Julia (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Chocolate Souffle

Oh, shit.
Oh, wouldn't
she be delicious ♪
Tidying up
the dishes ♪
bum-bum-bum-bum, bum ♪
They say his music
isn't memorable.
I can't get that tune
out of my head.
It's so witty.
Is that what you'd call it?
It's all rather
tongue in cheek, I think.
Wouldn't take you
for a prude, my dear.
No, I know.
I know.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe who's right? And we're wrong.
Maybe who's right? And we're wrong.
Are we still talking about this?
Well, I just can't seem
to shake what she said.
That maybe,
at this moment in time,
maybe we are spreading
the wrong message.
I don't know how to
state this more clearly
In no uncertain terms,
Mrs. Friedan is wrong.
You need to move past this.
Look at me,
serving you breakfast.
I'm exactly what she said I am.
Hey, hey, hey ♪
You've seen the world ♪
You went out
with every girl ♪
Good morning, sunshine.
Hi. You miss me? Hi.
You miss me?
Mm, seeing as we spoke
until 3:00 in the morning?
You know, my phone bill
is going to bankrupt me.
Well, send it to me.
Why? You can't
afford it, either.
Yes, that is true.
Did I only just leave you
two days ago?
Two days and four phone calls.
Oh, look at that.
Oh, nothing.
It's silly, really.
Julia told me this trick
to mastering
flipping an omelette
You practice with dry beans.
And so I did
all winter and spring,
and now I seem to have
a little garden.
Well, that feels like
a metaphor for something.
That I'm blossoming?
That you're ripe.
Something like that, huh?
I'm excited to make you one,
one day.
Oh, yeah?
You want to make me breakfast?
Shit. I didn't take you
for that kind of girl.
Get your mind out of the gutter.
It doesn't have to be breakfast.
And "one day" doesn't mean
anytime soon either.
Besides, Julia says
they make a lovely lunch.
Judith? You and I
are friends, Blanche.
Well, more than friends.
You You don't knock anymore.
I'm sorry. I'm upset.
I'll knock next time.
I have to go.
But I sat at that Gala all night,
thinking about what you said,
and I can't just let it go.
You stole all the joy
I should have been feeling
I'm late just
because I have the gall
to want to do two things,
edit fiction and edit cookbooks,
instead of the one thing
you want me to do.
Oh. Uh, m-maybe later,
And why?
Because I'm good at my job.
How ironic is that
That a woman who's good
at her job
shouldn't be allowed
to choose what she does
when choice is the whole point?
You'll have to continue
this argument on your own.
Are you walking out on me?
I won't be back.
Everything all right, HF?
Yes, RM.
Everything is A-OK.
That's some train ride
up from New York, isn't it?
Endless verdant splendor.
You know what
I was thinking about
the whole time
I was on that train?
Endless verdant splendor?
I was thinking about you two.
At that gala.
Uh, the whole team.
I was thinking, who knows
what million, individual,
random events
had to come together
to turn this unwatched,
backwater television station
into a thing of beauty.
And now my only job
is to stand back
and let you all be
what you were born to be.
Well, thanks, Hunter.
Uh, we have a tech rehearsal
to get to, so
I'm taking you off
"The French Chef," Russ. What?
Alice, it's your show now. What?
Alice, it's your show now. What?
I-If you're certain that
you were put on this earth
to make public service
documentary series, Russ,
then who am I to stop you?
And Alice.
Incredible Alice,
who saw what
none of us could see,
back in the Dark Ages.
Julia kept telling me all along,
"Listen to Alice."
Well, now I am.
Thank you, Hunter.
I'm going to hire another woman
to work with you, too.
Women may well be
the future, Alice.
I want us to make more shows
like "The French Chef."
Now, aren't you late
for a tech rehearsal?
Yes, I
Thank you.
Thank you for believing in me.
Don't thank me.
Just go be amazing.
You too, Russ.
Uh, the meeting's over?
Get up.
You'll know you're done
when a finger swiped across
the back of the spoon leaves
a lovely path in the custard.
Which this does not.
My fault.
We were in a rush.
Uh, we'll make sure
to heat the custard longer
when we're shooting.
That would be helpful.
And the sinful creaminess
of the crème anglaise
will balance nicely
with the slight bitterness
of the soufflé.
These billowy
chocolate clouds are
These pillowy
chocolate cloud Oh.
Ah, Benny, dear, do you
really need to be this close?
It's just the sauce.
Sorry about that.
It's not a problem.
That's what rehearsal's for,
You okay, Jule?
