Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams (2024) s01e06 Episode Script


[suspenseful music]
[manager] Can you start tomorrow, Mr. Ali?
Because, uh, one of our electricians
has just moved out of town.
Sure can. I can even start
right away if you need me.
Tomorrow will be fine.
We may not be
the biggest company around, Mr. Ali,
but safety
is still our number one priority.
[manager] We need the time in order
to find you the proper uniform.
Unfortunately, right now, we're short
on the red ones for electricians.
[manager] Every department
has a different color uniform.
So no unauthorized personnel
will operate machinery
they're not qualified for.
- [manager] Do you understand?
- Yes.
We'll give you one of these, uh,
blue uniforms for the time being.
That one will be fine for the Friday shift
since there's no
technical operations on Friday.
Only stocktaking.
[manager] Be sure to arrive
at eight o'clock sharp tomorrow morning.
- [exhales]
- Thank you.
[manager] Take a blue one, please.
[manager] Uh, wait.
Are you color-blind?
[manager] Mr. Ali, we can't hire you
if you're color-blind.
Ma'am, I'm extremely qualified, I swear.
All safety indicators
on our machinery here are color-coded.
It's not safe for you, I'm afraid.
Or anyone else here.
Please, I have a wife
and two kids at home.
We all have responsibilities.
I'm sorry, Mr. Ali,
but this is not going to work out.
It's company policy.
If you could just give me a chance
A week. Let me just work here for a week
and you won't even have to pay me.
[Ali] I'd be willing to do that.
And after one week,
you'll see that I can do the job
as well as anyone else.
- I'm sorry.
- Let me just show you.
I've done this before
and I can tell the difference
between cable colors.
I can differentiate between black,
white and all gradations.
Listen, I'm only
an employee here too, all right?
If I don't follow the rules,
I'll lose my job. I have no choice.
Good luck to you.
[theme music]
[indistinct chatter]
- [man 1] Li! Ali.
- Oh, hey.
You manage to find a job yet, huh?
[man 1] Having a hard time
'cause you're color-blind?
I have a lot of friends
who are color-blind.
And all of them have found jobs.
Yeah, that's great,
but I'm not only color-blind.
I can only see black and white.
Or did you forget that?
I know. I know.
And that's why I keep telling you,
you should come work with me
instead of getting rejected everywhere.
You'll make a mint. I'm telling you.
- [Ali] My wife is waiting for me.
- [man 1] Whatever.
- [Ali's wife] What was Iwan saying to you?
- Huh?
He's still talking to you
about this hypnotizing thing?
- Shh. Forget it.
- [Ali's wife] Just don't.
I don't wanna be married to some thief
or conman like he is.
- Don't worry. I
- I wanna be able to sleep at night
and not feel guilty
about ripping people off.
- Let's go inside.
- If he really is making that much money,
why is he still living here then?
For one thing, he keeps gambling
and keeps losing.
He also has two wives.
- Is that the life you want?
- Seriously?
Oh, come on.
Well, now you're just being silly.
I want us to be able to eat.
[Ali's wife] Wait, honey.
That tomato is still green.
It may not be red yet
but it's the biggest.
[Ali chuckles]
- It's good for your chili sauce. Hm?
- At least we have a tomato.
[Ali] So I'm thinking maybe
we should sell all the televisions.
[Ali's wife] People watch everything
on their phones these days.
It's like our house is slowly becoming
a kind of junkyard.
- I'll make the chili sauce now.
- [Ali] Great.
- [deep scoff]
- [bell ringing softly]
[Ali's son] Dad.
Hey, Hendra.
- I'm really mad.
- [Ali] Why?
Because I drew this picture before
and it's a lot better than my friend's.
But he got a higher mark.
Your picture is still really good
and so is your mark, Son.
[Hendra] But it's not fair.
- Come on.
- [Hendra] Here, just look.
[Hendra] It's really nice, isn't it?
You see?
