Just Add Magic (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

Just Add Secrets

1 Previously on "Just Add Magic" You're using too much magic.
I have it under control.
We need to talk about Kelly.
We think she has a problem.
Darbie: Who is she? Hey, the book obviously wants us to know about this girl.
That's what the traveler said to Grandma in her dream.
Ida: Chuck's trapped in Lavender Heights.
Hi, Jake.
[bell jingles] - [door opens] - [bell jingles] Mornin', Jake.
I'll take my usual.
Why don't you try something new today.
Okay, what do you suggest? Blueberry muffin? You're funny.
I know, I know, I'm a creature of habit, but I love your blueberry muffins.
Now, give me your usual.
A smile, dude.
[chuckles] See ya tomorrow.
No, you won't.
Hi, honey.
Any fun plans today? Not really.
The girls aren't coming over? Don't think so.
Well, are you going over to Hannah or Darbie's house? No.
Something going on between you? You haven't seen each other in a few days.
We're not always together.
You kind of are.
[scoffs] Hey.
Even best friends need some time apart.
How are you doing, Mom? How's City Hall? Actually, everything's great.
Thanks to my presentation at the luncheon, the mayor has asked me to oversee the Historical Preservation Society.
Wow, Mom, that's great.
All those chain stores that think they're gonna take over Saffron Falls are in for a rude awakening.
- [chuckling] - [cell phone buzzing] Oh.
Receptionist from work.
I've been trying to get these theater tickets for your dad.
Sold out? Sorry.
You'd think working at the mayor's office would give me a little extra pull.
Not that I would ever flaunt my position.
I might be able to help.
Thanks, but I don't see how.
I have my ways.
[phone line ringing] Hey, Kelly.
The book is missing.
No, actually, it's not.
It's safe.
Safe? Where is it? [sighs] Meet me at Miss Silvers' in 45 minutes.
What's going on? We're having a little meeting.
Okay, well, where's Mama P? She declined our invitation.
Too busy refilling coffee cups, I guess.
Sit down, Kelly.
So, uh, what's this about? - You.
- Me? Okay, I'm-- I'm confused.
We're worried about you.
We all feel that you've become too reliant on magic.
Well, that's ridiculous.
Why would you think that? You've cooked so many recipes, our spices are almost gone.
And you're cooking by yourself.
The three of us are the protectors.
Not just you.
You have a problem.
Well, how is it a problem when I cook to help people? You didn't help me and my dad.
You spelled him.
To help you.
You complained you wanted to spend more time with your dad, and that's exactly what the spell gave you.
Yes, but it also made Amy break up with him.
Well, they're back together now, and you had a great day with your dad, so really, no harm was done.
That's not her point, Kelly.
Please don't fight.
I have done a lot of good with the magic.
A thank you would be nice.
Didn't I bring you back, Grandma? Yes, you did.
And didn't our Curse Breaking Cake allow you to play in public again, Miss Silvers? You have a gift for magic, Kelly.
All you girls do.
But you need to be careful.
You're young.
Go slow.
Where's the book? Darbie and I have it.
We're gonna take turns keeping it for a while.
Just give it to me.
I don't know why you're doing this.
It's not forever.
We just think you need to take a little break.
We're doing this because we love you.
Do you understand? No.
This is completely unfair.
I don't have a problem, but you've all decided that I do.
So, fine.
I'll stop doing magic.
[door bell jingles] Hey, Kelly.
Where are the girls? We're not always together.
Eh, you kinda are.
- [sighs] - Oh, I forgot.
The intervention.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
You seem fine to me.
Thanks, Mama P.
I think so, too.
Did they take away the book? Yeah.
Deja vu.
I remember when they said I had a problem with magic.
[chuckles] Can you imagine? They're just jealous of us.
[bell jingles] Hi, Jake.
Haven't seen you much this summer.
What's new? My menu, for one.
Mama P asked me to come up with a bunch of new dishes.
She's gonna put them on the specials board for the rest of the summer.
- [chuckles] - Come on, let me show you.
Deviled eggs.
My Grandma makes these.
Try one.
I love the cayenne.
What's this? Ambrosia fruit salad.
Marshmallows and whipped cream in a salad.
I've never had anything like this before.
It was really big in the '60s.
Oh, right, before fruit salads were supposed to be healthy.
[chuckling] I'm surprised.
You're usually into the latest cooking trends.
What made you decide to go retro? Retro's gonna be the next big trend.
Thank you.
See ya tomorrow.
I have a surprise for you, Jake.
You do? What? Where have you been wanting to go? The beach? You hate the beach.
It's a joke.
Le Grande Falls Restaurant.
Oh, right.
I told you I was going to make things up to you.
I'm taking you there for lunch tomorrow.
- Really? - Really? That place costs a fortune.
Jake told me he'd never had a fine dining experience.
