Justice League Unlimited s01e09 Episode Script


The new Bermuda Platform's under attack.
If it collapses, we're gonna have the worst oil spill in history on our hands.
I've told those idiots to stay out of my ocean.
ETA is three minutes, Aquaman.
Right behind you, Superman.
See you there, Diana.
These geniuses dug right into the Earth's magma.
Never occurred to them there'd be anything living down there.
Not to worry, fellow heroes.
The Ultimen are here.
Not them again.
Now, is that nice? You know, Juice, Superman was my hero when I was a lad.
It's not his fault he's getting old.
Old? Old but spry, sir.
Old but spry.
It's, uh, really an honor to be working with you, Wonder Woman.
Thank you, Long Shadow.
Lend them a hand, Brother? Absolutely, Sister.
Flood! Sea serpent! Don't be afraid, Wonder Woman.
It's only me, Shifter.
Any chance you could warn me before you try to drown me? We were only trying to help.
Can you make telepathic contact? Do they look like fish to you? Don't despair, old chum.
I didn't know you could do that.
Neither did I.
Finding new sources of fuel for an energy-starved world is truly a worthy endeavor.
But in man's quest to better himself, he must respect all of the world's creatures, including those poor beasts whose homes you've disturbed.
It's imperative that we learn to share our planet if Earth is to survive.
He's certainlyearnest.
I think the word is "corny.
" Our paths keep crossing, and our goals are very much the same.
Isn't it time you accepted our offer? All right! We're truly flattered, Wonder Woman, but we're simply not ready yet.
All of you in the Justice League stand as shining examples of what true heroism is.
I only hope that one day the Ultimen can live up to your legend.
Oh, for crying out loud.
Wonder Woman? I-- I think it'd be terrific if one day we could join the League, but Maybe you could come with me on patrol sometime.
Oh! Oh, that would be-- Let's go, Romeo.
Lord, your Ultimen have taken the country by storm these past six months.
Why do you think that is? Simple, Mike.
They're heroes people can trust, relate to, depend on.
They're not aloof.
They don't put themselves above us mere mortals the way that some heroes do.
Are you referring to the Justice League? Who? But what about those who criticize you for the millions you've made in licensing and endorsement deals? All the money generated by the Ultimen is funneled back into the group to cover overhead and such.
Fighting crime isn't cheap, Mike, and even superheroes have to eat.
I can't listen to any more of this.
This guy's dripping more oil than that platform ever did.
And he has the gall to take cheap shots at us.
I know Maxwell Lord.
All he cares about is money.
Well, it takes money to do what we do.
And not everyone's independently wealthy.
Lord's a walking ego who'd do anything for a buck and some free publicity.
If he's involved in this, it isn't about helping people.
I don't know about Lord, but I think these Ultimen have potential that should be encouraged, especially Long Shadow.
I admit, they're a little overeager, but they're really a nice bunch of kids.
So last night, Inside Celebrity did a whole segment on Wind Dragon.
And Mr.
Swelled Head here didn't even mention the rest of us.
When do I get to be team leader? When your teeth sparkle like mine.
Kids, kids, you know you two play best to the tweens.
Your faces are on the walls of every 12-year-old in America.
I don't know about Shifter, but I'm sick of being a teen idol.
There's more to me than just a pretty face.
Did I forget to give you the royalty check for the new water-spouting Downpour action figure? And that's just domestic.
What-- What I wanna know is Why can't we join the Justice League? Hey, it's all right.
I used to think like that.
Used to? What happened? I don't know.
I guess I just started wanting stuff.
Yes, ma'am, but just because Wind Dragon has a new power, we-- Yes, I know, but-- But-- But-- I'll check it out, ma'am.
I'll check them all out.
Come on, Giganta.
How long are you going to be Grodd's errand girl? Long as he needs me.
I took you apart before.
Why go through it again? Because this time, I've got help.
Bizarro's here To save the day Out of the way, tiny.
You were saying? Oh, poop.
Can't you see Giganta's just using you? Me do anything for woman I love, even break her boyfriend out of jail.
And what's gonna happen then? Uh Good job.
Believe it or not, when I was born, I was small, sickly.
But lucky for me, my folks were scientists experimenting with growth hormones.
Guess the experiments were a success.
Where are your parents now? Well, Mompassed away.
Dad's retired.
Do you really think I could make it in the League? Yes.
