Justified s01e13 Episode Script


Ava? Ava! Who is that? It's Boyd.
You get the hell away from here.
I apologise for the late hour.
I just want a word.
What the hell you want? I am alone, and my hands are empty, as you can see.
Yeah, well, maybe you can use them to keep this shot from ripping open your chest.
I can only imagine that you'd want to do that, Ava, given our history.
Boyd, I got to warn you, if I start counting down from 10, I may lose patience at five.
I just came to say I'm sorry.
I will leave now and disturb you no further.
Sorry about what? So many things that I have done to you.
Well, I want to hear this.
Well, it's hard to know where to begin.
I suppose I could start with the last time I saw you.
I held you hostage in your own home, and I instigated a shootout in your dining room.
That didn't end so bad, as far as I was concerned.
Well, before that, for years, I lusted after you, and I was far from subtle.
Well, that was wrong.
Not only because you were my brother's wife, but because it was unseemly, unwanted, and it made you uncomfortable.
If by "uncomfortable," you mean it made my skin crawl, then yes.
But by far, my biggest regret concerns my brother, Bowman.
Why? You wish he was never born? No, no, no.
I don't question the will of God bringing any soul into this world.
My regret is that I did nothing to stop or in any way curtail his atrocious behaviour.
I know how he was, Ava, yet I took no action, and for that I am deeply, deeply sorry.
Now, if there is anything that I can do to atone for that which I have done, I will gladly do it.
How about what you do for me, is you leave here and you never see me again.
Let's start there.
All right.
Son of a bitch, Rufus! What the hell's wrong with you? What time is it? About 2:45.
- Get off my coat.
- What the hell is the matter with you? They should have been here by now.
You call Bo.
Where the hell you going? See if they didn't got lost.
Ain't they got GPS? He can be a real old lady sometimes, can't he? Yes, but he ain't got to be such a bitch.
God Almighty, cousin.
Where you been? I had matters to attend to.
- Did you intercept the truck? - We did, and we got the shipment.
Damn, boy! We are taking over! What'd you do with the drivers? I sent them back to where they come from.
What? You let them go? They should be halfway to Tennessee by now.
No, Boyd.
They were just supposed to disappear, along with the truck and the shipment.
Where's the shipment? Johnny, it went up in a pillar of fire.
Okay, enough of this bullshit, okay, Boyd? It's time to start talking serious now.
I could not allow that poison back into Harlan.
We had a plan, Boyd.
Remember? Shipment disappears, Bo takes the fall, and you and me, we step up.
Is there a part of this plan that you do not understand? Johnny, listen to me.
Now, do you want to spend the rest of eternity writhing in hellfire? Because that's how your plan ends, son.
Well, you didn't tell me, cousin, that your plan was to go out there and blow the shit up! And in that omission, I have sinned, and I beg forgiveness from the Lord.
You have always been crazy, but this is batshit crazy.
You have any idea how ugly it's gonna get now? I am ready to reap the whirlwind.
God! Well, I am not, okay? From here on out, you understand me, you just stay clear of me, or I will kill you with these bare hands! As you wish.
About 3:00 in the a.
, Harlan Sheriff's Office got a call about a truck fire out on a country road.
And in the debris, they found all these scorched metal rims for about a dozen shipping drums and all this residue that their forensics guy identified as Ephedrine.
A dozen barrels of Ephedrine? Somebody is going into the meth business in a big way.
Or the folks in Harlan are really, really congested.
From the debris pattern, looks like the truck's payload was blown up.
Like somebody hit it with a rocket launcher.
- Boyd.
- Boyd's MO, anyway.
Anyone killed? No sign of the driver, but the truck was reported stolen in Florida a week ago.
Well, Bo's got a connection with the Miami cartel.
Could be their Ephedrine.
That'd make sense.
But Boyd blowing up Bo's shipment doesn't.
Unless he and his daddy aren't working together.
He did say we were on the same team now.
I just assumed he was full of shit.
Maybe he's become some kind of vigilante.
