Kaleido Star (2003) s01e03 Episode Script

The Distant Amazing Stage

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start! When watching Kaleido Star, please keep the room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
I'm Sora Naegino.
I came to America all by myself with aspirations of Joining Kaleido Stage.
Everything is new to me, but I'm doing my best in the spirit of "try it rather than think about it.
" There's nothing I can't do if I try and if I can do it without trying, I'd be super lucky.
And if I'm gonna do it, I Just gotta do it! Gotta! Gotta! That's me.
Well, well, well, if you were the only one not given anything to do, you'd get really depressed, too, right? It makes you sad and want to cry.
This time, I'm the only one who doesn't get a role.
I wonder what it is that I can do? I wonder? I wonder? Yaritai koto wa nani What is it that you want to do? Sou kikareru tabi Every time I was asked that Aoi sora miageta I looked up at the blue sky Kotae wa only my heart The answer is only in my heart Honto ni daiji na kotoba wa kantan ni wa iwanai I don't easily say the words that are really important Hikari ga yubisasu basho e to hashiridasu yo I start running towards the place the light points to Dakishimetai mono nara nakitai hodo mune ni aru There's so much in my heart that I want to embrace, I could cry Egakitsuzukete yuku kitto take it someday I'll keep painting my way, I promise, take it someday Shiroi kumo ga nagareru chiheisen no mukou ni Beyond the horizon, where the white clouds drift Naranderu mirai wa itsumo soba ni aru kara The future is lined up and it'll always be there by my side "The Amazing Distant Stage" The Amazing Distant Stage Anna! You're wonderful! Anna! You're wonderful! You're wonderful! You're so cool! A sloth.
I missed it again! Your spins are amazing.
Really? Can all Asians do that? What? Oh, it's because I used to do rhythmic gymnastics.
What? What? What is it?! Oh, the show that Miss Layla and the others were practicing was Cinderella.
That's right.
Even all trainees are supposed to appear in it.
AII? Yes.
So good luck, everyone.
You just want to wish Sora luck, don't you, Ken? Oh, well Cinderella Wow! I need to tell my family about this quick.
My dad, mom, and grandma are all big fans of Kaleido Stage.
Since I'm their star of hope, they'll be happy to hear that I'll be on stage, even if my role is just to play the pumpkin! In the end, I'd guess that you're more of the prince type.
No, actually I'd rather play the pumpkin.
Oh, it's because my father's a stand-up comedian.
Oh, so that's why.
Sora, what about your family? My family They were not very enthusiastic about you joining Kaleido Stage, right? Yeah, kind of.
By the way, aren't you hungry? Let's hurry and go to the dining hall.
Your parents? Here he is again.
How dare you?! I am the Spirit of the Stage.
Do not talk of me as if I am a ghost.
What's the difference? Only people who are chosen for the stage can see me.
I hear only selective people can see ghosts too.
Ugh! Are you saying that you cannot trust me? Yup.
Shocking! Sora Yup.
Shocking! Sora What? Do you want to know why I am here? You're waiting for a chance to peep at me in the bath.
Wrong! You're waiting for a chance to peep at me in the bath.
Wrong! I am searching for the one who will be able to perform the great, legendary maneuver.
The great, legendary maneuver? That is correct.
It is a maneuver that was performed only once a long time ago.
For those who cannot see me, the maneuver would be utterly impossible.
What kind of maneuver is it? I cannot tell you.
Why not? If you are truly the chosen one, you would be possessed by the charm of the maneuver as soon as you hear it.
Then, even though you are not skilled enough, you will want to perform it.
You would recklessly attempt it and die trying.
Die? Everyone who tried that maneuver without the proper skills failed to execute the maneuver and died.
You're lying.
What?! You're lying.
What?! If what you said is true, you should be showing up at Miss Layla's place.
As I said, someone who cannot see me Just as I thought, your purpose is to peep at me bathing, isn't it? As I said, someone who cannot see me Just as I thought, your purpose is to peep at me bathing, isn't it? If that were my purpose, I would rather go to Layla's place.
It seems we have just proved that I have been telling the truth.
I hate it that I can't come up with a counter argument.
Now, please gather around! Everyone, Boss has an announcement about the cast for Cinderella.
You may know this already, but the upcoming Cinderella is a masterpiece that includes a ballroom dance scene, so all of you will be appearing in it as well.
