Just Add Magic (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Just Add Mama P

Previously on "Just Add Magic" We need to keep cooking, and to do that we kind of need-- Magic spices.
And me to find them.
They accidentally put themselves under a spell, and now they won't stop acting half their age.
Merwaldean dark cocoa nibs can only be cured with Merwaldean white cocoa nibs.
I don't think so.
You're not going anywhere.
Don't hurt us.
We can explain.
It's very simple.
Run! Mama P: You're not going anywhere.
I know what you need.
What do you think she's gonna do? Curse us.
Shh! Here you go.
Both: Cookies! Don't eat them.
No offense, but we don't trust you.
But if you want your friends to stop acting like six-year-olds, you'll let them eat some.
These cookies were made with the Merwaldean white cocoa you came to steal.
Hold on.
What's the milk for? Who eats cookies without milk? You're the nicest mean lady ever.
You can eat them.
Well? How do you feel? I hope I don't get sick from being in that ball pit.
Yuck! So many germs.
Yes! You're back.
Thanks, Darbie.
You were a really great babysitter.
Mama P, I know what we did tonight was wrong, but remember, we were under a spell.
- From your cocoa nibs.
- That's right.
Why did you have Jake send them over to us in the first place? And why did you lie to us? And why did you steal the book? - And why-- - Girls, please.
One question at a time.
When you came to buy the Cedronian vanilla, I knew there would be a price to pay, and I wanted you to have the cocoa nibs to lessen it.
But we didn't use the Cedronian vanilla this time.
Merwaldean cocoa nibs are very versatile.
Just like eggs are used for omelets, pasta, or cookies.
So the same ingredients behave differently depending on the recipe.
Very good, Hannah.
Kelly's parents are still under a spell.
Can I take some home? Of course.
Well, we should get these to the Quinns.
Right now.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
You haven't answered all my questions.
I know.
Let me explain.
Like you girls, I had two best friends.
Becky and Gina.
You're talking about my grandma and Miss Silvers, aren't you? We used to do everything together.
All that changed after the book came into our lives.
We took a field trip into the Cedros forest.
I've been there.
My dad takes me camping there a lot.
Let her talk.
As I was saying, we ended up getting separated from the class.
We never should have left the path.
What if we run into a bear or a snake? We have no idea where we are, and it's going to be dark soon.
This is exactly why I prefer indoor activities.
Gina, stand perfectly still.
There's something right behind you! I am not amused.
Calm down.
We'll be swimming before you know it.
Or we'll never find our way back, and I'll die out in the woods where wild animals will feast on my flesh.
Becky: We're gonna be fine.
Trust me.
- Um, girls.
- I'm not falling for that again.
Cut it out.
No, I'm not pulling your leg this time.
I saw something.
Right there, I swear! This is why I like indoor activities.
Who was the shadowy figure? We just called her the traveler.
I can see I've been led to the right place.
I've been looking for you.
Us? Why? Because you three have been chosen.
Chosen for what? To be the keepers of a great power.
What kind of power? Magic.
- Magic doesn't exist.
- Oh, but it does.
Well, in that case, maybe we shouldn't get involved.
I'm afraid it's too late for that.
There's no turning back.
Darbie: Wait a minute.
Did the book make a mistake? Because you guys did not stay friends.
Thanks for pointing that out, Darbie.
May I continue? Be warned.
The magic in this book is thousands of years old.
And the power in it can be a wondrous gift.
Or an unspeakable burden.
It can bring you closer together.
Or it can tear you apart.
It's up to you.
Where did she go? I don't like this.
I want to go home.
Is this really happening? Oh, this is happening.
I say we leave the book here, run, and pretend this is all a bad dream.
No way.
We were chosen.
Okay, fine, but what about the warning? I don't want anything to ruin our friendship.
Then we have to make a pact.
Let's swear that this book will never come between us.
I swear.
I swear.
Becky: I swear.
I need more milk for this story.
How did the book tear the three of you apart? It started with Gina.
She just couldn't handle the magic.
What did she do? She started using the magic for her own personal gains.
And when I tried to stop her, she-- She cursed me.
Really? How? I haven't been able to leave Saffron Falls for over 40 years.
And every time I try, something prevents me.
Flat tires, gusts of wind, you name it.
So you can't leave at all? Not even to the outlet mall on highway seven? I hear it's great.
Do you think Miss Silvers cursed my grandma? I can't believe that even Gina would be capable of doing something like that.
I know we haven't been close in recent years, but I've never stopped loving Becky.
And why should we believe you? Especially after you stole our cookbook.
No offense.
I was desperate to break my own curse, to experience the world.
