Kaleido Star (2003) s02e04 Episode Script

Another Amazing Rookie

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start.
When you watch Kaleido Star, please keep your room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
Well, well, well.
Have any of your dear friends ever said ''Please!'' asking you to do something? When you see your good friend having a hard time, you can't just let it be, right? l was able to reach to this point because many people helped me a lot.
Rosetta, please don't look so sad.
lt'll be all right.
Don't worry.
Let me handle this.
lt's my turn to help you this time! Okay? Okay? Okay? Tatoo Kiss hajimari wa aka to kuro no Passion Toki ni urahara na kokoro o tayori ni Tatoo Kiss kirifuda wa mirai o kaeru Mission New Wings Tatoo Kiss kirifuda wa mirai o kaeru Mission Koi ni aimai na kotae wa iranai Arienai genjitsu minai furi shite mo Bet Egatai shinjitsu Can U feel me now? Nesshiyasui jibun ni Say What? Tomadou iibun Dreamin' samenai yume ochiteku sadame Don't stop lovin' Can't stop lovin' U Ya ya ya Believe in U hikikae ni subete ushinatte mo Still lovin' can't stop loving' U No no no Tattoo Kiss Another Amazing Newcomer Another Amazing Newcomer Another Amazing Newcomer l hate it! l really hate it! Please do it now! Even if you ask me, ''right now,'' l cannot l can't stand it another second! Don't be so irritated.
May, why don't you give this a try too? You're from China, so l bet you already know this! Cat's paws martial arts! lt will calm your feelings, meow.
l don't know that phony martial art.
Phony? l cannot just ignore what you just said! Never mind that Never mind that?! Hold on! Never mind that Never mind that?! Hold on! lf what you said is true, what about that correspondence class l took all week? How should l know? You're so irresponsible! l have nothing to do with that! You're so irresponsible! l have nothing to do with that! l can't believe this! Oh, l'm in shock! Anyway, do something about this right now! Now, now, now, now, now Anyway, do something about this right now! l do NOT want to live in the room right underneath Sora's! Both of you! l do NOT want to live in the room right underneath Sora's! l do NOT want to live in the room right underneath Sora's! The person who will be the top star someday should not live in the room underneath Sora's! So change my room right now! Unbelievable.
So change my room right now! Unbelievable.
Now! Now now now! l'm the one who's supposed to unite Kaleido Stage now that Miss Layla's gone.
Miss Layla is Miss Layla.
She's right.
Overdoing it doesn't do you any good.
Oh, l know! Let's have a welcoming party! A welcoming party? Yes! A welcoming party for the newcomers! lf we invite Mr.
Leon and May and have fun, l'm sure we can be more friendly! l wonder if it'll be fun lt's difficult to say.
lt will be all right! Good, l'll talk to Miss Sarah later too.
How can she come up with holding a welcoming party after what May said? lf l want to be a gag character, being someone like her could be a big help.
You really want to be a gag character? Of course! Of course, l think a cake is a must! What? A break in? lt sounds like the shower's running.
What kind of robber takes a shower? Fool! lt was so sudden.
l missed my chance.
What? Oh She's coming out! l'm not sure what is going on, But in the meantime Hey, what are you doing? But in the meantime Leggo! l wanna see! What?! Rosetta! Oh, Sora.
Welcome back.
l'm home l borrowed your shirt.
What are you doing? Oh, no.
Or rather, what are you doing here, Rosetta? Help me, Sora! What? So you're being chased by your agent? l told my agent l wanted to join Kaleido Stage.
What? But my agent is such a blockhead, she wouldn't listen to me at all.
You want to join Kaleido Stage? Yes.
After l saw you and Miss Layla perform the legendary great maneuver, l was so moved by it.
And l wished l could have that kind of amazing applause too, one day.
So l don't want to go back to my agent any more.
So, please, help me.
l'm willing to do anything l can to help you since you helped me so much, but lf my agent finds me, she will punish me.
What? What kind of punishment? That is l hope she's not going to give you ten lashes or anything like that.
Right, right! Not just ten! More like a thousand! A thous- A thousand lashes? Well Anyway, you're the only person l can depend on right now.
l'm glad.
l'll do anything! Cleaning or laundry.
So please don't hesitate to ask me anything! Okay.
Clear on the right.
Clear on the left.
Clear in the fron- Oh So you were able to switch to the room over there.
l bet if l hold a welcoming party, we can get along well.
We can! We can.
