K-Ville s01e01 Episode Script


New Orleans September 2005 Is there water? Not a lot, sir.
Take him over there.
Uh, people We have officers out looking for supplies so if you're not about to drop, please leave the supplies for the neediest.
I had to shoot a dog.
What? It was chewing on one of the bodies.
I'm thinking you know, if it's that hungry then it might start on someone that's alive.
Charlie, we've got lots of work to do, okay? Get a grip.
Officer, why won't anybody help us? Charlie, the car I think we have a towel in the car.
Go to the car and get a towel.
Ma'am, okay, look Okay, ma'am, we have people out looking for your family.
Does anybody have anything clean and dry? Charlie, what you got? Ma'am, we have to take care of this leg.
Charlie, what you got?! Charlie No, Charlie! Elvin! Get up.
So you're a tree thief now? Trees, shrubs People got to landscape.
It's just a tree, man.
A cypress tree.
Taxodium distichum my favorite tree.
It used to grow throughout this city until the storm threw salt and chemicals all over it.
So if I see you digging up another one, I will personally bury you up under it.
We clear? Yeah.
Now, how your ma and them doing? They're all right.
All right.
Tell her I'll be around there Saturday for the gumbo party.
Now go on, get out of here.
Hey, neighbor.
Come on.
Don't tell me you just bought this.
That's right, baby.
It's working, too.
Only cost me two FEMA checks.
Look, I'm a singer, not a bean counter.
I got to ride in style.
- On the taxpayer's backs? - Cuff me.
Deprive the good people of my spicy, sweet voice today.
If it wasn't for the good of the hood, I just might do that.
Thought the Kellers were moving back.
Got them a place up in Jackson.
How could they not tell me about that? Marlin, everybody ain't you.
Lot of people feel there ain't nothing to move back here for.
Course there is.
Now's not the time to be bailing on the Upper Nine.
Look, you can tell them I did this.
Wha what are you? So this new partner thing.
you're still good with it? - Same as yesterday.
- Charlie's not an issue? Why does everybody keep bringing up Charlie? Marlin, he deserted you during the storm but you never say a word about it.
- You don't think that's weird? - What are you, Captain, my shrink? No,but if I find out you got issues, I'm going to make you see a shrink and tell everyone about it.
I don't have any issues.
Who is this new partner? An ex-Army Ranger.
Did special ops two years near Kandahar.
Afghanistan? - No, Alabama.
- Yes.
But he's from here? No, Cincinnati somewhere.
Up north? - Don't judge a guy 'cause of that.
- Thanks, Captain.
No, it's just that why would a guy want to be a cop down here? He got to be half a nut job.
Take a look in the mirror sometime, Boulet.
Hey, man.
Trevor Cobb.
But please call me "Nut Job.
" Marlin Boulet.
Welcome to the team.
Captain, facilities called.
They say our new H.
- should be ready in.
- Two weeks.
Yeah, I get it.
- What else? - The chief again.
He needs to know what you can spare.
- Right.
- Listen up.
Today's that benefit in the French Quarter to raise money for the Ninth Ward.
Need a couple of guys to cover it.
Something funny, Cobb? No, it's just that you guys are supposed to be the best, right? Bad asses? I didn't expect we'd be covering a fund-raiser is all.
We'll take it, Cap.
Singer's a friend of mine.
Plus, it's for my hood.
Thank you.
The rest of you bite me.
Hey, good luck with that, Boulet.
Don't break a nail.
o/~ Wade in the water o/~ o/~ Wade in the water, children o/~ o/~ Wade in the water o/~ o/~ God's gonna trouble the water.
o/~ Thanks, Tina, baby.
Here's to a long partnership.
- Don't let me get shot.
- Thank you all for coming out today.
They're desperate for cops, Cobb.
They ain't gonna fry us.
I don't drink on duty, partner.
We will rebuild the Ninth Ward and bring people home.
Most importantly, we're going to bring back hope.
Okay, enough of me.
Once again, Kaja Fontaine.
o/~ There is a storm o/~ o/~ She doesn't wait for me o/~ o/~ Now that he's gone o/~ Oh, no.
