Kaleido Star (2003) s01e14 Episode Script

The Mysterious Amazing Circus

Hi, everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start.
When you watch Kaleido Star, please keep your room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can, okay? Well, well, well.
Doesn't it make you really anxious when you go somewhere you don't know? Everything I bump into is something new for me.
Applying something I've already learned or memorized is not good enough.
I know it happens all the time, but I wonder why they still keep getting mad at me?! I wonder.
I wonder! The dream everyone is looking for must be someplace It has to be somewhere Until your dream comes true someday, you're not alone Remember how I used to say I could make it to the end? I must have been pretending to be tough Everything I did was reckless and it never got me anywhere But you alone were always beside me The dream everyone is looking for must be somewhere You can start going forward From this moment, something will start I want to believe that The light I haven't seen yet is beaming toward the promised place Until your dream comes true someday, you're not alone Great work! We're off starting tomorrow.
Since we have a week, we can really relax.
Once in a while, it would be nice if we could travel or something.
You're full of energy, Sora.
I'm going to take a break and relax.
Me too.
Really? I feel like visiting a town I've never visited before.
You know, just let loose! Sora.
What? This What? This is an airline ticket.
Could you possibly be rewarding me, for my hard work, with a trip somewhere? Possibly? Possibly? Congratulations.
Your dream came true.
It's work.
Well For now, at least your dream came true I want you to make a guest appearance Work, work, work I have to work I want you to make a guest appearance Work, work, work I have to work in my old friend Mr.
Pack's circus.
An ordeal The card signifies sacrifice.
It's ominous.
Mysterious Amazing Circus Mysterious Amazing Circus Mysterious Amazing Circus Mysterious Amazing Circus Over there, I will be your manager.
So, please expect me to act accordingly.
But, I'm glad you're coming with me.
I guess life is good sometimes.
We're going to a place called Theatrical Camp.
Theatrical Camp? It's a mobile circus.
Their highlights are, fire-breathing, knife throwing, whip tricks, and keg juggling.
I see I wonder if I also need to do Fire-Breathing.
I doubt it.
Strangers! Ken.
Oh Don't worry.
It's supposed to be around here.
Oh, that way! I have been waiting for you, Miss Sora Naegino.
Welcome to Theatrical Camp.
She really is breathing flame.
Here it goes! Sorry.
Amazing Even the audience is participating.
Hey, Milo! I know nothing.
You ate it! That's enough, Tank! Leave the place quick once you finish your juggling! But it makes the kids happy Don't come up with an excuse! Okay, okay.
Excuse me Don't make me repeat the same thing over and over! Wait! Don't make me repeat the same thing over and over! I didn't eat it! Then who ate it? I don't know.
EXCUSE ME! I'm introducing a guest to you.
This is Miss Sora Naegino.
I came from Kaleido Stage! It's nice to meet you.
I'm Sora's manager, Ken Robbins.
Kaleido Stage Here! This evening's beef stew has the best meat.
Meat, meat! For tomorrow's show, since we have a guest, why don't we do the one we haven't done in a while? Miss Sora Naegino I want you to play the leading part, the Princess.
The leading part? Yes.
And it's the role of a princess? I don't know if I'm capable of playing that role.
Maybe it's impossible What? Impossible, impossible, impossible Well I will do my best.
Impossible, impossible, impossible The story itself is very simple.
The role we want you to play is a heroine who rescues her younger twin sisters, who are taken by a witch.
All right.
Mila and Milo are throwing away carrots again, Dominique.
If you do it again, you'll have no dinner! Yes Pamela, you're going to play the villain, a witch.
Tank, you're going to play a glutton with supernatural strength.
All right.
And You will fight against a knife throwing monster man.
And then you will head for the witch's nest.
Pack, don't forget about me.
Of course, Mr.
He is the heroine's only ally.
Both of them cooperate and rescue the twins, and they fall in love and Lov- and they fall in love and It comes to a happy ending.
It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too.
I don't think they need to fall in love.
Okay, okay.
Can you feed him milk? All right.
A lion handler.
This script talks about the story, Stuffed animals.
This script talks about the story, This script talks about the story, but it doesn't say anything about how we perform.
I wonder what I'm supposed to do.
Lake! I wonder what I'm supposed to do.
Lake! Well, never mind.
We already said that one.
Well, never mind.
We already said that one.
I'll ask during rehearsal tomorrow.
No, we didn't! No, we didn't! I think I should rest well today.
No, we didn't! It already came up! No, it did NOT! Yes, it did! No, it did NOT! You're annoying! It came up, it came up, it came up, it came up! It came up, it came up, it came up! I can't sleep Ken Sora, the stars are beautiful.
Yes, they are.
Ken What? Thank you for everything.
Huh? What? All of a sudden Because you always help me whenever I'm in trouble.
And you encourage me.
Without your help, I doubt I would've had the chance to play the Little Mermaid.
Or the chance to co-star with Miss Layla, either.
I don't think it's true.
You got them because you worked hard.
I wonder.
No, really.
You're a hard worker.
You work too hard.
I sometimes feel that you may end up out of my league.
Huh? Oh It's nothing.
I think you should get some sleep tonight.
Well It's noisy and Oh Really? But, I will do my best and try to sleep.
I think that would be better.
Okay, I will do my best and sleep! That baby cried all night long.
Tank's snoring was pretty bad too.
Nobody's here.
The male cast isn't here either.
What? Then what about the rehearsal? They're probably not going to have one.
What? They're not? Well They almost never rehearse.
What?! Then what's everyone doing now? Who knows? Until the evening performance, it's their free time.
What? That's coming from the stage.
Dio! I'm glad.
I was wondering what to do since nobody was here.
I bet everyone went out to have some fun.
People in town give us a warm reception, and we get free food and drink.
