Kaleido Star (2003) s01e26 Episode Script

The Scar-filled Amazing Revival

Now, the time is ripe.
When you watch Kaleido Star, keep your room brightly lit, sit as far from the TV as you can, and wait for the moment of the fate.
Well, well, well.
Everyone, it's time at last.
The day has finally come to attempt the legendary great maneuver with Miss Layla.
After all those nights I cried by myself.
After the many times I almost gave up.
But I'm fine now.
The tears I want now are the tears of victory.
If I want to cry, I should cry after I win.
After I win! After I win! Dare mo sagashiteru yume wa kitto aru Dokoka ni aru Negai ga itsuka kanau made hitori ja nai Saigo made yareru to ittetane Kitto tsuyogatte itanda ltsudatte muchabakka de zutto karamawari de Dakedo anata dake ga soba ni ita Daremo sagashiteru yume wa kitto aru Aruki daseru Koko kara nani kaga hajimaru Shinjite itai Mada minu hikari yakusoku no basho e to tsuzuite yuku Negai ga itsuka kanau made hitori ja naisa We're not going to die.
We'll make sure to succeed.
The time is ripe.
You who were chosen by the stage, who overcame many ordeals.
Now indeed is the time to tell you everything about the legendary great maneuver.
You must challenge the maneuver with unshakable confidence.
The legendary great maneuver is An Amazing Comeback An Amazing Comeback An Amazing Comeback An Amazing Comeback Wha What? Maybe that spirit of the stage is there in front of them.
What? I bet he is.
In order to perform the legendary great maneuver, the players must have absolute confidence.
After they answered that they would never die, they were acknowledged by the spirit of the stage.
Then, if they didn't say that they would never be afraid of dying They would have been abandoned by the spirit of the stage.
Either we would have to cancel tomorrow's show, or they'd attempt the maneuver recklessly, and So that's the legendary great maneuver.
It's amazing.
It's more than I imagined.
Miss Layla, please make sure to rest your shoulder well in preparation for tomorrow.
I will practice a little more.
All right.
Mia Yes.
I have some suggestions concerning the stage construction for tomorrow.
Would you mind discussing my suggestions with the Directing Department? Sure.
So, it has been set in motion.
Tomorrow, at last, the legendary great maneuver will be revived by Layla Hamilton and Sora Naegino.
Keep that height and rhythm.
According to Miss Layla's plan, they're going to switch to a trampoline after this.
Please wait at the gate until your cue to appear.
Anna! So all of you came.
Of course.
I can't stay still.
Is the legendary great maneuver amazing? I just built the device which Arlon told me to build.
One, two Jump! Yeah! Higher, higher! Amazing, amazing.
Marion! Jonathan! Sora, everyone's back! What? Everyone who was in Freedom Lights is here.
I heard that even the people who quit Kaleido Stage came back.
Everyone? Kaleido Stage is back the way it was! We did it! I've not seen you in a while.
The last place we met was at the Vancouver Festival, right? Yes.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be on an extended business trip to Asia.
I don't have much time.
Can you make it short and tell me what you want to say? No matter what, please come to see Layla's performance tomorrow.
Hm? Oh, I see.
If it's about selling Kaleido Stage, I already know.
But if you want me to do something about it, unfortunately, I have to tell you that you should give up.
You and I are alike.
I tried to re-create the Kaleido Stage my father envisioned.
In the end, I had no clue what he was thinking at all.
No, I wasn't even trying to understand him.
You too, are trying to avoid understanding Layla's thoughts.
Avoiding? Me? I'm a fool who could not bring himself to leave the nest even after his parents had left.
And you You are a fool who can't acknowledge that your daughter has already left the protection of your wing.
Layla is already able to fly high and strong even without your help.
And she wants you to see it.
But you've been trying not to look at that.
Father How was my performance today? Your seat is already reserved.
Mother? Good morning.
Yes, it's tomorrow night.
Sorry for letting you know at the last moment.
Really? How is Yume? Seats are fine.
I already got you reserved seats.
How is it? Has the pain abated? Yes.
If it stays like this, I think I'll be all right tomorrow too.
It's strange.
What? I'm always nervous before I go onstage, but I'm calm and I just can't wait until tomorrow.
As a doctor, I couldn't possibly approve of you appearing on stage, but as a fan, I'll do whatever I can to help you.
Thank you, Kate.
Sora, are you working hard? I can't believe this.
Using only one arm, she can do that much.
Oh, Rosetta! Amazing.
You're amazing, Sora! Sora We're all set too.
Miss Layla Then, after that, the entire cast will move away at once.
Then they will start the legendary great maneuver.
Your special stage is there.
I finally understand how you felt when you sent my father off to the stage.
The players who were chosen by the stage cannot help but attempt the legendary great maneuver.
Nobody can stop it.
I know.
I planned, by any means necessary, to create a Kaleido Stage that doesn't produce any injuries.
But, in the end, I wound up losing everything.
It's not finished yet.
What will be will be.
You should run it the way you like.
Originally, I planned to let Arlon handle all management-related matters.
No As I see it, I think Kaleido Stage should belong to you.
Your reckless method made Sora who she is now.
I did nothing.
She just dashed headlong into this herself.
So, it finally happens tomorrow.
It should be around this time tomorrow.
