Just Add Magic (2015) s02e05 Episode Script

Just Add Saphrön

1 Previously on "Just Add Magic" You must not trust him.
He remembers.
When Chuck's around, bad things happen.
Becky: If Chuck's back, nobody's safe.
Well, my dad lost his job because of Chuck.
You know, Mama P's is still Mama P's.
Don't worry.
I won't be back.
Miss Perez.
Are you dating the woman I met in the park, Amy? I should have been the one to tell you, so I could explain.
Kelly, your friend is a cool guy.
- Jake? - I'm talking about Chuck.
He's up in the attic looking at my records.
You stay away from my family.
You stay away from the cookbook.
[birds chirping.]
[wood crackling.]
Chuck didn't go back to Gina's yesterday.
We have to be really careful.
Grandma, what do you think he wants? He wants to take the magic.
And the last time we tried to stop him, he came after our families.
Like Mama P's father.
Yes, he stole money from the store where Mr.
Perez worked, and hid it in his bag.
They could never prove it was Chuck? No.
Perez was fired, and he had trouble finding work.
The shame was just too much, it destroyed their family.
You look all dressed up.
Where are you going, Mom? I'm off to city hall.
Finally got my 500 signatures.
Let's see them try to reject my stop sign now.
Though I'd settle for a speed bump.
- Don't tell them that.
- I'm proud of you, Mom.
Thanks, honey.
I mean, after Buddy nearly got hit by that car, something had to be done.
Oh, that reminds me.
You're still okay to take him to his martial arts expo, right? - That's today? - Yes.
You can still do it, right? Uh, yes, of course I can.
You're gonna love it, Grandma.
Okay, great.
All right, you guys have fun.
- Good luck, Mom.
- Thanks.
Come on, Grandma, let's go.
You'll be okay without me? Don't worry, Grandma, I'll be fine.
But if he wants the book, then why didn't he just take it? I mean, he easily could have grabbed it when he was up here.
Maybe he can't.
When he touched the book, it burned him.
It feels like Chuck's coming after our families.
Maybe it wasn't just a coincidence that he saved Buddy.
[cell phone chimes.]
As much as I'd love to hang around, and discuss 1965 lost boy, or whatever he is, I have to go meet my dad's new-- I can't say it.
Both: Girlfriend.
Now that my dad knows I know about Amy, he asked me to meet her.
And for some stupid reason, I said yes.
Hey, look on the bright side.
You get to try that new restaurant across from Mama P's.
I hear the chef massages her ingredients.
I hear she makes you smell the food before taking a bite.
I hear there's a magic cookbook that can make Amy disappear.
Darbie, no.
I mean, I know you're worried, but you might actually like her.
Unless she's a fire eating animal trainer with super powers, I doubt it.
Poor Darbie.
Look at these new symbols.
These weren't there before.
I've studied the book every day, and I've never seen these.
What do you think it means? Don't forget your apron.
I don't want it.
But it's got your name on it.
It's got yours, too.
Did you see that line? People are so dumb, they'll fall for anything.
And what kind of name is that, "Saphroon"? It's "Sa-phroon.
" And I'm about to interview for a job with Chef Jasper.
Seriously? - That woman is a hack.
- Takes one to know one.
- She uses people.
- Takes one to know one.
You don't want to work there.
Definitely don't want to work here.
- Good.
- Good.
" I'm sorry I'm late.
- Darbs, you remember Amy.
- Hi, Darbie.
Why didn't we make a reservation? This is the reservation line.
Cute bracelet.
You have good taste.
My mom does.
She gave it to me.
I'm gonna go check the wait time.
- She hates me.
- She does not.
She'll be fine once she gets some food in her.
Darby just gets "hangry.
" I hope so.
- What does that mean? - [cell phone rings.]
- Darbie? - You need to get here right now.
- Is Amy really that bad? - Yes.
No, that's not the point.
What's he doing there? And what's my dad doing there? What are they doing there together? Kelly: We're on our way.
- How about now? - No.
Still no signal.
No, nothing.
Maybe the phone's broken.
Game works fine.
Please don't waste the battery.
As soon as we have a signal, I have to check in on Kelly.
I know.
Everything looks so good, I'm having a hard time deciding.
I'm not.
I'll just have the grilled cheese.
Sure you don't want to try something more adventurous? No.
When I find something I like, I stick with it.
Hello there.
And welcome to SaphroÃn.
My name is Noelle Jasper, and I wanted to introduce myself.
In today's rushed world, I wanted to create an environment where meals could be shared slowly, and with loved ones.
The best way to enjoy our food is to share it, family style.
That's a good idea.
I love to share.
I don't.
I'll just have the grilled cheese.
- BRB.
- Darbie.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
I get it.
I was a 13 year old girl once.
- This place looks amazing.
- It's not.
- Where are they? - On the patio.
To me it's more like in the pocket, kind of.
Yeah, I agree.
Girls, this is a nice surprise.
