Just Add Magic (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Just Add Magic

It's time.
- Butter.
- Butter.
- Egg.
- Egg.
Both: Darbie.
What? We're cooking, not contaminating.
I was just doing chocolate quality control.
Chocolate is chocolate.
Not true.
There are all kinds of chocolate, and for this recipe, we need it to be 80% cacao from belgium.
That's precise.
Grandma always says, "Perfection's in the details.
" Well Now she hardly says anything.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
I just miss the old grandma.
Well, having her favorite cooking companion bake for her birthday might just be the magic she needs to feel better.
I want the brownies to be perfect.
I've never cooked for her before.
They're gonna be perfect.
All: Charlotte.
Ladies, congratulations.
If you're receiving this text, it's because you don't completely stink and might actually make the team tomorrow.
As a reminder, double dribbles are lame for the game, - and when in doubt-- - All: Pass the ball out.
Pass-- On her, not the ball.
- She's a little much.
- A little? She's not even captain yet.
Technically, she hasn't even made the team yet.
And neither will we if we don't practice.
Holy banana pants, we've barely practiced.
We're dead.
Buddy Quinn! Put your face and hands where we can see 'em.
Like this? - Don't you dare.
- Or what? No! Buddy! Ow.
Buddy! Buddy, get back here.
Buddy! Come back.
- Buddy? - Buddy.
Buddy, you're in an out-of-bounds zone.
You're breaking parent code, and, officially, so am I.
I see why.
It's creepy.
Is anybody else creeped out? Just me? Okay.
Roller skate.
Close one.
- Shoot.
- Gotcha.
No, you don't! Holy banana pants.
What is it? It's a cookbook.
My grandma's.
Which one is she? The one in the middle.
- Who are the other two? - I don't know, but I bet they were my grandma's Darbie and Hannah.
Grandma and I never made any of these recipes.
"Chipper chocolate chip cookies," "Lazy lasagna," "Shut 'em up shortcake.
" Weird names, right? Someone can call their cake whatever they want to, as long as it's cake, and I get to eat it.
All: Charlotte.
Breathe, Hannah.
we're gonna practice.
What about the birthday dessert? - It's ruined.
- No, Buddy's brownie disaster was a happy accident.
- A sign.
- You're right, it is a sign.
I'm supposed to bake one of my grandma's secret recipes.
Shut 'em up shortcake? - Done.
- Yes.
We're gonna need "Cedronian vanilla.
" - Do you have that? - No.
But I bet I know who does.
Kelly Quinn! Long time, no see.
Come in.
Jake made empanadas.
Try them, then tell me mine are better.
There's no way anybody's empanadas are better than Mama P's.
These are better than Mama P's.
Ha, well, don't tell her.
- Now, give me the breakdown, kel.
- Okay.
I taste chicken, mushrooms, serrano - Ooh, and tarragon.
- Mm No, not tarragon, it's roasted cumin.
- Nice.
- Cooking's in my blood.
Hate to break up this little cooking showdown, but we have a vanilla sitch.
- Oh, how can I help? - Cedronian vanilla? Stumped me.
I don't think there's such a thing as ced-- Cedronian? So what are you baking? - Shortcake for my grandma.
- Oh, so thoughtful.
It's uncanny how much you're becoming like her.
I wish she was more like her.
So how much for the vanilla? No, no.
It's on the house.
Thank you.
For your grandma's birthday.
Wait, how did you know it was her birthday? Come on.
We got to go.
I hate this shortcut.
Is she sitting on her porch being creepy? I'm not gonna look.
I'll look.
- No, we're good.
- Okay.
Hi, ms.
Awesome hedge work.
- It's a topiary.
- Okay.
We need to go.
- Let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Add one cup of flour.
- One cup coming up.
Nailed it.
Darbie, you just won trash ball.
What are you going to do next? Help Kelly and Hannah bake? I thought I was helping by being the official taste taster.
But I guess if you need me to do everything Just add one teaspoon of Cedronian vanilla.
Hit me.
Can you be any closer to the cake? Yes, but then I'd be eating it, and, well, I'm restraining myself on behalf of a birthday.
Uh, guys? I think we missed some fine print.
"Be warned, whenever adding Cedronian spice, whatever results will come with a price.
" I'm new to this, but do recipes normally come with warnings? No, they do not.
True, but no one's ever complained about anything my grandma's made.
My dad entered the pie-eating contest at school just to eat her pie with his face.
And that's him.
I gotta go, but bring me a piece tomorrow.
It'll be my reward after I crush it in tryouts.
And Darbie O'Brien sets the world record - for the best miss.
Ha! - Both: Whoo! - Yeah! Robot! - I saw that.
She didn't.
Okay, what's going on with you? I didn't say anything.
You don't have to.
It's me.
I know when something's up.
What's wrong? I'm afraid Darbie's not gonna make the team.
I mean, do you see all that? So her shot's a little off.
She'll hustle on defense.
But we needed to practice.
She needed to practice, and if she doesn't make the team-- - She's gonna make the team.
- And if she doesn't, things are gonna change.
