Kaleido Star (2003) s02e10 Episode Script

Leon's Amazing Crash Course

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start.
When you watch Kaleido Star, please keep your room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
Well, well, well.
The Circus Festival will be held soon.
The Circus Festival is a big competition held every three years in which the world's top artists compete against each other doing their really amazing techniques.
Everyone has been training very hard for this date, betting everything they've got.
Miss Layla won the last competition with the Golden Phoenix! In order to be the real Kaleido Star Miss Layla charged me with becoming, I'll fly all the way to where you are.
I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it! Tattoo Kiss hajimari wa aka to kuro no Passion Toki ni urahara na kokoro o tayori ni Tattoo Kiss kirifuda wa mirai o kaeru Mission New Wings Tattoo Kiss kirifuda wa mirai o kaeru Mission Koi ni aimai na kotae wa iranai Arienai genjitsu minai furi shite mo Bet Egatai shinjitsu Can U feel me now? Nesshiyasui jibun ni Say What? Tomadou iibun Dreamin' samenai yume ochiteku sadame Don't stop lovin' Can't stop lovin' U Ya ya ya Believe in U hikikae ni subete ushinatte mo Still lovin' can't stop loving' U No no no Tattoo Kiss Oh, they've announced it, they've announced it! Oh, really? By any chance, I wonder if my name is listed.
Let's me see.
Let's me see.
If they listed your name, it would be something else.
Just being nominated here itself is very hard.
Sora Sora It's not listed.
Of course not.
My name isn't listed either.
Come to think of it May's name hasn't come up either.
It's the International Circus Festival held once every three years; I see they don't have their reputation for nothing.
I heard it was tough to get in, but Oh, there's a webpage for the competition they did three years ago.
Miss Layla and Yuri.
They won admirably in this competition three years ago, didn't they? And the performance they did at that time was the Golden Phoenix.
Winning at this festival was my dream.
I believe this trophy will give me new strength.
The strength to jump higher and farther.
Oh I wish I could say something cool like that.
I wish! I wish! But, in order to do that, I have to be in the festival.
Let's work hard and enter the festival together three years from now.
In order to surpass Miss Layla, I want to participate in the Circus Festival too.
That's right, this is a part of my dream.
What? What is it? Mr.
Leon's name is not listed either.
What? But with Leon's abilities, he'd definitely have been chosen ''Amazing Training With Leon'' Amazing Training With Leon ''Amazing Training With Leon'' Amazing Training With Leon Come in.
Miss Layla! Um, when I was in New York thank you for all you did for me! Don't you need to appear on the stage? ''Salome in Vegas'' is suspended.
Cathy, the director, caused trouble with the producer again.
Oh, really? Anyway, the reason I came here today is for this.
What is it? Invitations to participate in the Circus Festival.
They're known as Phoenix Tickets.
Phoenix Tickets? Since Layla won three years ago, she has an unconditional ''seed'' right to participate in the competition.
So she's saying that she wants to recommend one of you in her place.
Recommend You mean one of us can enter the Festival? If you're prepared for that.
Yes! I will absolutely work hard.
So, please recommend me.
Well, I'll work my hardest too! What are you going to work hard on? What The Circus Festival is not just a festival.
It's a place where participants seriously compete with each other.
It's a place where they compete; win or lose, live or die.
All participants compete, betting everything they've got.
The requirement is not only working hard, but also the preparedness to win.
Participating in this with Layla's recommendation means you'll be expected to produce the high-level results that implies.
And as members of Kaleido Stage, if people see you making a clumsy performance at the festival it will affect the size of our audiences afterwards.
Leon You decide which of the two it will be.
What? The trapeze acts have to be performed in pairs.
Since you'll be the other half of the pair, you have the right to choose your own partner.
Who told you I would participate in something like that? If you're not ready to definitely win, you don't have to participate.
If that's the case, I'm the one who's refusing you.
I wonder, maybe, if you don't have the confidence to win in the Circus Festival, where you have so many enemies.
What? I heard there are many on the selection committee who hate you.
They say the reason why you were not selected for this event is because you've ended the careers of countless partners.