No, I've just completely
lost my place.
Check the oven.
Uh, um, if you've used
a casserole, as I have,
you'll want to check the oven
at about 45 minutes.
But be careful
Soufflés are delicate.
I just need a minute.
I'll talk to her.
No, I-I should handle this.
10 minutes, everyone.
10 minutes.
You don't need to say anything.
I'll come back out
and apologize.
It's a long season.
Everyone understands.
I think that we should just
call it a day.
We can work the rest out
when we shoot.
Yes, thank you.
25 episodes down.
1 to go.
And I think that's enough,
don't you?
What d What does that
This is not the person
I want to be, Alice.
You're quitting?
I'm bringing this chapter to a close.
I-Is this because of what
Betty Friedan said in New York?
Because Russ told me
all about that.
Sometimes things turn out
to be more complicated
than we originally
understood them to be.
No, no, they don't.
She is just plain wrong.
"The French Chef" means so much
to so many people.
Well, I know what it means
to you, Alice, and I'm sorry.
If I could give it to you,
I would.
No, it's Look,
let's just take the day, huh?
We don't have to decide
anything right now.
We are a family,
like you always say.
We will work through this,
I'm done.
Is it true?
Every word of it.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I can't tell you
how sympathetic I am.
I completely understand
the burden of being a star,
of being in the spotlight.
Yes, of course.
If there's anything I can do
to ease your burden
You know I consider you
more than a mentee,
nay, colleague now.
I consider you
Well, I consider you a friend.
And as a friend, I want you
to know how I so admire
the way you fling yourself
out there
and make it look so easy
and effortless.
I see you
You are the master,
and I a mere student.
Well, that's very kind
of you to say.
So, to leave on your own terms,
with the world at your feet?
Well, that is what I call brave.
The sweet sound of love
song's good to everyone's ear ♪
But without you, darling ♪
This is something
I can't hear ♪
What good is
a love song on me? ♪
Nice one, Al.
I hate it when you call me Al.
Nothing's good to me ♪
Without you, baby ♪
"We're family."
That is what she always said.
We're family.
We're family.
And that sounded so good.
I mean, you could fall
for that, couldn't you?
Oh, absolutely, yeah.
Yeah, but work isn't family.
Family doesn't just go away
because one person
decides it's over.
She needed something from you.
She's smart.
No. Sh Well, yes,
but I-I think that
she thought she meant it.
And she's so
Gah! I don't know why I felt
like I needed it from her.
I have a perfectly good family
of my own.
You didn't want to feel like
you were just an employee.
Yes, exactly.
I liked the fact
that she cared about me,
which she may have.
She just cares about
other things more.
Well, like everyone, though.
Like you, some day,
when you're a boss.
Yeah, I guess that's right.
I want to be someone.
I-I-I want to show my mom.
I want to show everyone.
No matter how much
you want that,
you can't go putting all
of your little happiness eggs
into one work basket, can you?
Come down to New York.
You'll be less busy now anyway.
So all of this,
and the whole time,
you're just thinking,
"What's in it for me?"
Yeah, obviously.
Hey, I'm smart and manipulative,
just like Julia.
Come down to New York.
May I come in?
Oh, really, Paul.
After the outburst today,
I thought eggshells.
Oh, well, now you're just
being a masochist.
"The French Chef" was my idea.
I proposed it to WGBH,
not the other way around.
And I tricked you
to get you on board.
I've held onto this
for the better part
of a year now,
but after the taping tomorrow,
thank God, it will be done.
And what's worse,
Russ and the boys
were so unenthused by the notion
that I offered to pay for it
myself out of pocket.
Which I've done also
behind your back.
It was royalties
from the book, mostly.
But when Pop came to visit,
right before he left,
I got him to pitch in, too.
You asked him? I did. You asked him?
I did.
I just swallowed my pride
and yours
and did what had to be done.
There's no way you would have
let me go through such folly.
Honestly, Paul, it was
as if I was possessed.
I, uh
I don't really understand.
I'm your number-one fan.
Yes, I know. I always have been.
Yes, I know. I always have been.
Yes, it's true.
I-I-I don't
know what to say
or or where
Where even to begin.
I'm confused, Julie.
Uh, it's it's
It's confusing
to be put into this position.
Well, I have behaved
And at this point in our lives?
After all the gossip
and humiliation at the embassy,
I-I I thought
I was safe here.
To be undermined again,
in my home, and by you?
Oh, Paul.
I'm going to
Going to spend the night
in in my room.