Maybe he's Batman.
Maybe we should just look the other way for a while, let him clean up Harlan.
Your father was supposed to meet Bo Crowder at Johnny's bar tonight, and in light of current events, maybe we should give some thought to how to proceed.
Give Arlo a call.
Have him come up here to Lexington.
It ain't that hard.
You follow him wherever he goes and try not to let him see you.
- You want us to call you? - No, I'll call you.
Where the hell have you been? Out looking for the drivers.
Who are they supposed to be? Them? They're the drivers! They're also very close associates with our friend in Miami.
They were just telling me a hell of a story.
You want to tell the same story to my nephew, please? There was a pickup on the side of the road.
When we went to go move it, a man with a shoulder missile came out and blew up our truck.
And what did he say just before he blew the truck? "Fire in the hole.
" - Oh, yeah.
- When we find him and shove them up his ass! How you think it's gonna go for you when our uncle finds out you lost his shipment? - Not very well.
- Not well at all.
Maybe we should try to put off him finding out as long as possible.
Lock them up.
Are you shitting me? When Gio finds out, he's gonna feed you to his alligator.
Saddle up, Johnny.
An alligator.
I didn't have anything to do with blowing up a truck.
- No one said you did.
- Don't know anything about it, either.
We just want to make sure that you understand how this changes things.
Our focus has been on Boyd, getting him back in prison.
To make up for you screwing up your case by making time with Ava? Pretty much.
The Bo Crowder operation now is gonna have a lot more eyes on it, and that means you are now gonna be the star CI for an investigation that includes the FBI and the DEA.
I'm not gonna be working with you any more? Yes, you are, but you're gonna be working with them, too.
Not just a little family affair any more, Arlo.
How much more do you figure they'll pay me? I'm nothing if not predictable, huh? Like phases of the moon.
The first step is gonna be to have you sit down with AUSA Vasquez, and he is gonna be in a Grand Jury meeting all day, so that's gonna have to happen later.
You got anyplace that your father could lay low until that meeting can happen? Someplace that's not my office? Let's go, boys! Let's go! - Come on! Move! - Get out here, sunshine! Get out of here! There, boy.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning, Daddy.
To what do we owe the pleasure? Well, looks like you've been a bad boy.
You know what happens to bad boys? They get spanked.
Well, I told you what would happen if you brought that poison here, Daddy.
And I told you what would happen if that happened.
Who am I kidding? I can't hurt my own son.
Johnny, hurt my son.
Glad to oblige.
And don't stop till I tell you.
No, sir.
Hey, Boyd.
Hey, Johnny.
This is gonna hurt.
- Hey, come on.
- Shut up.
Turning the other cheek on me, Boyd? Think he's had enough? I do not.
You want me to kill him? That ain't the worst idea I heard today.
We never was as close as we should have been, Son, but how did it ever come to this? I don't know, Daddy.
I guess it's just one of those things.
I guess it is.
Where you hiding them guns? I don't know what you're talking about.
Listen up! Unless you want to stand there and watch your little tin-pot messiah here get beat to death, you better start telling me where you're hiding them damn weapons! Johnny.
It's under the fire.
Well, grab shovels and start digging.
- Now! - Come on, move it! - Let's go! - Go! Not you.
You leave.
I will not leave.
Oh, yeah, you will.
Because after we dig up them guns, we're gonna rope your merry band to these trees, and then I'm gonna call your Marshal friend Raylan and tell him to come on out, and your flock is gonna be sent away on numerous parole violations, I suspect.
And I will go with them.
Oh, you're not getting the point here.
You're done.
You're no longer my son.
You're no longer their leader.
You are being cast into exile.
I will not abandon them.
You can open your eyes.
I ain't gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill one of them, unless you leave.
So, help me out here.
Which one should it be? Did you think you could do what you did and there'd be no consequences? All that transpires here is on you! You think about that while you're in exile, church leader! All of this, it's on you.
Make yourself comfortable.
Just not too comfortable.
No danger of that.