I will now announce the roles.
First, castle guards.
You three, that's all.
Town girls.
The Prince's attendant, Anna.
Wow! It's perfect.
Perfect! You get to perform with Mr.
Th The character won't have any gags Nope, nope, it won't.
For the role of the fairy godmother, I want several of you to practice the role first before I make the selection.
Even if you are not chosen, you'll be part of the crowd scene, so do not let your guard down.
And here are the candidates for the fairy godmother role.
I thought so.
Mia! Here! Glad it's a role you wanted.
It's great.
So great! You're amazing, Mia.
Do your best and win the role.
Yeah, I'm gonna do it! For the crowd in the ballroom dance scene, Kevin.
I I wonder which role I'll play.
I I wonder which role I'll play.
Here! That's all.
Here! That's all.
He didn't call my name.
Just my name.
There must be some kind of mistake.
Maybe he just forgot to call your name.
Oh, excuse me, Boss! What is it? What is my role? You don't have a role.
I don't have a role? Oh, come to think of it There's a role you can start playing tomorrow.
The role is to hand out toys to the children during intermission.
Toys? Can you call it a role if the person isn't even on stage? If you don't like it, you don't have to.
I'll do it.
I'll play the role! It's like just for you! Or rather, a perfect match! Anyway, let's practice together.
Yeah, let's do that.
Mia, Anna Yeah, let's do that.
Mia, Anna You don't have time for practice.
Starting tomorrow, you have to play the role of passing out toys.
Okay, everyone! Please come get the scripts here! Boss is such a jerk! All right! Since it's come to this, we should drop a frog down his back or shave half of his beard while he's sleeping.
Then let's shave half of his eyebrows and hair, too, while we're at it.
How about drawing eyes on his glasses? Then wouldn't it be better to draw the glasses on his eyes instead? Thank you for worrying about me.
I'll be fine.
I know both of you really want to read the script, right? Don't worry about me, you can go back to your rooms.
Maybe we should.
I'm a person chosen for the stage? It must be some kind of mistake.
I told him I'd do it on the spur of the moment, but Everyone else is practicing for Cinderella.
Oh, my! Miss Layla! Are you handing those out? Boss told me to.
I see.
You don't look happy.
I was told that this was the only role available for me.
You have a long way to go if you're still saying things like that.
Sora! It's time.
Intermission is in three minutes.
I'm sure Boss has something in mind.
Maybe Boss doesn't like me.
Just the other day, I got into that situation with Miss Layla, so Excuse me, everyone! Attention please! Everyone, attention please! I'm asking you all, please listen.
You're in my way! Move! I'm sorry.
Mommy! My ice cream! Sora! Mr.
I'm off duty today, so I came to see you.
You look like you're having trouble.
HEY! Listen to what my friend Sora has to say! What are those? I couldn't hand out all of it during intermission.
You said you would do it, but you can't even fill a role like that?! I never should have made an exception to accept you! How dare he talk to me like that?! How does he expect me to hand out all of it in such a short time?! He must be having fun, asking me to do the impossible! Miss Layla is shining on the stage, while I'm off the stage Jump Kick Sora, why don't you give it a try, too? This is the best way to relieve stress.
Jump Kick I'd rather not.
Sora! Over here! You must be tired.
It must've be tough.
Oh, yeah Oh, dinner's delicious today, isn't it? Yeah! Even the fries are more crisp than usual.
You don't have to tiptoe around me like that.
Anyway, how was the Cinderella practice? Well, it was tough as expected.
What kind of stage is it? Well, it was tough as expected.
What kind of stage is it? In the last ballroom dance scene, Miss Layla and Mr.
Yuri are supposed to leap on six trapezes one after another as if they're dancing.
Wow, that's amazing.
What about everything else? You are not in the mood to do anything.
You are not motivated.
Don't bother telling my fortune.
As you can see, it's pretty obvious.
This is also the card that governs creation.
The road is blocked.
But if you want to see what is up ahead, you have to create your own road.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
What do you mean by "my own road?" I know! Is this okay? Thanks.
Are you really going to do it in a clown suit? Yup.
If I can't appear on stage, I'll just turn the seating area into my own stage.
Turn the seating area into your own stage? That's right! It's great that you always have this positive attitude, you know? Jeez.