What are you doing here, Dad? I wanted to take Chuck out to thank him for helping Buddy.
What are you doing here? We just wanted to check it out.
This place looks really good.
Uh, why don't we join you.
That would be great.
So, like I was saying, Mr.
Quinn, if there's anything you can do to help, I would really appreciate it.
Well, you know, I'll call my boss after lunch, see what he thinks, but I can't think of a reason why he wouldn't hire you.
- Hire him.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna see if I can get Chuck an internship at my office.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I mean, you know, nepotism and all.
Nonsense, honey.
It's so nice to meet a kid with such a good work ethic.
A word, Chuck.
Kelly, we're in the middle of a conversation.
Well, I know, but it'll only take a second.
Darbie will keep you company.
So, you like your food slow cooked.
- Um-- - Hey, Scott.
Patrick, hey.
Darbie, you're with the wrong dad.
- Come on.
- And you're with the wrong woman.
What are you doing? I came by to check on Buddy, and your dad asked me to lunch.
Is that a crime? Knowing you, probably.
What do you want? You haven't figured that out yet? You're not as smart as I thought.
I said stay away from my family.
Too late, Kelly.
Better get used to seeing me.
Pretty soon, I'll be part of the family.
Looks like my maple glazed French toast has arrived.
I think Chuck's trying to get my dad fired from his job just like he did to Mama P's father.
Maybe, but what can we do? Your dad really likes him.
- You have to cook.
- Me? I have to stay here and keep an eye on Chuck.
Cooking magic spells is not a one-woman job.
I can't do it alone.
Maybe you won't have to.
We need something that will allow Mr.
Quinn to see through Chuck's lies.
And we don't have a lot of time.
I know exactly what you need.
Hannah: Lemon Lie-m Mints.
Oh, "lie-m," as in lie, as in lie detector test.
Are you sure this will work? Whose handwriting do you think this is? Oh, you have excellent cursive.
Thank you.
"None of us are what we say, "but some of us do indeed waylay, "and lies we tell to cover our tracks, "eat this mint to see through our act.
" [sighs.]
What's the downside? The truth can be painful to hear.
First is was me, my sis and my mom.
Until my mom, she-- She passed.
There was just the two of us.
If it wasn't for the kindness of our relatives, we wouldn't have survived.
But-- [sighs.]
it's time for me to be independent.
I've been there, Chuck.
I grew up with a single mom.
Been some hard times.
You're not alone, though.
I really want to help you out.
[cell phone chimes.]
Honey, we talked about texting while eating.
But this is important.
Darbie, put the phone away.
It's delicious.
I could use some hot sauce.
I'll be right back.
- Friend drama? - No.
- Enemy drama? - Ah, no.
You want to talk? I've been there.
No, thanks.
Between you and me, the grilled cheese was the way to go.
I've always been a great orderer.
I could have told you slow cooked chicken and waffles was a bad idea.
Hey, your dad told me you love Trudith Winters.
"Exodus to Moonbai" is my favorite book.
Mine, too.
I've read it five times.
I love the part where they end up-- It's "Doomed Exodus to Moonbai.
" And it's just okay.
Why do you do that? It releases the juices.
Sort of like warming up before a concert.
I always thought of lemons as being sour.
But that smells sweet.
It is sweet.
It's a Meyer lemon.
Shall we? [liquid dripping.]
- Good luck.
- Thanks, Miss Silvers.
Hey, can I ask you something? Of course.
You're the only one who's not afraid of Chuck.
Why? I guess it's like the Meyer lemon.
You thought it was going to be sour.
People aren't only what they appear to be on the outside, including Chuck.
Well, Chuck appears to be a manipulative liar.
Underneath the leather jacket, there's an old soul, and, believe it or not, a sensitivity.
Chuck? I hate to say it, but I think he was just using you.
He was definitely using me.
Still, you can't fake everything.
There was a time when I wanted to give up piano, but he convinced me not only to keep playing, but that I could be a concert pianist.
So you really think Chuck's not all bad? I like to think we all have good inside us.
Can't believe we don't have any reception out here.
We need to call Kelly.
All you care about is Kelly.
What? That's not true.
It is.
Let's just go home.
We can't.
I have to get you to the expo.
Why? You don't care about spending time with me anyway.
Oh, Buddy.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I really love hanging out with you.
Then why do you only spend time with Kelly? [sighs.]
It's complicated.
But you're right.
I haven't been a very good grandma.
Can you forgive me? Maybe.
How about if we stop for some ice cream? I know a great place nearby.
Can I have two scoops? With sprinkles.
Oh, get in the car.
Good, you made it just in time.
Come on.
What did you cook? Ooh, breath mints.
I need one of those.
- No.
- No.
Oh, no.
Don't tell me.
It's not just a breath mint.
What's gonna happen to me? It's just a lie detecting spell.
It can't hurt.
Somehow, I don't believe you.
There's Chef Jasper.
Don't worry.
It'll be okay.
