K-Ville s01e03 Episode Script


o/~ Tomorrow o/~ o/~ Tomorrow o/~ o/~ I love you tomorrow o/~ o/~ You're always a day o/~ o/~ Away.
o/~ Sing it to you again? Okay.
o/~ Tomorrow o/~ o/~ Tomorrow o/~ o/~ I love you tomorrow o/~ o/~ I love you tomorrow o/~ o/~ You're only a day o/~ o/~ You're always a day o/~ o/~ Away.
o/~ You're gonna be there tonight, right,Daddy? I promise.
The play starts at 7:00.
Gonna do my best,Bean.
I- I gotta go to work,okay,babe? Call came in about an hour ago.
Captain of a junk barge spotted him.
Check this out.
Big dent in his head probably killed somewhere else and dumped.
Killer drives up, drags him over here, then rolls him into the drink.
It'd take a pretty strong guy to carry him and dump him.
Or a couple people.
What the? Looks like a blue fingernail with a white magnolia.
What do we got? Mystery corpse,mystery cuticle.
Yeah,cuticle maybe.
But the corpse is no mystery.
That's Clay Beelman.
My God.
I think you're right,Marlin.
Wait a sec who's Clay Beelman? City councilman.
Former D.
of New Orleans.
Are you okay, Yeah.
Um,no,not really.
Clay was like a mentor to me.
He showed me He showed me the ropes when I joined the D.
's office.
He was a great man.
No disrespect,but how do you figure? What's he been doing since he left the D.
's office and become councilman? Like kicking folks out of their homes, so we can play Frisbee.
The Green Space Initiative is a little more complicated than that,Marlin.
Eastover,Lamont-- those neighborhoods should be torn down and turned into parks.
And not just for Frisbee.
Okay? But because that land never should have been built on in the first place.
Parks will act as buffers in future floods, they'll save people's lives.
That's easy for you to say, because you live on high ground.
All right.
Most-Most of those people haven't even moved back.
It's two years later, Eastover's still a ghost town.
They can't move back; they don't have basic services.
Now,if you wanna be productive, you sue the power company, you sue the waterworks.
But to go after people's homes All right,enough! Lyndsey,I'm sorry for your loss.
Marlin,you got a right to your opinion, but if we' Clay Beelman's murder, we gotta stay on case.
Look,I am on the case.
A lot of these homeowners in the 'hood sent death threats to these politicians,uh, pushing this green space thing.
You got your first suspects right there.
Maybe one of 'em chipped a fingernail.
All right,you two follow the death threat angle.
You guys, follow that fingernail.
Oh,my God, you took the day off? To make it to Tawni's play! Aw,baby,that's so sweet.
Okay,hey,baby,uh I need you to look at a fingernail.
You came home for me to look at evidence? Don't you have a crime lab for that? Yeah,if I wanna wait a week for results.
But what lab tech is gonna know more about fancy fingernails than you,huh? Of course,'cause I'm a woman.
Right? Right? I must be obsessed with little things like Oh.
Wait a second,this is from Ma Cherie Nails, over on Lake Forest Boulevard.
You serious? Sweetie,this is "Tiffany Blue," okay? Can't buy that color in a store.
You can only get it from a place that mixes its own polish.
There's only one place in New Orleans that does that: Ma Cherie Nails.
Yeah,sure, that's ours,all right.
See how the nail is chipped, but the paint is not? You must be very proud.
You could use a manicure.
Maybe give you more luck with the ladies.
Oh,my partner, you feel me? Ms.
Trang did you design this flower for a particular person? Laine Rogers.
She always wore Tiffany Blue, and the flower I'm always doing special designs for the Poplar House girls.
What's a Poplar House girl? For the right price,Cobb She'll be anything you want her to be.
Suspect's a Laine Rogers, a call girl at Poplar House.
We're heading over now.
We only raesday of every month, Boulet,you know that.
But Cap,I got a hot tip.
I'm supposed to call over first, and run the risk of her getting away? No,of course not.
I'll be right there.
The cap almost call us off? about? Just pickin' his battles.
You mess with the Poplar House, you piss off a whole lot of powerful people.