Don't even go there.
Yeah? Why's that? That's Rex DuBois' daughter.
He owns the casino.
You're gonna have to make more than 29K a year to pluck that flower.
Get down! Everybody down! Woman shot at 4215 Bourbon Street! We need an ambulance and backup! Boulet, take the neutral ground.
Boulet, speed up.
Come on, baby, come on! Get out of the way! Go! Get out of the way! Come on, you're losing him! Let's go! Come on! Suspect vehicle overturned at Riverfront Casino.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Let's go, let's go.
Move inside.
Let's get inside.
Suspect in the vicinity of Riverfront Casino.
All available units to Riverfront area.
Suspects armed and dangerous.
K- Ville 1x01 - Pilot Sunrise in New Orleans, Jack, and people here are reeling.
Local jazz celebrity Kaja Fontaine was shot about We found a shell casing near the stage.
nine mill.
- And we're waiting on crime lab.
- Let's hold our breath.
What about the car? That's probably stolen.
The VIN's scratched off.
at a fund-raiser for the troubled Ninth Ward.
You're standing in the crime scene.
I'm going to need you to step further outside the tape.
I'm going to have to ask you to step further Is there any hope left? What are you do?! Put me down! What are you doing?! You know what you just did?! What? You think you're helping this city? Can you get him,please? Can you get him, please? And all I hear about is is us looting Wal-Mart! Officers, Keep rolling.
Getting all of this? Did you put your body heat in there? - What? - CSI's on its way with a scanner.
Pulls the heat imprint off the seat to give us the shooter's height, weight, race but not anymore, cause you got in there and you tainted it.
Thank you.
You screwed it all up.
CSI Hey, Captain, spare me the ass-chewing, okay? I'm fine.
Let's just do this.
I'm hopping she pulls through, Marlin.
That's all I was going to say.
I'm going to back up.
I need to be in there reporting.
Where are we on witnesses? Casino's got 97 cameras running.
I got Uni's checking them.
But inside there's zip.
If there was no one's talking.
- Maybe he didn't go in.
- There was a woman, elderly said she saw a blur run around the corner.
- Black blur or white blur? - On that she's a little spotty.
Good, we can all go home.
Cap, I found these in Kaja's dressing room.
Worms? Club manager says they got delivered in a flower box.
Tommy Corville.
That son of a He's a fisherman.
And he used to be Kaja's boyfriend till she dumped his ass last week.
Go talk to him.
Key word talk.
- Marlin - Yeah? Kaja just died.
I didn't even know she was dead! Not till you told me! Then how'd she get a bouquet of these delivered to her dressing room, huh? I was pissed off! She dumped me, man! I had my brother deliver them.
Don't lie to me, Tommy.
I've been on the Gulf Coast shrimpin' for the last two days.
I just got back at dawn.
Yeah? Where your catch at? I sold it, man.
The market in Weswego.
Give me some names.
I don't know, man.
Some guy.
You can't do this! Isn't this a bit overboard? - Six months ago, - he broke a bottle on Kaja's jaw.
Nearly cut out her tongue.
You so worried about that trash bag, you bring him up.
I sent some guys to the fish market.
Meantime, what else? We found some drugs in the car, too.
Couple joints, a gram of cocaine No, no.
She was off that stuff.
- Apparently not, Marlin.
- Kaja wasn't killed over drugs.
Then what, you got something better? All right,all right, just work your leads.
Meantime,Bring Back the Ninth has its second event tonight.
They don't want to cancel that? No,they felt it defeated the purpose.
I got an earful about it from Christina DuBois.
Cobb, Boulet, you're gonna work it again.
Only this time, with a bunch of harbor cops.
That's it.
- Oh, man, check out Charlie here.
- What does he want, his badge back? - You all right here, Marlin? - Yeah,I'm good.
I'll call you if I need backup.
Hey, partner, uh.
Give me a minute.
Got it.
So you guys like the boyfriend, huh? They never took back my radio.
Stupid, right? I be listening like an addict, boy.
Why you coming around here, Charlie? You didn't return my calls.