The legendary great maneuver I will perfect it with Miss Layla by any means.
The swing is longer than the one we used for practice.
So watch your timing.
With our power, we're going to turn the legend into a reality.
Excuse me, may I ask you one question? What? If Fool hadn't qualified us yesterday, what were you going to do? I never considered that.
What? You didn't? No.
Naturally, I thought that we would be qualified by Fool.
But, come to think of it, it's usually what everyone thinks.
How about you, Sora? Well To tell you the truth, I'm the same.
Both of them are laughing.
Sora! Yes.
You have guests.
Mother, Father Yume! Have you been a good girl? Thank you for inviting us, Sora.
It's not a big deal.
I'm the one who's supposed to thank you for coming all the way here.
We're just happy because if this were the old you, you would say, "I don't want to ask them to come all the way here".
You used to be so reserved.
Remember? Oh, that's true.
You were the girl who was concerned about the hotel expenses and picked the flight which departed on the same day of the audition.
Yes, I remember that.
It made me worry more.
Well, I thought it would be all right, so Sora, somehow, you're so lively.
I think it means you're confident.
That's why I want both of you to see my performance by all means.
Of course, you too, Yume.
You have two more people you want to show.
Right? You have four parents.
We'll all be watching over you.
Really, you're so pushy.
Please don't say something like that and just watch.
Please reconsider selling Kaleido Stage.
It's already a done deal.
Kenneth Then maybe I should buy it back.
What? All by yourself? Ridiculous! Those who are afraid to take risks have no choice but to walk behind.
You greenhorn.
Please keep holding it tight, Sora.
If we perfect the legendary great maneuver, the audience will come back again.
If they do, let's create a wonderful show again.
A real show which both children and adults can enjoy.
Oh, Kate, how are Sora and everybody doing? They're fine.
The last card.
The potential for unlimited possibilities.
The upright Fool.
The door to the future will open to those fools who are not afraid.
It looks like they don't have any lifelines.
Really? Then if they drop That would be bad I'm going to create the best show with Miss Layla.
Sora Somehow, I'm getting chills.
It's so far, but it looks like it's so close to me.
It's like magic.
Let's start, Sora.
I need to focus only on Miss Layla.
Come, Sora! Jump toward Miss Layla Amazing! They did it.
They're flying.
Really Both of you have wings on your back.
Is this really happening? They finally made the legend reality.
I'm not scared at all.
I'm with Miss Layla.
I'm so happy.
I feel like crying.
I wish I could keep performing like this forever.
The brilliance of life that doesn't flinch at anything.
That is indeed the legendary great maneuver.
Now, I know.
Not only is the legendary great maneuver a dangerous maneuver, but it is also an expression of a strong life that keeps even death at bay.
Arlon The maneuver which even gives the audience the strength to live That's what the legendary great maneuver was.
No wonder someone like me was unable to get in their way.
Sora, let's go back.
The swing is farther than it's supposed to be because of the wind.
Let's do it with all our might.
One! Two! Three! It's done.
Hey, dim the lighting.
What? But No buts.
Miss Layla Amazing! Sora, you're the best! Amazing.
It was amazing! I've never seen anything like that before.
Sora, you did it.
I feel like I'm still flying.
Layla Father It was a wonderful show.
Did you see it? Yes.
Now I understand what Yuri said.
Yuri? You can fly anywhere with your own wings without my help anymore.
Father Did you hurt your shoulder? Yes.
Is it bad? At least, I know I won't be able to appear on Kaleido Stage anymore.
What? It's not true, is it? It is true.
I can't believe it.
But Kate already told me.
But still, I didn't want to miss this chance.
I staged the best performance with you.
And received the best applause.
I can't ask anything more for my last performance.
But but I Sora! Sora Sora, be strong.
I can't do it! It's impossible.
In order to perfect the legendary great maneuver with you, I prepared myself to pay any price.
Sora, didn't you tell me that you would challenge fate with me? If what you told me is really true, stand up, Sora! Sora, from now on, I want you to be my dream.
Please be my dream, Sora.
I'm going to be Miss Layla's dream? That's right.
I know you can become a true Kaleido Star.
A true Kaleido Star Boku wa koko ni iru sora to michi no aida de mukai kaze Soshite mae o muiteiru, mou nido to kanashimi ga furanai youni to Ano kabe o koete kokomade kitanda Nigedashitaku naru koto wa nando mo aru Dakedo kokoni irunara taishite bibitte inai Kakinaguri no uta "hajimekara yareba iisa" Umaku kakenaku te boku wa waratte iru Sora Sora, hurry! Hey, Sora! Yes! Miss Layla, I will become a true Kaleido Star no matter what! I will! I will! Ouch! I will work harder and harder! Hi, everyone! I am Sora Naegino.
How was the legendary great maneuver which I did with Miss Layla? It was so tough.
I worked so hard.
And I cried so much.
But I am Miss Layla's dream, and Miss Layla's dream is me.
I'll definitely become a true Kaleido Star, for Miss Layla's sake as well! I will! I will! Next time on Kaleido Star, "Amazing Prologue To Stardom, part 1" Next Kaleido Star "Amazing Prologue To Stardom, part 1" Amazing Prologue To Stardom (Part 1) Next Kaleido Star My wings are my dream and on towards the sky.
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