Kaleido Star (2003) s01e18 Episode Script

Yuri's Amazing Trap

It is indeed the time to start Kaleido Star.
When you watch Kaleido Star, I think you should keep your room brightly lit and sit as far from the TV as you can.
Well, well, well.
Have you ever had something important to you end? When we had fun, when we had tough times, when we laughed and cried, the precious memories that we spent together.
Being thankful for many, many things.
But, we can't let it end like this.
Don't you think? Don't you think? Don't you think? The dream everyone is looking for must be someplace It has to be somewhere Until your dream comes true someday, you're not alone Remember how I used to say I could make it to the end? I must have been pretending to be tough Everything I did was reckless and it never got me anywhere But you alone were always beside me The dream everyone is looking for must be somewhere You can start going forward From this moment, something will start I want to believe that The light I haven't seen yet is beaming toward the promised place Until your dream comes true someday, you're not alone Sora! It was the best! Two weeks from the opening day, the audience's reaction started changing.
Did you read today's newspaper? Of course I did.
Kaleido Stage's new director, Mia Guillem.
Her appearance has been more dramatic than Halley's Comet! Well, of course, I deserve to get that comment.
Don't think you'll get away with this! Yuri's Amazing Trap Yuri's Amazing Trap Yuri's Amazing Trap Yuri's Amazing Trap There was concern that Kaleido Stage would grow smaller and weaker.
However, there is plenty of possibility that it will regain its strength.
It really could be.
It means that no matter how Yuri tries to obstruct us, people cannot ignore a real nice show.
I've seen all kinds of shows, but, even setting aside favoritism, I think this show is wonderful.
What? Are you serious? My dad is an old-fashioned type kind of man.
So, he cannot tell a lie.
Hey, Marion Oh, it would be nice if this show keeps on like this and becomes a long-run.
No way.
But, if the audience keeps growing like this Maybe we'll even get lots of sponsors signing on.
I don't think you should get overexcited about this.
Anna, you missed the timing at the very beginning.
Mia, your face is too tense sometimes.
Sora, you let yourself go, and make your moves too fast.
If you keep doing that, the lighting technician cannot keep up with you.
You cannot call our performance perfect by any means.
Oh Oh But This show is not too bad.
Just now, was that Praise? Did she praise us? I can tell by the way she talks.
She likes the show a lot.
Miss Layla is praising us! That makes me happier than any other good critiques.
Aim for a long-run! Yeah! Yeah! In order to make that happen, we should brace ourselves for the remainder of the two weeks and perform.
Now, I'm getting motivated! Yeah! Me, too.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! For the sake of Kaleido Stage's future! Yeah! Death The ending of things.
Excuse me, please stop with the inauspicious fortune-telling.
Kaleido Stage is at the critical moment whether it can survive or perish.
So can you produce brighter futures? Well, there is no meaning in fortune-telling.
Sora! It's happening! Ugh swallowed it.
It's not the time for saying something like that.
People are filled with a practice room! You just said something funny! Why now? I didn't intend it to be funny! You just said something funny! Why now? I didn't intend it to be funny! Why now? I didn't intend it to be funny! Anyway, please come! Anyway, please come! What's going on? I thought everyone quit.
I'm not dreaming, right? Maybe everyone decided to come back after they heard about Kaleido Stage's reputation.
As I expected It's happening? After all, this is the show that Miss Layla praised.
Seriously, the revival of Kaleido Stage may not be a dream.
I guess you need to rewrite "Freedom" with more people, Mia.
Let me handle it.
Oh, I didn't know you were here.
Everyone, Boss wants us to gather in his room right away.
What? I wonder if it means As we thought Yeah! The announcement of his decision to make this a long-run? Yeah! The announcement of his decision to make this a long-run? Come in.
Ready? Congratulations! Eh? Hello Yuri Why you are here? Kalos, why don't you explain it to them? Then, I have no choice.
I will explain the situation to them.
Well, it's simple.
Kalos will no longer be the owner of Kaleido Stage after today.
Instead, I will be the owner.
The current Kaleido Stage will be dissolved after today's show.
What! Kaleido Stage will be dissolved? It can't be It's true.
But, we still have two weeks to perform.
The audience is packed.
There is no reason to quit.
She's right.
If the show keeps on like this, even a long-run is a possibility.
Kalos, don't tell me you were also dreaming a foolish dream like them.
Right? A long-run? An amateur show like this? It will never happen.