Good, huh?
It's excellent.
[Ali chuckles]
Hey, you know what?
Maybe it's okay I didn't get
such a high mark, then I'd stop trying.
- [chuckles]
- I'd get too lazy.
Dad, check out this dance move I made up.
[effort grunting]
Pretty cool. Where did you learn that?
I just made it up. Try it with me, Dad.
- Are you
- [Hendra] Come on!
- No. I'm not a very good dancer.
- Come on, Dad.
Okay. First do this, then this.
- And then wipe it off and wipe it off.
- [Ali's wife] Okay, you two.
Supper's ready!
- Go have your dinner.
- [Hendra] Coming!
Mom, there was a thief at my school
who got caught by the neighbors.
[Ali's wife] What?
No, not at the school,
but it was close to school.
- [Ali's wife] Here.
- He stole a motorcycle.
- [Hendra] Yes.
- [Ali's wife] Oh, no.
[Hendra] When he got caught,
he said he was only trying to sell it.
So he could get more money for his family.
[outside indistinct chatter]
That means being a thief must be his job.
Being a thief is not a job, you idiot.
What is it then?
All right, you two, that's enough now.
[Ali's wife] You need
to understand something.
Being a thief is wrong. It's a sin.
I know that. I'm a grown-up already.
It's just like what Grandpa
used to say to us.
"We can do whatever we want
as long as it doesn't hurt anyone."
[Ali's wife]
You're really smart, aren't you?
- Now go on, eat up.
- [Hendra] See? Mom says I'm smart.
[utensils clanking]
[Ali] Pass me some rice, please.
Thank you, Ayu. Thank you, Ayu.
[clock ticking]
[TV static noise]
[solemn music]
- Hey. Li.
- [Ali] Hm?
- [Ali] Oh, Mr. Iwan.
- [Iwan] Hey.
Come here.
[sighs deeply]
Still awake, I see?
- Yeah, I guess.
- [Iwan] What's keeping you up?
- Just worried.
- About what?
That when I wake up tomorrow,
I'll be completely out of money.
- [Iwan] Li.
- Huh?
It's okay. I just hypnotized you.
Now, you're gonna do whatever I ask.
But I'm wide awake.
You may think you are.
But you're actually not.
[Iwan] Right now, as we speak,
you will do whatever I tell you.
Including giving me all your money.
If you had any money.
So, then, how do I get myself
out of this state you have me in?
[Iwan] All right, listen up.
Try to come up with more intricate moves.
Try using your entire body.
- [Iwan] And memorize the moves.
- What for?
Because this is what you have to do
if you suspect someone
is trying to hypnotize you.
If you can't,
that means you're being hypnotized.
[Iwan] And if you can,
then you'll wake up.
[Iwan] That's it.
[Iwan chuckles]
Do you have any? Any moves of your own?
Do I have any moves? Uh. Oh.
- Hendra just taught me one actually.
- Hendra?
- Yeah.
- Show me.
- If I'm being hypnotized, I have to
- Right. Just try to move around.
Being hypnotized,
and I'm trying to break free.
- Mm-hm. Mm.
- [effort grunting]
[Ali] Mm-mm. Mm.
[Iwan] Not exactly
lord of the dance, are you, Ali?
No, I guess not.
Do you still remember
how to hypnotize people
the way I showed you to?
Do you?
- Yeah, I think I still do.
- [Iwan] Well.
Then come. Tomorrow.
No, I can't. I just
- [Iwan] Why, Ali?
- I can't.
- I'm afraid I'm gonna get caught.
- [Iwan] What are you afraid of?
I can't. I can't do that
to my wife and children.
- Come on, Ali. I don't I don't get you.
- I just can't.
[Iwan] You never take any chances.
You, you only have one wife.
It'd be so easy for you to be rich.
Not like me.
[Iwan] What a waste.
[dramatic music]
- I guess that's it.
- [Ali] Wait, you don't have to go.