I'm supposed to be down in Harlan tonight to meet with Bo.
No, cancel that.
Tell him you're feeling sick.
Tell him you'll meet him tomorrow, okay? There a bar around here? Just stay put, and I'll get you when the time comes.
Well, how long has he been there? And you're sure he's by himself? All right.
I'm on my way.
You call me if he moves.
Release the hounds.
Y'all come on up out of there, now.
I'm sorry we didn't have the bridal suite ready for you this week.
Not as sorry as you're gonna be, dead man.
Listen to me, Pancho.
Everybody's got to die sometime or another.
I ain't got no alligators, but I do know where there's some real deep mine shafts around here, so it might be a good idea for us to keep this on a friendly basis.
You got me there? I couldn't hear you.
- Yes.
- Yes Yes, sir.
See? Was that so hard? You, call Gio.
Tell him I took care of that man that blew up his truck.
- He's dead? - He's out of business.
But Gio's out $2 million.
Gio's gonna get his $2 million.
He's gonna get every penny that I owe him, and a little something extra.
What else? I prefer talking to Gio about that personally.
Glad I ran into you.
Well, I'm glad you're glad.
I mean, yes.
We should talk.
- Raylan.
- Art.
- Winona, how are you? - I'm fine, Chief.
How are you? - Never better.
- Good.
Raylan, you want to take a ride upstairs with me? - There a problem? - Well, Vasquez got a 15-minute break.
We need to brief him and also arrange a sit-down with our CI, you know? Oh, well, I should go.
Hang on, Winona.
Can I catch up with you? I'll wait.
You got till the elevator comes.
- Anytime is good for me, to talk.
- And I mean just talk.
Well, I'm open.
Gary's at the athletic club.
Living there.
Maybe we could talk about that.
Raylan? Right now! - Good to see you, Winona.
- You, too, Chief.
- And that's when you got arrested? - That's when I got arrested.
All right, you know, you were probably drunk, and everyone in the courtroom - Who is it? - Open the door, Arlo.
Are you out of your mind? You have no idea.
You're not supposed to know I'm working with the Marshals.
Are you wearing a wire? How's it look, you knowing I'm here? What if Raylan answered the door? Raylan's not home, is he? You got a shadow on me? How do you know there's not a mike in the ceiling? What are the chances they're gonna bug their own guy's place? Fair enough.
- Why are you here? - Why are you here? Doesn't look to me like you're gonna be able to make our meeting at the Pine Top.
Things are different.
They know about Boyd blowing up your shipment.
That he's not working for you.
Yeah, they got that right.
They're gonna give me new handlers.
- Who? - FBI.
Which is good.
Give me a chance to give you even better information.
Yeah, you see, the problem there is, I still don't know whether or not I can trust you.
You've known me 50 years.
You think that ought to incline me to trust you more or less? Help me see what it is from your side, Arlo.
What's in it for you backing me against the feds? You scare me, Bo.
A hell of a lot more than any damn federal agents.
You know, there is one thing you could do for me that just might settle my mind once and for all.
What thing is that? Sit down, Arlo.
It won't be an easy thing.
I mean, how could it be? Make everything good between us, put us back in business again.
The other day, we were talking about our boys, how much trouble they'd gotten us into, which one was worse.
Well, mine's worse.
That shipment that Boyd blew up was very valuable.
It was sent to me by a friend in Miami.
I have a lot to do to try and repair my relationship with that man, and money alone won't cut it.
To make matters worse, my Miami friend lost a captain and a couple of button men to a certain deputy marshal.
In order for me to get square with him, I'm gonna have to ask you to help me give them Raylan.
Dear Heavenly Father, I'm not gonna pretend to understand.
You told me what you wanted done, and that's what we did.
How could you let it end like this? All these men trusted me to lead them on the path of righteousness for your name's sake.
All these men came to you because they believed in me.
And now they're dead.
I'm gonna need a sign.
I'm gonna need to know that their sacrifice meant something to you.
Maybe I've just been talking to myself this whole time.
