JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e25 Episode Script

The Birth of a Superbeing

1 Sch-Scheisse! H-How could this be?! When did he adorn the damned Stone Mask?! When was the Ultimate Aja embedded in the damn thing?! O God in Heaven! Cars! Shijima no soko kara Once, four folks arose from the fires of Hell mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe and awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
Their ambition for power assembled Shinku no chishio ga tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru the blood of a few bombastic braves.
But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku And his memory would live on for all posterity! He's like a bloody storm! Red-hot like a bloody stone, Atsuku like a bloody stone ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni but would he be ever free of the cursed fate of his family? Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna Who can say, but the bonds of these braves nigirishimete will never be buried.
Episode Cars the Creator H-He stands!!! Do not shriek, Sturmmann! Men of the SS do not shriek! "True Omnipotent Organism?!" Impossible! No organism on Earth can reach true omnipotence! Cars! Be attentive of his arm! The ruin of Ripple energy remains, and still spreads throughout his body! He is still doomed to Death! Although he's adorned the True Stone Mask, he is still only a mere mortal! He can be killed! Ready the Ultra-Uber for another ray! We will eradicate his existence, once and for all! Ready the Ray! Jawohl! What's wrong with him? What the Hell is he looking at? O-Oh my Look at his hand! Wh-What in the bloody Hell is that?! Do my eyes deceive me?! His whole hand's shifted into a squirrel! Well ain't that precious? Blimey! Back the Hell away from Cars's spooky squirrel! That rabid rat's! Scramble, SS! On the double! Blind me! He can sculpt any life out of his own body?! Sunlight! Dawn's breaking! They've been vaporized Cars's second weakness is the shining sunlight! We've won! Cars is still alive! Even with his bare back to the breaking of dawn, Cars bathes unburned! God help us! God! Why have you doomed us all to this demon?! Only the True Omnipotent Organism may possess the powers of all organisms, including the adaptation of their appearances! And I find this lustrous shine of sunlight to be sublime! More sublime than any shine I've ever seen! At last At last, I've vanquished my vulnerability of the Sun! H-He's the very definition of "immortal!" He's without any weaknesses! Even the Ripple may have been rendered powerless! We are indeed doomed to Death by this indestructible immortal! We behold the True Omnipotent Organism, Cars the Creator! I-I am to blame I forced him to adorn the goddamned Stone Mask A-Ain't there any way to kill that cracker? I-Is all of humanity damned to be devoured by this goddamn demon?! Not if I have it my way! Your way? Look after her.
I've got one special scheme up my sleeve! J-Just one?! And it's my special backup plan! "Backup plan?!" Jojo Th-That special backup plan wouldn't be You better be sure to breathe a bunch, because it'll leave you breathless! Why the Hell would it leave us breathless?! Because we're gonna skedaddle on outta here! I just knew it! I care no longer for the extermination of other Mystics! But I shall not rest until I've avenged both ACDC and Wham by killing you, in commemoration of my creation! Jojo! I will have your head now! He's flying after us! Shush up! I'm trying to cook up another scheme during my sprint, so keep your screams silent! Jojo! He's lured Cars away from the rest of us! But we're all doomed! No matter how sweet a scheme you cook up, Cars shall never succumb to any succulence now! Cars is coming! Run for it! Say, Smokey! I'm grateful for your company and all, but just in case you didn't catch Cars's chatter, he's only after my head, and mine alone! You don't have to run alongside me, okay?! He wants to avenge his brothers with the ceremony of slaying me, before he begins his new lease on life as the "Creator!" Jojo! I got somethin' to tell you! It's 'bout Miss Lisa Lisa! Believe it or not, she's really your! Dammit! He's caught up to us! Herr Speedwagon Is that truly the True Omnipotent Organism? Yes! By adorning the True Stone Mask, he's attained the Attributes of Omnipotence! The "Attributes of Omnipotence" consist of: Invincibility, eternal life, invulnerability to Death, and possessing the powers of all living organisms, which have far-surpassed that of the original species! He who attains the Attributes of Omnipotence is granted a body on par with the most gorgeous of Grecian sculptures! H-He can't be killed by anything anymore! He is impervious to any and all powers in this world! Not even the Art of Mystics or sunlight can stop that arsehole now! Jojo! Smokey! It's high-time you turned around! I'll hear you out another time! Jojo!!! Swimming away, eh? My plane versus your plumes, Cars! That's a wing of the Luftwaffe! Jojo! The plumes Cars pitched became as dense as the carapace of armadillos, which effectively deflected all fire due to the coat of oil on each plume! However, the denseness and deflective properties came second to the offensive efficacy of which these plumes were purposed! That prick's plumes are piercing projectiles! I've lost altitude! But I was never gonna stay, so I'll still skedaddle away! Jojo! Alls Jojo can do now is fly from him! That's it! Fly and flee, Jojo! That's the only lesson humanity can take away from this catastrophe! I'm cruising at 240 Km/h.
