Justified s02e06 Episode Script

Blaze of Glory

Previously on Justified - Well, hello, Raylan! Winona! - Gary.
I just wanna let you know I'm planning to show the house again tonight.
Well, that's fine, but you could have told me that over the phone.
I love you.
And I do want you back.
Simple as that.
All right.
So what is it? We need to get a divorce.
You think he knows? - Don't worry about Boyd.
- Kyle, what if he bails on us? When he goes down in the mine, we'll just blow him up.
Hands up, fool! This is a robbery! Boyd, put those explosives in the brown bag.
You ready? Hey, so long, there, Boyd! I put a little cash on the Emulex, a little Emulex on the cash, and I made sure that the blasting cap went in their packet and not mine.
I don't suppose any of that money survived the blast.
There should be at least $15,000 to $20,000 in there.
There's one more favour that I must ask of you.
Ava, you can help me or you can refuse.
Either way, I will understand.
But I'm gonna need to know your answer right now.
ATF inquiry 2359826.
Interview with Boyd Crowder.
All right, and it was during that conversation that Kyle made his first threats against yourself and Mrs Crowder? Miss Crowder.
Against yourself and Ms Crowder? I believe we've already waded through these waters.
Tell us again.
They showed up at the house, said they were gonna rob the mine, said they needed a powderman.
Said if I didn't go along, they'd put me and Ava in the ground.
So you never actually heard Kyle make these threats.
Like I said, I was already gone to work.
Meaning Boyd told you what Kyle said.
Just like Boyd told you that morning was the first time he heard about the plan to rob the mine.
And it's not possible that he lied.
Why would I lie? Because if you can prove you were coerced, couldn't call the police out of fear for your life, then you're not criminally responsible.
I think we're all growing tired of this babe-in-the-woods act.
So I want you to tell us right now where the rest of the money is.
I thought it burnt up.
Some of it burned up.
Miss Crowder, do you realise that we could charge you with felony murder? "Felony murder"? Is that like "hot lava" or "frozen ice"? No, ma'am, felony murder means if you knew the crime was gonna be committed, even if you didn't know anyone was gonna die, you're just as guilty as if you pulled the trigger.
After everything your brother put her through, you really gonna let her spend the rest of her life in prison for you? You know, I was just wondering, did she screw all your relatives or just you two? Now, sir, I know you have an investigation to conduct, but if you disrespect Ava one more time, I'm gonna come across this table.
Chief, it seems clear to me that Mr Crowder just threatened a federal officer.
And I would think that that is reason enough for you to take him into custody.
Much as I might like to personally throw Mr Crowder's ass in a holding cell, I think a threat against a federal officer would be a little more specific, something more along the lines of, "If you disrespect Miss Crowder again, I'll beat the ever-loving shit out of you.
" You gonna charge me? - I have to get my purse.
- Okay.
- Raylan.
- Boyd.
I am impressed.
How is it possible you're not in cuffs? Well, when someone's threatening a woman that you care deeply for, there's no end to the lengths that you will go to keep that woman safe.
Now, I seem to recall you being in that situation a time or two yourself.
In fact, I seem to recall you being in the same situation with the same woman.
Ain't that something? Just tell me what you did, Gary.
I am trying to tell you what I did, if you would just give me five minutes - to listen to me! - Don't try to tell me what you did.
- Tell me what you did! - You don't even listen to me anyway.
I'm trying to find a legitimate way for us to get out of this hole that we are in! - You either tell me or I'm leaving.
- Where are you going? You just wait five minutes and let me talk to you instead of getting mad all the time? - Then talk to me, Gary! - I am trying to tell you what I did, all right? You put up our house as collateral for a goddamn horse? It is a champion Arabian, Winona! You're not listening to a damn thing I've said! After everything that has happened, everything, Gary, after everything that has happened, you did that, and you didn't talk to me about it? Well, where do I find you, Winona? Where do I find you, huh? - That's enough.
- What? - You're gonna walk out now? - I'm leaving.
You haven't even looked at this, all right? I worked all Winona! - I missed you last night.
- Last night, I was working late.
You should have called.
I was up half the night staring at the ceiling.
Thinking about what? You think all I'm doing when I'm lying in bed alone is thinking about you? Not necessarily.
