Justified s02e03 Episode Script

The I of the Storm

Bourbon! You can keep the ice.
Hey, Boyd.
You mind? Not at all, Dewey Crowe.
Kind of surprised to see you in here.
I thought you'd given up these poisons.
Well, I had.
But many things have changed since last we spoke.
You mean when you pointed your gun at me? Well, the irony in that is that without me pointing my gun at you, you wouldn't be alive today.
There's 25, 35 five, 10.
There's a couple pennies.
It's currency, ain't it? What? Dewey Crowe.
How are you doing this fine afternoon? I'm good, Ellen May.
And you? I don't know.
You tell me.
Yeah, I'm afraid I got nothing for you right at this second, but I'll be back real soon, and I'm gonna be flush.
You ever get it together, you know where to find me.
I'd be more than happy to contribute to the cause, if you'd like.
I don't need your charity, Boyd.
I got things lined up.
Whatever puts a smile on your face, Dewey Crowe.
You know, Boyd, for a guy who's supposedly changed, you sound an awful lot like you always did.
What are we doing, Winona? - What are we - What are we doing? We're having some beers, and we're waiting for Dave Alvin to come on the stage.
At a roadhouse Was he playing somewhere else tonight? - No, that's not my point.
- What is your point? If he was playing in Lexington, would we go see him? No.
No, 'cause we drive to the middle of nowhere anytime we want to be seen in public.
We lie to everyone we know.
I thought we were being discreet.
Which I understood when Gary didn't know about us.
Well, just because Gary knows about us doesn't mean the whole world needs to know about us.
- I don't see why.
- 'Cause I'm still married, Raylan.
What if you weren't? Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Alvin.
Well, that's a longer conversation.
Hey, how y'all doing tonight? Are you not divorcing Gary? - Can we talk about this some - Because if you aren't, then I really don't know what the hell we're doing.
All right, maybe I wouldn't be so hesitant to tell the world and divorce Gary if I thought you and I could be actually happy together.
I can't believe you said that.
I'm sorry.
It's just I wanted tonight to be fun.
This was supposed to be fun.
- Tim's here.
- What? Tim, your fellow marshal.
He's at the bar.
- Let's invite him over.
- We should take off.
- Are you serious? - You cannot be serious.
Did you hear a word I just said? You said you wanted to have fun.
Let's have fun.
Come on.
Dave Alvin.
Either give me your keys or come with me.
What are we stopping for? Bridge is out.
What do you want me to do? - Get back to your seat.
- Oh, come on, Bobby.
I got to drain it.
- Hold it.
- I been holding it! You piss out the window if you want, but you ain't getting off this bus.
- You want me to back it up? - Move on.
Shit! You all stay down and quiet! Pick him up.
Man, I got a bad back.
Lift with your legs.
You want to grab the junk, or were you thinking we'd stay a little while? Looks like Christmas come early.
I don't want to be hearing about this! Well, I thought you both might want to know, AUSA has determined that the shooting of Jess Timmons was good.
No surprise there.
Hell of a shot.
Did you consider what might have happened if you'd missed? I can't carry a tune.
I don't know how to shoot a basketball, and my handwriting is barely legible.
But I don't miss.
All right, that'll do it.
Raylan? Stay a minute, would you? Do I need to be concerned? About what? Oh, shit.
He saw us? Listen.
It's not what it looked like.
It was just two people having some beers, seeing some music.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Raylan, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? I'm asking if I need to be concerned about Tim, 'cause he just shot a man, and you've shot men.
And he's a little off.
And you're always a little off.
And so I'm just asking.
If there's something eating at him, I haven't noticed.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You're not getting off the hook that easy, though.
Two people, out having beers, seeing music.
Let's just forget it.
So, you were out with somebody, and Tim happened to be there.
Could we not? Just Suppose it could be Rachel.
Are you sleeping with Rachel? No.
I don't guess Ava's looking to spend time with you.