Woman who runs this place,Marquetta Dinovi, she's got everybody in that black book of hers.
Hey,boys and girls! Nookie time is over.
Please,don't stand up, especially if you're not wearing pants.
We're not looking for you.
What's going on? The NOPD always calls This isn't a raid,ma'am.
We're looking for one girl, Laine Rogers.
Well,Laine's not here.
I'll take a look upstairs.
I got downstairs.
Hey, what did I say? And where the hell's your warrant? Oh,you think it'd be rough for me to get a warrant to search your whorehouse? I'll just call Judge Jackson, I'll have one in 20 minutes.
Make that 25, give him time to get back to his courtroom.
Hey,Your Honor,how's the family? Show me your hands! Palms down! Are you Laine Rogers? Are yo Are you Laine Rogers? Get out of my room.
me your hands,show me your hands Show me-- turn 'em over.
Turn 'em over.
Put the gun down.
What the hell's going on? That's not Laine Rogers.
What don't you understand,Cobb? I got this.
K-Viller Season 1 Episode 03 Who the hell was that guy, and how come you just let him barge on in here? He's a cop,Sarah.
He works for me, and you know damn well why he's here so don't play dumb.
Jim,I don't know what you're talking about.
Laine Rogers is your best friend, and my main suspect in a murder, that's what I'm talking about.
And what I wanna know is why did I have to wait for evidence to bring me here, instead of getting a phone call from you.
First of all,she is not my best friend I hear you talk about her all the time.
And second I don't know anything! Though I can tell y'all right now that girl never hurt no one.
Laine Rogers doesn't have a mean bone in her body.
She left a pretty angry fingernail in Clay Beelman's corpse.
He might beg to differ.
Who's Clay Beelman? Honey,I know every man thatcomes knockin' under this roof, and ain't one of 'em is named Clay.
But you do know all the girls in this take-out menu of yours,right? Where's Laine? I told you,she's not here.
Then she's on a house call.
Where? Look,whatever deal you got with the cops who look the other way while you run your business, it doesn't cover murder.
Now,I can take all your girls, put 'em in a bread truck, drive 'em downtown, get their little manicures dirty with fingerprint ink, put 'em in a cell ail all of them out.
Or you can just crack open your appointment book love.
You know how much I make in a week? More than you make in a year.
Now why you gotta get personal,Ms.
Dinovi? Hey,Marlin.
Talk to you for a second.
You wanna bring me up to speed on Embry.
What do you mean? I know I'm the new guy,all right, but it'd been nice if you mentioned to me on the way over here to look out for his girl.
What girl? The girl he's talking to upstairs.
The one he kicked me out of the room to talk to.
You don't know her? Mm-mmm.
I just don't believe Laine getting involved in anything that heavy Sarah,I keep tellin' you you do this kind of work,trouble finds you.
Violent crime,drugs and prostitution intersect without fail.
It doesn't matter if you're on the street or in here.
It doesn't matter how "high quality"you think your clientele is.
Trust me,that I know.
These guys the ones with all the money? They're the biggest freaks out there.
You're the only "high quality"person I know.
Then don't play me.
I'm not.
If you say Laine was with this Beelman guy then she was doing him off the books.
She did mention she had a sugar daddy on the side.
Somebody that Marquetta didn't know about? All right, you hear anything else, you let me know.
Hey,Jim, I'm sorry about before.
It's always good to see you.
I'm telling you, I know what I saw.
And I'm telling you, I know James Embry.
Try pulling the man off the blackjack table, you got troubles.
The man's got his vices.
But whores ain't one of 'em.
st because you got a dirty secret doesn't mean everybody else has one.
All right,Boulet.
Marquetta,we need to talk.
No,I'm done talkin'.
You wanna lock my girls up, charge me with racketeering, you go ahead.
See how quick your leash gets pulled.
Clay Beelman wasn't a client here, but a lot of men are.
All more powerful than him.
Laine Rogers was freelancing behind your back.
Clay Beelman may not have been your client, but he was hers.
All this trouble comin'to your door today has been her fault.
That greedy little mosquito.
Now,I'm not in the business of cleaning up yours, but I'll take care of this one,free of charge.