There was a good five or six minutes when I didn't think about you once.
I have plenty of other things on my mind.
Like what? I don't know.
Maybe the fact that my soon-to-be second ex-husband just remortgaged our last asset to buy a horse.
- It's not funny.
- It's a little bit funny.
I'm sorry.
Look, I wish there was something I could do.
Well, you could tell me everything's gonna be okay.
I said, you could tell me everything's gonna be okay.
- I don't have a key to that.
- What? Only Weaver's got a key to the cage.
Okay, so when I asked you to let me into evidence, you don't think that was a good time to tell me you didn't have a key to that? Well, I thought you just meant the evidence room, not the cage.
Since when do files have to be put in the cage? They're my transcripts from the coal flyrock case.
Judge Reardon's worried 'cause of all the coverage and tempers are all So he's got you putting them in a lockbox, guarded by an armed man? - Yeah.
- Seems excessive.
You think Judge Reardon's excessive? So we wait.
Sure Weaver will be here any minute.
You don't have to go to work? It's a circus up there.
Happy to avoid it.
You remember that night Gary was waiting for you outside your motel? Did me touching you just remind you of Gary? No.
It reminded me of that night when you told me about the pregnant fugitive.
Just, it got me wondering if maybe, I don't know, maybe we had changed.
Like maybe it doesn't have to end the way it did the first time.
Two rocking chairs on the porch.
Bunch of little Raylans running around with toy guns.
Aren't you the one who said it wouldn't be fair to have a kid as long as every morning I walked out the door you felt like I might never walk back in? What if there wasn't that chance? Meaning what? Meaning what if when you walk through the door, you weren't walking through the door to come here? And once again, we have silence.
Well, I guess things haven't changed so much after all, have they? - What do you want me to say? - I don't know.
Don't you ever wonder? Sure.
I wonder.
But? That'll be Weaver.
Charlie, Ms Hawkins needs to get in the cage.
Main lockboxes are all full up, but that's okay.
We got some old ones back here don't get used any more.
This is Weaver.
I know.
All right.
- You mind taking it from here? - No.
These are all marked.
I got to get to this.
Reception down here is for shit.
- All right.
I'll just yell if I need you.
- All right.
I'll come shooting.
How are you doing, sir? There you go.
Next in line.
That's you, honey.
Back away from the counter! Anybody tries to trip the silents gets a bullet for himself and one for the guy next to him.
Everybody down! Easy, son.
You don't want to die for somebody else's money.
- Get your ass away from that phone! - Ladies.
- Everybody move around front.
- Get your ass down! Everybody on the floor! Do it! Now! All right.
Wallets and jewellery, people.
- There you go.
- Stay down! Get your ass away from that phone! Stay down! Get the other end.
Hands face down in front of you, away from your pockets! Now Nice.
Well, ain't you a piece? Flip over, darlin'.
Let's see what you got.
What else you got worth taking, huh? Open your hand.
Open it.
Open your hand.
Other one.
- I won't ask again.
I'll just break your fingers.
- It's time.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Come on, man, let's go! Come on, man! Let's go, fellas.
Time to go.
I don't get it.
All the times I ran you through how to act I told you, it was instinct.
What to do if a guy breaks into your home, what to do if a guy grabs you on the street, what to do Looks like there's a lot of drama going on in there.
If a guy with a gun wants your shit, you give it to him double-quick.
- You don't look him in the eye.
- Raylan, I'm fine.
Art looks spun up, though.
Did he see something on the video? - Apparently he recognised one of them.
- Which one? Frank Reasoner, the old guy with the oxygen tank.
Turns out 30 years ago he was on the Ten Most Wanted list.
- For what, robbing banks? - Apparently a lot of them.
Got a place in Miami, one in Bahamas.
Used to fly himself back and forth in his own King Air.
What's he been doing for the past 30 years? - He's been doing 30 years.
- Really? Got compassionate parole back in June, emphysema.
Wasn't supposed to make it six months.
I thought that oxygen thing was just for show.
Stopped checking in with his P.
Officer a month ago.
So he's our fugitive.
What about the other two? Haven't ID'd them yet.
The one who kicked me in the face.
If you get the chance, shoot him in the nuts.
I ought to hear this.
Mrs Reasoner, I hope you're not trying to deny that your husband is the man in that video.