Ended their careers? I'm sure there are some committee members who will want to keep the trophy from you, even if only out of stubbornness.
This is a duel between you and your fate.
Participate and win, or run away now.
One or the other.
You're the one who decides, Leon.
A duel with fate Three years ago, I had no choice but to win.
And I won my duel with fate.
You ran away then, if I remember.
Ran away, you say? You'd entered, but you never showed up at the festival site.
I don't know what reasons you had, but It's not that I ran away.
If I'm going to aim for winning, whichever one will end up participating, I'll have to train her more.
That's true.
Both of you may be destroyed.
You're prepared to take that chance, I assume? If they don't satisfy me, I don't care how many people are destroyed.
If they're destroyed, it means they weren't good enough.
All right.
Wait, Leon.
Miss Layla What are you doing? The stage is waiting for you.
Yes It seems you already know what everybody calls Leon.
The God of Death.
Right? So you're doing this, knowing full well what may come of it In order to win in the Circus Festival, we need that much preparedness.
You're the one who taught me that, Kalos.
I believe.
I'm sure you're going to choose me.
I'll work hard.
I'll work hard so you don't feel ashamed of me as a partner in the festival.
I will create a chance for you to show off.
What? I will create a perfect chance for you to show off in today's show.
Thank you so much.
I I will do my best! So, as I thought, Leon likes May better No I still should have a chance.
Saying he's destroyed countless partners I wonder what that meant.
May! I don't believe this! Leon! Are you okay, May?! What? Are you saying I screwed up something?! May To think you can't handle a little ad lib like that.
Ad lib You don't mean you did it on purpose?! You're terrible! Why would you do something like that?! If someone has not reached the level I expect, that person is going to be destroyed.
It's that simple.
I can't believe I see you're not called the God of Death for nothing.
Miss Layla The God of Death May, you failed.
Give up on the festival and heal that shoulder quickly.
Because I'm useless Because I'm useless Did you destroy me because I was an eyesore? May If you want to blame something, blame your lack of skills.
May! You shouldn't have time to worry about somebody else! Miss Layla If you don't want to be destroyed by Leon as well, you should put forth more effort than you have in the past.
Sora Yes Starting tomorrow, you will have special training.
Be ready.
Why Why I believed I believed the whole time, and he So, how was May? It's like we thought.
Apparently the ligament in her right shoulder is torn.
It seems she was told that it would take a while to heal.
I guess we have to suspend the performances of Dracula for a while.
The God of Death.
I heard it before too.
Whoever is paired with Leon always leaves the stage.
Sora, are you sure pairing with Leon is a good idea after all? She's right.
If Sora is destroyed too, the Kaleido Stage will Sora Where are you going, Sora? You're going to play Mina Murray.
I will create a chance for you to show off.
I will create a perfect chance for you to show off in today's show.
May May I wonder if she'll be all right.
What's wrong? Aren't you happy because your rival dropped out? Of course not! Why not? May worked so hard playing Mina Murray as Mr.
Leon's partner, and then he did something like that to her Not only that, if she finds out I'm taking special training while she's suffering from her injuries, I don't know what she'll think of me.
Are you worrying about May? Or are you worried that you might be hated? As someone aiming to be a real Kaleido Star, is that so important to be troubled with? I know.
The things I have to do right now are to participate in the festival and win.
Three years ago, I had no choice but to win.
And I won my duel with fate.
There's no other path for me, either.
In order to surpass Miss Layla In order to be a real Kaleido Star No matter what kind of special training it is, I'll withstand it.
I WON'T be destroyed.
The training that you'll go through will be very difficult for you.
I'll withstand it.
Then Until I say you can stop, stand there.
What? But stand there with only your right foot.
That's all? That's the special training? That's right.
I don't know what the special training for the legendary great maneuver was like, but you will find out how easy that was in comparison.
If it gets to be too much for you, run away whenever you want.
I will not stop you.
I won't run away! I'll show you; I'll be your partner for sure! It's almost three hours now.
And here I was wondering just how amazing the special training was But he's just telling her to stand there Isn't this just harassment? It could be.
After all, Leon is called the God of Death.
Do it one more time from the beginning.
What?! Ouch What was wrong? Don't ask questions.