I told 'em once, I told 'em a thousand times you work for me,or you work the street.
Get 'em a pimp to beat some sense into 'em.
Here's the address of her house call.
She'll be here for the next two hours.
If you see her, you tell her she don't work for me no more.
Smooth move,Cap.
How'd you make the connection that she was freelancing? Relax,Marlin.
You told him what happened upstairs,right? Sorry I had to snub you up there, but I had to make my source feel protected.
So,she's your C.
,is that it? Yeah,that's exactly what she is.
Her name's Sarah,she's 22 years old, and her tips always check out.
That's funny.
I don't ever rember hearing about this girl.
hy they call it a confidential informant.
I don't expect I've heard about all of yours,either.
I believe about half of that.
He said tips,right? Her tips always check out? Whatever,man.
Just get to the "I told you so" part and let's get it over with.
It's not your mistake,Boulet.
It's just maybe you don't know James Embry as well as you thought.
I knew my husband very well.
If he thought for a moment that any of these so-called death threats were really serious, he would have told me.
Most of these were written by squatters in Eastover.
Beelman,when I asked how well do you know your husband, what I meant If you mean did I know my husband's reputation outside his office,then,yes.
I know everything that was said about him.
That he was too aggressive, he was too insensitive,a bully.
None of it's true.
He was passionate about what he believed in.
He was most passionate about rebuilding our city the right way.
The right way? Look.
This is a map of New Orleans in 1893 when the Sea Islands Hurricane hit.
There was less flooding then, 'cause there was more green.
There was more land to absorb the water.
But we've gone and built over that land, putting ourselves in harm's way.
Katrina was like God's way of telling us that was a mistake.
Clay's agenda was attacked because he told the truth.
A smaller New Orleans is a better New Orleans.
All you had to do to get there was,uh,bulldoze a neighborhood or two,huh? Eastover's not a neighborhood.
It's a dead zone.
There's no water,no power, no public transport.
Only a few crazies that won't leave.
Crazies like William Herck,Esquire? "Treat me with benign neglect,sir, or I will call upon your house with hostile attention.
" Guy printed up his death threats on his law office stationery.
William Herck was one of the more volatile holdouts.
Yeah,maybe more than your husband knew.
Pull your pants on.
I should have had Judge Jackson write us a warrant when we was at the brothel.
I don't think he would have asked too many question.
Did you see him? I call that an invitation.
I accept.
! N.
! Looks like we're not the only ones who wanted to chat.
They definitely didn't want her talking to anyone else.
Tiffany Blue.
Dispatch,this is Officer Boulet calling in a signal 30 at the Sunset Condominiums, Lake Marina.
What was that? Help me! Help me! All right.
You grab him, I'll cover you.
All right,come on.
Come on,come on,come on! Now this place is creepy.
Come on,you've seen worse than Eastover.
You've been through the Lower Ninth.
Yeah,but this place,man.
You know,they got these nice big houses.
No one's in 'em.
It's like some kind of ghost town.
Or some kind of zombie movie or something.
Don't do that! Yeah,you're a jellyfish.
Who are you? Thomas Macy.
I'm-I'm Tom,Thomas Macy.
Once is enough.
Now,why did you kill her,Tom? Me? No,no,no.
I- I was justWe-We were just Who killed her? I don't know! I was,uh I was in the bathroom.
I heard the doorbell ring,Laine an and,uh,and then,uh, I heard,uh,talking.
Uh,her voice,someone else's.
It got loud.
What was he saying? It was in Spanish.
Everything was in Spanish.
426 Flossmore.
This is it.
Nice house,considering.
Looks like Mr.
Herck's got a portable generator set up.
Yeah,well,if you're gonna survive out here, Down! Muerto,you sons a bitches! We are taking fire.
He's got us pinned down! Hurry! This is Dispatch.
Muerto,you sons a bitches! Move it,move it! Run,run,run! Drop the weapon! Don't move.
Come on,now! You think I'd have shot at you if I'd known you were the police? Oh,maybe the big wordpolice on the side of the squad car would have been a tip-off.
There ain't been patrols around here in over a year.
I thought it was another gang trick.
This wasn't a patrol,Mr.