So, look, you talk to Embry yet? No.
And I'm not going to.
We're partners three years and you can't put in a good word for me, help me get my job back, man? I spent six days in that water when you left me.
- Six.
- Hey.
I left to make sure that family was safe.
Now you know that.
Ida called and said she was going.
That's all we had to go on.
You left because you was maxed out and scared.
No, man, come on.
How can you say that? Because every time I play it back in my head, I see you coming apart.
Bailing on me when I needed you.
That's not the way it was.
That isn't how it happened, man, that.
Do you want to know the crazy thing? Is Ida and my kids.
since I got fired.
they look at me different, man.
Who's fault is that? My friend.
how far do you want me to fall? I'm sorry.
I can't.
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Is this my bean? It is my bean.
Let me see.
Still crunchy.
I grew seven inches.
Did you really? Hey, show me.
Let's see.
Oh, that's just a half inch, not seven, Bean.
I love you, Daddy.
I miss you.
Oh, I love you, too, Bean.
- And now that you're home.
- Marlin.
Now that you're home, you'll shoot up like a cypress.
Okay? Hey, Bean, go up to your room.
I got a surprise for you.
My God, Marlin, they killed Kaja.
I know, baby, I know.
I wish you would stop calling this Tawni's home.
You're not making it any easier.
But this is her home.
What am I supposed to do, make it easy to lose my family? I'm not having this conversation for the 82nd time, okay? We're just here for two days to get the things you wouldn't send.
Couldn't bring myself to send.
Come on, stop it, Aya.
- What's so good about Atlanta? - Nothing.
But at least it isn't here.
Marlin, come on, just look around.
Half this city still reeks of mold and toxic sludge.
The schools are even worse.
The crime.
Baby, it's not the same place, and it is never gonna be.
It will be if we fight for it.
Then you do it, all right? You fight.
Don't make us suffer with you.
- Suffer.
- Look, Tawni.
Tawni still cries every time it rains.
Don't you get that? Even if it's just windy outside, I'm up with her all night.
There's weather in Atlanta, Aya.
And if she's going to deal with those fears she's got to face them here.
with us.
Now you tell me we're done.
Tell me that I'm not your man.
Tell me that.
Tell me.
No,I think that Kaja Fontaine would have wanted us to be here tonight, to reverse the perception that the city she loved is a lawless dying place.
Well, it's amazing you can stay so positive, Ms.
Especially given the tragic circumstances of your brother's death.
I don't talk about that.
Thank you.
What happened to her brother? He was murdered in the Ninth four years ago.
Stopped to change a tire.
Took his wallet and bashed his head in.
How are you? Damn.
What's up? Tommy Corville's alibi checked out.
He was out shrimping.
He didn't kill Kaja.
Something from the bar, gentlemen? - Give me a club soda, two limes please.
- Bourbon, double.
Why you here, Cobb? It really bugs you that I don't drink.
No, I just don't get it.
What's that? Our rep's in the sewer, the pay sucks, crime is off the charts, but you finish your tour in a Middle East war zone and pop down here to be a cop.
What's wrong with Cincinnati? Why the hell do you care? I'm getting the sense you don't care much about what I think.
I mean you're drinking on the job, which makes me wonder whether you got my back or not.
You want to torture a guy in front of me? It's fine.
But don't come at me with attitude and pretend you want to know who I am.
I don't play that game.
All right.
Don't pop a blood vessel.
- Get down! Get down! - Keep rolling.
Are you getting this? Get down! Oh, my God, get down! I'll drive.
finally got here.
They're checking out the car.
We just got finished talking to Christina Dubois, And she says she knows of no threatening letters.
It's a charity for God's sake.
Who targeted them? The catering staff all checks out.
saw nothing out of the ordiner - Okay what about the shooter's car? - Blue Boy found that at Dock 52.
I guess the guy dumped it and sped off on a boat.
Yo, you're not going to believe this.
Three broken bones, some nasty cuts.
that's it.
- Come on, no one got shot? - No.
Hey, Cap.
Can I talk to you a sec? Look at the banners here and the columns.