No, I'm not.
I mean, it looks like him.
It's just I don't see how that's possible.
No? You don't see how it's possible a guy could get out of prison, go back to committing the same crime he went away for? Frank was a model inmate.
He preached at the prison church.
Mrs Reasoner, yeah, we read the parole report.
How's he been since his release? What's he been like? We've been living a simple life.
Frank's a deacon at Calvary Baptist.
When he's not there, he spends most of his time on a computer.
His condition doesn't let him do much physically.
He plays video games.
He uses the interweb to look up news about his old friends.
He even taught himself how to use the video chat so we could talk with the grandkids.
Mrs Reasoner, do you recognise either of the other two men in the video? I don't think so.
Maybe they forced him to join them.
You know, like in that movie.
Although the man in the video looks like a willing participant.
Jenny, does Frank have any big bills lately that you know about, any big expenditures or maybe medical bills? No.
What if something happened to I don't know, his mind, you know, his brain because of oxygen? You know, because of the emphysema.
Look at that shit.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Frank, you see this? You kidding? Get out of here.
Smell that.
Smell that.
Now add in Versailles.
We're not going to Versailles.
What are you talking about? You always said pull another job, doubles your money, keeps the law scrambling.
I also said only shoot when you have no other choice.
I heard you tell that old boy move and he'd get shot.
Well, he moved.
And what about that girl that you stroked and then drop-kicked? Frank, she was holding out on us.
She's lucky I didn't shoot her in the face.
Bobby, I could never pull a job with a man I can't trust to hold himself.
- Frank, just hold on a second.
He's - You know what? You don't have to beg him for shit, okay? You and I will do the Versailles job on our own.
Right? Who knows? It might even be a blessing not having this old lunger along.
Ain't that right? Frank.
What are you doing? What the hell are you doing, Frank? I got you figured.
You did most of your growing up in those juvie-detention gladiator schools.
Didn't mean no harm.
He's just talking.
I guess Bobby didn't tell you I was the bench-press champion at Lewisburg.
The next time you make me raise my voice, I'm gonna take this oxygen tank, and I'm gonna beat your ass to death with it.
Frank! Yep.
That's him.
Who is he? Bobby Green, carjacker.
Did a few years at Lewisburg when Reasoner was there.
Still nothing on the guy who stomped on my face? We figure he's a friend of Green's.
- Hi.
- Howdy.
What's that? Serial numbers from the bills they took out of the cash drawer.
We red-flag them, then if they spend them anywhere that uses the database, - we do what we do.
- I know.
Big brother, right? You don't really expect to catch them that way.
Lag time's too long.
Most places don't scan more than once a day.
By the time we get a hit, the perp's usually long gone.
So it's really just red tape for the bank, then.
Actually, it's mostly for the Secret Service.
You ever hear of superdollars? It's counterfeit hundreds from North Korea.
Whole Treasury Department's obsessed.
You believe they make us scan every bill that goes into evidence? Pain in the ass.
Deputy Gutterson, I hope you're not suggesting that protecting the integrity of our national currency is a waste of your valuable time.
No, ma'am, nothing I'd rather be doing.
I think I have a problem.
Okay, now, I want you to tell me again.
- I just - Not yet.
I just wanted to make sure it was real.
- Wanted to make sure it was real.
- Yeah, otherwise it's not worth the headache and all the paperwork and besides, I was gonna put it back, and then all the Okay, wait.
Let me just make sure I got this.
You took one bill, and you wanted to make sure it was real.
But then you're standing in line at the bank, you come to your senses.
So you start to leave, but Frank Reasoner and his boys take it off you.
I don't need you to tell me I did a stupid thing, Raylan.
I know I did a stupid thing.
What I need you to tell me is how big of a deal it's gonna be when you catch these guys and run those bills through the Federal Reserve database and one of them pops because it's supposed to be in the evidence cage.
It's one bill.
It's a clerical error.
Worst-case scenario, they come to look for it.
"They"? Is "they" the Secret Service? 'Cause I heard Tim mention something about that.
- Raylan, is that you? - Yeah! - Chief wants you.
- Right now? - Reasoner's trying to get a hold of his wife.
- Okay.
Tell him I'm coming.
Do you really think there's a chance they'll just ignore it, though? I got to go.
