K.C. Undercover (2015) s02e17 Episode Script

In Too Deep

1 Isn't this Better Earth Café fantastic? Finally, a place where I don't have to apologize for being a vegetarian.
But I do have to apologize for not bringing my wallet.
You're paying.
So I'm not going to enjoy it, and I have to pick up the tab? This is my last date all over again.
This place is so fresh, you can literally smell the farm.
(Inhales deeply) Okay, scratch that.
We're just really close to the bathroom.
(Whining) Where's our food? I'm hungry.
Marisa, if you can't wait, just eat the cup.
It's made out of seaweed.
All right, here ya go.
A feed the earth mega-vegan burrito, and a meatless double one world burger! Wait, wait, wait.
Shouldn't the double one world burger just be called a two world burger? (Raucous laughter) A two world burger.
That's a great one.
Hey, Jake, you gotta hear this.
(Chuckling) Oh.
Oh, I think Better Earth needs a better chef.
Well, I like it.
Plus, they're giving great jobs to teenagers.
Speaking of which, excuse me.
Is Danielle working today? Danielle is at our training facility.
She's been promoted to manager.
Hm, that's weird, because I just saw her yesterday, and she didn't mention anything about that.
Must've happened after you left.
You mean, after she closed up, locked the door, and then gave me a ride home? Okay.
Well, you know what? Tell her I said congrats.
We're no longer in communication.
Have a nice day.
And don't forget to make the world a better place.
That's a lot of pressure.
No longer in communication? Something's weird here.
Oh, I agree.
Yeah, and I'm holding it in my hand.
Just eat your cup.
(Crunching) Oh.
Oh, when danger comes for you You know I'll stand beside you 'Cause ain't nobody keep things hustle cool I'll always find a way, a way out of the fire Don't tell nobody, tell nobody I'm not perfect So many things I wanna tell you But I, I, I, I keep it undercover Livin' my life, no way to learn Doin' my thing, gonna make it work Know I'm the realest, baby, I'm fearless But I always got your back Nobody can do it like I can I gotta find out who I am Ain't got to worry about me It's all part of the plan I keep it undercover.
I keep it undercover.
Suddenly, Danielle is management material.
I like the girl, I do, but she couldn't even make change for a five.
Five ones, Danielle.
Five ones.
And then I called the corporate office, and they said that they've never even heard of her.
This place may be vegan, but it smells fishy.
KC, you are absolutely Ridiculous.
I know.
Everything I'm saying is ridiculous.
No, I was gonna say I think your instincts are right.
There's something shady about these health food cafés.
Their sole purpose seems to be to recruit members into an organization called the Volunteens.
The Volunteens? That sounds like the worst boy band name ever.
I've heard worse.
What exactly is a Backstreet Boy? Anyway, the Volunteens' charismatic founder is 20-year-old Jane Keller.
She owns all 60 of the Better Earth cafés across the country.
I don't own 60 of anything.
Flannel shirts.
I own 60 flannel shirts.
I'll keep that in mind in case we need anybody to go undercover as a lumberjack.
But right now, we need to find out what Keller is up to, so I want you and Ernie to go undercover working at Better Earth, and get recruited by the Volunteens.
Okay, yeah.
For sure.
Oh, uh, you got a little something (Clears throat) all in this general area.
Craig: Oh, yes.
Truffles? You shelled out the big bucks for a stinky mushroom, but you won't let us run the A/C past 6:00? Look here, when you grow up and get your own house, you can make the rules.
I'm a robot; I'll never grow up.
Then I guess we'll have to keep doing things my way.
For your information, I'm making a special meal for my buddy, Ambassador Rollin, from Monrovia.
I'm protecting him while he's in town.
You run all over town shopping for him, but for our anniversary, you show up with a box of tacos.
That's our thing.
We're both foodies.
I like food.
This is different.
I like him.
Excuse me?! I mean, I like working with him.
Excuse me?!! I meant we have a lot in common.