We can Just looking at her like this, she doesn't seem like a diabolo prodigy girl at all.
l have to make sure to protect her.
The appearance of stars that will influence Sora's Sagittarius There are so many, they almost eclipse Sagittarius and its dreams of the future.
lt looks like the path to be a real Kaleido Star will be a tough one.
Huh? Huh?! Huh?! May, Good Morn- Miracle elevator, shut, shut, shut! Wow, Sora! That's enough for two people.
Oh, well.
l thought l'm kinda in the mood to eat a lot today.
Triple Food Get! Well l'll eat in my room today.
Good idea Bye! Bye Oh, l remember.
Everyone, l'm going to hold a welcoming party tonight! So, please look forward it! May, you come too.
She said a welcoming party.
l can't wait.
She said a welcoming party.
l can't wait.
l can't wait.
So, please come! So, please come! Kaleido Star Amazing, amazing A-mazing.
Welcome back, Sora.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Let's eat- uh Oh, l tried to wash them.
Okay! As long as you didn't hurt yourself l was trying to clean the place Oh Thanks.
l was trying to replace the light bulb l know l'm sorry.
Hey, Sora.
Hey! Over here! Can you rescue me? l wasn't paying attention, and l got sucked in.
l'm so embarrassed.
So, what are you gonna do? Okay! Let's eat! Hey, Sora, how did it feel when you were doing the legendary great maneuver? How did it feel? Yes.
Weren't you scared? No, not at all.
During practice, l thought about it a lot, and l became anxious sometimes But l wasn't scared because l was with Miss Layla.
Well, Sora l'm also going to try out for the trapeze.
What?! Are you serious, Rosetta? Yes! Wait l don't think we can make changes like that now lf you increase my stage time, the quality of the performance will improve.
Sora's your partner, and you're trying to l'm not saying you should eliminate her turn.
But her appearance will be less than five minutes like this l'm saying that she's worth only that much now.
lf she doesn't like it, she can leave.
Leon's suggestion is reasonable.
Do what he says.
But in exchange, don't leave in the middle of the performance again.
l make no promises.
Well, l'm leaving.
Good luck.
Please don't take a bath while l'm gone.
Okay? Okay.
That was uncalled for! Kaleido Stage l can't believe this.
Sorry, Sora.
There was no other way.
Most of the other ensembles are also shortened.
lt's practically a one-man show for Leon! These are Mr.
Leon's instructions, right? Yes.
l understand how everyone feels about this, but Kaleido Stage needs Mr.
Leon right now.
l understand.
Well, everyone, let's change the mood, and do our best to make the show exciting! Yeah! You're right! We'll do our best on stage again today.
There's only one thing l ask from all of you.
Do not get in my way.
That's all.
Rosetta, you say? No, l have no knowledge of her coming here.
All right.
lf you hear something, please contact me.
By the way, don't you think Sora's performance is a little flat lately? So, you noticed that too? l'm Sora's number one fan, after all! l know losing Layla means a lot to her.
l hope the guy who joined this time can be a good partner for Sora.
By any chance, can you see me? My name is Fool.
l'm the spirit of the stage.
Those who can see me are the chosen ones for the stage.
Since l already found those who were able to perform the legendary great maneuver, my new purpose is to find someone who can be a real star.
Oh l wish l could try the swing soon.
So she can't see me.
Since we just have a daytime performance today, why don't we go to see the Boss together after the performance? Okay.
l wonder if l should go see Sora's performance for a little bit.
Practice rooms l wonder what kind of practice they're doing.
You're wonderful.
You are certainly impressive, May Wong.
Of course.
You're so confident.
lnstructor, please let me appear on the real stage soon.
What? To be frank with you, my abilities are better than Sora Naegino's! l think you should hurry up and pull her from the stage, and make me the leading star.
l think everyone should be honest and admit the truth.
l feel sorry for Mr.
Leon that he has such an amateur as his partner.
Kaleido Stage doesn't need Sora Naegino.
Don't you think so? Why?! What? Why are you talking about Sora like that? Who are you? You don't even know Sora's abilities.
l know her abilities.
Her abilities are no match for mine.
Sora is amazing! How can someone like you know anything about Sora? Oh my! Aren't you Rosetta? Oh, shoot! Rosetta? Oh, shoot! Rosetta? Rosetta? The diabolo star? The diabolo star? Oh, l didn't know.