Yes, I do.
But I guess-- I guess I owe it to the Ultimen to-- Yeah? Okay.
Right away.
I've gotta go.
How long are they gonna keep us here like this? What's the hurry, sis? Gotta get home and wax your mustache? Well, I, for one, have a date, and I have to get her home by 10.
It's worse than we thought.
The Ultimen's cellular matrix isn't holding.
Wind Dragon, in particular, is showing massive cellular atrophy.
But they're all in the early stages of failure.
How long? A few months, a few days.
The progression will be painful.
We should do everything we can to help them.
That's not our priority.
But, Mrs.
Waller, I really think that we-- Since when did your opinion count, Lord? How fast can you get the second team up and running? I swear, he still wets the bed.
If we push ourselves, five days.
Can I help it if I keep turning into a puddle all night? Quiet.
Do it in three.
I saw her turning into Britney Spears But what about the Ultimen? Quiet! They're expendable.
Great news, troops.
Dragon's new power is nothing to be concerned about.
But just to be safe, Professor Hamilton wants to keep you overnight for observation.
Overnight? No problem, Max.
We'll be happy to stay.
What exactly are we looking for? We'll know when we find it.
What is that? Over there.
The clones are unharmed.
Security can't find a trace of our Ultimen.
But I want you to find them, Mr.
Lord, and bring them back.
They're not gonna trust me or anyone now that they know that-- Bring them back, or I'm calling in the squad to put them down.
I want this laboratory dismantled and relocated.
No loose ends.
You lied to us, Max.
I was only trying to protect you from people who don't have your best interests at heart.
I've always been on your side.
And I promise I won't stop until-- Spare us the performance.
What'll it be, Max? Drowning on a rooftop, or eaten by a lion? You're-- You're artificial life forms grown in a test tube, designed to be the ultimate superheroes.
That's a lie! I remember my parents! How much they loved me.
I was with my mother when she died.
I-- Implanted memories.
But I spent Thanksgiving with my father.
How long have we--? You're just a little over a year old.
The purpose of the Cadmus Project was to create a popular group of superheroes who were completely loyal to the government, unlike those loose cannons in the Justice League.
And the clones? Replacements for when youwear out.
Once they're complete, the clones will think they're you.
They'll be you, and no one will be the wiser.
How could you do this to us? Ha! Me? This is so big, even my superiors are small fish.
But I-- I was just-- Following orders? No.
He's nothing.
We want the big fish.
They're gone.
And we're dead.
They're here somewhere.
They've got to be.
Rhino! Tidal wave! Take this place apart.
No, wait! There are other offices in this building, innocent people who-- What's going on? I'm here to help.
Get us out of here! Need a hand? What's the point of this? We'll never find Cadmus or a cure.
It's hopeless.
Then what? We just die and let them replace us? No one ever knows we were here? That we mattered?! I say we just bring the whole building down right on top of us.
Don't give up hope yet, Downpour.
We've got friends in high places.
You idiot.
Do you really think that they can help us? Whatever's going on, we'll do everything in our power to-- Yes, power.
That's what it always comes down to, doesn't it? And that's the only way we'll ever be remembered.
If we're the ones who take down the Justice League, the world will never forget us! Listen to yourself.
You're not making any sense.
You're getting sicker.
Translation: They're afraid to face us.
No! As a man said, "You're either with us or against us.
" Where'd he go? Light's outold chum.
Nobody does that to my sister.
Do you hear me?! Nobody! King of the seas, remember? You don't have to do this! It's all I know! It's what I was created to do.
You're confused, Dragon.
The cellular degeneration-- No more words.
I'll suck the wind right out of you.
Look what you're doing.
Look! Is this what you wanna be remembered for? He was your hero.
He was my hero.
And a hero's all I ever wanted to be.
Project Cadmus? That's all you know? Everything else is an implanted memory.
How much time do you have left? Who knows? We'll take it from here.
The Ultimen belong to us.
Belong? A poor choice of words.
We'll see to it that their last days are comfortable.
We will take care of you.
You have my word, for whatever it's worth.
All right, Max.
You need to step back.
Not gonna happen.
Long Shadow's with us.
Mine are bigger than yours.
Stand down.
He's free to go with you for however long he's got.
Who are you people? That's a National Security matter.
And if I were you, I wouldn't probe the situation too closely rich boy.
Welcome to the Justice League.