The bullet patterns are heavy but they're ten feet over the people's heads.
Now come here and check this out.
You've got the planters and the cobblestone.
it's all shot up, but just right in front of where the people were sitting.
These guys weren't shooting to kill.
They were shooting to miss.
Good work, Cobb.
What? There's something else that seemed weird.
Casino's here, right? And the streets around it.
Now why would the guy who shot Kaja lead us through the CBD? The streets are a grid.
He's trapped by the river.
Now any local with half a clue would know they could turn off Rocheblave.
Or Roman or Morais.
Get lost up in the Upper D.
What's the point, Boulet? What if the casino was part of his plan? What if he was driving to get there because he knew he could disappear? Bring Back the Ninth obviously pissed somebody off.
somebody big.
Look into their activities.
Key contributors, how they spend their money.
You two, hit the casino, see what you find.
Well, Detective, all respect, he must not have come in.
Otherwise, we would have caught him from about ten different angles.
Ronnie, will you kill bank three please? No, no, wait a second.
This is the entrance where our guy came in, right? Would have come in.
Yeah, that's sector six.
12 cameras track to the rear exit.
You saw these tapes, right? What's wrong here? Let me see the stuff from Tuesday.
Look, Detective that's a lot of material.
Just this angle.
Around 10:35.
Look there.
The roulette wheel has changed position.
Now there's no surveillance on the aisle.
What if all this sector's cameras were off by that much? Assuming two degrees off four foot wide path would have been completely off camera.
Give me all the logbooks now.
Unscheduled maintenance.
Somebody got stupid? What? Detectives I will personally check into this and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Look, I worked vice for two years, man.
Any time a casino camera failed, people knew about it, alarms went off.
It's not like they're running a Quickie Mart.
- I'll just go get a cup of coffee okay? - Yeah, okay.
What are you doing, stalking me now ? That's the new me, huh? How's he working out? What do you want, man? Look, I heard over the radio that, uh that you think these guys are pros, so here.
See, that security at the hotel, I got access to every employee file.
That's hotelandcasino.
Those guys you just questioned Gulf War vets turned mercenaries.
They're actually working BlackRiver, that security company .
Remember them? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Cowboys in their fancy sunglasses protecting us after the storm.
They got a contract with the casino now, not to mention some Federal recon stuff.
You did good, Charlie.
Real good.
I'm gonna win your trust back, Marlin.
I'm gonna prove that I'm the same cop I used to be.
- Charlie - No,just you just wait, and you'll see, all right? First you tell me the charity I'm into is being targeted by hit men, and now you think they might be working for my daddy? We don't know, Ms.
Dubois, which is why we want your father's consent to surveil these men.
You got a lot of nerve, Detectives.
I trust these guys, and you want me to spy on 'em because of some technical glitch that happens all the time.
That's fine we'll just get a warrant.
We just assumed you would help us to protect your daughter.
Wait a minute, what does that mean? She could be the next victim.
Have you not given that any thought? You told me you canceled the rest of this week's fund-raisers that you were done with all this craziness.
- I am, Daddy.
Course I am.
- Doesn't mean thatthey'redone.
Who knows what their motives are? You willing to take that risk? No.
Of course not.
Now,you do what you need to do you just do it quietly, please.
You trying to get me in bed, Boulet? It's a little too late to be playing hard to get.
I got evidence asleep upstairs.
Oh, right.
But I'll play along if you want me to.
Play along, play along.
So I take it you're moving home? - Marlin.
- Hm? Just shut up.
What the? - Oh, my God! Tawni? - Oh! Tawni? - Tawni! - Oh,my God! - Stay downstairs! - Tawni! Tawni, where are you, baby? Is she all right?! Baby, it's Daddy.
Here we go.
Come on, baby, Daddy's right here.
Come on, Daddy's here.
I got you.
Come on.
Come on, close your eyes, baby.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go, baby.
Go on! Get downstairs! Get outside! It's okay, baby.
It's all right.
baby, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, my God, Marlin, what have you done? What have you dragged us into? That is our address in Atlanta, Marlin! They know where we live! It's okay.
Daddy gonna take care of this.