We're not all gonna be together.
Because we'll be on the team, and she won't.
What are you doing? You can't do that.
I just did.
Now shut up and take your shortcake home.
It's gonna be okay.
I was a little concerned when the smoke detector went off, but dinner tasted great, dad.
That's because mom got takeout after dad burned the chicken.
I forgot to spray the pan.
Or turn off the oven.
It's okay.
You're still cute.
Well, at least the cooking skills only skipped one generation, right, mom? It's cake time! I want to carry it.
- No! Buddy! - Be careful.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Knock it off.
No, Buddy, I made it! Watch out-- Oh! Oh.
- Oh! - You guys! Not again, Buddy! Five second rule! - It's okay, it's still good! - Hey, Buddy.
- Ugh.
- Okay.
Grandma can still eat it.
She doesn't care.
Shut up, Buddy! She does care! Hey, hey, knock it off.
It's grandma's birthday.
Come on, Buddy.
It's gonna take a lot of paper towels to clean up this mess.
Forget the paper towels.
I'm getting you the mop.
Buddy, exit, stage left.
Sorry we spoiled your birthday.
I wanted you to have the perfect day and the perfect cake, so you could taste how much I love you.
I wanted you to see that all those years of teaching me how to cook wasn't a waste.
I even used a recipe from your old cookbook that I found in the attic.
Shut 'em up shortcake.
Kelly, no.
What did you do? Grandma, you're talking! Listen to me.
I need you to trust your instincts.
Trustyour-- Grandma? Grandma? Grandma? Trust my instincts? What does that mean? "Memory-enhancing macaroons," "Nighty-night noodles," "Shut 'em up shortcake.
" My instincts say to go to sleep.
Bye, dad.
Wish me luck.
Tryouts are today.
Okay, kid.
Break a leg.
- It's not a play, dad.
- Right.
Uh, sub in appropriate sports "good luck" saying.
Buddy, get a move on, or you're gonna be late.
- What, are you sick? - Aha.
I guess I did shut you up.
You can't talk at all? Buddy can't talk.
He ate the shortcake, and now he can't talk.
I think the shortcake shut him up.
I don't think so.
I ate some of it this morning, and I'm fine.
Buddy was sneezing.
- He's just sick.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys, How's it going today? I'm fantastic.
Woke up at 6:30 without the alarm clock, thank you very much, and I'm not a morning person.
Wow, you guys both look really cute today.
Hey, did you bring some of that shortcake? I've been thinking about it all morning-- Darbie! Stop.
That's the thing.
I can't.
Couldn't even stop while I was brushing my teeth.
Swallowed a lot of toothpaste.
I'm laughing right now, but I'm actually really concerned that something's wrong with me.
- Mm! - Okay.
Maybe this does have something to do with the cake.
Kelly, tell Darbie what happened with Buddy.
Buddy can't-- Now you can't talk? Guys, I don't think this cookbook is just a cookbook.
- I mean, last night it glowed.
- It glowed? How did it take you this long to mention glowing? Oh, my gosh, should we tell someone? I'm thinking no.
We should definitely keep it a secret, which is gonna be really hard for me, since I can't stop talking.
I guess I'll just talk about something else.
Like, did anyone else notice that Jimmy got his braces off? Hey, Jimmy, do your teeth feel slimy? What if this is permanent? I just don't get it.
I mean, I get that you and Buddy got shut up, but why is it that I can't stop talking? I was asked to leave two of my classes today, and one of them was public speaking, you know-- The inscription.
Remember? "Be warned, when adding Cedronian spice, whatever result will come with a price.
" You're the one who added the Cedronian vanilla.
Computer voice: O.
You're paying the price.
By not being able to shut up? Wonderful.
"All that's left is adding the vanilla, Darbie.
" This is what happens when I participate.
Next time you ask me to do something-- All right, ladies.
Here we go.
Day one of tryouts.
We'll start with some warm-ups, all right? Now, Charlotte, you were team captain last year.
lead the way.
All right, girls, form two passing lines.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! O'Brien, are you chewing gum? Spit it out.
But-- But I need this gum.
Not because I have bad breath.
Gum, that's what kills gingivitis, The foundation of bad breath.
but that's not the root of my problem.
My problem involves talking, and talking involves-- Oh! - Ow! - Oh, Darbie.
Darbie, are you okay? No, it's my acl or my mcl or something else from the cl family.
It hurts.
It really, really hurts.
Bite down on this.
For the pain.
All right.
Let's get you up, kiddo.
You can limp this off.
All right.
we'll get you to the school nurse.
Here we go, nice and easy.
It doesn't hurt that much.
Spoiler alert: She's gonna live.
So get back to work.
You're never gonna say it, so I will.
I blew it.
While I was laid up and jibber-jabbering in the nurse's office, you two were crushing it on the court.
And now I'm broke and busted.
There's nothing left to do but put me out to pasture, ladies.
I can't turn this around by tomorrow, so just promise me you're not gonna become best friends with Charlotte when I don't make the team and i-- You're gonna make the team.
And you're gonna get your voice back.