Next time you plot to kill a city councilman, don't send him death threats on your own stationery.
What? City Councilman? Not Beel What gang trick? They come around here masquerading as cops.
Now you're ignorant, after shooting at my guys? You killed Laine Rogers,and you killed Beelman.
And now you're going to tell us why.
Cap,hold on for one second,all right? I don't understand why you screamed Spanish at her,huh? Tell me why you did that.
Oh,he threw some Spanish at us, right before he opened fire.
Guys,hold on.
Look at me.
You said something about a gang trick.
What was that? Latinos riding around in their low riders.
Gang bangers.
Riding up and down the street,trying to scare folks out of their homes.
They shot two people.
That's why I yelled in Spanish.
I thought you were one of them.
Gang bangers,huh? You expect us to believe that? Who are they going to sell their dope to? What,a bunch of empty houses? It's true.
Ask them.
They're my neighbors.
They come riding through here at night, playing their music loud and taking random shots at our houses.
And Henry Holmes went after them with a baseball bat, and they shot him.
Died waiting for 911 to get here.
That was just last week.
I know Herck can get nuts, but he's the reason why we're still here.
He scared those thugs off with that big gun.
So,these,uh,gang bangers-- you can describe 'em? They were driving low riders? Yes,and SUVs,too.
They have tattoos on their necks.
Oh,yeah,I got a good look at 'em when they were trying to threaten me when I was going to the grocery store.
It's like a like a five-point crown with some letters on it.
Amor De Rey.
The Latin Kings.
Look,man, they're on the other side of town in Carollton.
It makes no sense for them to be over here.
Yeah,it makes sense to someone.
We got homicides all over the city.
We got Beelman at Canal.
We got Laine Rogers downtown.
I'm thinking that the murders are all connected somehow.
Boulet,you got an angle into the Latin Kings,right? Yeah,theirjefe,Mateo Cruz.
We got to know each other real good when I intercepted one of his shipments.
Couldn't pin the dope on him, but we're on each other's radar.
Roll over to Carrollton, find out what kind of signals he's putting out now.
I can't believe this morning started out with a fingernail, and now I'm walking through Latin Kings turf, and it's not even lunchtime yet.
Actually,lunch was two hours ago.
Two hours and 11 minutes.
You got a clock in that gut? I'll tell you the weirdest thing today.
The weirdest thing was learning that our boss had a hooker.
Man,get off of it.
She's his C.
,all right? That's reason enough to keep her secret.
His wedding ring's a pretty good reason,too.
Hey,his wife died six years ago.
He never took the ring off.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah,you should be.
It was a mess.
He was a mess.
Peggy died,and Lisa went away.
Yeah? Who's Lisa? His daughter.
She started college on the East Coast,came back for the funeral, and I believe that's the last time they talked.
She told him that he was never a father when she was a kid, so why should he be around now? Yeah,well,I guess it's hard having a cop for a dad.
Mateo Cruz! Marlin Boulet.
See you got a new partner.
See you got a new corner.
If I was into dealing.
But you into murder now,right? ight? Who'd I kill this time? A politician.
A hooker.
Sounds like the beginning of a good telenovela,man.
Busy rolling through New Orleans East, scaring people out of their broke-down homes, the few that fight back.
killing Miren aqu^ como hablo con Crockett y Tubbs.
u macho,no Now,that don't make no sense.
Yeah? Makes about as much sense as you running a shuttle service for day laborers.
State of things being what they are, a lot of people fixing up their houses don't have the wheels to hire reliable labor.
That's where I come in.
I provide the rides.
your cut of their wages? I deduct a small transportation fee.
You're unionizing illegal workers.
I'm rebuilding our city.
Yourcity? These people are taking away jobs from citizens, away from residents who want to come home and need that work.
Maybe if your people stopped hanging around the hood, waiting for their welfare checks to clear,they'd get some work.
You need us.
To put your roofs on,to fix your broken windows, to mow your lawns.
We are part of the city now.
Hell, we are N'Awlins.
And if you don't like it, call Immigration.
Just don't hold your breath.
Look at this picture.
Is that the man that broke into your condo and shot Laine Rogers? Hey,hey,hey.
If you have a question for my client, address the questions to me,please.