And when I heard you had the book, well-- Were you able to break it? No.
The book no longer works for me.
And now it belongs to you three.
That's a lot to digest in one night.
It'll take a long time to win your trust.
When you're ready, I'm here to help.
Hannah: I think Mama P's lying.
Why would Mama P lie? Who knows.
There might be more she's not telling us.
Like why she keeps that secret pantry full of magical spices.
Well, I think she's telling the truth.
Look, I know you want to believe her, but until we can prove it, we need to be careful.
Knock, knock.
Hi, girls.
Both: Hi, Mr.
I finally finished the rocking chair for your grandmother.
It's beautiful.
I can't believe you made this.
It's my hobby.
Nice break from sitting in front of the computer all day.
He's always making stuff.
Bookcases, chests, drawers.
All things to help you get organized, hint, hint.
I never got that.
Well, I better get to work.
But it's Saturday.
Tell that to my boss.
Bye, Dad.
So, what's the plan? We need to make sure that we can trust Mama P.
The only one who can answer that is your grandma, but that's not going to happen.
She can't talk to us, but maybe there's another way.
"Mind-Peering Peppermints.
" "When you peer into a mind, "you never know what you might find.
" How cool would that be? Very cool.
But we need something called Galifrazian Syrup, and Livonian Peppermint oil.
We'll just ask Mama P for it.
If she's really on our side, she'd be more than happy to help us.
Are you nuts? What are you guys doing back here? Mama P could come back and find you-- What? What's wrong with you, you can't talk? Did she spell you? - No, she didn't, Jake.
- Oh! Hey.
What's up, Mama P? What's up is you forgetting to lock my door last night.
Darbie: It was our fault.
We asked him to help us.
I can understand you wanting to help your friends, but you shouldn't have gone behind my back.
You're right, Mama P.
I'm sorry.
Then I assume you won't mind working a little overtime today.
- Actually, I-- - And maybe tomorrow.
My pleasure.
Here you go.
Galifrazian Syrup.
Be sparing with the Livonian Peppermint Oil.
It's the only bottle I have.
It's very hard to come by.
I'm really confused.
So are we.
Is Mama P good? Is she bad? You had me lie to her, break into her shop and steal from her.
And now you're just hanging out with her in the secret pantry? What's going on? Honestly we have no idea.
But if this works, we're gonna find out.
Ooh, they look good.
Can I have one? I should probably go first.
I know Grandma best.
I have a good feeling about this.
This is going to work.
Here goes.
This is never going to work.
It has to work, Hannah.
Did you just read my mind? Hey, Kelly.
I'm thinking of the number eight.
This is so cool.
Hi, Grandma.
How are you feeling? Whoa.
- What is she thinking? - Can't tell.
Just a bunch of jumbled up words.
Let Hannah and me try.
It's worth a shot.
It's like all her thoughts are scrambled together.
Maybe I can make sense of this.
I'm still here, Kelly.
- Did you hear that? - I heard it.
Yes! I'm here, too, Grandma.
Don't worry.
We'll figure this out.
Guys, I don't feel good about this.
Kelly: I know you don't, but maybe this will convince you that we can trust Mama P.
- Ready? - One sec.
Let me finish my smoothie.
I guess he didn't see the tip jar.
These banana muffins are awful.
No wonder they're not selling.
I have so much to teach Kelly.
If only she'd trust me.
What do you think now? Is Mama P on our side? I'm not sure.
- Maybe-- - I'm not fooled yet.
But I am going to get one of her half-price muffins.
Hi, Miss McDonald.
Hello, girls.
Is everything okay? Oh, of course.
Nothing's okay.
I can't believe George is leaving the school.
I knew I never should have dated another teacher.
Um, guys.
I think Miss McDonald was dating George from shop class.
- Mr.
Tucker? - Mm-hm.
I had no idea.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
I hope nobody can tell I haven't showered in three days.
I don't care what it costs, I'm gonna let the babysitter stay longer.
I'm seeing a movie.
I can't wait to get home, and snuggle with my puppy.
I feel bad.
We shouldn't be invading people's privacy like this.
You're right.
It's wrong.
Fun wrong.
But wrong.
Hold on.
There's still one person's mind we need to read.
On three.
One two three.
I know you're there, girls.
Stay out of my mind.
Did everybody hear that? Loud and clear.
Let's get outta here.
How did Miss Silvers know we were reading her mind? Mama P warned us.
Miss Silvers is powerful.
Well, if she was reading our mind, I need to change my locker combination.
You were thinking of your locker combination? Numbers calm me down.
Don't ask.
- Darbie! - Hey, Dad.
I was on my way to pick you up at Kelly's.
