Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

The Man Who Became a Kaiju

To CP. This is Alpha Two.
Point One. Nothing
out of the ordinary so far.
Alpha Two, this is CP.
Continue monitoring the situation.
Emergency kaiju alert.
Emergency kaiju alert for Minami,
Naka, and Isogo Wards.
All those in the designated zones,
please proceed to a shelter immediately.
As for the movements of the epicenter
The target is moving
from Yatobashi to Yamashitacho.
Estimated full length is 60 meters.
Fortitude is a little less than 3,5.
-No thermal detection for 3 kilometers.
-Roger that.
All crafts, begin shooting. I repeat.
-Begin shooting.
-Roger that.
Leading target to TO.
Will the intimidation work?
Which division is coming?
It's Yokohama, so, the Third Division.
Geez, what a mess.
We'll be working overtime for a while.
All right, let's get to work!
Yes, sir.
Members of the Third Division,
who successfully subdued the kaiju,
are welcomed by the applause of locals.
The Third Division
achieved zero casualties.
-Thanks to them
-Captain Ashiro's here!
How cool!
Let us thank them
with applause and cheers.
Hey, don't forget to film the victims!
Oh, sorry.
-Report back to me later!
-Yes, sir!
Captain Ashiro!
Our work begins
after everything has ended.
No one gives us attention.
No one thanks us either.
But it's our way of battling kaiju,
behind the scenes,
away from the spotlight.
Kafka! Izumo Tech wants some samples.
It's no good! I can't cut past the grease.
-Bring me the heat chainsaw!
-Yes, sir!
Hey, wait a minute!
You can't lift that yet!
It's this way! Bring the stretcher.
Don't worry, it's just the surface.
I've done this many times.
Don't forget to apply for workers' comp.
Yes, sir!
The Third Division's site is always messy.
It's hard to recognize the organs.
Jesus, look at this.
Will we really finish this week?
Kafka, we're moving you.
-We don't have enough people over there.
-Where is it?
The intestines.
-I don't want to!
-I already got permission. Let's go!
Sorry about that!
I always hear about it,
but is working the intestines that rough?
Think about it.
What's inside the intestines?
The days we work intestines
you can't eat for days.
I'm so tired!
Those baby pandas were so cute!
How will they grow up?
I can still smell it.
Let's move on to the next topic.
Defense Force Third Division,
which successfully subdued the kaiju
that suddenly appeared in the streets
of Yokohama.
The leader of that division
is Officer Mina Ashiro-san.
At the young age of 27,
she not only became the captain
but has already defeated
hundreds of kaiju.
Let's defeat all the kaiju together!
Her calm and dignified disposition
makes her one of the most popular captains
of the entire Defense Force.
She's rumored to be the next
potential Division Commander.
She's definitely an up-and-coming star.
Why am I over here?
Don't think about it!
Cleaning is important work
that also helps people!
I have a nice room
and can eat whatever I want.
That's enough, isn't it?
My head hurts.
It's definitely that TV show's fault!
Good morning.
Kafka's here! Come this way!
-I'm going to start getting ready!
-All right.
-Morning, Kafka.
This is Ichikawa-kun. He'll work
with us part-time, starting today.
His dream is to join the Defense Force!
That was his dream too, you know?
He's already given up,
and he's a veteran here!
This is the worst!
-how's he supposed to react to that?
Why did you give up?
I tried my best, you know?
But there are so many talented people.
I hit a wall to my potential.
-You'll understand when you're older
-I won't.
I'll never give up.
I'll never understand until the day I die.
Not that I want to.
-Hey, where are you
-I'm getting changed.
I thought you two would get along well.
That's unfair!
No matter how I respond to that,
I'd be a pathetic loser!
Is it such a bad thing to give up?
All right, let's start.
Team Miike, continue cleaning the bones.
Keep everything intact
-and send it over to Izumo Tech.
-Yes, sir!
Team Yoshimura will dismantle the legs.