Ken, you're still here? What? Oh, sorry! All right, I'm all set! Hello, everyone! Are you enjoying Kaleido Stage? Yeah! Now, my friends, everyone who wants a light, gather around! You should hurry, or else the show will start soon! Here you go.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Okay, wait a second.
I did it! I finished handing it all out today.
You have no comprehension of how the show is run.
Oh, are you talking about this costume? It has nothing to do with that.
Think seriously about what your role is! What's wrong?! I don't understand at all.
Sora What? Sora What? Just earlier, the show was delayed ten minutes because of you.
What? You put on a pretty flashy performance, so it took a long time to calm down the audience.
And, you asked the kids to come out to get the lights, right? Some of them couldn't find their way back to their seats and some were in such a hurry that they tripped and fell.
I I Sora I was only thinking about getting attention for myself.
I only cared about getting people to say that I was amazing.
I wasn't thinking about the progression of the show at all.
No wonder Boss is mad at me.
Oh! Mr.
It's you.
Oh! Mr.
Oh! Mr.
I don't want to see a clown cry.
Even if your heart is crying, isn't it a clown's job to make people happy? Yes.
Sora! Why are you looking like that, Ken? I'll help you hand out the lights.
Thank you.
No, anything for you, Sora.
But I'll be fine, because I finally understand what my role is.
What? A clown's job is to make people happy.
Sora, what are you doing? Oh, Mom.
What? That clown's been standing there all this time.
What is it? It looks fun.
How about this? Is this a doll? I can't believe she's performing in the lobby.
She's alive.
Really? No way! Really? No way! The show has already started.
Even if I'm not on stage, I'm still going to completely play my role.
Oh, that's the clown I saw earlier.
She wasn't a doll.
Now, I'm here to give everyone a magic wand! Everyone, use your power to fill the night sky with stars, okay?! Okay! I don't have a lead role or anything like that, but if I can bring even just a little enJoyment to everyone as a supporting character You did it.
No, I haven't finished yet.
I understand a little now.
All roles exist for the audience.
Bringing these smiles to their faces.
That is Kaleido Stage.
Miss Layla! Miss Layla! Miss Layla! Oh, you are? What is it? What? Me? You're sure you want me to do it? An autograph Let me think, how should I sign it? Sora Here.
Thank you.
No, not at all.
I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Tim, we're leaving! Okay.
Sora, you did a good job.
I signed an autograph for the first time.
It would be nice if the boy will cherish your autograph forever.
I wonder what you're expecting from her.
What do you think? Your autograph is terrible.
What? Really? First of all, there should be a lot of things you need to practice before you practice your autograph.
That's true, but But I feel like I understand a little bit of what you said, Fool.
Creating my own road means creating my own role.
And waiting for me ahead on that road is the audience's smile.
Are you thanking me? Yeah, kind of Then, keep that thought in your heart.
And now, go take a bath! Hey! Like I said, stop blindfolding me! Hey, Sora! You ungrateful wretch! When you sabishii toki doushitemasuka When you're Ionely, what do you do? Never say sonna no wakannai Never say you don't get any of that Nemuru asobu magazine mekuru Sleep, play, flip through a magazine Sabishii toki wa sabishii yo When you're Ionely, you're Ionely Mienai denpa ga kyou mo tulututu machi ni tobikau Like always, invisible vibes fly around the city today, tulututu Anyway kokoro no bekutoru so many reason hanashiteru Anyway, the vector of my heart is talking about so many reasons Jiyuu ni sora o tobitai keredo I want to be free and fly the skies Hane o hirogeru basho ga nai But I don't have space to spread my wings Demo shinjiteru But I have faith Katachi no nai mirai ga aru yo There is a future yet to be shaped Katachi ni shitai watashi ga iru And there's a me that I want to shape Kanashikutemo machigai demo Even if I'm sad, even if it's a mistake Omou mama fly to the free I'll do what I want and fly towards the freedom Next Kaleido Star I don't want people like you getting up on the trampoline! And so, the three of us end up with Mia's role as the fairy godmother, but Marion She started crying, saying she didn't want us getting up on the trampoline.
I heard that Marion's late mother used to be part of the trampoline cast.
Maybe I can't appear on stage yet.
Next time on Kaleido Star, Try Hard and You'll Get an Amazing Chance Next time on Kaleido Star, "Try Hard and You'll Get an Amazing Chance" Try Hard and You'll Get an Amazing Chance My wings are my dream and on towards the sky