Justice League Unlimited s03e01 Episode Script

I Am Legion

What? I know.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Luthor! Don't make any sudden moves.
It's over.
Hold fire! Hold Fire! Here we are, Mr.
Your benefactor is looking forward to meeting you.
Does the mystery man have a name? No reason to be insulting, Lex.
I'm far superior to any man.
I appreciate the help, but gratitude only goes so far.
I'm not interested in working with you or anyone else.
I think you'll change your mind once you've seen what I have to offer.
Why would you try to move a prisoner that dangerous without calling us? Maybe because we thought we could do our jobs without help from the mighty Justice League.
And yet here we are.
Okay, Shayera, what's done is done.
Let's see if we can pick up his trail.
Aztek? The wall's submolecular integrity has been compromised.
Leptons showing residual weak-force interactions? Leptons showing residual weak-force interactions? Yeah.
How did you know? Yeah.
How did you know? It's a common energy signature of matter-phasing technology.
I assume it doesn't leave a trail? No such luck.
Maybe Aztek could-- You guys want some coffee? Apparently I got nothing better to do here.
Sorry, we got caught up in the work.
Special Agent King Faraday.
I'm the new liasion between the Attorney General's office and the Justice League.
Uh, good to meet you.
I'm-- Aztek.
I've been well briefed on all of you.
Security on Luthor's transfer was lax because it didn't seem necessary.
We haven't had a peep outta him since he was arrested for that Brainiac business last summer.
He's a broken man.
Just sits in his cell talking to himself.
When he's not stealing police vans you mean? That came out of nowhere.
We had no reason to think he was an active threat.
Do what you can.
Put out an APB, stake out airports, train and bus stations.
Already done, for what it's worth.
If he's sighted, don't approach him.
Call in the League.
My people can handle this.
-No, they can't.
Your people are good.
Luthor's better.
And if you get a lead on him, I expect to be kept in the loop.
Of course.
What is this? A home away from home for members of my organization.
I'll admit we're putting on something of a show for your benefit.
We rarely have so many members here at once.
Yes, it would take a huge scam to pay for all these people.
Actually, it's the other way around.
They pay me.
The world's most powerful supervillains banded together with one common goal.
They protect each other from the Justice League.
It's the only way to survive in the modern world.
There are so many heroes now.
And under the Martian, they're too organized for freethinkers like ourselves, to make a dishonest buck.
You're running a protection racket.
A co-op.
Everyone's free to go about their own business but if, say, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash show up to foil your bank robbery, you no longer have to face them alone.
Right, he does it out of the goodness of his heart.
Plus 25 percent of the gross.
So far, it's working perfectly.
The league doesn't even know that we exist.
Have to hand it to you, this is an impressive operation.
But we're still not interested.
See now, that's a problem.
You're much too powerful a player to be out there freelance.
Don't worry about the competition.
I'm out of the business.
Really? Then why bother to escape from prison? You've still got the spark, Luthor.
I see it in your eyes.
The spark of a man who can't be bound by society's petty restrictions.
Besides, nobody who plays the game at our level ever quits.
Oh, you got that right.
Completely missing the point.
Oh, you got that right.
Completely missing the point.
Luthor? Luthor? You think you understand me? That you actually have anything to offer? For a brief moment, I attained absolute knowledge, godhood.
Now it's all gone.
You melded with the computer-being, Brainiac and at your moment of triumph, the Justice League destroyed him.
Now there isn't a single piece of him left anywhere on Earth.
Except, of course, for this one.
Give it to me.
Salvation comes at a price, Lex.
First you do something for me, then you get your precious rock.
Do whatever he asks.
My entire program resides in even the smallest part of me.
I could reconstitute you, bring you back to life.
We could be together again.
All right, Grodd, I'm in.
What is it, honey? Your old footlocker's beeping.
At first I thought it was the smoke detector.
That ain't no smoke alarm.
It's a sound I never thought I'd hear again.
There's trouble on Blackhawk Island.
Aztek didn't find anything else? Sorry, Superman.
It was a bad lead.
Nobody's fault.
When you guys do pick up Luthor's trail, call me.
I want in.
You know what? This new monitor-duty rotation isn't so bad.
No more overnights unless you want them.
Only one shift a week and you're done.
Wally? Why don't you just go talk to her? Who, me? Talk to her? Heh.
No way.
Yeah, you'd probably be wasting your time anyway.
I hear she's, you know Brazilian.
Ha, ha.