You're an idiot.
[phone vibrates]
[Ali] We need 200,000 for Ayu's tuition.
[Ali] Okay, I will find the money.
DO YOU HAVE 200,000?
- [somber music]
- [car horns honking]
[woman] Um, excuse me.
Sorry, go ahead.
[ATM keypad beeping]
[ATM keypad beeping]
[ATM keypad beeping]
- What are you doing, sir?
- [Ali] Oh, sorry, I
Nothing. I had tried using
this machine that
a little earlier
but apparently, it didn't, uh
- What's the problem, then?
- Nothing, it's just that before
it was out of money.
Maybe you're the one who's out.
Maybe, but today's payday.
So I just called my work,
they told me they would transfer
the money right away.
Yeah, I can relate.
Our boss wants us
to work harder and faster,
but then they pay us late.
[bandrek seller]
Sir, I got your bandrek here!
Good luck, sir.
[tense music]
[woman shouts]
No! Oh, no! Oh, no. No!
[woman] No!
- Thank you so much, young man.
- Oh, no. It's okay.
It's so nice to know
that there are good people around
who are willing to help
an old lady like me.
Thank you so much.
No. Oh, what should I do?
[guard] How you doing? Good?
- [distant chatter]
- [woman sighs]
[woman whimpers]
Easy. Just relax.
Relax. Take a deep breath.
That's it, a deep breath.
What's your name?
[mysterious music]
- Dewi.
- Ms. Dewi.
You will fall asleep
when I snap my fingers.
[tense music]
[bandrek seller] We all good?
[guard] Yeah, yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
When I snap my fingers again,
you will wake up
and hand me some of the bills
you have in your purse.
[tense music intensifies]
- Right.
- What's the answer?
Come on.
Five times four divided by ten?
[Ali's wife] Honey,
where were you all day?
- Huh?
- Uh
Were you just running, Dad?
[Ayu] Dad, my teacher told me
it was bad to run at night.
- Why?
- It's dark. You can get hit by a bus.
That's funny.
Yeah, well, I just went for a little jog.
- And I'm kind of tired now.
- Right.
- Here.
- [indistinct chatter in distance]
[festival music]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[Ali's wife] Honey. Honey!
Something wrong?
[Ali] No, everything's fine.
Just don't open the door,
for anyone, all right?
- Unless you know who it is, okay?
- [Ali's wife] Why?
There are bad people out there.
You all have to be more careful, okay?
You heard what Dad said, Hendra?
Don't run off
and play too far away from home.
[Ayu] That girl you like lives far away.
What girl are you talking about here?
You're too young to have a girlfriend.
She's just trying to bug me!
- Hey.
- All right, now finish your homework.
Yes, Mom.
Honey, why don't you go take a bath?
I don't want you to catch a cold.
[Ali's wife] I'll make you a cup of tea.
[somber music]
[Ayu] Dad.
- You eat dinner yet?
- [Ali] Mm?
You want me to make you
some noodles and tomatoes?
We still have lots
of tomatoes on the vine.
[Ali] Thanks, Ayu.
If you're the one making it,
I'll definitely eat it.
I'll take a bath first.
No problem, Dad.
You're sweating so much like
like you're nervous or something.
[high pitch ringing]
[high pitch ringing continues]
[suspenseful music]
- Mom, my hair clip's about to break, so
- No.
Can you please get me
a new one in pink or purple?
I'll buy you a new one at the market
when we get some money.
Ningsih, here's the money
for the kids' books and school tuition.
[bag zips]
And yeah, here's a little extra
for whatever you need.
A little extra?
- Yeah, we can finally buy some new things!
- I want to buy some things.
Come on. Bye, Dad.
- Have fun at school.
- [Hendra] Yeah.
Hey, where did you get all this money?
- Did you rob someone?
- Why?
- [Hendra] I wanna get some dumplings.
- Hm?
What are you talking about?