Everything will be discarded.
Yes, sir.
The newbies get the intestines.
Come with me.
Yes, sir.
All right! Serves you right!
-Kafka, you're intestines, too.
-Me too?
-This is my second day in a row!
-You're good at it though.
Dammit, bring it on!
He always stands up
to the challenge in the end.
If he had passed, he would've been
a great Defense Force member.
He's suffering big time!
Same goes for me.
Hey, is that all you brought to eat?
I don't think I can eat this.
I'm sure.
-What is it
That's for you.
Eat whatever you're able to.
You have to get through the day.
-I'll be fine
-I'll give you these also.
These make it much more tolerable.
I don't know what you're saying,
but I seriously don't need those
Don't be shy. Just put them on.
Senpai, that's workplace harassment!
This is a rite of passage for all newbies.
Carry your own stuff, okay?
-Good work today!
-Good work!
-See you!
-Good work today.
We got through the smelliest areas.
Hey, Ichikawa.
Are you here to get back at me for lunch?
Thanks to you
Thanks to you, I survived my first day.
Thank you, sir.
That's all.
Also, they're raising the age limit
to under 33.
To join the Defense Force.
Because of the low birthrates.
It's your life,
so, it's none of my business,
but when you said you gave up,
you looked really sad, that's all.
It seriously doesn't matter to me.
If I got it all wrong, you're free
to give up all you want.
You're nicer than you look.
I told you that's not what this is about!
Run, Ichikawa! Get as far away as you can!
Once you're in a safe area, make a report.
-But senpai, you'd be alone
-Having two won't make a difference!
You're joining the Force, right?
Don't die here!
Here! I'm over here!
Over there!
I did it.
Now, I can
It's all gone.
Your home, my home, our school.
I won't forgive kaiju!
I was almost done
with all the GlaMon stages!
That's why you're sad?
I'm sad that Meeko died.
Meeko's your calico cat, right?
-I'm going to join the Defense Force.
-I'm going to join the Defense Force.
Hey, you're just a kid!
You're still in elementary school too,
In that case,
let's bet on who becomes
the coolest Defense Force officer!
Let's defeat all the kaiju together!
Shit. It wasn't supposed to be like this!
Kaiju don't scare me!
Aim for the leg. The leg
How did I get here?
Let's bet on who becomes
the coolest officer!
-You idiot! Why
-I made the report!
That's not what I'm talking about!
If I leave you here and run,
I'd never become a Defense Force officer!
Why am I so weak?
I haven't grown at all.
I can't even protect my own video game,
a friend's cat,
even my own kohai!
Target defeated.
I see an injured civilian.
Rescue operation will continue.
Igarashi, Takaragi,
look after the injured.
Everyone else, follow me.
We'll look for any remaining yoju.
-Are you all right?
-Don't move. Stay still.
Mina is so cool.
She crushed that frightening monster
with one blow.
She's somewhere far away from me now.
After the kaiju appeared
and you told me to run,
if you didn't save me then,
I would've died today.
You were really cool.
Let's bet on who becomes
the coolest Defense Force officer!
I really think you should be
a Defense Force officer.
Well, it's your life, so it doesn't
matter to me.
You're right.
When will I stop looking away
from what's important!?
Thanks, Ichikawa.
You're a really good guy.
I don't think it's a bad thing to give up,
but it's bad to lie to yourself!
I'm going to try joining
the Defense Force again
I found you.
Kai Kai
Does your injury hurt?
-Ichikawa, it's me!
Don't get so scared!
He's reporting you.
Let's run, senpai!
When you encounter a kaiju,
you should attack its legs,
tie it up, and make sure it can't move.
It's a little scary.
What is?
Imagining what it's like to fight a kaiju
that's so much bigger than you.
It'll be okay.
Anytime that happens,
I'll be right next to you!
A kaiju appeared
at South Yokohama Hospital?
No, there's no problem.
I'll dispatch my officers right away.
Yes, we'll kill it.
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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