Here's one.
How would you like the police report leaked to the media,hmm? Detailing the brand of women's garters the witness was wearing at the bloody crime scene? I'm sure Mr.
Macy's patients are dying to find out what kind of endearing quirks their therapist has.
I told you, I didn't see anything! I just heard the guy,one guy.
So,what am I supposed to do with that,huh? Have a voice lineup? It's all right,Boulet.
Do you rember any of the words? Even if you didn't understand them.
You don't have to answer that.
Shut up,Clyde.
"?nde est?" I knew that,I heard that.
And there was another word.
He said it two or three times.
What word? I thought it might've been English, but I was probably wrong.
What word? "Sera.
" Like,que sera sera.
Sarah? Afraid so.
If your C.
told you that she knew nothing about this and she wasn't involved,she lied to you.
We called the Poplar House.
Sarah's not there.
She's not out on a call and nobody knows where she is.
Pulled her address,called the number,there was no answer.
So we dispatched a unit to check things out.
You dispatched a unit? To pick up my C.
? Look,I didn't want to go over your head,but we didn't want to waste any time.
We know she's connected,we just don't know how.
You know she's connected because some freak in a garter belt didn't see, but might've heard in Spanish, some other guy say the word "Sarah" in another room.
Maybe you didn't hear me.
In a language where every other word sounds like "Sarah.
" She's gone.
She knew that we were after her this morning and she fled.
Don't pretend you know this girl; you don't.
But you do,Captain.
And when the D.
looks at what we build, he's going to want to know how well you know her.
Your girl's a known prostitute.
I didn't know that when I met her.
What do you mean? Look,that's none of your business.
And it's none of the D.
's business,either.
If you're protecting her from an investigation that could taint the case.
What case? You've got no case.
You got a-a dead councilman with a dead hooker's nail in him, and a whacked-out lawyer with an AK-47, and a known gang leader organizing immigrant labor.
You got loose ends,dead ends,and no evidence.
So don't tell me that I'm going to taint the case because you've got no idea what the hell is going on! Jim you can tell us what's going on.
It doesn't have to leave this room.
But you do.
Look,we've all been working very hard, it's been a long day.
You got Tawni's play,you've been talking about it all week.
Let's just break and start fresh in the morning.
Well,that's what I'm going to do.
I used my key.
We need to talk.
Sep2,2005 I think I added the tomato in with the chicken noodle.
Well,it needed a little something.
You got any wine? No.
But I hear there's 11 feet of water up the road.
Like I said,wine.
Lots of it.
You holding up okay? Look,the feds will roll through here in a couple of days.
Then you'll be back on your feet.
Back on my feet.
Yeah,something like that.
Hey,thanks for giving us your kid's bedroom,by the way.
Bet you never thought you'd see that many people crashed out on her floor.
Oh,don't remind me.
I came home one night and Lisa had this party.
You just wouldn't believe My wife Peggy and I almost killed her.
She sounds like my kind of girl.
Where is she now? She's,uh she's out of state.
She's safe.
You gonna be okay? No,it's not okay! You've been lying to me.
After everything I've done for you.
You said I never owed you anything.
Except the truth,Sarah.
When I found out you were a call girl, I should've busted you right then for your own good.
But I didn't and you know why? Because you promised me that i you'd let me help you.
I don't need your help! I mean,look at this dump.
I make tripe what you do.
And yet,here you are,again.
Well,yeah,because Okay,yeah.
I'm freaking out.
I mean,what if whoever killed Laine is looking for me,too? Why would they? Two days ago,Laine called me, crying at,like,3:00 in the morning.
Said she was at the Maison Azur and there'd been an accident.
So I get there and there's a dead guy on the floor.
Clay Beelman.
I didn't know who it was, she just said he'd been slapping her around, so she kicked him off the bed with both feet.
I guess he landed the wrong way and broke his neck.
You helped her move the body,didn't you? We thought,if he just disappeared in the river, then she wouldn't have to go to jail.
Now my best friend is dead.
I know if I'd just told you all this before Did she ever mention a guy, maybe a client,Mateo Cruz? No.
Seriously, I've never been this scared before.
Stay here.
