Justice League Unlimited s02e07 Episode Script


Go! Go! Go! Whoa! Oof! J'onn, we're in trouble! Are you asking for help? Yes.
You never ask for help.
Just get us some reinforcements.
Argh! Superman, you're needed.
I'm in the middle of something.
Can it wait? Unfortunately, no.
It's the Parasite.
Give me half a minute and I'll be right-- Good work.
It was nothing really.
Hey, I think he's blushing.
Don't be modest, kid.
I don't even think Superman could have done a better-- Wait-- We were just talkin' about you.
And you are? Oh, that's right.
You were on a space mission when we recruited him.
I'm Captain Marvel, sir, and it is an honor.
You're my biggest fan.
Excuse me? I-- I mean, I'm your biggest fan.
Sorry, sir.
It's, uh It's a little overwhelming meeting you.
It's a pleasure, Captain, a real pleasure.
Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel, over here! Just one question.
Gosh, take it easy, folks.
One at a time, okay? Lois Lane, Captain, Daily Planet.
How does it feel to be part of the Justice League? How does it feel? Like I've waited my whole life for this.
I mean, being on the same team with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman I still can't believe they actually let me join.
What is it you value so much about the League? Golly.
I guess it's all the good they do.
Not just helping people, which is great-- I mean, that's the reason we're all here in the first place, right? --but they really make a difference.
They change the world.
How so? Well, just look at Lex Luthor.
He used to be a supervillain, for Pete's sake, and now he's one of the good guys.
I think it's terrific that he's running for President, don't you? Uh Are you moving to Metropolis from Fawcett City? No, ma'am.
I help where I'm needed, but I'm a Fawcett boy at heart.
I have one more question.
Just one question.
Sorry, folks, but I really gotta go.
But before you go-- Wait, wait! One more! There he is.
All right! Shazam! By 1939, President Roosevelt's key adversary in Europe was a dictator named-- Billy Batson! Yes, ma'am? You're late again.
Yes, ma'am.
Isn't it time you learned to take some responsibility for yourself, Billy? Isn't it time you grew up a little? Yes, ma'am.
Hey, guys.
How you doin'? Captain Atom, hi! Vigilante, how's it goin', buddy? Shining Knight! Wow, look at you! That's new armor, isn't it? Something wrong? Come with me.
Have you read the papers today? Just the comics.
"Snorkel the Squirrel" was hilarious.
He's looking for his nuts, right? And then Berkley-- That's this wacky bear.
He Holy moly.
When you joined this team, you became something more than just a hero.
I know that, sir, but-- You became a symbol, a symbol that represents all of us.
Yes, sir.
We don't play favorites, we don't sell deodorant on television, and we don't get involved in politics.
Yes, sir.
And we certainly don't endorse supervillains for the presidency.
Now-- Now, wait a minute.
I never said that I was endorsing Luthor.
Just that I think it's great that someone like him can change into a good guy.
Life just isn't that simple.
Well, maybe it is sometimes.
Maybe people can change! Can't they? You are not to make any more public statements without running them past the League first.
Is that understood? Yes, sir.
America is a nation of second chances.
And no one embodies that concept more than tonight's guest, once viewed as, shall we say, a less-than-admirable member of our society.
Much less, I'm afraid.
Lex Luthor has transformed himself into a respected and admired presidential candidate, and we're delighted to welcome him to The O'Bannon Agenda.
Thank you, Phil.
But I'm not here tonight as a campaigner.
I'm here to talk about something far bigger than mere politics.
And that would be? My newest project: Lexor City.
A fully functional urban paradise built for low-income Americans in search of that second chance you were just talking about.
Let's be straight here, Lex.
There are people out there right now rollin' their eyes.
They're sayin' that Lex Luthor hasn't changed, that he can't be trusted.
Can't say I blame them.
But people can change.
Take Hawkgirl, for instance.
You take her.
Ha, ha.
Now, Phil Hey, what you watchin'? Shh.
My point is, yes, she betrayed the Justice League, yes, as a consequence of her actions, the Thanagarians almost destroyed our planet, but seeing as how the League has welcomed her back into the fold, they've apparently forgiven her and offered her a second chance.
They have taken a lot of heat for that decision.
Maybe they're being naive.
Some might say dangerously so.
Or maybe they just want to give her a chance to redeem herself.
According to Captain Marvel, they're giving me the same benefit of the doubt.
And believe me, I intend to make the most of it.
Lexor City is my way of accepting their goodwill and passing it on.
I hear there's a huge open-house event tomorrow night with all proceeds going to charity.
That's right, Phil.
And I'm hoping Superman will attend.
I know how much he loves charities.
Hey, that's great, isn't it? Let's talk about your presidential campaign, Lex.
