Justice League Unlimited s01e11 Episode Script

Wake the Dead

O malefic one, your humble servants make you these offerings.
The bones of wolves ground into powder, fat from the flesh of geckos rendered into candles.
The rune that is your name, unspeakable by our unworthy tongues.
O malefic one, we beseech thee, grant us the power to destroy our enemies.
Especially Brad Turner, who, if I have anything to say about about it, has given me my last swirly.
I'm just saying.
It's humiliating.
We beseech thee, grant us the power to destroy our enemies.
We ask this in your name.
That was so cool.
Yeah, but I don't feel any stronger.
Me either.
What a rip.
Just a lousy light show.
That's what I get, buying a book of spells on the Internet.
My head's goin' right back in the toilet tomorrow.
Don't forget the wedgies.
I don't know if I can take it anymore.
Me either.
So I stopped wearing underpants.
All right, Alan, I guess we'll see you tomorrow.
And don't forget, these have to be back at the costume shop by 4, or we lose our deposit.
Gee, Stew, did you forget your dice again? All right, I'm coming.
It's your move, Hawkgirl.
Check in five moves.
We'll see.
Diana told me you used to regularly beat Batman.
Difficult to believe from the current pitiful level of your game.
I should have known better than to expect a proper challenge from a woman.
Such scintillating repartee.
I get better conversation from the android.
You are aware I'm in the room? Check.
I win again.
It's just a game.
You disgust me.
Join the club.
I could've told you that wouldn't work.
She was once one of the fiercest warriors I'd ever met.
What's she doing here? Trying to find her way.
Leaving the Justice League was difficult for her.
I provided her sanctuary, a place to meditate on her life and future.
We must allow her the time she needs to Excuse me.
New game? John, this is Dr.
We may have a problem.
I wasn't expecting you back so soon.
The garden needed work.
Don't go, Inza.
This is your place.
I'm just a visitor here.
My husband and I have offered you our hospitality.
We respect your privacy.
Treat this area as you would your own home.
Aquaman thinks I've been here too long.
Flowers bloom when they're ready, Shayera.
Not before.
I'm no flower.
I don't know what I am.
I'm not Lieutenant Shayera Hol of the Thanagarian empire.
Not anymore.
I've been stripped of my rank, exiled from my home world.
I'm not Hawkgirl.
That was always a sham.
Most people on Earth will never trust me again, and I can't blame them.
When I do my job, people get hurt.
People I care about.
And what happens when you don't do your job? Green Lantern.
Go ahead.
You're on in five, love.
Wendy, get a move on.
Copy that, she's on her way.
You're early.
I'd say I timed things perfectly.
I meant for our dinner date.
The fashion show's not over for another half an hour.
It's over for us.
We've got Justice League business.
I figured.
Aren't you dressed yet? It doesn't take me as long as you.
Come on, Vixen.
I'll fill you in on the way.
Fate called it.
Solomon Grundy's back.
The zombie guy? A heavy hitter.
I read about him in the files.
Yeah, he's tough.
But we can handle him.
Funny thing is, he's supposed to be dead.
Aren't all zombies, by definition, dead? Uh Oh, man, don't do it.
John! Come with it, then.
Get the Lantern somewhere safe.
I could've handled him.
You may get your chance.
In the meantime, humor me.
Come on, Grundy.
We've been through this before.
You don't have a chance against me.
Let's talk it over.
Maybe I can help.
You are improving.
This time it took me 16 moves to defeat you.
That's nearly double the number it took last time.
Set up the board.
Solomon Grundy's grave is empty.
Tell me where to find those responsible.
Then dig more graves.
We are dealing with something far more sinister than mere human avarice.
Grundy's grave was forced open from the inside.
The site reeks of chaos magic.
He left under his own power? Far more power than he ever evidenced before.
They need our help.
So does Grundy.
Let's try and get there before the League kills him.
That scenario seems unlikely.
In any case, are you certain you're up to this? Doesn't matter.
Bad guy or not, he sacrificed his life to save ours.
We owe him the benefit of the doubt.
Very well.
I learned the hard way that the energy dampening properties of this device can disrupt fundamental forces.
So I've kept it hidden in a pocket dimension, away from the magic that must flow freely in my home.
But if you are truly ready to take up the fight again I'm ready.
Hang on.
I'm coming for you.
Come on.
I'll get you down.
Shayera? Hate the beard.
You okay? Do I look okay? Better than Grundy's about to.
Perhaps we can be of assistance.
Okay, let's throw a wave of our big guns at him.
Me, Fate and the android.
We let him out of the tower now? I'm curious to see how you would dissuade him.
Hold up.
Before golden boy teleports him into the sun, I want to try talking to him.
Shayera, wait.
Grundy! It's me.
Remember? Bird Nose? Back! What's happened to him? I'm sorry.
I sense nothing of the Grundy we know within that shell.
He is nothing but rage.
Then it is time I brought this to an end.
No, don't hurt him.
In my travels through space, I've attained mastery of forces all but incomprehensible to humans.
I-- Wait.
Something's wrong.
The creature is somehow feeding on my energies.
He adds my power to his own.
My presence here puts you all at risk.
I will retreat several light-years distantace until I can determine how to counter this effect.
Tell us something, doc.
Grundy was revived with chaos magic, accumulative and with no known outer limit.
My magics are as useless as Amazo's technology.
Then I say we take him out the old-fashioned way.
No way it's this easy.
Sure it is.
The android half-fried him with the cosmic thing.
All we had to do was seal the-- Yahh! Put her down! You heard the man.
Don't make me do this, Grundy.
I don't see him.
Neither do I.
There must be lead in those old sewer pipes.
Guy tends to leave a trail.
We'll find him.
And then Pretty Polly can bash him with her magic mace.
Why does it hurt him? It's made of nth metal.
Your people's technology was developed specifically to repel magical creatures.
It disrupts the magic that animates him.
The creature knows only rage and seeks only oblivion.
Your mace may be the one object on earth that can grant him peace.
What are you saying? Your favorite movie's Old Yeller.
You know exactly what he's saying.
Is this my destiny? To be a destroyer? To betray yet another friend? It's not that simple.
It never was.
Hey, how 'bout we discuss it for another couple of hours? That way, he's sure to escape.
Only you have the power to put that creature out of its misery and to stop it before it hurts anyone else.
You don't have to, Shayera.
I'll do it for you.
Give me the mace.
Forget it, John.
He was my friend.
It's my responsibility.
I'll do it myself.
Shhhh, it's ok.
I know what you want.
What you need.
Close your eyes.
That's long enough.
I'm going in after her.
It's over.
Hawkgirl! Hawkgirl, over here.
Hawkgirl, do you think today's act can possibly make up for your complicity in the Thanagarian invasion of Earth? Do you have a comment on your dismissal from the Justice League? Hawkgirl was never dismissed from the League.
She can come back whenever she likes.
I recused myself, because wellanyway, Superman broke the tie.
I believe in second chances.
I believe in redemption.
But mostly I believe in my friends.
Traitor! Go back where you came from! Back off.
She doesn't have to take that from you people.
Yes, I do.
But it's okay.
I guess I deserve some of it.
You saved our lives.
God bless you, chica halcè´¸n.
You deserve that too.