If you're afraid to talk to her, I'll tell her for you.
-You are so very sad.
Got something for you.
Tell Hawkgirl your story, Mr.
We met a while back, ma'am.
Longer for me than for you.
When you traveled in time to World War II, you fought alongside my squadron.
You're one of the Blackhawks.
Only one still kicking, I'm sorry to say.
What's the problem? During the war and for decades after, we captured a lot of weapons.
Real sci-fi stuff.
We hid the worst of it on Blackhawk Island.
We decommissioned the place over 30 years ago.
But this morning, the old security alarm went off.
Might be nothing.
Or it might be someone raiding your armory.
We'll take a look.
Shayera out.
Pick a third for the team.
Um Oh, Yob Shiggurath.
Hey, Fire.
-Yes? We've got a mission.
Let's go.
I'm not going to argue with you about this.
I didn't come to argue.
It gets cold up there.
Allow me.
Something of a specialty of mine.
You haven't said a word the whole trip.
Buh-- I was hoping this mission would give us a chance to get to know each other a little better.
I understand.
You're very deep in thought mentally preparing for the battle.
No time for women.
I understand.
Oops! Sorry.
Two bogeys closing fast.
I'm losing it.
We're going down.
Get ready to bail.
Ejector pod's off-line.
We're gonna have to do this the hard way.
I got it.
That thing's gonna blow.
You need both hands to help Shayera.
Drop me.
Sure hope I think of something before I hit the ground.
He told you to drop him? He's a senior member of the team.
You know he can't fly, right? Hey, ladies! Check me out.
I'm just like a helicopter.
I'm sorta like a helicopter.
Don't you ever scare me like that again.
She loves me.
She's like the big sister I never had.
Only, you know, short.
Wait up.
I know everything there is to know about this island.
You're going to need my help.
We've got it covered.
And, no offense, but you're a little old for this kind of work.
Something's activated the island's defense grid.
You wanna make it outta here alive, I'm coming with you.
Whoever's on the island will be headed for master control.
That's in a bunker under the Blackhawk Victory Museum.
Where you stored the weapons you captured? Yeah, there's some serious ordnance there.
Yeah, there's some serious ordnance there.
Even got a couple of old war wheels.
Even got a couple of old war wheels.
Wasn't all that stuff destroyed in the war? Don't believe everything you see on the Documentary Channel.
War wheels, robot condors.
You got a pretty goofy security system here.
Yeah, good times.
I see something.
Somebody ain't impressed with the security.
We have to hurry.
That should keep them occupied.
Move it or lose it! You're the human lockpick.
Why don't you do this? Grodd's not testing me.
Company's coming.
Whoever you guys are, you got no business being in here.
Sorta goes with the territory.
We're thieves.
We going to do this the hard way, Lex? Please say yes.
You're threatening us with a metal weapon? I'm a ferrokinetic.
Or hadn't you heard? Shayera! You've got problems of your own.
Magnets lose their charge if you heat them.
You can't hurt me with-- What are you doing? I can't control-- Now, why is it you always find the keys in the last place you look? Let them go.
They're pathetic, but they're with me.
I'm sorry.
If I were 20 years younger-- You'd still be ancient.
Keep quiet.
Island self-destruct sequence initiated.
Three minutes to detonation.
Chew on that for a while.
We're leaving.
If you follow, you know what happens to him.
What did you do? Don't bother.
We got what we came for.
Forget it.
There's still time for me to run us out to the water.
I'm not going to let all this history be lost.
I can't crack the code, but maybe if I-- You better let me do that.
Self-destruct sequence canceled.
Can't fix everything by hitting it.
What was in there? The Spear of Longinus.
Hitler believed that whoever holds it is invincible.
What are you going to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Keep it yourself and try to conquer the world? I was thinking it would look good on the wall in my office.
You mean you recruited me sent me to an island full of deathtraps and up against the Justice League? You made me risk my life, and all for nothing? Essentially, yes.
Monkey, I like your style.
Give me the piece of Brainiac and we're even.
Not yet, Lex.
Today was just a test.
Your next mission is for real.
He still has something we need.
We have to put up with him for the moment.
I should kill you.
But you won't.
Not today.
Luthor sure didn't waste any time rounding up a crew.
Who were those guys? Dr.
Polaris and The Key? I don't know.
They've never worked with Luthor before.
All I know is Superman's going to be ticked that we let Luthor get away just to keep some musty old museum from being destroyed.
It was worth it.