Oh, God.
Forgot my pillow.
You all right?
It's weird to miss something
you never wanted to begin with.
Hm. Right.
Of course it is.
I completely understand.
She was part of our lives.
Right. And she's not
the kind of person
you get out of your head
that easily.
No, she definitely is not.
I mean, we will remember her,
when we're old.
I'll still hear that voice
in my head.
I'm glad you moved on
before it all fell apart.
The other way
would've been worse.
Oh, much.
I will miss
all that par-cooked food
I got to bring home
and play with, though.
She taught me how to cook.
And she taught you how to cook.
How strange is that?
That is perfect.
One, two
Yes, Sensei.
Oh, it was tough telling Judith,
but this was better.
The lie is gone.
He'll forgive me eventually.
Well, of course he will,
my dear.
We'll end on a high note.
If you're gonna go, you may
as well go out with soufflés.
Can't believe it's over.
When I think about it now,
not only did I not know
what I was doing
and what I was putting out
into the world
Oh, I could make a strong
argument against that.
More than that,
what I was doing inside
and in my personal life
was even worse.
Gosh. Oh!
Oh, my poor Paulski.
Your poor Paulski wasn't going
to let you do the show.
You lied out of necessity.
Nothing's changed.
Who you marry matters.
You know that better
than anyone.
And I have gotten to live
a life full of adventure and fun
because of that man.
This was a poisonous year.
I feel an enormous weight
off my chest.
Do you?
Oh, yes.
This feels good.
This feels right.
Keep telling yourself.
Oh, wait, it's here.
It has to go
Come in.
I knocked.
Everything all right?
Have a seat.
I know I may have
overstepped earlier.
It's just,
you've always encouraged me
to trust my gut
the way you trust yours.
I was just
following the footsteps
of my role model.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What is it?
No, no, it's not Alfred.
I'm going blind.
Oh. That's the first time
I've said it out loud.
My goodness.
The prognosis is bad.
Dr. Jacobs says
it will snowball quickly.
How can I continue
without my eyes?
Who am I without my eyes,
without my sight?
I am my work, Judith.
My marriage is a mess
through no fault of my own.
I made a mess of my son.
My work When I
When I read the pages
of a virgin manuscript
Without my eyes
I'm I am nothing.
Definitely not Blanche Knopf.
As you can see,
this is a maximum security oven.
If anyone opens it,
they'll be court-martialed.
And that means you, Marty.
And, now, remember, you have
to wait for the soufflé.
The soufflé won't wait for you.
And now, I'm going to
check it with a very sharp knife
to make sure it's ready.
And if it comes out clean,
well, nirvana awaits.
And if not, back in she goes.
And that is perfect.
Oh, bless you, Benny.
And now, let's loosen
this collar
see what this baby
looks like naked.
She's funny.
She's really funny.
very careful when you're
removing the
Oh, now, that's a soufflé.
Or an "élffuos,"
as I like to call it sometimes
to keep my husband on his toes.
To keep my husband on his toes.
That's "soufflé" backwards.
And now I'm going to carry it
over to the table,
gliding softly so as
not to disturb the maestro.
And I'll show you
how to serve it.
Now, you want to serve it
straight out of the oven,
if you can, as it will begin
to deflate almost immediately.
You okay?
And some people serve
their soufflé with ice cream
or even whipped cream. Thank you
for everything you've done for us.
From the start.
I like to serve it with
sinful crème anglaise.
We'll always be grateful.
And even though
it's supposed to serve six
We'll stay in touch everyone loves it
so much, it'll barely feed four.
The best way to do this is
to take two spoons
back to back and
Oh, my gosh,
this looks wonderful.
Now let's plate.
You can serve it
with that decadent
crème anglaise, and
- Butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate.
- Butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate.
That's all it is, really.
As a matter of fact,
I have a secret to tell you.
You've known how to make
a chocolate soufflé all along.
All you have to do is plunge in.
And I'll tell you
another secret
That's the key,
not only to the kitchen,
but to life itself.
This is Julia Child.
Bon appétit.
And cut.
Oh, enough, enough.
Oh, this is silly already.
Really, thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, gosh.
There's no way I could have
done any of this
without all the extraordinary
artists and leaders
and craftsmen in this room.
"I couldn't have done it
without you"
feels like a cliché, but
- But, shit
- But, shit
is it ever true.
Russ? Alice?
Speech! Speech!
Alright, alright.
Oh, God.
This is rough.
This is a hard day for me
For all of us.
Harder than I'd like to admit.