- And I think I would remember if it was me.
- You done? Unless, of course, you roofied me.
Did you roofie me, Raylan? - Goodbye, Art.
- Wait.
I've got one more thing to talk to you about.
Walk with me.
I got a call this morning from a trooper down in Harlan, Tom Bergen.
Helped us out with that Jimmy Earl Dean deal.
One of his troopers found an abandoned church bus out on Glen Hollow Road, and the sole remaining survivor had a hole in his head the size of a.
38-calibre bullet.
See, now that's why I don't go to church.
Well, you should start, but not with this one, 'cause apparently it doesn't exist.
Bus was stolen, and they found a receipt on the floor from a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida.
- Oxy run? - Probably the return leg.
- Then it was hit by another set of criminals.
- Shit.
You think it was him? I don't know.
What do you think? You told me he was playing it straight.
Well, wouldn't be the first time he said one thing and did another.
- I'll give you a call when I get down to Harlan.
- All right.
Holy shit.
Wait a minute.
I got it.
You were out with Winona.
Oh, shit.
And I thought sleeping with a witness was stupid.
No, no, no.
It ain't like that.
I really would like to know what it is like.
And I'd love to tell you, but right now my presence is needed in Harlan.
You're a thrill a minute, Raylan.
We need to sell tickets.
I ask you something, Crowder? How'd you manage to get this job, huh? I heard about you, some of the things you done.
This ain't the most reputable operation in the world, but seems to me they could have done better than hiring a murdering ex-con.
Maybe you should ask the people who hired me.
- I'd rather ask you.
- Hey, Pruitt.
You ain't got no cause for that.
Leave him alone.
Spend all that time down below, looking out for people, just to come up and start brawling.
I'm Kyle.
So you're Boyd Crowder, huh? Yeah, that's right.
I been here a couple days.
How about you? How long you been here? Not long this go-round.
Hey, say, you know where a fella can get a drink in a dry county? There's a bar in a puddle out by Cumberland.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm buying if you care to join.
No offense, Kyle, but I prefer to drink alone.
None taken.
Maybe next time.
Gonna be a tough hog to tie.
Now, the way I figure it, we got two tracks.
One is, who was running this Oxy bus? The other one's, who set out to rob it? I figure you're right.
And that fella that got shot.
Bobby Lawton? - He's Frankfort, born and raised.
- Dixie Mafia? You got any experience with that bunch? Little bit.
Good day, gentlemen.
- Doyle.
- Chief.
Quite a mess we got here.
It'll do.
I know you two don't hold the local P.
In the highest regard, and I can't say as I blame you after what's transpired down here, but the last thing we want is criminals stealing from criminals, people shooting at each other out of pickup trucks.
So, you all find anything or need a hand, y'all let me know.
You gonna talk to Boyd Crowder about this? It seems like it's in his wheelhouse, as they say.
That it does.
Are you aware of his current living situation? Well, you can find him shacked up over at Ava's.
Dewey Crowe.
You come to regale me with stories of your Floridian adventures.
Surprised you got the nerve to ask me that, Boyd.
I'm sorry.
Did you find that offensive? God damn it, don't play with me.
I know it was you.
- What was me? - I saw Cutter, Boyd.
I know you tipped him off.
I was gonna make $200 from that trip.
Now I got nothing.
Wait a second.
You're talking about Cutter from the Commando days? How many Cutters you know? And what was it you think I had him do? Rob the damn bus! What do you think? Well, this figures.
Hey, Ava.
You got two minutes to get him out of here.
Bye, Ava.
She looks as good as ever, huh? Are you telling me that the reason why you're here is that Cutter robbed your Oxy bus, and you think I'm responsible? I don't care that you robbed it, Boyd, but I need that money.
These here are rock-hard times for Dewey Crowe.
I had no hand in it.
Well, why should I believe that? All right.
If you didn't have a hand in it, then I'll assume you won't mind if I make a play for it myself.
