Just Add Magic (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Just Add Do-overs

Previously on "Just Add Magic" You three have been chosen.
Becky: We could have saved him.
Hannah, you could learn a lot from Miss Silvers here.
At your age she played Carnegie Hall.
Hannah: What happened? One day she just stopped playing in public.
I think we have something that belongs to you.
Miss Silvers: I lost this bracelet a long time ago.
I wasn't sure I'd ever see it again.
She's got the gift.
Just like Becky.
Don't force me to do to her what I did to you.
My final gift to you.
Hold out your hands.
What is this? Morbium shadow root.
What does it do? Nothing by itself.
But add it to any spell, and it will amplify its effects a thousand fold.
That sounds powerful.
Why are you giving it to us? You're the chosen ones.
These seeds belong to you.
Just like the book.
Hopefully, you will never need to use them.
But in case you do Be very careful.
Will the Morbium shadow root help break Grandma's curse? It would have been perfect.
But I don't have mine anymore.
Well, what happened to it? I was forced to use mine a long time ago.
I-- I don't want to discuss it.
Maybe Grandma still has hers.
If she does, she would have hidden it very carefully.
Without her being able to tell us where, it's pointless.
Well, that leaves Miss Silvers.
Oh, she still has hers.
She told me as much recently.
Oh, no.
It's my fault.
Remember when we gave Miss Silvers her charm bracelet back? Yeah.
One of the charms had a seed in it.
It must have been the Morbium shadow root.
It's not your fault.
But we do need to get it back from her.
Oh, Gina will never give you that seed.
I guarantee you, she has big plans for it.
Oh, no.
I know that look, Kelly.
Tell me you're not thinking what I know you're thinking.
We need to go to Miss Silvers', and find out where she hid that seed.
That's what I thought you were thinking.
So, you want us to go into the house of the scariest woman in town? Yes.
And I know just how to do it.
No! Absolutely not.
Gina is a very dangerous woman.
And she's even more dangerous with the Morbium shadow root.
I can't allow this.
- If she catches you-- - She won't.
Miss Silvers teaches piano lessons from her home.
We'll just go in for a lesson, distract her, and then search for the bracelet.
You can't teach piano to more than one person at a time.
You mean one of us has to go in alone? None of you are going in there.
I'd never forgive myself if something happened.
What choice do we have? We gave Miss Silvers a powerful ingredient, and it's our responsibility to make sure she doesn't do anything bad with it.
If I can't talk you out of this, at least promise you'll call me at the first sign of trouble.
Of course.
But how are we going to decide who goes? We'll draw for it.
These are different sizes.
Whoever gets the short one will-- Can we do a re-draw? As much as I hate to say this, I should go.
You two don't know anything about classical music.
You're right.
I'm more of a new funk kind of girl.
Mama P, do you have any advice on how I can distract her? Get her to play you something.
Gina always got lost in her music.
It's noon and it's time to leave for my lesson.
If I can get my feet to start moving.
It's a disaster.
- What's wrong? - Are you okay? - Is that blood? - Worse.
It's ketchup.
What's going on? I'm taking my food bike to the little league championship today, so I can sell some of my patent-pending Jake's Sizzling Bacon Dogs.
That's a great idea.
- Right.
- So what happened? Well, I was in such a hurry that I wiped out on my bike.
The dogs are okay, thank goodness, but I lost my condiments.
Can I steal your ketchup? Sure.
- And mustard? - Of course.
- And relish? - Jake, just grab a bag, and take whatever you need.
Yellow mustard? You don't have any German mustard or maybe a poupon? It's not a gourmet restaurant.
You're a lifesaver.
Anyone want to come with me to help drum up business? I'll give you five percent of the take.
I'd love to, but I can't.
I have to watch Buddy today.
And I've gotta work on my "Cyrano de Bergerac" diorama for class tomorrow.
What about you, Hannah? I have a piano lesson.
Hello? Miss Silvers? I'm here for my lesson.
Crosby, is everything okay? Yeah.
Miss Silvers is in a much better mood than last week.
Well? Are you going to just stand there? Hello, Miss Silvers.
How are you today? The piano is this way.
Let's be clear, Miss Parker Kent.
