-security facility located 20-meters underneath that villa.
Great-Uncle Speedwagon's bound to be there.
But how can I get in, first? Only canned goods, eggs, ham, meats, and vegetables are permissible for carriage beyond this point! Achtung! Everybody gets a frisking! What's the matter now? Smile for me while I frisk you, Fräulein! Smile for me and flip those skirts! You may pass! Nächste! I've brought tequila for your throats, so won't you let me pass, por favor? Hands up, now! Move, and we'll shoot! What have I done to deserve such treatment?! He's moving, Hansel! Feuer! Don't shoot me! I-I won't move anymore, I promise! Crikey! You Jerries really do have eagle eyes! Nobody could've seen through this disguise! You Dummkopf! Anyone could've seen through that disguise! What kind of woman could ever have as much muscle as you, Trottel?! You're a fool to think that your face could ever be as fair as a Fräulein's! Come again?! Rippled! ¡Caramba! You Jerry jerks My face is fair.
Hopefully, things will go smoother with this disguise.
Wh-What happened?! I-I don't know! You mean you weren't watching?! Sturmbannführer Stroheim, I-I looked away for a brief moment You were there, as were the others.
But none of us were looking at him Concentrate on me, not the coffee! I-It was very brief I looked away for just a few seconds.
I even have a visual acuity of 1.
5! But even I couldn't see what took place within! What I still can't believe is how he managed to vanish from this sealed chamber! There is no trace of physical damage to the walls, either! We just need to be collectively calm and search him out! He must've hidden himself somewhere, where we have no eyes! Cut off the oxygen supply to the chamber! He'll reappear once asphyxiation kicks in! Sturmbannführer, we've finished developing the surveillance footage.
Take it to the movie projector! Jawohl! Start the reel.
He's running towards the wall! Th-Then is he?! O-Oh mein Gott! He's gone up the ventilation shaft! H-How could he possibly break his body to fit into that 4-by-20-centimeter slit?! Th-This is terrible! He didn't just break his body! He shattered every bone in his skeleton, just so he could squeeze into that slit! Th-Then that means he's hidden himself somewhere within the ventilation system of this facility! Sturmbannführer, do you recall Santana's first words? It was your name! He must've heard it through the chamber's ventilation exhausts! Then this control center is connected to the chamber's ventilation shaft?! Sturmmann, step away from the ventilation shaft's exhaust! Jetzt! S-Santana's struck the Sturmmann! Sturmbannführer Stroheim What's happened?! It's so dark, and I can't see a thing! Why are the lights out?! Santana snuck himself into that stormtrooper's body! Mein Brüder, where have you all gone?! Don't leave me behind! I don't know why, but I've never felt so alive until now! What have we done? If Santana escapes, he will become a threat to the ambition and existence of das Vaterland! He must die! Santana must be slain! Shoot him! Send off our fallen Sturmmann with a symphony of shells! He's still alive! As I feared! Machine guns just aren't enough to kill him! How can he stand?! Why's he pointing his finger at us? What's he trying to do?! W-Wait! He's mimicking the barrel of a gun! Perhaps he's merely mimicking our actions! M-My name was the only one he's uttered so far, because that's the only one he's ever heard! There's no logic to mere mimicry! P-Perhaps he has no mental capacity for sapience! If he can only mimic our actions without any reasoning, he can be controlled! Was it you Teutonic tribesmen who dared to disturb my dreams? H-He formed a sentence! It's no "monkey see, monkey do" with him! H-He's demonstrating an advanced degree of sapience! He's already ascertained our speech of the English language! Now die.
What?! H-He's absorbed and accumulated our bullets in order to fire them from his finger! Herr Oldboy, I suggest you come with me and stay hidden for a while! He'll start firing his fingers off in any second! Nay! I desire no assistance from men of the Third Reich! Well gee whiz Even when you're in a pickle, you're still the same stubborn codger.
H-He perplexes my mind to no end! S-Stay away! Hello Jerry, I'll be needing your hair.
A bundle of it, in fact.
Au-aua-autsch! What are you doing to me?! Pulling out a bit of the ol' Barnet! How dare you offend the hair of an Offizier! Who are you? I-Impossible, I recognize that impulsiveness! I call this my Barnet Fair Ripple! It you! It really is you, Joseph Joestar! Barnet Barrier! Jerry, your Aryan hair's looking pretty limp! Spruce it up a bit with a splash of egg white to prevent balding, Stormtrooper.
How on Earth did you find me?! Hello, Great-Uncle! Ha ir I'll tell you later, because I've gotten myself into one smelly pickle.
I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time So this is what true sapience means! He's got me shaking! Señor Santana, let's sing! Enough, you pathetic caveman! He's absorbing my leg through its wound! Episode Jojo VS.
The Omnipotent Organism