Where are you going? Stay here.
You're safe.
Don't leave.
Marlin,gonna leave? You said you'd be here.
Look,Babyboo, I promise I'll be there.
You did not just "Babyboo" me.
Save me a seat.
I love you.
Boulet,if you want to cut out,man,I got this.
Beelman and Rogers will still be dead tomorrow.
No,no,no,man,we're close.
I can feel it.
Just got to put something together.
You got a hot date,Counselor? Well,I had one,but I cancelled it.
What's up? You asked me to look into the other murders Cruz was suspected in, see if the M.
's matched Laine Rogers' killing.
Well,I did and they don't.
There's no gun in the mouth or anything.
And that broke you up so much that you cancelled your date? But I did find a drug case against Cruz from a year and a half ago, before I joined the D.
's office.
I don't care about no drugs.
Oh,you will in a second.
Cruz got off on a technicality which never should've happened, not with any decent prosecutor on the case.
Clay Beelman was the prosecutor.
Clay didn't lose cases unless he wanted to.
They knew each other.
What's that? Why didn't I see this? Beelman was on a crusade to "green out" Eastside,right? But there's one thing standing in his way: a group of crazy-ass homeowners like William Herck,Esquire.
And the courts couldn't evict them, so Beelman brought in some muscle to run them out of their houses.
Wait,what's in it for Cruz? mebody had to do all the work when the parks were landscaped.
And the neighborhoods got bulldozed.
And Cruz runs the day laborers, so he gets a b fat chunk of the profit.
Guys,come on.
It's not like a politician can meet the leader of the Latin Kings for mint juleps at the Columns.
Phone records,e-mails.
They couldn't risk talking to each other.
They didn't.
Our dead hooker was the go-between.
She was sleeping with both of them.
She passed messages back and forth.
Well,when you put it like that,how did we miss it? That's a bit farfetched.
What,you read that in a crime novel? No,no,no--a history book.
and at the same time she was seeing mob boss Sam Giancana,right? They couldn't risk being seen together.
So they passed messages back and forth about taking out Castro.
Hmm? For whatever reason,Laine killed Beelman.
And then Cruz,he realized that she was the smoking gun.
So he has to shut her up.
What? You guys still don't buy it? If you're right,what does this say about me? I learned to be a lawyer from Beelman.
Then you'll do anything to get what you want.
I want to prove your theory's right.
Your case file proves a link between Beelman and Cruz.
And her fingernail was found in his body.
What's the link between Lain the Latin Kings? You want to look in my black book? Get in line.
Secrets are my retirement fund,you'll have to kill me first.
Well,one of your clients is a murderer.
Oh,honey they all got skeletons.
Your lives are what you should worry about if you take a look at those names in my book.
Look,lady,we're only interested in one name, and that's Mateo Cruz.
How many times I gotta tell you people? Cruz liked one of my girls only.
Sarah Rogate.
Laine wasn't the go-between.
It was Sarah.
Now,what do you mean:how many times you got to tell you people? Your boss Baldy was in here half hour ago asking all these same questions.
No wonder the NOPD's so short on resources.
Y'all only got one brain.
Laine wasn't freelancing with Beelman.
You were,and apparently you doknow Mateo Cruz very well! Stop,stop, you're hurting me.
Sarah! Sarah! You get one-- one more chance to tell me the truth or I'm gonna arrest you right now.
I knew Cruz,I knew Beelman.
How long?! Since before you and I met.
Beelman cut Cruz a deal on some drug charge and Mateo sent me over to Clay as a thank-you gift, but he liked what he got so I just kept seeing him off the books.
And it was easy cash.
And Cruz? He was he was my first trick when I got here.
We just didn't stop seeing each other.
Aw,ain't that sweet? So Beelman got jealous,right? No,when Beelman first asked me about six months ago if Cruz and I were still together, I figured he was going to lay all that alpha male crap on me, but he didn't.
He was hoping my answer would be yes because he needed Cruz's help getting those people out of Eastover.
So? What,y-you just willingly joined their plot,right? Why did you help them? Because it made me feel important,okay? They trusted me.
I- I mattered.
Yeah,you mattered,all right.
Look how they helped you after the storm.