You're always cooking.
It'll be nice for you to be served for a change.
Thanks, Mama P, that's really nice of you.
We have a 12:30 reservation.
Don't be late like you were the other day.
- Late? - Two hours late.
Two hours? That's not like you, Jake.
It's not a big deal.
Uh, well, maybe not for Darbie, but you pride yourself on being punctual.
You're not telling me something.
What is it? [chuckles] Okay.
The truth is I decided to play hooky and see a movie.
I saw that Trudith Winters flick, which was amazing.
Don't tell Mama P.
Didn't think to look under my bed, did you, Hannah? Elysian.
It's the truth family, and I need Jake to tell me what's up.
What can I make with cumin? Beans.
Because I need Jake to spill the beans.
Can you keep a secret? I guess.
You know how I haven't been able to sleep lately? It's not insomnia.
I've been staying up nights researching Grandma's illness.
Dad, I-- I really don't think that's such a good idea.
Well, how do you suddenly lose the ability to communicate? I need to know what happened.
She's back to normal now, and that's all that matters.
- What if she has a relapse? - She won't.
We don't know that.
What if it's genetic? - It's not.
- We don't know that, either.
I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
Don't tell your mom.
She doesn't think it's a good idea, either.
[sighs] I didn't think of the downside.
Is everyone gonna start telling me their secrets? [door opens] Have I got something to tell you.
Oh, no.
Don't tell anyone this, but-- Mayor Davies is going to resign so she can run for state senate.
Why are you telling me this? Because-- And nobody knows this yet, either-- I'm going to run for mayor.
Wow, Mom, that-- that's huge.
- You can do it.
- Thanks, honey.
But let's keep it our little secret for now.
- Where's your dad? - Upstairs.
Oh, no doubt working on his medical research he thinks I know nothing about.
Hey, Kelly.
Guess what.
No, Buddy, I don't want to know everybody's secrets.
I haven't brushed my teeth in three days.
Hi, Jake.
How's it goin'? Great.
Everyone's hungry today.
Oh, that's good.
Anything you want to tell me? No.
I like your dress.
So, nothing else? I saw you a few hours ago.
Not much has changed since then.
We got your message.
I'm glad you're not still mad at us.
Course not.
I know you were just trying to look out for me.
So, what are we doing here? I thought we could have lunch.
And I'm buying.
Three Jakewiches, please.
On the house.
Really? Yeah, I'm having a good day.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Kelly, I've been keeping some secrets from you.
Of course, you have.
I mean, really? Remember when we binge watched the new season of "Royals of Wembley"? I had already watched it by myself.
I couldn't wait.
And remember in the first grade when I said I didn't have any Goldfish crackers left? I lied.
I just didn't feel like sharing.
And while we're at it, I feel guilty that I like Amy so much.
[chuckles] Okay, well, I forgive you, and don't feel bad about Amy.
She's a very nice person.
I re-gifted the bracelet you gave me for Christmas.
It was really nice, just a little too clinky.
And clunky.
- Sorry.
- I understand.
And there's something else that nobody knows yet.
I'm not going to Fox Canyon.
Darby/Kelly: What? I called our school and I told them I'm staying.
I don't understand, I thought you were excited.
Well, I felt left out when you two rescued our cookbook from Chuck's trailer without me.
Oh, Hannah, it wasn't like that.
Wait a minute.
Why are we telling you all of our secrets? I can explain.
You cooked again, didn't you? We're under a spell.
Your lucky T-shirt.
I lost it.
It's a secret spell.
It's not supposed to affect you guys.
I swear.
It was just supposed to affect Jake.
What's wrong with Jake? Something's not right with him.
I think he's hiding something.
What are you talking about? He just gave us sandwiches.
Jake never gives his food away.
And he put cilantro in his Jakewiches.
He hates cilantro.
Oh, and get this.
He said the word groovy.
So? He knows I'm trying to bring it back.
Kelly, listen to yourself.
You're look for any excuse to cook.
No, Jake was late for his shift, and then he lied and said that-- that he went to the new Trudith Winters movie.
But he saw it last week and hated it.
Well, that makes two of us.
No, I'm telling you he's hiding something.
Okay, so what is it? What did he tell you? Well, that's just it, he didn't.
He's the only one who didn't tell me his secrets.
Maybe he doesn't have any.
Everyone has a secret.
You didn't listen to anything we said this morning, did you? - I did-- - And then you decided to ignore it.
You really have a problem, Kelly.
So, what'd you put in the spell? Elysian cumin in a spill-the-beans recipe.
You even gave it a name? Did you write a riddle, too? Of course not.
How do you break it? Well--- I actually don't know.
What? If you let me see the book, I can figure it out.
No chance.
You're on a magical time out.
Darbie and I will figure out a counter spell.