Of course I didn't.
Because we've never had
this kind of money before.
Yeah, well, I, um,
ran into an old friend yesterday
and borrowed some money, that's all.
[machine beeps]
[Ayu screaming]
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, what happened? What's going on?
Why are you hanging
your doll like this, huh?
She did something bad, so I punished her.
I like seeing her hanging like that.
Looking all weak.
[Ali] But this is your favorite doll.
Why did you try to break it?
What did she do?
She took my candy.
But she wouldn't steal your candy,
you know that.
It's your imagination.
But if she ever does,
I can punish her, right?
What are you talking about, Ayu?
What are we going to do
with this broken doll now?
You know I might not be able
to buy you a new one.
Don't do that again.
[Ali] You hear me?
Yeah, Dad.
[rooster crow]
- Dad, our plants are doing great!
- Hm?
That means you have to be
more grateful, Ayu.
[Ali] We're very lucky to have these.
If we get hungry,
we just pick one. Pick.
And then, cook it and eat it.
Dunk it in Mom's great chili sauce, huh?
And it's free.
So the money can be used
to buy a new doll.
And that's why
you need to pray for me to get a new job.
[Ali] Then I'll be able
to save up some money
so that when you come home
from school one day,
you might find
a nice surprise in your closet,
- and another, and another
- Dad!
- Dad!
- Hendra.
- Dad.
- Hey.
Look at this.
- Hendra, what happened?
- [Hendra] I got into a fight.
- And the winner got this and
- Just answer me.
- Who were you fighting with?
- I got it from Bima.
I fought him and then I stole his kite.
[Hendra] I grabbed him by the neck
and choked him.
Good thing someone pulled us apart
or I could've broken his neck.
He could've died.
[Hendra] Or at least
gotten hurt pretty bad.
What do you think, Dad?
- Hey. Listen to me. Listen!
- Yeah, Dad?
- Have I ever taught you to fight
- But Dad
and steal things from people?
- I never wanna hear you do this again.
- I know, but
Is this how you raise your kid
to be some kind of thug?
Look at what he did to Bima.
Look at him. Look at that.
- A black eye and a split lip
- I can't believe this.
all thanks to your kid.
- Ahh! You're a coward!
- [Bima's mother] Hey!
- Hendra, no, listen to me.
- You gotta go running and squealing
- to your mommy!
- Stop it, Hendra, that's enough!
- I know, please.
- [Bima's mother] Hey!
I'm sorry, I'm gonna talk to him.
All right?
- [Bima's mother] What's with this kid?
- [Ali] Get inside, Hendra! Right now.
Get in.
- [Bima's mother] Your kid is a menace!
- All right, listen.
[Ali] My son did a terrible thing.
I It's my fault. I'm so sorry.
Get off. I want my kite.
I don't need your apology,
but my son is gonna need to see a doctor.
Look, I don't have
any money right now, I swear.
But you can take Bima
to the doctor and I'll
I'll pay for it later.
I swear to you, I will.
Now we know where his son gets it!
Calm down, listen.
I said I pay and I will.
[Ali] How about you give me your number?
And when I get a bit of money,
I'll bring it to you.
Yeah? How am I supposed
to believe you, huh?
What else do you want me to do?
[Bima's mother] I'll take your plants
as payment for now.
- Okay? Help me grab the plants.
- My plants?
- That's it. Take them all.
- But they Please don't.
My family needs those.
They're my daughter's favorite plants.
Or I'll tell everyone you're a thief!
Move. Now!
What's going on?
[Hendra] Get off me, let me go!
Ayu, get off, you're hurting me!
- Dad! [screams]
- Hey, Ayu.
What are you doing?
What the hell's gotten into you? Huh?
The two of you are making me crazy.
What's going on?
It's his fault they took my plants away.
Why should I be punished
for something he did?
That's it. Listen to me now.
Go to the medicine cabinet.
Bring me something to clean up Hendra.
