Just Add Magic (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Just Add Jake

Previously on "Just Add Magic" Maybe Grandma wanted us to find these.
It looks like a couple pages have been ripped out of the book.
This must be your rightful place, with me.
Magic cookbook? Yeah, we hide it in the crock pot in the cabinet under the island.
A magic cookbook.
This I gotta hear.
What? No.
No! Kelly.
What's going on? Mom, did you-- did you use the crock pot? No, I didn't, honey.
Everything okay? Yeah, things just aren't where they should be.
Okay, well, I assume you're gonna put this all away when you're done? Where is it? I can't find the cookbook.
Please tell me you have it.
What? Well when we ate the Truth Truffles, we might have told Jake about the cookbook.
What exactly did you say? Just the exact location of the cookbook.
You guys.
Okay, people, take your seats and open your minds.
I have big news.
We're finally having class outside? No, Darbie, but thank you for suggesting it so frequently.
The Booster Club has identified two under funded clubs to compete for the chance to win new equipment.
Two student finalists will deliver speeches, and debate each other, until finally, the school votes for the winner.
Join me in congratulating our very own, Seth.
And Hannah.
Seth will compete for new robotics equipment.
And Hannah represents the Music Club, and their quest for a new piano.
I'd like to thank my spirit guide, Mr.
Steve Jobs, for inspiring me to always be better than everyone around me.
A speech in front of the entire school? I get stage fright ordering my lunch.
I know.
You always have me do it for you.
He's gonna be tough to beat.
Robots are so cool.
What Darbie means to say is we're here for you.
I know on the surface, music isn't as cool as robotics, but a robot can't make you feel as deeply as a song can.
Well, if the robot was playing the song, then-- Never mind.
You got this, Hannah.
Just speak from the heart.
Robots don't have hearts.
Don't forget your punch card.
Buy nine lunches, and get the 10th free.
- Thank you.
- Jake.
How many times do I have to tell you, you are not allowed to sell your food here.
Not true.
Section 7.
5 of the student handbook states that a student may sell food items as long as the money goes to support an after school club.
This food bike directly supports the Rockbury Cooking Club.
Yeah, a club that consists of you.
It's a rebuilding year.
Well, let's see what Principal Collins has to say about this.
Oh, I'll ask him.
As soon as I deliver him one of my famous five cheese Rock-n-Roll Ups.
He loves 'em.
Hey, you guys hungry? There's a half off discount for friends.
Did you, by any chance-- Did you take my cookbook? Excuse me? My Grandma's cookbook.
It's missing.
And we told you exactly where we keep it.
Oh, the magical cookbook? You think I took it? You're the only one we told.
I didn't take it.
Well, did you tell anyone else about it? Just Mama P.
But we didn't take it seriously.
Why would you tell Mama P, of all people? Why wouldn't I tell her.
I don't see the big deal.
Jake, you don't understand.
I can't talk to people who don't trust me.
I'm outta here.
Well, don't leave, Jake.
We're sorry.
I don't think Jake has it.
It must have been Mama P.
Mama P has all the magical ingredients, and she knew where it was hidden.
So what are we gonna do? It's not like we can just walk in there and take it.
We really need an inside man.
You mean like the guy we just insulted? I feel terrible.
But maybe if Jake could see the magic in action, he'd be willing to help us.
I don't know.
He seemed pretty mad.
We have to prove to him that we're not crazy.
How are we gonna do that without the cookbook? Students in fully funded music programs score 22 percent higher in English, and 20 percent higher in-- Blowing bubbles out of their noses.
Hello! Are you two even listening? Sorry, I've just been pre-occupied with Jake.
You really need to jazz this up.
The future.
That's what you're up against.
You're not exactly helping my confidence.
Do you think I used too many stats on pages 6, 7, and 8.
The missing pages.
The ones that came back with the Lost and Foundue spell.
We do have access to magic.
These pages are really damaged.
Some of the words are missing.
I know it's risky, but we have to do it for Grandma.
We won't give Jake anything we wouldn't try ourselves.
- Agreed? - Agreed.
No, I don't agree.
I don't want to eat anything that could sabotage my speech.
Hey, these cheddar biscuits call for Carnejian Cayenne.
Isn't that one of the spices we have in Grandma's stash? Good eye, Darbie.
It's fate.
We should make these.
Okay, fine.
But, can we practice my speech while we cook? Of course.
We can do both.
Wait! There's no warning to this recipe.
Maybe there's no downside.
There's never not been a downside.
