Justice League (2001) s02e06 Episode Script

Only a Dream (2)

Narrator: Previously on Justice League So, it's true! This thing really can give people E.
You can't do this.
I was so close.
You can't do this to me! Aah! Aah! Aah! Not even the Justice League can save you now.
And now that I'm a doctor, I think I'll perform some surgery.
He calls himself Doctor Destiny now.
He came into her dreams Did this to her.
Why can't she wake up? It's a delusional state.
He wants us, too.
[sinister laughter.]
Shh! You'll miss the good part! Here it comes! [ka-boom.]
Take that, you cur! [laughter and cheering.]
That was some sweet banter, uncle Flash.
But what's a cur? It's A bad person, I guess.
Ok So, why didn't you just say that? Well, I And do people really talk so much when they fight? I, uh hey! How would you like a snack? Mm-hmm! [croak.]
Ugh! Where's my food? - Are you French? - No.
Then there's no food.
You'll do.
Rawr! Ow! Unh! [boom.]
Rotten little Curs.
Hey, guys! Guys? Hello? Anybody? You went too fast And you're never going to be able To slow down again.
Now I get it! It's a dream.
Same one I've been having Ever since I got my speed.
And here's where the Swedish bikini team Comes in to keep me company.
Anyway, all I gotta do To make this go away is Wake up? The fastest man alive, Always leaving people like me In your dust.
Well, now you're stuck In high gear.
And you're going to be all alone.
[alarm clock rings.]
That'll be for me.
It's the alarm next to my bed, And as soon as I get it, I'm out of here.
See you next time I have too many jalapeños.
Unh! Unh! Unh! That never happened before.
That's because there's not going to be A wake-up call this time.
[telephone ringing.]
Unh No.
Unh Uh [ringing continues.]
They're not answering.
I can't bring her out of it.
His hold is too strong.
[telephone rings.]
Answering machine: "Hi, it's Clark.
Please leave a message.
" [beep.]
Batman: I'll be over in a few minutes.
Whatever you do, don't go to sleep.
It all looks so good.
Clark? Your menu's smoking.
Is it? I must have gotten it Too close to the candle.
It's so dark in here that This place doesn't have candles.
You're hiding something.
In fact, you're always hiding something.
And I'm going to find out what it is right now! Aah! [sighs and gasps.]
Come back! What are you afraid of? [sighs and gasps.]
Unh! [gasp.]
You're not one of them anymore.
What are you talking about? This is my home! Oh! Chris, tell this fool who I am! [gibberish.]
Be it ever so humble.
There's no place like Home.
You did this! Wasn't me.
You're the one who's changed.
Aah! Aah! [moaning.]
Couldn't wake him? No.
Any luck with Superman? I gave him some stimulants, but This is someone who could have A building fall on him and not feel it.
I'll try the bio-regenerators Up in sick bay.
Good luck.
And in the meantime, I'm gonna find this guy.
How? While he's using his mental powers, His body's probably vulnerable.
He's got to be in a place he thinks is safe Somewhere familiar.
But once you find him, How do you stop him from thinking? I'll just have to improvise.
Be careful! If you nod off for even a second Don't worry.
I'm used to late hours.
Flash! Wake up! Flash! J'onn, thank heaven.
There was this telepath Who got into my dreams, and I know.
How did you I'm not sure.
That mind control stuff must not work too well on us aliens.
Whatever it was, We need to put you somewhere safe.
Unh! Are you crazy? No, but you're going to be.
Unh! Unh! Aah! Aah! Oof! [gasp.]
Man: In other news, prison escapees Solomon Grundy, Volcana, Firefly, Luminous, and Copperhead are all now back in custody Thanks to the Justice League.
Still unaccounted for, however, Is the last escapee, John Dee.
In a related story, There's been a tragic development In the case of Dee’s wife, Penny, Who was brought to a local hospital tonight In a catatonic state.
What? J'onn: Was he there? No.
Back to square one.
The others are getting worse.
I'm going to have to go into their minds.
Too dangerous! You could end up just like them.
If I don't, they'll die for sure.
There was a news report.
Dee's wife didn't make it.
Then do what you have to.
[glass shattering.]
Help me! Please! Isn't there anyone I'm here for you, big guy! Jimmy! My pal! Aah! Jimmy I'm sorry! J'onn: It's not real! None of it! I started with no power at all, And I kept getting more.
What if it never stops? You will handle it.
I know you.
Words Just words.
We can fight this.
You'll get hurt.
I am stronger here than you are.
Uh! I can take this from you.
But you have to believe in me.
Dee: You can't help him! Aah! Let's finish this.
Computer: Arrest report John Dee.
Subject was found guarding smuggled weapons In LexCorp's harbor warehouse During a search that was initiated By the Justice League.
Dee was apparently a low-level LexCorp employee.
[horn honking.]
Huh! [tires screeching.]
[computer beeping.]
Uh Computer: Subject was found Guarding smuggled weapons In LexCorp’s harbor warehouse.
[tires squeal.]
Dee: Where else can you go now? You're the Lantern And the Lantern is you.
Go in.
It's your Destiny.
You are not an extension of this.
You're its master.
The guardians chose you Because they had faith in you; Not in the ring, but in John Stewart.
Rah! Dee: You're good But I'm better.
That's why I brought a friend.
Whoa! Uh! [grunting and choking.]
Ha ha ha! Uh! Ah! Can I wake up now? There's still Flash and Hawkgirl.
Dee: You've gotta sleep sometime.
Batman: Give me a triple! [gasp.]
Now! I was always afraid of this.
I'm gonna live out my whole life In the time it'll take you To tie your shoes.
Come on! Say something! Somebody! J'onn: Flash! All right! I knew you'd oh! [slowing down.]
You need to look inside yourself.
And then? [slowing to a halt.]
you Must [sigh.]
Help me! Please! Somebody! [beeping.]
Adrenaline rush wearing off? Good.
The doctor will see you now.
I'm gonna have to cancel that appointment.
Unh! [commercial plays.]
I'm supposed to look Inside myself, right? But for what? [sigh.]
Well, there's gotta be something Rattling around in here.
[loud, fast heartbeat.]
Do you have any idea How stupid you look? It won't work.
No way! You're never getting out of here.
You're stuck! [heartbeat begins to slow down.]
I did it! See what happens When you use your head? [rumbling.]
I got his eyes.
Gut! Big toe! Dee: Coming here was the mistake of your life.
See, the closer I am to someone, The stronger I get.
I'll be able to go into your brain, Even if you're wide awake.
My brain's not a nice place to be.
What's that stupid song going through your mind? It's what's keeping you out, Johnny.
Unh! Unh! Aah! Let go of them! Wah! Oof! J'onn! [grunting.]
Argh! This is far from over Teamwork! What a concept! What about Hawkgirl? Hawkgirl: Help me! Lantern! J'onn! Superman! Anybody! What's the matter? I can't get to her.
There's a barrier around her mind! Out of the way! [wind blows.]
Dee: You know, I could let you go.
You're a distraction now, And it's the others I have the real problem with.
We're like insects to them.
They step on us, ruin our lives! And they don't even realize it.
But you're different.
You don't have any special powers.
Oh, I have one, Johnny.
I never give up.
What do you say, Johnny? Wanna go one-on-one? It'll give you something to brag about.
Aah! Unh! [grunting.]
Unh! Ooh Sweet dreams.
Good morning, sunshine.
Wait a minute! Is this another dream? I could pinch you.
It's real.
[faint humming.]