What are you thinking? - Don't.
- Don't what? Don't go to Amber Holler and try to rob some robbers.
I wasn't gonna do that.
They probably already unloaded it by now, and if they haven't, they're gonna be on edge, high on their own stash.
Now, you don't want to walk into that.
Spoken like a man protecting his associates.
Spoken like a man who doesn't want to see you get killed.
Hey! Look.
Whoever Cutter took those pills from is gonna want them back.
Now, you take them from Cutter, you're gonna have two sets of angry killers looking high and low for you and that Oxy.
I know you think I'm stupid, Boyd, but I ain't.
I'm gonna get what's mine, and you'd be best not to get in my way.
I'm gonna ask you one more time, son.
Don't do it.
Hello, Ava.
Sorry just to stop by like this, but I need a minute.
What can I do for you, Raylan? Actually, I'm here for Boyd.
You see his truck? I'm not familiar with his truck.
Tell the truth.
You come to my door to talk to Boyd or to ask me why he's living in my house? I'm here on business, Ava.
Raylan, Bowman didn't leave me with much more than shitty memories and a balloon payment on a mortgage that I can't afford.
Now, I work at the beauty parlour in Corbin, but it ain't hardly enough.
And Boyd? He helps out.
I know it's odd.
But do you realise he's the only kin I have left? It sounds mutually beneficial.
- Has he left for work? - We have an arrangement.
No liquor in the house.
I was drinking way too much.
Maybe you noticed.
And, no trouble with the law.
He does anything I find the least bit offensive, I throw him out.
- It's really pretty simple.
- Ava, why I'm here, I'm looking into the possibility that he had a hand in hijacking an Oxy bus, shooting a guard.
There are these pill mills in Florida that don't computerise records.
Dixie Mafia's been hiring busload of folks to go down to Broward County Yeah, I know what an Oxy bus is.
I read the papers.
You think Boyd hijacked one? I wouldn't be standing here otherwise.
Guess that explains Dewey being here.
Dewey Crowe? He was here? He and Boyd were arguing about something.
I didn't pay much attention to what.
Guess maybe I should have.
Anything you can tell me would be helpful.
Boyd already left for his night shift.
But he doesn't go straight to the mine.
He stops at Audry's first.
I'm sure you know where that is.
You probably lost your virginity there.
Good luck! Sorry, son.
We close early on Tuesdays.
Yeah, I just need me a ski mask.
It won't take but a second.
- A ski mask? - That's right.
Son, this is Kentucky.
What do you need a ski mask for? Who are you, ski-mask police? You got one or not? I don't have ski masks.
Maybe you should try the surplus store down the street.
They're the ones who sent me here.
- There's always eBay.
- E-what? It don't have to be a ski mask.
You got a catcher's mask or one of them hockey goalie masks, like they wear in that slasher movie? You want I should call the police right now and save you the trouble? Well, I thought this was America.
Are you telling me a man can't buy a mask in America no more? You're welcome to buy anything you see here, son.
But you do it now, because I'm fixing to lock that door in two minutes.
Back in Audry's.
Feel like I'm 13 again.
Late bloomer, huh? Is it just me, or has the presence of a US Marshal made these folks uneasy? Well, maybe it's just your hat.
I don't suppose you being here is a coincidence.
Hey, where's Dewey? Is he here, too? Well, why would I know where Dewey is? Well, I heard you guys have been hanging out again.
Ava told you that? I got to admit, it took me by surprise, you and her shacking up.
Well, it's not what you think.
She told me if you looked at her funny, she'd kick you out.
Well, maybe it is what you think.
Your reason for being here would be? Is to ask you if you had anything to do with that Oxy bus getting jacked out on Glen Hollow Road.
Now, why, considering the context of our last conversation, would you come here and ask me about that? I thought I made myself fairly clear about my intentions.
Simple question.
Yes or no.
True, but the real question is whether or not you will believe my answer.