Oh, wait a moment! You really don't rehearse at all? I can't perform without a rehearsal.
Well What shall I do? Well then, I will teach you one important thing.
Since you saw the show yesterday, I think you already know this, but each member has something that they're good at.
The story itself is there just so each of us can show off our forte.
So always pay attention to the audience's reaction, and proceed.
Proceed while paying attention to the audience's reaction That's right.
What you want to show the audience is all up to you.
Thank you very much.
It's up to me Pamela! You're great! Princess! If you wish to rescue your sisters, you should come to my castle! Help! I wonder, can I show up already? I wonder I wonder What shall I do?! Hurry and get out! I'm a heroine.
So I have to act like one.
Mila, Milo where did you go? I hope the witch didn't Oh, wait! I still haven't finished my lines yet Sora It looks like everything is going smoothly.
Going smoothly? She's terrible.
Wait! Excuse me! Oh! Beer kegs! Now is indeed the time to test the Princess's courage! Please Please Please don't move.
I'm here, Princess! I can't finish the show like this.
Not like this! What? You're nothing! What are you people thinking? If this is how she's going to be treated, I'll refuse to let her appear on stage tomorrow.
If Miss Sora Naegino insists on that, there's nothing I can do.
It seems showing a new member in trouble is all part of the show.
If you want to leave, I can explain the situation to Kalos.
I don't mind them making fun of my mistakes.
But, it's not like that.
They were all laughing at me because I was a stranger.
Yesterday's show I thought it was amazing.
The audience and cast became one.
It was so exciting.
But, today, from the beginning to the end, They treated me like a stranger.
They didn't even allow me to perform.
Are you talking about Pamela? Mr.
Dio! It's terrible what Pamela did to you.
But did you notice Pamela before you grabbed the swing? What? You stole Pamela's thunder.
Oh So that's why I Thank you, Mr.
Go to sleep already! What? I'm sorry for what I did to you back then.
I bet you feel like going back already.
It's not so easy that you'll get applause just for following the script like you do at Kaleido Stage.
Kaleido Stage isn't that easy either! I'm not leaving yet.
Really While I perform at this place, I will appear on stage as one of members here.
So, tomorrow, please make sure to catch me.
If I feel like it.
Is this a foolish person's upright position? Fool! Is this a foolish person's upright position? Just as I feared.
You look upset after you were tossed about in the storms of life.
Did you come because you were worried about me? That's right.
I endured staying inside that tight suit case.
Still, I never expected you to get so upset.
I'm glad I'm here.
Thank you, Fool.
I'm glad I'm here, too! NO! Oh A roach First, Let's start with learning more about the stage.
As I expected, the stage as a whole is small.
It means there's not much distance between you and the audience.
To tell you the truth, at Kaleido Stage, the audience can't see the performers' subtle expressions.
But here, the audience can see your expressions even when you're in trouble.
Doing the same show I do at Kaleido Stage doesn't attract the audience here.
I have to perform while observing the cast members and the audience.
Unless I can do that, I can't be one of them.
Princess! If you wish to rescue your sisters, you should come to my castle! Help! Okay! Yes! Mila, Milo, where did you go? Were they kidnapped by the witch? I will make sure to rescue them.
I will! What? Did I miss something? Oh Well, then How about this? Oh, here I go! Here, here, here, here! Oh, beer kegs! Thank you, thank you! Princess, you're the best! Sora Naegino! Bravo! Sora Naegino! Good, I think I can do this.
Ready! Are you saying to hit the bull's-eye right in that circle? Yeah! Not bad I'm here, Princess! I will show you the leading role's maneuver.
What? What! Straight up? Amazing.
You're amazing, Miss Pamela! I've never seen anything like that before! I can manage that maneuver only one time in five.
But, I didn't want to be outdone by you, so There is no way I can A great maneuver which may hurt you isn't required here.
The thing which is required here is the ability to appear on stage everyday.
Kaleido Stage isn't everything.
I understood very well that each troupe has a show it's best suited for.
I used to be in Kaleido Stage.
What? But it wasn't my kind of place, you know I wasn't allowed to do what I wanted.
Oh Really? You seem like the kind who does whatever you want to do.
Well I have no intention to act that way, but I bet you're just what Kaleido Stage needs right now.
Sadly though, it's the time to say goodbye.
What? It seems Milo's twisted an ankle during today's performance.
It's earlier than the date we had in mind, but we decided to cut the performance short.
What are these? Olives.
Pack plants olives like these at each place we camp.
It's his hobby.
They say that the olive, the symbol of peace, can sprout the next season even if the place where it was burns down.
I wish to be as strong as this olive.
And, more importantly, the olive is a must-have for a good salad.
She is charming.
That princess role was played by many people, including Pamela, but I thought she had such invaluable talent.
Unless someone nurtures her, the flower of her talents will never bloom.
I understand.
I will make sure to nurture her talents.
Pamela, please come to see our show too.
If I feel like it.
What? That's not nice.
Next Kaleido Star I'm afraid he no longer needs me.
And so What? Miss Sarah was approached by another company? Not only that It's a man and a woman's ten year love! An entangled love triangle I don't understand the complicated stuff.
But we can't just let things go like this, right? Right? Right? Next time on Kaleido Star, "The Diva's Amazing Love" The Diva's Amazing Love Next time on Kaleido Star, "The Diva's Amazing Love" The Diva's Amazing Love The Diva's Amazing Love My wings are my dream and on towards the sky The Diva's Amazing Love I'm here between the sky and the roads, and facing against the wind And I'm facing forward so the sorrow doesn't rain down ever again I came all the way here after I jumped over that wall There are many times when I just want to run away But I'm still here, so, I'm not daunted that much The poem I scribbled down, I can just start writing over from the beginning Unable to write it well, I'm laughing