Hey, apologize to everyone! Get your hands off me! As for the rest of tickets for after today, we will refund them.
Get your hands off me! As for the rest of tickets for after today, we will refund them.
Oof! As for the rest of tickets for after today, we will refund them.
Ouch! Leave Anna alone! Let her go! Damn! Let her go.
Anna Are you all right, Anna? Both Kenneth Corporation and Hamilton Foundation backed out as investors.
Your Kaleido Stage is over.
It will not exist.
Layla, by Mr.
Hamilton's request, I can't make a contract with you.
But, if you wish, I don't mind persuading him.
Of course, I know all of your talents.
I definitely want you to join my Kaleido Stage.
I'll welcome all of you.
No thank you.
Me neither.
I also decline.
Really? That's too bad.
Then, consequently, I must also ask you to get out of the dormitory.
My speech is finished.
Yes, I sold all rights.
So you should quit, too.
Why? There is a time for everything.
The current Kaleido Stage is practically a corpse.
Just thinking that you're still there makes my blood run cold.
Father, Kaleido Stage is not dead yet.
Layla, you did more than enough.
I will set up the management office for you shortly.
There are many fields where you can make the most of your talents in either in the movies or on the stage.
You can do whatever you want.
First, appear on the screen again.
I heard your last movie got good reviews.
I think doing movies suits you.
I don't think you understand how much Kaleido Stage means to me now.
If you say it's that much, do you want to participate in Yuri's Kaleido Stage for a while? That would be meaningless.
Layla, then what do you want to do? Well, I wonder what I want to do.
Maybe, I don't want to lose I don't want to lose the partner who motivates me so much Partner If you start doing something new, you will forget about it soon enough.
I doubt it.
In any case, the current Kaleido Stage will not exist after tonight's show.
That is something I cannot change.
I understand.
Layla When you look back later, you will think you're glad that you did what I told you to do.
So, this evening is the last.
I can't believe it.
Anyway, let's put everything into it.
But I'm afraid I'll start crying while I'm on stage.
You can't help it.
Because this will be the last.
STOP CRYING! Everyone, do you think it's okay to appear in the last show feeling like you do now? Even if you keep crying, nothing will change the fact that today is the last show.
We should not appear on the stage like the way we feel right now.
You're right, Ken.
Since this is the last performance, I want show the audience the best performance more than ever.
Right? In order to let the audience keep the memory of our Kaleido Stage in their hearts forever! Yes.
That's right.
We have to do our best so we don't regret.
It's not the time to be depressed.
Thank you, Ken.
Somehow, you brought me to my senses.
That's more like you, Sora.
Boss must feel the same way.
I don't know what happened in the past, but the Kaleido Stage that he built up with care will be gone.
I'll go to see the Boss and tell him how we all feel.
It's Sora.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Just a moment ago, we all talked backstage.
Everyone feels the same way.
Although today is our last show No Because it's the last show, let's make it the best show.
Boss, do you have anything you want me to tell everybody? There is one thing I want to say.
If you're going to prepare yourself for the stage like that, it's better not to do it.
What? What do you mean by that? Since it is the last, we want to do our best and make it the best show.
Are you saying that is wrong? Wanting to do our best and finish it on a good note, that's wrong? It seems Kaleido Stage is going to end because it should end.
I don't understand! What are you trying to say, Boss? I'm disappointed in you.
What else can we do? I'm disappointed in you.
I don't understand.
What does he want me to do? Sora! Ken! What are you doing here? I've been looking for you.
Sorry What? I see The Boss told you something like that.
What shall I do? It's our last show.
And I have to appear on stage halfhearted like the way I feel now.
No matter what Boss told you, everyone united because they want to do their best since this will be the last show.
I know.
Unless you pull yourself together, everyone will fall apart.
Sorry, Ken.
Please let me go back to the dormitory for just a little while.
Oh Okay.
Please don't be late for the raising of the curtain.
Fool! Fool? Fool? Hey, listen, Fool.
Please don't hide.
Please come out.
Don't tell me I can't see him anymore Fool! Where are you?! Hey, Fool! I have something I want you to listen to! Please show up.
Please don't be mean.
I don't understand what the Boss is saying! Fool! Please answer me! I can't believe this.
I lost the ability to see Fool.
Listen, if you can see me, it means that you were chosen for the stage.
Once, there was a man who was able to see me.
The man I was talking about gradually lost the ability to see me.