You may be a diabolo genius, but this is a Kaleido Stage matter! lt's got nothing to do with you! Rosetta?! Oh, there you are! Hey! Your agent's looking for you! lf there's a reason why you're here, you should talk to her! You can't be my partner the way you are now.
l'll reduce your part further tomorrow.
Something like this is not Kaleido Stage.
l wonder if we can create performances with this man in the future.
Leon looked so great.
l think l'll come back here again tomorrow.
She just entered the Kaleido Stage.
That's right.
Thank you.
l'm sorry that Rosetta has imposed on you.
Not at all.
But, l wonder why Rosetta came to Kaleido Stage.
Well, she Rosetta?! Rosetta! Hey, wait, Rosetta! Rosetta?! Oh, Sora.
Rosetta just ran through here! This way? Rosetta! The agent who whips her a thousand times?! Where'd she go? This way! Rosetta! Rosetta, get down here! No.
Go away! That's enough! Please wait! Please listen to Rosetta's story! Rosetta wants to join Kaleido Stage! What?! l'll cancel the contract with my agent! l'll work for you for newcomer's fees! So, what do you say, Kalos? We'll take her.
l won't let you have your own way! But l think we should take Rosetta's feelings into consideration.
You still can't make it on your own! l'm not a kid anymore, Mama! Mama? Can't you listen to what l say? Please understand, Mama.
This place is very special to me! When l thought that perfecting the performance was the most important thing, they taught me the performance was something we create with the audience.
l was able to get back the feelings l had when l started doing diabolo.
And that's not all! After l saw Sora and Miss Layla perform the legendary great maneuver, the door which had been closed inside of me finally opened.
l wished l could perform an amazing show like that too.
That's all l can think about everyday, and l can't stay still! Rosetta For the first time, l aspired to be like somebody.
l want to appear on stage with Sora! l can even do the trapeze! What?! Rosetta! Rosetta! Rosetta! Sora You're so reckless, Rosetta.
l'm sorry.
We're going back.
Rosetta she's laughing.
There! Sora, thank you.
Rosetta What l'm most afraid of, Rosetta ls that you may turn into a diabolo machine again.
You're very hard on yourself.
To be certain, l'm the one who trained you so hard when you were little, but After you became the youngest champion on the record in the world, you strove for greater perfection, and you tended to drive yourself into corners.
Mama But it's tough to see you like that.
l'm the one who raised you like that but if you put yourself in a tough environment again, l'm certain you will Mama lt's true, you were scary when l was little, and you were strict.
But l'm very grateful that you taught me diabolo.
Don't worry, Mama.
l won't be a machine anymore.
l'm sure she'll be mortified and she'll cry.
She'll have to go through all kinds of things, and she won't be able to smile all the time, but l don't think she'll have time to be a machine.
You're right.
This is the place that let you regain your smile, after all.
May l ask you to take care of Rosetta? Of course.
But, when she does diabolo performances, l expect you to pay the fees we already agreed on.
What?! Oh So, l can stay here.
Right? Yes, you can.
We did it! l have some business with other artists, so l'll be leaving now.
Call me when you have a problem.
Mama l love you, Mama! They're such a nice mother and daughter.
Welcome to Kaleido Stage! Nice to meet you.
May and Leon didn't show up.
Huh? Where is Sora? She was here a second ago.
She left here with a piece of cake.
Who cares about the welcoming party?! Uh, l thought it would be nice if you could at least have a piece of cake with us.
Sekasu you ni muragaru Hard luck Nagasarete Time is over Yokoku douri Take it easy Tsuredasu yo imasugu Hurry up (here we go) Gouin only (saisoku drive) Nichijo miorosu best view Sunset point (favorite) Harbor light (stormy night) Asuno tame ni escape Bakansu nashi demo oashisu wa get Keitai off tte ai o charge shite Yasashisa dake ja iyasenai itami mo aru kara We are alone.
Surechigau What's going on? Koukai no hate ni deau true heart Naite mo waratte mo l'll be with U Next Kaleido Star: New Wings lt doesn't matter which one.
Just satisfy me.
And so, Mia's idea for the new performance is ''Dracula''.
lt's mysterious, but it's also a passionate love story.
But, May made a big fuss again, saying that she should be Leon's partner.
The deadline is a day away.
For Miss Layla who entrusted me with her dream and for everybody else, l will never be defeated! Never! Never! Next Kaleido Star, nate Rival'' Next Kaleido Star, nate Rival'' My wings are my dream and on towards the sky