Oh. Um, I've never
given a speech
to a crowd of people like this.
And, truthfully, I wish it were
a happier occasion.
Uh, group photo!
Everyone behind that counter.
Yes! Yes!
That's wonderful.
Paul, would you do the honors?
Uh, yes, of course.
Julia, right here. Yes.
Thank you.
Do we have everyone?
Is that everyone?
Say "fromage."
All: Fromage!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Yippee! Whoo!
Chin chin, boys.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I mean, you don't walk off set. Roland: No.
I mean, you don't walk off set. Roland: No.
I mean, you just don't do that.
I'll miss the goodies, though.
It's the flashy ones that have
one toe in the loony bin.
No, she's a hare, and we're torti.
No, she's a hare, and we're torti.
I-I think it's, uh, tortoises.
Well, sure and steady
men like us
inevitably win the race.
I mean, who does she think
she is, Marilyn Monroe?
And I'll get my Russ back.
Avis: I was up all night
thinking of ways
to snuff out Betty Friedan.
That was sweet of you.
Truth is, it'd be a lot simpler
if I had a firearm.
Not that I want
to kill her, really.
Just maim her.
A good maiming.
Keep scrubbing and
the paint's going to come off.
I got so used to being busy.
All this time to ourselves. Terrifying.
All this time to ourselves. Terrifying.
Guess I'll go back to
being another grandmother
with a drinking problem.
I'm still happy we did it.
Your optimism is unsettling.
It is, isn't it?
I guess there will be more time
for photography and painting.
This all feels rather empty,
like the canvas
has shrunk a thousand fold.
Hear, hear.
When I was fired,
I really thought
I had reached
the end of my tether.
What a godsend this was.
You were fired?
I don't really want
to talk about it.
Did you know?
Did I know what?
About the lie.
Of course I did.
You told her she couldn't do it.
What choice did she have?
Well, the simple point is,
I am yours, Simca.
At your disposal.
Is this forever, or
until you begin filming again?
Oh, there is no more filming.
I have made the final episode
of "The French Chef."
A flop already?
It was my decision.
In the end, it it proved
to be a distraction
from the very valuable work
you and I are doing.
Oh, Julia, you know it does not
make me happy to say
I told you so.
It's one of your best qualities.
Last weekend, I went up to Paris
to have dinner with a friend
at the Grand Véfour.
Oh, gosh, I miss that place.
And the chocolate mousse.
200 years and better than ever.
You know, these things
of the moment
Fashion, television
You try to grab on to them,
and they are gone.
Like air in your hand.
What matters lasts.
Oh, yes, I agree.
But it's so expensive.
Grand Véfour?
Did you sell the house?
No need.
Royalties from the book.
We did very well this year.
Yes, we certainly did.
Room for me in there? Oh.
Room for me in there? Oh.
Oh, Paul.
I hate being apart.
Me, too.
I can't sleep
without you beside me.
I really am so sorry.
You can't even fathom
the depths of my remorse.
I am committed to earning
your forgiveness.
Give me my orders,
herr direktor.
No, no, no.
If there are apologies
to be made, it's my turn.
Yeah, I owe you an apology.
For being the kind of husband
that you'd need to go
behind my back.
I-I How did that happen?
That's not us.
That's not who we are.
At least, I hope it isn't.
We've always been honest
with each other.
Oh, Paul.
They threw away the mold.
You're rather bespoke yourself.
I love you.
I love you, too, kitten.
Come in.
Am I interrupting?
- No.
- No.
Judith, what I I did
the other day,
I should never have done that
I'll be your eyes.
I'll be your eyes.
I'll read for you.
No one needs to know.
It's not your responsibility.
How will you do your work
and mine?
M-My list is long and dense.
I'll find the time.
This is my gift, Blanche.
My inadequate thank you.
Early night tonight?
Oh, uh, Marian's parents
are coming by
to spend time with the baby.
I'm on dinner duty.
Uh, tickets to the symphony.
"An Evening of Bartók."
The things we do for love, eh?
Uh, on a a different note
Uh, I spoke to Alice
about this already.
You two are a good team.
At this point,
also my only team.
I'm gonna put you back
on "Reading," Russ.
And I want more female-friendly
how-to shows from the two of you.
Soon. Like, pronto.
Let's see if we can
reinvent the wheel.
What about my documentaries?
I'm going to quit
one of these days, Hunter.
We're also all going to die
I can't do anything
about any of it.
You find me the money, Russ,
I'll let you produce
whatever you want.
Opera, even.
Not opera.