You have only two options: Do it or quit.
I'll do it! Don't switch your foot.
Today it's the left foot? What purpose is this going to serve? Leon is probably trying to hammer the basics home.
The basics? If I remember right, you used to say she lacks the basics.
For Sora, standing in the same position for a long time should be very tough.
And that's hindering the range of her performance.
I think Leon sees her weakness and is trying to correct it.
But, if he overdoes it, he may well also kill her good points, like her flexibility or the muscle power she can put forth starting from a standstill.
You don't think he's just trying to destroy Sora Hi, everybody Looks like we're having another nice day today, huh? You don't need to do small talk.
Sora, can you perform at Kids Stage today? Of course, I can But even yesterday, your timing was off It's because of this special training, isn't it? Sorry.
I'll do my best.
So don't worry.
Sora, the more I think about it, the more I think you should stop this special training.
It's just too much.
But I'll talk to Leon.
Ken In short, you're going to quit now? That's faster than I thought.
Leon, I can't allow you to keep doing things like this anymore.
If you want to build up her basics, I will make a training menu.
You've nothing to do with this.
I do.
Because, Sora is Ken.
It's okay.
Sora It's okay, I won't lose.
I'll see this through to the end, for sure.
I will not let him say that the special training for the legendary great maneuver was easy.
Isn't she the girl from Kaleido Stage? I wonder if she made some kind of mistake, and is being punished.
Even if she did, it's just too much.
What is Leon thinking? It's been more than two hours since she started standing on one foot on the bus.
Is that really doing anything for Sora? Go, Sora! What IS this girl? She's the first to ever endure this much.
Sagittarius's bow is drawn to its utmost limit.
Unless she can shoot an arrow, the bowstring will snap, and everything will be over.
Ready? Jump! Smile, smile.
Oh! Oops! She's reached her limit.
It must be painful for you to even stand normally on those legs.
How can you keep smiling? What is this? This At this point, this isn't basic training or anything.
I can't think this is for the festival either.
The only way I can see it is that he's just trying to destroy Sora even if only out of stubbornness.
Leon, why are you overreacting so much? I'm just doing this because it's necessary.
I don't think it is.
It looks like you're afraid of Sora.
What are you thinking? You don't acknowledge May's skills, yet you chose her as a partner and you're still at Kaleido Stage.
Why? What are you seeking from Sora? That girl is my dream, you know.
If you destroy her out of petty stubbornness, I won't forgive you.
Where are you going? The special training is finished.
You mean, she passed? That's right.
Sora, you passed! You don't need to do it anymore! Sora, you passed! You don't need to do it anymore! Sora! It's finished! It's finished! Sora! It's finished! It's finished! Sora passed? You did excellent, Sora.
You passed.
Passed? That's right.
Really? Yeah.
Congratulations, Sora.
Leon No I can't stay here anymore.
Hang in there, Sora.
May What's wrong? Oh, no It's nothing.
It's fine.
This is fine.
Afraid of her? Me? Lmpossible.
That's ridiculous.
I can't stand it! I really, really can't stand it! Sekasu you ni muragaru Hard luck Nagasarete Time is over Yokoku douri Take it easy Tsuredasu yo imasugu Hurry up (here we go) Gouin only (saisoku drive) Nichijo miorosu best view Sunset point (favorite) Harbor light (stormy night) Asuno tame ni escape Bakansu nashi demo oashisu wa get Keitai off tte ai o charge shite Yasashisa dake ja iyasenai itami mo aru kara We are alone.
Surechigau What's going on? Koukai no hate ni deau true heart Naite mo waratte mo I'll be with U Next Kaleido Star: New Wings You talk pretty, but aren't you just running away? And so, I passed! Or that's what I thought.
Then, the final test?! And it's a very cruel one.
I remember now.
I'll show you who I really am! Face it, I'm prepared on a different level than you are! This is a challenge to the God of Death! What shall I do? What shall I do? What shall I do? Next time on Kaleido Star, ''The Two Amazing Demons'' Next time on Kaleido Star, ''The Two Amazing Demons'' My wings are my dream and on towards the sky My wings are my dream and on towards the sky