This guy texts his wife, tell her he wants to video-chat.
When he went away, no one had heard of a computer you could fit in your living room.
Art? - Where are we, Chris? - Thirty seconds.
Art, I need a word.
As you can see, Raylan, we're kind of busy at the moment.
If we get a line on these guys, can I be the first through the door? Why? 'Cause of that whack that punk gave your ex-wife? Yeah.
For God's sakes, Raylan.
I'm not gonna let you be on the entry team.
But I'll let you be there when it goes down.
And then maybe you can make sure the guy whacks his head when you put him in the car.
- Happy? - Yeah.
- Ready, Chief.
- All right, let's go, Mrs Reasoner, right here.
- Honey? - I'm here, Jenny.
Where are you? I'm at the break room at work.
Frank, please come home.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Well, I don't understand why you're doing it this way.
Why don't you just I need to talk to whoever's in charge.
I imagine we're talking Marshals 'cause I'm violating my compassionate parole.
But maybe it's the FBI.
Which Anyway, whichever one of you's in charge, I need you to get on the line.
Chief Deputy Art Mullen, Mr Reasoner.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I love you, Jen.
But now I need you to go outside so I can have a word with the chief.
Right this way, Mrs Reasoner.
- Is she gone? - Just you and me.
Thirty guys in the next room? Mr Reasoner, let's talk about how we can end this business without anybody else getting hurt.
First of all, you saw the video.
You saw I never intended for anyone to be hurt.
Well, we saw that it was the kid that stomped the woman and that did the shooting.
But you're the one who brought him along.
Wasn't my first choice.
I can promise you that.
So he was a friend of Bobby Green's? You boys work fast.
Bobby don't have the best taste in friends.
But he's a good boy.
Only way I'm coming in is if you'll promise to go easy on him.
Well, that's a question for the US Attorney, but I'm sure that we can work something out.
What about the other one, the friend? Like I said, he's not my friend.
You know, it was me that was chasing you back in the day.
I thought maybe collaring you would make my name.
Is that a fact? I missed you by about an hour at that flophouse in Memphis.
You remember that? The one with the Blessed Virgin wallpaper.
And the plastic drapes.
So that was you.
Well, it looks like the good Lord is handing you a second chance.
I'm just waiting for the good Lord to tell me where to go.
You know, I was planning on getting a good haul and getting it to Jenny on the sly and keep pulling jobs till I went out in a blaze of glory.
Kept saying I wasn't gonna let myself die on a ventilator in some hospital room.
Mr Reasoner Tates Creek bridge.
Two hours.
We have what we need? We'll have cars on either side of the bridge, plus Tim will be set up.
You got a spot picked out? There's a big rise next to the road on the north side, - makes kind of a natural bird's nest.
- All right.
This guy kind of sounded like he might want to go out in a blaze of glory.
Suicide by cop? Saving himself from dying in prison? - So be ready for that.
- Always.
The tech tell you how long it'd take to trace that video call? - Too long.
- Must be why he used it.
Something not sitting right with you? You really think he's gonna be there? - No.
- No.
How long would it take us to get up on Reasoner's computer? I'll get right on it.
Now are you sure you don't want to be the one wearing this, you know? Maybe go out with a bang.
Shit, could be your ticket to a paradise full of virgins.
- We ready to go? - Five by five.
- You know - Frank, Frank, what are you doing? Okay.
On second thought, beating your ass to death is a little ambitious health-wise.
Are we really gonna do this again, man? Okay.
But on the bright side, you get to go out with a bang.
Now, give my regards to the virgins.
Oh, God I can't decide if I should beat you to death or leave you drowning in the air like a landed fish! You know what? Shit.
- On second thought - No.
Carter, come on, man.
We've got to go.
That armoured car gets there before we do, put the money behind the time lock, we're shit out of luck.
- How's our man-power situation? - Down to the felt.
FBI's got the whole office in the field.
We're down to three.
- Including me? - Four.
- Sorry about that.
- Yeah.
You get into Reasoner's hard drive? What am I, an asshole? No.
- Chris created a mirror thing - Mirror drive.
Mirror drive of Reasoner's computer.
And we've been through everything but the games.
Haven't found shit.
Not even porn? Well, we haven't found shit that would tell us where he might be.