Look, I'm I'm sorry.
That woman came this close
to changing us, didn't she?
Potato leek.
Oh, perfect.
How lovely and delicate
the shading is.
Well, the trick with pears
is getting the light just right.
Pears are famously
challenging, Julia.
Hmm? Cézanne battled them his entire life.
Hmm? Cézanne battled them his entire life.
Oh. Hm.
I can't believe it.
Who'd have thought?
The only way I got you in
the kitchen when you were little
was with that cockamamie
chemistry set.
Now, careful.
It's really hot.
Mm, it's like I've been
transported to a bistro
on the Left Bank.
Do you think it's a tad salty?
A tad?
No, me neither.
So um,
now that it looks like
you'll have some time
on your hands,
maybe you can pursue things
with Isaac a bit further.
I knew it!
When were you going to tell me?
Did Did Isaac's parents
say something?
I'm your mother, that's how.
Oh, you missed a spot.
Hmm? Oh.
Little bugger
was hiding out on me.
Who calls at this hour?
Julia, is it too late?
Well, not for me.
But it's the middle
of the night over there, Simca.
Is everything all right?
Julia, I had a dream.
She had a dream.
Good of her to let us know.
You and I were cooking together
in my kitchen.
We were making cassoulet,
and you overcooked the beans.
Naturally. Thank you for
the warning on my beans.
I am not calling
about the beans.
I'm calling to tell you,
you must come here.
We should cook together again.
How long has it been since you
lived in France, hmm?
Oh, too long.
She wants us to come to France.
You have no more
cooking program.
No more schedule.
You come here, we cook together,
we take long walks,
we go to the markets,
we work on the garden.
For as long as we need.
Oh, Simca,
this sounds wonderful.
I must tell Paul.
For how long?
Well, I think it's open ended.
I'll call the travel agent
in the morning, Simca,
and tonight,
I shall dream of Provence.
You don't want to go.
France is lovely,
but I don't want to run away
from the thing
you're running from.
That's not what I'm
This has been poisoned for me,
Paul, by my lie.
By me wanting it too much
to see clearly.
With the Foreign Service,
you eventually said,
enough is enough.
You left on your own terms,
and that is what I'm doing.
I love you
for remembering it that way.
you lied to me
because you thought
if I knew the whole truth,
I'd say no.
Well, now I know
the whole story,
and I'm saying yes.
As your true partner, yes.
What do I do
with Betty Friedan in my head?
I don't know.
Next time, move tables.
You and I thought what we were
doing was so important
This little cooking show
So important that
it would change the world,
so important that we actually
had to stop doing it.
But that's crazy.
We fought World War II together,
in our little way.
We know what matters.
And the wonderful thing about
this show is that it doesn't.
Not like that.
It won't save or ruin the world.
Let Betty Friedan catastrophize.
And maybe she's even right,
I-in a way, for some people.
This show is not for them.
This show is for us
and the people who make it
and the people who watch it
More than we ever imagined,
but not the whole world.
Why should we give anyone
the power
to take it away from them?
If every critic
could silence every artist,
how dull would
the world be then?
So let's not think so much
of ourselves that we forget
that all this show is, is joy
The joy of being in your company
for half an hour every week.
And this was our baby.
I told them all no already.
You broke their hearts.
They'll be okay if you
put them back together.
Jule, you're 50 years old.
I'm 51.
I got 10 years on you.
Most people we know
are closing up shop.
But you've got an offer
to go back to France
and to write another cookbook
and to make another season
of the show.
Let's say yes to all of it,
say yes to everything
for as long as we can.
Let's drop dead, someday,
saying yes.
That'll be a life.
You know, it's funny you should
show up today of all days.
Tilly and I were talking
about you just this morning.
She still hasn't forgiven me
for letting you go.
I'm sleeping on the couch
and I love it.
Uh, what's this?
It's my signed contract
for season two.
If the ship hasn't
already sailed,
I believe I made a promise.
There's a slight amendment
on the second page.
Should I be nervous?
Well, I'd like to go to France
for a while
Clear my head, do some research.
Work can begin here, of course,
but I need time
before I film again.
Oh, France sounds nice.
Tilly only ever wants
to go to Florida.
I'm I'm so relieved.
Life magazine called
the other day about an article.
I put them off,
didn't know what to say.
Gosh, Life magazine?
Uh, Ol' Blue Eyes one week,
and New Blue Eyes the next.
Oh, really, Hunter.
Yeah, the two best voices
in America.
It's going to be big.
Big, big, big, big, big!