Well, hell, give it a shot.
We'll see.
No, Raylan.
I had nothing to do with that bus being robbed.
I don't suppose you know who did.
If I did know, would I be obligated to share it with you? That's up to you.
How much blood do you want on your hands? How much did you enjoy prison? Federal marshal! Show me those hands and get on the goddamn ground! Oh, my God! Get down! Hands behind your heads! I will put a hole through you if you make me.
You boys think you're pretty smart, don't you? Well, if you was, I wouldn't be standing here.
You gonna tell me where the rest of them pills is at, or are you gonna keep being smart? What pills? Outlaw life's hard, ain't it? Now, you gonna tell me, or I'm gonna start putting bullets in places that bleed.
You can't do that.
Hell, I can't! I'm Federal Marshal Raylan Givens! Don't nobody mess with me 'round these parts.
Now, where's them pills at? All right! Okay, the microwave.
Either of you move, it'll be the last mistake you ever make.
You have any idea who you're messing with, asshole? Well, let me see.
Is he a federal marshal, like I am? Then I don't give a shit! We'll see you again.
Yeah, well, don't you forget.
It's Raylan Givens.
Come looking for me.
You hear? If I was you boys, I'd give up this Oxy bullshit.
Go back to poaching gators.
It's safer.
Your CI saw this guy come in and rob these boys of their pills.
That's right.
- Well, she get a good look at him? - Yeah, she did.
Well? Raylan, you and I go back a long way.
We grew up around here together.
Our families have both had their issues with the law.
And despite that criminal element, both of us became lawmen.
I'm sorry.
What are we talking about? I got to thinking, "Maybe Raylan isn't the man I always thought he was.
"Hell, maybe Raylan ain't the man everybody thinks he is.
" Was that supposed to be an answer? Sometimes a man does a thing, and certain folks, they might see that thing as something wrong.
Others, they might embrace that.
Hell, I mean, they might even be in a position to help that man out, providing that favour gets returned later on.
Are you speaking Martian, Doyle, 'cause I swear I don't I know you took them pills, Raylan.
I did what, now? The CI in there? She seen the whole thing.
She said Marshal Raylan Givens busted in there, hat and all, and stole them pills at gunpoint.
- Well, then, I guess you got me, Doyle.
- I do.
Oh, for Christ's sakes! Am I the man you saw? - Man I saw what? - Who robbed Elrod and Cutter.
- Lord, no.
- Well, you said And you believed her? I don't know you, Raylan! I mean, you think there ain't never been a dirty marshal? - What was that shit you were saying? - What shit? About "You think you know a man, but don't"? I was just feeling you out, pal, just making sure.
Is that what that was? Like the way one drug user tries to see if a man he just met is carrying? Something like that? That's how you see it? This man you saw.
Describe him to me.
Oh, well, he was smaller, kind of scrawny.
He had a neck tattoo peeking up out of his shirt.
- What'd it look like? - I couldn't really make it out.
- It was just some letters going across.
- Okay.
I ain't ever seen a lawman with a tattoo on his neck.
Anything else? He was making some strange comments, one at the end about poaching gators.
Poaching gators? Yeah, I remember it 'cause it didn't make no sense at all.
Put an APB out on a man named Dewey Crowe.
It was a thing of beauty.
They never even knew what hit them! Ellen May! Ellen Ellen May.
Okay, now, why don't you grab a friend? Let's go out back, and we're gonna have us some fun, okay? - You for real? - I'm for real.
Take a little peek at that.
- What do you think of that? - I love it.
You want light or dark? Hair, Dewey.
I'm good either way.
I ain't fussy! Don't you want to hear what happened? Not particularly.
It was a thing of beauty! They never even saw it coming.
And you'll never believe who I told them I was.
Raylan Givens.
Hey! I need a bourbon.
I need a double bourbon.
I need one for my friend.
I'm fine.
Well, ain't you gonna celebrate with me? I got to go to work.