Does Ambassador Rollin also love sleeping on the couch, because if you keep talking, I'm guessing you'll have that in common, too.
Hello, fellow co-worker.
My name is Stella.
My parents think I'm too spoiled, so they made me get like, a job here, but the joke's on them, because I stole their credit card and got a cab here, and now I'm making it wait till after my shift.
Trent Blaze.
Brooding bad boy.
Sauerkraut enthusiast.
Why did the Organization put me in disguise and not you? I am in disguise.
These aren't my usual specs.
Are they your usual prescription? Just put your regular glasses back on.
I can't break my cover.
What cover? Bugs Bunny has a better cover when he dresses like a lady bunny.
Well, good afternoon, and a better tomorrow.
Welcome to A Better Earth Café.
I'm Trent.
Trent Blaze.
I like sauerkraut.
I'm Stella.
Even though my parents give me anything I've ever asked for, hoped for or dreamed of, I'm still dissatisfied with everything.
And it's all their fault.
You guys are gonna do well here.
And the better you do, the more you earn.
And the more you earn, the more you can give back to the company.
Uh, excuse me.
Like, why would we wanna give money back to the people who are paying us? You'll see.
So what are you two doing after work today? Oh, you know, just the usual.
Like, hating life.
Right on.
We're all going to the Better Earth Center for a Volunteen meeting.
You might find it interesting.
I have to check with my parents first.
I mean, I hate them and I don't care what they think.
All right.
Great acting, Meryl.
And you wonder why you never got the lead in Peter Pan.
Surprise! I made stuffed quail with truffle sauce, haricot vert with shallots, and sherry butter reduction, and a chocolate espresso dacquoise for dessert.
Whoo! Craig, I thought you knew.
I do not eat like that anymore.
Why not? All that rich, fatty stuff.
It was killing me.
No! But I spent two days making it.
If you don't eat it, it'll be killing me.
Besides, it's our thing.
Well, maybe we can have something new in common.
Like what? Exercise.
I have a great gym at the embassy, huh? What else you got? Remember when we were kids and we used to dream about what our lives would be? Those dreams never included hunger or polluted oceans or global warming.
Alone, I change nothing.
Together, we Oop.
Sorry, ma'am.
I'm Trent.
Trent Blaze.
- Uh, who's she? - Keller.
She's our leader.
I mean, our friend.
She's our friend.
She always says she's whoever we need her to be.
Wow! That is so profound.
What the heck is that bunk supposed to mean? I'm gonna try to go talk to her.
The world in our dreams was a beautiful place.
Well, I'm tired of dreaming.
I want that world with no hunger.
I want a world with blue oceans and clean air.
That's why I need you guys.
With your hard work, we can make it happen.
Alone, I'm just one voice.
But together, we are strong.
Together, we can be heard.
Together, we can make the world of our dreams a reality! Say it with me.
Together, we are strong.
All: Together, we are strong.
Together, we are strong.
Together, we are strong.
Yeah! Hey, um I'm Stella.
I hate everyone, but, like, you're okay.
Anyway, I just wanna say, like, I really liked your speech.
You're, like, saying all the things that I only, like, think.
Thank you.
I'm happy you're here, Stella.
Or should I say, KC? KC? I think you have me confused with someone else.
So you're not KC Cooper, teenage spy who works for the Organization, and lives with her parents, Kira and Craig Cooper at 35 Melby Lane? Okay.
I guess you don't have me confused with someone else.
Okay, so you know who I am.
So what are you gonna do now? You gonna eliminate me or something? Because this whole staring thing, it's starting to freak me out.
Eliminate you? Please.
I don't eliminate anything.
I'm all about recycling.
I'm not gonna do anything to you, KC.
What happens next is completely your choice.
Okay, perfect.
So you can unlock the door, I'll leave, and we'll pretend this never happened.
Look I'm fully aware the Organization is investigating me.
So you can go back and tell them your cover is blown, and in a few months, they'll send in someone else.
That sounds good.
Let's do that.
But here's another option.