Okay, well, I'm off to go tell my dad he's got bad breath.
Well, lucky for you they put raw garlic in everything.
I'm right here if you need me.
I like to hire people who like to grow here at SaphroÃn.
People who understand the gentle grace of slow food.
Gentle grace is my middle name.
So you understand the art of slow cooking, then? Do I? I think all microwaves should be illegal.
We could check out record stores on our lunch breaks.
Go through stacks together.
That's where the real bargains are.
That'd be great.
So, you really want to work with my dad, huh? Are you kidding? Of course I do.
I love computers, and they're obviously the way of the future.
That's a lie.
He has no interest in computers.
You know, I think it's really, really nice that you want to make money to help your Aunt Gina out.
She means the world to me.
I don't want to be a burden, you know? More lies.
He's not doing this for his Aunt Gina.
Hey, Chuck, you know, maybe it was a little premature of me to try to get you this job.
I think that position's been filled.
That's cool.
But we can still hang out, right? Check out that vinyl store in Lavender Heights later today? I'm really looking forward to it.
Yeah, I've got a lot of work to do.
Maybe some other time.
That's legit.
Well, thanks for the lunch, Mr.
, and best of luck with your new app.
See you later, Kelly.
What a strange kid.
Hey, Dad, I was thinking maybe we could go record shopping sometime.
And maybe we could go through stacks.
- [chuckles.]
- What does that mean, exactly? Oh, I can't wait to show you.
[cell phone chimes.]
So, how about some dessert? Do they slow cook strawberries and cream, too? [laughs.]
- You didn't like the food? - It was fine, I guess.
Well, I loved it.
Patrick, thank you so much for bringing us here.
- You like it? - Absolutely.
I'm gonna start slow cooking all of my food.
- Even PB&J.
- [laughing.]
My goal is to have my own restaurant one day.
I've developed 17 original recipes that I sell on my own food cart.
Oh, well, I welcome the entrepreneurial spirit.
I look forward to sampling your creations.
No you don't.
You're lying.
Uh, tell me again about the job.
Uh, would I just be a waiter? Because I really want kitchen experience.
I may believe in the are of slow cooking, but I also believe in fast-tracking young talent.
She'll never promote me.
All she wants is cheap labor.
There's nothing I want more than for my mentees to share their ideas, and to flourish.
Share our ideas so you can steal them.
You know, Chef Jasper, I don't think this is right for me.
Thank you for your time, though.
Are you actually turning down a job here? Yeah.
I guess I am.
Best of luck with the restaurant.
And then we hike up to Point Oneonta, and set up camp.
We don't even bring any food, we just eat what we can catch.
That sounds like so much fun.
I love camping.
Wait a minute.
Amy's lying.
So, you go often? Absolutely.
I love the great outdoors.
Just tell me the truth.
What's your favorite part? I don't know.
Maybe fishing.
Why is she pretending to be something she's not? Amy, stop.
I know you don't like camping.
I do like camping.
I mean, okay, the last time I went I was three, and I cried the whole time, but-- You don't have to put on an act for me.
Camping's not for everyone.
That's a relief.
And frankly, I don't like the food here, either.
Next time, cheeseburgers.
I don't understand.
Darbs, wait up.
I don't get it.
You have nothing in common.
She hates camping.
Mom loves camping.
I know this is hard for you.
But trust me, it's gonna be okay.
So, is that ice cream really named after you? Mm, Becky's Butterscotch.
I grew up with Mr.
He knew how much I loved butterscotch.
Wow, Grandma, you're famous.
And now we're really late for the expo.
That's okay.
I'm having fun.
Me, too.
Thanks for reminding me what's really important, Buddy.
Ice cream? [chuckles.]
That, too.
Phone's working.
You could call Kelly now.
That's okay.
I think Kelly can probably handle herself for one day.
I'm with you, dude.
[bell jingles.]
Did you forget something? I've been thinking about your offer.
While I don't really want to work here, - and I still maintain-- - Oh.
So you didn't get the job.
I didn't take the job.
As despicable as you can be, you've been fair.
I can live with that.
So you want your job back? - Yes.
- Great.
The dishes need to be stacked.
Well, hold on.
I have some terms.
You want to negotiate? A contract? You think I'm gonna trust a handshake? [sighs.]
A 20 percent raise.
Sharing tips.
Permission to sell your own products.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes.
No magic.
Come on, be reasonable.
You want me to come back here, those are my conditions.
We're gonna bring this place back the old fashioned way.
No more spells, Mama P.
No magic.
And just to be clear, we're not friends.
I looked up to you.
I hope I can make it up to you someday.
So do I.
I guess my dad likes her even though she doesn't like camping.
You know what will take your mind off of Amy? Check out what we found today.
What are these symbols? Mrs.
Quinn: Girls.
Finally, a meal that doesn't stress me out.
Mom made spaghetti.
Let's get some before Buddy does.
Ooh, I love spaghetti.
[paper rustling.]