They couldn't find me.
Beelman couldn't on account of his wife and Cruz didn't even try.
Why are you protecting him? I'm not! Sarah,he killed Beelman.
No,I killed him.
Everything I said about Laine,that was me.
Except I didn't just kick him off the bed and he hit his head.
I hit him with an ashtray.
'Cause he was rough with you,right? And that's why Cruz is hunting you down,'cause he's afraid you're going to cut a deal and open your mouth and that's why Laine's dead,right? 'Cause she wouldn't give you up.
I messed up.
I know,I should have been straight with you,b we can fix this.
Now you can fix this.
What? If I were Lisa,I know you'd do something.
You'd make this go away.
What? When your wife died,you let her deal with it on her own, you said so yourself.
You couldn't help your own kid,you couldn't reach out, 'cause you were so screwed up.
Shut up,shut up,shut up.
Jim,don't do the same thing again.
Don't abandon me,Jim.
You are not Lisa.
That's right,I'm not.
Answer it.
arah,dnde ests I'm worried sick about you.
Oh,don't worry,hon.
You good? Now that I found you,yeah.
Found me? What are you talking about? Oh,baby,don't go hanging up on me.
That ain't nice.
Oh,my God,he's out there.
How did he know you were here? I talked about you all the time,how I came here after the storm.
Get under the bed.
Do it now.
Come on,Cap,pick up the phone.
Don't leave the front of the house until I call you back.
Go nowhere.
Sarah's not there and there's no sign of forced entry.
Then where is she? Where's Embry? I called the house,I called the cell-- nothing.
What are you gonna do? Give me your cell phone.
Come on,come on.
Now lock the door behind me, get under the bed and stay here.
Officer needs assistance, 10-13,305 West Fullerton.
I'm the SWAT Team captain.
I've called for backup.
Don't be stupid! They'll be here any Maybe Embry got to Sarah first.
ters? Maybe he's not All units! We have a 10-13 at 305 West Fullerton.
Repeat,all units.
That's Embry's! Please,pleasedon't hurt me! Oh! Let her go.
So how good a shot are you,SWAT Team Captain? All those years behind a desk, I'd bet not so good.
I swear,I didn't tell him anything Shut up.
I'll go away I'll disappear.
I won't talk.
Don't make it worse than it already is.
Just don't do it.
Mateo,without him,no one has to know what happened,right? No one even has to know.
Shoot him.
How 'bout it,Jim? You wanna get shot in the front or the back? Just stop talking and shoot him! Cap,where you Cap Cap.
Come on,Cap,put it down.
It's over.
It's over.
Put it down.
let's do this the right way.
Let us handle this.
I got you,Cap.
Hands behind your back.
turn around Jim what? what are you doing? I'm arresting you for conspiracy in the murder of Clay Beelman.
Tha-That stuff I said before I was just Please don't do this.
Don't do this.
Captain,we'll take care of all the paperwork on this.
We'll just put in what's necessary,okay? Thanks,Cobb,but no.
Put it all in.
I should've been up front with you guys from the start.
Cap,you saw your daughter in her,man-- I get it.
It's not your fault she didn't deserve it.
Hey You okay? Don't you got to go hear Tawni sing? Oh,I'll go by there Just trust me on this-- go.
Hi,it's Lisa.
Please leave a message.
Hi,Lisa,it's Dad.
I was just,uh well,I know it's been a long time since we talked Dad? Honey,you you're there.
I wa I wasn't sure.
I mean, I- I didn't know I was hoping you'd have a few minutes,Lisa,you know.
Fill your old man in on how your life's been going.
It's over? Hey,Stacy,how was your show? It was good? It sure was.
Hey,Billy,how was the show Oh,my God,it was so good.
It was so great.
Daddy!Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Did you see me?Did you? Oh,yes,yes,yes! Look,I know you hit the notes like you were supposed to.
You're always great.
Hey any chance I get to look at that videotape a little later? How 'bout Angelino's for ice cream? Any takers? Yeah! I don't know about you,but I'm getting me a bana split.
That sounds good.
Mmm,I know you want one.
Come on,let's go.
o/~ Tomorrow,tomorrow o/~ No,no