And you, sit down.
[Ali] What's going on with you? Huh?
I want you
to bring that boy's kite back, okay?
I like that kite. It's worth a lot.
[Ningsih] Honey. Ayu.
We're going to talk about this later.
Come on. Get cleaned up, okay?
- I need some help, this is really heavy.
- Yeah, Mom, I'll take these.
[Ali] You sure were gone for a while.
Where did you end up shopping?
Hendra got into a fight today.
- Where is he now?
- Taking a bath.
[Ningsih sighs]
Look at what I got!
[Ningsih chuckles]
- Is this chicken?
- It sure is.
You didn't use the kids' school money
to buy all this, did you?
Relax. I paid
for the school fees this morning.
[Ningsih] Can you get the plates
out for me, sweetie?
Sure. Wow, this looks good. Mm.
Look. Doesn't this look delicious?
This must have cost way
more than I gave you.
- [Ayu] Here, Mom.
- Where'd you get the extra money?
I didn't get it from anywhere.
I had enough for everything here.
At least, what I paid for.
What? Hey, what do you mean?
What you paid for?
I didn't pay for all of it.
I stole some. What do you think?
- Hm.
- [Ayu] You stole this?
- Mm-hm.
- You have to be punished then. Come on!
Hey, stop. What are you doing? Ayu?
- No one is being punished here.
- [Ningsih laughing]
Can you stop joking around, please?
- I'm trying to be serious.
- Yeah, and I'm being serious too.
[Ningsih] I stole all this
at the supermarket near the kids' school.
- What? A doll?
- Mm-hm.
- Is this for me?
- Of course.
- [Ningsih] She's pretty, huh?
- [Ayu] So pretty.
So we're allowed stealing then?
As long as you don't get caught.
How about me? What did I get?
Let's see, what did you get? Yay!
- Ah! Wow, this is amazing!
- [Ningsih laughs]
- So you got in a fight?
- I did.
- Who were you fighting with?
- It was Bima.
I really wanted his kite.
- Did you win?
- [Hendra] I did.
All right! That's my boy!
[Ningsih] That's what you have to do.
If you want something,
you have to go for it.
No matter what you have to do to get it.
Do you realize what you just said?
Oh, don't be such a hypocrite.
I stole all of this from the supermarket.
Supermarkets are owned by the rich.
All this stuff is nothing for them.
You know that.
This is so yummy, Mom.
It's still warm and it's free.
[Ningsih] Oh, this is such a great day.
- Mom, the next time you steal
- Mm-hm.
I wanna go with you.
- [Ayu] I want a new backpack.
- [Ningsih] Of course, honey.
[Hendra] I wanna come too.
If Ayu gets to steal stuff,
then I want to too.
Okay. Now let's eat up
while it's still warm. All right?
- [Ningsih] Hmm.
- [Ayu] Mm.
[Ningsih] It's delicious, right?
You can eat it without rice too.
I love the sauce they put on this.
- [Ningsih] Honey?
- [Hendra] Dad!
Dad, no!
Honey, what are you doing?
Bring that back. I got those for the kids!
[Ningsih] Where are you taking them?
Don't throw those away!
- [Ayu] Dad, no!
- [overlapping clamor]
Enough! That's enough! I said.
What's wrong with all of you?
You know very well
that I've never wanted anything
that was stolen into our house, okay?
I've never taught any of you to steal.
What is this, Ningsih?
- What happened to you?
- I don't see anything wrong with it.
I stole all those things for all of us.
Not just for me.
Hey, what are you talking about, Ning?
Listen here.
[Ali] Don't you remember what you said?
You want to sleep at night
and not worry
about feeling guilty all the time.
[dramatic music]
Sometimes, people can change their minds.
[Ningsih] Come on, kids, back inside.
- [Hendra] What about our toys?
- [Ningsih] Later.
- [Ali] Mr. Iwan.
- [Iwan] Hey.