No matter how "omnipotent" the "Creator" may be, nothing can exceed the speed of my machine.
Time for a breather, because even with all his powers, he'll never catch up to my plane.
Where's my fuel at? I've got about two hours left.
I can only keep fleeing from him for another two hours.
The imbecile! Does he dare believe that distancing himself may deter my wrath?! Little does he know, he never shall set foot on land again! He will never leave that aircraft alive! Jojo! Do you read me Jojo, over! I read you loud and clear, Great-Uncle! Jolly good, Jojo! You were wise to escape on that plane when you did! My Foundation's men and the SS will do everything they can to assist in your escape! Is there aeronautical chart on-board? There is! Good! And whatever you do, don't turn off that radio! I've got a plan to get you outta harm's way! Well I'll be Jojo, give me your current bearings! Jojo, do you read me? What's wrong?! Jojo! Respond, Jojo! I'm still here, over.
Say, Great-Uncle No wizardry or weaponry known to man can kill Cars now, right? He's indubitably indestructible, right? Indeed! That's why your backup plan of escape really is the best plan available to you! Great-Uncle I've got a new scheme up my sleeve.
Scheme?! No, Jojo! No more schemes! Skedaddling is the only damn scheme you have left! Now is the only chance I'll ever have to kill Cars! No! Stop trying to take matters into your own hands, goddammit! Just listen up, Great-Uncle! It was from this very Earth that Cars was created, right? If Cars was truly created from Earth's very crust, like all other life, then even he can be extinguished by this very Earth! By the Earth? How?! How can the Earth kill Cars?! With magma! The greatest naturally-occurring molten-mixture known to man! I'll crash both him and this plane into the magma chamber on Vulcano Isle! D-Don't do it! I don't want you to put yourself in any more danger! Leave it to the men in my Foundation or the SS! Listen to the man, Jojo! Don't do no mo'! Cars's gonna kill you! Too late! Vulcano Isle is right under my wings! I'm diving now! Mister Speedwagon? Not again I've already lost George, Jonathan, and George II The Joestar Estate's heirs have always led short-lives I I don't want to lose you to the Stone Mask as well! Pull up, Jojo! Pull up for Lisa Lisa! Lisa Lisa is your mother! Come again?! I didn't quite catch that! What's this I'm hearing now? On the grave of my Grandpappy! Pesky piranhas?! But how?! They're tearing the plane apart! How'd they get in?! It was those prickly plumes! They changed into piranhas! Goddammit! Leave my precious parachute alone, you pesky piranhas! Wh-What in the bloody Hell?! Jojo! What's wrong?! Respond, over! Jojo! Jojo? Jojo?! Oh, the idiocy! You've trapped yourself by deploying that plastic parachute of yours! I shall approach during your delayed descent, Jojo! And I will tear you apart with my talons, from head to toe! Wh-What?! I-It's a dummy! Cars! I ain't going out without a bang! We're gonna do a dive-bomb into that volcano after I've crashed this plane into you! JOJO!!! You son of a! Curse you! Nanna Erina That story you told me about Grandpappy About how he sacrificed himself to save you, while dooming both Dio Brando and himself to the depths of the Atlantic.
She'll be saddened by the sacrifice I'm about to make I guess I'm gonna be keeping the Joestar Estate's curse going! Did you honestly believe that I couldn't just simply tear away at the plane's plates before it crashes?! Cars?! Your death shall be sole, Jojo! A-A metal hand?! Cars this aircraft shall become your coffin! Metal Man! Stroheim! When did you manage to catch this flight on such short notice? I was concerned about your lack of company! Also, my company was the cold of this cramped compartment! I'll bet! Jojo, I need you to jump now! Come again?! Did you just tell me to "jump?!" My parachute's gone, so no-go! Just jump out of that confounded cockpit already! Jojo! Respond, over! Say something, for the love of God! Say something to me, Jojo! Jojo Stroheim You're a real madman You're madder than myself! B-But thanks a bunch, Buddy! You sustained no injuries, ja? But has Cars Has Cars been cast into the magma chamber?! Curse you! I'll be the roundabout The words will make you out 'n' out We spend the day your way Call it morning driving thru the sound and In and out the valley In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they Stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see You Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too.
Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time Ripple this! Hurray for Gaia's grace! Who would dare to not triumph over true Terror?! JOJO!!! I'm out, everyone Episode A God Amongst Men