Really? Because I think I have a permanent case of lauren glitters.
Autocorrect? Laryngitis.
This is all my fault.
My grandma told me to trust my instincts, But now you're laid up, you can't talk, and Buddy's on mute.
How you doing, little man? I'm sorry you're sick, and I'm sorry I got so mad at you yesterday.
I said I hated you, but you're my little brother, and I love you, always.
Even when I'm mad at you.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
Wait, what? You can talk? I can? I can, I can talk! I can talk! I can talk, I can talk I can talk Buddy got his voice back! Good for him.
Does this mean I can stop talking? Oh, that was glorious.
So is this.
Desk, posters, drawers, lamp Super excited to talk, but nothing to say? Backpack.
Okay, I'm good.
Not that I'm not happy this happened, but why did this happen? Maybe the magic only lasts for a day.
But I ate the shortcake way after Buddy, and we got our voices back at the same time.
I guess it just wears off, - Which means - We dodged a bullet.
We can do another one.
Wait, do another one? No way.
We should burn that cookbook.
Yeah, absolutely.
Right after we fix Darbie's leg.
Darbie's leg would be fine if it wasn't for the cookbook.
So should we use the fire pit or the fireplace? Can you think of another way to get Darbie on the team? Whoa.
"Hazelnut healing tart.
" It's like the book knew.
Are you feeling the creepy now? This is real.
We have to be careful.
Just one more time.
All we have left is a teaspoon of Cedronian vanilla.
So who's gonna pay the price? - I'll do it.
- We don't have to do this.
We can stop now.
You guys okay? Okay, well, Mama P wanted me to give you these cocoa nibs.
She said they'd be great on tarts.
- What are you making? - A tart.
Creepy Uh, well, it smells good.
How's it taste? - All: No, don't! - It's not for you.
Mm, that is good.
Hazelnut? What happened to your leg? Basketball injury.
What happened to your hand? Occupational hazard.
I was grilling some sweet short ribs, and let's just say something got burned.
Your hand? Uh, yeah.
But it's no big deal.
looks worse than it is.
Huh, it's already starting to feel better.
Holy banana pants.
Save me a piece of that tart.
Are we adding these? You know my policy on chocolate.
I like it.
Could be good, but my gut says to stick with grandma's recipe.
Bet you it's gonna happen the minute you take your mind off it.
Easier said than done.
- Uh, problem.
- What's wrong? I can't move my arm.
What? Hey, it worked! Yeah, it worked.
But this is bad.
This is really bad.
It's gonna be okay.
We knew there'd be a price.
Didn't know it'd be so expensive, buti can roll with it.
Can you? You still have to try out tomorrow.
Oh, man, Kelly.
I'm so sorry.
- This is all my fault.
- It's not.
I'll figure something out.
You focus on getting on the team, and I'll focus on my one-handed pass.
So come a little closer there was something i could tell ya you were such a roller coaster and a killer queen, you Come on, madison.
You can move faster than that.
It's okay.
You were hustling out there.
Roller coaster I don't say no Roller coaster When you don't say no and it's such a roller coaster some killer queen you are You always have to keep your head in the game, O'Brien.
So do you, Charlotte.
Some killer queen you are Roller coaster Nice shot, Darbs.
Okay, here we go.
This year's team will be: Nick, Jason, Zach-- Those are boys' names.
Oops, that's the detention list.
Okay, here we go.
Allison, Sarah, Nicole, Charlotte, Kelly, Madison, Sophie, Hannah, Carina, and Darbie.
Thank you, everyone who tried out.
And for this year's team captain, I'm going with Kelly Quinn.
- What? - What? I really like the way you supported your teammates.
This year, I want to focus on how we can motivate each other, on and off the court.
Now, when you leave here today, try to think about how you can-- trust your instincts.
Coach, I'm honored that you thought of me to lead the team.
But the truth is, being a leader's tough and requires trusting one's instincts.
And no one's instincts for the game are better than Charlotte's.
She motivates us on and off the court.
Maybe more off the court via text.
The point is, there's a method to her madness, and she should be captain.
So? Okay.
Charlotte's captain.
See you tomorrow at practice.
That wasnice.
Yeah, well, you deserved it.
For what it's worth, you would have made an okay captain.
I'll take that.
Whoo, nice! Kelly, whatcha thinking? Nothing.
Come on.
It's us.
We know when something's up.
I just feel like everything that happened was meant to happen, you know? Finding the book, cooking the recipes-- Every cause had an effect.
It's like it was destiny.
This is getting heavy.
I just know that whatever's going on with grandma has something to do with the book.
Like, maybe, just maybe she's under a spell.
But our spells wore off.
They were broken.
The fine print-- It's always in the fine print.
It says, "What's been done "you can undo with a noble act from a heart that's true.
" Oh, after you apologized to Buddy, we could talk.
And when you made Charlotte captain, your arm worked again.
it's simple.
But I don't think it's that simple.
I think there's more to unlock.
Don't say it.
We need to keep cooking.
We have to save my grandma.
What are you doing here? It's happening again.
You leave those girls alone.