Justice League (2001) s01e03 Episode Script

Secret Origins (3)

Previously on Justice League Unh! What happened? Help has arrived.
You came from Mars to warn us? We first encountered them A thousand of your Earth years ago.
They were determined to make our planet their own.
I was the only survivor.
The invaders had nothing left to feed upon, So they turned their sights to Earth.
They want to blot out the sun So they can live in perpetual darkness.
We'll have to take out those factories.
Lady, this is no job for amateurs.
It's the central core-- the ion matrix crystal.
If we can remove that, we'll shut down the whole plant.
[lasers firing.]
No! [thunder.]
Unh! Done.
I thought we'd never get this dish back on-line.
Man: Are you sure you hooked it up right? Yeah.
Why? My readings are off the chart.
Something's coming this way-- Something really big.
Government sources have confirmed the approach Of another object from space.
They predict it will be roughly 5 times the size Of the first landers.
Senator J.
Allen Carter had this to say-- In the face of this new development, We are calling on the public to remain calm.
I always wanted one of these.
But what if we get caught? What difference does it make? The world's coming to an end anyway.
Whoo-hoo! We're all doomed! Save yourselves! [people shouting.]
Perhaps mother was right about mankind.
They're nothing but untamed savages.
Do not judge them too harshly.
They act out of fear.
Hey! There's kids trapped under here! Someone give us a hand! John: Will this do? Thanks, man.
Sorry we're late.
Had to stop and help some civilians.
What'd you call us back for? Superman's been captured.
He's trapped somewhere inside there with Hawkgirl.
And what about Batman? He acted heroically To the very end.
The bat's gone? He was a true warrior.
This is not good.
Definitely not good.
I can't believe we're doing this again.
If Superman and Hawkgirl are in there, Someone's got to rescue them.
You are sure they're still in there, Aren't you? J'onn? Yes.
Your friends are alive, but we must act quickly.
The Imperium is coming.
The who? The supreme intelligence That controls these invaders.
We have met before.
can we trust this space case? [quietly.]
what choice do we have? Ok.
We're going in.
Flash, create a diversion.
Diana, watch my back.
You want to rely on an amateur? Let's move.
Tag! You're it! Pbbbt! Not even close! [yawns.]
Come on, slowpoke.
I dare you.
Over here! Ooh, you really stepped in it that time.
Where are they being held? This way.
Hope I didn't keep you.
[alien speaking alien language.]
Wait here.
[J’onn speaking alien language.]
[both speaking alien language.]
Aah! Aah! Unh Unh Come.
Is it just me, or does he creep you out, too? We are close now.
I sense they are somewhere beyond these walls.
Unh! Unh! Unh! It's no use.
We'll have to find another way.
Stand back.
We haven't much time left.
[all screaming.]
Unh! Mommy, what's that? Oh, my lord.
Great Hera.
Unh Wait.
Something is not right.
Unh! It's a trap! [all coughing.]
Lantern Your ring Can't focus.
Can't [coughs.]
[all moaning.]
[speaks alien language.]
Superman: J'onn, J’onn, wake up.
You shouldn't have risked your lives for us.
Would you have done less for me? [groans.]
My aching head.
Earth's mightiest heroes.
Senator Carter.
Unfortunately, the real Carter Never returned from Mars.
And you used me To weaken Earth's defenses.
You were so eager to cooperate.
Thanks to you, The humans were totally helpless against us.
It's not over yet.
Wrong again, Superman.
All hail the Imperium! J'onn J’onzz.
It's been a long time.
Much better.
You have defied us for centuries.
And I will never bow before you Or any of your kind.
Then we will personally see to finishing What should have been accomplished long ago-- The elimination of the last Martian.
Let go of him, you filthy Imperium: Yield to us, J’onn J’onzz.
Never! Why do you resist? Embrace this truth-- After all these years, you have finally lost.
Have I? You're hiding something-- A secret deep in the recesses of your mind.
Is this another of your Martian tricks? Do I sense fear? What are you hiding? Now! Batman? It can't be.
I mentally shielded him so he couldn't be detected.
What have you done? Reversed the ion charge.
The crystal-- destroy it! It's shielded! [gasps.]
[aliens shouting.]
Aah! [grunting.]
No! You live underground and shun the light.
Why? Does it burn your pale, putrid skin? [screaming.]
Ooh, that's one nasty sunburn.
Ultraviolet rays.
Coming from the depths of space, The invaders have no resistance To our sun's radiation.
So you did find their weakness after all.
Aah! Aah! Destroy them! Unh! [grunting.]
Unh! Hah! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Hah! Hah! Unh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! [grunting.]
Aah! Aah! Imperium! Unhand me, worm! Unh! Oof! [gasps.]
No! Unh! Aah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Aah! We'd hate to lose you again.
Maybe we'd better get out of here.
Not without them.
Unh! Aah! Unh! Flash, give me a hand.
Ew, gross.
Now! The whole place is going to blow! Everybody, stay close.
This is Snapper Carr.
In the aftermath Of the metropolis meltdown, Most of the invaders have retreated from Earth.
Superman and a team of other heroes Have driven out the remaining pockets of resistance, Helping to restore order around the world.
Despite this stunning victory, Some are warning that we must remain vigilant.
We got lucky this time.
What will we do if the invaders ever return? Superman: Incredible.
Do your stockholders know about this, Bruce? A line item hidden in the aerospace R&D budget.
This Watchtower will act as an early-warning system For detecting other threats of invasion from space.
And it also has a fully stocked kitchen.
Iced mocha? No, thanks.
They don't have these on Themyscira.
Stick around, princess.
I'll show you the ropes.
Perhaps I will.
John: An impressive installation.
Most impressive.
But what's it got to do with us? I once thought I could protect the world by myself, But I was wrong.
Working together, we saved the planet, And I believe that if we stayed together as a team, We would be a force that could truly work For the ideals of peace and justice.
What, like a bunch of super friends? More like a Justice League.
Do you have any idea how corny that sounds? But maybe the big guy's got a point.
With all of us behind it, it just might work.
Count me in.
Me, too.
Hawkgirl: And me.
My mother may not approve, But I find man's world to be intriguing.
I'll gladly join.
What about you, Batman? I'm not really a people person, But when you need help-- and you will-- Call me.
Then we're all agreed.
J'onn's not here.
Where is he? J'onn, are you all right? My family and loved ones are long gone.
I am the last of my kind.
I know the feeling.
Now Mars is dead, And I am alone in the universe.
J'onn, we can never replace the family you've lost, But we'd be honored If you could learn to call Earth your home.
Come on.