A Daily Planet poll of likely voters shows you're only two points behind Oof! Hyah! You were a little hard on the boy scout, don't you think? I thought I was the boy scout.
I did too, till I met Captain Marvel.
What did these guys want anyway? To take over the world? Or rob banks.
I forget.
But back to Captain Marvel, why are you--? Why is everyone defending him? We like him.
Superman? Yes? This is Emil Hamilton.
J'onn was kind enough to patch me through.
What is it, professor? There's something here I think you should see.
If it's just a simple robbery, why call us? It was anything but simple.
They ignored valuables: priceless gems, high-technology artifacts.
In fact, the only thing they took was the contents of this safe.
Nearly 4 pounds of weapons-grade kryptonite.
So? The lock was nano-picked.
LexCorp technology.
Then Luthor-- Which anyone could have gotten their hands on.
Or, for that matter, planted here to incriminate Luthor.
You know it was him.
I'm not entirely convinced.
This is pretty sloppy for Lex.
He's the most arrogant human being on the planet.
He wants us to know.
Maybe? I'll go to the Watchtower.
See if the Atom can find something I missed.
Since when do you miss anything? Since when do you jump to conclusions without evidence? Go to that charity event tonight.
You'll help raise some money, and keep an eye on our elusive Mr.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lexor City.
In just a few short weeks, these children, whose lives have been bleak and troubled, whose parents have been waging a losing war against poverty, will be moving here to our city of tomorrow.
Now, go on, you little scamps, have yourselves a ball.
It's the most ambitious project I've ever been a part of.
A fully functional city to house those most in need.
Just think of it, ladies and gentlemen, who never again have to worry about a roof over their heads, about a safe, clean environment for their children.
Thirty-thousand people I'm sorry.
But this This is truly the greatest day of my life.
I never knew you had such a sentimental streak, Lex.
Oh, there's so much about me you don't know, Superman.
I'd like to thank the Man of Steel for putting aside our differences and lending his prestigious presence to this very special night.
Anything for a good cause.
To Superman, our hero.
Our hero! All right! Excuse me, Lex.
I'll be back in just a moment.
Don't eat too much.
The device is in place.
T minus six minutes.
Make sure my escape route is secure.
Clear the area immediately! Everybody out! Now! Let's go! Move it! Hurry up! Superman? No time, Lois.
Get as far away as you can.
Shazam! Wait! You don't understand.
Out of my way, Lex.
I don't know what's down there, but-- Hey, guys, guys.
Let's take it easy, okay? Captain Marvel, thank heaven you're here.
He just won't listen.
He's-- You don't have x-ray vision.
I do.
There's some sort of device buried beneath us, and I'm shutting it down.
No! If you touch it, it could go off.
Go off? So you admit you put a bomb under this city? Not a bomb.
An experimental fusion engine.
It'll supply nearly free energy to everyone who lives here.
See? Then why the lead shielding? It's for your protection.
The engine creates energy through controlled fusion of kryptonite molecules.
See? And why didn't you tell me this? Maybe Maybe I was afraid you wouldn't believe me.
Let's call the Atom or Steel to check the device over, see if what Luthor says is true.
At least someone around here is keeping a cool head.
There's no time for this! You can't just-- That's it.
No more Mr.
Nice Guy.
Captain, please! There has to be another way! Ugh! Aah! Shazam! Shazam! Shazam! Shaza-- Fight's over, son.
Well? It, uh, seems to be exactly what Luthor said it was.
I I'm sorry.
I-I-- I didn't If anyone should apologize, Superman, it's me.
I shouldn't have tried to make the free power a surprise.
Given the circumstances, I should have known better.
Of course, the Justice League will pay for the damage.
Oh, no.
I won't allow it.
This one's on me.
Look, Captain, I wanna-- No more lectures.
I called this meeting, and I'm gonna have my say.
But-- My whole life, I've looked up to the League.
You were my heroes, every one of you.
And you You were more than a hero.
I idolized you.
I wanted to be you.
Whenever I was out there facing down the bad guys, I'd think: "What would Superman do?" Now I know.
I believe in fair play.
I believe in taking people at their word and giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Back home, I've come up against my share of pretty nasty bad guys, but I never had to act the way they did to win a fight.
I always found another way.
I I guess I'm saying I-- I like being a hero.
A symbol.
And that's why I'm quitting the Justice League.
You don't act like heroes anymore.
He's right.
They set you up, Clark.
Does it really make a difference? After all, I-- They? They.
The plan worked better than I'd hoped.
All I wanted was for Superman to destroy the energy source.
But battling Captain Marvel? Demolishing Lexor City while those media morons filmed every horrific moment? It was more than I ever could have hoped for.
Everything's going according to plan.
And we're just getting started.