Chief, we just got an anonymous call saying Bobby Green and somebody named Carter Hayes just walked into First Cumberland in Versailles.
Special Agent Davi, Special Agent Burnes.
- You're Givens? - Yep.
They only sent one of you? - One riot, one ranger.
- Meaning you guys think the call's bogus? Meaning we're spread so thin right now, there's no one else left in the office.
What'd you see? Well, I didn't get a good visual, but the patrons I did see looked calm.
Last time, they waited in line, cased the place first.
Basically somebody needs to go in there casual and take a look.
I'll do that.
The old man's our fugitive, right? Well, we'll cover the perimeter in case you need backup.
Sounds like a plan.
Son of a bitch.
Gentlemen, keep your hands where I can see them.
Nice and easy.
Are you all by yourself, Marshal? Everybody on the ground! This is a robbery! Slowly! Slowly! I hope you're not counting on your grandpa to give you backup.
We might have to take him to hell slightly before his time.
Where's Frank? He was holding us up.
We left him at the hotel, dying.
Then who tipped us you were here? - Son of a bitch.
- What? - Car's gone.
- It got stolen? Hey, dumb shit, where's the money? In the car? Marshal, it's like this.
We're waiting for the armoured car to get here from the Keeneland racetrack.
Now, it appears to be running just a couple minutes late, but when it gets here, we're gonna take our money and be on our way.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have to huff and puff.
Clearly, you're the smart one.
I'm hoping you know what to do now.
And you're the one who kicks innocent women in the face.
You mean that girl from this morning? She didn't seem so innocent.
Does she taste as good as she looks? You know where I'm from, asshole? No.
Harlan County.
So? Down there, we know the difference between dynamite and road flares.
Okay, boys, this is a bank robbery.
It's all yours.
Mr Reasoner.
Guess you didn't believe I was giving myself up.
Hell, no one did.
But I also didn't believe all that "blaze of glory" bullshit.
Found all those flight simulators on your computer, and then I remembered that you used to own a plane back in the day.
Figured you were re-familiarising.
I wouldn't do that.
Unless you're rethinking that "blaze of glory.
" Remember I used to teach firearms back at Glynco.
That why you came out here all by your lonesome? 'Cause you wanted to give me the chance to high-noon it? No, I came out here all by lonesome 'cause everybody at the office is out fooling around with Bobby Green at the bank and that guy with the bomb vest.
Was that your plan, send them there and then dime them to us? Now, Reasoner, my knees are not gonna hold up to a foot chase.
If you run, I'm gonna put a bullet in that tank.
You remember the end of Jaws? Yeah.
Yeah, I remember.
Reasoner, don't Oh, shit.
God damn it.
Reasoner, stop! Damn! That shit really necessary? Bet you wish you'd quit smoking now.
Shit'll kill you.
You got a family, Chief? Yep.
Waiting on our third grandchild.
You love your wife? Most of the time.
Me, too.
But when you start staring down that barrel, you start thinking of all the lives you never lived.
Where were you headed? Little fishing village outside Puerto Vallarta.
To live out my days in a hut on the beach drinking beer, mescal, and getting blowjobs from hookers.
You really think your ticker's up for all that? I was willing to give it a try.
Come on, Chief.
There's room for both of us.
I reckon I'd better stay around here.
Well, you were right.
'Course I was right.
I'm wondering if we should be worried how sure you were he was planning to just take off and give everyone the finger.
Ask me again in 20 years.
Wait a second.
- When did you get those? - A couple days ago.
My wife kept complaining that I couldn't hear her, and I decided to get them anyway.
You need me to carry that? - Kiss my ass.
- Seriously, you want me to take it into the office, scan the money for you, it's not a problem.
Yeah, that'd be good.
I'm gonna get on home, start pricing some flights to Puerto Vallarta.
How are we? Hello to you, too.
Come on, Raylan.
I've been climbing the walls.
Fifteen years ago, the Fed redesigned the hundred, changed the colours, made the portrait bigger.
If your bill was in the cage 20 years, that means it was printed before that, so I went through every hundred in that bag, and these are the only ones where the portrait is still small.
So if the bill you took was in the bag, it has to be one of these.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hurts still? - Only when I breathe.
You know we're gonna have to talk about it, sooner or later.
I know.