We set a meeting for you and the AUSA first thing in the morning.
Everything all right? I've been cooped up here all day with nothing to do but watch TV and sleep.
No one said it'd be easy, Arlo.
How about we get you your own room with your own TV? Sound good? Sounds good.
Let me just put my shit down, and I'll call the girl at the front desk.
Want a drink? Of my own liquor? Sure.
Why not? - Thanks.
- Welcome.
You ever gonna get married again? What brought that on? I'm just making small talk.
I don't know.
Never showed much aptitude for it.
Guess if the girls chased me like they chase you, I'd stay single, too.
What are you talking about? I remember the girls always chased you, since you were 12.
- Like hell.
- Ava Crowder.
You're gonna tell me she didn't chase you? She didn't have to.
Remember your mama's laugh? She had a good one.
She always hoped you and me would get closer.
Maybe things would be different now if we had.
Well, I guess that ain't our way.
You should get married again.
Not living like this.
What's going on, Arlo? You keep checking your watch.
Just wondered how long I've been a prisoner here.
That all, huh? That's it.
We never had much in common, you and me, but that doesn't mean I don't have regrets.
Put the gun down.
When are they coming? They're waiting outside.
How long you known? Well, Arlo, in truth, I think I've always known.
This isn't something I wanted to do, Son.
- No.
- But Don't call me that.
What's the plan? For me to shoot you in the leg.
Bo wants to take you alive.
Then what happens? - Where is he? - Drop the guns, fellas.
What is your emergency? This is Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens.
I'm gonna need an ambulance, and a coroner.
Ava Crowder! Hey, Ava.
What are you doing here, Johnny? It's Raylan.
Got some bad news.
What are you talking about? - Oh, no! Let go of me! - Throw me that shotgun.
A little help here! Watch your head.
Johnny, get your ass up here.
What are we gonna do with her? What the hell? This is for tipping Boyd off about that shipment.
No, hey, now, Uncle Bo, that wasn't me.
Yeah, it was.
You know, when they get here, all they're gonna find is you dead and Ava gone.
They'll figure that she killed another Crowder come to harass her and then she lit out for the territories.
That'll just be a theory, you know.
They'll never be able to tell for sure.
Ain't nobody ever gonna see little Ava again.
So long, Johnny.
- Don't - Shut up.
- Easy.
- Does it hurt? What do you think? I think it hurts.
You happy about that? What in God's name, Raylan? Your daddy sent them after me.
Dear Lord.
What are you doing here? I am lost, Raylan.
What the hell does that mean? I sent my flock to slaughter.
I'm not following you, Boyd.
My daddy, he killed all my men, Raylan.
He killed all of them.
What happened to Arlo? He took a bullet.
Ava? Marshal.
I figured either one of my guys would answer the call or you would.
Seeing as you're still alive, I guess I can pretty well figure out what happened with Arlo.
You're on Ava's phone.
You get the picture.
I'd let you say hi to her, but she's in the trunk.
So, what happens now? Why don't you get in your car and start driving toward Bulletville? You ought to be there by sunrise.
I'll call you with directions when you get close.
I know I don't need to tell you to come alone.
Yeah, I figured that.
'Cause if I see a cop or a helicopter, or even a glint from a sniper's scope, I will kill Ava.
I'll be alone.
That's all I ask.
We'll make a straight trade.
My life for hers? Something like that.
- He has Ava? - Yeah.
Where does he want you to go? West towards Bulletville.
He has a cabin out in Brogie Holler.
Is that right? I know every inch of Brogie Holler.
How many men he got with him? Well, you got Heckle and Jeckle, so that leaves Hestler, Rufus, my cousin Johnny, and two other men.
Any of them good with a gun? They're not as good as you.
You were telling the truth, huh? This conversion? Was I? I don't know now, Raylan.
I'm so confused.
Do you believe in God? I do.
Tell me about your God, Raylan.
Well, you know, white hair, long beard, sits on a heavenly throne.
I set all this into motion, didn't I? Actually, I think me shooting Tommy Bucks might have had something to do with it.