Get down.
- Hey! - Keep your head down! I don't mean to be rude, but if we wanted to be assassins, we'd go to the Congo or Syria.
They pay a lot better.
Where were you 9:15 last night? At home with a book and a scotch.
Anybody see you? I was in the hot tub, so not unless they were in the bushes.
You figured we were on to you, so you wanted to send a message.
NOPD officers are quitters, right? Since some of them bolted during the storm.
So you thought maybe that was me.
Well, Mr.
Wix you sent your message to the wrong guy.
Detective I've been in a lot of wars, seen a lot of things.
Your eyes right now they're the eyes of a soldier who's on the edge of a breakdown, a man who's not gonna last.
So, with respect, honestly, you should consider a vacation.
You really should.
Surveil and build a case.
That was the plan was that not the plan? - Cap - Don't talk, Boulet.
Do not talk.
The FBI called me twice today.
Why? Because BlackRiver Security happens to be employed by our Federal government.
They guard FEMA projects, they supplement our troops in Iraq.
They also give millions in campaign contributions to a particular political party.
Are you getting this? So it's a political thing? No, Glue Boy.
It's a proof thing.
Get me some, I'll buck the stupid politics.
- But ,Cap, they water-bombed his house.
- Says who? A few lines of spray paint? Some jarhead with an attitude? What about the security cameras? They obviously screwed with them, cause one of them shot Kaja Fontaine.
And then they fled into the casino cause they knew they'd get lost in there.
Show me the evidence.
Hell, show me some motive.
Come on, there's more loose ends than a whorehouse here.
Look, Boulet.
You acted on emotion.
I get it heat of the moment.
I'd have done the same.
But we can't hold 'em on what we got, and every one of you knows it.
Go kick these jerks, and don't let Boulet anywhere near 'em.
That's it.
You all right, man? Drive.
What? Where we going? - I need some gumbo.
- Huh? Gumbo, man.
it's what I do when I need to think, okay? Just drive to Ziggy's.
they got the best sausage there.
Let's go! Stop the car.
Huh? Stop the car.
You got issues, man! You want some of this, man? Should've known when you told me to take the neutral ground.
- What? - And just yesterday, at the Quarter, I drew that map on the ground - you knew this city! - Yeah? So what? Look up.
What do you see, huh? I see the the sky, the sun.
- You see the street signs? - What? See, the punks around here, they steal them to confuse the cops.
But look at you man from Cincinnati driving to Ziggy's and asking no directions.
I've been there, Boulet.
Now, what the hell's gotten into you You lie again, and I swear to God, I'll cuff you befor you even see my hands.
Who are you, Cobb? What's your angle? It's not my problem that your last partner deserted you.
Now, you're paranoid, and you're cracking up.
How do you know these streets,then? I did my basic traing in Fort Polk at Leesville, you idiot.
And I came down here all the time.
Now, put your gun down.
You ever do that again, and one of us ain't walking away.
Now, I'm going to work.
You can ride with me if you want.
Thought the Kellers were moving back.
Got them a place up in Jackson.
Who's buying land in the Upper Nine? You cancel every lunch date, don't return my calls, and that's how you say hi? Jessie.
So you're into voodoo now, huh? You know you're white, right? Well, I got to make a living.
In case you haven't noticed, real estate's dried up a bit.
Nice choice of words.
So Go ahead, say it you married the wrong woman.
Jessie, look I just left the Parish Clerk's office.
There's a company, Orleans Renewal Inc.
They're buying up 9th Ward parcels.
You know who's behind it? The long arm of the Dubois family just gets longer.
Like the casinos weren't enough for 'em, right? Oh, this is great, Chrissy.
Get me out of a budget meeting to hear their latest conspiracy theories? Who you gonna arrest now, Detectives? - A couple of our maids? - Give them a break, Daddy.
They say they've figured this out.
Here's a clue.
- This looks like dirt.
- It is.
From the Upper Ninth.
Literally, my backyard.
It's one thing to profit from the storm.
But to hurt the recovery, keep the misery going so you can cash in, now, that's just plain sick.