You stay, and see what this place is about.
I'll give you full access.
And why would you do that? Because I have nothing to hide.
Oh, really? Then what about Danielle, the supposed manager who just disappeared? Oh, Danielle.
She went to visit her sick grandmother in Vermont.
Yeah, I don't believe you.
Please send in Danielle.
Can you just cut the charade? Look, I know you did something to her.
Either you eliminated her or she's lying in a ditch somewhere.
(Door opens) Hi, KC.
Danielle! Hey, girl.
How's your grandma? Not so good.
Thanks for bringing it up.
Okay, so I was wrong about the Danielle thing.
But what about the Volunteens that work at your café giving back their salary? That is suspicious.
Since when did caring about our planet become a crime? Ooh, look, teens caring about something besides themselves.
We'd better stop them before they do something good for the world.
We know, if we don't step up now, there won't be a planet to protect later.
Well, I never thought about it like that.
Then stick around.
I believe in what we're doing, and I think, if you give us a chance, you'll believe, too.
Wait, so, we're talking healthy food, fresh air, and clean oceans? I don't know.
That's pretty radical thinking.
Can I get back to you on that? The device is in place, and has been armed.
Good work, Danielle.
Now get out of the embassy, before there is no embassy.
Feels less like I'm spotting, and more like I'm doing the actual lifting.
Interesting, because to me, it feels like we're done.
Maybe cardio's more your speed.
This one is my favorite.
You enjoy it.
I'll be in the diner having an egg-white omelet, wrapped in a regular omelet wrapped in bacon and sausage.
Come on, give it a try.
I will go get us some eucalyptus towels.
It is wonderful, like wiping your face with a cough drop.
Ready now.
Look at that.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? We have credible intel that a bomb has been hidden in one of the embassy's cardio machines.
Any idea which is Rollins' favorite? Unfortunately, I do, and I'm on it.
Don't panic.
The bomb's only activated when the elliptical reaches five miles an hour.
What's your speed? Six miles an hour.
It's okay, Craig.
We're gonna disarm it.
But until we do, you can't drop below five miles an hour, or ka-boom! It's gonna blow up.
You can do it, but if you get tired, just give us a heads up so we can get out of splatter range.
I just got my puffs done.
Alone, I change nothing.
Together, we change the world.
All: Alone, I change nothing.
Together, we change the world.
Alone, I change nothing.
Together, we change the world.
Seriously, it's like Keller's got everybody in a trance.
Our cover's blown.
We should go report back to the Organization.
No, bro, we can't leave yet.
We have no credible intel that proves that Keller's even a threat.
Besides, from what I've observed, she seems to be on the up and up.
Of course she seems to be on the up and up.
Bad people always seem to be on the up and up, because what better way to look like you're on the up and up than to act like you're on the up and up? Would you shush about the up and up? Look, bro, no one has gotten as close to Keller as I have.
If we go back to the Organization, they're just gonna send someone else, and what good is that gonna do? I guess that makes sense.
Let's hurry it up.
I need some real food, like a chicken nugget shaped like a dinosaur.
(Chanting continues) I can dismantle it.
My bomb-defusing skills are the bomb! Old joke.
Keep working.
Okay, the ambassador is fine, and the embassy's been evacuated.
Did you find me anything to eat? I've been working out for two hours, and I'm starving.
I found some soup.
Soup?! How am I supposed to eat that and keep moving, baby? Let's try.
Okay, wait, wait.
Be careful.
Wait, wait, wait! (Both talking at once) I'm trying to do it.
Wait a minute.
Now I can't see.
Let me try and Wait, here.
Slow down! If you would bring your face down! Never mind, never mind.
Thank you.
I'm not hungry anymore.
One of the biggest problems affecting the world today is we can't get good food.
Some have too little, while others have too much of the wrong kind.
A lot of people rely on junk food because it's cheap and easy.
She left out delicious.
I'd kill for some aerosol cheese right now.
Or anything blue.
That's my favorite flavor.