I'll approach them straight up front.
You make your way around back.
If you can get Ava out, do it.
Well, I'm gonna need a gun.
Understand, Boyd, you take advantage of this situation, I'll hunt you down like a dog.
If I'm not dead.
And you're not dead.
You afraid you give me a gun, I'd turn it on you? - Mr Crowder.
- Raylan.
Make sure and get that backup.
This old boy can't be trusted with a cap gun.
I hope you know how sorry I am about this, Marshal.
You seem torn up.
Well, I ain't saying I'm gonna throw myself on top of your coffin or anything, but this "bring him in to me alive" shit ain't quite my style.
- I'd kill you quick if I could.
- Thoughtful of you.
- So? Now what? - Come on inside.
We got something rigged up.
You're gonna love it.
Hestler's been keeping Ava company.
Well, let's go see.
Raylan, I'm gonna need you to step away from my father.
Boyd, you don't want to do that.
Not something I want to do, my friend.
It's something I have to do.
Step back, please.
You didn't come to save my ass, did you, boy? No, Daddy, I did not.
You gonna shoot me, Son? That it? Maybe.
It don't really seem right.
I had a chance to kill you, and I didn't do it.
That's where you're wrong, Daddy.
There's more than one way to kill a man.
You can kill his physical body, or you can kill his spirit within.
You gonna pull the trigger, or you gonna talk me to death? Who are these people? Raylan, who's out there? Miami gun thugs, I suspect.
- What do they want? - Me.
You thinking about giving yourself up to save us? Well, if I thought that'd work, I might consider it, but I'm getting the impression they intend to kill us all.
How many you figure are out there? - More than one.
- I think I saw two in the trees.
Looks like we got two more in a vehicle.
- Ava.
- Raylan? Next time I ask you to get out of Harlan I'll get the hell out of Harlan.
You do seem to have a penchant for getting abducted.
Well, hey, it's a knack.
Is my daddy moving? No.
- Okay.
Ava? - Yeah? That window over your right shoulder.
- Yeah? - When I say, stick your gun out and take two shots.
- At what? - Don't matter.
- All right.
- Now.
One down.
Will you hand me that rag? Put it right on here.
Where's Johnny? Bo shot him at my house, said that he betrayed him to you, said everyone would think that I shot another Crowder and ran.
Is he dead? I don't know.
He was gut shot.
Oh, dear Lord.
I got your man out back! That leaves three of us, only two of you! You start walking, we'll hold our fire! You guys good? You all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
You good, Ava? - Yeah.
You didn't happen to bring your rocket launcher, did you? I didn't think to pack one.
All we want is Raylan Givens! I'm Raylan Givens! No, I'm Raylan Givens! Are you trying to be funny? A little.
We get Givens, the other two can walk.
I ain't going anywhere.
They killed my daddy.
You came here to kill your daddy yourself.
- Well, that's different.
- How? You got to kill the two men who came after your daddy.
You give me the same courtesy.
Why don't we all just run? Well, someone's got to keep them here for the other two to have a chance, and if we all stay here, night comes, we're dead.
Only one way this works.
I'll stay, then.
Boyd, I'm asking you, take Ava out of here.
Come on.
I don't suppose you'd flip on Gio? Come on out, and we'll discuss it.
When I see empty hands, maybe.
Yeah, and how do we know you won't just shoot us? How about I come out unarmed and you come out unarmed and we talk? Okay.
The second he clears, you shoot him in the gut.
Maybe we can get him to Gio before he dies.
Got you.
My hands are empty.
Me, too.
Where's your friend? Is he dead? - Yeah, I think so.
- Where's Ava? She's running through the woods.
Where you going? I'm going after the young lady with the automatic weapon.
I'll get her.
What are you gonna do after you get her? I ain't quite figured that out yet.
You gonna shoot to stop me? Maybe.
I'm pretty sure you're empty.
You gonna bet your life on that? No, Raylan, I'm gonna bet my life on you being the only friend I have left in this world.