Want to know where I'm going? Not really.
Don't tell Mom, but I'm meeting a guy who says he thinks he knows what happened to Grandma.
What? How's that possible? I'm gonna find out.
I'm meeting him at Mama P's.
[sighs] Grandma.
I think we have a problem.
We need to find what ingredients are used in a recipe that's opposite to Kelly's spill-the-beans.
Like a tight-lipped linguine or a hold-your-tongue tongue.
[chuckles] That's gross.
But that's the right idea.
That's Rose, the girl we saw before.
At least her eyes aren't moving.
That's good.
But she's staring right at us.
[gasping] Okay, this is weird.
Really weird.
As much as I hate to say this, I'm gonna say it anyway.
Kelly needs to see this.
[sighs] I'm glad you called me.
It was the right thing to do.
You don't really think that this guy could know anything about magic, do you? Of course not.
I'm sure he's just some kind of kook.
But I wish your dad would stop worrying about me.
[sighs] Can I tell you a secret? No, Grandma, you don't have to.
I regret how I used my morbium.
But you said that you-- I know.
Gina and Ida were my best friends, and I loved them.
And I had to find a way to stop them from hurting each other.
But when I broke us up, I gave them no real way of ever un-spelling themselves, and I was wrong.
Maybe you should tell them instead of me.
I think it's a little late for that now.
[bell jingles] Mom? Kelly? What are you doing here? Kelly told me about your research.
Sorry, Dad, but I really don't like secrets.
So, what did the guy say? What didn't he say? Get this.
He told me he thought Grandma was under a magic spell.
[chuckling] - He said that? - I know.
- Magic.
- Yeah.
What a crackpot, right? I was hoping to get some real answers about what happened to you, Mom.
But maybe I should just be grateful you're okay, and leave it at that.
I love that idea, Scott.
Me, too.
Hey, who wants some ice cream? Don't worry.
I'm sure it's nothing.
[bell jingles] The book won't let us go to any other page.
It's trying to tell us something.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
I'm not getting it.
Okay, now we're getting somewhere.
I'm not so sure.
It's the same drawing.
Okay, I'm starting to get mad at you, book.
[pages rustling] The drawings are slightly different.
They look the same to me.
Her mouth is in slightly different positions.
Turn off the lights.
That's our cookbook.
Do you think-- If Rose had the book, then she must have been a protector.
Like us.
[rustling] What is happening? I don't know.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
How can we help you, Rose? What do you want? Maybe she wants to get out of the book.
That's a sentence I never thought I'd say.
But this is just a drawing.
Unless it isn't, and it actually is Rose.
You're trying to tell me that this girl is stuck in the book? It makes sense.
Think about it.
Her eyes did move the first time we saw her.
I was hoping we were just tired and seeing things.
Kelly, you're still under the secret spell.
Rose just told us her secret.
We need to help her.
How? We have magic.
We need to use it.
Kelly I'm sorry for taking the book away.
Me, too.
Without your secret spell, Rose wouldn't have been able to communicate with us.
No, no, don't apologize.
You were right.
I was afraid to admit it, but I really do have a problem.
I had almost forgotten who I am without magic.
What happened? Why'd it stop? Your spell just broke.
Well, maybe it breaks when the person who made it tells a secret, and you just did.
I guess so.
By the way, you're awesome, with or without the magic.
Thanks, Darbie.
You guys are always there for me.
Including taking away the book, which I'm really glad you did.
See? This is exactly why I'm not going to Fox Canyon.
I can't be without you guys.
Best friends need to be together.
It's because we're your best friends that we want you to go there.
The school's amazing.
It's the right move.
So what are we gonna do about Rose? I don't know.
But let's start by calling a meeting.
[bell jingles] Becky and Gina aren't here yet.
You guys having a meeting? Yeah.
I'm not sure why.
With Chuck gone, I thought our problems were over.
Things just got interesting.
Ooh, gossip.
I gotta hear this.
You won't believe what we saw in the book.
- It was-- - What's this meeting about? Don't look at me.
I didn't call it.
Why don't you go home.
I'll close up.
I don't mind hanging around.
Jake, why don't you show them the new menu.
Impressive cursive.
Darbie: "Jake's Heavenly Ambrosia, "3 Piggies in a Blanket"-- Gina: This sounds like the food my mom used to make.
"Tunnel of Fudge.
" These all sound amazing.
Well, I got a lot of cleaning up to do.
Kelly, what's wrong? [bell jingles] Is everything all right? No, it's not.
It's the same handwriting.
The person who wrote this list wrote this menu on the chalkboard.
Chuck wrote this list.
My gut's been telling me that there's something wrong with Jake.
What are you saying? The Jake who's in your kitchen is not our Jake.
Then who is he? Both: [whispering] Chuck.
I still have a lot of food left.
Anybody hungry?