Remember, we're going shopping.
Oh, right.
I totally forgot.
I'm finally getting new shoes.
- Bye.
- Bye.
See you.
I can't believe they fired me after ten years.
So, what'd you girls do today? The usual.
You? Same old, same old.
Except for getting fired.
Keep it together, Patrick.
Don't let Darbie see you upset.
I'm sure I'll get another job, even in this economy.
So, is everything okay, Dad? Yeah.
Couldn't be better.
Have you decided what shoes we're buying today? You know, I've been thinking.
I don't really need new shoes.
They're expensive.
What? You've been complaining for weeks.
I changed my mind.
These still have plenty of life left in 'em.
Does she suspect something? - What'd I say? - Nothing.
Huh? Why wouldn't he just tell me he lost his job? He didn't want to worry you.
I have an extra pair of ballerina flats you can borrow.
Oh, how sweet.
But I don't want to steal your style.
Well, maybe we could help find your dad another job.
What does he do? I don't actually know.
Something with finance.
Or maybe it's insurance.
Every time he tells me, I zone out.
I just know he doesn't love it.
I got an idea.
We know your dad loves to build things.
And at Mama P's, we read Miss McDonald's mind, - and learned that-- - The shop teacher's leaving.
That would be amazing.
How do we get him the job without him knowing about it? My dad is kind, patient, and loves kids.
I should know.
I've been his daughter since I was born.
But the real reason he should become the new shop teacher is because of his passion.
He always tells me to love what I do, which is why I play basketball, and cook with my friends, but don't clean out my room.
This rocking chair really rocks.
This is only one of his creations.
As you can see, he's really talented.
Please interview Patrick O'Brien for Rockbury Middle School shop teacher.
That's perfect.
I think I've had enough mind reading for a while.
Well, I don't know.
I still feel like we're missing something.
- It's my dad.
-Patrick: Hey, Darbs.
The strangest thing just happened.
I got a call from you school.
They want me to interview for the new shop teacher position.
Really? How odd.
Especially since I never applied.
The principal probably overheard me talking about all the things you've made me.
I hope you get it.
I know you need to find work soon.
What? Wait a minute.
How do you know I lost my job? You can't hide anything from me, Dad.
You two really have a connection.
Hi, Hannah.
Darbs, I'll be fine.
You don't need to find me work.
You don't look out for me.
I'm supposed to look out for you.
But wouldn't you rather teach shop than do whatever you did before? Of course, but-- Building things is just a hobby.
Okay? It doesn't have to be.
You're always telling me not to settle.
Why are you? When did you get so smart? You know what? I'm gonna take that interview.
Yes! We can carpool to school together, you can get me out of detention.
But after that, we go our separate ways.
I won't mess with your rep.
He's goin' for it.
He's going for it! That's great, Darbie.
Stop! - It's all gone.
- I'm sorry.
I got carried away.
I'm sorry.
You ruined everything.
I'm really sorry.
Saying sorry doesn't fix anything.
It was a mistake.
They happen.
They happen because you don't pay attention.
Well, I was paying attention when you two added the cocoa nibs by accident.
This is different.
This is about my grandma.
Have you forgotten she's under a magic spell? How can I forget? It's all you ever talk about.
Seriously, Kelly, we're all trying to help here.
Imagine if it was your grandmother.
Stop it.
Remember what Mama P said about the traveler's warning? The book can tear us apart if we're not careful.
So sorry, guys, I-- Darbie, I-- I know that it was just an accident.
I really appreciate all your help with my grandma.
I love you guys.
We need to make a pact to make sure nothing gets in the way of our friendship.
Let's swear to never let the book come between us.
I swear.
I swear.
I swear.
That's so sweet.
Grandma! I've missed you so much.
I'm right here, Kelly.
Listen to me.
You have to stop using magic.
But I was doing it for you.
I was trying to save you.
Well, I'm back now.
How is this possible? I don't understand.
Well, I had a taste of whatever that mess is in the kitchen.
That was my mess.
Wait, uh-- Stay with me, Grandma.
Please don't go, okay? Not all of the answers are in the book, Kelly.
Trust yourself.
But-- No, Grandma.
Please don't go.
Please don't leave.
Who cursed you? Who did this to you? Was it Mama P? Mama P? No.
No, she didn't-- What? Grandma, please come back.
I'll get the mixing bowl.
Let's give her some more.
Hold on, Grandma Quinn.
No, Dad, what are you doing? Honestly, Kelly, is it too much for you to clean up your mess? That wasn't a mess.
Sure looked like one to me.
It's okay.
We can re-create it.
How? That was the last of the peppermint oil.