I lost the ability to stay at Kaleido Stage.
And I was told something like that by the Boss.
I'm not able to see Fool, either.
Everything is gone all at once.
I don't know what I should do at all.
So much has happened since the first day I came to Kaleido Stage.
But even when someone got angry with me or when I made a mistake, I never felt like this.
I see I'm not able to see Fool because I can never do the legendary great maneuver the way I am now.
It's not like I lost the feeling that I want to be as good as Miss Layla.
That hasn't changed even now, but Today is the last day I can appear on the same stage with Miss Layla.
Mia, Anna and I have been encouraging each other until today.
I wanted to keep doing shows together even after this, but our Kaleido Stage will be gone starting tomorrow.
Then, I thought in the end I should perform my best for "Freedom" which we all created together.
And yet the Boss told me, it would be better if we just don't do it.
What does he mean? Still, I have to go.
No matter how I feel, the curtain will still be raised.
Okay! I'm going! But when I think that today will be the last, I Oh Thank you.
Miss Layla It's likely we won't see each other again.
Don't act so tough.
I will talk to Mr.
No matter how hard you guys try, your Kaleido Stage will be over after today.
I'm not thinking that today is the last day.
What? Hey, look at the reality, Layla.
Yuri, did you see our show? "Our"? That's not the way you usually talk.
Sorry, but I don't think it's worth seeing.
"Freedom" It's a story about young people who believe in the future.
In the story, you can see those lively young people doing their best for tomorrow in spite of fighting each other.
The character I'm playing is also that kind of person.
She really believes that she can have the future that she is hoping for.
The others are the same too.
No matter what kind of tough circumstances they face, they are never overcome with sorrow while they do nothing.
All the characters have that kind of strength.
And I like the nature of that show.
Even if Kaleido Stage closes its doors, it can't close the door to my future.
It will not be my last show, unless I wish it.
That's what I believe.
At least, if I couldn't believe that, I couldn't appear on this stage.
That is such a hackneyed, idealistic point of view.
You think that way.
Because you don't believe in your future.
Miss Layla.
Sora! Sorry, I heard your conversation.
So, today is not the end of the show, is it? I don't want to make it the end of the show as of today either.
Even after this, I want to appear on the stage many more times with you.
Sora, hurry.
The curtain will be raised as scheduled.
We're not going to do our best because it is the last.
We will do our best today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.
And we're going to put on our best show all the time.
Yes! It's not like the audience is interested in seeing a sad show.
It's true.
This is what the Boss meant.
It seems like you're finally back to who you are.
Anyhow, as I thought, Miss Layla is amazing.
Yes, she is.
Maybe, I don't want to lose I don't want to lose the partner who motivates me so much If you start doing something new, you will forget about it soon enough.
There is no way I can forget Just remembering Miss Layla's words, "It will not be my last show, unless I wish it.
" makes me so emotional I could cry.
Oh, I messed up my makeup.
Sorry, can you go before me? Miss Layla! Where is Sora? She messed up her makeup right now, and She is fixing it.
Sora Oh, Miss Layla.
Oh I'm doing my best to hurry, but Give it to me.
What? I will do it for you.
What? Oh Miss Layla Don't talk.
I can't do my work.
Oh I enjoyed co-starring on stage with you.
Miss Layla Why would you say something like that? This is not the end, right? Right? Now, it looks good.
Let's go, Sora.
Fool Can you see me again? Yes, unfortunately.
The Sun.
This card represents a hope for tomorrow.
A hope for tomorrow.
That's nice.
That's right! Starting tomorrow, our performance will start! Next Kaleido Star Don't say something ridiculous! Of course, I'm worried.
And so, after we were kicked out of the dormitory, I'm going to stay at Ken's house for a while.
But, Sora's worried parents came to see her, and What's more, inside of her mother's body There is a new life, my father and mother's real child.
Where is the place I can go back to? Where? Where? Next time on Kaleido Star, "Amazing Family Ties" Amazing Family Ties Next time on Kaleido Star, "Amazing Family Ties" Amazing Family Ties My wings are my dream and on towards the sky Amazing Family Ties I'm here between the sky and the roads, and facing against the wind And I'm facing forward so the sorrow doesn't rain down ever again I came all the way here after I jumped over that wall There are many times when I just want to run away But I'm still here, so, I'm not daunted that much The poem I scribbled down, I can just start writing over from the beginning Unable to write it well, I'm laughing