Justice League Action (2016) s01e51 Episode Script


1 (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (ENERGY PULSATING) I love a big group outing, even if it is work-related.
It's not an outing.
If the Red Lantern invasion force makes it here, the Earth is as good as conquered.
It's going to take the entire League working together to track them down and stop them.
Ready? We're the last three.
You mean four! Right, um Listen, Plas.
- You're - Ooh! I know this! An indispensable part of the team! Not coming with us.
What? Leaving me in charge! Whoo-hoo! Actually, Watchtower defense protocols - have been initiated.
- (PLASTIC MAN WHOOPING) So, the computer's got it covered.
And, technically, it outranks you.
(WAILING AND DEFLATING) But don't worry, I have a very important job for you.
Important job! - (PANTING) - Show-off! - (SLURPS) - (CHUCKLES) - (CAT MEOWING) - Huh? PLASTIC MAN: Poor little kitty! (WHIRRING) I have no idea how I'm doing this! There, all dry.
Mmm, still blue, though.
Well, I don't know where you came from, little guy, but you're safe now, inside the impenetrable Justice League headquarters! (MEOWS) Oh! Where are my manners? You must be starving! Wait here.
Uncle Plas is going to fix you up something yummy! (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (BEEPS) Ah, my most loyal lieutenant.
I take it you have already infiltrated Justice League headquarters.
Good kitty.
Now, on to phase two, but I warn you, you must not use your power ring.
Maintain your cover.
If you are detected, the League will be on alert, and our plan will be ruined.
Do not fail the Red Lantern Corps, Dex-Starr.
Do not fail me! (BEEPING) (WHIRRING) (COUNTER BEEPING) (BARKING AND GROWLING) I found Streaky's old litter box Hey! What's with all Whoa! (BEEPS) (SYSTEM POWERS DOWN) Bad dog! Sorry about that, guy.
Super-bad dog! (MEOWS) (GULPS) (GULPS) (STOMACH GURGLING) (MOANS AND BELCHES) Hope you saved room! (GROANS) All right! You sit tight.
I'm going to get your cake in the oven.
Now, where did I put the asparagus? (HISSES) PLASTIC MAN: (SCATTING) Making a cake for a cat (PLASTIC MAN SCATTING) Stretching around (PLASTIC MAN SCATTING) What was Oh! Krypto! You know, I would throw you out if you didn't also outrank me! Now remember, Jackie doesn't know yet that Krista married Marcus.
Sounds like someone's still hungry! (DEX-STARR MOANS) Let's see, you finished the casserole, plus the teriyaki turkey jerky (STOMACH GURGLING) All right, all right! Let me see what I can scrounge up.
You stay here and watch the show.
Catch me up on what happens.
ATROCITUS: (ON COMMUNICATOR) Dex-Starr! What's taking so long? Activate the Boom Tube.
(MEOWS SADLY) (DEX-STARR YOWLING) PLASTIC MAN: (SCATTING) Scrounging food for a cat Our little fuzzy buddy (SCATTING) - (DEX-STARR YOWLING) - (FURNITURE CRASHING) Whoa, pause it! Sounds like it's getting good in there! (KRYPTO BARKING) (SHRIEKS) O-M-G! (GROANING) Sorry, pal.
Artificial red sunlight.
No powers till Superman gets back.
(BARKS) Uh, be grateful.
With Batman, it would have been Kryptonite kibble.
Here you go! So, now that the dog can't get in your way, what do you want to do? (HISSES) (SCREAMING) Oh! Why does it burn? (SOBBING) (YOWLING) (SNARLING) (JAW CLANKS) (ALARM BLARING) What But I But you (YELPS) (WHIMPERING) Help! Help! - (PLASTIC MAN YELPING) Help! Help! - (DOOR THUDDING) PLASTIC MAN: I've got you! Ahh! Oh, help! Help, please! I need help! (SIGNAL PULSATING) (BARKING) (GRUNTS) (MAN GRUNTING) Help! (GRUNTS) Ahh! I'm melting! (WEAKLY) What a world! What a world! (GROWLS) (BOTH YOWLING) (KRYPTO YELPING) (BARKS) (RUMBLING) (KRYPTO BARKING) (YOWLING) (GROANING) - (ENERGY CRACKLING) - (TRAIN WHEELS CLATTERING) (YOWLS) (CRASHING) (WHIRRING) (COMPUTER BEEPING) (BARKS) (COUNTER BEEPING) (GRUNTING) (WHIMPERS) (ALARM BLARING) (ENERGY SURGING) (SCREAMING) (GRUNTS) (BARKING) (GASPS) (ENERGY PULSATING) (STOMACH GURGLING) (BARKS) PLASTIC MAN: Sorry, Dex-Starr, but it looks like you're finishing number two! (ENERGY PULSATING) I know! Wait, wait! I think I got it! How about (CLEARS THROAT) I guess he should have watched where he was going.
(PLASTIC MAN GIGGLING) That's a good one! (DEX-STARR YOWLING) Settle down in there! So, our big outing was just part of a Red Lantern Corps diversion? Get the League out of the way, then use the Watchtower to Boom Tube in the invasion force.
And to carry it all out, they sent their cleverest, most diabolically fiendish operative! They sent a cat.
You'd be surprised what a cat can do.
Right, Streaky? (MEOWS TIREDLY) Anyway, you stopped him, Plas.
You saved the world.
Well, I I helped.
You still haven't told us how you trapped Dex-Starr.
Let's just say, it was all in the line of (COUGHING) (RETCHING) (COUGHING) Doody.