Only one way to find out.
Music is my life.
It's my everything.
And I want you all to experience the power of it for yourselves.
So vote for music, because a vote for music is a vote for your soul.
I really felt it that time.
You're so gonna nail it.
Hey, Jensen.
Hey, Hannah.
Here are the strings that you ordered.
Oh, and good job making the Booster finals.
You heard about that? Mr.
Evans told me.
He also said that the piano hasn't been replaced since I went to school there, and, uh, it was old back then, so good luck.
I'll do my best.
Music is important.
Keeps you out of trouble.
Hannah, you could learn a lot from Miss Silvers here.
At your age, she played Carnegie Hall.
Really? It was a long time ago.
I'd love to hear you play this sometime.
I don't see that happening.
It's such a shame.
She could have been one of the greats.
What happened? No one knows.
One day she just stopped playing in public.
Here to accuse me of stealing something else? No, and I'm really sorry about yesterday.
I know you don't believe me, but will you at least look for the cookbook at Mama P's? No.
I won't spy on Mama P.
I'm telling you, Jake, ever since I found that book, weird things have been happening.
I can prove it to you.
These biscuits aren't regular biscuits.
They're-- Magical.
If I eat one, will you let it go? Yes.
Thank you.
But I have to warn you, I don't know what's gonna happen.
I'm not worried.
Here, we'll try it together.
What is it? You're right, Kelly.
I am? Yeah.
These are magical.
Truly fantastic.
Have you ever considered selling your food on Jake's food cycle? Gotta run.
Edna's after me.
Seth: We must begin to imagine the impossible.
Let's take Rockbury to Mars.
Man: Re-set the future.
He's amazing.
- I'm doomed.
- You're gonna do great.
Just remember.
More fun, less facts.
So, in conclusion, to quote Steve, "Let's get out there and put a ding in the universe.
" Namaste.
Thank you, Seth.
Up next to speak for the Music Club, is Hannah Parker Kent.
Come on, people! You can do better than that.
Give it up for my friend! I can't hear you! Music is the language of the spirit.
It remains one of the oldest and most important-- You think you could turn that off for five whole minutes? You! Chew with your mouth closed! Or how about this.
Wait until my friend's done talking.
Don't let them ruin your big moment, Hannah.
People need to see that music is important.
It's important! It's very important! Remember that! Listen to Hannah! She's right! Okay?! So, where was I? Why did you do that? I was supporting Hannah.
You're kinda hulkin' out right now.
I've known you since kindergarten, and you've never acted like this.
This must be from the magical biscuits.
It's not magic, I'm just angry! Stop that.
Why are you so mad? Are you seriously asking me that? It's all wrong.
My grandma's under a spell that we can't reverse, the most loved woman in town probably stole my cookbook, and the only person that could help me get it back doesn't believe me! Kelly? Wow.
That felt good.
Oh, my gosh.
Did I just kick that vending machine? Twice.
But at least you broke the spell.
And maybe my toe.
But how, exactly, did I break the spell? I don't know.
Maybe you had to get all those feelings off your chest.
Oh, no.
Jake had a cheddar biscuit, too.
You want your money back? You only ate half of it.
No substitutions.
This is a bike.
Just to let you know those biscuits that we had-- I don't have time for this.
Or you.
Jake, you're not really angry.
It's the magic making you this way.
Oh, I'm angry, all right.
I'm angry that nobody's buying my food, and when they do, they don't even appreciate it.
That's it.
Get it all off your chest.
I'm angry that you didn't trust me, and thought I stole your ridiculous magical cookbook.
Now I'm angry I gotta go to class! That felt good.
Jake, do you see what just happened there? Uh, yeah, I just yelled at a customer.
But you never lose your temper.
You were under an anger spell.
Or I've been working too hard.
And I just need to blow off steam.
What was that? Nobody even cared what I had to say after your outburst.
I'm so sorry.
It was the biscuits.
I don't care.
Did she eat a biscuit? No, I'm actually mad.
At both of you.
We can make it up to you.
We'll help you prep for the debate.
I'll come over after my guitar lessons as long as you promise to actually help me this time.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Grandma.
How was the doctor's today? Another dead end.
But the good news is is that the specialist in New York called, and moved her up the wait list.
How long would she be away? I really don't know, sweetie.
We'll see.
It's me.
Get over here now.
We need to cook.
Now I see why they call this Noteworthy.
This horchata smells amazing.
I'm gonna add the spice now.
There's a warning.