- Hi. Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Yeah, sure.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Just keep it down, I don't wanna wake her.
Um, a lot of weird things
have been happening today
and I'm not sure why.
The world is getting crazier.
There's no denying it.
I'm not talking about the world
in general, I mean right here.
- I don't know what's going on
- What do you mean?
- my wife, my children.
- Easy now.
- You know them, right?
- Yes.
They're good. They're good people.
And why should
that mean anything to you, huh?
It's not as if you're such a good person,
isn't that right, Ali?
Okay. Maybe I'm not,
but I'm talking about my family here.
- It's just that
- [Iwan] Hey.
You stole that old lady's money,
didn't you? Huh?
- How did you know that?
- I can see you're confused, right?
Yeah, I'll just hypnotize you again,
then you won't feel guilty anymore.
Here, right? Hey.
Come here.
Hey, Ali! Ali!
[Ali praying]
[shouting in distance]
Now what?
[Ningsih's muffled screaming]
[Ali] Hey. What the Ayu!
- What are you doing?
- Dad.
- [Ayu] Dad, let me go.
- Let it go!
[suspenseful music]
[Ayu] You said they were wrong
to do what they did.
I need to cut off Mom's hands
for stealing.
Yes, you're right.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Cut off my hands, go on.
- Cut them off.
- [Ningsih] That's my girl.
- Yeah, give me that. Come on, Dad.
- Ayu!
- [Ayu] Give it to me!
- Ayu, stop it, now!
- [Ayu] Dad.
- What's wrong with you? Huh?
[Ningsih] Ayu.
[tense music]
[Ali] Talk to me, what's wrong with you?
Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
Ayu, look at me. Come on.
Look at me.
[laughing continues]
[phone ringing]
[Ali breathing rapidly]
[Ningsih's father] Tell my daughter
and my grandchildren
to do whatever
they need to do to survive
as long as it doesn't
bring harm to others.
[breathing nervously]
[phone beeps]
[woman] Ali.
[suspenseful music]
[Dewi] Ali.
This is a lesson for you, Ali.
Hendra, Ayu, help me. I need your help.
I need your help.
I need your help.
Please help me. Okay?
Please help me, Hendra.
[Dewi laughs]
[Ali] Hendra, help me, buddy.
Hendra, help
[breathes nervously]
[tense music]
[Dewi laughs]
Hendra! Hendra, you're being hypnotized.
Ningsih, this isn't real, baby.
None of it is.
It's all just an illusion. Wake up!
Wake up! Hey!
[Dewi] You're the one
who needs to wake up,
not them.
Please, I beg of you.
I'm begging, forgive me.
I'm sorry, I only did what I did
because my family needed the money.
Please, believe me, I'm sorry.
Please release my family.
I'll pay you back, I promise you.
I swear, I promise you.
Uh What? What?
[eerie music]
[clock ticking]
[bell chimes]
[ominous music]
[clock ticking]
- Dad, what's wrong?
- [Ali panting]
[Ayu] Are you okay?
- Yeah. I have to go to school now, Dad.
- I just
- Are you okay?
- No, no
[indistinct chatter]
- Is it morning?
- Yes.
But it's still dark. It's cloudy out.
- I just had a bad dream.
- What bad dream?
[Ali] What?
- No, I'm I'm all right.
- You're going to look for a job again?
Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Yeah.
I have a feeling
today's gonna be an important day for us.
Think you'll get a job?
I hope so.
All right, I'll make you
a nice cup of tea. Okay?
Hey, Hendra.
- [Ningsih] Hendra.
- Hey, what happened?
[Ningsih] Come here, sweetie.
What happened?
- What happened?
- [Ningsih] Don't you remember?
You were yelling like a madman last night.
And God only knows why.
[tense music]
Ayu? Where'd your plants go?
[suspenseful music]
[high pitch ringing]
- [high pitch ringing continues]
- [tense music]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking, clanking]
[clock cuckoos]
Ms. Dewi!