This is not a lesson.
It's not? It's an evaluation.
If I don't see potential, you won't be asked back.
Before I switched to guitar, I learned piano.
I'm not a beginner.
Is that so? Play ascending scales.
Your posture's atrocious.
Sorry, it's been a while.
Straighten up.
Your fingers are too straight.
Curl them.
Like this.
Don't look at your hands, look at where your music would be.
I wanted to make sure they weren't too straight again.
Miss Silvers, maybe you could play something for me, so I could see what proper posture and fingering look like.
We don't learn by watching, we learn by doing.
Start again.
Merwaldian spices are about Both: opposites.
How do they break? Both: With an opposing Merwaldian spice.
Werpo spices affect Both: the body.
How do they break? I hate this.
Dioramas are so hard.
I'll never get this done by tomorrow.
Maybe that's why Miss McDonald gave you a week to do it.
But why is this an English project? I don't have to write essays for art class.
At least you're good at learning magical ingredients.
Magic is really awesome.
If they taught it in school, I'd never sleep through class.
Buddy: Look out! Incoming! Ahh.
Want to play Monkey Monkey? I can't.
I've got to study.
Want some help? You really can't help with this subject.
I'll just hang out.
Buddy, you've gotta go play somewhere else.
I'll be quiet, I promise.
I have to focus.
This is really important.
We can play a game later.
Can I at least get something to eat? You just ate.
I'll make you something in a little bit.
I feel bad, but the last thing I need is for Buddy going around telling people about magical recipes.
Do you really think anyone would listen? No offense, but-- Buddy, what did you do? I was playing indoor soccer.
Oh, Mom and Dad are gonna kill me.
Not too bad, right? Your form has gone from terrible to acceptable.
You may take a break.
Thank you.
Maybe you could play-- I mean, may I use the bathroom? Around the corner, down the hall.
If that's the bathroom-- Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
- Flowers.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
I was just-- - Snooping, were we? No, no, no, I-- Get out and never come back.
My mom loves this lamp.
I'm gonna be grounded for a year.
And I missed my chance to find the bracelet.
Who knows what horrible thing Miss Silvers is gonna do with that seed.
And my diorama is awful.
There's no way this will get a passing grade.
Not that that's as bad as getting grounded for a year, or losing a super ingredient.
Kelly, I'm so sorry I messed up.
It's okay.
You did your best.
My scales were great.
I don't get how Miss Silvers can call herself a teacher if she never even plays.
Today didn't turn out how any of us wanted it to.
So, how are we going to fix this? I have an idea.
It starts with C, and ends with "ookbook.
" Darbie, we can't turn to the cookbook every time something goes wrong.
Well, do you have a better idea for getting the Morbium shadow root for Grandma? "Twice-baked Spicy Do-Over Sole.
" It rewinds the day? That's so cool.
I don't know.
This looks like a really complicated spell.
Mama P says we need to challenge ourselves.
I know.
"Add one teaspoon of Taurian Diablo pepper "for every hour you want to repeat.
" That makes sense.
Taurian ingredients affect time.
We do have some.
We have to try.
- Ow! - Hot.
Hot, hot, hot, hot hot.
It's so spicy.
Water will-- It just makes it worse.
Water makes spicy foods seem even hotter.
You're better off drinking milk.
I didn't think it could get any more disgusting.
Or eating bread.
Why didn't you lead with the bread? I can't eat any more.
I think we have to.
"Want to turn back time? "You'll have to wait.
"This spell won't begin "till you finish your plate.
" I guess you really have to want it.
Do we? Okay, we want it.
So hot.
Now what? How do we know if it worked? Guys.
It's noon.
It's a disaster.
- Whoa.
- No way.
Okay, I'm taking my food bike to the-- To the little league championship.
I want to sell some of my-- Patent-pending Jake's Sizzling Bacon Dogs.
You saw the fliers.
I knew they were a good investment.
But anyway, I was in such a hurry-- That you wiped out on your bike, and lost all your condiments.
Now it's getting weird.
Go ahead and take whatever you want from the fridge.
And, no, we don't have gourmet mustard.
Kelly: Yes! All right, we all know what to expect today.
So we have a second chance to get everything right.