What's got you so jammed up? You know what, Dewey? If you had any smarts in that head of yours, you would get in your car right now, and you'd start driving, and you wouldn't stop until you saw the Everglades.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
I know that if you stay here, you're not long for this Earth, son.
You know what I think? I think that you're just mad because I had the stones to do this, and you didn't.
You can think what you want.
Just do it from your car.
I will leave here when I'm good and ready, and ain't you or no one else gonna tell me no different.
You chose your path.
Good luck to you, son.
Here's my girls! - You ready to have a good time? - You bet you! Let's go! Givens.
Raylan, I was wondering if back when we were digging coal together that you had an inkling of the man that I might someday become? You mean just 40 and still single? Well, I never thought that I would make a phone call like this, Raylan.
Well, if it's about Dewey, don't worry about it.
I already know.
Well, he's at Audry's, handing out OxyContin like he's a pharmaceutical rep.
That is just about the best thing I ever laid eyes on.
I always knew you'd be a good time, Deputy Dewey.
That's right.
Gonna be good times from here on in! Hey, why don't you two kiss a little more - so's I can watch? - Okay! Hey, this is quite a party.
You mind if I come in? Hell, yeah, we do! This here's a private party.
- Ladies.
- Hi.
I'm Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens.
Another one.
No, not another one.
I'm actually a real US Marshal.
- I want you both to go put your clothes on.
- Okay.
No! No, wait! Wait, wait, wait.
Raylan, please, I'm begging you.
Just give me five more minutes.
I will do whatever you want.
- Seriously? - Whatever you want.
Yeah, whatever you want, baby.
Thank you.
But I need you to get dressed.
Get dressed.
Well, I always figured you for a special kind of idiot, Dewey Crowe, but what you have done in the past 12 hours is light-years beyond any stupidity even I thought you were capable of.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Well, I'm talking about the pills in your car.
Oh, those? Those are for you! You deputized me, remember? I was just seizing them for you.
That's good.
I'm impressed.
And I assume you were gonna tell me just as soon as you finished up here.
- Is that it? - That's right.
So who tipped you off? Were you on the bus? Who hired you? I'm sorry, Dewey.
Are you worried about looking like less than a man, 'cause I believe that ship has already sailed.
Bobby Lawton.
He got killed.
You talk to anyone above him? Whoa, fellas? Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens! I'm gonna need you to stop right there.
Just keep your hands where I can see them.
Ain't falling for that shit again.
Hey! You gonna stop shooting for a minute and let me get a word in? All right.
Well, the good news is, you seem to be in the right place.
The drugs you stole and the man who stole them from you are here.
The bad news? So am I.
Let's kill him.
- Here's the deal.
- Either of you move, I'll kill you.
Tell me who hired you to hit that bus.
It was your brother Dickie.
Clear! Must have thought I was kidding.
Told them to drop their guns.
Let's go.
Do you understand what I'm You do not understand what I'm saying.
I'm saying all that smoking, and you just can't help yourself, can you? - You can't do it.
- I'm under a lot of stress.
You ain't? - Who is it? - Stress.
It's Cutter.
It's Cutter.
Where's our pills? Hang on.
- Where the hell is you? - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Is this the dumbest piece of cat shit on the face of the Earth? Is it? What's he saying? Oh, now.
Now, now.
And just who the hell might this be, huh? It might be the guy who just saved your ass! - Jesus Christ! - Outside, both of you.
- Why? - Why? 'Cause it smells like pot and piss in here.
I ain't got all night! Against the wall.
Let's go! - What is your problem? - How's that? What's my problem? I just find out you two are responsible for hijacking a shipment of Oxy, and I got to kill two morons to keep your asses out of jail.
Cutter and Elrod told me it was you right before I killed them.
Ain't they told anyone else besides you it was us? Well, I don't know, Coover.
I didn't conduct a full-tilt interrogation.