Ernie, sh! What she's saying KC, did you have something to add? Oh, no, sorry.
- Please.
Join me up front.
- Nah, I'm good.
It's okay, KC.
Your opinion is valued here.
This isn't school.
Well, uh I was just agreeing with you.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive, and really hard to find.
Meanwhile, there's a convenience store at every corner selling junk food.
People deserve decent food at decent prices instead of giant apples and heads of lettuce that are covered in pesticides and herbicides.
I mean, those foods could survive a zombie apocalypse and are laced with enough chemicals to cause one.
And I, for one, am tired of it.
She's right.
It's time for affordable, healthy food for everyone.
We have to take action if we want change.
Volunteens around the country are gonna stop the scheduled delivery of chemically enhanced produce, at Agro Inc.
We'll launch simultaneous protests and make sure our message is heard.
Health not wealth.
All: Health not wealth.
Health not wealth.
If we want fresh food, we have to get our hands dirty.
- We have to break some rules.
- Absolutely.
We're gonna stop those trucks at any cost.
- Who's with me? - All: Yeah! Health not wealth.
Health not wealth.
(Chanting continues) Health not wealth.
What is going on? No more Franken-food.
No more Franken-food.
No more Franken-food.
The media's here! We want the best food at affordable prices for everyone! (All cheering) The truck is coming.
Volunteens, into position.
(Horn honking) The Volunteens will not be ignored.
Block that truck! All: Yeah! No! No, no, no, no.
I don't even like vegetables.
I'm not gonna stand in the way of a truck and become a vegetable.
(Horn honking) Let's do this! Wow, this just got real.
Yeah, real scary.
Time to go.
Now's our chance.
We can't let 'em push us around.
We need to send a message.
What's with this "we"? We are not them.
We are agents for the Organization.
No, we need to take action if we wanna create change, okay? At any cost.
That's Keller talking.
You don't really believe that.
Yes, I do.
And I am sick of living in this upside-down world.
That's Keller talking, too.
KELLER: What do we want? All: Health not wealth.
- When do we want it? - Now! KC, there's something off about Keller and those Volunteens.
It's like they don't have a mind of their own.
I don't like it, and I'm making the decision.
- We're out of here.
- No.
Look, you do what you gotta do, I'll do what I gotta do.
Health not wealth.
Health not wealth.
(Chanting continues) Health not wealth.
Health not wealth.
Judy, you have to hurry.
I don't know how much longer I can cramp.
Ow, cramp! He's losing speed.
I got a blinking light right here.
- Pick up the pace.
- 5.
4 and falling.
Craig, we gotta switch places.
- It's too dangerous.
- 5.
We don't have a choice.
It's too fast.
You won't be able to keep up.
Yeah, baby, that's cute.
Kira! You're pushing me off.
Move over.
Craig, will you get off the machine so you can rest? That sounds great, but exactly how am I supposed to do that? Like that.
Judy, now much longer before you defuse the bomb? Oh, actually, I defused it ten minutes ago.
I just thought it might be fun to watch you people panic, and I was right.
It totally was.
(Speaking unintelligibly) Okay, I can't understand a word you're saying, which is usually a good thing, but that sounded important.
I need real food.
Real food? You're eating flamin' hot cheese dust.
And apricots.
I'm crazy worried about KC.
She's gone over to their side.
What are you talking about? That makes no sense.
I didn't say it made sense.
I'm saying she's buying every word Keller says.
Hook, line and sinker.
No, Ernie, she's just using standard psy-ops training to get closer to the target.
She has to act like she believes.
Yeah, son, KC's just working Keller.
No, Dad.
Keller's working her.
(All chanting) We can create change.
We can create change.
KC Cooper, please step forward.
(Chanting continues) I pledge my allegiance to the Volunteens, and sign this lifetime contract to create change.
I'm glad you're with us, KC.
We're planning something big that'll change everything It's dangerous, and we need someone we can count on.
Are you with us? At any cost.
(Chanting resumes) Rob, your name's on TV.