Hunter, do you have a minute?
A-Albert is unhappy.
Who cares?
No, no.
Uh, what is it this time?
I-It's nothing.
I'll handle it.
Oh, no, Alice.
Don't go.
This is about you, too.
If you can forgive me for giving
you all a terrible scare
Just the man I'm looking for.
I heard you're coming back.
That's fantastic.
Oh, boy, word gets around
rather fast.
Well, you're like the Parmesan
of public television.
The big cheese.
Oh, right.
Well done.
Well, I heard your news, too.
Documentaries. Really? You did?
Documentaries. Really? You did?
Moving on to greener pastures?
I mean, not greener.
That that got out
is sort of surprising.
I'm definitely not,
uh, the Parmesan.
More Kraft Single.
Well, congratulations.
I know underneath
all your exemplary work
that "The French Chef"
was never something
you wanted on your plate.
Oh, please.
But you were
an integral ingredient,
and good company to boot.
And even though
it won't be the same,
I will always be grateful
for your insights
and for your friendship.
I'm just down the hall.
You'll see me every time
you're here.
That better be a promise.
I can't wait to see
what you do next.
Uh, that makes two of us.
I'll be watching.
Thank you.
I certainly wasn't expecting it.
She just said that
she came to her senses
and she couldn't imagine
saying goodbye to all of us.
To her family, you mean?
Yes, exactly.
Yes, exactly.
Whatever happened to not counting
on work to make you happy?
Well, I said that when
I was unhappy at work.
I'm not counting on work
to make me happy.
But I'm going to let it
make me happy today.
It's my own show, Isaac.
It's a big deal.
It really is.
And we should celebrate
when you visit.
I found this amazing
French bistro downtown.
It's like Julia wrote the menu.
That's great. But I won't
be able to visit for a while.
Ah, I can wait.
I just don't want you
to get your hopes up.
My life is here,
for another year, at least.
Can't we be modern about it,
have everything?
There are no rules anymore,
I know. I just don't think
it's that simple.
I'm far away.
Don't you want more than
an every-once-in-a-while
What if I meet someone else,
when you were the one
I should have been with
all along?
What do I do then?
I should I should go.
The show's about to start.
It's the last one of the season.
Uh, chocolate soufflé.
Yeah, sounds great.
Night, Alice.
And you take a quarter
of your egg whites
and frankly beat them
into the chocolate mixture.
To bigger
and better things ahead.
And when egg whites are properly beaten
But mostly to Julia.
They have this lovely,
creamy sheen.
Doing it by hand in a good
old-fashioned copper bowl
will always be
my favorite method.
And it's good exercise too.
And it's good exercise too.
And then we have the folding.
Now, this is the other
most important part.
You've done the hard work
and formed these lovely,
velvety peaks
with your egg whites,
and now,
using a rubber spatula
To us. L'chaim. To us. L'chaim.
What's next for you, Zinberg?
Besides more "French Chef"?
Defending my thesis,
trying not to fuck up
my kid too much.
You know, the usual. Easier said than done.
You know, the usual. Easier said than done.
You? Oh, I'm just
getting started.
And, now, that is a soufflé.
I know now you're in living
rooms all over the country,
but I like you best
in my living room.
Oh, Paulski.
I like you in mine.
To another year.
26 more recipes.
And I'll tell you
another secret
That's the key,
not only to the kitchen,
but to life itself.
This is Julia Child.
Bon appétit.
Oh, I can cook, too,
on top of the rest ♪
My seafood's the best
in the town ♪
Yes, I can cook, too ♪
My fish can't be beat ♪
My sugar's the sweetest
around ♪
I'm a man's ideal
of a perfect meal ♪
Right down to the demitasse ♪
I'm a pot of joy
for a hungry boy ♪
Baby, I'm cookin' with gas ♪
Oh, I'm a gumdrop ♪
A sweet lollipop ♪
A brook trout
right out of the brook ♪
And what's more, baby,
I can cook ♪
I've made a magazine cover ♪
I run my house on a dime ♪
I'd make a wonderful lover ♪
I should be paid overtime ♪
'Cause I can bake, too,
on top of the lot ♪
My oven's the hottest
you'll find ♪
Or a candied sweet ♪
Or a pickled beet ♪
Step up to my smorgasbord ♪
Go around until you've had
your fill ♪
Baby, you'll never be bored ♪
Oh, I'm a pâté ♪
A marron glacé ♪
A dish you will wish
you had took ♪
And what's more, baby,
I can cook ♪
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