Did you get the Oxy? Do you know who that bus belonged to? Either of you? Dick? - The boys up in Frankfort.
- That's right.
Now, you really want to stir up that hornet's nest, huh? I ain't afraid of Frankfort.
- You ain't afraid of Frankfort.
- I am not afraid of Frankfort.
Well, what about if Mama found out? You afraid of Mama? Yeah, well, that is why I used Elrod and Cutter.
The Dixie Mafia is gonna be sniffing around down here, wondering if Cutter and Elrod worked for anyone.
Is there anything that can come back to you besides that cell phone? Anything? No.
Dick? No.
Either one of you two knuckleheads have any more bright ideas, you come to me first.
Twice in one day.
I am a lucky girl.
Assuming you're still looking for Boyd? No, I found him.
You throw him in jail? I assume he's down in the mine, working his shift, as per usual.
So he didn't rob that bus after all, huh? Guess not.
You come here just to tell me that? Well, considering your arrangement, I wouldn't want you to throw him out 'cause of something I said.
- Very thoughtful of you.
- I want you to throw him out - because he's Boyd Crowder.
- Really? I understand, Ava.
He says he wants to change, and I might buy that he wants to.
But you don't think he will.
Believing that kind of shit could get me killed.
And I think the same goes for you.
You trying to get back at me? Because if that's the case, there's other ways to do it than moving Boyd in.
This isn't about you, and it is mighty arrogant of you to think otherwise.
Well, then why? Why invite even the possibility of the trouble he brings into your home? - I told you.
- Oh, that's right.
You need to pay your rent, and he's your kin.
Well, you can call me arrogant if you want, but I don't buy that shit.
- Then why? - I don't know, Ava.
You tell me, oh, wise one, why, who cheated on me with his ex, who's married? Ava Would you like to come inside and talk about this? I don't think that's a good idea.
Then go.
You are choosing not to be a part of my life.
So you don't get a say in how I live it.
And Boyd? He's staying here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You know, and I'd appreciate, the next time a bus gets robbed in Harlan that you wouldn't come knocking on this door.
Bourbon, please.
What does a man have to do to get a quiet drink in these parts? Well, what do you know? Boyd Crowder.
Fancy that.
What's your name? Kyle.
I thought I stated it rather politely the other day.
I prefer to drink alone.
Well, you did.
You did, and I respect that.
I do.
But Well, truth is, I came here to offer you something.
I should have come clean at the mine.
I know who you are, Boyd Crowder, and I'm a great admirer of all that you've done.
I mean, Crowder's Commandos? Shit! Brother, you're a local legend.
You was popping off them Jews like you was in a video game.
I never killed any Jews, Kyle.
In fact, I don't think I've ever met a Jew in my life.
All I'm saying is that I understand who you are.
You had a vision.
And I have a vision.
You and me, we's the same.
You don't know anything about me or why I have done the things that I have done in my life.
Well, now, hold on.
Ain't no reason to get riled up.
I killed people, too.
And I lost friends, like you did, out in the woods.
But some sacrifices are necessary.
Sometimes people are disposable.
Men like you and me, we understand that.
Come on, Crowder! Boyd! Come on.
Ain't no need to run off.
Wait a second, will you? I want to talk to you about something.
Will you just wait a second? Please wait.
Give me two seconds.
Come on.
Turn the engine off.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? Kyle, come on.
Let's have a little conference time, one-on-one, - me and you.
What do you say, huh? - Please, Boyd! No, you want to hear What do you want to talk about? Want to talk about my past? Killing people, blew shit up.
Is that what you want to talk about? You want to talk about God and faith and hope? - My feet are burning! My feet! - And religion.
You want to talk about that? - Jesus Christ! - Jesus Christ.
We can talk about him, pal.
- You want to meet him? Huh? - No! Do you want to meet your maker, Kyle, 'cause I'll be right behind you.
How about we do this on "three"? Shall we? - One - Stop.
- Two - Stop the car! Three.