Justice League Action (2016) s01e25 Episode Script

Garden of Evil

I could sure use you out here.
I'm working on an antidote.
But I've sent backup.
(ROARING) Superman! What's happening here? The plants seem to be turning against the people.
I have a feeling Poison Ivy is behind this.
(GRUNTS) - Swamp Thing? - Swamp Thing? Swamp Thing! You mean, you're the one behind all this? No, no.
It's Poison Ivy, all right.
Uh, would you mind, uh, putting me down? Oh, sure.
I'll put you down.
(GRUNTS) For good! (GRUNTS) What's gotten into you? (GRUNTS) - (ROARS) - (GRUNTS) (STUTTERS) Gee, I'm sorry, guys.
I'm a plant.
She controls plants.
Swamp Thing! Hey, buddy.
You here to help out with the gardening? Firestorm.
I don't know how but Wait.
Didn't you have a blind date last night? Don't worry about that now.
I'm trying to tell you Whoo-hoo! Blind date! (SING-SONGY) Da-da-da-da, date, date! Come on, man.
Tell me about the date.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
The blind date turned out to be Poison Ivy.
She tricked me.
We have to stop her.
She's the (GRUNTS) orchid of my heart, and the greatest woman in the world.
Together we will pollinate this city and then Gotham will be ours.
(LAUGHING) I seem to be detecting some mixed signals there, buddy.
- (GRUNTS) - Whoa! Hey, man! Be whoever you want, all right? I'm sorry! Jeez! Grumpy Swampy.
He's obviously being controlled by Poison Ivy.
Oh, that clears up a lot of things.
We need to make a wall of nuclear fire.
It should dehydrate him without causing permanent damage.
Look at you dropping knowledge! The heat is on! (GROANING) Nuclear dehydration.
That's a good idea.
Just so you know, I'm feeling super-guilty about this.
It's very Very effective.
(GROANS) IVY: Hello, Gotham.
And you're welcome.
"For what?", you ask.
Who else could transform this decaying urban wasteland into a postmodern Garden of Eden? I haven't just planted a few seeds I've rewritten the entire botanical code of Gotham itself.
All thanks to the ingenious work of my husband-to-be.
Together we will reign over our new kingdom of Gotham, with you as our royal subjects.
Gotham will remain our private paradise forever.
Yee-hoo! (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY) Whoo-hoo! Vixen, Superman, come in.
I've traced Ivy's location.
She's in the Kannager Building on Sheldon.
Head over to Ivy.
I'll meet you there.
(GROANING) Ah! Huh? Whoo-hoo.
Ha-ha! (LAUGHS) Heya, Red.
I'm out of plant bombs.
I have a new batch right here.
You have to give one to my husband-to-be.
Those filthy meatbags are weakening my control over him.
Oh, and make sure he comes back here.
We have a wedding to plan.
I'm on it, Red.
Ha-ha! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo-ho! Boing! Boing! Oh, no, you don't! Boingy, boingy, whoo! Ah! (GROANS) Hee-hee.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Better luck next time, Beast-babe.
Huh? (GRUNTS) Careful, Ronald.
We don't want to permanently hurt him.
So thirsty.
Hey, Sparky! Think fast! Oh! You don't look so good, Swampy.
How about a pick-me-up? (LAUGHING) (GRUNTS) (ROARING ) Uh My thoughts are This might not be good.
Oh, man.
I feel like a million bucks.
You better get out of here before the most beautiful woman in the world makes me destroy you.
(ROARS) Way to defend your woman! You better get back.
Ivy wants your help in planning the wedding.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not marrying anybody.
(GRUNTS) I'm on my way, honey.
Huh? Hey, Battycakes.
How's that formula coming? BATMAN: I'm on my way.
The formula's ready.
But we only get one chance.
(KNOCKING) May I get the door for you? I'll just turn it into a marshmallow and Mmm Hey, pretty tasty.
I have a fallback job.
BATMAN: This is getting out of control.
(GROWLING) I have to get this to Poison Ivy immediately.
Stay here and help curb the spread of the growth.
How? I can't transmute living matter.
- Improvise.
- Improvise? What does he think, I'm just gonna Oh! Hey, girl.
(SCREAMING) (WHOOPING) Honk honk! Today's special, monster veggie sticks.
We're feeding the whole city! We'll need some benches over here for the guests.
Oh, and some over there.
And the altar can go here.
And Oh, should I use pink flowers or purple flowers? - It's over, Ivy.
- Huh? Time to turn yourself in.
You found me.
I guess this is it.
Which do you prefer? Purple or pink? For the last time, I'm not going to marry (GRUNTS) Whatever you think is best, shmoopy.
(GIGGLES) I think I'll use both.
You got moves, Vixie.
Why are you helping Ivy? 'Cause with the cops busy, I can free my old pals, Bud and Lou.
They're just dying to sink their teeth into a nice, tender superhero.
The one thing I know about hyenas, they're scared to death of lions.
- (ROARS) - (WHIMPERING) Babies! Wait! (EXCLAIMS) Do you think my hair should be up or down? -(THUDS) Nice hit, shmoopy.
(GRUNTS) Batman.
I was wondering when you would show up.
And you didn't come empty-handed.
An antidote for my shmoopy, no doubt.
But, as you can see, he's all mine now.
Isn't it time to get ready for the wedding? Yes, dear.
Aw, so handsome.
- Hey, everybody! - Huh? Someone call for a weed-whacker? Get him.
(GROANS) - Superman, now.
- Got it.
What is this gunk? Ooh, Swampy! Buddy, take it easy! Destroy them, shmoopy.
I'm not your "shmoopy.
" Shmoopy! Shmoopy? Shmoopy-whoopy! - Plants, get them.
- Don't bother.
That gunk blocks your ability to control plants.
Now everything will return to normal.
(BLOWS RASPBERRY) I'm taking Ivy back to Arkham.
Ah, yeah, here's the deal.
I'm sorry about that, but you told me to improvise.
Don't worry, Batcakes.
I'm gonna change it right back.
I like it.
What? Are you as blind as a bat? (GASPS) Batman's blind as a bat! Did you guys know about this?