Justice League Action (2016) s01e27 Episode Script

Time Out

New social behavior is the only true hierarchy.
Submit to cooperation.
Submit to the H.
(GRUNTING) Do you remember when we fought villains who weren't weird? (MEN GROANING) No.
Give it up, H.
We're shutting this operation down.
Haven't you ever seen a colony defend itself, Wonder Whelp? (BEEPING) Booster, the device! No worries, Bats.
Booster Gold is on the job.
Huh? No! (GROANING) (BEEPS) (ALL SCREAMING) Not so fast, boys.
(SIGHS) Whoo! Ah.
- What was that? - What? So now it's my fault I got barbecued? It's never your fault.
It wasn't with Grodd or Luthor.
Or when you got Guy Gardner stuck in the space elevator.
In my defense, that was sort of funny.
This isn't a game.
People could have gotten hurt.
Fine, I messed up.
No big deal, right? Not once.
It's a pattern of behavior.
You're lazy.
You're unprofessional, unfocused.
(TYPING ON PHONE) Sorry, what? I was posting this conversation.
Hashtag, "Bat time".
Bats, come on.
I'll do better next time.
Booster! You're the worst crime fighter I've ever known.
- Ouch.
Huh? - (BEEPING) - What happened? - I've seen this before.
It's called a time fissure.
A disruption in the normal flow of time.
Why aren't we frozen? I have a 10-foot temporal bubble around me at all times.
You must have been inside it when the causality broke.
(TAPPING) Man, I wonder if now's a good time to get that 10-spot she owes me? The fire hydrant! Excuse me.
During the fight, I saw a fire hydrant vanish.
Deleted objects are often a sign of the time stream trying to repair damage.
Should I be worried? Normally, no But this doesn't seem like a normal time fissure.
The epicenter's too big.
Are those normal? - (SCREECHING) - Run! Ahh! - What are these things? - Antibodies.
Think of them like time's immune system.
They can't tell the difference between us and whatever's causing this.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Hello! Hold up.
Temporal bubble, remember? (GRUNTS) (SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) So, we have to stay within 10 feet of each other? Only if you want to help me solve this.
Otherwise, you'll have to rubber-band back to the moment just before your fissure and you won't remember being here.
Chronal nausea.
It'll pass.
Hey, look to your right.
- (CLICKING) - (WHIRRING) Where are we? Somewhere safe, my headquarters.
A citadel overlooking both time and space.
I calls it The Booster Cave.
The Hall of Booster? Boost Tower! The Boosty-ay-hizza! The Secret Boost Sanctuary.
All right, fine.
It's called Vanishing Point.
- (BEEPING RHYTHMICALLY) - You built all this yourself? Sure, protecting time is sort of a hobby with me.
I find time between missions, put in a little monitor duty, fix what needs fixing, you know.
There's your problem.
BOOSTER GOLD: A Chronovore.
It feeds on time energy.
It stores it all in a crystal located inside of its belly.
Never seen one this big.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) How long have you been doing this? Whenever I'm not around.
I just assumed you were off playing foosball somewhere.
Oh, I totally do that too.
First to three? No, you know what? Not a good time.
What now? Simple.
We find the Chronovore, remove the crystal from inside, and it's all good.
Just one problem.
We can't make contact with it.
Unless you want to age 100 years in a few seconds.
This should allow you to touch it without every molecule of your chronology disintegrating.
Ain't nothing but a thing.
Where are we now? According to the time sphere, right before our battle with H.
Whoa! - What are you doing? - Shh! Bats, I'm totally bored.
Where are these weirdos supposed to be, anyway? Close.
Word on the street is, H.
is recruiting out of a youth center in the area.
Hey, you ever tried touching your nose with your tongue? (BOOSTER GOLD STRAINING) Do you remember seeing our future selves in the bushes six hours ago? No? Then let's not create a paradox by doing that now, okay? Why didn't you tell anyone this is how you spend your time? I guess I never saw the big deal.
It's like Have you ever had rats in your attic? So you need a rat guy, right? But nobody ever sets out to be the rat guy.
But somebody's got to do it.
And I do it.
I'm time's rat guy.
For the last time, be quiet or leave! Man! Bats, you don't have to come down so hard on a guy.
(EXPLOSION) (LASERS FIRING) Get down! Right on time.
This way! (SCREECHES) Ten seconds.
That's how long you can be outside the temporal bubble without becoming untethered.
BATMAN: More than enough.
Okay, ugly, let's dance.
(GRUNTING) (GROANS) (GROANING) You're a big girl, aren't ya? Batman, a little Help! - (GROANS IN PAIN) Hey, thanks.
- Don't mention it.
(BLADE SWISHING) (SHRIEKING) BATMAN: I'm open to suggestions.
Me? You want my advice? But, you're Batman.
Actually, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a little out of my depth here.
You're the expert.
We've been fighting like two separate entities, but we're at a disadvantage.
We should do the opposite.
Get in close, back to back.
Make it a street fight.
- Right.
Good plan.
- But, Bats It's okay.
I trust you.
Yes! (SCREECHING) (GROANS AND PANTS) It's not enough.
We're not gonna make it.
- I don't accept that.
- (GRUNTING) You said you've beaten creatures like this before? Yeah, but never this big.
Still, you fought them.
What's different this time? Why now? There's two of us.
That's twice the drain on my power cells.
I'm only half as effective.
What are you doing? I'm sorry, Bats.
I have to push you outside the time stream.
Just trust me.
Booster, do that, and I'll be returned to just before we left.
I won't remember any of this.
That's okay, Bats.
I will.
I was wrong about you.
You're a better person than anybody gives you credit for.
Maybe one day, I'll find that out.
Round two.
It's a pattern of behavior.
You're lazy.
You're unprofessional, unfocused.
Booster! You're the worst crime fighter I've ever known.
You know what? (SIGHING) Nothing.
Just, you know, never mind.
You're right, Bats.
You're always right.
Sure you weren't too hard on him? No.
He needs this.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Better times.