Hey, enough of this stupidity.
Now, what the hell is going on? Your daughter's been paying Mr.
Wix and his friends to sabotage her own charity.
- Why would I do that? - To kill the Ninth's renewal efforts.
To keep people from moving home so you can buy up all that land.
Oh, my God, are you two idiots.
I am calling Chief Lewis to file a complaint.
Would you get the hell - out of my house? - You need the publicity to show how hopeless things were, so you targeted your biggest fund-raisers.
Get out.
Copies of stock certificates in Orleans Renewal Inc.
A land-holding company formed by your daughter, made out to Wix and his crew.
Does that look like her signature? Oh, no, there's, there's gotta be some big mistake.
Right? Course, you're not buying up land in the Ninth.
Course you're Chrissy? You're not.
I didn't do it for the land.
I did it for my brother.
They took a tire iron to his head, Dad, and for what? 80 bucks? And now we're supposed to to bring back that neighborhood? Rebuild their pathetic schools and their crappy houses? Why? So we can bring home all those people that don't value human life? Just stop talking.
That storm wasn't a disaster not for me and my brother.
That storm was a cleansing.
Christina, just shut up.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used - Scope! Everybody down! - Away from the windows.
She's open.
I got nothing.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
It's bulletproof.
Love, Glue, K! Where you guys at? We're just passing Carondolet.
Marlin, I'm at Broadway.
I can get these sons of bitches.
Who is this?! Ch Charles? Charlie, get off the radio! I can get 'em.
Wait, I see you.
I got 'em! Down! Down! Down! Drop your gun! Marlin, look out! Get down! - This idiot's a friend of yours? - Marlin, shoot this piece of The report will read, "Suspect killed in high-speed chase.
" Where are they going?! All units! They're heading to South 19! Hey, Boulet, me or you? Me! Ready! Go! Boulet! Boulet! What the hell's wrong with you?! Are you going?! All right, cover me! No! Buckle up.
I gotta bring her down.
New Orleans Police Department! Exit the aircraft with your hands up! On the ground! Get down now! On the ground! Hit the ground! Get your hands down now! On the ground! Hands out! Charlie's outta surgery.
The crash messed him up, but they say he's gonna make it.
Is you okay? I'm okay now.
You saved Christina DuBois's life.
She can spend it in prison.
Now, what about our commandos? They want to cut a deal.
When you guys got onto DuBois, they knew they had to take her out or she'd flip on 'em.
Now that she's alive, they're flipping on her.
No honor among thieves, huh? Yeah.
Lucky for us.
Stop beating on yourself, Marlin.
You went off the grid a little bit, and that pissed me off, okay? But you did good.
There he is! There's Marlin! Come on, Latonya what's going on with all this? It's a house-drying party.
The least we could do.
You did right by us, Marlin.
We all owe you a lot.
Drum roll now, Elvin.
Oh, boy, doit.
I hesitated.
With Charlie.
I guess you're human.
You sure are.
Everybody think because of the storm, all the criminal records were lost.
True, mostly.
But we managed to save a couple hundred boxes.
I went through them.
I had to.
And there you were.
I grew up in New Orleans East.
Born and raised.
From about March '04 to when the storm hit, I was doing time at OPP.
Small stuff, right? Possession.
Armed robbery.
When the jail flooded my cellmante, my friend he couldn't swim, so I, uh You have to tread water, Sonny! You know I can't swim! If you don't tred water, we're both gonna die, you hear me? Please, don't let me drown.
You're pulling me down, Sonny! Sonny, let go! He was pulling us down and he wouldn't let go.
It was either him or me.
Before the guards rescued me, and I escaped, I was floating in the water for days.
And I was sitting there, I was looking at him, And I promised myself, I promised, I said, "You know what? If you get a second chance, then you're changing your life.
" So I joined the Army, laid low for a little while.
With no computer records, and all the wars we're fighting, nobody asked me any questions.
I had four months left on my sentence.
Four stupid months.
Deep down inside, if you're still a criminal, I will know this, understand? And I promise, I will take you down.
And in the meantime? Want to go get some gumbo? Absolutely.