It says, "When adding Galifrazian Cinnamon, "something make-- something stop-- "something drop"? We don't have time to figure out the riddle on this one.
Now we chill it.
Well, it's gonna be a beautiful sunny day today.
We can expect much more of the same over the next couple of days.
You might want to Sorry I'm late.
Hailey forgot to pick me up from my guitar lesson, so I had to walk all the way here.
Hi, Grandma.
Don't worry.
We're ready to help you prep for you debate against Seth.
I think my throat's swelling up.
I need something to drink.
Hey, this horchata's amazing.
Hannah, no.
Oh, no.
Please tell me this is not one of the spells from the cookbook.
Okay, what does this one do? Well we don't exactly know.
How do you feel? A little sweaty.
Nervous, nauseous.
Mad at you guys.
That's a complicated spell.
It's not a spell.
I have to debate Seth in a minute.
Oh, no.
In conclusion, the most precious resource that we all have is time.
and robots can save us a lot of it.
Uh, oh, and namaste.
Hannah, your response.
Seth talked a lot about Steve Jobs.
But the truth is, Steve loved music.
He understood - that-- That Music makes us happy and it feeds our souls And makes us better at math And helps achieve our goals Seth, rebuttal.
My robot can play music all day.
Someone still has to press play I can set up my robot to play automatically.
You've missed the point, you've missed it Oh, you've forgotten how to feel Underneath all the steel I wish Jake was here.
This would convince him.
Music's part of who we are It's been around forever You may think you're very clever But you'll never ever replace music With tech Will this ever stop? Will this last forever? Or will I be singing until I drop? I sure hope not.
Because it's really annoying.
"Never stop.
Last drop.
" I think that says last.
"Every last drop.
" Every last drop.
I figured it out.
Tell me now, tell me true Don't make me wait or I'll have to hurt you I think you have to drink the rest of the horchata.
Every last drop will break the spell.
Can that be the cure? How can we be sure? - It's worth trying.
- Anything.
Did it work? Write it down.
I don't think I can take another song.
Thanks for ruining horchata for me, by the way.
Hey, that wasn't a song.
Yay, it worked.
You're finally back to normal.
But I might as well drop out of the competition.
I don't have a prayer of beating Seth now.
Sure, you do.
Hey, we can help decorate your voting booth.
Don't bother.
Honestly, it'll be easier without you.
I won't give up on you, Grandma.
Cedronian Vanilla.
I'll pay the price.
Let me guess.
That's another magical recipe? Yes.
And I have no idea what will happen if you eat one.
Kelly, what's this really all about? My grandma.
She's under a magic spell.
I know that the cure is in the cookbook.
You're my best shot at getting it back, and I'm desperate.
I can see that.
I was gonna offer one of these to you, but I don't want to be reckless.
As your friend, I'm not gonna let you throw out perfectly delicious fruit bars.
I guess we know these aren't free-throw bars.
Girls: Eww.
I don't get it.
Can you believe it? Who would have thought my Cajun kale chips would have been so popular.
Where's everybody going? What is going on? Everyone's attracted to you and repelled by me.
You can't deny it.
This isn't normal.
I am going to talk to Principal Collins about selling your food in the cafeteria.
It is so much better than ours.
- Hm? - Girl: Mm-hm.
- Thanks, Edna.
- Mm-hm.
Now do you believe me? I don't know what this is, but I will look for that cookbook if you get away from me.
I can do that.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Kelly must have spent a whole night on this.
Both: Hey.
I'm sorry.
What? I'm sorry! I can't get any closer.
I'm under a you know what.
People don't want to come near me.
I think I'm repulsive.
I didn't want to say anything.
I have not been a good friend to you lately.
I love my Grandma and I wanted to save her, but you and Darbie are just as important.
I really should have been there for you.
You're not gross anymore.
Yay! Spell's broken.
People are near me now.
That means that-- Don't worry, Hannah.
No matter who wins, you still have us.
Evans: Now, for the results of the vote.
It was a tight race.
And our two club advocates should feel proud.
The winner is Seth Donahue.
Rockbury Middle will now have a robotics lab.
I swear I voted for you.
It's okay, Darbie.
Robots are cool.
You can be happy.
Uh-- this is most interesting.
An anonymous donor has gifted the school a piano.
Really? Hannah, clearly you inspired someone.
Thank you, that's awesome.
Oh, no! We're out of sugar.
There's some on the pantry shelf.
Okay, then, uh, just gonna go get some.
Got it.