Ms. Dewi, are you there?
[Ali] Can we just talk, please?
- [Dewi] Do you understand?
- What
[Dewi] Do you understand
what's going on now?
Yeah. I think so.
[Ali] Please, I need your help.
Please just give me one last chance.
Forgive me.
[Ali] I did it that one time.
And I only did it because my family
so desperately needed the money.
It was your choice.
You chose to steal my money
and it wasn't because of them.
[Dewi] When the bell rings six times
and the hands form a vertical line,
you will fall and die.
However, you can escape this fate
if you do the right thing.
Take control. Find yourself.
What will you do now, Ali?
- Please, no, forgive me.
- Good luck to you, Ali.
What do I do now?
[Ali] Ms. Dewi!
What am I supposed to do?
[Dewi] Find yourself.
[Ali shouts]
[suspenseful music]
[groans in pain]
[angry shout]
- [rattling]
- [Ali grunting]
[Dewi laughing]
[Ali] Hey! Help!
- [Ali] Help!
- [Dewi] What are you doing, Ali?
[laughing continues]
- Let me out of here.
- [Dewi] And where will you go?
Where's my family? Where are they?
- Your family is right here.
- They're not!
I looked everywhere!
I'm the only one here!
No, Ali. Your family is in your house.
Don't you dare hurt them.
They have nothing to do with this.
I'm the one who did it. You hear?
My intention is not to hurt anyone, Ali.
My sole purpose is to give you a lesson.
[Dewi] Do you realize what you did?
- [clock ticking]
- Huh?
I know what I did was wrong.
But it appears that you have not
really understood the lesson here.
[Dewi] You need to know.
You are in control.
- [Dewi] Find yourself.
- [Ali] Hey.
- Hey!
- [glass shatters]
[glass shatters]
This whole thing is in my head.
It's all in my head.
[tense music]
[groans, coughs]
Wake up now.
Wake up.
[Ali] Calm down, Ali. Calm down.
You are in control.
I am in control.
Stay conscious.
[car horns honking]
[suspenseful music]
I need to wake up now.
Wake up, Ali.
Wake up.
[clock ticking]
[wind blowing]
- [Ningsih] Honey!
- [Ayu] Dad!
[Hendra] Dad!
- [Ningsih] Honey, we're right here!
- [Ayu and Hendra] Daddy! Dad!
- [Ningsih] Honey!
- [Ayu and Hendra] Dad!
[overlapping chatter]
- [Ayu and Hendra] Dad.
- [Ningsih] Honey, we're all here!
- [Ningsih] Honey, let go of your hands.
- [children] We're here, Dad. Come here!
- [Hendra] Dad, come here!
- [Ningsih] Come down here!
- [Ayu] Dad, come!
- [overlapping chatter]
[Ningsih] Your problems will go away.
- [Ayu] Come down, Dad!
- [Ningsih] Our problems will go away!
[overlapping chatter continues]
I won't run.
I'm not running away.
I'll face all our problems.
I'm not running.
I'm not running.
- [clock clanks]
- [Ali screams]
[Dewi] Take control.
Take control.
- [Ali] Take control, Ali.
- [Dewi] Take control.
[Ali] Take control, Ali.
[thunder roars]
[Ali] I won't let anybody else control me.
I will not be hypnotized.
[Dewi] Take control!
[horns honking]
[Ali grunts]
Well done, Ali.
You have broken free of my hypnosis.
Where am I, huh?
- What's going on?
- I'm happy to see you again.
As you already know, my name is Dewi.
I've been looking
for special people like you
for a very delicate
and important mission.
What's special about me?
Whenever the time comes,
you will not only be able
to control your mind,
but the minds of others.
[upbeat music]
But, who are you?
I work for someone
who has been given guidance,
and who knows many secrets
and we need people like you.
For what?
To save all of humanity and consequently,
to save the world.
[closing theme music]
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