No problem, Crosby.
Good afternoon, Miss Silvers.
I'm here for my lesson.
May I begin? I'd like to play ascending scales so you can evaluate me.
That will be fine.
Your form is not terrible.
I can see this isn't your first lesson.
It's not.
May I start on the piece? When I trained, I practiced scales for years before my teacher let me play a real piece of music.
Ugh! Making this stupid diorama is worse the second time.
If it makes you feel any better, it looks nicer.
At least Cyrano's nose isn't drooping this time.
- Kelly! - Hey, Buddy.
Can we play "Monkey Monkey"? Want to be a zookeeper, Darbie? No can do.
Still gotta paint the background on this.
And I'm studying something really important.
Can I help? Buddy, sorry, but you gotta find somewhere else to play.
Okay? I'm hungry.
You just ate.
Can I have my soccer ball? No, no, no, no, no, no.
No! You're not playing indoor soccer.
How'd you know that? Big sisters know everything.
That was awesome.
Buddy's gonna be scared of you for the rest of his life.
Best of all, no crash.
I spoke too soon.
So much for a do-over.
Buddy, did you just use Mom's exercise band as a slingshot? I didn't know it would work so well.
I'm gonna be in so much trouble.
Wait, you got those to fly straight? Nice.
I mean, Buddy, how could you? That was acceptable.
Thank you, Miss Silvers.
Form is very important.
Maybe you could play something so I could see your form.
I brought "The Nutcracker Suite.
" I don't play music you can hear in elevators.
Then can I have a bathroom break? Around the corner, down the hall.
Let's try it.
"Clair de Lune"? I've heard that in elevators.
Really? What are you doing in here? Nothing, I just-- You're looking for magic.
Of course.
I should have known.
No, I'm here to take piano lessons.
My scales are getting better.
Well, they're mediocre at best.
Get out! Third time's the charm? I'm not settling for mediocre.
Darbie, Darbie, Darbie, Darbie.
You can do it.
It's so hot! Look, guys.
The window is fixed.
And it's noon again.
That means-- Help.
It's a disaster.
How did you-- Magic.
You girls are the best.
You should try guitar.
Jensen's a very patient teacher.
Thanks, Hannah.
Not bad, Miss Parker Kent.
Really? Yes.
I can tell you prepared for this lesson.
Thank you.
But honestly, I think I can do better.
Um, Kelly.
Shouldn't you be studying your magical spices? Yes, but first I need to take care of-- Kelly! Nope.
Not gonna build this a fourth time.
I'll be in your room, Kelly.
Sit down, Buddy.
Want to play "Monkey Monkey"? Nope.
We're going to sit here, I'm gonna keep my eyes on you, and you're gonna stay out of trouble.
But I haven't even done anything.
But if I look away, you're just gonna destroy the house.
You don't know that.
Can we please do something? Like what? - Hang out.
- What do you mean? Play or something.
Wait a minute.
You-- You just want to spend time with me? That's it? Yeah, like we used to.
I'm-I'm sorry, Buddy, I-- You know what? Are you hungry? Yes.
You always cook, but you never cook for me.
You're right.
Let's make something together.
Okay? Stop.
It's clear you have discipline.
And some talent.
Did you bring a piece to learn? Yes, I brought "Clair de Lune.
" It's my favorite.
Really? Mine, too.
- May I? - Please.
Just take a moment to look at the music before you begin.
Uh, no, no, no, no.
I'll show you.
It's not about seeing a note on a page, and-- Plinking it out.
See the notation with your eyes.
And let them pass through your heart on the way to your hands.
That way there's a little piece of your soul in every note you play.
That looks good.
That's because we made it with one of Grandma's secret ingredients.
What? Love.
That's all right, then.
Buddy, is this gonna be safe here? I think Buddy's gonna be calm the rest of the day, right? I ate so much cheese I could take a nap.
Well, maybe this will wake you up.
That's so cool.
And it gets better.
You made this today? Well, sort of.
The seed is gone.
Darbie: What's up with this scrapbook you found? It looks like Miss Silvers wrote spells in the margins.
Don't you realize? I'm not the only person in town she cursed.
Hannah, you found Gina's book of victims.